VRTEX® 360
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www.VRTEX360.com 60 GB 4-2 A
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- See the demonstration event calendar. 4 GB Machine: 360 Ibs. (163 kg)
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Input Power 71 x 30 x 50 in. (1803 x 762 x 1270 mm)
115-230/1/50/60 Stand:
78 x 39 x 47 in. (1981 x 990 x 1194 mm)
The Revolution in Welding
Training is Here...
The VRTEX® 360 is a virtual reality arc welding
trainer. This computer based training system is an
educational tool designed to allow students to
practice their welding technique in a simulated
environment. It promotes the efficient transfer of
welding skills to the welding booth while reducing
material waste associated with traditional welding
training. The combination of realistic puddle
simulation and arc welding sound tied to the
welder's movement provides a realistic and =
exciting, hands-on training experience. \ “BR
» Flexibility
- Multiple welding processes.
- Variety of joint configurations.
- Multiple welding positions.
» Innovation
- High tech welding training tool.
- Magnatron™ technology.
- ProFlo™ technology creates realistic
puddle modeling.
» Classroom Performance -
Train Welders Faster
- Visual cues give real-time technique
- Advanced scoring system for student
- Instructor cam allows virtual weld inspection.
» Eco Friendly
- Turn your welding program green.
- Track cost savings with the Weldometer™.
» Service and Support
- Annual upgrade package (optional).
- 24/7 phone support.
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VR Stand
Allows the VR Welding coupon to
be placed in multiple positions
with or without the adjustable
table to simulate real welding
VR Helmet
Immerses the student in a virtual
welding world through a specially
designed welding helmet with 3D
stereo eye pieces and sound.
VR Stinger
Retracts at the rate a real stick
electrode would melt off to
simulate the melting of a real
VR Gun
Allows the student to practice
their GMAW and FCAW welding
VR Machine
The interface between the
student and software.
- Recruit and retain the next generation of skilled welders.
- Improve the image of welding.
- Make welding education fun.
The VRTEX® 360 is a VRAW™ (Virtual Reality Arc Welding) training solution. VRAW™ Solutions change the
way welding training is accomplished. These solutions represent the most advanced simulation
technologies to train skilled welders. The goals of VRAW™ Solutions are to:
- Train welders faster.
- Reduce material cost.
- Create green welding programs.
The VRTEX® 360 represents the next generation in Virtual Reality Welding Training. This product was
developed in a partnership between Lincoln Electric and VRSim, experts in the field of Virtual Simulations.
The VRTEX® 360 is based on the VRSim SimWelder and has replaced it in the market with new capabilities
and advanced features to position it as the premiere virtual welding training tool. Lincoln Electric and VRSim
will continue to work together to provide new and exciting features for the VRTEX® 360.
In a virtual reality environment, a user experiences
immersion, or the feeling of being inside and a
part of that world. He is also able to interact with
his environment in meaningful ways. AVR
simulation immerses the student in a virtual
environment and allows them to focus exclusively
on the task at hand. Skilled welders draw on
information gathered through sight, sound and feel
in order to make a good weld. The VRTEX® 360
replicates these cues accurately so the student
can learn their importance and easily and
efficiently transfer these welding skills to the real
welding booth.
Sense Skill VR Advantage
Touch - Striking an arc. - Student strikes virtual arc on VR coupons.
- Understanding body position. - VR welding stand can be positioned many different
- Learning specialized welding techniques. ways to simulate various welding situations.
- Different welding techniques can be used and scored
including whip and weaving techniques.
Sight - Reading the puddle. - Realistic puddle simulation closely represents
- Following the joint. the puddle movement.
- Bad welding technique results in visual
discontinuities including porosity and undercut.
Sound - Using the sound of the arc to help the - VR Welding sound is tied to the student's movements.
welder determine if good welding - Good technique results in a crisp arc sound where a
technique is being used. long arc length pops and sputters.
[2] | VRTEX* 360
Simulation technology appeals to the next generation of welders and allows for welding career exploration in a classroom
environment without the need for a dedicated welding area. The VRTEX® 360 can be used by instructors to aid first time welding
students in the development of proper welding skills and can help experienced students learn more about their welding technique
and to expand their skill set.
Magnatron™ Technology
e Allows student to weld on real 3D coupons e Accurate positional data results in scores that help students improve
- The haptic feedback adds realism to the simulation and allows for their technique and translates to real welding lab success.
simulation of processes that require touching the electrode to the
base metal such as when using stick electrodes that require a drag
technique and when making the root pass in pipe.
ProFlo™ Puddle Modeling
e Technology allows student to learn to "read the puddle”. Puddle e Simulates sparks, slag, grinding (on pipe) and weld cooling.
simulation reacts to student movement. e Virtual weld discontinuities appear in the weld when improper welding
e Advanced computational system creates life-like puddle. technique is used.
mea |
Weld Discontinuities
Virtual welding puddle GMAW Virtual welding puddle SMAW
VRTEX® 360 | [3]
Simulate real field welding experiences with Virtual Environments
ed = . É С 5 : a MN “ig = и = - Ty
| # y
1 Y
| OA
i y
= + = a ce
a Fes
Construction Site
Desert Base
[4] | VRTEX® 360
Becoming a skilled welder takes practice. Welding skills cannot be taught
solely through the use of simulation; however, VR can be used as part of a
welding training program to enhance and expedite the training process.
Student Tools
e Visual Cues: Optional graphic overlays give students real time
welding technique feedback.
e Welding machine interface prepares students for welding lab.
- Work Area/ Welding Booth Preparation.
- Welding Machine Set Up
Process Selection, Wire Feed Speed/ Amperage,
Voltage, Polarity, Gas Selection and Flow Rate.
- Welding Actions — Trim Wire, Get a new Electrode, Quench Metal,
and remove slag.
Travel Speed
Work and
Travel Angle
CTWD or Arc
Visual Cues
Instructor Tools
e Instructor Mode — A key is required to enter the instructor
preference mode.
- Either use Lincoln Electric Welding School defaults — Train your
students the way Lincoln does in their welding school.
- Or customize your system — Fine tune student experience
through modification of preferred welding technique, weld
procedures and tolerances. Modify these parameters to match
how you teach welding.
- Access the Weldometer™
- Track material usage
- Verify cost savings
- Track student arc time
e Instructor Cam — The Instructor Cam can be used while the student
is welding or used for visual inspection after the weld has been
completed. Use this feature to visually inspect welds made on the
VRTEX? 360 for porosity, undercut and proper bead placement.
e Welding Curriculum — Helps instructors integrate VR Welding into
traditional welding training. Recommendations on amount of time
spent in the VR welding lab versus traditional booth time, welding
lessons and supporting resources and curriculum.
e Student Reports
- Save student reports to USB memory to track
student progress.
- Identify areas of technique improvement.
VRTEX® 360 |
Virtual Welding Training can increase throughput by helping instructors
teach more effectively and students learn quicker. This allows more time to
teach additional topics.
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7400 TN : =
HE ES dk a 1e 5
Instructor Cam
Scoring System
e Record and verify student work.
e Scores each weld based on how accurately the student preforms the welding
technique set by the instructor.
e |dentifies areas of potential discontinuities and visual
indications can be seen in virtual weld.
Work Angle 100
PE td
Travel Angle: 100
Travel Speed: 85
Score 93
<a Menu Aros mo eE Theor New Goupch
The VRTEX® 360 graphs the student’s welding The student reéetvas ai overs score
technique and color codes results. Parameters and individual weld technique score
include: for each technique parameter tracked.
- Position in the joint ri ai
The weld discontinuity graph indicates
- Contact Tip to Work Distance (CTWD) / Arc Length where potential discontinuities may
- Work Angle have resulted due to improper welding
- Travel Angle ATEN
- Travel Speed
Student results are compared to correct welding
technique selected by the instructor.
Records the percentage of weld having ——
discontinuities allowing for pass/fail
correlation to code.
[6] | VRTEX* 360
Product Product HxWxD Net Weight
Name Number Input Power Input Current inches (mm) Ibs.(kg)
VRTEX® 360 Std. AD1332-1 115-230/1/50/60 | 4-2A | Machine: 71 x 30 x 50 (1803 x 762 x 1270) Machine: 360 (163)
VRTEX® 360 Alt. AD1332-2 | Stand: 78 x 39 x 47 (1981 x 990 x 1194) Stand: 102 (46)
Annual Upgrade Pkg. AD1332-3 — | - | - -
(optional) |
Space recommended to operate system: 8 x 8 x 8 ft.
Std. and Alt. models needed in multiple system installations.
Turn your welding program GREEN:
Virtual Weld Training |
reduces scrap, emissions and energy use. |
VR Welding Technology: Potential Cost Savings in:
e Reduces material waste * Base Material
* Saves energy e Electrodes
* Tracks material and cost savings * Shielding Gas «a
using the Weldometer™ e Consumable Parts
Virtual Coupon
* Energy Consumption Real Welding Coupon
Service and Support That You Can Count On
24/7 Phone Support 1-888-935-3878 Online Support FAQ's e Warranty and Replacement Programs
Protect and leverage your investment and take advantage of future
developments with the purchase of an optional upgrade package:
* Software patches, upgrades and support.
* Annual upgrade package that includes new product features and
other enhancements.
* Welding Curriculum Upgrades.
* Advanced notification of new Lincoln Electric educational materials,
seminars and classes.
Service and support that you can count on. | 8 ; “| euro
* 24/7 Phone Support. pr -
e Online Support FAQ's. - EEE ола
* Warranty and Replacement Programs.
The business of The Lincoln Electric Company is manufacturing and selling high quality welding equipment, consumables, and cutting equipment. Our challenge is to meet the needs of our customers and to exceed their expectations. On
occasion, purchasers may ask Lincoln Electric for information or advice about their use of our products. Our employees respond to inquiries to the best of their ability based on information provided to them by the customers and the knowledge
they may have concerning the application. Our employees, however, are not in a position to verify the information provided or to evaluate the engineering requirements for the particular weldment. Accordingly, Lincoln Electric does not warrant
or guarantee or assume any liability with respect to such information or advice. Moreover, the provision of such information or advice does not create, expand, or alter any warranty on our products. Any express or implied warranty that might
arise from the information or advice, including any implied warranty of merchantability or any warranty of fitness for any customers’ particular purpose is specifically disclaimed.
Lincoln Electric is a responsive manufacturer, but the selection and use of specific products sold by Lincoln Electric is solely within the control of, and remains the sole responsibility of the customer. Many variables beyond the control of Lincoln
Electric affect the results obtained in applying these types of fabrication methods and service requirements.
Subject to Change — This information is accurate to the best of our knowledge at the time of printing. Please refer to www.lincolnelectric.com for any updated information.
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