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For PC
• Linking cable allows up to 8 inches of separation
Slide release button •
on each module allows
attachment of both the pivot
tether and Incline accessory
• Driverless hot keys for commonly
used mouse actions
• Embedded 10-key reduces overall length of keyboard
allowing for closer reach of any pointing device
• Double wide delete and escape
(on left module) keys make an
easier, quicker target for your
fingers to press
• Low-force key action
The new Freestyle Solo™ convertible is a revolutionary breakthrough in computer keyboard design. Created with input from ergonomists and health professionals, the Freestyle is the first keyboard
that allows users to personalize their adjustments, adapting to the specific needs of each
individual, while providing a stylish accent to any workstation.
Sleek, low profile design.
Your Comfort . . . Offers infinitely variable splay. Addtionally, by removing the Pivot Tether™ the left and right
keying modules can be disconnected from each other offering eight inches of complete separation. Perfect for individual
needs ranging from a narrow footprint to complete separation. Also available is a custom version offering up to 20 inches of
Your Style . . . With a sleek, low-profile design the Freestyle Solo has a zero degree slope which minimizes
the height, effectively creating negative slope and reducing wrist extension. At only 15 3/8” wide the Freestyle Solo
creates a narrow footprint. This reduces over-reach issues by allowing closer placement of any pointing device.
Your Choice . . . The Freestyle offers a variety of optional, interchangeable accessories providing features
never before available from a single keyboard. This modular design satisfies diverse user needs and allows organizations to
standardize on a single-source solution.
Featuring simple, sturdy adjustment mechanisms, the Freestyle is intuitive to
configure and use. Interchangable accessories provide features never before
available from just one keyboard design.
Multiple configurations in one modular product.
Privately-held Kinesis® Corporation, founded
in 1991 and located in Bothell, Washington,
is a leading force in bringing the science
of ergonomics to mainstream computer
keyboards and input devices. Kinesis has
a rich history of pioneering innovation,
beginning with the release of the first
commercial ergonomic computer keyboard in
the U.S. in 1992.
Four optional accessory packages can be purchased to provide additional
capabilities. These configurations allow the user to choose features that offer
complete separation, adjustable front splay, adjustable or fixed tenting, with or
without integrated and removable padded palm supports.
Today, Kinesis still embodies the spirit of
innovation and brings 45 years of combined
experience to the design of novel products
which improve comfort and productivity for
computer users.
Kinesis also serves as a one-stop shop for
a variety of computer ergonomic products,
providing solutions direct to consumers
and to corporations. Through our family of
resellers or direct purchases from Kinesis, you
can count on value, innovation, and service.
Copyright 2008, Kinesis Corporation. All rights
reserved. U.S. and International patents pending.
Specifications subject to change without notice.
Kinesis is a registered trademark and Freestyle,
Freestyle Solo, Freestyle Incline, Freestyle
VIP, Freestyle V3, Freestyle Ascent and Pivot
Tether are trademarks of Kinesis Corporation.
Windows, Macintosh, and Sun are trademarks of
Microsoft Corporation, Apple Corporation, and Sun
Mircrosystems, respectively. Kinesis keyboards
should be used in accordance with established
ergonomic guidelines. Because of the complex set
of factors believed to contribute to computer-related
injuries, Kinesis can make no warranty that its
products alone prevent or cure any physical ailment.
Freestyle Incline™ Accessory
Freestyle VIP™ Accessory
• 10 degrees fixed tenting of keying
•Adjustable splay (up to 30
•Keying modules can be locked at
any given splay angle.
•Padded palm supports.
•Ideal replacement for fixed split
and tented keyboards such as the
Microsoft Natural.
• Solo keyboard sold separately.
V-lifter and Integrated Palm Supports.
•Attach easily to Solo Keyboard.
•Allows quick, reproducible slope settings
of 10 and 15 degrees.
•Ideal replacement for other complicated,
unstable or hard-to-tent keyboards.
•Integrated, padded palm supports keep
wrists neutral while resting.
•Use with or without the pivot tether for
greater separation.
•Provides a highly stable typing platform
with no “bounce”.
• For individuals that require tenting,
variable splay and/or separation with
integrated palm supports.
• Solo keyboard sold separately.
“. . . I really would recommend it to anyone
who is looking to help with their RSI/CTS
from keyboard use.”
Freestyle V3™ Accessory
Freestyle Ascent™ Accessory
•The V3 quickly and easily alternates the
slope of the keyboard from 5, 10 & 15
•Unlike the VIP, the V3 does not require
the installation of palm supports prior
to use.
•Use with or without the pivot tether for
greater separation.
• For individuals that require tenting,
variable splay and/or separation
without integrated palm supports.
• Solo keyboard sold separately.
•Two multi-angle tenting modules
attach to the underside of the
keying modules, plus a linking plate
which may be used to connect the
two keying modules.
•Tenting angles may be
independently set for each keying
module in the range of 20 to 90
degrees, in 10 degree increments.
•Can be used in conjunction with the
optional Freestyle padded palm
supports, most aptly suited for the
lower tent settings of 20, 30, and 40
• Solo keyboard sold separately.
Jacob Thomason
“I’m going to “officially” endorse a
product that I use, and love to use: Kinesis
Freestyle USB Keyboard is hands-down the
best keyboard I’ve ever used. I’ve had the
keyboard for about 6 months now and I’m
95% satisfied with it.”
R. Rose
Computer Programmer
“I recommend the Freestyle keyboard
because it is adaptable in addressing specific
injuries and body types.”
Leah Darrow-Stano
Occupational Therapist
Please visit our website: to read
more from our customers about their
experience using Kinesis keyboards.
what an ergonomic keyboard should be . . .
setting the standard for ergonomic keyboard design
FreestyleTM Solo for PC - black . . . . . . . . . . . . KB700PB-us
Length: 15 3/8” Depth: 7 1/4” Max Height: 1 3/16 “ Weight 2 lbs 3 oz.
• Requires available USB port
• Compatible with Windows XP & Vista systems as well as Sun* and Linux*
InclineTM Accessory - black . . . . . . . . . . AC710-blk
Max Height: 2 7/8“ Max Depth: 10 1/16” Weight: 1 lb 2 oz.
VIPTM Accessory - black . . . . . . . . . . AC720-blk
1 set of right and left V-lifters, 1 set of right and left integrated palm supports, 1 set of replaceable palm pads.
Max Height at 15 degree slope: 3 1/16” Max Height at 10 degree slope: 2 1/2” Weight: 1/2 lb.
V3TM Accessory - black . . . . . . . . . . AC730-blk
Max Height at 15 degree slope: 3 1/8” Max Height at 10 degree slope: 2 1/2”
Max Height at 5 degree slope: 1 7/8 inches Weight: 1/2 lb.
AscentTM Accessory - black . . . . . . . . . . AC740-blk
Weight: 4 lbs. Refer to for more information.
Palm Supports (1 pair) - black . . . . . . . . . . AC706PS-blk
Palm supports attach easily to the front edge of the Solo keyboard, promoting neutral wrist posture.
Palm pads included.
Low-Force Numeric Keypad for PC - black . . . . . . . . . . AC210USB-blk
The Low-Force Numeric Keypad allows users flexibility in positioning the keypad to the right or left of the
keyboard. The integrated 2-port USB 1.1 hub enables you to easily connect other USB devices. Low force,
tactile mechanical key switches add to both comfort and operating life.
Solo Keyboard - two year limited warranty.
Freestyle Accessories - one year limited warranty.
* Hot keys are designed for Windows and may not be supported by Sun or Linux systems.
If you have questions about hot keys, contact Kinesis Technical Support (
Macintosh model also available.
Features and specifications subject to change without notice.
PO Box 1526
Pismo Beach, CA 93448
Tel: 805.931.0572 Fax: 805.931.0542
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