85000-0334 -- Signature Series Intelligent Detection(6).cdr

85000-0334 -- Signature Series Intelligent Detection(6).cdr
EST Fire & Life Safety
Signature Series® Multisensor Detection
ith Signatre Series intelligence, you’re covered
by the most advanced detection technology from
the world leader in life safety and security innovation.
Signature Series achieves flawless detector reliability
with sophisticated sensing and processing that actually
thinks for itself.
When the unexpected strikes
there are no second chances.
Your safeguards against disaster
have to work flawlessly, reliably
- intelligently. That’s why there's
only one clear choice for life
safety and security detection
– Signature Series from GE
Security ...
Making the best of true multisensor capability,
Signature detectors continually monitor the
environment with their on-board sensors, each of
which is finely tuned to detect a different characteristic
of combustion. All this information is gathered and run
through a sophisticated algorithm that compares the
sensor readings over time to known signatures of fires.
When the algorithm finds a match, an alarm condition
results. If no match is found, no alarm is sounded.
The key to reliability here is that Signature
detectors don't simply react to the conditions — they
interpret information from several sources over
time to arrive at a carefully "considered" conclusion.
This means that a single multisensor detector can
distinguish between a harmless puff of dust and a wisp
of smoke; between hot , humid weather and a serious
life safety condition.
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Signature Series intelligence features
Automatic Device Mapping — a function
of the powerful Signature Loop
Controller, which maps where each
device is installed relative to other
devices on the circuit . This information
can be accessed using the System
Definition Utility program (above), which
uses interactive menus and graphic
support , and generates layouts or asbuilt drawings-complete with branch
wiring (T-taps), device types and their
Signature Series detectors don't simply
react to conditions – they interpret
information from several sources over
time to arrive at a “considered” decision.
Millions of Signature
Series detectors are
protecting people and
property worldwide.
Here’s why...
A total solution,
a complete product line ...
Signature Series is an entire family of intelligent fire alarm and security devices, as
well as detectors and accessories, multiple-function input and output modules,
pull stations, fire suppression components,
and user-friendly maintenance and service
tools. The Signature line provides flexibility
that makes it a perfect fit for any application. It is uniquely well-suited for fire-only
or mixed fire and security applications with
the powerful EST3 control platform, which is
designed to meet the needs of any medium
to large application. EST2 life safety control
brings Signature intelligence and audio
capabilities to medium-sized applications,
while QuickStart control panels deliver the
benefits of Signature Series technology
to small- and medium-sized applications.
Whatever the need, there are easy-toimplement , cost-effective Signature Series
solutions for your application.
So reliable that NFPA-mandated
sensitivity testing is not required...
Signature Series detectors are engineered
to prevent nuisance alarms by anticipating
normal changes in the environment and
by adapting to suit them. With Signature
Series intelligence, the detector monitors
conditions over time and actually adjusts its
own sensitivity to compensate for conditions that would easily send other detectors
into alarm. When dirt buildup threatens the
reliability of a Signature Series detector it
sends out a signal indicating that it’s time
for a cleaning. This feature is so reliable that
Underwriters Laboratories has singled out
Signature Series detectors by exempting
them from individual calibration sensitivity
testing normally required to comply with
the benchmark NFPA 72 fre alarm standard. Instead, a simple report generated by
the control panel is sufficient to satisfy what
otherwise could be an arduous and costly
annual task.
So stable that existing wiring
can be used for retrofits...
With Signature Series intelligence, alarm
decisions are made right at the device,
thus conserving precious processing
power at the control panel for other
functions. This strategy, known as Distributed Intelligence, means that high
communication speeds are unnecessary
because data reaches the control panel
already processed. Lower communications speed means that expensive
shielded wiring is not necessary. In fact ,
with Signature Series intelligence most
retrofit applications can use existing
wiring and still deliver superior response
times. With the added benefits of electronic addressing and automatic device
mapping, these devices are not only the
most reliable of their kind, they’re also
simple to install. That’s why millions of
Signature detectors can be found protecting buildings all over the planet .
Security devices share wiring
with fire alarm components...
The SIGA-MD Motion Detector and the
SIGA-SEC2 Security Module bring all the
features and performance benefits of Signature Series intelligence to security functions. The SIGA-MD is a passive infra-red
motion detector that employs advanced
adaptive signal processing technology,
while the SIGA-SEC2 is an intelligent
dual-input module suitable for monitoring
doors, windows and other locally powered security components. Both devices
share the same wiring and loop controller
as Signature Series fire alarm devices, and
do so without the need for extra risers,
associated wiring, or additional power.
The SIGA-MD and the SIGA-SEC2 are fully
listed to fire alarm and security standards.
In fact , Signature Series is the only line
of products in the world that offers this
kind of total coexistence among fire and
security functions!
every description...
Signature Series intelligent input/output modules are extremely flexible and
powerful devices that gather information
from detectors and other devices and
convert it into digital signals. They are
available in models that mount in standard one- or two-gang electrical boxes,
as well as time and wire-saving versions
that easily plug into two- or six-module
motherboards. The specifc function
of each module is determined by its
installer-selected “personality” code.
Because they are intelligent devices, all
decisions are made at the module. This
allows lower communication speed but
very fast control panel response time and
less sensitivity to line noise. As a result ,
twisted or shielded wire is not required,
making them – like all Signature devices
– ideal for retrofit
Photoelectric and ionization detectors see smoke, but
not all fires produce it . Heat detectors spot temperature
changes, but these aren’t always an indicator of fire.
Only Signature Series intelligence provides the answer...
Signature Series technology overcomes the detector
conundrum by collecting data on several different
environmental parameters simultaneously and then
weighing the result over time to determine whether
or not an alarm should be sent to the control panel.
This is a revolutionary concept that represents a
radical departure from the way fires used to be
Without Signature Series
intelligence, detectors need to
be tuned to perform reasonably
well under an acceptable range
of conditions. This compromise
results in a device that operates
reasonably well, but not
% Meter Obscuration
Signature Series detectors continuously
monitor their own sensitivity and “understand” their
environment . If dust or humidity levels increase
the chance of a nuisance alarm, the device itself
is able to compensate automatically by raising its
own alarm threshold. There is no danger that the
threshold will be pushed so far as to compromise
the device’s ability to detect fire: before that point is
reached the detector sends out
a message indicating that it’s
time for a cleaning.
Alarm Threshold
Time (seconds)
The example above demonstrates how the
Signature Series intelligence
provides the means of
addressing another concern: the
nagging problem of choosing
the best type of detector for a
particular application. Signature
Series multisensor detectors
incorporate photo, ion and heat
sensors in a single unit .
The trade-off comes at the
combined output from three sensors (resultant) reaches the alarm threshold earlier than
expense of reliability: nuisance
any of the single sensors.
alarms are frequently an
expected inconvenience of single sensor detectors.
The problem stems from the fact that detectors
Independently, these different types of
sensitive to smoke are also sensitive to dust; those
sensors can sometimes come to confliciting
sensitive to heat can also be affected by normal
conclusions concerning the same environmental
fuctuations in ambient temperature.
conditions. But , when combined in a single smart
detector, they can be monitored over time, thus
Patented Signature Series intelligence
reducing the chance of the device reacting to
overcomes this problem with sliding alarm
the wrong set of circumstances. The net result:
thresholds based on a sophisticated algorithm that
uncompromised performance; unparalleled
defnes the signatures of combustion, from slow
smoldering fres to fast-burning “invisible” fames.
True multisensor
technology means
that a single device
can perform optimally under a wider
range of conditions
any single-sensor
Fire Type vs. Detector Suitability
Open Wood
Wood Pyrolysis
Smoldering Cotton
Polyurethane Foam
Liquid Fire, no Smoke
very suitable
very suitable
very suitable
very suitable
very suitable
very suitable
very suitable
Signature Series:
Much more than outstanding detectors
and modules...
EST, FireWorks, Signature Series,
and Genesis Series are registered
trademarks of GE Security, Inc.
Signature Series is supported by a full range
of accessories, including detector bases,
duct detectors, pull stations, multi-function
modules, remote LEDs mounting plates,
trim skirts, amplifiers, and power supplies.
Maintenance & Service Tools
The SIGA-PRO programming and maintenance tool retrieves valuable diagnostic
information stored in the non-volatile
memory of any Signature Series detector,
pull station, or module. Under the Signature Series refurbishment program, soiled
devices can be replaced at a substantial
cost saving.
Intelligent Fire Suppression
The SIGA-REL is an intelligent module that
controls sprinkler, pre-action and deluge
systems, and may also be used to release
extinguishing agents such as CO2, Halon,
or foam. Installed as an integral part of the
life safety system, the SIGA-REL takes full
advantage of Signature Series processing,
communications power, and intelligence.
Intelligent Duct Smoke Detection
SuperDuct detectors feature a unique design that speeds installation and simplifies
maintenance. Removable dust flters, conformally coated circuit boards, and optional
water-resistant gaskets keep contaminants
away from components, ensuring years of
trouble-free service. And at less than twoinches deep, these detectors are ideal for
ductwork, where space is tight .
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