GlobalSat GPS BU-353 Setup Instructions

GlobalSat GPS BU-353 Setup Instructions
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GlobalSat GPS BU-353 Setup Instructions
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The GlobalSat GPS BU-353 requires a driver to communicate with Windows. Use the
instructions below to install the driver for this device from the CD-ROM that came with the
To Install the Driver
1. Place the product CD-ROM for the GlobalSat GPS BU-353 into the optical disc drive of
your computer.
Note: Click here if you need to download a replacement copy of the setup CD-ROM or
if your computer does not have an optical disc drive.
2. The setup for the driver will run automatically. If not, browse the disc or download
and double-click the PL-2303 Driver Installer.exe file located in the Win\USB Driver
folder to run it.
3. Select WINDOWS USB Driver in the window that comes up.
4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the driver installation.
Note: If the User Account Control window asks if you want to make changes to your
computer say Yes.
5. After the installation successfully completes click Finish, remove the product CD-ROM
from your computer and store it for safekeeping.
Using GlobalSat GPS BU-353 with DeLorme Software
1. Ensure the DeLorme software is closed and not open on your computer.
2. Plug in the GlobalSat GPS BU-353 to a USB port in your computer.
3. Click Start
, type device manager in the Search box, and then press Enter.
Note: If using Windows 8 type devmgmt from the Windows 8 start screen and select
Device Manager.
4. Click the arrow next to Ports (Com & LPT) to expand it.
5. Write down or note the COM port number assigned to Prolific USB-to-Serial Comm
6. Open the DeLorme software application.
7. Choose Options and then the GPS tab.
8. Select Generic NMEA for the device and the COM port shown in step 4.
Note: If the COM port from step 4 is not listed, restart the DeLorme application and
try again.
9. Click OK and then choose to start the GPS within the application.
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