Step 1 (to be performed on your Vertu - Mercedes

Step 1 (to be performed on your Vertu - Mercedes
Instructions on how to connect your mobile phone via Bluetooth® using the pairing feature
of the Mercedes-Benz hands-free system.
(All examples shown are using the COMAND system)
For a connection between your mobile phone and your Mercedes-Benz hands-free
system to be successful Bluetooth must be turned on in your mobile phone. Please make
sure to also read the operating and pairing instructions of the mobile phone.
Please follow the steps below to connect your mobile phone Vertu Constellation T with the
mobile phone application of your Mercedes-Benz hands-free system using Bluetooth.
Step 1 (to be performed on your Vertu Constellation T)
From the main screen of your mobile phone,
Push the "Menu" button and select "Settings"
2. Select the option “Connectivity”
3. Select the option "Bluetooth"
4. Select the option "Bluetooth", to turn on Bluetooth
5. Select the option “My phone’s visibility” and select “Shown to all”. After that, your
phone is in the visible state all the time.
Step 2
To get to the telephone screen of your Mercedes-Benz hands-free system press the “TEL”
key on the radio or select Tel.
Step 3
Select the "Telephone" application located in the lower left corner.
Step 4
Select the "Bluetooth telephones" application.
Step 5
Select the "Update" function.
Step 6
The system will now search for any Bluetooth compatible phones. This may take some
time depending on how many devices are found by the system.
Step 7
Once the system completes searching select your mobile phone (Vertu Constellation T)
from the list.
Step 8
Pass code is required to input.
Step 9
Input any pass code (e.g. 0000), then select “ok”.
Step 10 (to be performed on your Vertu Constellation T)
Input the same pass code on your phone and then select “Yes”.
If there are any additional pop-ups on your Vertu Constellation T select ok to enable these
Step 11
After pass code is verified on both your phone and the COMMAND system, the phone will
begin to be authorized.
Step 12
If the authorization was successful a Pop-Up appears on your Mercedes-Benz hands-free
Step 13
After your mobile phone is successfully connected via Bluetooth to your Mercedes-Benz
hands-free system the name of your mobile phone (Vertu Constellation) will be displayed
in the lower left corner above the “Telephone” icon.
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