User Manual - Tedbar Tinker Hire

User Manual - Tedbar Tinker Hire
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User's Manual
Sound Level Meter
(1)Select the following buttons or function settings.
Display: dB, A, Hior Lo, F
Function: A-Weighting
Response Time: FAST
Level range: 30 to 100dB(Lo) or 60 to 130dB(Hi)
Measurement mode: MAX Hold and Data Hold Mode
function disable.
(2) Fit wind shield onto top of meter.
(3) Open battery cover and remove the battery (without
disconnecting it) to adjust the CAL94dB potentiometer of
the unit. The LCD screen will indicate the desired sound
All products are fully calibrated.
Safety Information
General Description
Name And Functions
Measurement Preparation
Operating Precautions
Taking Measurements
Calibration Procedures
= с N ч ь № —= =
I. A Safety information Viil. Calibration Procedures
Read the following safety information carefully before attempting Using a standard Acoustic Calibrator (94dB, 1kHz Sine wave)
to operate or service the meter.
Use the meter only as specified in this manual; otherwise, the 17
protection provided by the meter may be impaired.
e Environment conditions
1 Altitude up to 2000 meters
Acoustic Calibrator
2 Relative humidity 90% max.
3 Operational ambient temperature 0~40°C +
e Maintenance & Clearing
1 Repairs or servicing not covered in this manual should only be BATTERY
performed by qualified personnel. ECO >
2 Periodically wipe the case with a dry cloth. Do not use
abrasives or solvents on this product. -CAL94dB-
e Safety symbols v< AH) Alo} Dv
egos 2
[CO] Meter is protected throughout by double or reinforced \
insulation. NS
ici fi a Screwdriver
When servicing, use only specified replacement parts. ion
CE EMC compliant (je
II. General Description
Thank you for using our Sound Level Meter. To ensure that you
get the most from it, we recommend that you read and follow the
manual carefully before use.
1 10
(4) Hold the instrument comfortably in hand or fix on tripod and
point the microphone at the suspected noise source, the
sound pressure level will be displayed.
(5) When MAX (maximum hold) mode is chosen. The instrument
captures and holds the maximum noise level for a long period
using any of the time weightings and ranges.
(6) When HOLD (data hold ) mode is chosen.The hold function
freezes the reading in the display. Press the HOLD button
momentarily to activate or to exit the HOLD function
(7) Turn OFF the instrument and remove battery when not in use
This unit conforms to the IEC651 type 2, ANSI S1.4 type 2 for
Sound Level Meters.
This Sound Level Meter has been designed to meet
measurement requirements of safety engineers, health and
industrial safety offices and sound quality control in various
® Ranges from 30dB to 130dB at frequencies between 31.5Hz
and 8 KHz.
® Display with 0.1dB steps on a 4-digits LCD.
With two equivalent weighted sound pressure levels,
e AandC.
III. Specifications
Standard applied: IEC651 type 2, ANSI S1.4 type 2
Frequency range: 31.5Hz~8KHz
Measuring level range: 30-130dB
Frequency weighting: :A/C
Microphone: 1/2 inch electric condenser microphone
Calibration: Electrical calibration with an internal oscillator
(1kHz sine wave)
Display: LCD
Digital display: 4 digits
Resolution: 0.1dB
Display Up data: 0.5 sec.
Time weighting: FAST(125mS), SLOW(1 sec.)
Level ranges: Lo: 30-100dB
Hi: 60-130dB
Accuracy: + 1.5dB (under reference conditions)
Alarm function: “OVER” is show when input is out of range
Maximum hold : Hold reads the maximum value, with decay <
Auto power off : Meter automatically shuts down after approx.
15 minutes of inactivity.
Power supply: One 9V battery (Order Code L46AL)
Battery life: About 50hrs(alkaline Battery)
Operation temperature: 0 to 40°C (32 to 104°F)
Operation humidity: 10 to 90%RH
Storage temperature: -10 to 60°C( 14 to 140 °F)
Storage humidity: 10 to 75%RH
Dimensions: 210(L)X55(W)X32(H)mm
Weight: 230g (including battery)
Supplied with 9V battery, storage case and instruction manual.
To achieve more accurate measurement, use an extension
cable to separate the microphone from the main body so that
the effect of unexpected sound reflection can be eliminated.
Calibrate the instrument before use if it has not been used for
a long time or if the last operation was in bad environmental
Do not store or operate the instrument at high temperatures
or in high humidity.
Keep microphone dry and avoid severe vibration.
Please take the battery and keep the instrument in low
humidity environment. When not in use.
VII. Taking Measurements
Open battery cover and insert a 9 volt battery into the battery
Turn on power and select the desired response time and
weighting. If the sound source consists of short bursts or only
catches the peak sound level, set the response time to FAST.
To measure average sound, use the slow setting.
Select A- weighting for measuring general noise sound level
and C-weighting for measuring the sound level of acoustic
(3) Select desired level
MAX/ Hold button
The MAX Hold position is used to measure the maximum level of
sound. The maximum measured level is updated continuously.
Pressing the button again will release the hold and allow a
further measurement.
Data Hold button: Press and hold the button for over 2
second to turn the data hold function on or off.
The hold function freezes the reading in the display.
© Microphone
1/2 inch electric condenser microphone
Battery Cover
V. Measurement Preparation V. Name and Functions
(1) Battery loading:
Remove the battery cover on the back and insert a 9V
battery. 1
(2) Battery replacement:
When the battery voltage drops below the operating voltage,
“BAT” appears on the LCD screen. If this appears the battery
should be replaced with new one.
Frequency Weighting:A,C
@® Wind speed
If operated at wind speeds over 10m/sec, please put a protective
shield in front of the microphone.
@ Display
sn | | | Lis 0
LCD 4 digits
MAX Maximum value hold
OVER Over range
F Fast response
S Slow response
A A-Weighting (normal sound)
C C-Weighting (acoustic sound)
Lo Low Range (30-100dB)
Hi High Range (60-130dB)
BAT Low-Battery
@ Power ON/OFF button (6)
Turns the meter power ON/OFF
® Backlight Button: (©)
Turns the meter backlight ON/OFF
® A-weighting / C-weighting select button
A: A — Weighting. For general sound level measurements.
C: C — Weighting. For checking the low- frequency content of
(If the C-Weighted level is much higher than the
A-Weighted level, then there is a large amount of
low-frequency noise)
® Time weighting select button
F (fast response): for normal measurements (fast varying
S (slow response): for checking average level of fluctuating
@ Level range select button(Lo/HD
Lo: 30-100dB; Hi: 60-130dBWhen “OVER” is indicated, the
meter automatically switches to another range for measurement.
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