HP ProLiant WS460c G6 Workstation Blade

HP ProLiant WS460c G6 Workstation Blade
HP ProLiant WS460c G6 Workstation Blade
Data sheet
The HP ProLiant WS460c G6 Workstation Blade allows
you to centralize your organization’s workstations in the
data center—revolutionizing workstation computing.
Rather than placing the workstation’s computing power
at the user’s desk, the computing power—in the form
of a blade workstation—is moved to the data center,
where workstations can be more easily, securely, and
economically managed. The results are improved
uptime and business continuity, enhanced data center
security, and reduced IT costs.
Key features and benefits
This next-generation workstation infrastructure
combines the centralized, mission-critical control and
security of the data center with seamless, on-demand
workstation performance, providing the flexibility
to support professionals in multiple work locations.
This innovative offering is more than five years in the
making and testing. Our blade workstation is modeled
on the HP ProLiant blade server, an infrastructure that
has demonstrated trading-floor-proven reliability.
Data center security and control
The WS460c provides for an improved user
environment, better resource utilization, easy remote
access, and real-time, remote collaboration between
individuals and teams. It can transform your workstation
environment to make your users more productive.
What’s new?
Based on the Intel® Nehalem architecture and a
broad range of graphic cards—such as the NVIDIA
Quadro FX 770M (256MB), FX 770M (512MB),
and FX 3600M mezzanine graphics cards—the HP
ProLiant WS460c G6 Workstation Blade delivers
high performance for demanding 2D and 3D
applications. The WS460c’s graphics capabilities,
expanded memory support (up to 96GB per blade),
and HP Remote Graphics Software (RGS) performance
enable users to complete large model visualizations
with uncompromised workstation-class performance.
The new WS460c supports the latest Intel Xeon®
processors and NVIDIA graphics cards—providing
outstanding enterprise-class performance while
reducing risk, improving work efficiency, and
eliminating distance barriers. With data center
connectivity, the capability to make multiple blade
connections, and high‑performance compute density,
the WS460c delivers compute power on demand.
The WS460c lowers risks by managing technology
exposure to your business operations with a
centralized blade approach. Because only encrypted
graphic data is sent to client devices, your workstation
environment benefits from mission-critical security
and low-latency data access. Encryption also reduces
the risk of security exposure from local hard drives,
removable media drives, and data interfaces such
as USB, as well as from system theft or loss—helping
you to effectively lock your sensitive data in the data
center. Therefore, you can:
•Centralize your workstation computing power in the
data center, with high-performance blade workstations
driven graphically from client devices—keeping your
workstation environment safer and more secure.
•Reduce or control the security exposure of your client
devices’ local drives and USB ports—and lower the
risk associated with system theft or loss.
Business continuity
With multi-blade and multi-site capabilities, the
WS460c can dramatically improve your business
continuity. Now you can:
•Rely on the availability of your computing
resources—knowing that your workstation computing
infrastructure provides data center-class redundancy
and fault tolerance to keep your computing resources
up and running.
The HP ProLiant WS460c G6 Workstation Blade offers
data center security, enhanced graphics capabilities,
and remote access from multiple work locations.
Based on a centralized blade workstation approach, it
enables effective collaboration and cost reduction.
•Run multiple blade workstation sessions from a
single client and connect to any data center to
intelligently balance and shift compute resources in
the event of problems.
•Be prepared for incidents such as power loss and
catastrophic disasters—with data center computing
environments that can be accessed more securely,
from any location, with a solution designed in
partnership with and extensively tested by financial
industry leaders.
Reduced IT costs
The innovative WS460c reduces IT costs in a number
of ways. It enables you to:
•Centralize your workstation resources and enable
support personnel to easily manage and support
your workstations.
•Equip support staff with excellent blade workstation
management tools for faster problem detection,
diagnosis, and resolution.
•Quickly provision another blade workstation to
the user when one goes down—without physically
visiting the user.
Workstation-class experience
The WS460c delivers an outstanding workstation
experience transparent to the means of delivery and
offers excellent graphic capabilities, all in a small
device footprint. What’s more, the WS460c includes
HP RGS, an innovation from HP that delivers the full
workstation-class experience over standard networks.
You can:
•Use RGS to drive blade workstation graphics
efficiently through a network connection.
•Remotely share and deliver advanced media-rich
workstation graphics, with multi-display 2D/3D
capabilities and full motion video.
•Dramatically reduce the heat, noise, and power
consumption inherent in multi-workstation desktop
configurations by moving compute power to a blade
form factor in the data center, so your users can work
productively without sacrificing computing power.
•Drive up to four displays per client device—and
run multiple computing sessions from each—so
professionals have access to the compute power
they need on demand.
•Move, add, and change blade computing power
in minutes, making it easy for your professionals to
connect to compute resources and for IT to manage
its hardware pool.
Multi-location flexibility
•The WS460c paves the way for new business
work models by removing distance barriers with
reliable network-enabled access that allows teams to
collaborate remotely as virtual teams. RGS provides
access from remote locations over long distances. It
is possible to:
•Easily access blade workstation resources from thin
client devices and from Microsoft ® Windows®-based
workstations, PCs, and notebooks.1
•Decrease network impact and enable high levels
of performance with a solution that intelligently
compresses and reduces bandwidth usage,
leverages your existing network infrastructure, and
runs your existing applications unchanged.
•Share a single system and session across multiple
professionals in different locations, and work
collaboratively on the same applications—allowing
them to solve business, financial, and engineering
problems in real time.
Easy management
The WS460c helps consolidate IT management in
one location, heightening efficiency and reducing time
needed to troubleshoot and perform maintenance tasks.
Now you can:
•Put the power to manage entire systems in the hands
of IT professionals—with the ability to navigate and
manage systems through a single browser-based
interface, and deploy software easily using the HP
ProLiant Essentials Rapid Deployment Pack.
•Allow IT support staff to remotely control and
troubleshoot your workstation blades—from a central
location or anywhere on the network—through a
single browser-based interface, using HP ProLiant
Onboard Administrator (powered by the Integrated
Lights-Out 2 management processor).
The solution supports the following operating systems for ProLiant workstations:
•Genuine Microsoft Windows Vista® Business SP2 (32-bit and 64-bit)
•Genuine Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP3 (32-bit)
•Genuine Microsoft Windows XP Professional x64 edition with SP2
•Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 4.8 and 5.3 (64-bit only)
Technical specifications
HP ProLiant WS460c G6 Workstation Blade
Processor type
Intel Xeon 5500 series
Available processors
Intel Xeon X5570 (2.93 GHz, 8MB L3, 95W, DDR3-1333, HT, Turbo 2/2/3/3)
Intel Xeon X5560 (2.80 GHz, 8MB L3, 95W, DDR3-1333, HT, Turbo 2/2/3/3)
Intel Xeon X5550 (2.66 GHz, 8MB L3, 95W, DDR3-1333, HT, Turbo 2/2/3/3)
Intel Xeon E5540 (2.53 GHz, 8MB L3, 80W, DDR3-1066, HT, Turbo 1/1/2/2)
Intel Xeon E5530 (2.40 GHz, 8MB L3, 80W, DDR3-1066, HT, Turbo 1/1/2/2)
Intel Xeon E5520 (2.26 GHz, 8MB L3, 80W, DDR3-1066, HT, Turbo 1/1/2/2)
Intel Xeon E5506 (2.13 GHz, 4MB L3, 80W, DDR3-800)
Intel Xeon E5504 (2.00 GHz, 4MB L3, 80W, DDR3-800)
Intel Xeon L5530 (2.40 GHz, 8MB L3, 60W, DDR31066, HT, Turbo 1/1/2/2)
Intel Xeon L5520 (2.26 GHz, 8MB L3, 60W, DDR3-1066, HT, Turbo 1/1/2/2)
Intel Xeon L5506 (2.13 GHz, 4MB L3, 60W, DDR3-800)
Intel Xeon E5502 (1.86 GHz, 4MB L3, 80W, DDR3-800)
Low-wattage processor offerings
Processor core
2- and 4-core
Cache memory
4MB or 8MB shared L3
Maximum processor speed
2.93 GHz
Number of sockets
Processors per 42U enclosure
Servers supported (maximum)
Memory type
PC3-10600 (DDR-1333) DDR3 Registered and unbuffered DIMM
Standard memory
2GB or 4GB
Maximum memory
Up to 96GB
Memory slots
12 DIMM slots
Advanced memory protection
Advanced ECC
Mirrored memory
Storage type
Hot plug SFF SAS
Number of hard drives
Up to 2 serial attached SFF hot plug SAS drives
Graphics card
NIVIDIA Quadro FX 770M (256MB), up to four monitor support with dual-card configuration, FX770M (512MB) or FX 3600M (512MB),
up to two monitor support
Expansion slot
Two (2) I/O expansion mezzanine slots (x8 PCI Express)
Form factor
Rack height
16 workstation blades in 10U; 8 workstation blades in 6U
Embedded NC532i Dual Port Flex-10 10GbE Multifunction Server Adapter
Remote management
ProLiant Onboard Administrator powered by iLO 2
Redundant power supply
Enclosure-based power
3-year parts/3-year labor/3-year onsite
Remote Graphics Software
HP Remote Graphics Software Version 5.3
Interactive 2D, 3D, and streaming video performance
Up to four displays per Client desktop session
Access Clients
QuickSpecs URL
HP gt7725 Thin Client Quick Specs:
Ideal environment
The WS460c is ideal for computing environments
that require the use of high-performance graphical
applications in remote locations. It is well suited for
organizations in the financial trading, mechanical
computer-aided design (MCAD), public sector, and oil
and gas markets.
Financial (securities trading): Stream video, market
data, and financial trading applications from multiple
workstations to a multi-display trading desk, remote
office, or disaster recovery site.
MCAD: Rely on more secure, real-time, interactive
access to 3D CAD applications from multiple locations,
faster loads and stores of data, and the ability to
remotely collaborate within your design teams.
Command and control centers: Consolidate your
data centers and share access to your mission-critical
data out to your user community in remote locations,
without that data ever leaving your secure data center.
Scientific research and defense: Provide more secure,
high-performance access to sensitive data and
applications. Users no longer have direct access to
disks or USB ports to potentially remove data.
Oil and gas exploration: Depend on enhanced
graphics capabilities to visualize and collaborate on
large datasets from remote access points.
HP Financial Services
HP Financial Services provides innovative financing
and financial asset management programs to help
you cost-effectively acquire, manage, and ultimately
retire your HP solutions. For more information on these
services, contact your local HP representative, or visit:
HP Services
When Technology Works, Business Works
The challenge of virtually every IT organization is
similar: to develop and maintain an agile, efficient
server infrastructure that delivers the service levels
your business needs.
HP Technology Services offer a comprehensive
portfolio of HP Care Pack Services to help design,
deploy, manage, and support your HP ProLiant
Workstation Blades environment with easy-to-buy,
easy-to-use support packages.
Minimum recommended HP Care Pack offerings:
•Three-year, four-hour response onsite
24-hour x seven-day hardware support
•Blades Infrastructure plus Enhanced Network
installation and Start Up services
•Enhanced service level Care Pack offerings
•Three-year Support Plus 24: Integrated 24x7
hardware and software support
•Proactive Select: Access to HP best-in-class
technical consultants. Purchase service credits and
obtain expertise when needed
Benefit from HP Care Pack Services helping you:
•Reduce deployment time and manage HP ProLiant
Workstation solutions smoothly and efficiently
•Increase uptime and performance of server
availability for your business
•Detect, diagnose, and repair problems to quickly
save time, money, and resources
For more information, visit:
www.hp.com/services/bladesystem or
For more information
For more information about the HP ProLiant WS460c
G6 Workstation Blade, contact your local HP
representative, or visit: www.hp.com/go/WS460c
To connect with other blade customers, partners and
experts, visit the HP Blade Connect online community:
Get connected
Current HP drivers, support & security alerts
delivered directly to your desktop
Technology for better business outcomes
To learn more, visit www.hp.com/go/WS460c
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