Technical Bulletin: NVR Motion Detection Solutions

Technical Bulletin: NVR Motion Detection Solutions
Technical Bulletin
Technical Bulletin: NVR Motion Detection Solutions
As we have already reported, our launch of the new Luma Surveillance line brought with it a few motion-detection
issues. This document aggregates easy solutions for the all problems that installers may encounter. As always, we
are working to improve our products and support. We thank you for your patience!
If the solutions presented below do not solve your issue, please contact technical support at 866.424.4489.
Original Firmware
The firmware included in the NVR at launch contains at least one motion detection issue. This was resolved with
updated firmware. We highly recommend that you update your firmware to v3.1.2 build 151224 or later. This can
be accomplished most easily with OvrC. Click here to learn more about how OvrC can help you.
Setting up Motion Detection
Wirepath cameras (and certain other third-party cameras) can use internal processes to detect motion. However, if
you configures the motion areas in the camera’s UI, the changes might not sync to the NVR, and thus the NVR will
not use the camera’s new motion-detection settings. The changes are, in effect, lost, even though they have clearly
been made on the camera.
The best practice is to set up the motion areas exclusively on the NVR. We have a tech note on how to set up Luma
motion detection here.
Integrating with Control4 Systems
When using Luma NVRs and Wirepath IP cameras in a Control4 system, motion detection events may not record
properly. The issue occurs when a Wirepath IP Camera is streaming to both a Luma NVR and a Control4 system
The Cause
Our latest Control4 camera driver includes the ability to trigger events from detected motion. The problem lies in
sharing a motion event API with two or more recipients that use the same account login information.
If multiple recipients use the same user account, each connection overwrites previous connections. This problem
typically manifests after an NVR reboot. First the NVR connects with the camera and records just fine. However,
when the Control4 system reestablishes contact with the camera, since it has the same login information, it overrides
the previous connection and prevents the NVR from receiving the event.
The Solution
Create a new user account on each camera that is used only by the Control4 system (as appropriate). This account
should be given user-level of access (i.e., not admin-level).
Ensure that the Control4 system uses only this account’s login for each camera. Since the Control4 system now uses
a different account than the NVR’s admin account, no connection will be overwritten, and you should experience
normal operation.
Firmware Update
We are working on a firmware update for our Wirepath Surveillance™ cameras that fully resolves this issue, both
for Control4 systems as well as for systems that have multiple NVRs. This new firmware is expected to release in
the summer of 2016. Once it has been released, the above solution will no longer be necessary.
Version 160708-1053
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