Gledhill Pulsacoil A Class

Gledhill Pulsacoil A Class



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PulsaCoil 145

PulsaCoil 185

PulsaCoil 215

PulsaCoil 235

A mains pressure hot water supply system incorporating an off peak electric thermal store

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Important - Please Note

This appliance has been manufactured by Gledhill (Water Storage) Limited.

Gledhill are an established manufacturer of water heating appliances. It is our policy to deal with the building trade rather than directly with consumers because our products should only be installed by suitably competent trades people and we recommend that consumers do not attempt to purchase and install our products.

If you contact your Supplier in the fi rst instance this will enable them to determine the cause of any problem that you may be experiencing. We have found that in many cases the cause of the problem is not a fault in the appliance itself but can be the result of some other factor. We would not, for example, be responsible for faulty installation of the appliance, and by contacting us directly this may simply cause you unnecessary delay and expense.

We offer a minimum one year warranty

(guarantee) in respect of all appliances that we manufacture, but please note that our guarantee is given to the builder or installer that purchased the appliance from us and runs from the date of manufacture. In the unlikely event that there is a problem with our appliance it is important that you refer the problem as soon as possible to the person or company that supplied the appliance to you (your “Supplier”). This will usually be the person or company that sold (or leased) the property to you or the person or company that installed the appliance for you.

Your Supplier can determine the cause of the problem and where the problem is caused by a fault with the appliance itself then your Supplier can advise us accordingly.

Nothing in our guarantee or in these User

Instructions will affect your statutory rights.

Issue 5: October 2008

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Welcome To Your Thermal Storage


Pulsacoil A-Class - The Power

Behind Your Domestic Hot Water

Operating Characteristics

The hot water in your home is provided by a high specifi cation thermal storage system which will give you many benefi ts.

Simple to operate and exceptionally effi cient in operation, your PulsaCoil A-

Class Thermal Store is probably different to any water heating system you have ever experienced before.

This booklet will explain why and how you can get the most from it.

- with a PulsaCoil A-Class, the domestic hot water you use at the tap is not stored but is produced instantaneously. This has the advantage of reducing the risk of contamination from things like Legionella as well as reducing the risks of scalding by allowing the temperature of the hot water at the tap to be controlled at about 52°C.

However, this also means that when you open the tap, the temperature takes a little time to stabilise.

- the reason is simple; tepid water in the house pipework arrives at the tap first. Then the system “senses” that a tap has been opened so heat exchange is started and the domestic hot water will go fully hot to sterilise the pipework. Following that the controller will kick in and the supply will settle at approximately 52°C.

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- 52°C has been chosen to keep the risk of scalding to a minimum whilst still complying with the requirment to deliver water to the tap above 50°C for health /safety reasons; see HS (G)

70 HTM 2040.

This system delivers fresh water from the mains supply to the hot taps and is designed to fulfi l four basic needs.

1. Provide mains pressure hot water with an appliance that does not need a costly annual service.

2. Deliver hot water at good pressures whenever you need it.

3. Operate as effi ciently as possible to cost-effectively meet your household needs.

4. Provide hot water to every tap of high quality. This is possibly because it has not been allowed to deteriorate in storage cisterns.

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Depending on the wiring system within your property your installer/developer may have provided an off peak timer in the airing cupboard of your property.

If a device is fi tted it must be set to the correct time and set to synchronise with the off peak meter for correct economical operation. This should have been set when the system was commissioned but any power cuts could have altered the correct time.














1. Deliver Hot Water At Good

Pressures Whenever You Need It

Your Thermal Storage System is designed to provide all the hot water you are likely to need under normal circumstances, and deliver that hot water at a pressure comparable with your cold water mains.

This means that you can enjoy powerful showers without the need for a separate pump, or fi ll a bath with hot water in minutes.

2. Operate As Effi ciently As Possible

To Cost-effectively Meet Your

Household Needs

Your Thermal Storage System will ensure that the energy it needs is minimised, avoiding costly use of fuel by taking advantage of off-peak tariffs whenever they are available.

3. Delivering High Quality Water To

Every Tap

With traditional systems which have a cold supply cistern in the roof space, there is always the risk that the tank could become contaminated by dust, birds or insects. The PulsaCoil is connected directly to the cold mains and therefore even the hot supply is pure high quality water every time.

4. Scale

Hot water is normally available any time you need it when the system is switched on, summer or winter.

The water in the store never changes and therefore THE IMMERSION HEATER



As far as the water you use is concerned scale can be a problem in any of your domestic products if the water is very hard in your area.

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What Is A Thermal Store?

The PulsaCoil A-Class appliance has been designed to inhibit the formation of scale, but if it does become a problem you will notice a deterioration in the fl ow rate at your hot taps. In this situation your service engineer can quickly and easily change the plate heat exchanger for a service exchange unit.

The Gledhill Thermal Store is the heart and brain of your hot water system. It stores hot water at a constant temperature and incorporates a highly efficient plate heat exchanger which heats the hot water for all your domestic needs. The Thermal Store is superbly insulated and so the hot water stored has a very low heat loss.

Off-peak supplies will automatically be used to heat the thermal store.

The appliance also provides you with the option to switch on the on-peak electricity supply when necessary to provide a ‘boost’ to the top part of the thermal store to achieve the most effi cient way of satisfying your demands on the system.

How Does The System Deliver Hot

Water At High Pressure?

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The water delivered to the taps and showers in your home is supplied at high pressure because it uses the mains pressure of your cold water supply. The

PulsaCoil is connected to the mains system and the water passes through a highly efficient heat exchanger to raise its temperature before it travels to your taps and showers. Because it is

so effi cient, both high fl ow rates and high pressures are available to give the best performance for both baths and showers.

Why Are There No Water Cisterns In

The Loft?

Water tanks in the loft are required principally for the traditional domestic hot water system to give a better ‘head’ of water - which is basically determined by the height of the cistern above the tap being used. In most cases, the higher the cistern, the greater the pressure.

Because the Gledhill system uses the pressure from your cold water mains, these cisterns are not required.

This removes any worries about freezing or contamination of the cold water system from insects, dust, birds etc and leaves more space for storage should you decide to use it.

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Plastic Top Up Cistern

Annual Service / Safety Check

The plastic feed tank should have been fi lled to the water line by the installer at the time of commissioning.

The water level in the plastic feed tank should be checked on a regular basis, generally 3-4 times a year, and topped up when necessary to approximately half way.

Once the level has been topped up or after it has been checked, ensure the lid has been securely replaced.

An optional sight glass can be fi tted to the side of the feed tank, to overcome the need to remove the lid to check the water level.

Unlike other hot water appliances which provide mains pressure hot water, appliances, such as unvented storage cylinders, no costly annual service / safety check is required.

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What If The System Develops A






On-Peak boost active

Fault attention required

PUSH BUTTON To activate On-Peak boost


Control circuit power supply


However, as the manufacturer, we can offer an annual breakdown agreement once the warranty has expired:- see separate leafl et.

If your PulsaCoil should develop a fault during the warranty period, try resetting the appliance in accordance with the instructions on the user control panel on the front of the appliance. If this is unsuccessful, switch the unit off and contact your house manager/installer.

Do not attempt to remove or adjust any component part yourself.

If the developers warranty has expired contact the manufacturer if you have an active Breakdown Agreement.

The user control panel on the front of the PulsaCoil has a manual boost switch/facility. This should be switched on to provide a boost to the top part of the Thermal Store on days when a large amount of hot water is required.

When pressed the indicator light will illuminate and the on-peak boost will remain active until the next time the offpeak supply becomes available (unless switched off again manually).

If you are considering changing your electricity supplier it is important that you ensure they are able to provide at least the same tariff. If not the operation and cost of running the appliance will be affected.

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Sales, Service & Repair

PulsaCoil A Class C/O

Hot Water Cylinders Limited

302 Foxhunter Drive

Milton Keynes

MK14 6GD

TEL: 0800 14 55 55 7

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