Quick Start Guide - Clear

Quick Start Guide - Clear
Quick Start Guide
What You Will Need
Power cord (IEC mains lead)
BaseStation antenna(s)
1⁄8th inch male-to-male
mini-stereo pairing cable
BeltStations - Up to 5 per BaseStation
Lithium-Polymer battery, 1 per
Charger - 1 per BeltStation
Headset (customer supplied)
1 per BeltStation
1 per BaseStation (optional)
1. Connect whip antenna(s) onto the back of the BaseStation
Select a suitable location for the BaseStation. Tempest is a radio system, broadcasting and receiving RF
signals that are affected by physical and electronic barriers.
• Antenna(s) should be located as hi gh as
possible and away from all obstructions.
• When u sing the whip
(Omni -directional)
antenna(s), select a lo cation a s close as
possible to the center of the area you want to
• Use alte rnative antenn a options whe n the
BaseStation is in a ra
ck o r othe r metal
structure, or stacked with other gea r. Remote
location antenna placement of up to 1, 500 ft.
(457 m) can be achieved usin g the Tempest
Remote Transceiver. See the user manual for
more detail s about antenna pla cement,
recommended cable types, and other antenna
2. Connect the power cord and Power On the BaseStation
3. Install Batteries in BeltStations
Install the Lit hium-Polymer battery in each BeltStation. Be ce rtain that the gold
contacts on the battery to uch the contacts in the battery c ompartment. The battery
is shipped with a partial charge, so charging will be necessary before maximum run
time will be achieved.
Insert (3) AA alkali ne batt eries in the battery co mpartment. Always re place t he
battery cover.
To power on the BeltStation, press and hold the power button for approximately two
seconds. The display will indicate “None Sele cted.” Turn the power Off by pressi ng and
holding the power button for four seconds. Clear-Com Communication Systems
Tempest 2400 Wireless Intercom System
4. Pair BeltStations to the BaseStation
Pairing is a programming process that allows a BaseStation and BeltStation to
recognize each other.
Confirm that the BaseStation is powered on.
Confirm that the BeltStation is powered off.
Connect the Pairing Cable between the BaseStation and BeltStation.
Power on the BeltStation and watch the BeltStation display for “Pairing
Turn the BeltStation off and back on again.
BeltStation status will become visible on the BaseStation display.
¾ Repeat the process for each BeltStation. 5. Connect Headsets to BeltStations
Plug a headset into each BeltStation, and the BaseStation if desired.
6. Operation
Select a channel on the BeltStation by pressing the Channel
Select control knobs.
Press the TALK button. A quick press latches the Talk button for “Hands Free” operation.
Press and hold the Talk button for more than two seconds while you talk and the button
will release in a Push-To-Talk manner. Set the Volume by rotating the Channel Select control knobs.
You may co nfirm BeltStation ope ration on the Ba seStation disp lay.
There i s a section fo r each BeltStation. In thi s il lustration, e ach
BeltStation is set to talk on channel A and listen on channels A with
only three BeltStations in operation.
A headset may be connected to the front of the Base Station. Activate by pressing the TALK button. Select a
channel by pressing the volume knob.
Refer to the user manual for detailed instructions regarding:
Country limitation on 2.4GHz RF spectrum
Adjusting the Network Number and Lockout Key
Assigning names for equipment
¾ Charging batteries Clear-Com Communication Systems
Tempest 2400 Wireless Intercom System
→ It may be necessary to charge
the Li-Polymer battery
→ Connect the USB charger
between the BeltStation and
mains outlet To mains outlet 
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