WiFi camera setup instruction

WiFi camera setup instruction
Trailer Eyes®
Setup instructions for WiFi cam - To be used in your barn or property
Have your TE-0117 camera and your smartphone by your home base modem, and have the
modem’s password ready. Your smartphone needs to be on the same modem/router network during
the setup process.
Step 1 - Download the free app “CamHi” to your smartphone or tablet.
Step 2 - Use the Ethernet cable (provided) and connect the camera to your modem/router.
Step 3 - Use the 110-240V AC adapter to provide power to the camera. The camera will start the
self-activation process.
Step 4 - On your phone, select the CamHi icon
Step 5 - On the top of the “CamHi” page, click on the “Press add camera” button.
Step 6 - On the Add Camera page, for iPhone hit LAN Search, for Android phones hit Search
camera from LAN. The phone will search for the new camera. Once the new camera
name shows up on the list, click on it. The camera ID should now be applied into Camera ID
field, then input password – admin.
Step 7 - Click “Done” on the right top corner of the page. The screen will go back to the
camera’s first page. The newly added camera icon should be showing on the page.
Step 8 - To the right of this camera’s icon, click on the little wheel icon, or the “i” button
It will bring up the Camera Setting page. Click on WIFI Setting.
Click on Choose WIFI or WIFI Manager, then click on your home base
modem/router’s name, input your modem/router’s password, then click on “Done”.
Step 9 - Click on the new camera icon, once the picture shows, tap on the picture, it
will bring up command buttons, click on the “Zoom in-out” button, press
and hold the “Zoom out” button until the lens is covering the widest area possible.
And now, you may unplug the camera from your router. Mount the camera within your modem/router’s
range. Use the 110-240V AC adapter to provide power to the camera.
The setup process is done. The image from the camera is now ready to be seen from your phone
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Trailer Eyes®
Interface command buttons for WiFi cam
* Lens angle preset – Direct the lens to the area where you’d like to see. Click on “angle preset”,
then click on 1, then click on “set”. Direct the lens to another area you’d like to see. Click on
“angle preset”, click on 2, then click on “set”.
In the future, when you wish to see area 1, tap on “angle preset”, click on 1, then click on “Call”.
The lens will point to area 1 automatically. The same instructions apply to area 2. Up to 8 areas
can be presented in this way.
* If you wish to have audio function in your system, please connect the external microphone and the
speaker. Microphone and speaker are not included.
* Model TE-815 The Outposter camera does not support either pan & tilt function or audio function.
“Lens angle preset” and “Speaker & Microphone” command buttons will not work in TE-815 camera.
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