iDirect Evolution X3

iDirect Evolution X3
iDirect Evolution X3
Installation Guide
1. Before you start
2. Connecting to the modem
3. Loading the option file
4. Acquiring the satellite signal
5. Activating the modem
6. Frequently asked questions
Please read this entire document before attempting your first Evolution installation. If you are unsure of any
part of this procedure contact our technical support team for further advice.
Before you start
Please ensure that you have submitted the online activation form at http://
Once this is done, you will receive the required files to configure you modem; this will include the
option file (RmtRmtsideLatest-12345.opt) and your IP details.
You will also need the corresponding version of iSite:
Evolution W2A (C Band)/AB1/W3A/W6/T11/T12: iSite
Evolution AM22: iSite
It is very important that the correct version is used depending on what satellite the modem is on; if you are
unsure which version to use, please contact support
The above software can be downloaded from
Password: satellite
Connecting to the modem
Connect an RJ45 cable from the LAN port on the modem to a hub or switch (the interface runs at
100mbps/full duplex) then to a PC
If connecting straight from the modem to a PC, you may need to use a crossover cable.
If the modem is new (no option file loaded), set up the PC with the following default IP addresses
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:
To do this in Windows XP go to Start > Control Panel > Network Connections:
If you are having issues doing this with Windows Vista/7, follow the step by step guide in the FAQ section at
the end of this document.
a) Open a command window by using Start > Run and enter cmd
b) At the Command window prompt enter ping and the modem IP address. For example ping
If you can reach the modem, you should get a reply similar to the following
Pinging with 21 bytes of data:
Reply from bytes=32 time<1ms TTL=128
If you cannot reach the switch, you should get a reply similar to the following:
Pinging with 21 bytes of data:
Request timed out.
3. Loading the option file
Log in to iSite by clicking on the “TDMA Remote” and clicking “Login”. Log in as “Admin”. The default
password is: iDirect
Once logged in, click on “Option file” in the top menu, then “Download from disk”
Browse to where the option file is saved and open. It should only take a few seconds to load and then
the modem will reboot
You will now need to change your computers IP settings to DHCP to reflect the update. Follow step 2
again and set IPs to obtain automatically)
Also, the password for iSite and telnet access will now have changed from the default “iDirect”;
depending on what satellite the modem is configured for, it will be:
AB1/W2a/W3a/W6/T11/T12: bentleys2
AM22: eutelsat2008
Acquiring the satellite signal
If you are aligning the dish yourself, you will need to do the following:
Calculate your estimated dish pointing angles:
This will return azimuth, which is the left and right movement of the dish; elevation, the up and down
movement of the dish; and the polarisation, which is the rotation angle of the feed assembly. Use these values
to point the dish in the right direction
b) We recommend using a Satellite Meter such as a MaxPeak or Horizon to then find the satellite signal
c) Once you have a lock on the signal, open up the “antenna pointing tool” in iSite, by right clicking on
the remote and selecting “Align Antenna” > “Antenna Pointing”
Click on the “Antenna Pointing” tab at the top then click “Start”
After a short period, the graph will start showing data; use this to adjust the dish to get the reading as high as
possible (15v or higher)
Activating the modem
Before we can activate the modem, it should have a solid receive (RX) light and a strong receive signal
b) You will then need to contact Technical Support to request activation.
+44 2392 311 118
Frequently asked questions
Q: What is my password for iSite/telnet?
A: For a new modem, the default password is: iDirect
Once the option file is loaded, the password will change to: bentleys2 (for AM22 modems: eutelsat2008)
Q: How do I telnet to the modem (required for troubleshooting)?
A: Open a command prompt (Click Start > run/search > type cmd > hit enter) In the command prompt, type
telnet [modem IP address] (for example, telnet
Q: Command prompt says telnet is not a recognised command, how do I enable it in Windows 7/Vista?
A: To install the telnet client on Windows 7 or Windows Vista, follow the steps below:
Control Panel
Programs And Features
Turn Windows features on or off
Check Telnet Client
Hit OK
Now you can start Telnet via Command Prompt
Q: How do I check my receive signal strength?
A: Telnet to the modem and type the following command: rx snr
On most networks, the average receive strength is 10.0dB
Q: How do I check the modem firmware version?
A: Telnet to the modem and type the following command: version
Q: Why can’t I access the modem via telnet or iSite?
A: This can be caused by many reasons:
Computers IPs are not configured correctly.
Problem with LAN cable/not connected direct to X3 modem. Make sure you are not connecting
through a router.
Modem firmware version does not match the option file version. In this case, the recovery procedure
will need to be performed. Contact Support for more details.
Q: How do I upgrade/downgrade the modem firmware?
A: Download the correct version and follow the below steps:
Connect 1 PC directly the modem, bypassing any routers
Open up iSite and login
Right click on the remote and choose “download package”
Load linux_2.4_bsp-x.x.x.x.pkg first, then evo_x3_rmt-x.x.x.x.pkg
Download the option file provided
Reset the modem
Telnet into the terminal and type “version” to confirm
Q: How do I change my computer IPs in Windows Vista/7?
1. Open the Start menu and choose Control Panel.
2. Select Network and Internet.
3. Choose Network and Sharing Centre.
4. Select Change adapter settings.
5. Right-click on the network to be changed and select Properties, from the drop down context menu.
6. Click the Networking tab, from the resulting pop-up window.
7. Choose "Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)." Click on the Properties button.
8. There are two options to choose from when changing the IP address. A user can either obtain an automatic
IP address or manually set a new one.
9. Click the OK button at the bottom of the window. The IP address should now be changed.
Online Ticket System
Bentley Walker Support
Customer Information Portal (CIP)
Bentley Walker Downloads
+44 23 9231 1118 /customerarea
Product Documentation
Setup Video
Grade of Service Documentation
Recovery Procedure /24_evolution_gos.pdf /39_doc170.pdf
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