Kaos Generator 1.01

Kaos Generator 1.01
Kaos Generator 1.01
The Kaos Generator application allows you to draw and explore 12 different fractals. After you
draw a fractal, you can zoom in or out, and move the fractal. You can also change the parameters
for some of them, such as Julia set. You can even read information about the fractal, set its
iteration number, and save pictures and data files.
1 Kaos Generator Application Overview
2 Tracing fractals
3 Using Zoom and Pan tools
4 Using display tools
5 Setting parameters
6 Saving and opening files
7 About - Changelog
1 - Kaos Generator Application Overview
This section describes the Kaos Generator application and provides basic information about its menus and commands.
Starting Up the Kaos Generator Application
Use the following procedure to start up the Graph & Table application.
● ClassPad Operation
▌On the application menu, tap
▌This starts the Kaos Generator application and displays the Fractal window.
Kaos Generator Application Window
When you start up the Kaos Generator application, the Fractal window appears on the display.
The application automatically draws the fractal.
Kaos Generator Application Menus
The menus items will be described in the next sections.
- [Open]
- [Save]
- [Save as picture]
[Fractal] - [Mandelbrot]
- [Cubed Mandelbrot]
- [Four Mandelbrot]
- [Julia]
- [1/C]
- [1/(C+.25)]
- [1/(C-1.40115)]
- [1/(C-2)]
- [(Lambda)]
- [1/]
- [1/(-1)]
- [Henon Attractor]
- [Zoom In]
- [Zoom Out]
- [Zoom Factor…]
- [Zoom Box]
- [Pan]
- [Reset View]
- [Invert Colors]
- [Draft Mode] - [Off]
- [Draft x2]
- [Draft x4]
- [Iteration]
- [Increment]
- [Goto coordinates…]
- [Information]
- [Set Julia constant]
- [Set Attractor]
Kaos Generator Application Status Bar
The status at the bottom of the Kaos Generator application shows the name of the current fractal selected.
Here, the Cubed Mandelbrot fractal has been selected.
2 - Tracing fractals
This section explains how to trace fractals and change the fractal type.
When you start the application
When you start Kaos Generator, the Mandelbrot fractal is automatically selected and drawn on the Fractal window.
Selecting the fractal type
You can select the fractal mode by clicking on the
menu. Here is the list of available fractals.
drop-down button (the first from the left side), or on the [Fractal]
To do this:
Tap this
Or select this menu item:
Select the Mandelbrot fractal
Fractal - Mandelbrot
Select the Cubed Mandelbrot fractal
Fractal - Cubed Mandelbrot
Select the Four Mandelbrot fractal
Fractal - Four Mandelbrot
Select the Julia set
Fractal - Julia
Select the Inverted Mandelbrot fractal
Fractal - 1/C
Select the +0.25 Inverted Mandelbrot variant
Fractal - 1/(C+.25)
Select the -1.40115 Inverted Mandelbrot variant (Myreberg’s point)
Fractal - 1/(C-1.40115)
Select the -2 Inverted Mandelbrot variant
Fractal - 1/(C-2)
Select the Lambda fractal
Fractal - (Lambda)
Select the Inverted Lambda fractal
Fractal - 1/
Select the -1 Inverted Lambda variant
Fractal - 1/(-1)
Select the Henon attractor
Fractal - Henon Attractor
Here are some screenshots of some of these fractals (you can see the name in the status bar):
When you select the Julia fractal, or Henon Attractor, you can set their parameters by clicking on ♦ - Set Julia Parameter,
or ♦ - Set Attractor (depending which fractal you are displaying). When you have clicked, you must enter the values in the
input fields.
Julia Fractal
Henon Attractor
How to stop and pause the fractal tracing
You can stop tracing the fractal by pressing the Clear key. You can also pause and resume it by pressing the  key.
3 - Using Zoom and Pan tools
This section explains how to navigate in the fractal using the Zoom and Pan tools.
Overview of the Mode menu
You can use navigation tools by clicking on the
drop-down button, or on the Mode menu. Here are the 6 first
functions (the others will be explained in the section 4):
To do this:
Tap this
Or select this menu item:
Switch to zoom-in mode
Mode - Zoom In
Switch to zoom-out mode
Mode - Zoom Out
Zoom in the center of the screen with a defined factor
Mode - Zoom Factor...
Switch to zoom box mode
Mode - Zoom Box
Switch to Pan mode
Mode - Pan
Restore the window settings
Mode - Reset View
Using zoom tools
When you are in Zoom In or Zoom Out mode, just click on the part of the fractal you want to zoom. When you are in Zoom
Box mode, you must draw a box by dragging the stylus on the screen.
The Zoom Factor tool is different, because it is not a mode. When you select it, it displays an input dialog where you must
enter the zoom factor. If you tap OK it will zoom in the middle of the screen with the factor you entered.
You can perform Fast zoom by pressing + or - keys. + is similar to Zoom In but it zooms automatically in the middle of the
screen. - is similar to Zoom Out but zooms automatically out the middle of the screen.
When you are in Pan mode, you have just to drag the stylus to move the fractal.
Restoring default window parameters
Reset View restores the default parameters (xmin, xmax, etc...).
4 - Using display tools
This section describes the two others tools in the Mode menu.
Overview of the functions Draft and Invert Colors
Here are the toolbar buttons and menu items corresponding to these functions:
To do this:
Tap this
Or select this menu item:
Switch between Normal colors and Inverted colors
Mode - Invert Colors
Draw all points
Mode - Draft Mode - Off
Draw only 1 point out of 2
Mode - Draft Mode - Draft x2
Draw only 1 point out of 4
Mode - Draft Mode - Draft x4
Invert Colors
Select Mode - Invert Colors to invert the colors in the fractal. The check-box is checked if the colors are inverted.
Draft Mode
If the tracing becomes too slow, you can select Mode - Draft Mode - Off, Draft x2 or Draft x4 to switch between the 3
modes. The radio buttons show which is selected.
5 - Setting parameters
This section explains how to set the parameters and some other practical tools.
Overview of the ♦ menu
Here are the toolbar buttons and menu items corresponding to the functions:
Tap this
To do this:
Or select this menu item:
Set the iteration number
♦ - Iterations
Set the increment in pixels
♦ - Increment
Move to the entered coordinates
♦ - Go to coordinates...
Get information about the fractal
♦ - Information
If you don’t have much knowledge about sequences, iteration number is the number of times the sequence is calculated.
So more there are iterations, more the fractal has details, more the calculation is slow. For the Mandelbrot fractal, when
the iterations number is 1, you get a circle! To set the iterations number select ♦ - Iterations and enter a number in the
input field. When you want to zoom in a part of the fractal, it is advised to set Draft x2 or Draft x4 if you don’t want to wait
hours before finding what you searched.
When you press , ,  and  buttons, the fractal moves from about 20 pixels. You can modify this offset by selecting ♦ ♦ - Increment and entering you increment in pixels.
Go to coordinates
If you want to go to a precise location, use ♦ - Go to coordinates and enter the coordinates in the input fields.
You can get different information about the fractal type, the location, the zoom factor... by selecting ♦ - Information.
Here is a screenshot you can get:
6 - Saving and opening files
This section explains how to save and open data files and pictures.
Overview of the File menu
Here are the functions used to save and open files:
To do this:
Tap this
Or select this menu item:
Load a data file
File - Open
Save a data file
File - Save
Save a picture
File - Save as picture
What are data files?
Data files contain the window settings, the actual fractal mode and the iterations number. They use “FILE” type.
You can save or load a data file by selecting File - Open or File - Save.
Saving pictures
If you want to keep a screenshot of the fractal, select File - Save as picture. The picture obtained has a 160x193 format.
7 - About - Changelog
You can see in
- About to get more information.
Kaos Generator 1.01 programmed by TRUONG The Vinh “Kilburn”.
Great thanks to Brian Maguire.
Visit the ClassPad SDK website www.cpsdk.com
... and the French ClassPad forum http://casiocalto.free.fr/Forum
All downloads can be found at
Bug reports and suggestions can be sent at [email protected]
General Public License 2005
ver.1.01 : Added Zoom functions, Lambda fractal and its variants.
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