Tips for Using Your Electricity-Powered Medtronic CareLink® Monitor

Tips for Using Your Electricity-Powered Medtronic CareLink® Monitor
Care Facilities
Tips for Using Your
Medtronic CareLink®
For care facilities, it is recommended to use the
telephone line that is connected to the fax machine.
This is an analog telephone line, which is the type of
line the monitor requires. Oftentimes the telephone
lines in a care facility are incompatible with the
CareLink Monitor because they are digital or multiline systems. The fax line is an analog telephone
line that will allow the CareLink Monitor to send the
(Model 2490C)
No telephone landline,
no compatible telephone service,
or patient frequently travels
Intended Use: The Medtronic CareLink® Monitor and the CareLink®
Network are indicated for use in the transfer of patient data from some
Medtronic implantable cardiac devices based on physician instructions and
as described in the product manual. These products are not a substitute
for appropriate medical attention in the event of an emergency and should
only be used as directed by a physician. Contraindications: There are no
contraindications for the CareLink Monitor. Warnings and Precautions:
The CareLink Monitor must only be used for interrogating compatible
Medtronic implantable devices. The CareLink Monitor is intended for use
within the prescribing country.
See the device manual for detailed information regarding the instructions
for use, indications, contraindications, warnings, precautions, and potential
complications/adverse events. For further information, please call Medtronic at
1 (800) 328-2518 and/or consult Medtronic’s website at
Caution: Federal law (USA) restricts this device to sale by or on the order of
a physician.
1.The CareLink Monitor should be placed within
reach of a telephone jack and power outlet in an
area of the house where you spend several hours
a day (a bedroom, living room, etc.).
4.Plug the other end of the telephone cord into the
telephone wall jack.
Optional: You may also connect a telephone to the
monitor, but the telephone is not required for the monitor to work properly.
2.Select the telephone
line settings.
Shipping Information
UC200904774a EN © Medtronic, Ianc. 2010. Minneapolis, MN. All Right Reserved. Printed in USA. 02/2010
There is a cellular accessory option, which connects
securely to any CareLink Monitor and allows patients
to transmit data using cellular signals instead of an
analog telephone line or cell phone. Patients can call
1 (877) 609-6698 to order a cellular accessory.
Patients will be charged a monthly service charge
of $10.99, plus any applicable taxes. Medtronic
provides the accessory hardware free of charge.
Setting Up Your Monitor
You should receive your monitor a few weeks after your
clinic orders it for you. The monitor will be shipped in
a plain brown box to protect your medical privacy. You
may need to sign for it when it arrives. If you have not
received your monitor 30 days after it’s ordered, please
contact your clinic.
Training Materials Shipped with the
Instructions will be in the box and shipped with your
CareLink® Monitor. Also included are: DVD, A/C power
cord, standard telephone cord, warranty information,
patient manual, and instruction card. Please review
these items before using your monitor.
If you have questions about your monitor,
contact your clinic or Medtronic Patient Services
at 1 (800) 929-4043, Monday-Friday 7 am-6 pm
Central Time.
• F
or touch tone telephone (push button),
set switch to “T.”
• For rotary dial telephone, set switch to “P.”
• For home use, switch should be set to “N” =
• F
or hotel, business, or other, set the switch to
match your location’s prefix number: 7, 8, or 9.
3.Plug one end of the telephone cord into either of
the telephone plugs on the side of the monitor.
5.Connect the power
cord to the monitor.
6.Plug the power cord into the power outlet.
Sending a Manual Transmission
To complete your Initial Setup Session, you will be
sending device information to your clinic using the
hand-held antenna attached to the monitor. This
Manual Setup Session should be completed at a
time specified by your clinic. Also, your doctor or
clinic may ask you to occasionally send heart device
information at an unscheduled time if you are
experiencing medical symptoms.
To send a transmission at the request of your doctor
or clinic, you will need to do a manual transmission
and use the antenna to gather your implanted
heart device information. To use your monitor for a
manual transmission, follow the steps in Section E:
“Completing Your Initial Setup Session.”
Completing an Initial
Setup/Manual Transmission
1. Press the start button.
3.Watch the
four green
status lights
4.The monitor is done
2.Hold the antenna snugly over the
reading when all
four lights
and you hear
two beeps.
5.The monitor automatically
dials the pre-programmed
1-800 number and sends the
information from your
implanted heart device.
When you hear the monitor
dialing, remove the antenna
from over your implanted heart
device. If you get an orange
telephone light, check the
connection of the telephone
cord and the wall jack
to ensure secure
implanted heart device.
Automatic Follow-Up
Once you have set up your CareLink Monitor and
have successfully completed your Setup Session,
your monitor is ready to automatically gather
information from your implanted heart device. The
monitor will automatically communicate wirelessly
with your specific implanted heart device. The
automatic wireless transmissions scheduled by your
clinic will then occur without your involvement.
Data transmissions will be silent and invisible to you.
If you get an orange antenna position
light, slowly reposition the antenna
over the device until the green
lights illuminate.
6.You are finished when the
Sending Complete light
(bull’s eye)
lights up
and you
hear two
Monitor Troubleshooting Tips
• If the monitor does not turn on, make sure the
power cord is securely plugged into the monitor
and power outlet.
• During automatic transmissions, there
will be no sounds or lights coming from
the monitor.
Telephone Troubleshooting Tips
• T he monitor must be connected to an analog
(landline) telephone line and a power outlet
at all times.
• The monitor will not work on a digital VoIP or fiber
optic telephone line. A DSL line may require a filter.
Your telephone company will be able to tell you
what type of line you have in your home.
• If manual transmission will not send, verify your
telephone setting in Step 2 in the “Setting Up Your
Monitor” section.
• The monitor dials out a pre-programmed toll-free
800 number. You cannot use your telephone when
the monitor is sending a transmission.
• You may hear sounds as the monitor is dialing
during a manual transmission.
Caution: In the case of an emergency, you can use your
telephone to call for help. If you have an emergency while
using the monitor, press the Start/Stop button to stop the
monitor and to ensure your telephone line is available.
When the monitor is done sending information, the green
Sending Complete light comes on and the monitor beeps
twice. The monitor automatically returns to resting mode.
You can then use the telephone to make or receive calls.
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