CarePartner 6900 Communicator

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CarePartner 6900 Communicator

Reach for the Future with the New Standard in Communicators

The newest CarePartner Communicator, the 6900, includes several enhancements to the 6800 and has also been designed to work with our new AutoAlert Personal Help

Button to provide an added layer of protection by calling for help when a subscriber falls and is unable to push his or her Help Button. The 6900 can also be paired with the Voice Extension 68XT.

Offering these innovative solutions will allow you to better meet the needs of more subscribers and can extend the market reach of your program. The CarePartner

Communicator continues to be the industry benchmark for quality, performance, and design, with a product line that has continually evolved over the years to be at the forefront of innovation.

Benefits of the CarePartner

6900 Communicator

• Works with innovative new products and services: the Lifeline

Service with AutoAlert option and the Voice Extension

• Greater Personal Help Button range

• Enhanced audio performance The 6900 Communicator model also provides two new enhancements:

• Increased Personal Help Button range of 15% for standard buttons

• Increased Personal Help Button range of 30% for AutoAlert buttons

• Enhanced audio performance to improve the communication between the subscriber and the Philips Lifeline Personal Response Associate

Prepare for the future with a Communicator that is compatible with innovations such as the Lifeline Service with AutoAlert option and the Voice Extension!


Home Instead Senior Care

530 N 108th Place, Suite 200

Wauwatosa, WI 53226

Tel. 414.259.9820

Fax. 414.259.9830

[email protected]

Features and Benefits for Lifeline Subscribers

New! Compatible with the AutoAlert Personal Help Button and the Voice Extension (68XT)

The 6900 is compatible with the new AutoAlert button, which calls for help if a fall is detected, even when a subscriber can’t. Also, the

6900 is compatible with the Voice Extension accessory, allowing an additional speakerphone so that your subscribers can hear and be heard in more remote parts of their home.


Extended PHB range

We have increased the Personal Help Button range by 15% for standard buttons and 30% for AutoAlert buttons to now offer an even broader protection area.

New! Enhanced audio performance

The improved audio design enhances the communication between the subscriber and the Philips Lifeline Response Associate.

Connection confirmation message during Help Call

A message confirms that the Help Call has connected with the Philips Lifeline Response Center, reassuring the subscriber.

Remote Call Answering

Subscribers can use the speakerphone to answer incoming telephone calls just by pressing their Personal Help Button.

High-volume speaker for those with hearing limitations

Adjustable controls can be set to high volumes.

Neutral coloring, integrated antenna, and compact, rounded case

The superior design of the unit provides a more pleasant fit into subscribers’ homes.

Optional consumer-friendly packaging

You can select consumer packaging to deliver a positive image of Lifeline and reduce the stigma that some subscribers may feel about accepting a medical alert service.

Features and Benefits for Programs

Minimal pre-installation prep

The rechargeable battery does not need to be charged before installation and provides four hours of backup power after only one hour of charging. Thirty hours of backup power will be provided after a full charge.

Easy troubleshooting assistance

A flashing green light indicates trouble. By pressing the Reset button, the unit announces the problem type: phone off hook, no power, or low battery.

Activation Voice Prompts

Activation Voice Prompts are user-friendly, prerecorded voice prompts that provide step-by-step installation guidance. You can turn them on to assist a caregiver who would be installing the service, use them as a teaching tool for new installers, or switch them off for experienced installers.

Self-Test mode / AutoLearn ®

This feature allows installers to easily auto-learn Personal Help

Buttons, test telephone service functioning, and conduct PHB range tests.

Program-friendly packaging

The shell is contoured for compact storage and is completely made of transparent plastic, allowing for rapid inspection of the contents.

Clearly labeled connections

Installations are easier thanks to clearly labeled connections and matching, color-coded cords.

Multiple-subscriber support

The CarePartner Communicator works with up to eight PHBs.

Personal Help Button

Each CarePartner Communicator comes with a Personal Help Button.

Safety Features Specifications

Continuous telephone line and power testing

The telephone line and AC power are continuously monitored.

Low battery warning

The unit will automatically alert the Philips Lifeline Response

Center if the PHB battery or the unit’s battery backup is low.

Status indicator




Power Requirements:


7 inches (17.5 cm) wide, 6 1/2 inches (16.5 cm) high, 6 1/2 inches (16.5 cm) deep

3 lbs

120V 60HZ 50mA

Operating Temperature: 32°F (0°C) to 120°F (45°C)

The unit indicates power and phone line status and flashes if a secondary extension phone is off the hook.

30-hour power failure protection

A rechargeable battery backup of up to 30 hours offers

Storage Temperature:

Agency Compliances:

4°F (-20°C) to 140°F (60°C)

FCC Parts 15 and 68, UL 1637,

Industry Canada RSS-210, CS-03

Surge Protection: Significantly exceeds IEEE Standard 587 added protection during a power failure.

Auxiliary modular jack

Telephones and devices such as answering machines can be connected to the auxiliary modular jack built into the back of the Communicator.


Phone Line


Automatic pulse or tone selector

Modular jack, or optional RJ31X or CA38A line seizure jacks

Warranty: 2 years

The 6900 automatically disconnects this auxiliary jack during Help Calls.

Home Instead Senior Care

530 N 108th Place, Suite 200

Wauwatosa, WI 53226

Tel. 414.259.9820

Fax. 414.259.9830

[email protected]

Compatible Devices: AutoAlert Personal Help Button (Model FD100),

Slimline Personal Help Button (Model SN324),

Classic Personal Help Button (Model CN324),

Access devices for physically challenged,

Wireless Smoke Detector (Model SA400)


© 2010. Button signal range may vary due to environmental factors. AutoAlert does not detect 100% of falls. If able, the user should always press their button when they need help.


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