See inside for 118 New MFJ Products!

See inside for 118 New MFJ Products!
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MFJ 2006 Ham Catalog
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See inside for 118 New MFJ Products!
2500W Antenna Tuner
Improved MFJ-989D
ContinuousCarrierTM . . . silver plated
Edge-Wound Roller Inductor . . .
pF Variable
. . . antenna
switch . . .
wide matching range . . . 4-Core
Balun . . . true peak circuit . . . more!
Screwdriver controller
10 Memories . . .
Super Accurate .
. . . AutoParkTM
StallProtectorTM .
. . Super bright LEDs
See Page 5
New 500 pF air-variable capacitors .
. . New AirCoreTM roller inductor
with fasttune crank
knob . . .
New True
meter . . . New high-voltage current
balun . . . new rugged cabinet . . .
Flat, mobile
3 models . . .
See Page 15
AC Line
Squashes computer
hash . . .
MFJ-1164 59
16 elements, extends
802.11b/g signals
MFJ-1800 29
See Page 55
See Page 42
See Page 42
Has remote head and automatic bandswitching features!
See Page 73
Automatic Remote
Antenna Switch
Switches and selects 8 pre-programmed antennas
See Page 75
8-Band Equalizer, Noise Gate,
Compressor, Limiter, Preamp
MFJ-655 $
Four new
models . . .
See Page 9
Antenna Switch
See Page 12
Whip Tuner/
80-10M, 150 Watt
models ...
MFJ Contest
Voice Keyer
has both
round &
modular 8-pin plugs!
See Page 30
Ameritron Digital
Lets you save
screwdriver antenna positions in
See Page 74
For your nearest dealer or to order call 800-647-1800
300 Industrial Park Road,
Starkville, MS 39759
See Page 29
MFJ Hybrid
Phone Patch
both round & modular 8-pin plugs!
See Page 30
80-6 Meter
Has whip, mount,
tuner, rope,
See Page 9
screwdriver controller
Tiny 50-Watt
See Page 51
automatically tunes
any antenna, matches
6-1600 Ohms . . .
Ultra-fast, 2000
memories . . . antenna
switch . . . efficient
L-network . . . 4:1
current balun . . .
Three new models . . . See Page 11
tunes small loops
. . . place in closet,
attic . . . 2000
memories . . .
See Page 12
40, 20,
15, 10, 6
and 2 Meters!
MFJ-1775 $23995
New Ameritron 500
Watt Mobile Amp
See Page 3
2.4 GHz, 15
dBi WiFi Yagi
RFI Filter
6-band Dipole
MFJ Automatic
See Page 14
1/2 Wave
Giant HF
meter measures 61/2”
across its
meter scale!
See Page 14
rugged to
take mobile
abuse . . .
MFJ-818 69
World’s Largest
See Page 17
MFJ in-line
RF Ammeters
New MFJ Automatic
200 Watt IntelliTunersTM
12 foot
See Page 52
Stands 39 feet tall. Full 1/4
Wave on 40, 20, 15, 10 Meters.
Cage loading on 80 Meters.
World’s 2nd Best Antenna!
AV-18HT-Jr 349
See Page 55
No Matter WhatTM Warranty
Every MFJ tuner is protected by
MFJ’s famous one year No Matter
WhatTM limited warranty. We will repair
or replace your MFJ product no matter
what (at our option) for one full year.
Phone: (662) 323-5869; 8-4:30 CST, M-F; Fax: (662) 323-6551
Visit . . . . . . free manuals!
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Product Index/Order
Forms on pages 60-62
MFJ RF Ammeter for
Balanced Lines
See inside for 118 New MFJ Products!
New, Improved MFJ
Automatic Tuners
MFJ 1/2 Wave, 6-Band
Rotatable Mini-Dipole
profile 14
feet, 7 foot
radius . . .
40, 20, 15, 10, 6, 2 Meters . . . 1500
Watts . . . Directivity focuses signal,
reduces QRM/noise . . .
Now has
and dual
power: matches 6-1600 Ohms at 300
Watts or 6-3200 Ohms at 150 Watts!
See Page 55
See Page 80
New and Improved Small, highefficiency LoopTunersTM
Tuning Cap
Tuning Cap
18 to
136 pF . . .
12 to
67 pF . . .
See Page 9
See Page 49
See Page 11
See Page 11
True 4:1
4.5 Watts
Deluxe Station
See Page 51
See Page 35
current balun
1:1 current
balun for MFJ
SWR analyzers
93/4 inches
See Page 31
See Page 14
Built-in AC Socket,
so you don’t
lose the plug!
See Page 21
Five New models . . . See Page 54
Mini ClampOn RF
RF Ammeter
Higher Ampere
Current ranges
than MFJ-853.
See Page 15
See Page 15
1:1 or 4:1
See Page 17
AC Line
See Page 13
Zepp Antennas
See Page 18
Hang & Play End-Fed
BiasTee DC
MFJ VHF/UHF Cross-Needle
Now has TrueActiveTM Peak
Reading Circuit!
Read true peak or average
forward/reflected power at-a-glance.
See Page 13
See Page 8
Variable RF
New and
974HB 199
See Page 9
20 or 40 Meters
screws in 3/8x24 mount
Line Tuner
See Page 14
Eight New models . . . See Page 54
Use single feedline to feed two
antennas, 1.8-150
MHz, 1500 Watts,
50-75 Ohms.
2/4 Element Collinear
Array Wire Antennas
½ ½ëë
2-Position Remote
Antenna Switch
MFJ 1.8-30 MHz CrossNeedle SWR/Wattmeter
Now has TrueActiveTM
Peak Reading Circuit!
Read true peak or average
forward/reflected power at-a-glance.
See Page 73
½ ½ëë
Three New models -- coax, balanced
line, SWR/Wattmeter ... See Page 15
Yagi finds
noise quick with
pinpoint accuracy.
Four New models -- MFJ-935B,
$199.95, MFJ-933, $179.95,
MFJ-932, $99.95 . . .
See Page 9
Find Noise Fast!
Turn any wire loop into a small, highefficiency multi-band transmitting
loop antenna
Let your rig auto bandswitch your ALS-500M Amp
Works with serial numbers above 13049. Also
see new remote control head for
Ameritron’s ALS-500M Amplifier.
Measure and
compare each
feedline wire
current -- your
feedline is balanced if the currents are equal.
See Page 51
See Page 11
For your new HTs!
See Page 38
3 new adaptors . . . .
See Page 42
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Page 1
MFJ-989D 1500 Watt legal limit Antenna Tuner
New and improved!! World’s most popular legal limit antenna tuner just got better -with no increase in price! You get better efficiency, lower losses, and a new true peak-reading
meter. Easily handles full 1500 Watts SSB/CW, 1.8 to 30 MHz including MARS/WARC bands.
heavy duty contacts handle extreme voltages
and currents. We’ve never burned one up!
You can select two coax antennas
(directly or through tuner), balanced line/
random wire, or built-in dummy load.
Built-in Dummy Load
A full-size 300 Watt non-inductive 50
Ohm dummy load is built-in.
You’ll find it handy for transmitter
tuning, testing and repairing rigs, setting
power level, adjusting mic gain and more.
New Cabinet maintains high Q
• New 500 pF air variable capacitors
• New AirCoreTM Roller Inductor with
new fast-tune Crank Knob
• New TrueActiveTM Peak-Reading
Cross-Needle SWR/Wattmeter
• New High-Voltage Current Balun
• New rugged Cabinet maintains hi-Q
Made in the U.S.A.
The world’s most popular legal limit
antenna tuner just got better -- much better -- with no increase in price!
You get better efficiency, lower losses
and a new true peak reading SWR/Wattmeter. It easily handles full 1500 Watts
SSB/CW and covers 1.8 to 30 MHz,
including MARS and WARC bands into
balanced or unbalanced loads.
You can match dipoles, verticals,
inverted vees, random wires, beams, balanced lines, coax, mobile whips, shortwave -- nearly any antenna.
You get everything you’ve ever wanted
in a high power, full featured antenna
tuner -- extremely wide matching range,
lighted Cross-Needle SWR/Wattmeter,
antenna switch, dummy load and balun.
Massive Transmitting Capacitors
MFJ AirCoreTM Roller Inductor
with new fast-tune Crank Knob
New and improved AirCoreTM Roller
Inductor gives you lower losses, higher Q
and handles more power with no self-resonances. It gives you cool, efficient and
smooth tuning on all bands and it’s air core
can’t burn up!
TrueActiveTM Peak Reading
New TrueActiveTM peak reading SWR/
Wattmeter lets you read true peak or average power on all modes. Large, easy-toread illuminated Cross-Needle meter lets
you read SWR and forward/reflected (3000/
300 Watt ranges) power at a single glance.
Uses 9-Volt battery and/or 12 VDC or
110 VAC with MFJ-1312D, $14.95.
Lexan Front Panel
The MFJ-989D has a new nearly indestructable multi-color Lexan front panel.
Its detailed logging scales and legends will
be legible for a lifetime of DXing.
Wide Range T-Network
The MFJ-989D uses the time-tested
wide range T-Matching Network. It gives
you the widest matching range and is the
easiest to use of all matching networks. With
MFJ’s new high value 500 pF air variable
capacitors and new low loss roller inductor,
it easily handles high power efficiently.
No Matter WhatTM Warranty
Every MFJ tuner is protected by
MFJ’s famous one year No Matter
WhatTM limited warranty. We will repair
or replace your MFJ-989D no matter
what (at our option) for one full year.
MFJ High Voltage Current Balun
New high voltage
current balun lets you
tune high and low
impedance balanced
lines without core saturation or voltage
It’s constructed
with two giant 21/2
inch toroid cores and
wound with high voltage wire connected to
high-voltage glazed
ceramic feedthrough
Super Antenna
Patent Pending
New huge 500 pF air variable capacitors
give you twice the capacitance for much more
efficient operation on 160 and 80 Meters.
Specially shaped plates give low minimum capacitance resulting in an extremely
wide matching range -- 160 thru 10 Meters.
New larger, more attractive capacitor
knobs with easy-to-see dials make tuning
much easier and precise.
Patent Pending
Large, self-cleaning
wiping contact gives
excellent low-resistance
connection without conShip Code E
tact arcing or burning.
New fast-tune crank knob lets you reset
your roller inductor quickly, smoothly and
A precision gear driven 3-digit turns
counter lets you accurately reset your roller
inductor for quick band changing.
New roomy cabinet helps maintain
components’ high Q. Vent holes keeps
components cool. Super construction -non-stripping PEM nuts, wing-nut ground
post, fire-retardant epoxy glass PC board,
and heavy gauge wire throughout.
Measures 127/8Wx6Hx115/8D inches.
super heavy duty
antenna switch is
made of two individual ceramic wafers
wired in parallel.
Extra wide spaced,
MFJ . . . The World Leader in Ham Radio Accessories!
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Page 1
MFJ KW Differential-TTM Antenna Tuner
. . . Gives you absolute minimum SWR . . . Simple 2-knob tuning . . . Lighted
Cross-Needle SWR/Wattmeter . . . AirCoreTM Roller Inductor . . . 6-position
antenna switch . . . Balun for balanced lines . . . 1.8-30 MHz coverage
Ship Code E
MFJ’s innovative
Differential-TTM tuner
uses a differential
capacitor that makes
tuning easier than
ever. Gives minimum
SWR at only one setting. Broadband
design ends constant
The MFJ-986 is a
rugged roller inductor
antenna tuner that handles 3 KW PEP SSB
amplifier input power (1500 Watts PEP SSB
output power). Tunes 1.8-30 MHz continuously, including MARS and all the WARC
MFJ’s exclusive AirCoreTM Roller
Inductor gives absolute minimum SWR -something tapped inductors just can’t do.
3-digit turns counter plus a spinner knob
gives precise inductance control so you can
quickly retune your frequency.
A lighted peak and average reading crossneedle meter shows SWR, forward and
reflected power at a single glance!
You get a 6-position antenna switch that
lets you select two coax lines and/or random
wires (direct or through tuner), balanced line
and external dummy load.
The MFJ TrueCurrentBalunTM for balanced lines minimizes feedline radiation that
causes field pattern distortion, TVI and RF in
your shack. Ceramic feedthru insulators for
balanced lines withstand high voltages and
Differential-T TunerTM . . . .
A new twist on proven technology
Replacing two variable capacitors with a
single differential capacitor gives wide range
T-network tuning with just two controls -- a
tuning capacitor and a roller inductor.
Simple 2-knob tuning makes tuning easier
than ever. You get minimum SWR at only one
MFJ AirCoreTM roller inductor
MFJ’s exclusive super heavy duty
AirCoreTM Roller Inductor has an air
core that can’t burn up! You get ultra
high-Q, the lowest loss, highest efficiency and highest power handling of any
roller inductor in ham radio.
MFJ’s exclusive Self-Resonance
KillerTM keeps potentially damaging
self-resonances away from your operating frequency.
Large, self-cleaning wiping contact
gives excellent low-resistance connection without contact arcing or burning.
A solid 1/4 inch brass shaft with
self-align bearings gives smooth nonbinding rotation.
setting and a broadband
response that ends constant
retuning. You’ll spend
your time QSOing instead
of fooling with your tuner.
The compact
103/4x41/2x15 inch cabinet
has plenty of room to
mount the roller inductor
away from metal surfaces
for highest Q -- you get
high efficiency and more
power into your antenna.
Wide-spaced tuning capacitor plates let you run high
power without arcing.
Lighted cross-needle meter
MFJ’s lighted Cross-Needle Meter shows
you SWR, forward and reflected power simultaneously. It reads peak or average power on
2000 or 200 Watt ranges.
Lamp has on/off switch and uses 12 VDC
or 110 VAC with MFJ-1312D, $14.95.
MFJ TrueCurrentBalunTM
reduces feedline radiation
Most tuners use a voltage balun that
forces equal voltages on the two antenna
halves. It minimizes unbalanced currents
only if the antenna is perfectly balanced -- not
the case with practical antennas.
The MFJ-986 uses a true current balun to
force equal currents in the two antenna halves
-- even if the antenna is not perfectly balanced!
The MFJ TrueCurrentBalunTM gives superior balance over voltage baluns and minimizes unbalanced current. This reduces field
pattern distortion, concentrates your power for
a stronger signal -- plus it reduces TVI and
RF in your shack caused by feedline radiation.
No Matter WhatTM Waranty
Protected by one year limited warranty.
Call your dealer for your best price!
In stock at ham dealers everywhere.
MFJ-962D Compact Tuner for Linear Amplifiers
MFJ AirCoreTM Roller Inductor, Compact Size, Lexan scratch-proof front panel . . .
. . . handles AMERITRON’s AL-811H!
Why settle for a
mere 300
Watt antenna
tuner when a
few extra
dollars let
you add real
power when
you’re ready? The MFJ-962D lets you use your
95 barefoot rig now, then when you’re ready . . .
When you’re ready . . . you can add a powerShip Code E
house linear amplifier at no additional cost.
The compact MFJ-962D handles 1500 Watts
PEP SSB amplifier input power (800 Watts PEP SSB amplifier output
It’s perfect for AMERITRON’s best selling 800 Watt AL-811H or
600 Watt AL-811 amplifiers.
Features MFJ’s AirCoreTM Roller Inductor, new aluminum-skirted
knob set including a weighted deluxe spinner knob, ultra compact size
(103/4 x4 x 107/8 inches) and scratch-proof nearly indestructible multicolored Lexan front panel.
Two transmitting tuning capacitors and MFJ’s exclusive AirCoreTM
roller inductor gives you precise control to get your SWR down to an
absolute minimum.
You get an extremely wide matching range from 1.8 to 30 MHz
continuously, including MARS and WARC bands.
MFJ’s AirCoreTM roller inductor has an air core that can’t burn up.
You get ultra high-Q, low loss and MFJ’s exclusive Self-Resonance
KillerTM that eliminates damaging self-resonances.
MFJ’s lighted peak and average reading Cross-Needle
SWR/Wattmeter makes tuning quick and easy. At one glance you can
read SWR, forward and reflected power in two power ranges. Meter
light uses 12 VDC or 110 VAC with MFJ-1312D, $14.95.
A 6-position ceramic antenna switch lets you select 2 coax lines
(direct or through tuner), random wire and balanced lines.
You get a heavy duty MFJ TrueCurrentBalunTM for balanced lines.
High-voltage ceramic feedthru insulators let you operate high power
into balanced feedlines.
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MFJ 2500 Watts ContinuousCarrierTM Tuner
Silver plated Edge-Wound Roller Inductor . . .1000/500 pF Variable Capacitors .
. . Antenna Switch . . . 4-Core Balun . . . true Peak Cross-Needle SWR/Wattmeter
. . . Dummy Load . . . Extremely Wide Matching Range . . . Patent Pending . . .
The MFJ-9982
ContinuousCarrierTM antenna $
tuner handles 2500 Watts
Ship Code A
continuous carrier output
on all modes and all HF bands into most
unbalanced antennas -- even on 160 Meters
where even the best antenna tuners fail!
The MFJ-9982 gives you every feature
you'll ever want in a high power tuner -wide matching range, 1.8 to 30 MHz coverage, 6-position antenna switch, 4-core
balun, dummy load, true peak/average
lighted SWR/Wattmeter, 6:1 reduction
drives with detailed logging scales, 3digit turns counter, extra large knobs.
New Components, New Technologies
The Heart and Soul of the MFJ-9982 is
its roller inductor and variable capacitors.
MFJ's high power, high-Q continuous
current AirCoreTM roller inductor is no ordinary roller inductor! It’s edge wound from
thick .06-inch silver-plated solid copper strap.
It can carry huge circulating RF currents
and withstand tremendous heat that'll melt
or burn up ordinary roller inductors.
Self-insulating construction reduces stray
capacitance -- keeps self-resonant frequencies
high and out-of-the-way. Dual, silver-plated
compression wheels give ultra low-resistance contacts. New fast-tune crank knob.
High-current, high-capacitance 1000 pF
and 500 pF air variable capacitors have low
minimum capacitance and are self-insulating.
These newly developed capacitors and
MFJ's patent pending innovation gives you
very high efficiency on 160/80 Meters and
extremely wide matching range on 10/12/15
Meters at 2500 Watts -- a feat only the
MFJ-9982 has achieved.
Antenna Tuner/Artificial Ground
Ship Code B
MFJ-934 is unique because it has a
built-in artificial ground. A ground matching knob lets you switch in inductance to
bring an attached wire to a low impedance
current point to form an artificial ground.
A push button lets you use the CrossNeedle Meter to monitor for maximum
ground current. With an artificial ground
to work against, you’ll be surprised to see
how well a random wire can work.
You get a 300 Watt full featured antenna tuner that covers 1.8-30 MHz. Lighted
CrossNeedle meter reads SWR/Forward/
Reflected power at-a-glance. 4:1 balun for
balanced lines. Features efficient airwound
inductor, high current/voltage 12-position
inductor switch and two 1000 volt air-variable capacitors. Tunes all antennas and
feedlines including random wire, coax and
balanced lines. 105/8Wx31/2Hx8D in.
Hi-Voltage/Current Antenna Switch
The antenna switch is completely isolated to handle high-voltage high impedance
antennas. High-current, low impedance
antennas are handled by parallel sets of highcurrent contacts of two ceramic switches.
New 4-Core Balun
New Cabinet maintains high Q
New roomy cabinet maintains high Q.
Vent holes. Heavy gauge, .08 inch aluminum braced chassis. Vinyl cover, nonstripping PEM nuts, heavy 10-gauge or
copper strap wiring throughout.
13¾Wx7Dx16¼D inches. 15 pounds.
Powerful balun -- Four 21/2 inch cores,
12-gauge TeflonTM wire. Run balanced lines
at full 2500 Watts SSB/CW continuous, 24/7.
Patent Pending
New Balanced Line Feed-Thru Insulator
Allows massive antenna currents to flow
directly to the antenna capacitor without
passing though lossy screws or bolts.
TrueActiveTM Peak Reading Circuit
New TrueActiveTM circuit reads true peak
or average power on all modes. Cross-Needle
meter reads SWR/forward/reflected power.
1500 Watt Dummy Load
1500 Watt air-cooled non-inductive 50
Ohm resistor. 100W/10 min., 1.5kW/10 sec.
MFJ Artificial RF Ground
Places your rig near earth ground potential!
Ship Code A
Create an
ground with
this MFJ-931! It effectively places your
rig near actual earth ground potential even
if your rig is on the second floor or higher
with no earth ground possible! It electrically places a far away RF ground at your rig.
How’s your RF ground? Do you have
RF “hot spots” that “bite” you when you
transmit? Do you have RF feedback that
causes your rig to quit working on some
bands? Do you have TVI/RFI that makes
your neighbors hard to live with? Do you
get weak signal reports because of extreme
ground losses or radiation pattern distortion?
These problems could be caused by
poor RF grounding, especially if your rig is
on a second floor with no ground at all.
Even if you have a good ground, a long
connection wire can ruin its effectiveness
by isolating true RF ground from your rig.
New! 4 Foot Ground Rod
Durable four foot copper bonded
steel earth ground rod is a
tough 3/8 in. diameter that
$ 95
will last and last. Sharp
Ship Code B
pointed end makes it easy
to drive into the ground. Use it to tie
your equipment to a single earth ground
to help bleed off static and RFI and prevent RF hot spots. Use several to form
a good RF ground for random, long
wire and vertical antennas.
Continued . . . MFJ-931 creates an
artificial ground! It resonates a random
length of wire thrown along the floor
and produces a tuned counterpoise. This
artificial ground effectively places your
rig near actual earth ground potential
with no earth ground possible. Reduces
the electrical length of the ground connection wire to virtually zero by tuning out its
reactance. MFJ-931 connects between your
rig and a random length of wire or a connecting ground wire. It’s tuned for maximum ground current using the built-in RF
ammeter. 1.8 to 30 MHz. 71/2Wx31/2 Hx7D
inches. RF tight aluminum cabinet.
MFJ . . . The World Leader in Ham Radio Accessories
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Page 1
MFJ 300W Roller Inductor Tuner
World’s only 300 Watt AirCoreTM Roller Inductor Antenna Tuner gives
you absolute minimum SWR . . . Covers 6 Meters thru 160 Meters . . .
MFJ-969 gives
you MFJ’s superb
95 AirCoreTM Roller
Inductor and full 6
Meters through 160
Ship Code B
Meters coverage!
You get everything you’ve ever wanted
including . . . 300 Watts PEP SSB full featured antenna tuner, widest matching range,
full-size lighted Cross-Needle
SWR/Wattmeter reads true peak forward
power, QRM-Free PreTuneTM, 8 position
antenna switch, built-in 50 Ohm dummy
load, heavy duty 4:1 balun -- all in a tough,
attractive cabinet. MFJ’s famous one year
No Matter WhatTM limited warranty.
MFJ-969’s AirCoreTM Roller Inductor,
gear-driven turns counter and spinner knob
gives you exact inductance control for
minimum SWR.
MFJ’s exclusive AirCoreTM Roller
Inductor has an air core that can’t burn up!
You get ultra high-Q, the lowest loss, highest efficiency and highest power handling
of any roller inductor in ham radio.
MFJ’s exclusive Self-Resonance
KillerTM keeps potentially damaging selfresonances away from your frequency.
Huge self-cleaning wiping contact
gives you excellent low-resistance connection without contact arcing or burning.
Solid 1/4 inch brass shaft, self-align
bearings -- smooth non-binding operation.
The MFJ-969 covers all frequencies
from 160 Meters thru 6 Meters, including
the “magic band” -- the widest matching
range of any full featured antenna tuner.
Match any antenna
Match dipoles, verticals, inverted vees,
random wires, beams, mobile whips, SWL
receiving antennas -- nearly any antenna.
You can use coax cable, random wire or
balanced lines. Has heavy duty 4:1 balun.
True Peak Reading Cross-Needle Meter
MFJ’s new ActivePeak
ReadingCircuitTM accurately reads true peak
forward power -- an MFJ exclusive.
MFJ’s lighted Cross-Needle
SWR/Wattmeter reads SWR, true peak forward and average reflected power simultaneously on 300 Watt or 30 Watt ranges.
Lamp has on/off switch and uses 12
VDC or 110 VAC with MFJ-1312D,
$14.95. ActivePeakReading CircuitTM can
also use a 9 volt battery.
MFJ’s 8 positions let you select two
coax fed antennas, random wire/balanced
line or built-in dummy load for use through
your MFJ-969 or direct to your rig.
MFJ’s QRM-Free PreTuneTM lets you
pre-tune MFJ-969 off-the-air into a built-in
dummy load without causing QRM.
Pre-tuning into a dummy load makes
tuning your actual antenna quick and easy!
The MFJ-969 has a full size non-inductive 50 Ohm dummy load. You’ll find it
handy for tuning, testing, repairing rigs,
setting power level, adjusting mic gain, etc.
The tough aluminum case has a
scratch-proof multi-colored Lexan front
panel. Compact 31/2Hx101/2Dx91/2W inches.
MFJ-969 AirCoreTM Roller Inductor
Ham Radio’s Most Popular 300 Watt Tuner
More hams use MFJ-9
949s than any other antenna tuner in the world!
More hams use
reflected power simultaneously
MFJ-949s than any $
on 300 Watt or 30 Watt ranges.
other antenna tuner
Lamp has on/off switch, requires
Ship Code B
in the world!
12 VDC or 110 VAC with MFJWhy? Because
1312D, $14.95.
the world’s leading tuner has earned
QRM-Free PreTuneTM
a worldwide reputation for being able
MFJ’s QRM-Free PreTuneTM
to match just about anything.
lets you pre-tune your MFJ-949E
Full 1.8-30 MHz Operation
off-the-air into its built-in
Custom designed inductor
dummy load! Makes tuning your
switch, 1000 volt tuning capacitors, TeflonR dom wire/balanced line or built-in dummy
actual antenna faster and easier.
load through your MFJ-949E or direct to
insulating washers and proper L/C ratio
Plus Much More!
your transceiver.
gives you arc-free no worries operation
Full size built-in non-inductive 50 Ohm
Big Lighted Cross-Needle Meter
with up to 300 Watts 1.8 to 30 MHz.
dummy load, scratch-proof Lexan multiHas MFJ’s full size 3 inch lighted
Tunes any antenna
colored front panel, superior cabinet and
cross-needle Meter. Lets you easily read
Tunes out SWR on dipoles, verticals,
construction and more! Measures a sleek
SWR, true peak forward and average
inverted vees, random wires, beams,
and compact 105/8x31/2x7 inches.
mobile whips . . . nearly anything! Use
coax, random wire or balanced lines. Has
MFJ-948 -- An Econo MFJ-949E for Only $129.95!
heavy duty 4:1 balun.
connector for one on rear panel.)
Custom inductor switch
Features include custom
The inductor switch is the most likely
designed inductor switch, 600
component to burn up in any antenna tuner. Ship Code B
volt tuning capacitors, full size 3
MFJ’s inductor switch in the MFJinch lighted Cross-Needle meter,
All the
8 position antenna switch, heavy
949E was custom designed to withstand the
features of
duty 4:1 balun, full 1.8 to 30
extremely high RF voltages and currents
the MFJ-949E -- the world’s leading 300
MHz operation, MFJ’s famous No Matter
that are developed in your tuner.
Watt antenna tuner -- for an incredibly low
WhatTM one year limited warranty. Measures
8-Position Antenna switch
$129.95! (Dummy load not included; coax
a slim and compact 101/2x31/2x7 inches.
lets you select two coax fed antennas, ran-
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MFJ Compact Mobile HF Antenna Tuner
Covers HF and 6 Meters, Handles 300 watts, Has Antenna Bypass Switch
The compact MFJ-945E mobile antenna tuner covers 6 Meters and HF (1.8- 60
MHz), handles 300 PEP watts, and tunes
coaxial cable-fed antennas, plus random
Don’t leave home without this mobile
tuner, and have a a better trip as the MFJ945E extends antenna bandwidth and eliminates the need to stop, go outside, and readjust your mobile antenna.
The frustratingly narrow bandwidth of
mobile antennas can be greatly broadened
with this tuner.
Of course, this diminutive tuner can be
used to tune coax-fed home station antennas of all kinds, too, as well as random
The cross needle meter shows SWR,
forward, and reflected power -- at a glance.
mitter directly) while still using its
The back panel has SO-239 coaxial
connectors for your transmitter and antenna
feedline and a wing nut post for your
For at-home use with a random wire a
It reads forward/reflected
standard banana plug fits neatly into the
power in 300/60 and 30/6 $
95 antenna jack.
watt ranges.
An efficient airwound inductor gives
The ON/ OFF lamp
Ship Code B
you lower losses for more watts output.
switch is handy for
The small, 8Wx2Hx6D inch black aluchanging light conditions in your vehicle;
minum cabinet takes up little space.
the meter lamp is 12 VDC powered with
A mobile mounting bracket, MFJ-20, is
optional MFJ-1312D, $14.95).
$4.95. Add $2.00 shipping for the bracket
Large, conveniently-placed controls
if ordered separately.
make tuning fast and easy.
Has MFJ’s One Year No Matter WhatTM
The bypass switch lets you bypass the
tuner (connecting your antenna and trans-
Portable Tuner for QRP to Full-b
bore Transceiver
The MFJ-971 is a tiny, inexpensive
The MFJ-971, while an all-around lowportable 200 watt PEP antenna tuner that’s
power tuner, is especially suited for MFJ
a perfect match for today’s ultra-compact
transceivers and power packs. It matches them
HF transceivers while offering features
in size and styling and brackets included with
especially designed for the QRP operator.
the tuner allow connecting the units together
Covering 1.8 to 30 MHz, this T-match
physically into an attractive and compact
tuner can match coax-fed antennas, as
well as those fed with balanced feedline,
As in all good antenna tuners, three conand random wires. A 4:1 toroid balun is
trols give flexibility in matching: Inductance
built in for balanced lines.
(12 positions), Transmitter, and Antenna. Once you find the
95 proper setting on each band, just record it for future “instant
From the factory, the MFJ-971 offers forward power
readings of 30 watts maximum or 300 watts, on its cross
Ship Code A band changing.”
needle meter. You can monitor forward power, reflected
Rear panel includes SO-239 coaxial jacks for transmitter
power, and SWR simultaneously. For dedicated QRP operation,
and antenna; 2 sturdy binding posts for balanced line; another
swapping of a jumper plug internally converts the maximum forbinding post for a random wire; ground post; 12 VDC input jack
ward reading on the meter to 6 watts.
for meter lamp; and low/high power meter range switch.
The meter lamp may be powered by an external 12 VDC
The MFJ-971 is backed by MFJ’s No Matter WhatTM warranty.
source if you desire (MFJ-1312D, $14.95).
Measures a tiny 6X6X2.5 inches.
MFJ 300-Watt Super Value Versa Tuner Covers 160-10 Meters
It’s not just a tuner, it’s an 8-position
antenna switch.
The photo tells the story: you can select
among two coaxial-fed antennas, a balanced line (4:1 toroid balun included) or
random wire or an external dummy load,
and for each you can select “direct”
(bypassing the tuner) or “tuned.”
This tuner is rated at 200 watts and can
match dipoles, vees, random wires, and
balanced and coax feedlines, from 1.8 to 30
MHz. You get a lighted cross needle
with on/off
switch (lamp
Ship Code B
uses 12 VDC or
110 VAC with MFJ-1312D,
The meter shows SWR, and
forward and reflected power in 300/60 and
30/6 watt ranges selected at the front panel.
An efficient 12 position airwound
inductor gives low losses for more power
out. Uses 1000 Volt capacitors.
Random Wire Tuner for HF
95 erate all
Ship Code A
Ship Code A bands 1.8-30
MHz -- anyMFJ’s
where with any transsmallest (5x21/2x6) and most affordceiver -- using a single random wire
able 200 Watt PEP VERSA TUNER.
and MFJ’s Random Wire Tuner.
Match dipoles, vees, random wires,
Small enough to carry in your hip
verticals, mobile whips, beams, balpocket. Handles 200 watts output.
anced and coax lines continuously
Matches high or low impedance loads
from 1.8-30 MHz. A 4:1 balun for
by interchanging input and output, so
balanced lines is built into this MFJit uses SO-239 connectors for both.
901B tuner. Three adjustment controls Measures a super compact 2.25H X
for maximum matching capability.
3.5W X 5.25D inches.
The aluminum cabinet has a durable
scratch-proof multi-color Lexan front panel
to complement your rig and fits right into
your station.
Measures a sleek, compact
105/8Wx27/8Hx7D inches.
Pre-made Coax Patch Cables
Weather resistant 50-Ohm coax
patch cables with PL-259 connectors.
Select from RG-58, RG-8X or RG-213.
Price RG-213 (H)
3 ft.
MFJ-5803 $5.95
MFJ-5803X $9.95
6 ft.
MFJ-5806 9.95
MFJ-5806X 11.95 MFJ-5806H
9 ft.
MFJ-5809 11.95
MFJ-5809X 13.95
MFJ-5812 12.95
MFJ-5812X 14.95 MFJ-5812H
12 ft.
18 ft.
MFJ-5818 14.95
MFJ-5818X 16.95
50 ft.
MFJ-5850 24.95
MFJ-5850X 29.95 MFJ-5850H
100 ft. MFJ-58100 39.95 MFJ-58100X 49.95 MFJ-58100H 79.95
MFJ . . . The World Leader in Ham Radio Accessories
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MFJ Balanced Line Antenna Tuners
Superb balance . . . Extremely wide matching range . . . Covers 1.8-54 MHz . . .
Cross-Needle SWR Wattmeter . . . Handles 300 Watts . . . Compact size . . .
The MFJ-974HB is a
fully balanced true balanced line antenna tuner.
It gives you superb current balance throughout
its very wide matching
and frequency range.
Balanced Line = Extremely Low Loss
Balanced lines give extremely low loss.
Doublet, horizontal loop, vertical loop,
quad, double extended Zepp, Lazy H, W8JK
antennas all give efficient multi-band operation when fed with balanced lines.
Ship Code D
6-80 Meter Balanced Line Tuner
For decades, the Johnson Matchbox has
been the standard of comparison for balanced line tuners. But, it had a severely
limited matching range and covered only
80, 40, 20, 15 and 10 Meters.
The MFJ-974HB is its successor. It
meets today's needs and even surpasses the
Johnson Matchbox outstanding
Everything You Need
The MFJ-974HB gives you excellent
current balance, very wide matching
range(12-2000 Ohms) and covers 1.8
through 54 MHz continuously including all
WARC bands, 160 Meters, 6 Meters and
the new 60 Meter band. Handles 300 Watts
SSB PEP and 150 Watts CW.
Tuning is fast and easy - - just three tuning controls. You can even adjust for highly efficient broadband low-Q operation or
use higher Q when you encounter extreme
A large three-inch lighted Cross-Needle
SWR/Wattmeter lets you read SWR, peak
or average forward and reflected power all
at a glance on 300 or 30 Watt ranges.
A ground post is provided to ground one
output terminal so you can also tune random wires and coax fed antennas.
Compact 7½Wx6Hx8D inches fits anywhere.
Ship Code D
Johnson Matchbox
Tunes any Balanced Line
The MFJ-974HB tunes any balanced
lines including 600 Ohm open wire line,
450/300 Ohm ladder lines, 300/72 Ohm
twin lead - - shielded or unshielded.
Superb current balance minimizes feedline radiation that can cause troublesome
TVI and RFI, painful RF bites, mysterious
RF feedback problems and radiation pattern
Excellent Balance, Excellent Design
The MFJ-974HB is a fully balanced
wide range T-Network using four gear driven 1000-Volt air variable capacitors and
high-Q air wound tapped inductor for 8010 Meters and separate inductors for 6 and
160 Meters. The tuning components are
mounted symmetrically to insure electrical
A 1:1 current balun is placed on the low
impedance 50 input side to convert the balanced T-Network to unbalanced operation.
The balun is made of 50 ferrite beads on
RG-303 Teflon™ coax to give exceptional
and efficient isolation. It stays cool even at
maximum power.
MFJ-974B. Same
as MFJ-974HB but
for 6-80 Meter operation (no 160 Meters).
Antenna Accessories
MFJ-1777, $49.95. 102 feet all band
doublet antenna covers 160-6 Meters with
balanced line tuner.
Super strong custom
fiberglass center insulator
provides stress relief for
450 Ohm ladder line (100
feet included). Authentic
glazed ceramic end insulators. Handles 1500 Watts. New!
MFJ-18H100, $16.95. 100 feet of
quality 450 Ohm ladder line.
MFJ-18G100, $11.95. 100 feet of
extremely strong heavy duty 7-strand, 14gauge hard copper antenna wire.
MFJ-16C06, $3.95. 6 authentic glazed
ceramic end/center antenna insulators.
Extra strong. Will not arc or melt.
New! MFJ-16D01, $6.95.
Super strong custom fiberglass
stress relieving center insulator
for 450 Ohm ladder line.
See page 55 for more antenna accessories.
MFJ 1500 Watt Fully Balanced Antenna Tuner
Fully balanced MFJ-976 handles 1500 Watts legal limit . . . Extra-wide 12-2000 Ohms matching
range . . . continuous 1.8 to 30 MHz coverage including all WARC bands . . . Four separate 500 pF
in two gangs gives you a total of 2000 pF capacitance . . . Heavy duty 1:1 current balun . . . more!
Ship Code E
You can tune
95 any balanced
lines including
600 Ohm open
wire line, 450/ 300 Ohm ladder
lines, 300/72 Ohm twin lead -shielded or unshielded. Also tunes
random wires and coax fed antennas.
MFJ's fully balanced extremely
wide-range T-network gives you
simple, fast three knob tuning. No
complicated switching between
high and low impedance and
switching in additional capacitance
of L-networks.
The MFJ-976 is a 1500Watt full Legal
Four separate 500 pF in two gangs gives
Limit fully balanced antenna tuner.
you a total of 2000 pF for highly efficient
You get superb current balance, very
low loss operation on 160 Meters.
wide matching range (12-2000 Ohms) and
You get excellent 10 Meter performance
continuous 1.8-30 MHz coverage including
because of MFJ's low minimum capaciall WARC bands. Handles full 1500 Watts
tance and exclusive Self-Resonance
SSB and CW.
Killer™ high-Q AirCoreTM roller inductor
with silver plated contacts.
Heavy duty 1:1 current balun gives you
superb balance and stays cool even at 1.5kW.
True active peak reading lighted CrossNeedle SWR/Wattmeter lets you read
SWR, true peak or average forward and
reflected power all at a glance on 300/
3000 Watt ranges. 12Wx6Hx153/4D inches.
An inside view of the MFJ-976
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MFJ Small, high efficiency Loop TunersTM
Turns any wire loop into small, high efficiency multi-band transmitting loop antenna
You’ll radiate a low angle DX signal that
literally rivals full size dipoles and work
incredible DX!
It’s a very quiet receiving antenna -$
17995 you’ll hardly notice static crashes. Its highQ reduces QRM, overloading, harmonics.
Code B
It’s perfect for apartments, antenna
restricted areas and portable operareally gets out!
New! tionA --13itfoot
wire formed into a loop
operates 30-20 Meters (4 foot for 17-10 M;
MFJ-935B 7 foot for 20-15 M; 28 foot for 60-40 M).
19995 You can tune any shape loop -- circle,
square, rectangle, any odd shape. A quarter
Code B wavelength wire shaped as a circle is the
most efficient.
A given wire length covers about 1.5 to
1 frequency range (i.e. 7-10/18-28 MHz,
etc.). Exact frequency coverage depends
on wire length, loop shape, surroundings
and height above ground.
Has MFJ low loss Butterfly loop tuning
capacitor, no rotating contacts. Easy-Carry
handle. Mount for PVC Cross on cover.
See June, 1986, QST or recent ARRL
Antenna Handbook for more details on
small, high efficiency loops.
Drape a wire around a
MFJ-936B, $249.95. For home/portable
24995 bookcase or window and
Ship Code C attach both ends to this new
stations. Has relative RF antenna current
meter with sensitivity control and 30/300
MFJ Small Loop TunerTM.
Watts Cross-Needle SWR/Wattmeter.
It instantly turns into a small, high effi101/4Wx51/4Hx91/2D inches.
ciency multi-band transmitting loop antenna!
MFJ-935B, $199.95. For portable/home
You can operate 5.3 to 30 MHz with a
stations. Smaller, lighter. Relative RF curfull 150 Watts. No ground, radials or counrent meter with sensitivity control.
terpoises needed.
61/4Wx51/4Hx91/2D inches.
The excellent performance of a highMFJ-933, $179.95. Same as MFJ-935B
efficiency small loop antenna is legendary
and well proven by users all over the world. less RF current meter. 6¼Wx5¼Hx9½D in.
Mount for
PVC Cross Loop
Wire Loops and Mounts
$29.95. Has
PVC Cross for
mounting loop
on cover, 2015M insulated
10-gauge flexible loop, low
resistance lugs.
$49.95. Has
above, plus 6040 M, 20-15 M, 17-10 M loops; wire clips.
Butterfly loop Tuning Capacitors
The heart of the MFJ Loop Tuners is an
extremely low loss butterfly tuning capacitor with no rotating contacts. 4200 Volts
RMS. 1/4”dia.x21/2” long shaft.
A. MFJ-19, $69.95. 12 to 67
pF. 6Dx3Wx3½H in.
B. MFJ-23, $89.95. 18
A. to 136 pF. 10Dx3Wx3½H in.
Mini !high-efficiency
Loop Tuner
Tiny 50-Watt version of
MFJ-933, Small HighEfficiency Loop TunerTM.
Makes portable operation
really portable and fun!
Ultra low loss butterfly
capacitor. Covers 80-10
Meters with appropriate
9995 wire loop. Tiny
Ship Code A 3Wx4Hx1½D inches.
MFJ AutoLoopTunerTM automatically tunes small loops
Mount for
PVC Cross Loop
Automatically tunes small loops . . . Place on desk, in closet,
attic, balcony, outside . . . Learns your favorite frequencies for
instant re-tunes . . . Memories for 4 loops . . . Covers 80-10 Meters
. . . Handles 300 Watts . . . Quiet receiving antenna reduces QRM
cient HF antenna. Place it on
your desk or out-of-the-way -- in
your closet, attic, balcony or
even outside in a weather-protected container. All power and control signals travel
down your coax -- no extra cables needed.
Just transmit briefly. When the SWR
goes low, you’re ready to ragchew or snag
your next DX. It’s so smooth and transparent you won’t even know it’s there.
As you operate, your AutoLoopTunerTM
is quietly learning your favorite frequencies
and their tuner settings. The next time
you’re on that frequency and loop, these
tuner settings are instantly restored and
you’re ready to go!
The MFJ-937 is smart enough to learn
over 2000 frequencies in each of four
loops. So when you are ready to enjoy
those bands, just attach the appropriate
loop, tune to your frequency, transmit and
your loop instantly tunes from memory.
You’ll radiate a solid, low angle DX signal that rivals much bigger full-size
dipoles. It’s also a very quiet receiving
Ship Code C
The MFJ-937 AutoLoopTunerTM uses fast
servomotors to drive the same Butterfly and
matching capacitors as in the MFJ-936B to
give you ultra high efficiency.
You get even better performance because
the MFJ-937 automatically tunes your
small loops more accurately, faster and
more skillfully than any human ever could!
It’s perfect for indoor and outdoor operation when you need a small, highly effi-
antenna and has a very narrow bandwidth
that reduces QRM and receiver overloading.
The MFJ-937 covers 80-10 Meters using
appropriate loops and easily handles 300 Watts.
You can tune any shape loop. Each loop
covers about a 1 to 1.5 frequency range
depending on the shape, surroundings and
other factors. For example, a 13 foot wire
formed into a loop operates 30-20 Meters,
a 4 foot wire 17-10M, 7 foot wire 20-15M
and a 28 foot wire 60-40M.
The cover has a mount for the MFJ-57B/
MFJ-58B PVC Cross loop antenna assembly.
This gives you a complete self-contained
30-10 Meter desktop antenna. For 80, 60, 40
Meters, you can hang a larger loop.
Easy-Carry handle. Requires 12 VDC,
MFJ-1312D, $14.95 or BiasTee, (MFJ-4116,
$29.95) and 12 VDC for remote operation.
MFJ-57B, $29.95. Has PVC Cross for
mounting loop on cover, 20-15M insulated
10-gauge flexible loop, low resistance lugs
and wire clips for attaching loop wires.
MFJ-58B, $49.95. Has MFJ-57B above,
plus 60-40 Meters, 20-15 M, 17-10 M loops.
MFJ . . . The World Leader in Ham Radio Accessories!
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MFJ tiny Travel Tuners
Tiny 41/2x21/4x3 inch tuner handles full 150 Watts! Covers 80-10
Meters, has tuner bypass switch, tunes nearly anything!
MFJ brings you the world’s smallest
full power 150 Watt 80-10 Meter
Antenna Tuner. Extra wide matching
range lets you tune nearly any antenna.
It’s no toy, its got guts! Built with
real air variable capacitors (600 Volt,
322 pF) and three stacked powder iron
toroids to handle real power -- not just
QRP. Bypass switch lets you bypass
tuner when you don’t need it.
You can use nearly any transceiver at
full power with nearly any coax fed or
random wire antenna for portable, home
or mobile operation.
It’s perfect for compact rigs like
Icom IC-706MKIIG, Yaesu FT-100D,
Kenwood TS-50, QRP rigs and others
with a built-in SWR meter.
Operate anywhere, anyMFJ-902
time with a quick easy set- $
up! Tune out SWR on your
Ship Code A
mobile whip from inside
your car. Operate in your
apartment with a wall-to-wall antenna
or from a motel room with a wire
dropped from a window or from a
mountain top with a wire over a tree
limb. Great for DXpeditions or field
day. Be prepared for emergencies.
MFJ-902 is so small and
handy, you'll rely on it wherever
you go! It's easy to pack away in
your briefcase, suitcase, backpack,
glove compartment or desk drawer.
It's tiny enough to slide in your back
hip pocket! 4½Wx2¼Hx23/4D inches.
New! Tiny Travel Tuner with 4:1 Balun
95 902H, same
as MFJ-902
Ship Code A Tiny Travel
Tuner but has 4:1 balun for
balanced lines and binding
post connections for balanced
lines and random wire.
5 ¾Wx2¼Hx2 ¾D inches.
New! Tiny Travel Tuner
with Cross-Needle SWR
WattMeter and 4:1 Balun
New! Tiny Travel Tuner
with Cross-Needle SWR/Wattmeter
Same as
Tuner but
has CrossNeedle
meter that shows SWR, forward and reflected
95 power all at a glance. Push button selects forward/reflected power in 300/60 and 30/6 Watt
ranges. Measures 7 ¼ Hx2 ¼ Hx2 ¾ D inches.
Ship Code A
MFJ-904H is the same as MFJ$
902 Tiny Travel Tuner but has
Cross-Needle SWR/Wattmeter and
Ship Code A
4:1 balun for balanced lines with
binding post connections for balanced lines and random
wire. Cross-Needle meter shows SWR, forward and
reflected power all at a glance. Push button selects forward or reflected power in 300/60 and 30/6 Watt ranges.
Measures a compact 7 ¼Hx2¼Hx2¾D inches.
MFJ 6 Meter/VHF/UHF Antenna Tuners
MFJ 6 Meter Antenna Tuners
MFJMFJ-906 906 6
Ship code A tuner.
Low SWR with most
any coax fed antenna.
You’ll get more
power out of your transceiver and into your
antenna for more DX. Lighted CrossNeedle SWR/Wattmeter shows SWR, forward, reflected power, 300/60 and 30/6
Watt ranges. Order MFJ-1312D, $14.95 for
meter lamp. Built-in bypass switch, handles 100 Watts FM, 200 Watts SSB PEP.
Works with solid state and tube rigs, 50-60
MHz. 8Wx21/2Hx3D inches.
MFJ-903, $49.95. Like MFJ-906. Less
meter/bypass switch. 5Wx21/ Hx3D inches.
144/220 MHz or 440 MHz Tuner
Dual Band
VHF tuner
covers 2
MHz. BuiltMFJ-921/924
in SWR/Watt- meter measures
SWR in 2 power ranges: 300 or $
30 Watts. Meter is usable for
Ship code A
both 144 MHz and 220 MHz
bands. Low SWR with practically any
antenna. Handles 200 Watts. Designed to
match a wide range of impedances for both
mobile/base operation. SO-239 input/output
connectors, wing nut post ground. Black
aluminum cabinet measures a compact
8x21/2x3 inches -- fits just about anywhere.
MFJ-924, $69.95. 440 MHz band only.
Dual Band VHF/UHF Tuner
Ship code A
This compact dual band VHF/UHF
antenna tuner has a single meter that reads
SWR and power. No zero adjustment
needed. It covers VHF from 136 to 175
MHz and UHF from 420 to 460 MHz. You
can read power up to 150 Watts in 2 ranges:
60 Watts or 150 Watts. It’s a great antenna
tuner for HTs, mobile rigs or amplifiers up
to 150 Watts. Its super-compact size lets
you take it anywhere -- measures a tiny
4x21/2x11/4 inches -- you can put it in your
shirt pocket! Carry it with you in your car,
camping trips, etc. Tuning tool included.
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MFJ Compact 200 Watt IntelliTunersTM
Automatically tunes any unbalanced antenna . . . Ultra fast . . . 20,000 VirtualAntennaTM
Memories . . . Antenna Switch . . . Efficient L-network . . . Matches 6-1600 Ohms at 200
Watts . . . 1.8-30 MHz . . . Digital SWR/Wattmeter . . . Audio SWR meter . . . Radio interface . . .
Ship Code A
4 Times the Solutions!
MFJ-929 gives you 256
values each of capacitance
and inductances for 131,072 matching solutions. That's 4 times the 32,768 matching
solutions of competing products with only
128 L/C values each!
Highly intelligent, ultra-fast tuning!
The MFJ-929 IntelliTuner-CompactTM
lets you automatically tune any coax fed or
random wire antenna 1.8-30 MHz at full
200 Watts SSB/CW. It can match 6-1600
Ohms (SWR up to 32:1) - - that's a 50%
wider matching range at a higher power
level than lesser competing products.
You get a digital SWR/Wattmeter with
backlit LCD, antenna switch for 2 antennas, built-in radio interface and built-in
internal BiasTee for remote tuner operation.
MFJ's exclusive IntelliTuneTM, Adaptive
SearchTM and InstantRecallTM algorithms
give you ultra-fast automatic tuning with
over 20,000 VirtualAntennaTM Memories.
Don't be fooled by competing products
claiming fast search times -- if you have a
quarter of the matching solutions, of course,
it takes less time to finish but it's not faster.
MFJ's faster speed comes from
advanced technology and software algorithms not from fewer matching solutions.
MFJ's IntelliTuner-CompactTM actually
measures complex impedance -- R and X -of your antenna, computes the L-network
values needed and snaps in those components to give you an instant match.
If the load is out of measurement range,
AdaptiveSearchTM determines the smaller subset from all solutions that can match a safe
load -- and then searches only that subset -others search through far more solutions.
Digital LCD SWR/Wattmeter
MFJ new VirtualAntennaTM Memory system gives you 4 antenna memory banks for
each of 2 antenna connectors. You can
select up to 4 antennas on each antenna
connector. Each antenna has 2500 memories.
An easy-to-read, two-line, 16-character
backlit LCD displays SWR, peak or average
forward/reflected power, frequency, antenna
1 or 2, L/C tuner values, on/off indicators
and other info. They are selected from
easy-to-understand menus -- not complex
combinations of buttons you can’t remember.
A fast-response, high-resolution bargraph
gives you an auto-ranging 20/200 Watt power
meter. You get 60 segments each for for-
RF Bypass Switches
New! Variable RF Transformer
MFJ VirtualAntenna
Ship Code A
Ship Code A
Ship Code A
Connect your antenna and transceiver to
this MFJ RF Bypass Switch and you can
switch in or bypass your antenna tuner, linear amplifier, preamp, wattmeter or other
device -- switch in and bypass any coax fed
device with PL-259 UHF connectors. DC
to 60 MHz. SO-239 connectors. 50-75
Ohms. 3Wx11/2Hx21/2D inches.
MFJ-1705, $19.95. 300 Watts.
MFJ-1705H, $29.95. 1500 Watts.
Mobile AntennaMatcher
Ship Code A
Matches HF
mobile antennas 10 through
80 Meters.
Select five values of capacitance 120-470 pF to add at
antenna feed point to ground to form L-network with antenna. Gives you more power
out. Handles 300 Watts. SO-239 connectors. Tiny 31/2Wx3Hx11/4D inches.
ward and reflected power and 36 segments
for SWR -- try that with an 8 segment bargraph that makes you change power ranges
and doesn’t even give you reflected power!
You can read inductance and capacitance
directly in uHy and pF. This turns you into
an expert L-network designer! Match your
load, read the resulting L/C values, then use
them to build your fixed L-network.
Or, knowing the L/C values you can
determine R and X of the load impedance.
Plus Much More!
StickyTuneTM mode gives you one-hand
tuning by locking the TUNE button -- just
transmit to tune regardless of SWR.
Has audio SWR meter and audio feed
back. Competing products don’t.
Built-in 50 MHz frequency counter.
Its built-in radio interface lets you use a
simple wire cable to compatible rigs. Others
require a cable with expensive electronics.
Binding post for random wire. Self-test.
Highly efficient L-network. 10 Amp/1000V
relays, RF duty silver mica capacitors. 61/2
Wx23/4Hx71/2D in. 2.4 lbs. 12-15 VDC/
1Amp or 110 VAC with MFJ-1316, $19.95.
MFJ-928, $199.95.
Like MFJ-929, less LCD,
manual tune buttons.
MFJ-927, $259.95.
Weather protected remote auto tuner for coax/
wire ant., includes MFJ-4116 Power Injector.
Most MFJ-929 features, no LCD/buttons.
MFJ-5114 K/Y/I/A, $19.95. Prewired
Radio Interface cable for MFJ-929/928.
MFJ-4116, $24.95. Power Injector for remote
MFJ-929/928 use. Sends DC/RF down coax.
Mobile Antenna L-Matcher
! MFJ-908
New $3995
Variable RF
matches low
(2-50 Ohms) of mobile antennas (ham
sticks, screwdrivers, etc.) to 50 Ohm transceiver. 11 impedance ratios. Use in reverse
to transform high impedances to 50 Ohms.
Handles 1000 Watts. 1.8 to 30 MHz. SO239 connectors.
Mobile Antenna C-Matcher
Ship Code A
Matches HF
mobile antennas
(ham sticks,
etc.) 10-80
Meters by adding C (capacitance) at the
antenna feedpoint to ground to form L-network with antenna. 11 values of switchable
capacitance 30 pF-2000 pF. 600 Watts.
SO-239 connectors. 31/2Wx3Hx11/4D inches.
Ship Code A
Matches HF
mobile antennas
(ham sticks, screwdrivers, etc.) 10-80
Meters by adding
L (inductance) at
the antenna feedpoint to ground to form L-network with
antenna. 11 values of switchable inductance, .2 uH-12 uH. Handles 200 Watts. SO239 connectors. 4Wx33/4Hx13/4D inches.
AutoTuner ExtenderTM
automatic tuner have
limited matching
range? MFJ914 transforms
your antenna impedance by as much as 10
times! Puts nearly any antenna into the
range of your automatic or manual tuner.
Covers 160-10 Meters, handles 300 Watts,
has bypass position. Measures a compact
6Wx4Hx21/2D inches.
MFJ . . . The World Leader in Ham Radio Accessories
Ship Code A
4:35 PM
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Lightning Protected Heavy Duty Coax Switches
MFJ gives you a center ground position, automatic grounding of unused positions, handles 2.5 kW PEP and works to over 500 MHz!
Ship Code A
Ship Code A
500 MHz. Negligle insertion loss. 50 Ohms.
MFJ-1704N, $74.95. Like MFJ-1704, with
“N” type connectors.
MFJ-1702C 2-position Coax Switch
has a new lightning surge protection device
that helps protect against distant lightning
induced surges and static. Has center
ground position and handles 2.5 kW PEP, 1
kW CW. It has better than 60 dB isolation
at 300 MHz and better than 40 dB at 450
MHz. 50 Ohms. Unused terminals are
automatically grounded for static and RF
protection. It has less than 0.2 dB insertion
loss and SWR below 1.2:1. The MFJ1702C hasa heavy cavity type construction
and uses SO-239 connectors. Has handy
mounting holes. Measures 3Wx2Hx2D in.
MFJ-1702CN, $31.95. Like MFJ1702C, with “N” type connectors. Covers
DC to 1.1 GHz.
MFJ-1702, $19.95. Like MFJ-1702C,
less lightning surge protection, center ground.
Mount this 4-position SO-239 switch
on your operating desk and you’ll have
more than the convenience of being able to
instantly select any of four antennas or the
center ground position -- you’ll also get the
replaceable lightning surge protection
device that helps protect against distant
lightning induced surges and static. Handles
a full 2.5 kW PEP. Extremely low SWR.
Isolation is rated from better than 60 dB at
30 MHz to better than 50 dB isolation at
MFJ Six Position Antenna/Transceiver Switch
Ship Code B
New and
The new MFJ1700C adds lightning surge protection, better isolation.
High power
Transceiver Switch
lets you select one of six antennas and one
of six different transceivers in any combination.
You can plug in an antenna tuner, meter,
Ship Code B
6 Position HF Antenna Switch
one of six
from 1.830 MHz.
95 terminals are grounded. SO239 connectors. Handles 2 kW
Ship Code B
PEP, 1 kW CW. 50-75 Ohm
loads. Measures 10Wx3Hx11/2D inches.
Ship Code A
Use this MFJ-4716 Six-position Antenna Switch
on your desk or place it out-of-way under your desk N
or in another room and use a remote control.
A simple rotary switch lets you select 1 of 6 antennas. All
unused inputs are grounded. You can connect a sense line to your
transceiver so when it’s off, all inputs are automatically grounded.
In the OFF position, all inputs are grounded or control is transferred to the MFJ-4716RC, $39.95, Remote Control.
Ultra-fast gas discharge tube lightning surge protector protects
transceiver and safely shunts static electricity and lightning induced
surges safely to ground. Does not protect against a direct lightning hit.
Super easy-to-use -- just one simple rotary switch. There are
no complicated computer buttons to learn or microprocessors to
fail or generate RFI that could mask rare DX.
SO-239 connectors. 1500 Watts/50-75 Ohm load, 1-60 MHz.
Useable to 150 MHz. Connects to MFJ-2716RC remote control
with common CAT 5 cable, not included (available from WalMart,
etc.). Use 12 VDC or 110 VDC with MFJ-1312D, $14.95.
8Wx23/4Hx41/4D inches. For indoor use, not weather protected.
MFJ-4716RC, $39.95. 6-position. Remote Control for MFJ4716. CAT 5 cable not included. Tiny 23/4Wx33/4Hx1D inches.
4-Position Desktop/Remote Antenna Switch
MFJ-4714, $79.95. Like MFJ-4716, but for 4 antennas.
MFJ-4714RC, $39.95. 4-pos. Remote Control/MFJ-4714.
Balanced line antenna switch
etc., so it is always connected to the antenna and radio selected. 2 kW PEP. 50-75
Ohm loads. Unused terminals are automatically grounded. SO-239 connectors. 1.8 to
30 MHz. Measures 43/4W61/2Hx3D inches.
Desk/Remote 6/4 pos. Antenna
Ship Code B
MFJ-1706 back
MFJ-1706H back
Use one of six different balanced feedlines, 1.8-30 MHz. Has handy, versatile 5-way
binding posts. Handles 1500 Watts.
Measures 9Wx31/4Hx61/2D inches.
MFJ-1706H, $99.95, similar, but has
high-voltage glazed ceramic feedthrough
insulators instead of 5-way binding posts.
Desktop/Remote 6 & 4 position
Antenna/Transceiver Switches
Place this MFJ-
15995 4726 Six-Position
Ship Code A Antenna/Transceiver
Switch on your desk
or place it out-of-way under your
desk or in another room and use a
remote control. Select one of six
antennas and one of six transceivers
in any combination with just two
easy-to-use rotary switches.
Plug in antenna tuner, SWR/Wattmeter or other into its common
ports, so it is always connected to the antenna and radio selected.
All unused inputs are grounded. When rotary switches are in
OFF position, all inputs are grounded or control is transferred to
MFJ-4726RC, $59.95, remote control.
Automatically grounds all inputs when you turn off transceiver.
Lightning surge protector protects transceivers and shunts
surges to ground. Does not protect against a direct lightning hit.
SO-239s. 1500 Watts into 50-75 Ohm load 1-60 MHz. Useable
to 150 MHz. Use CAT 5 cable for remote control, not included.
Use 12 VDC or 110 VAC with MFJ-1312D, $14.95. For indoors,
not weather protected. 8Wx5Hx41/4D inches.
MFJ-4726RC, $59.95. 6-position. Remote Control for MFJ4726. Use CAT 5 cable, not included.
4-Position Desktop/Remote Ant./Xcvr Switch
MFJ-4724, $139.95. Like MFJ-4726, but for 4
MFJ-4724RC, $59.95. 4-pos. Remote Control for
MFJ-4724. Tiny 23/4Wx33/4Hx1D inches.
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MFJ Compact HF, VHF, UHF SWR/wattmeters
Ship Code A
Ship Code A
Ship Code A
This MFJ
SWR/wattmeter covers HF thru VHF -1.8-60 MHz, 144 MHz, and 440 MHz
bands -- for only 84.95!
MFJ-864, $84.95, Cross-Needle Meter
reads forward and reflected power and SWR
simultaneously and features separate HF and
VHF/UHF directional couplers, each with
its own SO-239 connectors.
This lets you connect your HF and VHF/
UHF (1.8-60, 144, and 440 MHz bands)
transceivers at the same time. You can then
monitor SWR and power of either transceiver at the flick of a switch. Others have a
single set of connectors -- you have to plug
and unplug to use separate HF or VHF rigs.
Power ranges: 30/300 watts forward
and 6/60 watts reflected. Each power range
for each band is individually calibrated.
Schottky diodes are used for best accuracy.
Single knob operation makes it easy to
use and the meter is lighted for easy reading. Meter uses 12 VDC or 110 VAC with
optional adapter, MFJ-1312D, $14.95.
The all metal cabinet has a tough vinyl
cladding. You won’t find a tougher, longer
lasting finish anywhere. MFJ-864 measures
a compact 71/4 Wx21/2Hx21/4D inches.
MFJ-862, $54.95, similar to MFJ-864
but covers 144/220/440 MHz. 30/300 Watts
forward, 6/60 Watts reflected ranges. 53/4x
21/2x21/4 in. Has one sensor for all 3 bands.
MFJ-860, $44.95, similar to MFJ-864
but for 1.8-60 MHz only. Push button
selects 30/300 Watts forward, 6/60 Watts
reflected. Compact 41/2x21/4x3 inches.
makes it quick and easy to read SWR, forward or reflected power. Lamp requires
13.8 VDC or 110 VAC operation.
A functional and simple front panel layout lets you select power ranges, bands or
make SWR readings intuitively.
The GrandMasterTM series feature an
SWR scale that extends the full view of the
meter. 3:1 SWR is centered at mid-scale to
give you precision, wide-range measurements.
All GrandMastersTM feature peak and
average, forward and reflected power readings and have selectable power ranges.
Each GrandMasterTM is housed in an all
metal cabinet with rubber feet and protected by durable speckled black paint. A
designer injection molded grey front panel
VHF SWR Wattmeter
plus Field Strength
perfectly matches any transceiver.
71/2Wx31/8Hx41/4D inches.
Air dielectric SO-239 connectors with
gold plated center pins gives superb performance to beyond 525 MHz.
GrandMastersTM are precisely factory
calibrated for accurate measurments.
Choose from four MFJ GrandMastersTM
MFJ-870, $134.95. HF, covers 1.6 to
60 MHz. 30, 300, 3000 Watt power ranges.
MFJ-872, $94.95. HF/VHF, covers
1.8 to 200 MHz. 5, 20, 200W power ranges.
MFJ-873, $114.95. VHF/UHF, covers
125-525 MHz. 5, 20, 200W power ranges.
MFJ-874, $169.95. HF/VHF/UHF,
covers 1.8-525 MHz. 5, 20, 200W power
MFJ GrandMaster TM SWR/wattmeter Series
GrandMasterTM SWR/Power Meters are
the Cadillacs of ham radio! If you will not
settle for less than the best accuracy and
precision these GrandMastersTM are for you.
You get a large 31/4x11/4 inch precision
illuminated meter for easy wide-angle
viewing. A highly visible black and red
meter scale on a bright white background
1.8-30 MHz SWR/Wattmeter
with TrueActiveTM Peak Reading circuit
Dual-Band Mobile SWR/Wattmeter
Ship Code A
Ship Code A
MFJ-815C now reads truepeak or average power on a
Ship Code A large illuminated three-inch
Cross-Needle Meter. Has
TrueActiveTM peak reading circuit.
MFJ-815C covers 1.8 to 30 MHz and
reads SWR and true peak/average forward
and reflected power simultaneously. Has
3000 and 300 Watts forward and 600/60
Watts reflected power ranges. SWR from
1:1 to 8:1. SO-239 Connectors. 6Wx31/2H
x41/2D inches. Black aluminum cabinet.
VHF/UHF SWR/Wattmeter
with TrueActiveTM Peak Reading circuit
New! MFJ-817C
MFJShip Code A
but for 144/220/440
bands. Reads SWR
and true peak/average forward and reflected
power in two ranges: 300/30 Watts and 60/6
Watts simultaneously. SWR 1:1 to 8:1.
MFJ812B is the
most popular -- and most affordable -VHF SWR/Wattmeter. Has a built-in field
strength meter. Covers 2 Meters and 220
MHz. Reads forward and reflected power
in two ranges -- 30 or 300 Watts.
Reads SWR from 14 MHz through 220
MHz. Also reads relative field strength
from 1 to 220 MHz. Has binding post for
field strength antenna. Black.
41/2Wx21/4Hx3D inches.
Econo HF SWR/Wattmeter
Ship Code A
lets you read forward and reflected power
on two scales -- 30 and 300 Watts -- and
SWR from 1.8 to 30 MHz. Toroid current
pickup gives uniform sensitivity. Easy
push-button operation. Sturdy black aluminum cabinet. SO-239 connectors. 2color meter scale. 41/2Wx 21/4 Hx3D inches
-- makes it ideal for portable use.
200 watts
and measures SWR
and power in
three power
ranges: 15,
60, and 200 watts. Multi-colored meter
makes for easy reading and is extra large.
Covers 144 and 440 MHz. Insertion
loss is 0.3 dB or lower with 50 Ohm
impedance. SO-239 connectors. Compact
3.75Wx3Hx1.25 D inches. Die-cast metal
with quality connectors.
SWR/Wattmeters for Handhelds
MFJ-841 connects directly in $3995
line between your Ship Code A
handheld and antenna.
Reads SWR up to 6:1 and
power output to full 5 Watts.
3-position toggle switch
selects SWR, SWR set, or
forward power. Compact
2x21/4x11/2 inches.
MFJ...the world leader in ham radio accessories
MFJ-840, $19.95, checks
power output of your 2 Meter
handheld into a 50 ohm dummy
load and check battery
charge,too. BNC connector,
small 2x21/4x11/2 inches.
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World's largest SWR/Wattmeter has giant 6½ inch meter
World's largest HF
SWR/Wattmeter measures a giant
6½ inches diagonally across meter
This one you can See! Its huge
scale gives you ultra-fine resolution
and its big high-contrast numbers
makes reading a breeze -- even
across your shack.
The meter needle position and
motion gives you an accurate indication for what's going on quickly
without actually reading the scale -like your analog watch.
MFJ's exclusive TrueActiveTM
Ship Code A
Giant 61/2”
peak reading circuit captures true
peak or average forward and reflected power readings. Has 20/200/
2000 Watt ranges makes it valuable
for QRP or QRO operation.
The full SWR scale makes reading SWR much more accurate and
easier to read.
Exclusive MFJ Wattmeter Power
SaverTM circuit turns on meter only
when RF power is being measured.
Covers 1.8-30 MHz. Use 9 volt
battery or 12 VDC or 110 VAC with
MFJ-1312D, $14.95. 7Wx51/2Hx5D in.
MFJ Coax Patch Panel
Ruggedized flat Mobile/
portable SWR/Wattmeter
MFJ Coax Patch Panel connects
devices with virtually no loss,
feed-thru or cross-talk
Provides 12 Teflon(R) SO-239
Ship Code A
coax feedthru barrel connectors to
patch 12 coax fed devices together
MFJ's new
MFJ-4706 with short coax jumpers.
flat, compact
This extremely high performance and
is plenty rugged Ship Code A versatile military/professional patch panel
to take the abuse approach has virtually no loss, no feed-thru and no crosstalk -- depends only on the quality of your coax -- and
of brutal mobile and portable operation.
The meter is fully enclosed in a strong alu- has far better performance than any switching system.
To use, connect your coax fed devices (rigs, antenminum case with just the scales exposed.
nas, SWR/Wattmeters, tuners, amplifiers, preamps,
Only two small switches are slightly protrudswitches) to coax connectors inside the patch panel.
ing so there's little to break.
Each device is then available on the front panel and
Simultaneously read SWR/forward/ reflectcan be connected to any other device using a short coax
ed power on full size 3-inch lighted CrossNeedle Meter. Use 12 VDC for meter lamp or patch cable. All devices can be used at the same time.
Cables enter through side or rear on either side.
plug into cigarette lighter with MFJ-5510,
Wing nut for ground. Side/back mounting tabs let you
$6.95. 30/300 Watt ranges, 1.8-30 MHz, SOmount to wall, under table, on desk. 9Wx5Hx4D in.
239 connectors. 5Wx3Hx2D inches.
MFJ-4704, $69.95. For 8 coax-fed devices.
See page 13 for more SWR/Wattmeters!
Find Power Line Noise Fast!
Ship Code A
Ship Code A
Choose the highly directional 3
element Yagi (MFJ-856, $149.95)
for pinpoint accuracy or the compact telescoping dipole (MFJ852, $99.95) for quick noise finds.
Walk or drive around with
these handheld power line noise
meters to search out leaky insulators, loose hardware and corroded
ground lines quickly. Track the
noise source right down to the
pole, transformer or insulator, or
other source.
Operates in the 135 MHz
region where activity is a minimum and radiation from corona
and arcing is far more localized.
0.3 uV sensitivity and wide-range
AGC for noise level meter -- over
70 dB!
MFJ 2-position remote
antenna switch
uses single coax
feedline to feed
two antennas,
DC power and
control signals -New!
no power/control MFJ-4712
cable needed. 1.8 $
MHz-150 MHz.
1500 Watts/50-75
Ohms. 4Wx25/8Hx11/2D inch
Outside Switch Box is fully
enclosed, weather protected.
Teflon(R) SO-239 connectors.
Stainless steel 11/2” tall bracket
with U-bolt for masts up to
11/2 in. O.D. Inside Remote
Control is 21/4Wx21/2Hx11/4 in.
MFJ Field Strength Meters
2-Position Remote
Antenna Switch
Plug in headphones and hear
the noise you’re tracking or plug
in a tape recorder. 2Wx4Hx1.5D
inches. Use 9 Volt battery.
Use this ultra-sensitive pocketsized RFI Detector to track down
and eliminate RFI caused by radiating cables and wires. It’ll tell
you exactly which cable is radiating RFI so you can eliminate it
with a simple toroid or clamp-on
RFI filter.
Use it to find RFI generated by
consumer devices, computers and
high-tech office equipment.
When you eliminate the RFI
source, hash, birdies, whistles and
transient noise miraculously disappear.
MFJ-1767, $69.95. Add this 3element beam to your existing
MFJ-852, and turn it into a highly
directional RFI finder.
radiation pattern;
make changes to
your antenna and
see if it radiates
Ship Code A
better or worse.
Adjust a ground
lead, artificial
ground, counterpoise or tune
40-inch Balanced Dipole FS Meter
your transmitter
mitter or rotate your beam.
or antenna tuner for maxiRequires shielded two conmum field strength. Check
ductor cable (not included).
for floating RF. Use from
23/8Wx35/8Hx1D inches.
100 KHz to 500 MHz.
MFJ-802X, $59.90, MFJBalanced Dipole
802 field strength meter and
MFJ-802R, remote sensor
Field Strength Meter
MFJ-802, $39.95. Sensitive combination.
telescoping 40-inch balanced
Telescoping Whip
dipole is ground independent
Field Strength Meter
and reduces influence of surTake quick field-strength
roundings. Big 3-inch meter.
readings with this compact
Sensitivity control lets you
telescoping whip field
handle milliwatt to kilowatt
strength meter. 13/4
signals. Jack for MFJ-802R
inch meter.
remote RF sensing head.
Sensitivity control.
25/8Wx4Hx11/2D inches.
20 inches (extended)
MFJ-802R, $24.95.
monopole. Finger
Read your
contact on side
field strength
MFJ-801 increases sensitivremotely where you
ity when needed.
can control your trans- Ship19
Code A 23/8x35/8x1 inches.
5:06 PM
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in-line Calibrated RF Ammeters
. . . for tuning your antenna tuner/xmtr/amp for maximum radiated power … for determining antenna
feedpoint impedance… for comparing antennas and tuners … for trouble shooting . . . checking for changes
Your antenna can change
12995 MFJ-835 Balanced Line $11995
MFJ-834 Coax In-Line
when you apply power -- insula69
RF Ammeter
Ship Code A
Ship Code A tors break down, traps heat up,
Ship Code A
Calibrated RF Ammeter
How do you detect imbalcapacitors
Connect the MFJ-834 Coax In-Line RF
impedance may be drastically different from
Ammeter between your antenna and tuner/
your SWR Analyzer measurements.
transmitter/amplifier and measure antenna
wire current -- your feedline is balanced if
MFJ RF ammeters are rugged, read accfeedline current in 3 calibrated ranges.
the currents are equal.
Use it . . . for tuning your antenna tuner/
The MFJ-835, $119.95 BalancedLine RF
transmitter/amplifier for maximum radiated
is two identical calibrated RF
Large 3-inch lighted meter. Use 12 VDC
power … for determining antenna feedpoint
using an MFJ Cross-Needle meter.
or 110 VAC with MFJ-1312D, $14.95.
impedance… for comparing antennas and
Feedline currents are simultaneously disSO-239 connectors. 6Wx3½Hx4½D inches.
tuners … for trouble shooting . . . and for
played on separate calibrated scales in three
checking for changes.
ranges (.3, 1, 3 Amperes).
3, 10, 30 Amps high current ranges.
Tuning for maximum feedline current
Balance is clearly revealed on MFJ's
for any given antenna always gives maxiMFJ-836 all-in-one RF
exclusive BalancedBarTM -- when currents
mum radiated power!
are balanced, the dual needles cross in the
Any adjustment -- transceiver or amplifiThe MFJ-836, $129.95 is an all-in-one
center -- no matter the actual current.
er tuning/loading controls, antenna tuner
RF Ammeter/SWR/Wattmeter! You can
If the needles cross within the vertical
settings, whatever -- that increases feedline
quickly determine feedpoint impedance and BalancedBarTM the balance is within 10%.
current improves power transfer and gives
monitor antenna system for detrimental
If not, you know which line is unbalanced
you a stronger radiated signal.
changes under power.
and by how much.
Radiated power increases rapidly because
Read RF current in three calibrated
Equal currents in the feeder wires minipower increases as the square of the current. ranges -- 0.3, 1, 3 Amperes. A large 3-inch
mize feedline radiation and reduces pattern
Minimum SWR does not always mean
lighted easy-to-read Cross-Needle meter lets distortion, RFI, TVI and wasted power.
maximum radiated power -- your tuner or
you read SWR, forward (300/3000W) and
You could lose up to 10% of your power.
lossy coax may be dissipating power -- and
reflected power (60/600W) simultaneously.
Imbalance is due to feedline not being
you may not get peak output power even if
MFJ's exclusive TrueActive circuit
perpendicular to antenna, if one side runs
your tuner or amplifier is properly tuned.
gives you true peak or average power readclose to metal or is shorter or closer to ground.
Use the MFJ-834 to determine best antenna ings. SO-239 connectors. Use 9 Volt batThe MFJ-836 helps you solve all your
tuner settings and to compare various tuners. tery and/or 12 VDC or 110 VAC with MFJ- unbalanced problems.
Calculate your antenna feedpoint imped- 1312D, $14.95. 6Wx3½Hx4½D inches.
Heavy-duty 5-way binding posts for
ance by dividing your applied power by the
MFJ-836H, $139.95. Like MFJ-836 but feedlines. Use 12 VDC or 110 VAC with
square of the feedpoint current.
3, 10, 30 Amps high current ranges.
MFJ-1312D, $14.95. 6Wx3½Hx4½D in.
Calibrated Clamp-On RF Ammeter
Calibrated mini Clamp-On RF Ammeter
MFJ-853 readings -- clamp on mobile whip/
MFJ-854 Clamp-On RF Ammeter quickly snaps
vertical. Adjust for maximum radi49
over wires and cables to measure RF currents w!
Ship Code A mini Clamp- ated current. Determine radiated
flowing in antenna elements, radials, ground Ne
On RF ammeter
power/losses. Profile its current
wires and on outside of coax.
accurately measures distribution -- it's maximum at
Tune counterpoises, radials and ground sysRF current in anten- base and tapers to zero at end.
tems. Balance your radials. See how much signa elements, radials,
Use like MFJ-854 to do many
nal is radiating from your antenna, feedline or
ground wires, coax
of its tasks. 0.3, 1, 3 Ampere
ground wire. Study/optimize your antennas
shield. Non-metallic ranges. Small 2¼Wx3¾Hx1D in.
for peak performance. Find current peaks/
lightweight case
MFJ-853H, $59.95. Like
nulls on antennas/ feedlines. Plot current
minimizes electric
MFJ-853, but has 3, 10, 30
profile, measure and tweak current flow at
field disturbances for accurate
Ampere high-current ranges.
each antenna element in phased arrays.
Determine your antenna feedpoint
impedance, radiated power, power losses and
MFJ Super-Sensitive RFI Sniffer
efficiency. Track down RFI-causing currents
MFJ-805 works
know when you’ve suppressed
on coax shield, rotator cable, guy wires, house
with mobile instalthe problem. Easy-to-use.
MFJ-854 wiring, telephone and television cables.
lations, ferreting
Clamp current transformer over
Has five calibrated ranges to 3 Amperes including
out alternator hash,
suspected cable or wire (up to
Ship Code A sensitive 30 mA range with linearity compensation to
ignition pulses and
/4 in. dia.) to detect RFI causing
assure accuracy at low currents. It's sensitive enough to use an
common-mode currents.
MFJ SWR Analyzer as the source to drive your antennas.
noise on feedlines
21/4Wx43/4H x1D inches fits in
Less than 1 mA on super-sensitive Variable Range yields usable
MFJ-805 and power leads.
shirt pocket. Use 9 Volt battery.
meter deflection for tracking RFI on household wiring and cables.
7995 Isolate cables pick- Usable VLF to VHF. Gain
1-30 MHz plus. ½ inch diameter cables. 2 ½ Wx5½Hx1½D in. Ship Code A ing up RFI and
adjustable over 50 dB range.
MFJ . . . The World Leader in Ham Radio Accessories
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MFJ UHF/VHF/HF Dummy Loads
MFJ VersaLoadTM kW Dummy Load
VersaLoadTM KW dummy
load lets you tune up fast!
Run 1KW CW or 2 KW
PEP for 10 minutes. Run
1/2 KW CW or 1 KW PEP
for 20 minutes.
Run continuous duty
with 200 Watts CW or 400
95 watts PEP. Complete with
Ship Code B derating curve. Quality 50
ohm non-inductive resistor.
Use transformer oil (not included).
Low VSWR to 400 MHz. Under 1.2:1
to 30 MHz. 1.5:1 for 30-300 MHz. 2:1 for
300-400 MHz.
Ideal for testing HF and VHF rigs. Has
SO-239 connector and vented for safety.
Removable vent cap. Carrying handle. 71/2
inches high by 65/8 diameter.
MFJ-250, $59.95. Includes transformer oil (no PCB). Ship Code D.
Dry 1.5 kW UHF/VHF/HF Load
This is ham
radio’s most versatile 50 ohm
dummy load.
It does it all - works with all
radios from 160
Meters through
650 MHz and
from QRP to the
full 1500 watt legal limit.
You get SWR below 1.3 to
650 MHz and below 1.1 at 30 Ship Code A
Handles 100 watts for 10 minutes,
1500 Watts for 10 seconds.
Strong lightweight aluminum construction. 3Wx3Hx9D inches.
Comes with MFJ’s famous No Matter
WhatTM one year limited warranty.
MFJ-264N, $79.95. Similar to MFJ264 but with type “N” connector.
Dry 300 Watt VHF/HF Dummy Load
Air cooled, non-inductive resistor in a
perforated metal housing;
SO-239 connector.
Full load for 30
seconds. Silkscreened derating
curve to 5 minutes.
Handles 300 Watts.
SWR below 1.1:1 to
30 MHz, 1.5:1 from
30 to 650 MHz. A
super compact 21/4x21/4x7”.
MFJ-260CN, $39.95.
Similar to MFJ-260C but with
type “N” connector.
Coax Patch Cable
MFJ-5803, $5.95. 3 foot coaxial line
with PL-259 connectors. Shipping code A
Industrial Grade Transformer Oil
MFJ-21, $24.95. 1 gal. industrial grade
transformer oil, (no PCB). Ship Code C.
MFJ Dry Dummy Load with Precision SWR/Wattmeter
World’s most versatile 1.5 kW dummy
load has a built-in true peak reading
SWR/Wattmeter that you can use independently.
Tune up your transceiver, linear amplifier or antenna tuner into a safe 50-ohm
dummy load at full power. Then instantly
switch to your antenna and monitor SWR,
forward and reflected power.
Test/tune transmitters, amplifiers,
antenna tuners, baluns, transformers, filters,
matching networks, coax, stubs, transmission lines, antennas.
Ship Code B
The 50-ohm
dry dummy load
works DC to 60
MHz. SWR is
below 1.3:1 at
30 MHz. Can
handle 100
watts for 10 minutes or 1500 watts for 10
seconds. Comes with power derating curve.
Extra-large three-inch lighted Cross
Needle meter reads SWR (1:1 to 8:1), and
forward and reflected power sumultaneously.
Reads true peak PEP or average power
on 300/3000W forward and 60/600W
reflected power ranges, 1.8 to 54 MHz.
High accuracy comes from a carefully
designed directional coupler, an accurate
active-peak reading circuit, and a precision
d’Arsonval meter movement.
Measures 41/10Wx31/8Hx10D in. RF
tight. Uses 12 VDC or 120 VAC with
MFJ-1312D, $14.95.
Reduce Harmonics, Avoid TVI with MFJ Filters
Low Pass TVI Filter Handles Full Legal Power
Ship Code A
MFJ-704 suppresses TVI, RFI, telephone and other interference by reducing
unwanted harmonics
going to your antenna.
At the same time your HF signal passes
on through with low loss so you can snag
that rare and exciting DX!
If your harmonics are causing TVI
problems, an MFJ-704 can keep your
neighbors happy while you have fun with
High Pass Filter for TV sets
ham radio!
Nine Chebyshev poles, MFJ’s exclusive
TeflonDielectric TechnologyTM capacitors,
Hi-Q inductors, ground plane shielding and
an RF tight cabinet give you excellent TVI
and RFI protection.
These exclusive Teflon Dielectric
TechnologyTM capacitors give you extremely low loss and eliminate voltage breakdown and capacitor heating -- even at full
legal power with a 2:1 SWR load!
Handles full legal power from 1.8-30
MHz. SWR below 1.3 to 30 MHz into 50
Ohms. Attenuates above 40 MHz.
Measures a compact 3x3x9 inches.
Handy mounting tabs.
Ship Code A
Be a good
Plug this
Low Pass TVI filter be-tween your transmitter and antenna or tuner and reduce your
transmitter harmonics by 50 dB! Harmonics
could be the source of interference to your
neighbor’s TV, radio, VCR, telephone, etc.
SWR is below 1.5 to 30 MHz into 50 Ohms.
Perfect for barefoot transceivers -- handles
200 Watts with less than 0.5 dB insertion
loss. Attenuation is 50 dB at 54 MHz. SO239 connectors. 3x2x1.5 inches.
MFJ RFI Free Choke Kit for RFI Suppression
Ship Code A
(Set of 4)
MFJ-711B, $24.95. MFJ’s ShieldBreakerTM
high pass filter effectively suppresses
annoying TVI! Wipe out TVI caused by
two- way, broadcast, commercial, amateur
and CB radios operating below 30 MHz. Use
between cable/antenna and TV/VCR. 75
ohm cable.Type F male/female connectors.
Ship Code A
200W Low Pass TVI Filter
It’s easy to eliminate common RFI
problems. Simply
wind the offending cable around MFJ’s RFI
suppressing toroid to get rid of RFI. Four
square ferrite toroids are formulated espe-
cially for eliminating RFI from 0.5 to 200
MHz. Wind on all kinds of cable, computer
ribbon, TV coax, power, telephone, etc.
8:07 AM
Page 1
Safeguard expensive gear from static electricity and lightning surges
MFJ Lightning Surge Protectors handle 400 Watts PEP or 1500 Watts PEP
charge tube that safely shunts up to 5000
amps of peak impulse current harmlessly to $
an independent ground. SWR less than 1.1:1.
Ship Code A
Less than 0.1 dB loss. Use up to 1000 MHz. Ship Code A
Safeguard MFJ-270 handles 400 W PEP. MFJ-272
your expenhandles 1.5 kW PEP. MFJ-270 and MFJ-272 $39.95.
sive equipdo not protect against a direct lightning hit. SO-239ment from
static electric- MFJ-270, $29.95. SO-239 to SO-239.
ity and lightning induced surges on 50 Ohm MFJ-270MF, $34.95. SO-239 to PL-259.
coaxial line.
MFJ-270N, $34.95. Low-loss N-connectors. MFJ-272MF, $44.95. SO-239 to PL-259.
MFJ’s Guardian AngelTM Lightning
MFJ-97, $9.95. Replacement gas discharge MFJ-97H, $19.95. Replacement Gas
Surge Protectors has an Ultra-fast gas distube for MFJ-270.
Discharge tube for MFJ-272.
MFJ Programmable Screwdriver Antenna Controller
10 Memories . . . Super Accurate . . . AutoParkTM . . . StallProtectorTM . . . Super bright LEDs
Ship Code A
Tuning your mobile screwdriver antenna
couldn’t be easier or more reliable!
The MFJ-1924 lets you save 10 of your
favorite screwdriver antenna positions in
memory -- that’s more than enough for all
HF bands. Then, with a push of a button,
you can quickly return to any saved position.
Up/Down buttons let you manually
move the antenna to any desired position.
A 4-digit turns counter gives you precise
antenna position -- you can
see its super bright LEDs even
in direct sunlight!
Returning to a position
from memory is extremely
accurate for three reasons . . .
A. The antenna always moves to its
desired position from the bottom, insuring
that the motor is always loaded the same -moving the antenna up is harder than moving it down. It’s harder to walk up a hill
than down a hill.
B. MFJ’s exclusive AutoParkTM feature
automatically bottoms your antenna for
parking in your garage and resets and calibrates your counter each time to eliminate
antenna slippage and turns count errors.
C. The momentum of the moving antenna causes it to overshoot its stop point.
MFJ’s exclusive Dead-OnSTOPTM feature
automatically reverses the motor briefly
just before it stops to eliminate overshoot
and come to a precise stop.
MFJ’s exclusive StallProtectorTM feature
prevents your expensive motor from burning out. Automatically detects motor stall
MFJ lets
5995 you use the
Ship Code A popular
Yaesu ATAS
series screwdriver antenna with
Icom, Kenwood,
Alinco radios, others.
BiasTee DC Power Injector
w! $
MFJ Digital
Screwdriver Controller
MFJ-1925 I2 plugs directly into the
Icom IC-706. Up/Down switch puts the
Icom 706 in low power and tunes antenna.
Simple to install. No modification to
radio/antenna needed. SO-239 connectors.
Order MFJ-1925 I2 for Icom 706.
Order MFJ-1925 for Kenwood, Alinco
and others.
Tells you
95 exactly
where your
Ship Code A antenna is
positioned! Re-tune
exactly -- fast, no
more guessing. Super
bright .40” high-intensity 4-digit LED
display and precision micro-controller gives
digital count range -999 to +999.
On/off/reset switch for easy calibration.
4Wx11/2H x2D inches. Use 13.8VDC.
MFJ-82, $29.95. Magnetic sensor kit for
High Sierra antennas to use MFJ-1922.
MFJ-83, $9.95. Magnetic sensor kit for
Hi-Q Antennas to use MFJ-1922.
Rig/Antenna RF Safety Switch
MFJ RF Sense T/R Switch
Use any rig with Yaesu ATAS Screwdriver Ant
and completely shuts off power to motor.
Motor current can be monitored on the
LEDs to look for signs of trouble and to
determine stall current.
If you wire the motor backwards, you
can reverse its direction from the MFJ1924 front panel so the UP button is always
up and the DOWN button is always down.
Compatible with single and dual magnetic turns sensors. Requires 12 VDC.
31/2Wx31/4Hx11/4D inches. Power, motor
control and sensor lines included for connection to your screwdriver antenna.
MFJ-82, $29.95. Magnetic sensor kit for
High Sierra antennas to use MFJ-1924.
MFJ-83, $9.95. Magnetic sensor kit for
Hi-Q Antennas to use MFJ-1924.
95 1703 keeps
Ship Code A
Ship Code A your expensive transSend up to 1 Amp DC
ceivers safe from trans/50 Volts DC through
mitting into nothing!
coax cable to power
No more burning up
equipment (automatic
your radio because you
antenna tuner, remote
forgot to change your
antenna switch, relay box) without running sepantenna switch! 1.8 to
arate cable. Requires one MFJ-4116 on
30 MHz. Your transeach end of coax to inject DC power and to ceiver is always hooked up to one of two
retrieve DC power. 1-60 MHz. SO-239 con- antennas! Connect two rigs and two antennectors. 23/4Wx21/2Hx11/4D inches.
nas and switch to different combinations.
MFJ-4116P, $47.95, pair of MFJ-4116.
300 watts PEP SSB, 150 watts CW. Handy
MFJ-4117, $29.95. Like MFJ-4116, but
mounting tabs. All metal, switches 50-75
with switch to turn remote equipment on/off. Ohm unbalanced lines.
Automatic T/R Switch
senses transmitted RF and
switches your antenna from
receive to transmit using a
relay. Shorts your receiver
MFJ-1708 antenna input to ground to protect
6995 your receiver. Provides an auxilShip Code A iary contact closure to ground
during receive (opened in transmit) for an
“On-Air” sign or other use. Instead of using
RF sense to switch the antenna, a control
line input lets your key/keyer or PTT line
switch the antenna. Adjustable time delay
circuit gives you delayed switching. All
modes. 200 Watts SSB PEP. Measures
4Wx25/8Hx11/2D inches. 12 VDC or 110
VAC with MFJ-1312D, $14.95.
MFJ . . . The World Leader in Ham Radio Accessories
9:05 AM
Page 1
MFJ 1.8-170 MHz SWR Analyzer
Reads complex impedance . . . Super easy-to-use
MFJ-259B reads SWR . . . Complex RF Impedance: Resistance (R) and Reactance (X) or Magnitude
(Z) and Phase (degrees) . . . Coax cable loss (dB) . . . Coax cable length and Distance to fault . . .Return
Loss . . . Reflection Coefficient . . . Inductance . . . Capacitance . . . Battery Voltage. LCD digital readout . . . covers 1.8-170 MHz . . . frequency counter . . . side-by-side meters . . . Ni-Cad/Ni-MH charger
circuit . . . battery saver . . . low battery warning . . . smooth reduction drive tuning . . . much more . . .
MFJ-259B simultaneously at a
95 single glance.
Also read inductance in uH and capacitance in pF at RF frequencies.
Large easy-to-read two line LCD
screen and side-by-side meters
clearly display your information.
Built-in frequency counter, NiCad charger circuit, battery saver,
low battery warning and smooth
reduction drive tuning, much more!
Super easy to use! Just set the
bandswitch and tune the dial -just like your transceiver. SWR
and Complex Impedance are displayed instantly!
Ship Code A
Here’s what you can do
The world’s most popular SWR analyzer
just got incredibly better and gives you
more value than ever!
MFJ-259B gives you a complete picture
of your antenna’s performance. You can
read antenna SWR and Complex Impedance
1.8 to 170 MHz.
Read Complex Impedance as series
resistance and reactance (R+jX) or as magnitude (Z) and phase (degrees).
You can determine velocity factor, coax
cable loss in dB, length of coax and distance to a short or open in feet.
You can read SWR, return loss and
reflection coefficient at any frequency
MFJ Analyzer Dip Coils
MFJ-66 MFJ-66, $19.95. Plug
95 these MFJ dip meter
Ship Code A coupling coils into an
Find your antenna’s true resonant frequency. Trim dipoles and
Adjust your Yagi, quad, loop
and other antennas, change antenna
spacing and height and watch
SWR, resistance and reactance
change instantly. You’ll know
exactly what to do by simply
watching the display.
Perfectly tune critical HF
mobile antennas in seconds for
super DX -- without subjecting
your transceiver to high SWR.
Measure your antenna’s 2:1
SWR bandwidth on one band, or
analyze multiband performance
from 1.8 to 170 MHz!
Check SWR outside the ham
bands without violating FCC rules.
Take the guesswork out of
building and adjusting matching networks
and baluns.
Measure distance in feet to a short or
open in faulty coax. Measure length of a roll
of coax, coax loss, velocity factor, impedance.
Measure inductance and capacitance.
Measure resonant frequency and approximate Q of traps, stubs, transmission lines,
RF chokes, tuned circuits and baluns.
Adjust your antenna tuner for a perfect
1:1 match without creating QRM.
And this is only the beginning! The
MFJ-259B is a complete ham radio test station including -- frequency counter, RF sig-
Tunable Analyzer Filter
MFJ-731 Exclusive MFJ
95 tunable RF filter
Ship Code A allows accurate
MFJ SWR Analyzer
and turn it into a sensiimpedance measurements
tive and accurate band
between 1.8-30 MHz in presswitched dip meter. Set
ence of strong RF fields. Has
of two coils cover 1.8-170 virtually no effect on measurements by the
MHz depending on SWR AnalyzerTM.
analyzer. Works with all SWR Analyzers.
nal generator, SWR AnalyzerTM, RF Resistance and Reactance Analyzer, Coax Analyzer,
Capacitance/ Inductance Meter and more!
Take it anywhere
Fully portable, take it anywhere -- remote sites, up towers, on DX-peditions. Use
10 AA or Ni-Cad batteries (not included) or
110 VAC with MFJ-1312D, $14.95.
Rugged all metal cabinet is only 4x2x63/4”.
How good
is the MFJ-259B?
MFJ SWR AnalyzersTM work so good, many
antenna manufacturers use them in their lab
and on the production line -- saving thousands
of dollars in instrumentation costs! Used
worldwide by professionals everywhere.
SWR Analyzer Accessories
MFJ-29C, $24.95. Tote your
MFJ-259B anywhere with this
genuine MFJ custom carrying case.
Has back pocket with security cover
for carrying dip coils, adaptors
and accessories. Made of special
foam-filled fabric, it cushions blows,
deflects scrapes, and protects knobs, meters
and displays from harm. Clear protective
window for display and cutouts for knobs
and connectors. Authentic MFJ logo!
MFJ-99, $54.85. Carrying pouch, dip coil
adapters and power supply.
MFJ-99B, $77.85. Deluxe Accessory
Pack has 10 Ni-MH batteries, power supply, pouch and dip coils. Save $7!
MFJ-92AA10, $24.95. 10-pack MFJ
NiMH AA rechargeable batteries.
MFJ-5510, $6.95. 12 VDC cigarette lighter adapter lets you use your
MFJ SWR Analyzer on-the-road to
make quick adjustments to your HF/
VHF/UHF mobile antennas! 18” retracted curly cord, 60 inches fully stretched.
Easily fits in glove compartment.
MFJ-249B SWR AnalyzerTM
Save a few bucks! MFJ-249B
Like MFJ-259B, $
but less analog
Ship Code A
meters. Reads SWR,
true impedance magnitude and
frequency only on LCD module. Has charging circuit, can
use MFJ-259B accessories.
Analyzer Current Balun
This new 1:1
Current balun $
lets you use
Ship Code A
your MFJ SWR
and Antenna Analyzers on
balanced line antennas and
other loads. Covers 1.8-30
MHz. 2Wx33/4Hx11/2D in.
SO-239 for analyzer input.
12:26 PM
Page 1
1.8-170 MHz plus 415-470 MHz
Covers 1.8-170 MHz and 415-470 MHz . . . SWR . . . Complex RF Impedance: Resistance(R) and
Reactance(X) or Magnitude(Z) and Phase(degrees) . . . Coax cable loss(dB) . . . Coax cable length
and Distance to fault . . . Return Loss . . . Reflection Coefficient . . . Inductance . . . Capacitance . . .
Battery Voltage. LCD digital readout . . . frequency counter . . . side-by-side meters . . . Ni-MH/ NiCad charger circuit . . . battery saver . . . low battery warning . . . smooth reduction drive . . .
MFJ-269 covers 1.8 to
170 MHz and 415 to 470 $
MHz -- an MFJ-269 exclusive! It includes all the features of the MFJ-259B, the world’s most
popular SWR Analyzer plus much more!
Large easy-to-read two line LCD display and side-by-side meters clearly display
your information.
Built-in Ni-Cad/Ni-MH charger circuit,
battery saver, low battery warning, smooth
reduction drive tuning. Use as signal source
for testing/alignment.
Built-in CoaxCalculatorTM -- calculates
coax line length in feet given coax length
in electrical degrees and vice versa for any
frequency and any velocity factor (great for
building matching sections and phasing
lines) -- an MFJ-269 exclusive!
New 12-bit A/D converter gives much
better accuracy and resolution than common 8-bit A/D converters -- an MFJ-269
Super easy to use! Just set the
bandswitch and tune the dial -- just like
your transceiver.
1.8 to 170 MHz Range Features
MFJ-269 gives you a complete picture
of your antenna. Read antenna SWR and
Complex Imped-ance 1.8 to 170 MHz.
Built-in frequency counter.
to over 600 Ohms, including 50, 51, 52, 53,
Read Complex Impedance as series
73, 75, 93, 95, 300, 450 Ohms -- an MFJequivalent resistance and reactance (Rs+jXs) 269 exclusive! For more information see
or as magnitude (Z) and phase (degrees).
MFJ-259B, page 11.
Also reads parallel equivalent resistance
415 to 470 MHz Range features
and reactance (Rp+jXp) -- an MFJ-269
Just plug in your UHF antenna coax, set
the frequency and read SWR, return loss and
You can determine velocity factor, coax loss reflection coefficient simultaneously. You
in dB, length of coax and distance to short or can read coax cable loss in dB and match effiopen in feet.
You can read SWR, return loss and
You can adjust UHF dipoles, verticals,
reflection coefficient at any frequency
yagis, quads and other antennas and detersimultaneously at a single glance. Also
mine their SWR, resonant frequency and
reads match efficiency.
Also read inductance in uH and capaciYou can test and tune stubs and coax
tance in pF at RF frequencies.
lines. You can manually determine velocity
You can measure SWR and loss of coax factor and impedances of transmission lines.
with any characteristic impedance from 10
Adjust and test RF matching networks
Super High Capacity 2300 mAh Ni-MH AA Batteries
MFJ-92AA01, $2.99 each. MFJ-92AA01
MFJ’s super high capacity $ 99
Ni-MH “AA” batteries have
Ship Code A
twice the power of standard
Nicads at about the same price!
MFJ batteries have no detrimental memory effect that are the trademark of Ni-Cad
batteries so you can use them to their full
potential. MFJ-92AA10, $24.95.
10-Pack of MFJ SuperCellsTM, perfect for
your MFJ SWR Analyzer!
and RF amplifiers without applying power.
Has easy-to-read LCD logarithmic SWR
bargraph and SWR meter for quick tuning.
Take it anywhere
Fully portable, take it anywhere -remote sites, up towers, on DX-peditions.
Built-in “N” connector. Free N-to-SO-239
adaptor. Use 10 AA Ni-MH or Ni-Cad or
alkaline batteries (not incl.) or 110VAC
with MFJ-1312D, $14.95. Measures
4Wx2Dx63/4H inches.
MFJ-269 SWR Analyzer Accessories
MFJ-39C, $24.95. Tote your
MFJ-269 anywhere with this
genuine MFJ custom carrying
case. Back pocket with security
cover for carrying dip coils,
adaptors and accessories. A special foam-filled fabric cushions
blows, deflects scrapes, and protects knobs,
meters and displays from harm. Wear it
around your waist, over your shoulder, or
clip it onto the tower while you work -- the
fully-adjustable webbed-fabric carrying
strap has snap hooks on both ends.
Has clear protective window for frequency display and cutouts for knobs and
connectors -- use your MFJ AnalyzerTM
without ever taking it out of your case.
MFJ-269 SWR Analyzer Accessories
MFJ-99C, $34.95. SWR Analyzer
Power Pack. 10-Pack SuperCellTM Ni-MH
batteries, & MFJ-1312D Power supply for
MFJ-259B/MFJ-269 analyzers. Save $5!
MFJ-98, $54.85. MFJ-269 Accessory
Pack. Same as MFJ-99 but has MFJ-39 custom Carrying Pouch for MFJ-269. With
power supply, dip coils. Save $5!
MFJ-98B, $77.85. MFJ-269 complete
accessory pack! Pouch, batteries, dip coils,
power supply. Save $7!
MFJ-92AA10, $24.95. 10-Pack AA
Rechargeable Ni-MH Batteries.
MFJ-5510, $6.95. 12 VDC Cigarette lighter adapter cord for using your
MFJ SWR Analyzers on-the-road. 18”
retracted curly cord, 60” fully stretched.
MFJ POWERHausTM Ultra-fast Intelligent Charger
Charges AA-AAA-C-D and 9V Ni- MFJ-633
MH or Ni-Cd Battery types. Active
intelligent IC detects positive/negative, Ship Code A
and monitors the voltage level during
charging process. 2 separate sets of charging
compartments optimize energy efficiency. Auto
switches to trickle when full charge is completed. Deep conditioning mode helps rescue batteries damaged by memory effect. Charging status LEDs, removable dust cover and 12V, 500 mA AC adapter is included. Quick
charges 2-4 AA Ni-MH cells in an hour or less!
MFJ . . . The World Leader in Ham Radio Accessories!
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Page 1
HF/VHF/UHF SWR Analyzers for all Your Building Needs
MFJ Analyzers Measure SWR from 270-480 MHz Basic HF/VHF SWR Analyzer
Read SWR of any
antenna from 270 to
480 MHz.
Just plug in your
antenna coax, set the
frequency and read
Easy-to-read LCD
displays frequency and
SWR and has a logarithmic SWR bargraph
for precision tuning. Two line high-contrast
LCD has 32 huge 1/4 inch characters.
Select any desired frequency range for
tuning. Examples: Tune from 280 to 295
MHz, 320 to 350 MHz or 400 to 450 MHz.
Tuning knob has a built-in 10:1 vernier
reduction drive for precision tuning.
You can use the MFJ-229 to adjust
dipoles, verticals, yagis, quads and other
antennas and determine their SWR, resonant frequency, and bandwidth.
Test and tune stubs and coax lines. You
can determine velocity factor, impedances
and estimate losses of transmission lines.
Adjust and test RF matching networks
and RF amplifiers without applying power.
Use as signal source for testing and
alignment. Measures 33/4Wx61/2Hx13/4D”.
MFJ Starter
SWR AnalyzerTM
lets you read SWR
from 1.8 to 170 MHz
quickly only on a single analog meter.
Tune knob, frequency
control switch. No
LCD module, counter
or charging circuit.
Use 8 AA cells or
110 VAC with MFJ-1312D, $14.95.
Compact, handheld size: 4x21/2x63/4 inches.
HF 10-160M SWR AnalyzerTM
MFJ-219B Econo MFJ-229
Ship Code A
This compact
Ship Code A Analyzer will help
you build the antennas you need
for DX work.
Just plug in the coax to
measure the SWR of any HF
antenna, 160 to 10 Meters. Has
jack for external frequency
counter. 9VDC of 110 VAC
with MFJ-1312D, $14.95.
Plug in coax to find the SWR of any
HF antenna on any band 10-160 Meters.
Jack for external frequency counter. 9
V battery or 110 VAC with MFJ-1312D,
$14.95. Measures 71/2Hx21/2Wx21/4D in.
MFJ Antenna Bridge
No other equipMFJ-204B
ment needed. Take it $7995
to your antenna site. Ship Code A
Determine if your
antenna is too long or too short,
measure its resonant frequency,
and its resistance to 500 ohms.
It’s the easiest, most convenient way to determine antenna
Resistance bridge, null meter,
tunable oscillator-driver (1.830MHz). 9 VDC or 110 VAC
with MFJ-1312D, $14.95.
Measures 71/2Hx21/2Wx21/4D inches.
AnalyzerTM finds the
Ship Code A SWR of any antenna
from 138-156 MHz.
Jack for external frequency
Measures 71/2Hx21/2Wx21/4D
in. 9 V battery or 110 VAC with
MFJ-1312D, $14.95.
6-Meter SWR Analyzer
MFJ-217, $79.95, same as
MFJ-208 but covers 30-56 MHz for 6
Meters and commercial VHF. Jack for
external frequency counter. Dimensions,
power requirements same as above.
MFJ RX Noise Bridge
Quickly adjust
almost any antenna
for maximum
performance, 1 to
100 MHz.
Lengthen or
shorten your antenna for mini- MFJ-202B
mum SWR. Measure resonant
frequency, feedpoint resistance Ship Code A
and reactance.
Works with any receiver or transceiver.
Hand-calibrated resistance scale,
expanded capacitance range and exclusive
built-in range extender. 41/4Wx2Hx4D in.
Use 9 Volt battery (not included).
Economical Dip Meter covers 1.5-250 MHz
Back in the vacuum tube days they
called these babies grid dip meters and
every ham and experimenter either had one
or wanted one. The MFJ201 solid state (hence no
“grid”) is
95 smaller,
119 lighter, and
Ship Code A
vastly more
than its
Use it as a
dip meter to
find a coil’s
resonant frequency.
Couple it to an antenna, or to coax lines
to get their electrical length.
Or use it as an absorption wavemeter for
measuring transmitter output, neutralizing
tank circuits, or a field strength meter.
Other traditional dip uses include:
crystal oscillator, monitoring audio signal
output (it includes a headphone jack), and
measuring inductance and capacitance.
This solid-state grid dip meter covers
1.5-250 MHz in 6 bands, has thumb wheel
tuning, color code readout, 6 coils, earphone jack and battery check. Uses a 9V
battery for operation. Measures a compact
2Wx21/2Dx7H” including coils.
Ship Code A
Similar to MFJ229, less LCD dis99
Ship Code A play. Has meter for
SWR and jack for
external frequency counter.
Measures 21/2Wx71/2 Hx
21/4D inches. MFJ-229 and
MFJ-219 have “N” connector
with free N-to-SO-239 UHF
Also they have Battery
Check and Power Saving feature. For 50 Ohm systems.
Use 9-Volt battery or 110 VAC with
MFJ-1312D, $14.95. 10 AA batteries for
MFJ-229 or 110 VAC adapter.
Custom 24-350 MHz Analyzers
For commercial
applications. Select
a specific frequency
range and MFJ will customize an
analyzer for you. Choose the
model below for your needs.
Specify frequency range and
allow 4 weeks for these models.
Ship Code A
MFJ-220A, 24-49 MHz
MFJ-220B, 34-69 MHz
MFJ-220C, 45-91 MHz
MFJ-220D, 67-135 MHz
MFJ-220E, 90-176 MHz
MFJ-220F, 190-350 MHz
MFJ-220G, 140-260 MHz
Foam-Padded carrying case
Great for MFJ-6404
portable, $3995
dxpeditions, Ship Code C
hotels, etc. Heavyduty case takes a
beating but
keeps electronics safe
with its universal foam insert. Pre-separated tear-away
cubes let you shape the foam to custom fit
your gear. Eggshell type padding on topside. Handle, carrying strap, two key sets,
left/right snaps. 103/4Dx16Wx4H in. MFJ6404F, $9.95. Extra foam insert for MFJ6404. Accessories in picture not included.
12:36 PM
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MFJ Frequency Counters Cover 1 MHz to 3 GHz or 10 Hz to 3 GHz
MFJ-886 Frequency Counter covers 1 MHz to
3 GHz. It features 300 MHz direct count with
0.1 Hz-per-second resolution.
Incredible deal also includes Ni-Cd battery
pack, charger and telescopic whip!
10-digit high-contrast LCD display is easy-to-read. Huge
/4 inch digits are highly visible. Hold switch locks display.
Synchronous detector gives ultra-sensitive RF Signal Strength
LCD bargraph. Four selectable gate times gives .1 Hz to 10
Hz resolution in 300 MHz range and 10 Hz to 1000
Hz resolution in 3 GHz range.
Rechargeable Ni-Cd battery pack (included)
gives up to 6 hours of use. Low battery LED indicator. Rugged aluminum cabinet
(23/4Wx31/4Hx11/4D inches) fits in shirt pocket and
has black anodized finish. Order MFJ-886 for 110
VAC, order MFJ-886 “X” for 240 VAC.
Ship Code A
NEW! MFJ-888 covers 10 Hz to 3 GHZ
with a 10-digit LCD and an ultra-sensitive synchronous detector with 16-section bargraph to
show RF signal strength.
It features a Hi-Z low range, auto-hold, measures frequency and period, has LED backlight, beeper, low power consumption, hold switch to lock display, low battery
indicator and more. A high-speed 300 MHz direct
counter with 0.1 Hz resolution has four selectable
gate speeds.
Built-in Ni-Cd battery pack will operate up to 6
hours and recharges with the external charger.
MFJ-888 (23/4Wx41/4Hx11/4D”) is complete with NiCd battery pack, charger, and telescopic whip.
Housed in a handsome stamped aluminum cabinet with black anodized finish. Order MFJ-888 for
110 VAC, order MFJ-888 “X” for 240 VAC.
Ship Code A
Professional Function Generator
Pocket-size Function Generator
This unique
7995 unit is the only MFJ-5004
Ship Code A compact, bat12995
tery-operated Ship Code A
function generator
designed for travel or
bench use. Based on an
Gives precision sine, square and trianXR-2206 integrated circuit,
gular wave forms from 1 Hz to 1 MHz in 6
it provides square, triangudecade ranges. Amplitude adjustable 0-12
lar, and sine waves continvolts peak-to-peak. DC offset is adjustable
uously from 1 Hz to well over 150 KHz in
-6 to +6 VDC. Output is short circuit pro3 ranges. 4Hx3Wx1D inches. Frequency
tected with output impedance of 400 Ohms.
range switch, external power jack, 5-way
Sturdy black all metal cabinet. 110 VAC.
binding posts. Use 9V battery.
81 dB Step Attenuator
will be
95 shack accessory! 50 ohms.
Usable to 500 MHz. 250
Ship Code A milliwatt maximum input.
BNC connectors. Shielded
stages. Connect between receiver and antenna and use an S-meter as a precision calibrated field strength meter.
Prevent receiver blocking, cross-modulation. Determine gain and loss. Ideal for fox
hunting. Evaluate linearity.
Measure input and output level differences. Isolate circuits.
Extend the range of your sensitive equipment. 61/2Wx21/2Hx11/2D inches.
2-Meter FM Signal Analyzer
handheld Two
Meter FM Signal
AnalyzerTM lets
you measure signal strength
with over 60 dB dynamic
range and measure actual
feedline loss in dB. Plug in
any scope and your MFJ-224
becomes a service monitor!
Lets you visually analyze
modulation wave forms,
audio distortion, noise and N
instantaneous peak deviation. Tune in any signal between 143.5 148.5 MHz. Built-in discriminator-meter
function makes accurate tuning simple and
easy. 4Wx21/2Dx63/4H”. Use 9V battery.
Ship Code A
Safely tune your amp with this MFJ AmplifierSaverTMInterface
This lets
you safely tune
Ship Code A up your kilowatt linear
amplifier at full peak
power for best linearity.
Keeps average power to a
low, safe level to prevent
overheating power supply stress.
Relieves temperature related stress on
amplifiers, tuners, and dummy loads too.
It also can be used as a valuable diagnostic tool for tests of QSK systems,
wattmeters, and more. Plugs into rig’s CW
key jack (for convenience you can use a
“Y” connector).
Simply press the Pulse Tune button and
Portable Signal Tracer-Injector
Multi-purpose MFJ-5012
Portable Signal
Code A
quickly finds defective stages
in all kinds of signal amplifiers,
radio receivers and transmitters.
Includes home theaters, hi-fi
amplifiers, public address systems, guitar
amplifiers, AM/FM/ TV transceivers, phones,
scanners, shortwave, etc. Use to find opens
and shorts in cables and wires, identify and
locate individual wires in multi-conductor
cables. Has an AM detector and variable
gain audio amplifier. 3Wx4Hx1D inches.
Portable Variable Power Supply
This MFJ MFJ-4105
power supply
Ship Code A
is portable
enough to fit in any toolbox 3Wx4Hx1D”. It’s so
light you can carry it anywhere. Provides fixed 5 VDC output along
with a variable 1.5-12 VDC output. Total
output is 500 mA. Output terminals and
ground are convenient 5-way binding posts.
Easy output voltage setting. Input 110 VAC.
tune your amplifier normally for maximum
power output. Use 9V battery, not included.
MFJ Deluxe AmplifierSaverTM
Ship Code A
The MFJ-216 Deluxe AmplifierSaverTM
includes front panel adjustments of pulse
rate and duty cycle.
Allows for easy performance testing of
wattmeters, QSK systems and other electronic equipment.
Measures 31/2Wx11/2Hx4D inches.
MFJ AC Line Monitor
MFJ-850B, $21.95. Color
coded scale lets you read voltage
from 95-135 Volts. 2% Accuracy.
Built-in AC socket, so you don’t
lose the outlet. 21/4Wx21/4Hx11/2D
inches. It’s perfect for the ham
shack and motorhomes!
Adjust your
antenna tuner for
1:1 SWR without
Avoids overheatMFJ-212
95 ing/arcing caused by high SWR
79 and long tune-ups.
Ship Code A
Your MatchMakerTM inserts
between transceiver and antenna tuner.
Simply tune your transceiver to the desired
frequency, then power-up the MatchMakerTM.
Then adjust your tuner for a null in the
pulsing “white noise” in your receiver.
Automatic T/R switch bypasses MFJ212 to prevent damage. Handles 300 Watts.
Works with all radios, 160 through 6
meters. Measures a compact 31/3x11/4x4
inches. Use MFJ-1312D, $14.95.
MFJ . . . The World Leader in Ham Radio Accessories
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MFJ High Current DC Multi-Outlet Strips
Choose super heavy-duty 5-way binding posts AND/OR Anderson PowerPole® connectors
Provide multiple high current DC outlets for transceivers and accessories from your transceiver’s main DC
power supply – keeps you neat, organized and safe. Prevents fire hazards. Keeps wires from tangling up and
shorting out. Outlets are fused/switched/RF bypassed.
MFJ DC Multi-Outlets with versatile 5-way binding posts
Ship Code A
Ship Code A
Ship Code A
Ship Code A
MFJ-1118, $74.95. Lets
you power two HF and/or VHF
rigs and six or more accessories from your transceiver’s
main 12 VDC supply. Two
pairs of super heavy duty 35
amp 5-way binding posts connect your transceivers. Each
pair is fused and RF bypassed.
Handles 35 Amps total.Six
pairs of heavy duty, RF
bypassed 5-way binding posts
let you power your accessories. They handle
15 Amps total, are protected by a master fuse
and have an ON/OFF switch with “ON” LED
light. Built-in 0-25 VDC voltmeter. Six feet
super heavy duty eight gauge color-coded
cable with ring tongue terminals. Binding
posts are spaced for standard dual banana
plugs. Heavy duty aluminum construction.
121/2x23/4x21/2 inches.
MFJ-1117, $54.95. For powering four
HF/VHF radios (two at 35 Amps each and
two at 35 Amps combined) simultaneously.
Tiny 8x2x3 inches.
MFJ-1116, $49.95. Similar to MFJ-1118.
No 35 amp posts. Has “ON” LED and 0-25
VDC voltmeter. 15 amps total.
MFJ-1112, $34.95. Similar to MFJ-1116.
No on/off switch, LED, meter, fuse.
Anderson PowerPole® is a registered
MFJ DC Multi-Outlets with Anderson PowerPole® connectors trademark of Anderson Power Products.
Genderless, polarized and color coded connectors conform to ARES & RACES emergency 12V connector standard
Each Anderson PowerPole® outlet can
PowerPoles® AND 5-Way Binding Posts
All PowerPoles®
carry up to 40 amps. You can fuse each
outlet as needed to protect your accessories
or transceiver. The main fuse is 40 amps.
The standard color coded fuses simply
plug in from outside. They are widely
MFJ-1128 MFJ-1128, $99.95. 12 outMFJ-1129 MFJ-1129, $109.95. Get
available ATC/ATO automobile fuses and
95 lets. Factory installed fuses:
95 the best of both connectors!
can be used for 6, 12, 24 VDC systems.
Ship Code A three 1A, four 5A, four 10A,
Ship Code A 10 outlets. Installed fuses:
The heavy duty DC input cable is builtone 25A, one 40A. Built-in
two 1A, three 5A, three 10A,
in – you don’t have to pay extra just to use
0-25 VDC Voltmeter. ON/OFF switch contwo 25A, one 40A. Outlets 1, 2, 4-8 are
it! It’s a high-current carrying capacity
trols outlet 4 through 12, handles 20 Amps
Anderson PowerPole®. Outlet 3 is a 35A
eight gauge, flexible, stranded, six foot
high current binding post; outlet 9, 10 are
(can be shorten) cable with 5/16 ring termihandle
15A binding posts. Built-in 0-25 VDC
nals. It’s color coded Red and Black.
Anderson PowerPole® 24 35A contacts, 10
Voltmeter. ON/OFF switch for outlets 4-10,
Extra Anderson PowerPole® connectors,
fuses (2 each: 1,5,10,25,40A).
20 amps total. Outlets 1, 2, 3 unswitched,
contacts and fuses are included at no extra
12Wx11/4Hx23/4D inches.
handle 40 amps total. Includes 7 pairs of
cost, unlike lesser competitive products.
PowerPole® 14 35A contacts, 10 fuses (2
An massive 0.062 inch thick double
1,5,10,25,40). 121/2Wx11/4Hx23/4D in.
sided plated through PC board with wide
traces is used. The current path has an
equivalent current carrying capacity of an
enormous 4 ounce trace.
Ship Code A
MFJ-1126, $79.95. 8 outlets.
RF-tight aluminum cabinet has mount95
Factory installed fuses: two
MFJ-1124, $59.95. 6 outlets. Installed fuses:
ing ears and ground post with wing nut.
1A, three 5A, two 10A, one Ship Code A one 1A, one 5A, two 10A, two 25A, one 40A.
HF Transceiver Power Cord
25A, one 40A. Includes 6
Outlets 1-4 are PowerPole®. Outlets 5, 6 are
pair of Anderson PowerPole® 12 35A
MFJ-5535, $14.95. Replace
35A high current binding posts. Includes 4
contacts and 5 fuses: (1 ea.
pair PowerPole® 8 35A contacts, 5 fuses
your HF Radio original power
1,5,10,25,10) 8Wx11/4Hx23/4D inches.
cord at a fraction of the original
cost. Two super-flex, 12 gauge,
Accessories for MFJ High Current DC Multi-Outlet strips
multi-strand, soft wires 8 feet in length. Two inAnderson PowerPole® with 35A contacts
Banana Plugs for binding posts
line fuse holders with fuses. Power plug is keyed
A. MFJ-7713, $4.95. One red,
to prevent reverse polarity. Get extra cords for
one black high current banana
MFJ-11C12, $10.49, 12 pairs.
each operating station, mobile/base. Fits Yaesu,
plug. Solderless and Thumb
Icom, Kenwood & compatibles.
MFJ-11C25, $19.95, 25 pairs.
Screw. Fits 10 to 12 gauge wire.
MFJ-5535M, $19.95. HF radio Power Cord,
MFJ-11C100, $79.95, 100 pairs.
HF Molex to Anderson PowerPole®.
B. MFJ-7709, $5.95. High curB
UHF/VHF Transceiver Power Cord
rent dual banana plug, has Black
MFJ-5512, $12.95. Two
and Red polarity rings. Solderless
and Thumb screw. Has standard .75
super-flex, 14 gauge, multi-strand,
MFJ-7602, $12.95. Tool for crimping
inch spacing to fit MFJ DC power
soft wires 15 feet in length. Single
strip outlets and others. Fits 10-12
in-line fuse holder with fuse. Power Power- Pole connectors.
C gauge wire.
plug is keyed to prevent reverse polarity. Fits
Yaesu, Icom, Kenwood & compatibles.
C. MFJ-7700P, $5.95. Six red and
MFJ-11F20, $9.95. 10 ATO Fuse pack.
MFJ-5512M, $17.95. VHF/UHF radio power
black solderless banana plugs.
cord. T-connector to Anderson PowerPole®.
2 each: 1,5,10,25,40 amp.
2:22 PM
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MFJ Switching Power Supplies
Power your HF transceiver, 2-Meter/440 MHz mobile/base and
accessories with these 25 or 45 Amp MFJ MightyLiteTM Switching
Power Supplies! No RF hash, Super lightweight,Volt/Amp Meters
MFJ’s new adjustable voltage switching
power supplies do it all! Power your HF or
2M/440 MHz radio and accessories. No
more picking up and hauling around heavy,
bulky supplies that can cause a hernia.
MFJ’s 25 Amp MightyLiteTM weighs just
3.7 lbs. -- that’s 5 times lighter than an
equivalent conventional power supply.
MFJ’s 45 Amp is even more dramatic -- 8
times lighter and weighs just 5.5 pounds!
No RF hash!
These babies are clean . . . Your buddies
won’t hear any RF hash on your signal!
None in your receiver either!
Some competing switching power supplies generate objectionable RF hash in
your transmitted and received signal.
These super clean MFJ MightyLitesTM
meet all FCC Class B regulations.
Low Ripple . . . Highly Regulated
Less than 35 mV peak-to-peak ripple
under 25 or 45 amp full load. Load regulation is better than 1.5% under full load.
Fully Protected
You won’t burn up our power supplies!
They are fully protected with Over Voltage
and Over Current protection circuits.
25 Amp
Ship Code B
45 Amp
Ship Code B
Worldwide Versatility
MFJ MightyLitesTM can be used anywhere in the world! They have switchable
AC input voltage and work from 85 to 135
VAC or 170 to 260 VAC. Replaceable fuse.
MightyLitesTM . . . Mighty Features
MFJ MightyLitesTM feature a front-panel
voltage control. It lets you vary the output
voltage from 9 to 15 Volts DC and gives
you a highly regulated voltage output.
You get an easy access front-panel with
five-way binding posts for heavy duty use
and a cigarette lighter socket for mobile
accessories. MFJ-4245MV has two sets of
quick-connects on the rear for accessories.
Large 3 inch dual meters are brightly
illuminated to make it easy to monitor load
voltage and current. Whisper quiet internal
fan efficiently cools your power supply for
long life.
About the MFJ-4225MV, QST magazine
(January 2000) said, “its external control
for varying the output voltage is very
handy for test bench applications,” and also
noted that “overall, the noise generated by
this supply is very low”.
Two models to choose from . . .
MFJ-4225MV, $149.95. 25 Amps
maximum or 22 Amps continuous. Weighs
3.7 pounds. Measures 53/4Wx41/2Hx6D in.
MFJ-4245MV, $199.95. 71/2Wx43/4Hx
9D in.45 Amps maximum, 40 Amps continuous. Weighs 5.5 pounds.
Super Compact MightyLiteTM 25 Amp Switching Power Supply
The smallest and lightest power supply in ham radio! Tiny 53/4 Wx3Hx53/4 D” fits anywhere --
MFJ-4125 is similar to the popular
MFJ-4225 MV but much smaller and doesn’t have meters or the cigarette lighter
5-way binding posts are for high cur- $
rent radio connects and pair of speaker
Ship Code A
type push-on terminals are for low current accessories.
Super protection modes include Over
Voltage and Over Current. Whisper quiet
internal cooling fan generates tremendous
RF Hash!
air flow to help keep components cool.
MFJ-4125 has switchable AC input
voltage. 110 VAC at 47-62 Hz and 220
VAC at 47-63 Hz. Super regulation.
Worldwide versatility allows it to work AC
input 85-135 VAC or 170-260 VAC.
Weighs only 3.5 lbs. and measures an
un-believable 51/2Wx21/2Hx53/4D”-- it’s the
smallest and lightest power supply in ham
radio! Has MFJ’s NoMatterWhatTM one year
limited warranty.
MFJ 30/22/12 Amp Regulated DC Power Supplies
Massive 19.2 pound transformer, Adjustable 1-14 VDC, Quick connects, cigarette lighter socket . . .
MFJ’s heavy duty conventional MFJ-4035MV
power supply is excellent for power- $
ing HF or 2 Meter/440 MHz
Ship Code F
A massive 19.2 pound transformer makes this power supply super
heavy duty! It delivers 35 amps maximum
and 30 amps continuous without even flexing its muscles. Plugs into any 110 VAC
wall outlet.
It’s highly regulated with load regulameters let you monitor voltage and current.
tion better than 1%. Ripple voltage is less
Three sets of output terminals include a
than 30 mV. No RF hash -- it’s super clean!
pair of heavy duty five-way binding posts
Fully protected -- has over voltage profor HF/VHF radios, two pairs of quick-contection, fold back short circuit protection
nects for accessories and a covered cigaand over-temperature protection.
rette lighter socket for mobile accessories.
You get front panel adjustable voltage
A front-panel fuse holder makes fuse
from 1 to 14 VDC with a convenient detent
easy. Whisper quiet fan speed
set at 13.8 VDC. A pair of front-panel
increases as load current increases -- keeps
components cool. 91/2Wx6Hx93/4D inches.
MFJ 22/20 Amp Power Supply
MFJ-4322, $99.95
delivers 22 Amps surge
and 20 Amps continuous at 13.8 VDC. Its
massive transformer,
heatsink and heavy
duty construction weigh over 19 pounds.
8Wx43/4Hx113/4D in. 110 VAC. Ship Code F.
MFJ 12/10 Amp Power Supply
MFJ-4312, $69.95.
It weighs over 131/2 lbs.
8Wx43/4 Hx101/4D”.
Delivers 12 Amps surge
& 10 Amps continuous
at 13.8 VDC. 110 VAC. Ship Code F.
MFJ . . . The World Leader in Ham Radio Accessories
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MFJ/Curtis/Bencher is a winning CW combo!
sidetone and auto or semi-auto/tune modes.
Keys solid state or tube transmitters. Fully shielded. 9 volt
battery or 110 VAC with MFJ-1312D, $14.95.
a compact package
Keyer mounts on the paddle base to form a small
95 4x21/4x41/4”. Buy the combo or just the MFJ keyer
that fits on the Bencher
iambic paddle! Buy the com- Ship Code A (MFJ-422DX) to fit on your Bencher or MFJ-564 or
bination or just the keyer for
MFJ-564B iambic paddle (see below).
your Bencher or MFJ paddle.
Paddles to use with MFJ-422DX
MFJ’s most popular keyer
MFJ-564 Black or Chrome,
is small but big in features giv$59.95 (see below).
ing you adjustable weight and tone
BY-1, $119.95. Black Bencher.
and has front panel volume and speed conBY-2, $139.95. Beautiful
trols (5-65 wpm). Has built-in dot-dash memories, speaker,
chrome Bencher paddle.
The Best of all
16995 CW worlds -- a
Ship Code B MFJ/Curtis keyer
MFJ Curtis Iambic Keyer has Dot, Dash Memory
Everything you need
to send great CW from
this MFJ Cutris KeyerTM - easy access front panel
controls, all keyer modes,
dot-dash memories, jamproof spacing, weight
95 control, sidetone, built-in speaker and more. Speed,
weight, tone and volume controls, and tune, semiShip Code A auto and on/off switches are on the front panel.
A dual paddle key such as the MFJ-564, lets you
use the iambic mode. In this mode, you can insert a dot before a
dash finishes or insert a dash before a dot finishes. Also, squeezing both paddles generates alternating dots and dashes. This lets
you send characters such as C, K, and R with a single squeeze. It
turns an inexperienced fist into a professional.
You can use the automatic mode with a single or dual paddle.
You automatically generate dots and dashes by pressing the paddle.
You can switch into a semi-automatic “bug” mode to generate
dots automatically and dashes manually. Or you can use a
“straight key” and manually generate your own dots and dashes.
You get dot-dash memory, self-completing dots and dashes,
jam-proof spacing and instant start keying.
Select Type A or Type B keying to match your sending style.
MFJ Nano-size Keyer/Paddle Combination
Ham radio's tiniest electronic keyer has
MFJ-402 a built-in iambic paddle! It’s just
95 2x3x1 inches and weighs 3½
Ship Code A
Fully-enclosed paddle has a
“bug” feel for smooth CW. It’s precision
formed from resilient phosphorous bronze.
It’s easy-to-use. Just set one button and send one letter to
change your keyer settings -- speed 5-65 WPM, weight 25%-75%,
iambic mode A/B, normal or "bug" mode and reverse paddle.
Screwdriver adjustment for easy speed change. Tune mode for
tuning antenna tuner or transmitter. RF proof. 4 foot cord with 3.5
mm plug. Keys nearly any rig.
No on/off switch -- keyer turns off between dits! Battery lasts
nearly shelf life.
MFJ Deluxe Iambic Paddles
MFJ deluxe iambic paddles feature a full range of
Ship Code A adjustments in tension and contact spacing, self-adjust-
ing nylon and steel bearings, contact points that almost
never need cleaning, precision machined frame and nonskid feet on heavy base. Use with MFJ-422DX/MFJ-490X
keyers. MFJ-5166, $9.95, (left). Paddle to Keyer cable.
Has pre-wired solder lugs on paddle end and 3.5 mm plug
with 1/4” phone adaptor to fit MFJ keyer.
Weight control lets you adjust your dot-dash space ratio to
make your signal distinctive to bust through pile-ups. It also lets
you compensate for the turn-on delay of your transmitter.
Has tune switch for tuning your transmitter or antenna tuner.
RF proof. Built-in speaker for sidetone.
Keys solid state and tube transmitters. Use 9 volt battery or 110
VAC with MFJ-1312D, $14.95. Attractive black cabinet measures
53/4x13/4x43/4 inches.
MFJ/Curtis ECONO KeyerTM
MFJ-401D is the
same as MFJ-407D
except weight and
Ship Code A
tone controls are
adjusted internally and doesn’t have a tune switch. Use 9 volt battery or 110 VAC with MFJ-1312D, $14.95. 4x13/4x31/4 inches.
Build Your Own Keyer with this Curtis Chip
Revolutionary new Curtis Chip. Choose . . . 28 pin
skinny DIP or SMT SOIC package. MFJ-8045ABM, $19.95.
Pre-Wired Keyer to Rig Cables
MFJ-5164, $9.95. Keyer to radio keying cable.
Has phono plug on keyer end to fit MFJ keyers
and a 3.5 mm plug with 1/4” phone plug adaptor
to fit most transceivers.
Pocket Travel Keyer has Built-in Paddle
This MFJ Travel Keyer is a
95 full-featured CW keyer with a
Ship Code A built-in Iambic paddle. 3
Ultra-compact size 3 /4Wx
1H x21/4D” is perfect for traveling or for home
use with QRP or “big” rigs. Throw it in your
briefcase along with your MFJ CubTM or other
favorite on your next trip. A built-in sidetone with
LM386 audio amplifier, speaker and volume control makes monitoring your sending easy. Speed adjustable from 3 to 60 WPM.
Sidetone pitch is adjustable 300 to 1000 Hz. Weight adjustable
from 25% to 75%. Tune mode, RF proof, Battery Saver feature.
Select a keyer mode to suit you - - iambic mode A or B, fully
automatic or semi-auto “bug” mode. Use 9 Volt battery, not incl.
MFJ-403, $49.95. MFJ ultra compact CW Travel Keyer only.
MFJ Miniature Iambic Paddle
This miniature, lightweight iambic
paddle is just 13/4Wx13/4Dx3/4H inches
and weighs just 21/2 ounces. Tiny
enough to fit in an Altoids(R) tin (cord
MFJ-561 and all!) for protection. It’s per$
95 fect for traveling or for home use
with QRP or “big” rigs. Perfect
Ship Code A companion for MFJ or other keyers. Great for any QRP or QRO rig! The paddle is precision
formed from special phosphorous bronze spring material with an
A150 temper. This gives you an excellent feel so you can send
smooth CW. Mounted on rugged metal base with non-skid rubber
feet. Has 4 foot cord and 3.5 mm plug -- ready to plug into keyer
or rig! MFJ-561K, $14.95. Build your own! MFJ iambic paddle
kit with instructions, cord, hardware needed to build your paddle.
8:08 PM
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MFJ Millenium CW Memory Keyer
Is CW dead?
Not at MFJ! MFJ’s menu driven LCD
display makes it so easy to use, you don’t
need an instruction manual.
The MFJ-495 combines the latest millenium microprocessor technology with nonvolatile EEPROM memory for a full-featured,
low cost, high reliability design.
Send CW or load messages using a paddle, keyboard or computer serial port.
Easy-to-use menus and LCD display let
you set all keyer functions merely by pushing
buttons. Keyer functions can also be changed
from your paddle, keyboard or computer.
The LCD also shows the message as it’s
being sent from memory or live from your
paddle, keyboard or computer.
The MFJ-495 has 32 message memories
of 256 characters each. You can repeat messages continuously, insert timed pauses within
messages, insert an auto-incrementing serial
number, have messages call other messages or
insert embedded commands to change speed,
weight, etc. automatically.
MFJ-495 supports both direct and grid-
block outputs and has a port
for an optional remote con- $
trol. PTT output, built-in
Ship Code A
speaker, sinewave sidetone,
Features include:
Iambic keyer with dot and dash memories; automatic, semi or hand-key mode.
Keyboard Input lets you plug in any AT
keyboard for type ahead buffer. All commands, functions, and memories can be done
through the keyboard!
Message editing capability.
Input queue to store multiple messages.
Auto-incrementing contest serial numbering from 001 to 9999.
Digital and linear analog speed control
from 5 to 99 wpm (3:1 to 20:1 speed range)
Farnsworth, speed from 10 to 99 wpm
Ultra speed sets messages up to 990 wpm
Adjustable weight 25% to 75%
Adjustable sidetone from 300 to 1000 Hz
Keying output delay up to 20 ms
Push-to-talk (PTT) hang time up to 5 sec.
Direct (positive) or grid-block (negative)
Timed tune for XMTR adjustment
Timed pauses in messages/message loop
Internal speaker with adjustable volume
Supports Qwerty and Dvorak keyboards
190 characters type-ahead keyboard
buffer with low buffer warning
Dual user mode supports operators with
different configuration settings
Compact and handsome all-black metal
cabinet measures just 61/4Wx21/2Hx61/4D in.
Use 12 VDC or 110 VAC with MFJ-1312D,
$14.95 AC adapter.
RFI-Suppressed Keyboard
MFJ-551, $39.95. RFI suppressed keyboard.
Menu Memory Keyer/Bencher Paddle
Super Menu Driven Memory Keyer
The MFJ Menu
Driven Memory KeyersTM
are the easiest memory
keyers to operate. You can
Ship Code B
even operate them without
an instruction manual! There’s no keypad, no complex sequence, nothing to
remember. Just select a menu by pressing a button. An LED lights to indicate
which menu is active. Then select a feature by pressing a Feature button. It’s as
easy as using a computer touch screen.
Each menu is clearly printed on the front (or top) panel -- no confusion. From the menu you can save and play messages, decrement
serial numbers, set Speed, Weight, Sidetone, enter Iambic, Semi-auto,
Handkey, Message Queue, Paddle command modes, turn Sidetone on
and off, transmitter Tune, and set keying output on or off.
You can select iambic A or B, reverse paddle, Morse trainer, and
store starting serial number for contests. Bypass the menu by keying in
simple two-letter commands. The keyer tells you its status in CW.
You can adjust CW speed, 5 to 100 wpm, by pressing the dot or
dash paddle smoothly or by knob control. The powerful Morse trainer
lets you practice or teach in Farnsworth or normal mode. Select letters,
numbers, prosigns, or
any combination for
practice using five
character groups, or
Ship Code A
more realistic 1-8
character groups.
And more! You get contest serial numbering (0-9999) with auto-increment, built-in sidetone, speaker,
front panel volume control and adjustable 300-3000 Hz tone. You can
use automatic, semi-automatic or bug or handkey modes, reverse
dot/dash paddles, adjust weight from 5 to 95%, and compensate for
transmitter distortion, You can key direct or grid-block keying transmitters, solid state or tube rigs. Special MARS characters recognized.
The MFJ Menu Driven Memory KeyerTM has 192 character (8K)
memories. The memories are divided into four soft sectors. Uses 9V
battery (not included) or 110 VAC with MFJ-1312D, $14.95.
Memories are backed up by a lithium battery.
Order MFJ-490, $199.95, Memory Keyer/Bencher paddle combination, 5X3X5½ in. MFJ-490X, $109.95, is the keyer only.
MFJ-492, $99.95, stand alone keyer, 6½X2½X6¾ in.
MFJ-492X,$114.95 (MFJ-492 with 8K additional memory
installed), MFJ-80, $19.95, (8K memory for MFJ-492 only).
MFJ-78, $29.95, full function wired remote control.
MFJ SlimlineTM Electronic Keyers with Memory
Tired of
sending the same $
phrase on CW
over and over?
“QTH, name...”
But you don’t want to
pay the price of a memory
keyer, or they’re too confusing to use. The MFJ Slimline
keyers have the answer -- a SlimlineTM keyer
and an iambic paddle are your entry into real
CW, at a price not much higher than a plain
keyer, with enough memory to store the
essential day-to-day messages.
Weight control lets you lengthen or shorten dots and dashes. It compensates your transmitter for a proper 1:3 ratio. Dot/dash lengths
are adjustable for a distinctive “touch.” Has
paddle. Positive
and negative key- $
ing. 9V battery Ship Code A
or 110 VAC with
MFJ-1312D, $14.95.
MFJ-442, SlimLineTM Keyer and MFJ paddle
combo. Front panel speed, volume controls.
MFJ-442X, $89.95. Keyer only.
4x13/4x23/4 inches. Fits on your Bencher or
MFJ-564/B iambic paddle.
MFJ-447 SlimLineTM Deluxe keyer; front
panel speed, weight, tone, volume controls
and message, semi-auto, tune, power buttons.
Jack for speaker/headphones. 61/4x13/4x5 in.
MFJ-441. SlimLineTM Econo Keyer. Just
11/4 inches tall. Has volatile 89 character
MessageMemoryTM. Front panel speed/volume controls. 4x13/4x31/4 inches.
Ship Code A
Type A and
B keying, too.
The Slimlines have MFJ’s 500 character
non-volatile MessageMemoryTM.
You can embed Message Loop, Extra
Word Space, pause and serial number increments after each sending.
LED blinks during programming and
blinks faster for low memory.
SlimLineTM keyers have sidetone volume
and tone control, and CW speed (5 to 65
wpm) and weight controls.
Semi-auto lets you make dashes manually
for “bug” operation. Use dual or single lever
MFJ Pre-Wired Keyer-to-rig and Paddle-to-Keyer Cables
MFJ-5164, $9.95. Keyer to radio keying cable.
Has phono plug on keyer end to fit MFJ keyers
and a 3.5 mm plug with 1/4” phone plug adaptor
to fit most transceivers.
MFJ-5166, $9.95. Paddle to Keyer cable. Has
pre-wired solder lugs for MFJ, Bencher and other
Iambic paddles and 3.5 mm plug with a 1/4” phone
plug adaptor to fit most MFJ and other keyers.
MFJ...the world leader in ham radio accessories
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Morse Code Reader has Built-in Memory Keyer
Is your CW rusty? Relax and
plug-in this MFJ Morse Code Reader
with built-in keyer at your operating
position. Then watch CW turn into
solid text messages as they scroll across
an easy-to-read LCD display.
It makes working high speed CW a
breeze - - even if you’re rusty. Type-ahead
buffer, message memories and adjustable
speed get you ready to compete with the
world’s best hi-speed CW operators -- and they
Ship Code B
won’t even know you just passed the code test!
(Keyboard, paddle
The MFJ-464 gives you everything you
not included)
need to have the ultimate CW Station:
Type-Ahead Buffer
sends and Reads 5-99 WPM . . . Automatic sages continuously, insert timed pauses
190 character type-ahead keyboard buffer
speed tracking . . . Large 2-line LCD shows within messages, insert an auto-incrementsend/receive messages . . . single or iambic ing serial number, have messages call other with low buffer warning.
paddle or computer keyboard operation . . . messages or insert embedded commands to Keyboard Input Use any AT keyboard to
change speed, weight, etc. automatically.
program functions & memories.
Front panel speed, volume controls . . . 4
Compact black metal, 61/4Wx21/2Hx61/4D”.
Sinewave Sidetone . . . More!
message memories . . . type ahead buffer . . .
MFJ-464 supports Direct keying output. 12VDC or 110VAC w/ MFJ-1312D, $14.95.
read again buffer . . . adjustable weight &
Has PTT output, built-in speaker, sinewave
sidetone . . . RFI proof . . . much more!
MFJ-464 Accessories
sidetone and more! Iambic keyer with dot
MFJ-5161, $14.95. MFJ-464 to computer
Reader has Auto Speed Track
serial port cable (DB-9).
MFJ AutoTrakTM automatically locks on, and dash memories; automatic, semi or
hand-key mode. Input queue lets you store
MFJ-5162, $5.95. Connects MFJ-464 to
tracks and displays CW to 99 wpm.
multiple messages. Auto-incrementing con- radio’s external speaker 3.5 mm jack.
Simply plug-in your MFJ-464 to your
test serial numbering from 001 to 9999.
MFJ-5163, $8.95. Connects MFJ-464 and
receiver speaker until the lock LED flashes
Adjustable Speed 5-99 WPM
in time with the CW.
Digital linear speed control, 5-99 wpm
High performance modem
Farnsworth Mode with speed adjustable
Consistently get solid copy from MFJ’s
another accessory to your radio speaker.
from 10-99 wpm.
high performance PLL (phaselock loop)
MFJ-5164, $9.95. Keyer to radio keying
modem. Digs out weak signals. Even tracks Ultra speed sets messages up to 990 wpm.
cable. Has phono plug on keyer end to fit
Adjustable weight 25% to 75%.
slightly drifting signals. Of course, nothing
MFJ keyers and 3.5 mm plug with 1/4”
can clean and copy a sloppy fist, especially Adjustable sidetone from 300-1000 Hz.
phono plug adapter to fit most transceivers.
Keying output delay to 20 milliseconds.
weak signals with lots of QRM/QRN.
Push-to-talk hang time to 5 seconds.
Built-in keyer features
The MFJ-464 combines the latest milleni- Timed tune function for XMTR adjusting.
MFJ-551, $39.95. RFI suppressed
Timed pauses in messages/message loop.
um microprocessor technology with nonkeyboard, a must to avoid RFI problems
Internal speaker with adjustable volume.
volatile EEPROM memory for a full feawhen operating CW keyboard mode.
Qwerty & Dvorak keyboards.
tured, low cost, high reliability design.
You can send CW or load messages using
MFJ deluxe iambic
MFJ Deluxe Iambic Paddles
a paddle, keyboard or through yourcomputer
paddles feature a full
serial port.
range of adjustments in
Easy-to-use menus and LCD display let
tension and contact spac$
you set all keyer functions merely by pushing, self-adjusting nylon
and steel bearings, coning buttons. Keyer functions can also be
Ship Code A
tact points that almost
changed from your keyboard or computer.
MFJ-564B Black never need cleaning, preMFJ-564 Chrome
The LCD also shows the message as it’s
cision machined frame
being sent from memory or live from your
and non-skid feet on heavy base. MFJ-422D and MFJ422DX/MFJ-490X keyers can be used
paddle, keyboard or computer.
with these paddles. MFJ-5166, $9.95. Iambic Paddle to keyer cable. Has pre-wired solder
The MFJ-464 has 4 message memories of lugs on paddle end and 3.5 mm plug with 1/4” phone adapter to fit MFJ keyer.
256 characters each. You can repeat mes-
Super CW Keyboard -- No Computer Required!
Ship Code B
Ship Code A
No Keyboard
MFJ Super CW Keyboard
lets you send effortless CW as
soon as you turn it on -- no computer to
boot, no program to load -- just start
You get a standalone MFJ CW
Keyboard that includes an RFI suppressed keyboard, a two line 16 character LCD display, eight 250 character nonvolatile message memories, a 150 character type-ahead buffer, iambic keyer, plus a powerful Morse Code trainer, more!
Variable speed from 5 to 100 WPM, adjustable weight from 5
to 95%, sidetone from 300 to 3000 Hz and serial number from 0 to
9999. Has buffer and memory full audible indicators. Keys solid
state and tube rigs. AT101 compatible keyboard plugs into compact 31/2x21/2x31/2 inch interface. Use 12 VDC or 110 VAC with
MFJ-1312D, $14.95. MFJ-452X, No keyboard.
Use MFJ-5164, $9.95, keyer to rig keying cable.
MFJ Dedicated CW Keyboard
like MFJ-452 but
without LCD
display and has
two 100 character memories.
MFJ-451X, no
Ship Code B
Ship Code A
No Keyboard
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Page 1
MFJ Pocket Size Morse Code Tutor
Learn Morse code fast, anywhere . . . LCD display lets you check your copy
instantly . . . easy no-code beginner’s course . . . plain English QSOs .
Beginner’s Course
ARRL/VEC format. $
Learn small fixed sets of
Ship Code A
characters. Previously
learned sets are combined with new sets to
reinforce all you have learned.
Practice copying, then instantly replay
to check your copy on the LCD display.
Custom Character Sets
Having trouble with certain characters?
Build and save 3 custom sets of 16 characters for extra practice -- an MFJ exclusive.
Practice copying realistic on-the-air
style plain English QSOs. Gets you ready
to pass your FCC test and upgrade. Also
builds confidence for your first real contact.
MFJ Word Recognition ModeTM
MFJ’s Word Recognition ModeTM gives
you hundreds of commonly used words in
ham radio. Practice recognizing entire
words instead of individual letters.
Select letter, number, punctuation,
prosign or FCC character sets (has only
letters, numbers and prosigns required on
FCC tests), random call signs, random
words, QSOs or combo sets for practice -you’ll never run out of study material!
MFJ InteractiveModeTM
InteractiveModeTM lets you decide
when to copy the next or previous group
and how many -- great for beginners!
and program custom characters and words
on 2 line LCD display with 32 huge 1/4
inch high-contrast characters -- powerful
sound and sight learning!
Only MFJ gives you SilkySmooth
SidetoneTM with TruToneTM sinewave and
SoftStartTM dots/dashes -- lets you concentrate on learning without distracting, harsh
keyclicks. Use earphones for private practice or built-in speaker for groups. Volume
control. Variable pitch 300-1000 Hz.
Fits in your shirt pocket with room to
spare -- smaller than a pack of cigarettes.
Tiny 21/4x33/4x1 in., weighs less than 51/2
ounces. Uses 9 volt battery (not included).
Tapes play the same old boring stuff
Select normal or
over and over. Unlike tapes, you’ll never
Farnsworth spacing.
Farnsworth makes it MFJ-418 top view memorize MFJ-418’s random sessions.
Pocket Tutor Accessories
easier to learn entire characters. Stop
MFJ-26B, $6.95. Soft
counting individual dots and dashes that
leather protection for MFJ-418
slows learning! Adjustable 10 to 60 WPM
with pocket/belt clip.
for high-speed.
MFJ-281, $12.95. Speaker
Use fixed length or more realistic ranfor
group practice. Loud, powerdom length groups (up to 8 characters).
ful audio! 33/4x3x21/4”
You can change speed on-the-fly while
More pocket size MFJ Morse Tutors
playing a session 3 to 60 words-per-minute.
MFJ-417, $59.95. Similar to MFJ-418,
no LCD. Most software features.
Settings are automatically saved, ready
MFJ-413, $39.95. Similar to MFJ-417,
to use next time--just turn on and replay.
less random words, QSOs, SettingSaverTM.
Check your copy, select from menus
Deluxe Morse Key and Oscillator for Code and Sending Practice
MFJ-557 Deluxe Code
Practice Oscillator features a
Morse straight key on a nonskid heavy steel base -- stays
put and doesn’t move around
while you’re sending.
MFJ-557 lets you practice
sending code at home, work,
riding in your car -- practically anywhere -because it’s so easy to take it wherever you go.
Volume control adjusts from barely audible to blaring
full sound.
Ship Code B
Telegraph key only
Ship Code A
Use HT for on-the-air CW Fun
JimHandyTM CW
interface plugs into
your 144/440 MHz
handheld and converts it into a modMFJ-552
ulated CW transceiver -- just plug $
in your key.
Ship Code A
Get your ham buddies together
on-the-air and enjoy some fantastic CW
fun. Run a little code practice on your
repeater. Start your own FM CW Net.
Have fun and upgrade! A transmit/receive
switch automatically switches your HT to
transmit when you send CW and returns
you to receive when you stop keying.
Built-in speaker, volume control and
great sounding true sinewave sidetone -- no
harsh keyclicks. 4Wx11/4Hx33/4D inches.
Use 9V battery (not included). Pre-wired
patch cables, $15.95 for your HT on page
38. MFJ-550 key only, $9.95.
You can practice without bothering anyone.
Tone control gives you a wide adjustment, from high
“squeaky” to low “booming” tones. You even get an earphone
jack for private listening times.
Plug in an external speaker (MFJ-281, $12.95, powerful compact speaker) for high volume in the classroom.
MFJ-557 runs on a 9 volt battery (not included) or 110 VAC
with MFJ-1312D, $14.95. Plugs into jack on the side.
When you’re finished cleaning up your fist with the MFJ-557,
hook up the straight key to your transmitter and go on-the-air.
Don’t pass up a super buy! Built-in speaker, adjustable contacts. 81/2x21/4x33/4 inches. Black.
Classroom Code Oscillator
finest code Ship Code A
oscillator is de- signed for demanding
classroom use and abuse.
It produces a true pure sinewave
sidetone with no trace of harsh keyclicks.
You’ll hear the clearest, sweetest sounding
CW you have ever heard. Delivers full 1
watt into built-in 3” speaker -- fills an
entire room. Low distortion -- less than
.2% total harmonic distortion from its BTL
(Bridge-Tied-Load) amplifier. Volume control, 400-1000 Hz tone control, on/off
switch, power on LED, 1/4 inch key jack,
3.5 mm external speaker jack, uses 12
VDC. All metal enclosure 43/4x11/2x5 in.
Save $15.85! MFJ-554X, $99.95.
Includes MFJ-554 Code Oscillator, MFJ281 ClearToneTM speaker, MFJ-550
Telegraph Key, & MFJ-1312D AC adapter.
Classroom Morse Code Tutor
Ship Code A
Cadillac of
all Morse Code trainers! For VECs,
Elmers, teachers, ham clubs, schools and
hams who want the best. Has everything in
the famous MFJ-418 Pocket Size Morse
Code TutorTM plus . . . Hear powerful classroom audio from its built-in speaker/ amplifier with true sinewave sidetone and no
harsh keyclicks. Down/upload custom practice groups from PC with serial port . . .
Store 16 FCC exams for VECs . . . Print
correct answers using printer port . . . Record
quality code tapes with tape output . . . Send
on-the-air CW practice with HF/VHF radio
interface. . . Use full featured memory keyer
with 1000 character memory. Serial port
and open end HT cables included. 110 VAC
/12VDC operation. 81/2Wx21/4Hx6D inches.
MFJ . . . The World Leader in Ham Radio Accessories
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Pocket size Morse Code Reader
Hold near your receiver -- it instantly displays CW in English!
Automatic Speed Tracking . . . Instant Replay . . . 32 Character LCD . . .
High-Performance Modem . . . Computer Interface . . . Battery Saver . . .
Is your CW rusty?
Relax and place this
tiny pocket size MFJ
Morse Code Reader near
Ship Code A
your receiver’s speaker . . .
Then watch CW turn into solid text
messages as they scroll across an easy-toread LCD display.
Use it as a backup in case you mis-copy
a few characters - - it makes working high
speed CW a breeze - - even if you’re rusty.
Practice by copying along with the
MFJ-461. It’ll help you learn the code and
increase your speed as you instantly see if
you’re right or wrong.
Eavesdrop on interesting Morse code
QSOs from hams all over the world. It’s a
universal language that’s understood the
world over.
Automatic Speed Tracking
MFJ AutoTrakTM automatically locks on,
tracks and displays CW speed up to 99
Simply place your MFJ-461 close to
your receiver speaker until the lock LED
flashes in time with the CW.
Four Display Modes
1. Bottom line scrolls and fills with text,
then that entire line is displayed on top line
until bottom line refills -- makes reading
text extra easy! Automatically displays
speed in WPM.
2. Same as 1, without speed display -gives you maximum text display.
3. Top line scrolls, bottom line displays
speed in Words-Per-Minute.
4. Both top and bottom lines scroll.
Two-line LCD display has 32 large 1/4
inch high-contrast characters.
MFJ Instant Replay
The last 140 characters can be instantly
replayed. Lets you re-read or check copy if
you’re copying along side the MFJ-461.
High Performance Modem
Consistently get solid copy from MFJ’s
high performance PLL (phaselock loop)
modem. Digs out weak signals. Even tracks
slightly drifting signals.
Of course, nothing can clean up and
copy a sloppy fist, especially weak signals
with lots of QRM/QRN.
Computer Interface
The MFJ-461’s serial port lets you display CW text full screen on a bright computer monitor -- just use your computer
serial port and terminal program.
More Features
When it’s too noisy for its mic pickup, connect it to your radio with a cable.
Battery saving feature puts MFJ-461 to
sleep during periods of inactivity. It wakes
up and decodes when it hears CW.
Uses 9 Volt battery (not included).
True Pocket Size
Fits in your shirt pocket with room to
spare - smaller than a pack of cigarettes.
Tiny 21/4x31/4x1 in. 51/2 ounces.
MFJ-26B, $6.95. Soft leather protective
pouch for MFJ-461. Clear plastic
overlay for display, push button
opening, strong, durable pocket
or belt clip secures MFJ-461.
MFJ-5161, $14.95. MFJ-461
to computer serial port cable (DB-9).
MFJ-5162, $5.95. Connects MFJ-461 to
radio external speaker 3.5 mm jack.
MFJ-5163, $8.95. Connects MFJ-461
and another
accessory to
radio external
speaker, 3.5mm.
Switch any two Mics to any two Rigs
MFJ's new MFJ-1263 Microphone
Control Center lets you mix and match any
two microphones to any two transceivers.
The microphones or transceivers can
have 8-pin round or 8-pin modular connectors. You don't have to change connectors
or rewire -- just push buttons. Your favorite
microphones will never become obsolete.
You can use your favorite microphone
with your present or new rig by pushing a
button. You can instantly switch from a hifi ragchewing mic to a hard-hitting DX mic
when a rare one suddenly pops up.
Free your hands with external PTT
You can plug in an PTT foot switch
(MFJ-1709, $21.95) or let your computer
or voice keyer (MFJ-434, $179.95) control
your PTT line to free your hands for contesting and DXing.
Perfect for Boom-Mic/Headset
Plug in a boom mic/headset (MFJ393, $59.95) to save the day during noisy
field day or multi-operator contesting.
You can plug in your headphones and
an external speaker (MFJ-281, $12.95).
patible transceivers - using an 8-pin round
or modular microphone jack. Internal
jumpers configure the MFJ-1263 for your
radio -- your mics never become obsolete!
6Wx1½Hx5D inches. Includes one MFJ5398 and one MFJ-5397MX radio cables.
A headphone volume con- MFJ-1263
trol eliminates the need to
readjust your rig's volume
Ship Code A
when you switch the speaker
on. The headphones are always active. A
push button turns the speaker on or off.
When you want to use your desk or
hand mic just push a button.
Auxiliary audio input
An input jack and On/Off switch is
provided to insert external audio into the
microphone audio input line. Great for
inputting sound card, SSTV, AFSK, TNC
and other audio sources.
Works with any radio
The MFJ-1263 works with any radio - Kenwood, Yaesu, Icom, Alinco and com-
Code A
MFJ-1261, $89.95. Like MFJ-1263 but
has one mic input and two radio outputs.
One MFJ-5398, MFJ-5397MX included.
Code A
MFJ-1260, $79.95. Same as MFJ-1263
but has two microphone inputs and one
radio output. One MFJ-5398 and one
MFJ-5397MX radio cables included.
ORDER Extra Radio Cables!
MFJ-1261/1260/1263 to transceiver
cables, $15.95. Order MFJ-5398 for 8-Pin
Round; MFJ-5397MX for 8-Pin Modular.
8:16 PM
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MFJ hamProAudioTM Equalizer/Conditioner
MFJ hamProAudioTM console gives you . . . 8-Band Equalizer . . . Downward Expansion noise
gate . . . Smooth, clean Compression . . . Limiter . . . Low noise Preamp . . . Universal MicInterface . . . VU Meter . . . Headphone Monitor . . .Auxiliary Input . . .Push-to-Talk jack . . .
MFJ brings Pro Audio to ham radio!
MFJ makes sophisticated Pro Audio
gear user friendly, affordable and RF bulletproof. MFJ adapted Pro Audio’s heart and
soul to ham radio communications.
The MFJ-655 all-in-one audio console
gives you Pro Audio processing that makes
your audio professional sounding.
It gives you all the capabilities you'll
ever need . . . 8-Band Equalizer . . .
Downward Expansion noise gate . . . clean
Compressor . . . smooth Limiter . . . low
noise Preamp . . . universal microphone
interfacing . . . impedance matching . . .
level control . . . and RF/audio isolation.
Its processing is so smooth and transparent, no one will detect its presence. All
they will hear is your outstanding audio
that brings you unsolicited compliments.
A built-in headphone monitor lets you
hear improvements as you make them and
a VU-meter lets you accurately adjust levels.
An auxilary input lets you use other
audio sources and a push-to-talk jack lets
you use microphones without PTT.
The MFJ-655 uses the Analog Devices
SSM2166. This professional quality audio
conditioner gives outstanding performance
over an exceptionally wide bandwidth with
very low noise and very low total harmonic
distortion, typically .25%.
An 8 Band Equalizer lets you adjust
your voice for full quality ragchewing audio
or powerful, pileup penetrating audio.
An adjustable Downward Expansion
noise gate gives you transparent background noise reduction.
A clean, low-distortion Compressor
gives you more powerful, richer, fuller
sounding speech with more talk power.
A smooth Limiter keeps instantaneous audio
peaks from overdriving your transmitter and
More compact and has
95 everything that the MFJ-655
Ship Code A has except for the built-in
VU meter. Measures
9Wx31/4Hx5D inches.
valleys. The average power of SSB speech
is only 15 to 30 percent of peak power.
If instantaneous peaks are reduced, average power increases significantly.
The superb Analog Devices SSM2166
provides smooth, clean, almost transparent
compression over a very wide bandwidth.
It reduces speech peaks as much as 15 times.
Just a small amount of clean compression
is impressive and gives you more powerful,
richer and fuller sounding audio.
For DXing where every ounce of power
prevents SSB distortion and splatter. MFJ-655
Front panel controls let you $
95 counts, you can use more compression to
easily adjust input and output levels. Ship Code A increase average power.
Most of the speech power is in the
You can use nearly any microphone with any transceiver with its Universal lower speech frequencies.
Attenuating these lower frequencies
Mic-Interface, pre-amp, mic element voltwith the equalizer reduces their power.
ages, impedance matching and PTT jack.
This lets you increase compression for
Plug in your headphones to hear your rig’s
received audio or plug in your MFJ, Heil or weaker high frequencies -- where most of
computer boom-mic headset to talk and hear. the speech intelligibility lies.
The MFJ-655 compressor does a superb
8 Band Equalizer
job in creating an exceptionally clean,
The MFJ-655 voice band equalizer
higher average power SSB signal.
divides the speech frequencies into eight
bands -- 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 2400
Limiting -- splatter prevention
and 3200 Hz. You can increase or decrease
If occasional large audio peaks exceed a
the gain of each band by 16 dB.
fixed set level, the compressor's limiting
For ragchewing, you can adjust for rich,
function quickly attenuates them.
full quality audio. And for Dxing, you can
Limiting prevents over-driving your
increase the high and reduce the low fremicrophone input, transmitter and amplifier
quencies for a highly intelligible signal that causing SSB distortion and splatter.
lets you punch through DX pileups.
In the MFJ-655, compression and limiting
You can turn ordinary, even poor microwork jointly to provide a level, constant output.
phones into pricy professional sounding ones.
Universal Mic-Interface/Pre-Amp
Equalization compensates and improves
Standard 8-pin round or modular microyour entire audio chain -- from your voice
phone plugs directly into the front panel.
to your microphone and through your radio. You can also plug in your MFJ, Heil or
computer boom-mic/headset.
Downward Expansion noise gating
A PTT jack for a foot switch or other lets
Downward expansion noise gating elimyou use microphones without push-to-talk.
inates or greatly reduces background noise
Its Universal Mic-Interface lets you use
when you stop speaking -- no more amplifier
fan noise, dogs barking, kid’s music or traffic. any mic with any radio. Internal jumpers
configure any microphone to any radio.
Downward expansion is a professional
A front panel controlled low noise preaudio technique. When you stop talking it
amp gives you up to 20 dB gain.
smoothly attenuates low-level noise by
Select 600 Ohm, 200 Ohm or Hi-Z input
reducing gain instead of abruptly cutting
impedances to match dynamic, electret or
off like a noise gate -- background noise
high impedance crystal/ceramic microphones.
smoothly vanishes.
You control the level at which downward Has 8, 5, and 11/2 VDC mic voltages.
Use 12 VDC or 110 VAC with MFJexpansion starts and the delay when it ends.
1312D, $14.95. 103/4Wx31/4Hx5D inches.
Clean, Smooth Compression
Pre-wired cables for your radio mic
Natural unprocessed voice has peaks and
connector. Plugs into MFJ-655. See page 30.
transmit audio Conditioner transmit audio Equalizer
Transmit audio MicroMFJ-651
95 phone Conditioner. Down-
Ship Code A ward Expansion noise gate,
Compressor, Limiter, low
noise Preamp, Universal Mic-Interface,
headphone monitor, PTT, Auxiliary-in, RF
proof, aluminum case. 9Wx21/4Hx5D in.
Voice Band Equalizer
95 (300, 600, 1200, 2400 Hz
Ship Code A center frequencies), low
noise Preamp,Universal
Mic-Interface, headphone monitor, PTT,
Auxiliary-in, RF proof, aluminum case.
71/4Wx21/4Hx5D inches.
MFJ . . . The World Leader in Ham Radio Accessories
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Save Your Voice with the MFJ Contest Voice Keyer
NEW! Use 8-pin modular or 8-pin round microphone plug! NEW!
Let this microprocessor controlled MFJ
Contest Voice KeyerTM call CQ, send your call
and do contest exchanges for you in your own
natural voice!
Store frequently used phrases like “CQ
Contest this is AA5MT”, “You’re 59” . . .
“QTH is Mississippi” and more! Contest by
pressing a few buttons and save your voice.
You can record and play back five natural
sounding messages in a total of 75 seconds.
EEPROM technology keeps messages stored
for up to 100 years -- no battery backup needed.
You can repeat messages continuously and
vary the repeat delay from 3 to 500 seconds.
Makes a great voice beacon and calling CQ is
so easy. A receive audio jack lets you record
and play back off-the-air signals -- great help
if you didn’t get it right the first time! No more
“Please repeat”.
A playing message can be halted by pressing the Stop Button, your PTT mic button or
by your VOX PTT line.
A closure to ground via $
remote control or computer also halts mesShip Code A
Has jack for remote
or computer control (using CT, NA, TR or
other program and its interface). Lets you
select, play and cancel messages.
The MFJ-434B is transparent to your
microphone -- your mic’s audio characteristics do not change when your MFJ-434B is
MFJ Desk Mic/Ham Station Console
A high-sensitivity ceramic microphone eleMFJ-299
ment (10.5 inches with FlexNeckTM) bends and
stretches to your most comfortable operating
position. A fine mesh metal grill helps to
eliminate background noise.
MFJ-299 has a high quality compressor
amplifier with high, medium, and low selection switches. It always sends out a constant
and optimum level without distortion, regardless of audio input level.
Equipped with a built-in graphic equalizer
with center frequencies of 270, 540, 1000 and
2000 Hz. Gives best audio quality for FM
mode and max efficiency for SSB.
Has On-Air indicator and an output level
volume control.
MFJ-297 speech freOn-Air blinks on and off when in receiving mode and will light up continuously when quency tailored microphone
cuts through noise and QRM.
Switch for powerful SSB punch $
MFJ-299 is equipped with PTT momenor
tary and PTT lock switches that allow you to
Has Silibant Sound
switch between long one-sided QSOs and fast FM/AM.
Shield , momentary/locking PTT
two-sided conversations.
switch, On-Air LED, frequency
The frequency up/down switches let you
up/down button, output level
operate your transceiver at your desktop
control and more! 4Wx11/2H6D
microphone. 4 function keys (CALL, VFO,
inches with 11 inch flexible boom. 1 lb. Use 2
MR, PF) are for Kenwood transceivers only.
“AA” batteries. Select cable from chart, below.
An output level meter lets you adjust
the output level NOT to exceed 0 dB.
GooseNeckTM Microphone Holder
A revolutionary triple radio input • Heavy-duty all-metal base stays put!
socket makes it super easy to install
• GooseNeckTM gives super flexibility
for any model transceiver: Icom,
to move your mic where you want!
Yaesu, Kenwood and compatible
• Tough, Durable plastic microtransceivers. See cable chart below.
Built-in battery check circuit. Press
power switch and the level meter
microphone into a super attractive
shows battery condition with power
voltage for a few seconds.
desktop mic!
installed. Dual controls make it easy to tailor
audio level to match your voice.
All audio lines are RF filtered to eliminate
RFI, audio feedback and distortion. An audio
isolation transformer totally eliminates hum
and distortion caused by ground loops.
It’s easy to use -- just plug in your 8 pin
microphone cable and plug the MFJ-434B
shielded cable into your transceiver’s mic
connector. Internal jumpers let you customize
it to Kenwood, Icom, Yaesu, Alinco or Radio
Shack rigs. Use your station or built-in
microphone for recording.
Built-in speaker-amplifier lets you monitor stored messages. 3.5 mm speaker/headphone jack. SMT technology. Use 9 Volt battery, 9-15 VDC or 110 VAC with optional
MFJ-1312D, $14.95. 61/2Wx21/2Hx61/2D in.
MFJ-73, $29.95. Remote Control Head
with cable for MFJ-434B lets you set the
MFJ-434B out of the way.
MFJ Professional
Boom-Mic Headphones
Ship Code A
This professional grade
MFJ Boom-Mic
Head-phone set
is for contesting,
DXing and traffic
nets. Comfort
designed leatherette
padding lets you operate for hours at the rig.
Superb 3/4 inch
thick padding on each
ear and headband. MFJ-393 is so super lightweight, you won’t even know they’re there!
Headband adjusts for perfect fit to keep
out external noise. Frequency response is
enhnanced for communications to bring out
speech fidelity you never knew existed.
Signals never sounded so clear!
The flexible microphone boom lets you
position the mic comfortably at an optimum
distance to minimize silibant sounds. MFJ’s
frequency tailored microphone element lets
you bust through noise and QRM! 6 feet of
cable lets you move about your ham station!
Even casual operators will appreciate the
advantages of MFJ’s superbly crafted BoomMic headphones for hands-free operating and
DXing at an incredibly low MFJ price.
MFJ-393, $59.95, comes with pre-wired
adapter cable. Order MFJ-393I for Icom and
compatibles, MFJ-393Y for Yaesu and compatibles, MFJ-393K for Kenwood and
8 Pin Round Mic Plug - $15.95 each
8 Pin Modular Mic Plug - $15.95 each compatibles. New! MFJ-393M/I/K/Y for
8 pin modular rigs. MFJ-393MI for Icom
MFJ Desk Mic
MFJ-5397K MFJ-5397Y MFJ-5397MX MFJ-5397MX MFJ-5397MY and compatibles, MFJ-393MY for Yaesu
MFJ-5397K MFJ-5399Y MFJ-5397MX MFJ-5397MX MFJ-5397MX and MFJ-393MK for Kenwood.
MFJ-297 Desk Mic
MFJ-624D Hybrid Phone Patch gives crisp, clear hum-free audio
MFJ PTT Foot Operated Switch
MFJ-624D Deluxe Hybrid Phone Patch MFJ-624D MFJ-624DM
gives you crisp, clear, hum-free audio, and $12995 $12995
that’s what phone patching is all about. It’s Ship Code A Ship Code A
jumper selectable for Kenwood, Icom, Yaesu,
Separate XMTR
and Alinco rigs with 8 pin mic connectors.
/receiver gain controls eliminate need to readjust
Use VOX or push-to-talk. RF pi-filters and your rig after patching. Null control, standard
PC board eliminates RF feedback. Use with
phone connection, RJ-11. Jacks for speaker,
virtually any rig. Built-in VU meter monitors
audio in/audio out. 8x2x6”. 12 VDC, 9V batphone line levels to prevent cross talk. Adjust tery or 110 VAC with MFJ-1312D, $14.95.
null depth for maximum isolation between rig.
MFJ-624DM has RJ45 8-pin modular plug.
Add the luxury of
foot control PTT
transceiver operation.
MFJ-1709 keeps
your hands free for
logging, computer
operation and tuning. Greatly
reduces fatigue and improves
Ship Code A
your efficiency -- could be the
difference between winning and losing a contest. 21/2Wx31/2Dx11/4H” with non-skid pad
foot pedal. 1/4 in. phone plug. Ten ft. cord.
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MFJ Speech Intelligibility Enhancer
...makes barely understandable speech highly understandable!
Ship Code B
“What did you say?”
Can you hear but . . . just can’t always
understand what people are saying?
As we get older, high frequency hearing
loss reduces our ability to understand speech.
Here’s why . . .
Research shows that nearly half the
speech intelligibility is contained in 1000 to
4000 Hz range, but contains a miniscule 4%
of total speech energy.
On the other hand, the low frequencies,
125 to 500 Hz have most of the speech energy
(55%) but contribute very little to intelligibility -- only 4%.
To dramatically improve your ability to
understand speech, you must:
First, drastically increase the speech energy above 500 Hz, where 83% of the speech
intelligibility is concen-trated.
Second, drastically reduce speech energy
below 500 Hz where only 4% of speech intelligibility lies.
The MFJ616 splits the
audio speech
band into four
octave ranges
centered at 300, 600, 1200 and 2400 Hz. You
can boost or cut each by nearly 20 dB.
A balance control and separate 21/2 Watt
amplifiers let you equalize perceived loudness
to each ear so both ears help.
By boosting high and cutting low frequencies and adjusting the balanced control, speech
that you can barely under-stand become highly
Even if you don’t have high frequency hearing loss, you’ll dramatically improve your ability to understand speech.
QST for April, 2001 said “I expected a subtle
effect at best, but I was astonished . . . The result
was remarkably clean, understandable speech
without hissing, ringing or other strange
effects . . . made a dramatic improvement . . .”
Immune to RFI. Has phone jack, on/off
speaker switch, 2 inputs, bypass switch.
10Wx21/2Hx6D”. Needs 12 VDC.
MFJ-1316, $19.95. For 110 VAC operation. Provides 12 VDC/1.5 Amps.
MFJ-72, $58.80. All-in-one MFJ- 616
Accessory Pack. Includes MFJ-392B headphones, two MFJ-281 speakers and MFJ-1316
power supply. Save $7!
Tiny powerful MFJ
Ship Code A plugs in and
loops over ear -captures and amplifies
sounds by 12 dB! Extends
your hearing range, helps you hear every
word at hamfests and club talks -- even if
you’re on the back row! Great for eyeball
QSOs. Volume control, on/off switch. For
left or right ear. 3 interchangeable ear
plugs. Flesh color -- hardly noticeable.
Super lightweight -- 10 grams with battery!
Includes batteries. Hear even better -- buy
one for each ear! 30 day money back if not
absolutely delighted. Not a hearing aid.
Hear everything! Ship Code A
Capture and amplify sounds up
to 50 dB! Left or right ear plugs,
volume control, extremely small.
Not a hearing aid.
MFJ Audio Products for Better Communication
MFJ CleartoneTM: Our most Popular Speaker
95 in this
Ship Code A MFJ
ToneTM speaker and
bring out speech
fidelity that you
never knew existed.
MFJ-281 restores
the smooth sound of sinewaves that CW naturally generates and makes it easy to underMFJ-281
stand and copy.
The MFJ-281 ClearToneTM speaker was
carefully designed to improve the intelligibility of speech in the frequency range of 600 to
4000 Hz while reducing undesirable noise,
static and hum.
3-in. speaker handles 8 Watts. 8 Ohms
impedance, has six feet of cord terminated
with a 3.5 mm mono plug.
Tiny, compact 33/4x3x21/4 inches, but powerful booming sound!
MFJ Deluxe Communication Station Speaker
MFJ brings you ultra high quality communication audio with ham radio’s most
advanced communication speaker.
How? By using America’s most modern
speaker design, advanced speaker cone and
voice coil materials and construction, and a
carefully crafted, accoustically-rigid cabinet.
Handsome black cabinet measures
51/4Wx93/4Hx61/2D in. You won’t believe the
clarity and depth of the audio when you hear
the incredible improvements in speech intelligibility and CW tone. 4-in. full range speaker.
It also reduces listening fatigue. It can literally transform your transceiver!
smooth, wide $3995
range response Ship Code B
of the MFJ385B gives you faithful
reproduction with no hint
of unwanted resonances
and sound coloration.
Speech becomes more
intelligible and easier to
Pure sine wave tones
of CW make copying and
tuning in signals easier and faster.
MFJ-392B is perfect for amateur radio and
shortwave radio listening. Great for all
modes -- SSB, FM, AM, data and CW.
Each earphone its own volume control.
Superb padded headband and ear cushioned design makes listening extremely comfortable.
You’ll forget they’re even on as you listen
to stations all over the world!
High-performance driver unit reproduces
enhanced communication sound. Signals
never sounded so crystal clear!
Bring out speech fidelity you never knew
existed. Has free 1/4 inch phono adaptor.
Has gold plated plug and cord. Super lightweight earphones (8 ounces) come with 9 feet
of cord for roaming around.
MFJ-392B handles 450 mW and has a frequency response of 20-20,000 Hz.
Impedance is 32 ohms, sensitivity is 102
MFJ Compact Mobile Speaker
Enjoy superb
audio and conMFJ-280
venience with
this economical Ship Code A
mobile speaker.
Matches 8 and 4 ohm
impedances. Handles 3
Watts. 30-in cord lets you
get it to your rig’s speaker
output. Tiny 21/2x2x3 inches fits anywhere.
Tough ABS plastic cabinet is built to last.
Amplified ClearToneTM Speaker
MFJ’s Deluxe
ClearToneTM speak39
Ship Code A er is an excellent 1watt amplified
speaker for many uses.
The MFJ-382 gives superb,
loud and powerful ClearToneTM
audio. Speaker is 3-in. diameter.
Adjustable from barely
audible to high volume, this
rugged speaker is sturdy and compact. All
metal cabinet with rubber feet. 31/2x13/4x41/2
in. 9 volt battery (not included) or 110 VAC
with MFJ-1312D, $14.95.
MFJ Shortwave Radio Communication Headphones
Ship Code A
Works in stereo mode
with 3.5 mm plug.
Works mono with 1/4
inch adapter.
MFJ...The World Leader in Amateur Radio Accessories
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MFJ Noise-Canceling Filters Wipe Out Interference
Ship Code A
Out Noise!
Wipe out noise and interference before it
gets into your receiver with a 60 dB null!
Eliminate all types of noise -- severe
power line noise from arcing transformers
and insulators, fluorescent lamps, light
dimmers, touch controlled lamps, computers, TV birdies, lightning crashes from
distant thunderstorms, electric drills,
motors, industrial processes.
It’s more effective than a noise blanker
because interference much stronger than
your desired signal can be completely
removed without affecting your signal.
It works on all modes -SSB, AM, CW, FM, frequences from
BCB to lower VHF.
Null out strong QRM on top of weak
rare DX and then work him! You can
null out a strong local ham or AM broadcast station to prevent receiver from overloading.
Use MFJ-1026 as an adjustable phasing
network. You can combine two antennas to
give you various directional patterns.
Null out a strong interfering signal or
peak a weak signal at a push of a button.
Easy-to-use! Plugs between transmitting antenna and transceiver. To null,
adjust amplitude and phase controls for
minimum S-meter reading or lowest noise.
To peak, push reverse button.
Use built-in active antenna or an external
one. MFJ’s exclusive Constant Amplitude
Phase ControlTM makes nulling easy.
RF-sense T/R switch automatically
bypasses your transceiver when you transmit. Adjustable delay time. 12 VDC or 110
VAC with MFJ-1312D, $14.95. Measures
6½X1½X6¼ inches.
MFJ-1025, $159.95.
Like MFJ-1026
less built-in active
antenna, use external antenna. Same
size, power requirements.
MFJ Tunable, Programmable Brick Wall DSP Filter
MFJ’s tunable super DSP filter automatically eliminates heterodynes,
reduces noise and interference simultaneously on SSB, AM,CW, packet,
WeFAX, FAX, weak signal VHF, EME,
You get MFJ’s tunable FIR linear phase
filters that minimize ringing, prevent data
errors and have “brick wall” filter response
with up to 57 dB attenuation 75 Hz away.
Only MFJ gives you 5 tunable DSP filters. You can tune each lowpass, highpass,
notch, and bandpass filter including optimized SSB and CW filters. You can vary
the bandwidth to pinpoint and eliminate
Only MFJ gives you 5 factory pre-set
filters and 10 programmable pre-set filters
that you can customize. Instantly remove
QRM with a turn of a switch!
MFJ’s automatic notch filter searches
for and eliminates multiple heterodynes.
You also get MFJ’s advanced adaptive
noise reduction. It silences background
noise and QRN so much that SSB signals
sound like FM.
The automatic notch and adaptive noise
reduction can be used with all relevant tunable pre-set filters.
Automatic gain control (AGC) keeps
audio level constant during signal fade.
can program your own -- an MFJ exclusive! Save center frequency/bandwidth,
lowpass/highpass cutoffs, auto/manual
notch, noise reduction -- all filter settings -- in 10 programmable filters.
More MFJ DSP Filter Features
Narrow band signals like CW & RTTY
jump out of QRM when you switch in
MFJ’s tunable FIR bandpass filters.
You can tune the center frequency from
300 to 3400 Hz, and vary the bandwidth
from 30 Hz to 2100 Hz -- from super-tight
CW filters to wide razor-sharp Data filters.
You can use two tunable filMFJ’s tunable Spotting ToneTM -- accuters together. For example,
95 rately tunes even the narrowest CW filter.
tune one to mark, one to space
MFJ’s exclusive Adaptive TuningTM -Ship Code B
and set bandwidth tight for a
tuning rate automatically becomes finer as
super sharp RTTY filter.
you narrow bandwidth -- makes narrow filYou can tune the lower cutoff frequency
ters easy-to-use.
200 to 2200 Hz and the upper cutoff freMFJ’s exclusive FilterTalkTM -- sends
quency 1400 to 3400 Hz. This lets you
precise filter settings in Morse code.
create custom filters for voice, data and
Automatic notch with variable aggresother modes. Signals just 75 Hz away litsiveness, quieter 21/2 Watt audio amplifier,
erally disappear -- they are reduced 57 dB!
speaker switch keeps phones always active.
Manual and auto notch can be used toAutomatic notch filter
gether. Noise reduction, automatic notch &
MFJ’s automatic notch filter searches
custom filter saved in memory is selected.
for and eliminates multiple heterodynes in
Accurate easy-to-use input level indicamilli-seconds. It’s so fast, that even intertor, improved manual notch in the CW
fering CW and RTTY signals can also be
mode, adjustable line level output, more
eliminated. Selectively remove unwanted
tones using the two manually tunable notch Mark-Space frequencies and baud rates for
data filters and automatic bypass during
filters -- an MFJ exclusive. Knock out untransmit for monitoring CW sidetone,
wanted CW stations while you’re on CW.
voice/data by sensing the PTT line.
Adaptive Noise Reduction
A push-button bypasses your filter -- lets
Noise reduction works in all filter modes
you hear the entire unfiltered signal.21/2 W
and on all random noise -- white noise,
amplifier, volume control, input level constatic, impulse, ignition noise, power line
trol, speaker jack, PTT sense line, line level
noise, hiss.
output. Measures 91/2x21/2x6 inches.
The LMS algorithm gives you up to 20
Plugs between your transceiver or redB of noise reduction. Noise reduction is
ceiver and external speaker or headphones.
adjustable to prevent signal distortion.
12 VDC or 110 VAC with MFJ-1312D,
15 Pre-set filters, or customize
You can select from 15 pre-set filters.
Cable Pack, MFJ-5184, $7.95.
Use for SSB, AM, CW, packet, AMTOR,
Includes receiver cable, DC cable, 2
open-end TNC cables and power plug.
any mode.
If you don’t like our pre-set filters, you
Add DSP to any Multimode
MFJ-781, $129.95. Add DSP filtering to any TNC/multmode data controller. Copy signals buried in QRM. AGC, On/Off
Bypass. Plugs between rig & multimode. 41/2x21/2x5”.
MFJ-780, $99.95. “Brick Wall” DSP
filtering for MFJ-1278/B multi-mode.
Copy signals that other multi-modes
can’t. Soldering is required for this plug-in board.
MFJ’s SSB/CW Audio Filters
MFJ-752C, $99.95.
All mode dual tunable
filter has variable bandwidth 40 Hz to almost
flat, eliminates noise
and heterodynes notch depth to 70 dB, inputs for
two rigs, selectable, noise limiter, plus more.
MFJ-752C measures 10x2x6 inches.
Tunable bandpass filters
MFJ-722, $79.95. MFJ SSB/CW tunable 70 dB
notch filter. Has 8 poles active IC filtering, uses cascaded low-Q stages. 3 bandwidths: 80/110/180 Hz.
Center frequency: 750 Hz. Up to 15 dB. 51/2x21/2x5”.
MFJ-751B, $69.95. Zero in
SSB/CW with tunable peak/notch
filters. Tune 300-3000 50 dB
notch. Tiny 13/4x43/4x5 inches fits anywhere.
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MultireaderTM Taps Into Secret Signals
weather stations from Antarctica, Mali, Congo
and many others.
Listen to military traffic passing from
Panama, Cyprus, Peru, etc. Catch diplomatic,
research, commercial and maritime traffic.
Listen to maritime users, diplomats and amateurs send and receive error free messages
using various forms of TOR (Telex-OverRadio).
Monitor Morse code communications
95 from hams, military, commercial, aeronautiEver wonder what those mys- $
cal, diplomatic and maritime coastal stations
terious chirps, whistles, and
buzzing sounds are on the short- Ship Code A from around the world.
There’s plenty of exciting non-voice trafwave bands?
fic on shortwave that’ll keep you fascinated . .
Much of it is RTTY, ASCII, CW and
. traffic you can’t read unless you have a
AMTOR (FEC) signals passing commercial,
military, diplomatic, weather, aeronautical,
Printer monitors 24 hours a day
maritime, amateur and other traffic.
MFJ’s exclusive TelePrinterPortTM lets
Tap into these “secret” signals
you monitor any station 24 hours a day by
Plug this self-contained MFJ
printing their transmissions. Plug your Epson
MultiReaderTM into your shortwave receiver’s
compatible printer into the MFJ-462B printer
earphone jack. Then watch these mysterious
port and you’re ready to print. Save several
signals turn into exciting text messages as
pages of text in 8 K of memory for later
they scroll across an easy-to-read LCD disreview or re-reading.
play. No computer, interface, special cables
Consistently get solid copy from MFJ’s
or other equipment is needed.
high performance PLL (phaselock loop)
Eavesdrop on the latest breaking news as
modem technology. Digs out weak signals
press agencies from all over the world relay
buried in noise and even tracks slightly driftthem on RTTY -- it’s like having a private
ing signals. Mark and space tones are copied
wire service in your home. Copy RTTY
to give you greatly improved decoding under
adverse conditions.
Easy to use, tune and read
Just push a button to select modes and
features from a menu. A precision tuning
indicator makes tuning your receiver for best
copy on all modes quick and easy.
The 2 line 16 character LCD display has
contrast adjustment. One line comes in at
speed of signal, second line is delayed so you
catch every exciting word!
Copy most standard shifts and speeds in
all modes. MFJ’s AutoTrakTM automatic
Morse Code speed tracking helps MFJ-462B
to track and decode high speed CW.
MultiReaderTM Accessories
Use 12 VDC or use 110 VAC with MFJ1312D AC adapter, $14.95. MFJ-462B measures 61/4Wx21/2Hx61/4D inches.
MFJ-5162, $5.95. Receiver cable connects MFJ MultiReaderTM to your radio’s
external speaker (3.5mm jack).
MFJ-5412, $9.95. Printer Cable is 25-pin
cable for Epson compatibles.
MFJ-5163, $8.95. Speaker “Y” cable.
MFJ-5300, $4.95. Three foot, 3.5 mm
stereo extension cord with volume control.
Can use for mono radio speaker output to set
audio level to external devices. Has pocket
clip for portable use.
Remember hunching over your MFJ-8100K
regenerative receiver for hours with $
a pair of phones pressing uncomKit
fortably against your ears?
Ship Code A
You could hear just about anything that fancy superhets could hear. Sure,
you had to play around with the regeneration
control just right and have a steady hand to
bands -- just like you did -- and remember for
tune but you could hear ‘em
life. It might even inspire him into a career in
Don’t you wish you could relive some of
this fun and excitement of your youth -- share
This baby performs. A RF stage really
some of it with your kids and grandkids?
picks up the weak ones and it goes into regenWell, you can -- with the MFJ-8100 World
eration smoothly without pops or dead spots.
Band Shortwave Radio Kit.
Stations all over the world will come in loud
Spend a fun evening with your child or
and clear with a 10 ft wire antenna.
grandchild and help him put this simple kit
With a 10 foot wire antenna, you’ll be
together. When the two of you finish, watch
amazed at what you can hear -- stations all
his glow of excitement as he tunes the world
over the world will come in loud and clear.
Listen to international shortwave broadcasts, hams on SSB and CW, WWV, RTTY,
packet and much more. Covers all or part of
75/80, 49, 40, 30, 31, 20, 25, 22, 19, 17, 16,
15, 13 Meters in five bands.
Range A covers: 3.51-4.31 MHz, Range
B: 5.95-7.40 MHz, Range C: 9.56-12.05
MHz, Range D: 13.21-16.4 MHz, and Range
E: 17.6-22 MHz.
Has vernier reduction drive, bandswitch,
volume/RF gain controls, uses 9V battery and
built into a rugged aluminum cabinet.
Two earphone jacks let you and your
child or grandchild listen together with your
Walkman style earphones or plug-in speak-
MFJ Shortwave Regenerative Receiver Kit
Convert AM/FM Radio to Receive Shortwave
bands. You’ll hear stations all over the world
95 at various times -- Europe, Middle East, Asia,
Australia, more!
Ship Code A
It’s easy to install. Just unplug your car
radio antenna and plug it into the MFJ-306.
Then insert the MFJ-306 cable into your radio
antenna jack and connect 12 VDC.
MFJ-306 turns your AM/FM car radio into
Measures just 5x11/2x31/2 inches -- fits
a World Band receiver at the push of a button.
almost anywhere in your vehicle. Push butUnlike local FM and AM radio stations that
ton selects world band or AM/FM. Excellent
fade out after a few miles, enjoy shortwave
sensitivity and selectivity when used with
throughout your entire trip.
MFJ-306 covers the entire 19, 25, 31, and your auto receiver. Standard Motorola antenna plug and jack.
49 Meter international shortwave broadcast
ers. Measures 7x6x21/2 inches.
MFJ-8100W, $89.95, wired and tested.
Marine/Weather Receiver
MFJ-8214, $39.95. PLL
Digital Auto Tuning with
frequency up/down buttons, and preset memories!
You get 10 standard
channels for the weather
and covers 156-158.5 MHz in 88 channels
for the marine band. Plus! AM/FM stereo.
Built-in (mono) speaker, built-in telescopic antenna, Low Battery Indicator, Key-Lock
Function, more. Uses two AA batteries (not
incl.) or 3 VDC jack for external power. This
great little radio is perfect for traveling -- it
easily fits in the palm of your hand!
Multimode Computer Interfaces -- Decode RTTY, ASCII, CW and More!
Ship Code A
computer interface includes JVFAX and HamComm software. Receives and decodes multimode digital data with your rig. Color FAX/SSTV pictures, Baudot, ASCII, AMTOR, ARQ/FEC,
MFJ-1214PC MFJ-1224,
95 $99.95.
Ship Code A
is a complete package, receives and transmits RTTY,
ASCII, CW, also WeFAX weather maps with
all 16 gray levels. Complete package
includes software, power supply & cables.
Turns IBM
into a RTTY/
station for transmit/receive with HF/VHF rig.
Has tuning indicator, normal/ reverse switch.
MFJ- 1285, $19.95. MFJ-1224 DOS software.
MFJ-1225, $69.95. Receive only unit.
MFJ- 1285B, $19.95, MFJ-1225 DOS software.
MFJ...The World Leader in Ham Radio Accessories
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Indoor Tuned Active SWL Antenna Covers 0.3 to 40 MHz
MFJ invented the tunable active antenna! New technology uses cascode FET/bipolar transistor and a gigahertz bandwidth buffer
MFJ-1020C tuned circuitry minimizes intermod,
MFJ invented the tunable active antenWith the MFJ-1020C tuned
na! Numerous copies have been made with- indoor active antenna you’ll
7995 improves selectivity and reduces noise outShip Code A side the tuned band. You can also use it as
out success -- including most recent ones.
rival reception of outside wire
Why? Because MFJ has made continu- antennas hundreds of feet long
a tuned preselector with an external antenous improvements where others have not.
and pick up signals loud and
The MFJ-1020C has been completely
clear from all over the world.
Covers 0.3 to 40 MHz including VLF,
redesigned with new technology.
World Radio TV Handbook
AM broadcast, all shortwave and all amaNew technology uses a cascode FET/
says MFJ-1020 is a
teur radio bands.
bipolar transistor and a gigahertz bandwidth “fine value . . .
Has Tune, Band, Gain, On-Off/Bypass
fair price . . . best
controls and SO-239 coax connectors. Use
It improves gain and selectivity,
offering to date . .
9 volt battery, or 12 VDC or 110 VAC with
reduces noise and intermod, and is NOT
. performs very
MFJ-1312D, $14.95. 6Wx2Hx5D inches.
prone to self-oscillations that can severely
well indeed.”
Includes telescoping whip.
damage your receiver.
MFJ’s unique
54” Active Outdoor Antenna
World Radio TV Handbook says
is a “first rate, easy-to-operate
139 MFJ-1024
Ship Code B active antenna . . . quiet . . . excellent
dynamic range . . . good gain . . . very
low noise factor . . . broad frequency coverage .
. . excellent choice . . .”
Mount it outdoors away from electrical noise for
maximum signal and minimum noise. Has convenient mounting holes for easy installation.
MFJ-1024 covers 50 KHz to 30 MHz. 20 dB
attenuator, gain control, ON LED.
Switch selects two receivers and auxiliary or active antenna. Control unit measures a compact 6Wx3Hx5D inches.
Remote unit has a 54-inch telescopic
whip, 50 feet of coaxial line and PL-259
connector. Measures 3Wx2Hx4D inches. Use 12 VDC or 110 VAC
with MFJ-1312D, $14.95.
Compact 0.3 to 200 MHz antenna
Your ham band only antenna does MFJ-1022
great on the ham bands . . . but this
MFJ all band active antenna will help Ship Code A
you hear strong signals from all over
the world from 300 KHz to 200 MHz -including low, medium, shortwave and VHF
Enjoy shortwave newscasts, ship-to-shore,
airline, commercial RTTY and others.
It also improves weak noisy scanner radio
reception from high to low band VHF -- hear
signals you couldn’t hear before.
A J-310 FET handles strong signals and noiseless feedback circuit gives you excellent low noise reception. 4.5 GHZ MRF-901
transistor lets you receive weak signals well into VHF.
On/off switch, power on LED, SO-239 coax connector and
detachable 20 inch telescoping antenna. 9 volt battery or 110
VAC with MFJ-1312D, $14.95. Measures 3Wx11/4Hx4D inches.
High Dynamic Range Passive Preselector Can’t Overload
Ship Code A
MFJ’s new Passive Preselector has
extremely high dynamic range! It
improves the performance of nearly any HF
or shortwave receiver/transceiver. It vastly
improves the most expensive receivers.
Especially helpful to those with broadband
front-ends that are prone to overload.
Protects your sensitive receiver input
from damage (including switching diodes
and attenuator resistors) caused by very
strong signals from multi-transmitter,
multi-band operation -- contests, field-day,
nearby hams, CBers, TV/FM/AM stations.
It eliminates phantom signals by suppressing strong out-of-band signals that
cause intermod, blocking and cross modulation. Completely eliminates second order
intermod problems.
MFJ’s unique Hi-Q series tunable circuit gives you superb performance.
The tunable series tuned circuit works
into a very low impedance formed by
broadband toroid transformers.
Has narrow bandwidth, excellent stopband attenuation, very low loss, constant
bandwidth and gain over each band.
Excellent attenuation in adjacent bands.
The entire 1.6 to 33 MHz HF band is
covered in five overlapping bands.
An air variable tuning capacitor, 1.8 to
MFJ All-Band Preselector
LW/MW/SW Preselector/Tuner
boosts favorite $4995
stations while Ship Code A
signals. images, intermod and
Rejects phantom signals.
Greatly improves reception from 0.15 to
MFJ-1040C out-of-band signals, images. 1.8
30 MHz, especially below 2 MHz. Tuner
to 54 MHz. Up to 20 dB gain.
bypass/ground receiver positons. 2x3x4 in.
Ship Code A Gain control. Uses a cascode
FET/bipolar transistor for low
noise, high gain. 20 dB attenuator. Connect
2 antennas, 2 receivers. SO-239 connectors. MFJ-1045C, $69.95.
Automatic bypass when when transmitting to No attenuator, trans125 watts. Jack for push-to-talk. 9-18 VDC ceiver auto bypass,
or MFJ-1312D. $14.95.
delay, or PTT.
1 tuning range and a vernier reduction
drive gives you precision tuning.
Measures 71/2x21/2x31/4”. Use 12 VDC
or 110 VAC with MFJ-1312D, $14.95.
MFJ-1048, $119.95.
Same as
but adds an
RF sense
switch with adjustable time delay to automatically bypass your MFJ-1048 when you
Also adds PTT line T/R switching;
connects between antenna and transceiver.
Use 12 VDC or 110 VAC with MFJ1312D, $14.95
Receiver Antenna Tuner/Preamp
Don’t miss
rare DX due to
signal power loss
between your
receiver and
antenna. The MFJ-959C provides proper impedance match- $9995
ing to transfer maximum signal Ship Code A
from antenna to receiver.
Covers 1.6 to 30 MHz. 20 dB preamp with
gain control boosts weak stations. 20 dB
attenuator prevents overload. Select from 2
antennas and 2 receivers. Measures 9x2x6
inches. Use 9-18 VDC or 110 VAC with
optional adapter, MFJ-1312D, $14.95.
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MFJ-890 DX Beacon Monitor
Get up-to-the-minute worldwide DX
band conditions in minutes on
14, 18, 21, 24, 28 MHz bands $
using the International Beacon
Ship Code A
Network of 18 transmitters
around the world!
MFJ's DX Beacon Monitor lets you
see which beacon you're hearing on your
transceiver -- an LED lights on its world
map to show you the beacon location
and where to point your antenna.
It's fascinating to hear and watch each
beacon location light up as they become
active across the world. Great for
DXers, contesters, ragchewers and
The International Beacon Network provides a reliable source of signals for determining HF propagation 24 hours a day.
It consists of 18 beacons around the
world. Each beacon transmits on 14.1,
18.11, 21.150, 24.93 and 28.2 MHz. The
transmit sequence moves westward from
New York across North America, Asia,
Pacific to Africa, Europe, South America.
On each frequency, each beacon trans-
mits for ten-seconds -- its call sign at 22
wpm CW and a one-second dash at 100
watts and three one-second dashes at 10, 1,
and 0.1 watts.
When each beacon completes a transmission it goes silent on that band and
switches to the next higher band.
For more information see Oct/Nov, 1994,
Sept, 1997 QST and Jan 1999, Sept/Dec
2001, Jan 2002 Practical Wireless of U.K.
The more beacons you hear, the more
open the band is to different parts of the
The more dashes you hear per beacon,
the better the quality of propagation and the
more robust the band is. If you hear the
100 milliwatt dashes from many beacons
you know the band is wide open!
In just three minutes you'll know how
band conditions are worldwide.
You don't have to copy CW at 22 wpm
to identify a beacon. As you hear a beacon, an LED instantly lights on a world
map to show you its location. You can positively identify each beacon -- even if the
signal is weak, fluttery or distorted.
The MFJ DX Beacon Monitor has a
built-in WWVB atomic clock receiver to
provide ultra precise synchronization with
the GPS-synchronized beacons. You also
may manually sync the Monitor (the
Monitor is not a receiver).
MFJ-890 is a self-contained standalone
unit. 63/4Wx51/4Hx3D”. Use 12 VDC or 110
VAC w/optional MFJ-1312D, $14.95. No
antenna/radio connection required.
MFJ-890UK, $99.95 (for England).
MFJ Micro ATV Transmitter
Transmits Live Pictures on Cable TV Channels
This tiny MFJ
Micro ATV
TransmitterTM lets
you transmit a
high quality
Television video
signal on 433.97
MHz (cable
channel 58, 59,
or 60). All you
need to do is
plug in an anten$
na and a video
source -- your
Ship Code A
camcorder, camera, VCR or other video source.
With an antenna and a TV set (or down
converter/ TV) tuned to cable channel 58,
59, or 60, you’ll have a complete ATV
video station.
The MFJ-8708 puts out a solid 50-100
mW signal, capable of transmitting up to
1.8 miles with a 3-element beam. By using
a suitable UHF power amplifier and highgain antenna, you can enjoy two way ATV
communications over many, many miles
with fellow ATV hams.
To transmit video simply connect video
to the RCA phono connector and antenna
to the BNC connector and connect a 9 volt
battery or other 9 VDC source.
You can use any standard NTSC or PAL
composite video (1V pk-pk) source.
The MFJ Micro ATV TransmitterTM can
only be operated by a Technician class or
higher licensed Radio Amateur. All transmissions must be directed to at least one
other licensed Radio Amateur.
MFJ-8708, 4 channel, cable channels
58, 59, 60 and test channel. Weight only
11/2 ounces, less battery. Has audio and
video inputs.
Ship Code A
cable channel 59
video only.
Weighs only one
ounce, less battery (battery, quarter not included).
New! 4.5 Watts ATV Transmitter
Amazingly compact 2.35Wx2.8Dx.75H inches, but super powerful!
Frequency control is provided by
95 means of a digital integer-N, phase
locked loop. Dual PLLs provide a freShip Code A
quency locked video carrier and an audio
sub-carrier. Transmit frequency is selected
super high
via a four position dip switch. Four stanperformance
dard US ATV frequencies 426.25, 427.25,
434.00, and 439.25 MHz on channels 58, 59
radio ATV
and 60.
Video modulation is accomplished by a
module is capable of putting out a whop12-bit digitally controlled DAC-digital to
ping 4.5 Watts! The RF power output is
analog controller. A specially embedded
controlled by an analog potentiometer from software algorithm controls the modulation
near zero output to 4.5 Watts maximum.
depth and pre-distortion level to deliver an
Current draw varies with power level
ultra-clean video signal to the final RF amp.
High power transmitting over 0.5 Watt
output requires an external heatsink. When
provided with an external heatsink, MFJ8709 can be used for extended key down
operation. Reverse polarity protected.
RF power output:
4.5W Max, 50 Ohm
Audio Subcarrier:
4.5 MHz
Spurious Outputs:
Better than -40dBc
Phase Noise:
-75 dBc/Hz @ 500 KHz
DC power in: 12-13.5 V Max, (+/-100mV)
Current Draw: 2.2 Amps @max output
Frequency control: XTAL ref. to 4 MHz
Frequency stability:
+/-20 PPM
Video In:
Composite NTSC 1V P-P
Audio In:
Line level 200-250 mV RMS
Operating Temp:
-20o to +85o Celsius
2.35Wx2.8Dx.75H inches
MFJ . . . The World Leader in Ham Radio Accessories
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MFJ 5-watt CW Transceivers
New improved ultra-hot receiver...enjoy DXing or ragchewing wherever you go...brush up
on CW and a trrrific price!
Easy Operation: The most MFJ-9040/9030/9020
user-friendly radio you’ll ever
own. Sets up in seconds -- no
microprocessor mumbo jumbo.
Great Sensitivity: New hotShip Code A
ter-than-ever superhet receiver
brings weakest signals in at full
volume (super-quiet FET post
as receiving!
amp stage in the IF filter makes this the best
Semi-QSK: Set adjustable hold transmit/
CW receiver going).
receive switching to suit your normal sending
Excellent Selectivity: Tight CW bandspeed or set it for full QSK during contests.
width crystal ladder filter fights unwanted
Easy to Power: It uses little power -QRM and noise to the maximum.
only 50 mA average on receive and 1.2 amp
Smooth and Stable VFO: Wide-spaced
peak on transmit. Perfect for battery operareduction drive VFO capacitor glides slowly
tion in remote locations!
across the easy-to-read dial.
Rugged Construction: MFJ CW radios
True RIT: RIT control has center-detent are built on G-10 double-sided plate-through
- makes listening or calling off-frequency a
PC boards in our plant. Rugged all-metal
cabinet with brushed aluminum front panel
Easy on your Ears: Smooth AGC tracks
and vinyl clad cover.
only the signals you want
to hear -- it never locks
Integrated CW Station
onto strong signals outside Radio, tuner, power pack fasten together to
Choose your
the audio bandpass. MFJ’s form a tiny 6X6.5X8.5-in. integrated CW
favorite band! 40 &
InstantRecovery AGCTM
15 Meter models cover
snaps the receiver back at
$364.80 buys
Nov- ice and TechPlus
full gain after transmitting. complete CW staband segments -Built-in speaker: High tion. Includes CW
makes a perfect “first
efficiency 3” speaker driv- transceiver,
radio” for new
$189.95; MFJ-971
en by 100 mW of audio
upgrading hams.
MFJgives great volume.
MFJ-9040 covers
Rugged Transmitter:
7.000-7.150 MHz;
Motorola power amplifier
MFJ-9030 covers
transistor delivers full QRP
10.100-10.150 MHz;
output, tolerates opens and . order: MFJMFJ-9020 covers
9140B, 40M; MFJaccidental shorts without
14.000-14.075 MHz;
9130B, 30M; MFJdamage.
MFJ-9017 covers
9120B, 20M; MFJSinewave Sidetone:
18.068-18.110 MHz;
9117B, 17M; MFJ-9115B, 15M.
Pure 700 Hz CW sidetone
399 if purchased separately.
MFJ-9015 covers
makes sending as much fun MFJ-27, $4.95, carry handle.
Save $30! 21.000-21.200 MHz.
Hip-pocket size QRP Cub CW transceiver
Kit, Ship Code A
Trans-ceivers use
surface mount technology to achieve big performance in a pocket-sized package.
The kit version has all SMT parts mounted
and soldered. You just insert and solder the
“through-hole” parts such as the connectors,
inductors and trimmer caps.
Designed by QRP-ARCI hall-of-famer
K1BQT for real world low-power operating
conditions. Buy all or choose from 80, 40, 30,
20, 17, or 15 Meters. Specify band in “XX”
area of model number.
Hot receiver with 0.2 uV sensitivity, low
noise, sharp passband crystal filter,
Differential mode AGC, rock steady, over 80
dB signal range, robust AF output, 2 Watts
thru 20 Meters, 1 Watt 15/17 Meters.
Power adjustable to zero, full QSK for
smooth break-in, natural sidetone, shaped
keying, custom TX offset, receiver passband
center, low power drain. Tiny
33/4Wx11/2Hx41/2D inches. Wired unit covered
by MFJ’s No Matter WhatTM warranty.
MFJ-93XXW, $12995. Wired & tested cub.
Specify band in “XX” portion of model #.
Portable and QRP Power Supplies and Accessories
MFJ-4110, $49.95.
Portable AC power supply. Connect to MFJ
radios. LED indicates
when power is applied.
Output is approximately
13.8 VDC at 1.2 amps.
MFJ-416, $49.95.
CW option kit for your MFJ-9406 six meter
and your MFJ-9402 two meter adventure
MFJ-726, $29.95. Narrow audio filter built
for MFJ CW transceivers.
MFJ-4114, $69.95.
AC Power
supply/Battery Pack
uses Ni-Cd D cells
or alkaline D cells
(not included).
Matches MFJ radios. Output is 13.8 VDC at
1.2 amps. Voltage regulated. Ni-Cd charge
MFJ-412, $49.95. Curtis Chip Iambic Keyer
Module for your MFJ 90 Series Transceivers.
Use your MFJ paddles with the MFJ-412 and
your transceiver for complete CW fun!
Great SSB/CW Accessories
for your
90 Series MFJ Transceivers
$79.95. Tiny
Travel Tuner,
inches, fits in
the palm of
your hand!
Handles a full 150 Watts, covers 80-10
Meters, has tuner bypass switch, tunes
nearly anything! Perfect for backpacking, traveling, camping, etc. Great for
rigs like IC-706MKIIG, Yaesu FT100D, Kenwood TS-50. See page 6!
MFJ-971, $99.95. 200 Watt PEP
Antenna Tuner also has 6 Watt range
setting for QRP. Covers 1.8-30 MHz.
4:1 Toroid Balun is built in for balanced lines. Stackable with your MFJ90 Series Transceivers. See Page 5!
MFJ-561, $19.95. Miniature lightweight iambic paddle is just 13/4Wx13/4
D 3/4H inches and weighs just 21/2
ounces -- tiny enough to fit in an
Altoids(R) tin (cord and all!) -- great for
traveling with QRP or “big” rigs!
$59.95. Ham
radio’s tiniest
electronic keyer
with built-in
iambic paddle!
It’s a nano-size
2x3x1 inches and weighs just 31/2
ounces! Speed adjusts 5-65 WPM,
weight 25-75%, has Iambic mode A or
B, normal or “bug” mode and reverse.
Folded Dipole Antennas
for Your Portable Station
Single band, lightweight, folded
dipoles. Low SWR,
direct coax feed, 200
Watts. MFJ-1774 (40
Meters), MFJ-1773
(30M), MFJ-1772
(20M), MFJ-1771
MFJ-1770 (15M),
MFJ-1770A (10M). Perfect for MFJ Rigs!
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HF SSB Travel Radios are Feature-Packed
...the most powerful 12 watt radios you’ll ever own ... hot receiver ... potent speech processing ...
rugged transmitter ... proven on-air design ... real alalog S-meter ... powerful audio
Turn on your new MFJ SSB transceiver
and you’ll marvel at how well it performs.
Weak stations roll in with surprising clarity, faithfully reproduced by a single conversion receiver. On transmit, MFJ’s exclusive
ConstantCurrentTM speech processor cuts
through noise and QRM like a far more complex radio.
Take this performance along on your next
vacation or business trip -- the MFJ transceiver, microphone, power supply, and antenna
can easily fit into your brief case or carry-on
Simple operation: No microprocessor
mumbo-jumbo -- on the air in minutes!
Great sensitivity: Features a quiet double
balanced mixer front-end, single conversion
clarity and plenty of gain. If a signal is there,
you’ll get it loud & clear!
Analog S-Meter: A real calibrated Smeter -- not a useless bargraph -- that makes
adjusting an antenna tuner or finding the best
chip and rugged 3 inch speaker.
Low Current Requirements: You’ll
never have to lug around a heavy power supply to run this radio.
Rugged Transmitter: Bullet-proof output
transistor runs cool, easily tolerates 3:1
VSWR and feedline shorts or opens.
Built to last: Conservative design, platethrough PC board, quality components, handsome brushed-aluminum panel and a tough
beam heading clear-cut.
Excellent Selectivity: MFJ-9440/MFJ-9475 vinyl clad case ensure years of dependable
Eight poles of tight IF fil95 MFJ-9420 covers 14.150-14.350 MHz,
tering cuts adjacent chat- $
MFJ-9440 covers 7.150-7.300 MHz, MFJter and focuses transmitter
$249.95 with mic 9475 covers 3.750-4.000 MHz. One Watt
power where you need it.
Ship Code A
audio output at 10% THD.
Smooth VFO: No
Draws 50-100 mA on receive and 1.2
annoying synthesizer
amps peak on transmit at 13.8 VDC.
jump or obscure keypad commands to deal
21/2x61/2x6 inches.
with. Effortless tuning, custom reductionMFJ-415B, $49.95. Install this CW moddrive ball-bearing capacitor.
ule and operate CW, a must for DXers.
Powerful audio: Big audio -- even in
Provides semi-QSK break-in and sidetone.
noisy locations from a special Signetics audio
MFJ SSB Adventure Radios
($299.95 with
MFJ-290 mic)
Ship Code A
($269.95 with
MFJ-290 mic)
Ship Code A
MFJ-9406 for 6 Meters can economically open to you the exciting propagation at 50 MHz, not to mention local
ragchews. And you can take this little set
You get full coverage of 50.0 to 50.3
MHz with power output of 10 watts PEP.
MFJ-9402 for 2 Meters operates SSB
and (optional) CW with 7 watts output,
144.0 to 144.3 MHz.
MFJ-9410 for 10 Meters packs 20
watts SSB PEP output and you’ll be
amazed at the clarity of its receiver. It
covers 28.3 to 28.6 MHz.
Adventure radios are easy to operate:
just turn on and go!
They all sport MFJ’s exclusive
ConstantCurrentTM syllabic speech processing for an added 4 to 6 dB of punch.
All three Adventure radios feature single-conversion superhet receivers wth a
low-noise front end and double-balanced
mixer to fight intermod and dig deep, and
a 2.3 kHz crystal ladder filter.
All Adventure radios include a built-in
low pass filter to help avoid TVI.
You also get real analog S-meters that
double as speech processing level monitors, analog tuning with no unexpected
rate shifts or stair-stepping, powerful
one-half watt of audio from their 31/2 inch
top-mount speakers, and a solid-state
FET switch to key an external amplifier.
They’re energy efficient, operating
from a 2 amp AC supply (3A for the
model 9410) or from a 12 volt battery.
MFJ-416, $49.95. Optional CW
module for all Adventure Radios.
MFJ Adventure Radios are built to last
through their conservative design, premium quality, plate-through PC boards,
quality components, handsome brushed
aluminum faceplate and tough cabinets.
Fit an Adventure Radio just about
anywhere: each is just 2.5X6.5X6 in.
Special offer -- add an MFJ-290
microphone for just $10 more.
MFJ 6-Meter FM CommunicatorTM
MFJ 2-Meter FM Receiver Kit
Put together the MFJ-8400K and
you’ll have a go-anywhere 2-Meter FM
receiver for for pennies. Features include a
$169.95 w/Mic low noise, high gain RF preamp, smooth
Shipping Code A reduction drive tuning, and a 19-inch telescopic antenna. Has
The most inexpensive way to get on 6
tune, squelch, and
Meter FM voice or packet! Potent 10 watt
volume controls,
transmitter and CrystalClearVoice puts
and speaker.
Ship Code A
fun and fidelity back into ham radio with
Quality compoMFJ-8400W
true-to-life speech quality and ultra-clean
nents with glass
AFSK data signals.
epoxy PC board
Super fast PIN diode switching, no
Ship Code A
and all metal cabicompromise dual-conversion FM receiver
net. Power requirewith quiet LNA, factory installed 52.525
ment, 9 VDC. A
MHz calling crystals.
tiny 41/4Wx2Hx4D
Additional plug-in crystals, $24.95
in. MFJ-8400W
per frequency.
available as a wired
and tested unit.
MFJ Adventure Accessories
MFJ-1762, $79.95. 3-element 6 Meter yagi quadruples your effective radiated power over a half-wave
dipole. 6 foot boom, 2 lbs. Can use TV rotator and
mast. Handles 300 Watts PEP SSB. Mounts vertically or horizontally. Current balun decouples
feedline. Great front-to-back ratio.
MFJ-1756, $79.95. Omnidirectional low-angle vertical
radiator lets you work plenty
of DX in all directions even
with low power.
GroundIsolatedTM radial system eliminates common mode
current paths. Reduces undesirable feedline/supporting
structure radiation. 55-inch.
strong aluminum radiator.
MFJ-1736, $29.95. Hang this 6 Meter
J-pole in the clear. Omni-directional
full size 1/2 wave antenna with low
angle radiation beats 1/4-waves.
MFJ-1776, $39.95. Low SWR 6-Meter
folded dipole. MFJ-1770A, $39.95.
(10 Meters).
MFJ-906, $79.95. 6 Meter antenna tuner with lighted cross-needle
meter (with MFJ-1312D, $14.95).
100 Watts FM, 200 Watts SSB
PEP. MFJ-903, $49.95, Same as MFJ-906, less
meter (See Page 6).
Mirage A-1015-G 150 watt ouutput
6-meter amplifier with built-in GaAs
FET receiver preamp. $389. Page 59.
MFJ -290 dynamic handheld mic for all MFJ
SSB radios, $29.95 when ordered separately.
MFJ-4110 Portable AC Power
Supply, $49.95, fits in your pocket
and is a perfect companion for
radio-on-the go. 13.8 VDC output at 1.2 Amps.
MFJ-4114 Rechargable AC
Power Supply, $69.95, with battry pack uses Ni-Cad D cells or
alkaline D cells (not included).
Switch-selectable AC or batteries.
Output 13.8VDC, 1.2A. Page 31.
MFJ...The World Leader in Ham Radio Accessories
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MFJ TNC Accessories, Pre-wired Cables, Antenna Wires . . .
ging and unplugging to work voice/packet!
Works with HF, VHF and UHF radios with 8 pin mic connectors -Switch
including Kenwood, ICOM, Yaesu, Alinco, Radio Shack, and others.
95 between
Plug-in jumpers let you quickly set-up for any radio. Factory set
Ship code A your TNC
Kenwood and Alinco. Audio-in and speaker jacks. 31/4x11/4x4 in.
or Mic by
pushing a button!
TYPE PK12/PK96/PacComm KAM HF / KPC3
Plug these pre-wired
Mic Conn Other TNC2 compatibles
cables into your rig’s
8 pin round
mic plug
microphone connector
and into your TNC and
8 pin moduMFJ-1272MYV
lar mic plug
you are ready to go -- no
more hard-to-find conTM
MFJ PacketOnly data transceivers
nectors and wiring up
Why tie up your expensive 2 Meter rig
cables -- no more plug- on a single packet channel? Enjoy dediPre-Wired Radio-to-TNC Cables cated high quality packet 1200 to 9600
baud on 2 Meters, 24 hours-a-day!
MFJ takes all the hassle and soldering out of
MFJ’s data radios are compatible with
wiring your rig to your TNC with these radio
all TNCs with hardware DCDs and most TNCs with software DCDs. It
accessory port cables. Pre-wired cables save you
couldn’t be easier -- just plug in appropriate cable your antenna, 12 VDC
time, money and aggravation. Plug and play!
and you’re ready to go!
MFJ-8621, $149.95. Ready-to-operate on 145.01 MHz. Order other
TNCs and
KPC3 /
plug-in crystals for just $24.95 per frequency.
other TNC-2
MFJ-8621X2, $159.95. Ready-to-use for APRS. Crystals preMFJ-5022
installed and transceiver precisely aligned. 144.390 MHz.
MFJ-8631, $169.95. PacketOnlyTM 220 MHz. Has all the features of
the 2 Meter version, ready-to-operate on 223.700 MHz.
MFJ-5026YV MFJ-5026X
MFJ-9606X, $169.95. Voice or packet with MFJ’s new 6 Meter FM
MFJ-5020YV MFJ-5020X
Transceiver. Crystalled for 52.525 MHz calling freMFJ-5080YV
quency. Easy crystal re-channel.
MFJ-1272B/M TNC/Microphone Switch
TNC to Radio
Prewired Cables
Ship code A
Alinco8/Strd HT
RadioShack HTs
Kenwood2 HTs
Yaesu R-Series HT
Yaesu 8-pin
Icom3 8-pin
MFJ-5080M MFJ-5080MYV MFJ-5080MX
MFJ-5084M MFJ-5084MYV MFJ-5084MX
MFJ-5086MYV MFJ-5086MX
Radio Shack
MFJ-5088M MFJ-5088MYV MFJ-5088MX
8-pin modular
8-pin modular
8-pin modular
8-pin modular
1. does not include IC-W2A
2. does not include 2500
3. does not include 25A, 255A
4. does not include IC-100H, IC-2700H
5. YV for KAM VHF port, YH for KAM
HF port. Other Kantronics use YV
6. YV for KP9612 1200 baud port
7. YH models for KPC9612 9600 baud port
8. Excludes DJ-100, 120T, 200, 500
Pre-wired Accessory Port-to-TNC cables . . . $1995
ACC Port
TNC2 Compatibles
6-Pin mini DIN
13-Pin DIN
8 Pin DIN
8 Pin DIN
ICOM 706
13-Pin DIN
Open End Cables with Radio Connnectors
MFJ-5082, $9.95. 8 pin round mic.
MFJ-5106, $4.95. 6 pin mini DIN.
MFJ-5205, $4.95. 5-pin DIN. MFJ TNC.
MFJ-5208, $9.95. 8 pin DIN. Acc. Port.
MFJ-5213, $9.95. 13-pin DIN, Acc port.
MFJ-5220, $9.95. Yaesu FT-50R cable.
MFJ-5222, $9.95. Split conn. Alinco, etc.
MFJ-5224, $9.95. IC/YA/AL/RS HTs.
MFJ-5226, $9.95. Kenwood Handhelds.
MFJ-5268, $9.95. 8 pin modular mic.
MFJ TNC Software and Accessories
MFJ-1289W, $59.95. MultiComTM for Windows. Control 2 TNCs at
the same time in separate windows! Send, receive true color SSTV
Scotty 1, Scotty 2, Martin 1, Martin 2, Robot 72 pictures. Great Multigray level FAX, maps, etc. MFJ-1289M, $49.95, dos only version.
MFJ-1284W, $49.95. MFJCom for Windows, MFJ-1270C TNCs
and compatibles. MFJ-1284M, $29.95, dos only version for TNC2s.
MFJ-43, $9.95. Real-time clock. New low price!
MFJ-44, $14.96. Plug-in scope tuner.
MFJ-780, $99.95. Plug-in DSP board MFJ-1278/B.
MFJ-2400, $19.95. Great new low price! 2400 baud
packet modem. Faster communication lessens congestion on crowded bands. TNC still gets 300/ 1200 baud
for compatibility with other TNCs.
MFJ RS232 to USB Adapter and others
MFJ-5429, $24.95.
DB9 Male RS-232 Serial
Port to USB 1.1 port
adapter cable. Includes a
driver for
Win98/ME/2000/XP on a
3.5 inch floppy disk. Use this to
connect serial port devies to a
computer with no serial ports.
MFJ-5427, $24.95.
Use computer USB
port to print on a parallel printer. 6 ft. cable, USB and
DB-25 Female. Driver included.
MFJ-5428, $24.95. Same as
MFJ-5427, but has
USB and Centronics 36 Male.
Audio Cable Accessories
Soundcard Extension Box
Ship Code A
MFJ-5302, $9.95.
3.5 mm stereo corded audio extension
Pre-Wired Radio to Computer Interface
cord and adapter
set. Has 3.5 mm
(I, K, Y, YB) computer interface cable has serial inter$
95 face built-in! MFJ-5383K, Kenwood and stereo splitter (Y), 3.5 mm stereo
plug to 1/4 phone stereo plug, 3.5
Ship code A compatibles. MFJ-5383I, Icom and compatibles. MFJ-5383Y for Yaesu standard mm mono plug to 2.5 mm mono
plug, and 2.5 mm mono plug to
6-pin DIN, MFJ-5383YB for Yaesu 6 pin Mini DIN.
3.5 mm mono plug adapters.
MFJ Cigarette Lighter Adapter
MFJ-5300, $4.95. 3
Plug in your favorite accessories and operate off your auto’s
foot, 3.5 mm stereo
12 VDC cigarette lighter socket. Or operate from your
extension cord with
power supply in the shack! Provides power to your MFJ
volume control. Can
analyzer, keyer, meter or tuner lamp, counter, etc. Peruse for headphones
on radio speaker output to set
MFJ-5510 fect for making quick adjustments to HF/VHF/
$ 95 UHF mobile antennas with the analyzer in hand! audio level to external devices.
Pocket clip for portable use.
Ship code A 18” retracted curly cord, 60” fully stretched.
5 foot cord
plugs into
sound card
on back of
your computer.
Provides at
your fingertips, jacks for
speaker, microphone and headphone and gives you speaker volume control, speaker/headset
switch and microphone on/off
switch. 3Wx2Hx3/4D inches.
8:42 PM
Page 1
Sound Card-to-Rig Interface
Use sound card and rig for all digital modes!
Plug and Play -- includes software, all cables, AC power supply . . . RFI-proof . . . Isolation transformers -- no hum, noise, distortion . . . Operate PSK-31, packet, APRS, AMTOR, RTTY, SSTV, CW,
Meteor Scatter, others . . . Use as Voice Keyer, CW Contest Memory Keyer . . . Monitor On/Off Switch . . .
Plug this new MFJ-1275/M/T sound card interface between your
rig and computer and enjoy operating all digital modes.
Everything you need is included -- software, audio
cables, RS-232 serial cable and AC power supply.
Provides fully automatic operation with audio and
push-to-talk control. Matches sound card audio, eliminates ground loops and provides mic override.
Models available for all transceivers with 8-pin
round, 8-pin modular (RJ-45) or 4-pin round microphone plugs.
Operate PSK-31, packet, APRS, AMTOR, RTTY, SSTV, CW,
high speed CW Meteor Scatter and many others. Also use as
Contest Voice Keyer and CW Contest Memory Keyer.
Digital Modes or Normal Operation
Select the ON digital mode -- all connections are made between
your rig and computer for instant digital operation.
Select BYPASS normal mode -- your transceiver and computer connections are restored for their normal operation.
Audio Isolation Transformers
Audio isolation transformers and relay eliminate
ground loops, audio hum, noise and distortion.
Extensive RF suppression and line isolation eliminates RF feedback problems.
Automatic Microphone Override
Transmit mic audio at any time by
pressing PTT to override digital modes -great for SSTV and Contest Voice Keyer.
More Impressive Features
Serial port -- lets computer control radio
to override/interrupt digital transmissions.
VOX Control -- lets you use VOX
control when not using computer serial
port control.
Level Controls -- for transmitter drive
and for receiver-to-sound card drive level.
No need to adjust microphone gain or
sound card level when you change modes.
Stereo or Mono Audio Input -- A front
panel switch selects left, right, or both
sound card audio output channels to
accommodate various programs.
Off-the-air recording -- for replaying
or for use with spectrum analyzer programs.
Monitor on/off switch lets you have a
normal QSO and receive SSTV pictures at
the same time in the “monitor on” position. This is great for modes like SSTV and
Voice Keyer operation that may require listening to receive audio during operation.
Rugged Construction -- All aluminum
cabinet and surface-mount construction
gives you years of trouble-free service.
Use any Transceiver
Internal jumpers program microphone
wiring for any brand or model radio -- no
soldering required. Order MFJ-1275 for 8pin round mic plug. Order MFJ-1275M for
8-pin modular mic (RJ45) plug.
Super Sound Card Interface
Ship Code A
NEW! Order MFJ-1275T, for 4-pin
round mic plug, for Ten-Tec and others.
Plug and Play!
Everything you need is included --audio
and RS-232 cables, AC power supply and a
CD with a collection of the most popular
amateur radio software to operate PSK-31,
HSCW Meteor Scatter, Contest Voice Keying
and other modes.Use 12 VDC or 110 VAC.
RS-232 to USB Adapter Cable
MFJ-5429, $24.95. Allows
MFJ Soundcard Interface to be
used with USB Port computer.
DB9M RS-232 to USB 1.1 with
driver. Supports Windws programs 98/98SE/ME/2000/XP.
No Matter WhatTM Warranty
We’ll repair/replace for 1 year.
DSP Sound Card Programs
• Footswitch jack: Use footswitch (not
included) for PTT when not using VOX.
Plug and Play! Includes software CD,
RS-232 and audio cables, AC power supply.
Order MFJ-1279 for 8-pin round mic,
MFJ-1279M for 8-pin modular (RJ-45)
mic, MFJ-1279T for 4-pin round mic. Add
“X” suffix for 220VAC.
This super sound card
95 interface has all of the features of the MFJ-1275
Ship Code A plus . . .
• Auxiliary Input Jack: Lets you switch
your sound card from MFJ-1279 so you
can use your sound card for something
else. No more plugging/unplugging!
• Direct CW/FSK Keying Jack: Allows
direct CW or FSK keying operation.
• Headphone Jack: Use your stereo headphones so you won’t disturb your XYL
(also turns off external speaker).
Basic Digital Interface
Plug and Play!
Has sound card,
radio, speaker, RS232 jacks. Includes:
software CD and
RS-232, audio, mic
MFJ-1273B cables. No external power
95 needed. Has no mic jack or
mic switch. Order MFJShip Code A 1273B for 8 pin round mic,
MFJ-1273BM for 8-pin modular (RJ-45)
mic, MFJ-1273BT for 4-pin round mic.
MFJ-1296, $119.95. RadioCom4 integrates PSK31, SSTV, FAX/Sat FAX, RTTY,
SITOR, DSP audio filters and radio control.
MFJ-1298, $199.95. RadioCom5 -- all
features of RadioCom4 plus DSP Audio
Filter analyzer, Spectrum Analyzer, Dual
Scope Display, Sound Recorder, Time and
Frequency Management, Frequency Analyzer,
3D Scanner, Satellite tracking, Rig Control
for over 80 radios, more! Free demo at:
MFJ . . . The World Leader in Ham Radio Accessories
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• Automatically receive WWVB radio signal from National Institute of Standards and
Technology in Ft. Collins, Colorado for millisecond accuracy • Choose 24/12 Hour time
format or simultaneous dual times • Choose from huge selection of wall, desk mounts
MFJ Atomic Alarm Clock -- SUPER DEAL!
An unbelievable number of features for such a low price!
Ship Code A
MFJ Dual Time Display
Atomic Clock
Ship Code A
• Huge 0.563-inch height LCD digits
• Receiver set at 60 kHz for WWVB
• 24/12-hr selectable, running seconds display can dis• Dual Alarm
play two time zones. Show UTC and local
time! Lets you read any two time zones in
• 5-Minute ID (Snooze)
24 or 12 hour format. Atomic-controlled
• Fabulous backlight
for absolute pin-point accuracy! Features
huge 11/8 inch high-contrast LCD numerals
• Month and Date Display
easily read from 6 feet away. Super com• Indoor Thermometer
pact 4Wx3Hx3/4D inches. Super attractive
(Range 32 to 122 Degrees Fahrenheit).
silver clock folds up and slides in your
shirt pocket for great travelability -- ham• Uses two AA 1.5V Batteries (not incl).
fest proven to wake you up on time.
• 1 Year NoMatterWhat Limited warranty
Large Display Wall Mount Atomic 24/12 Hour Clocks
Atomic Clock
24/12 hour
wall or
mount atomic clock has
got all the information
you need at a single
Auto daylight savings time can be turned
off, when setting clock for UTC.
Metallic blue/silver colored clock (81/2x9
inches) has easy-to-read LCD display. Time
digits are 21/4 inches tall. Running seconds
display. Month, date, day and indoor temperature is displayed on bottom LCD display.
Easy-to-program. Choose C or F for
temperatures. Use two AA batteries. Mounts
on wall or includes desk mount. Measures
103/4Wx6Hx3/4 inches.
Dual Time Zone
Atomic Clock
Ship Code A
Solar Powered Eternity
Atomic Clock
Ship Code A
Read both
UTC and local
time at-a-single-glance with
this MFJ-121
dual atomic
clock. Displays 24/12 hour time simultaneously. Mounted in a handsome black, hardplastic frame, the MFJ-121 features HUGE,
easy-to-see 2” tall by 11/2” wide LCD numerals and also has running seconds display.
101/2Wx8Hx3/4D inches mounts on wall or
desk mount.
Use two AAA batteries -- long lasting!
This is the clock true ham radio operators
have been waiting for a long time!
MFJ’s exclusive solar pow$
ered Eternity Atomic ClockTM
works for an “eternity”! No need Ship Code A
for batteries or to set time! Receives WWVB signal. Display is a whopping
2Hx63/4W inches. Choose 24 or 12 hour time.
Huge running seconds display. Calendar format. 103/4Wx6Hx3/4D” looks great on the wall
or desk mount. Attractive tan metallic!
MFJ Wireless Weather Station ----Wind, Temperature, Rainfall, and More
Displays.....Wind, Temperature,
Humidity, Rainfall,
Pressure.......Has Forecasting
Icons....(sunny, cloudy with sunny
intervals, cloudy, rainy). Compass
display for wind speed, wind direction change, wind chill temperature, air pressure and air pressure
tendency. Includes... Graphic display of air pressure changes within
last 24 hours, rainfall recording
(total 24 hours, last hour), dew
point, all min/max recordings with
Also has....39 programmable
visual and audible alarms (for
example: frost, air pressure, temperature, unstable or stormy weather), solar powered outdoor wind,
temperature, humidity and rain sen-
Ship Code C
sors with 433 MHz radio transmitter, battery powered indoor temperature, humidity, pressure sensors with
433 MHz transmitter, battery operated receiver -- Displays all current
information at-a-glance on large
high contract LCD.
MORE.....receives signals from
up to 9 temperature/humidity sending units (two included, others
optional), all outdoor sensors are
solar powered with self-charging
battery backup, FCC approved wireless sensors transmit over 100 ft. at
433 MHz.
MFJ-194RS, $169.95. RS-232
Computer interface for MFJ-194
weather station.
9:19 PM
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MFJ 24/12 Hour Clocks
Dual Displays: 24 and 12 Hour Clock
MFJ-108B dual clock has sepa-
95 rate 24 hour and 12 hour displays.
Lets you read both UTC and local
time simultaneously. Features huge
high-contrast 5/8 inch LCD numerals that makes it
easy to read across the room. Mounted in attractive solid brushed aluminum frame with sloped
face for easy viewing. Synchronizable to WWV for
split-second timing. Quartz controlled for excellent
accuracy. Long life button battery included.
41/ Wx1D x2H”. MFJ one year limited warranty.
Ship code A
DXer’s Wall Clocks
MFJ-135, $39.95. 12
inch world time Quartz
clock gives five time
zones in a single glance.
UTC, Local, Honolulu,
Tokyo, and Moscow. 5
independently settable
dials. Highly visible,
easy-to-read. Black outer
trim, gold inlet with gold
hands and black numbers, beautiful white face.
MFJ-125, $29.95. 12
inch DXer’s Quartz wall
clock gives 24 hour time
plus more. Has three
smaller independently
settable dials for 12 hour
time, day of week and
date. No more day/ date
confusion when logging
DX! Highly visible,
easy-to-read dials! Seconds hand.
MFJ-115, $24.95. Set
this 24 hour Quartz
clock to UTC/ GMT and
you can determine the
time in any time zone of
the world at any time of
the day. Premier world
cities encircle its colorful world map face to indicate time zone. 12 inch
face is easy to see across room. Seconds hand.
MFJ-105C, $19.95.
This is the world’s most
popular ham radio wall
clock! True 24 hour
Quartz movement. Huge
12 inch black face with
large white numerals
give excellent visibility
across room. Attractive
gold colored hour, minute
and seconds hands looks great on any wall!
MFJ-126, $24.95. 12
hour Quartz movement
gives 12 hour time on
inner dial (for XYL) and
1200 to 2400 hour time
on its outer dial (for you).
Attractive clean, white
face is highly visible.
Has a real glass cover!
Handsome hunter green
trim looks great in any decor. Has seconds hand.
Hi-Contrast LCDs
Atomic Wall Clock
MFJ-107B, $9.95. 24 hour UTC
Clock has large
5/8 inch LCD numerals. 21/4x1x2
inches. Synchronizable to WWV.
Solid brushed
aluminum frame
lasts for years.
Long life button battery included.
MFJ-118, $24.95. MFJ’s Jumbo
Ship Code A
This huge
12-inch diameter atomic wall
clock can be
seen from
across the
room! It’ll
liven up any
hamshack wall
and it automatically receives
the WWVB signal from Ft. Collins, Colorado.
Has both 12 and 24 hour time format displays.
Has second hand with clearly marked seconds
display points. Attractive, clean white, real
glass face is highly visible and will improve the
decor of any room.
Red LED Clocks
LCDTM shows time in 24 UTC or 12
hour format with huge 11/4” high-contrast LCD digits. 53/4Wx21/2Hx1/2D in.
Also has year, month, date, and day of
week. Choose English, Spanish, GerThis 12/24
man or French for day-of-week display.
hour clock
Easy-to-operate. Has 100 year full calhas the
endar. Quartz controlled for excellent
accuracy. Manually snchronize to
and brightWWV. Black scratch resistant case.
est LEDs
Mounting holes for wall mount/flip
of any clock we have ever seen! Giant 2.5
stand for desk mount. Use “AAA” bat- inch super bright LEDs are nearly the width
tery (not included).
of a 2-Meter HT -- you can see them from
MFJ-112B, across the street, day/night! Perfect for de$24.95. This creasing eyesight. 12/24 hour switch. Wall/
Black with bright red LEDs!
DXers World desk mount.
12Wx71/2H in. Use 9V battery for backup.
Map Clock
Hour/minute set buttons. 110 VAC, 60 Hz.
shows you
the time at
MFJ-113, $19.95.
any QTH
Switchable 12/24 hour
display with HUGE
the world 1.8” red LEDs. Abon an at- solutely shines from across the room. Super
compact 11Hx 9Wx21/2D inches. Has 9
minute ID timer, alarm, 9V battery back-up.
world map. Also shows day of week,
Use 110 VAC, 60 Hz. Great clock for the
month, date and year. Time displays
sight impaired!
hour/minute/second. Choose 12/24
Hour. Easy push-buttons move you
east and west on the map to display a
QTH in every time zone. Daylight
MFJ-116DC, $19.95.
saving time feature. Attractive grey.
12 VDC, plugs in cigaCool blue backlight for night viewing.
rette lighter. Huge .562
Great for gift or use as logging clock.
inch green LCD digits! Great for mo1
4 /2Wx3 /8Hx2 /4D in. 1 year No Matter torhomes and truckers! 12 hour only. AttracWhatTM limited warranty.
tive black cabinet, long cord.
12 Vdc LED Mobile Clock
MFJ . . . The World Leader in Ham Radio Accessories
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MFJ Radio-Controlled Wrist Watch
This MFJ-186RC
has broken through
95 the high price of
Ship Code A Atomic Wrist
For an unbelievable $29.95, you
get a beautiful full-featured radiocontrolled watch that rivals the one
your buddies paid $99.95 for!
This MFJ Radio-Controlled
Wrist Watch automatically receives
the WWVB Signal generated by the
US Atomic Clock located in Fort
Collins, Colorado.
MFJ-186RC lets you switch
2.4 GHz, 15 dBi, 16-element WiFi Yagi
from 24 hour format or 12 hour format and to different time zones
(Pacific, Mountain, Central, and Eastern). Also has running seconds display and day-of-week and date display.
This MFJ radio-controlled wrist watch has an alarm function
and also can be used as a stopwatch for standard, accumulated,
split-time, or competitor measurements.
A backlight will illuminate the LCD display for about three
seconds in a brilliant blue.
Year, Month, and Day can be displayed in calendar mode.
MFJ-186RC is water-resistant up to 3 ATM - no more fear of the
rain as you work hamfest security.
Protected by MFJ’s famous “No Matter WhatTM” One year
warranty. MFJ will repair or replace (our option) your watch for
one full year.
MFJ AC Line RFI Filter squashes computer hash
Ship Code A
15 dB, 16-element WiFi Yagi
antenna greatly extends range
of 802.11b/g WiFi signals 32
times over an isotopic radiator.
Turns unusable or slow WiFi
signal into solid, fast connection.
Highly directional -- minimizes
interfering signals. Works with
any 802.11b/g or 2.4 GHz device.
Unique mount has built-in
standard N-type female connector and screw mount for standard tripod. Rear holes for wall
mounting and bottom holes for
desk or shelf mounting. You
can mount it for horizontal or
vertical polarization.
Precision punched
aluminum antenna. 18Wx23/4H
x11/4D in. 2.9 ounces.
MFJ Classic HamGearTM Apparel
MFJ-6200, $15.95. This MFJ
waistpack is the perfect hamfest, DXpedition or field day
hands-free carry-all. It has an
amazing 9 spots to put your
ham radio gear, tools, accessories, refreshments, etc.
HamGearTM HT Belt Holder
MFJ-15, $14.95.
Durable HT pocket with
elastic cord and velcro
closure fits on your belt
-- keeps radio secure.
HamGearTM HT Pouches
Radio chest
harness hold
your HT or
cell phone
snugly for
no worries,
Great for rugged action use like
DX peditions, field day, biking,
hiking, hamfests, search & rescue. Accessory pockets.
$3.95. Porcelain
MFJ Coffee
Mug, with other
of both common mode and differential signals. Rejects/shunts
undesired signals to ground.
Four 3-wire, 15 Amp, 120
VAC outlets spaced for large
AC adapters. 25 Amps/3000
Watts maximum. Fused. 51/2 ft.
cord. Wing nut for ground.
Mounting holes. Rugged aluminum case, 12Wx31/2Hx2D in.
Squash obnoxious power line
computer hash/noise 6 S-units!
Filters and reduces AC power
line RFI, hash, noise, transients,
surges generated by computers,
motors, RF transmitters, static/
lightning by 30 db and up to
60-80 dB with good earth
ground. Super fast, nano-second overvoltage protection.
MFJ Connectors, Plugs, Adaptors . . .
A. MFJ-7706, $9.95 each.
NMO to SO-239 adaptor.
B. MFJ-7701, $3.95 each.
SALE! Only $15!!!
SO-239 to SO-239 connector.
MFJ-323 keeps your battery
C. MFJ-7705, $4.95 each.
charged, while your motorhome is
parked for an extended time. Regular N male to SO-239 connector.
Price is $59.95. While quantities last. D. MFJ-7702, $2.95 each.
MFJ RapidBatteryTM Charger
Flashlight PL-259/PL-259 barrel connector.
E. MFJ-7703, $6.95 each.
MFJ-641, $49.95. Quick/ Tool set
trickle for Ni-Cad/Ni-MH.
PL-259 to BNC Right angle.
Status LED, Quick/Trickle
F. MFJ-7716, $3.95 each.
Auto-switch. 3 /2x5 /2x3”.
BNC male to SMA female adaptor.
One charger slot included.
(I2) for BP-131/132; (I3)
MFJ-7224, $9.95. G. MFJ-7718, $3.95 each.
BNC female to SMA male adaptor.
BP-173/180; (Y2) FNB-10/11/12/17/27; (Y3)
Flashlight toolFNB-31/33; (Y4) FNB-40/41/V47/V49; (K)
box. 24 piece nut/ H. MFJ-7719, $3.95 each.
Kenwood PB and KNB. Add’l slots, $9.95 each. screwdriver set.
SMA Male to UHF Female Adaptor.
MFJ Keep-it-UpTM Battery Maintainer
Provides inductive isolation,
5995 capacitive decoupling, RFI
Ship Code A rejection, overvoltage protection
I. MFJ-7708, $2.95 each.
BNC male to SO-239 connector.
J. MFJ-7714, $3.95 each.
Chassis mount 3/8x24 antenna
connector with insulating washer.
K. MFJ-7707, $7.95 each.
3/8x24 to NMO adaptor.
L. MFJ-7704, $6.95 each.
BNC to dual banana plugs.
M. MFJ-7709, $5.95 each.
Dual banana plugs, high-current.
N. MFJ-7713, $4.95 pair.
1 red, 1 black high current banana.
O. MFJ-7700P, $5.95 pack.
6-pair banana plugs, six black and
six red.
9:26 PM
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MFJ Speaker Microphones for New Yaesu, Icom, Kenwood HTs
w“ !
(Y, I, K,)
(VX-7R only)
Ship Code A
Ship Code A
Here’s a top quality
speaker mic that’s perfect
for those popular and tiny
new Yaesu, Icom, Kenwood, Alinco, ADI and
compatible handheld transceivers.
Fits perfectly in your hand and gives
booming receive audio so to monitor stations while the microphone is attached to
your lapel -- no more holding the speaker
up to your ear!
MFJ’s high-quality non-directional
electret condenser microphone gives your
handheld crystal clear transmit audio.
The MFJ-295 Microphone has -53 dB
sensitivity and 1K Ohm impedance.
Excellent top quality speaker produces 83
dB of crystal clear receive audio. 8 Ohm
Built-in earphone jack, top quality PTT
thumb switch, 8-position swivel lapel clip,
31/2 feet of durable, stretchable cord. Made
of high-impact plastic. Water resistant.
Black mic and cord, protective bend points.
MFJ-295Y, Yaesu, Icom, single pin plugs
like Yaesu VX-5R and Icom Q7A. MFJ295I, Fits Icom and compatibles. MFJ295K, Fits Kenwood and others.
New! MFJ-295R, $19.95 fits new
Yaesu VX-7R handheld radio.
voice, whether booming or at a quiet whisper when placed appropriately near your
The earphone gives superb tonal quality
so even distant stations will come in loud
and clear.
Made of sturdy black plastic and strong
metal sliders, one size fits all!
Superb speaker and mic foaming protects the mic and speaker elements as well
as making the ear fit very comfortably.
You could wear this headset all day long.
It’s perfect for mobile use with single ear
Small PTT switch can be conveniently
attached to your shirt or pants pocket. Has
six feet of cord from headset to plug.
MFJ-288I fits ICOM, Yaesu (not FT50R), ADI, Alinco, Radio Shack and other
compatibles. MFJ-288K fits Kenwood and
compatible handheld radios. MFJ-288Y
fits VX-5R, IC-Q7A and compatibles.
New! MFJ-288R, $24.95 fits new
Yaesu VX-7R handheld transceiver.
bud for a comfortable fit so there’s no more
worrying about it falling out of your ear.
It’s perfect for monitoring your receive
audio when you are in a loud environment.
MFJ-293’s special rubber flex earloop
design adjusts to fit the right or left ear (big
or small) very securely and comfortably.
Made of a sturdy black polyurethane and
comfortable rubber earloop, it’ll give years
of dependable use. Tiny thumb-sized PTT
switch is built right into the 6 feet of cord.
MFJ-293I fits Icom and compatibles.
MFJ-293K fits Kenwood. MFJ-293Y fits
Yaesu FT10R/40R/ 50R/VX-1R, Icom ICQ7A, other radios using single plug-ins.
MFJ-293R, $24.95, fits Yaesu VX7R. All
have MFJ one year limited warranty.
The speaker MFJ-283
and microphone (I,K,Y)
are both integrated into the Ship Code A
earpiece -picks up the vibration of
your earbone and then translates the vibration into a signal through your transceiver!
Super Audio Quality! It only transmits the
vibrations from your ear, it’s perfect for
high-ambient environments like motorcycles, ATVs, etc. PTT has velcro for attaching to wool clothes or belt provided. Two
clips on the cord position and secure the
earpiece/PTT to your shirt coat comfortably and 42” durable cord lets you snake it
around your body the way you want.
MFJ Deluxe Headset MicrophoneTM adds professionalism
MFJ-288 (K, I, Y, R)
through an
airport, at
Ship Code A
home, or in
your car, this MFJ
deluxe headset gives
you the ability to
carry on a private
QSO while doing
other things.
The microphone
can pick up your
MFJ Featherweight earbud Boom MicTM
Ship Code A and comfortable earbud and
boom microphone
that’s as small and
inconspicuous as your
radio! No more gaudy,
oversized headsets or
massive handheld
speaker microphones!
This tiny earbud
features a secure and comfortable rubber
flex earloop design and 5 inch flexible
boom microphone that adjusts perfectly to
your mouth. The earloop secures your ear-
MFJ MightyMicTM speaker microphone
MightyMicTM is a super speaker
microphone for those tiny and popular miniaturized handheld radios on
the market today like Yaesu’s VX5R
and Icom’s Q7A.
Tiny PTT thumb switch with
speaker/microphone and lapel clip all
fits between two fingers. Tiny 19”
retractable cord stretches to 4 feet.
MFJ-294 (I, K, Y)
This is the perfect speaker/micro$
phone for concealment. You’ll look
like an FBI agent when you work
MFJ BoomMic/FM Scan
MFJ-284, $39.95, same as MFJ293, but adds an FM broadcast
scan radio inside the tiny PTT
switch. Lets you catch up on the
news or listen to music or sports
while monitoring a 2-Meter
operating frequency! Auto
switches from FM to HT audio when monitoring frequency is detected. Batteries included. Order MFJ-284I (Icom), MFJ-284K
(Kenwood), and MFJ-284Y for Yaesu VX5R
series and Icom Q7A single plug Handhelds.
with this streamlined product!
An 8-position swivel lapel clip
lets you position and secure the
microphone to your shirt or coat
MFJ-294I for Icom and compatibles, and older Yaesu HTs.
MFJ-294Y for Yaesu
FT10R/40R/50R /VX-1R/VX-5R,
Icom IC-Q7A, other radios using
single plug-ins. MFJ-294K for
Kenwood and compatibles.
Identify your speaker/mic model
MFJ uses the letters I, K, Y and R to
denote what connector is on the speaker
mic. I is for Icom, some Yaesu, Radio
Shack, ADI and most Alinco. K is for most
Kenwood. Y is for Yaesu VX5R series and
Icom Q7A. R is for the new Yaesu VX7R.
Vibration Earbud Mic
MFJ Featherweight Earbud/Mic
MFJ’s FeatherMFJ-292
(I,K,Y) weight Earbud/Mic
95 has a tiny earphone
Ship Code A and thumb-size
mic/PTT switch
built right into the cord.
Barely noticeable and so
lightweight you won’t know
it’s there. Get crystal clear
receive/transmit audio out
of an ultra light (30 grams) speaker. Nondirectional electret condenser mic has -64
dB sensitivity, 1.1K Ohm impedance. 4 ft.
cord. MFJ-292I fits ICOM, Yaesu and others; MFJ-292K for Kenwood; MFJ-292Y
for Yaesu FT-10R/40R/50R/VX-1R/VX5R.
New! MFJ-292R, $19.95, fits Yaesu VX-7R.
MFJ . . . The World Leader in Ham Radio Accessories
MFJ-286 for Kenwood
While they last!!!
Ship Code A
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MFJ’s handheld “Rubber Duck” antennas
A. MFJ-1717, $21.95.
The World’s best selling HT antenna! When other rubber ducks just give
you noise, you’ll enjoy dependable QSOs with the MFJ-1717. Only 153/4
inches in length, it’s a halfwave on 440 MHz that gives you a hearty 2.15
dBi gain. On 2 Meters, you get an efficient full-size 1/4 wave antenna for
full size performance.
MFJ-1717 is precisely tuned at the factory for low SWR. High-Q, low
loss construction gives you maximum radiated power! BNC connector. It’s
rugged! It’ll take all the bending, twisting, flexing and tugging you can
dish out, and just pop right back up.
The radiator is protected by a durable synthetic rubber compound and has
a hard protective safety tip.
A strong rigid base protects the matching network from flexing and changing frequency. Tough, durable construction. Order MFJ-1717 for BNC
connector. Order MFJ-1717S for SMA connector.
B. MFJ-1716, $16.95. Dual band 144/440 MHz Flexible rubber duck
antenna is similar to MFJ-1717. 71/2 inches length, 1/4 wave on 440 MHz
and loaded 1/4 wave on 2 Mtrs. Tough, durable construction. MFJ-1716
has BNC connector. Order MFJ-1716S for SMA connector.
MFJ Telescopic Handheld Antenna Range Extenders
A. MFJ-1714, $16.95.
For really long range
this endfed halfwave
2-Meter is hard to
beat! Outperforms a
5/8 wave on an HT
because the 5/8 wave
needs a ground
plane. Collapsed
(10.5 inches) it performs like a rubber
duck. 40 inches
extended gives you
MFJ-1719/MFJ-1719S, $19.95.
This HT Antenna is truly amazing
for its size! Pound for pound, it’s
the best antenna around. Less than
1” tall, it’s greatt for traveling and
monitoring calls. It doesn’t get in
your way! Receives and transmits
on 2 Meter/440 MHz. Also receives great signals at 1200 MHz.
MFJ-1719, BNC connector or
MFJ-1719S, SMA connector.
MFJ Triple Band FlexiDuckTM
Back-of-Radio 144/440 Base
Foldover Telescopic HT antenna
MFJ-1717PL, $24.95. Plug into a
2 Meter/440 MHz mobile/base rig - not a 10-element yagi but it’ll get
you out in a hurry! Fold-over, flexiduck, PL-259. 2 dBi gain on 440
MHz, full-size 1/4 wave 2 Meter.
Hi-Q, low loss construction. 161/2”,
hard safety tip. Watts PEP.
MFJ-1717P, $24.95. Like MFJ1717PL, but no fold-over. Has
straight PL-259.
HT Antenna Extender
MFJ-1730, $19.95.
Roll up this 1/2 wave
2-Meter antenna and
stick it in your pocket.
Vacations, camping,
etc. Get home station
performance on-thego! Just 51 inches
long. Hang in a tree, plug the BNC into
your HT and enjoy some great QSOs.
It’s omni-directional and has significant
gain over a 1/4 wave. Doesn’t need a cumbersome ground plane so it’s convenient for
MFJ-312, $9.95. Get your antenna up in-the-air where it can radiate more freely! Clip this HT
antenna extension cable on a tree
limb, outside your car window,
your baseball cap, just about anywhere! Gets better received and
transmitted signals! BNC connectors on both ends. 31/2 feet
of tough mini coaxial line.
MFJ-1731, $19.95. 440 MHz pocket
roll-up antenna, 1/2 wave. Roll-up J-pole
for 440 MHz is like MFJ-1730, but shorter.
Hang it and operate with MFJ roll-up Jpole antennas anywhere and everywhere!
A. MFJ-1715, $24.95. Tie it in a
knot . . . when you use it, it’ll bounce
back in shape -- you can’t break it!
It’ll take all the bending, twisting,
flexing and tugging you can dish
out, and just pop right back up.
This MFJ-1715 121/2” SuperFLEXTM
radiator is a 1/2 wave on 440 MHz -gives a hearty 2.15 dBi gain. On 2
Meters, you get an efficient full size
/4 wave antenna. Safety tip, durable
synthetic rubber compound. Add
“S” for SMA connector.
B. MFJ-1713, $19.95. 51/2” radiator is similar to MFJ-1715 except
for gain on 440 MHz. Quarter wave
on 440 MHz and an efficient loaded
Quarter wave on 2 Meters. Add
“S” for SMA connector.
MFJ-1720S, $29.95. MFJ’s Triple
Band HT FlexiDuckTM antenna is a
whopping 19 inches tall -- it’s big
enough to deliver a powerful signal
for 2 Meters, 440 MHz, and 6 Meters!
It’s a 5/8 Wave on 440 MHz to give
you a hearty 3.2 dBi gain. On 2
Meters you get a 1/4 Wave antenna
with 2.15 dBi gain. On 6 Meters you
get an efficient full size 1/4 Wave
antenna for full-size performance.
Precision-tuned at the factory for low
SWR. High-Q, low loss construction
gives you maximum radiated power.
10 Watts. SMA Connector only.
MFJ 2-Meter Pocket Roll-up
MFJ 440 MHz Pocket Roll-up
C. MFJ-1710, $9.95.
The PocketLinearTM
is a pen sized 3/8
wave for 2 Meters!
Carry this antenna in
your shirt pocket like
a ball point pen with
pocket clip. When
you rubber ducky on
your HT just won’t
receive well, pull it
out, extend to 24”
and carry on your
QSO. Tiny 51/4
inches collapsed.
B. MFJ-1712,
$14.95. This telescopic Dual Bander
is for 144/440 MHz.
It’s a 1/4 wave on 2
Meters, 5/8 wave
with gain for 440
MHz. 71/4 inches
collapsed acts like a
rubber duck antenna.
19 inches extended
gives you superior
performance. Easy to
fold up and put
SmallWonderTM HT Antenna
MFJ SuperFlex ThinDucksTM
High Gain Dual Band HT Flexible Duck Antennas
MFJ HT Antenna Mag Mounts
Put your flexible HT rubber duck on the
roof of your car! MFJ-332S, $14.95. HT
Antenna Magnet Mount with SMA
on each end. Has 12 feet of flexible RG-58AU coaxial line.
MFJ-332B, $14.95. HT
Antenna Magnet Mount with
BNC on each end. Has 12 feet of flexible
RG-58AU coaxial line.
MFJ-1812, $19.95. Dual
band 144/440 MHz HT antenna
combines telescopic and foldover
features in a single antenna.
Extends to improve range plus it
folds over to get out of the way of
your gut. MFJ-1812 is just 6”
retracted and 16” extended. High
Q low loss construction, super
durability for years of use.
HT Antenna Window Mount
MFJ-310, $14.95. This HT Window
Mount gets your antenna outside where it
can radiate freely -- takes away auto shielding effect and gives increased signal
strength and reception. Use
144/440 MHz HT with BNC connector. 10 ft. mini RG-58 coax.
Mount safely rolls up inside
auto window. MFJ-310S,
$14.95. Similar, but has SMA
connectors on both ends.
New SMA to BNC Adaptors
$3.95 each.
BNC male to
SMA female
$3.95 each.
SMA male to
BNC female
$3.95 each.
SMA male to
SO-239 connector.
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Magnet Mount Dual Band 144/440 MHz Mobile
Power*GainTM Dual Band 144/440 MHz Mobile
MFJ-1724B This MFJ-1724B is the world’s best selling
95 dual band 2 Meter/440 MHz magnet mount
MFJ-1729 MFJ’s Power*GainTM is ham radio’s most
95 powerful dual band magnet mount mobile
Ship Code A band mobile or HT. Free BNC handheld
Ship Code A 2 Meters. Low SWR lets your rig deliver full
mobile antenna! It’s perfect for your dual
antenna! Outstanding gain on 440 MHz and
adapter. MFJ’s powerful 31/2 inch magnet base holds
your antenna firmly even at highway speeds. The base
has a scratch resistant rubber guard to protect your car.
The MFJ-1724B black stainless steel whip looks like an
attractive cellular antenna. Only 19 inches tall, you can
park in your garage without knocking is over. Low SWR
across both bands keeps your transceiver safe from overheating. Get excellent gain on 440 MHz band and 2
Meters. Handles 300 Watts PEP. 15 feet coax, PL-259.
power safely. Get a whopping 2.6 dB gain on 2 Meters
and 6.3 dB gain on 440 MHz. Perfect for dual band
mobiles or HTs. Free BNC adapter. Handles 300 Watts
PEP. MFJ’s exclusive 271/2 inch stainless steel SlimLine
RadiatorTM minimizes wind vibration for less SWR flutter
giving you longer range and better readability. Inculdes
15 feet of coax with PL 259 Connector, heavy duty magnet mount. New! MFJ-1723, $34.95. Similar to MFJ1729, covers 220 MHz, 2.6dB gain. 22.5 inch radiator.
MFJ 5/8 Wave 2/6 Meter Magnet Mount Mobile
MFJ Glass Mount Dual Band 144/440 Mobiles
MFJ’s 5/8 wave on 2 Meters give you
95 the maximum possible theoretical gain of
any single element mobile antenna, no mat-
Ship Code A ter how much others cost. On 6 Meters, the
MFJ-1728B is a high performance full quarter wave
antenna. It’s an excellent companion for your MFJ-9406,
MFJ-9606 or other 6 Meter mobile or handheld transceiver. Give you great “magic band” signals used mobile
or as a base station antenna. It’s perfect for your mobile
or HT. Free BNC handheld adapter. It’s rated at 300
Watts PEP. It’s amplifier ready. Low SWR lets your
transceiver deliver full power safely. A heavy duty
magnet mount holds your antenna tight at highway
speeds. You get 12 ft. of coax and a stainless steel radiator that’ll endure years of harsh mobile use. Easy to take
down with an allen wrench.
MFJ UltraLiteTM
Mag Mounts
MFJ Mobile Antenna
Ground Plane Kit
converts most
(left) is an
Ship Code A UltraLite
MFJ-1401 antenMobile mag$
95 nas into
net mount
Dual Bander
Ship Code B ground
1895 antenna. Has
Ship Code A 12 feet of
plane base staRG-174U coaxial line.
tion antenna.
1/4 wave on 2 Meters.
200 Watts.
Weighs less than 2 ounces.
1/8” rare earth magnet is
tiny, but powerful! Thin
mobile antennas
20 inch whip.
with PL-259 connector. Includes
MFJ-1722, (right) is simi- stainless steel mounting hardlar to MFJ-1721, but dual
ware, two hose clamps, allen
Band UltraLiteTM. 5/8
wrench, and four 20.5 inch radiWave on 440 MHz. 1/4
als. Easy install on any 2” pipe
Wave on 2 Meters.
with clamps or mounting holes.
Glass mount dual band 144/440
MHz mobile. A 6 inch counterpoise
mounted inside lowers SWR and
makes tuning easy. Excellent gain on
440 MHz and 2 Meters. Low SWR
lets your transceiver deliver full
power safely. MFJ’s Exclusive 26
Ship Code A inch stainless steel radiator minimizes
wind vibration for less SWR flutter.
Longer range and better readability. Handles 50
Watts. 12 Ft. tough coaxial line, cleaning pad and
mounting hardware.
MFJ-1738, $29.95. Similar to MFJ-1734 but 2
Meter mobile glass mount antenna.
MFJ-94, $4.95. Remount Kit for Glass Mounts.
Avoid factory tint placement.
A MFJ-1734
Dual Bander
Ship Code A
B MFJ-1738
MFJ-922 VHF/UHF Antenna Tuner, handles 150 Watts
MFJ-1721 MFJ-1721,
Two Meters
MFJ-844 VHF/UHF SWR Mobile Power Meter
95 covers 144 and
Ship Code A 440 MHz.
Insertion loss is
0.3 dB or lower with 50
Ohm impedance. SO-239
connectors. Tiny size lets
you put it just about anywhere in your operating
position. 3.75Wx3H x1.25D
Handles 200 Watts and
measures SWR and Power in three power ranges: 15W, 60W, and
200W. A multi-colored white, orange, and black meter makes for
easy reading. Extra large, highly visible meter. Die-cast metal,
quality connectors for years of use.
This compact dual band VHF/UHF antenna tuner
95 has a single meter that reads SWR and power. No
zero adjustment needed. It covers VHF from 136 to
175 MHz and UHF from 420 to 460 MHz. You can
Code A read power up to 150 Watts in 2 ranges: 60 Watts or
150 Watts. It’s a great antenna tuner for HTs, mobile
rigs or amplifiers up to 150 Watts. Its super-compact size lets
you take it anywhere -- measures a tiny 4x21/2x11/4 inches -- you
can put it in your shirt pocket! Carry it with you in your car,
camping trips, etc. Tuning tool included.
MFJ-916B VHF/UHF Duplexer, handles 200 Watts
This MFJ duplexer lets
95 you use a 2 Meter/440
MHz antenna with separate
2 Meter and 440 MHz
transceivers without a built-in duplexer.
You can also use two dual band
antennas with a dual band transceiver
with only one RF output.
Heavy duty diecast enclosure houses
low pass networks that separate/combine 144/440 MHz signals.
Low loss SO-239 connectors. Ports
are 50 Ohms, unit handles 200 Watts PEP.
MFJ-916BN, $34.95. Same as MFJ916B, but has low loss type “N” connectors instead of SO-239.
Ship Code A
MFJ . . . The World Leader in Ham Radio Accessories
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MFJ Accessories for FT-817 and Other QRP rigs
MFJ Walkabout Antenna Single Band Walkabouts
80 through 6 Meters
Work DX
95 walking
This MFJ
antenna is designed for the FT817 and other QRP rigs.
Covers all bands 80 Meters
through 6 Meters including
WARC Bands.
Its ten section telescoping
whip is 52 inches fully extended and is 7 inches when collapsed.
The whip unscrews from the
12 inch base loading coil. It is
ultra-compact for easy traveling. Handles 25 Watts.
You change bands by plugging the “wander lead” into the
appropriate socket on the base
coil. Fine tuning is done by
adjusting the telescopic whip.
Has BNC connector. Use
adapter for SO-239.
Ship Code A
2-Meter / 440 MHz “Backof-Radio” Antenna
MFJ-1717PL, $24.95.
Foldover dual band flexduck 161/2 inch antenna
with quality PL-259 connector. Hearty 2.15 dBi
gain on 440 MHz and full
size 1/4 Wave on 2 Meters.
30/40/80 M
95 $
95 $
6 Meters
Tiny 10 oz. Switching Power Supply
for Yaesu FT-817 and QRP Rigs.
MFJ-4103 Miniature
95 Switching Power Supply
can deliver up to 40 Watts
Ship Code A Ship Code A Ship Code A (13.8 VDC at 2.89 Amps)
Highly efficient single band
Walkabout antennas for the FT-817
and other QRP rigs let you work
exciting DX no matter where you
are -- hotel, mountain top, etc.!
Each 10 section telescoping
whip is 51 inches fully extended
and collapses to 51/2 inches and
screws into a base loading coil.
Handles 25 Watts. Has BNC
connector. Use adapter for SO239. MFJ-7703, $6.95, below.
MFJ-1806T (6M) $29.95
MFJ-1810T (10M) $19.95
MFJ-1812T (12M) $19.95
MFJ-1815T (15M) $19.95
MFJ-1817T (17M) $19.95
MFJ-1820T (20M) $19.95
MFJ-1830T (30M) $24.95
MFJ-1840T (40M) $24.95
MFJ-1880T (80M) $24.95
MFJ Miniature Travel Iambic Paddle
PL-259-to-BNC right angle
MFJ-7703, $6.95. Sturdy, adapter
for your FT-817
and multimode
HF antennas like
MFJ-1899T. Reinforced elbow
for less stress on
radio connector.
MFJ Pocket Repeater
Extend range of any radio 2 Meter, 440 MHz, Handhelds, Mobile, Base!!
of reliable power any$
where in the world.
Incredibly tiny -- 41/8X 25/8X13/8” and
Ship Code A
weighs just 10oz., including power cord,
connector. Output DC cable with a standard coaxial DC
power connector (2.1mm ID, 5.5mm OD).
Sturdy adapter cable included for Yaesu radios. The
MFJ-4103 has excellent specs and out performs all other
switching power supplies made for the FT-817. Perfect
for QRP rigs needing up to 2.89 Amps.
Works for input voltages 100-240 VAC and power
line frequencies 47-63 HZ. Use the MFJ-4103 almost
anywhere in the world by plugging in an AC power cord
with an appropriate wall plug for that country (Not incl.
Laptop computer AC cord recommended).
Overvoltage, overcurrent and overtemp protected.
Excellent 1% line and 5% load regulation and 1% peak
to peak ripple/noise. Op temperature is 0-40o C. Mean
time between failure is 100,000 hours at full load at 25o
C ambient. Meets FCC part 15 class B, UL 1950 and
CSA 22.2.
MFJ-561, $19.95.
13/4Wx1 /4Dx3/4H inches.
Full size feel for
smooth, easy CW.
Precision formed from
resilient phosphorous
bronze. Stainless steel
base with rubber feet. 3
foot cord, 3.5 mm plug.
MFJ Radio Voice Mail
Two way radio voice mail
lets you and your friends or
When you and
family leave and retrieve voice
95 your buddy are out
messages for each other.
Ship Code A
When in radio range, stay in
MFJ Simplex
touch 24-hours-a-day no matter
Pocket RepeaterTM greatly
extends your range. You can have $
95 where you are. Program custom access
codes and security codes so you can decide
your own private, portable
Ship Code A
who uses your Radio voice mail. It’s your
repeater within your neighborhood
own private, portable repeater. MFJ-664 can provide emeror when hunting, fishing, campgency communications when repeaters are down.
ing, hiking, caravaning on-the-roadside.
Test your own signal quality by repeating your transmisDuring a disaster, your MFJ-662 can provide emergency communications when repeaters are down. You can communicate way beyond the nor- sion thru another radio. Automatically repeat recorded message continuously. Great for determining band openings,
mal range of your handheld or mobile.
foxhunting and public service announcements.
Works with virtually any radios in any mode or frequency in any ham
Non-volatile memory -- up to 2 full minutes of voice
band or business band. It’s Legal! As a simplex repeater, MFJ-662 with
another radio digitally records audio from an out-of-range HT/Mobile, then messages. Keypad can be used for remote operation with
Morse code verification of functions. End-of-message beep
retransmits to other HT/Mobiles.Tiny, pocket -size 21/4Wx33/4Hx1D”.
and output level control for clean audio. Use 9V battery or
Repeats up to 32 second messages. LED lights when recording. On/Off
9-15 VDC or 110 VAC with MFJ-1312D, $14.95. 4Wx31/2
switch. 5 pin header for radio cable (connector included). Use 9 volt bat1
tery, 9-15 VDC or 110 VAC with optional MFJ-1312D, $14.95. Pre-wired Dx1 /2H inches. Use any radio. With PTT or mic closure
sensing. Pre-wired cables for Yaesu. (See page 38).
cables for most radios, $15.95. See cable column on page 38.
HT VHF SWR/Power Meters and Intermod FightersTM
MFJ-840, $19.95,
accurately checks
power output of
your 2 Meter handheld into a 50 Ohm
dummy load. 5 W
full scale. BNC. 2x21/4x11/2”.
MFJ-841, $39.95,
Connects directly
between HT and
antenna. Reads
SWR and power
output to 5 Watts.
2x21/4x11/2 inches.
MFJ-713, $59.95. HT radio
Intermod FighterTM. BNC for
hook-up to your HT. Rubber duck
antenna sits on top of the MFJ713. Use 9V battery. 2x21/2x11/2”.
MFJ-714, $59.95. SO-239. Use
external 12 VDC for power.
2-Meter CW Interface
MFJ-552, $79.95.
MFJ’s JimHandyTM
CW interface
plugs into your 144/440 MHz
handheld and converts it into a
modulated CW transceiver -just plug in your key.
MFJ-550, $9.95 Straight key.
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MFJ RuffRiderTM High Gain Mobile Antennas
MFJ’s RuffRiderTM High
Gain multi-banded mobile antenna series is for serious mobile
hams demanding the highest
quality products at reasonable
prices. RuffRidersTM feature
finest quality construction using
precision machined components.
RuffRidersTM battle the elements,
handle rugged rides and day-today highway abuse. They have a
PL-259 base mount for quick
installation to your heavy duty
SO-239 magnet, trunk/hatch,
gutter or mirror mount. A free
NMO adapter is in-cluded for
use with an NMO mount. MFJ
tri-magnet mount is recommended for big antennas.
any SO-239
or NMO
Each MFJ RuffRiderTM
mobile antenna comes with
MFJ’s unique 90 degree
“fold-over” feature -- lets you
pull into your garage without
knocking your antenna over!
MFJ’s heavy duty bases are
extremely strong to handle
super rugged rides and dayto-day highway abuse.
A. B. C. D. E. F. G. H.
Shown on magnet mounts, not included.
Choose from several different E. RuffRider Triple ThreatTM.
length and gain antennas . . .
59 inches of stacked elements
A. RuffRider Junior 1 .
MFJ-1436 with high-Q phasing
Premium, short 16 /2” antenna $
95 coils give a whopping
7.2 dB gain on 440
MFJ-1402 fits in any1 garage on
Ship Code D
/4 Wave on 2
MHz, 4.5 dB on 2
95 any auto.
Meters,1/2 Wave, 3 dB
Meters and 2.15 dB on 6 Meters.
Ship Code A gain on 440 MHz.100
Handles 150 Watts.
Watts. No fold-over.
F. NEW! Covers 220 MHz!
RuffRider Triple ThreatIITM.
B. RuffRider High Power .
Just 40” long handles full 200 MFJ-1434 Slim 38 inches, similar
Watts. Great for high
95 to MFJ-1436, but 2.15
power mobile amp. 1/2
dB on 2-Meters, 3.5 dB
Wave, 3 dB gain on 2 Ship Code D on 220 MHz, and 6 dB
Ship Code C Meters, 5/8 Wave, 5.5
gain on 440 MHz. 100 Watts.
dB gain on 440 MHz.
G. NEW! VHF/UHF & 10 Meters!
C. RuffRider High Gain . 41 /2”
RuffRider QuadBanderTM.
long antenna gives extra gain MFJ-1438 52”, 7.2 dB - 440 MHz,
with little height increase. $
95 4.5 dB - 144 and 2.15
dB on 6. Go HF with
95 Handles 150 W. /2 wave,
D 10 Meters! 150 Watts.
3.2 dB gain on 2 M, /
Ship Code C Wave, 5.7 dB, 440 MHz. H. New! Covers 40 through 6,
Hyper GainTM.
Plus 144/440 MHz!
D. RuffRider
621/2” brute gives a whopping 5 $
95 Covers 40/20/15
/10/6/2 Meters &
dB gain on /8 Wave 2
Ship Code D 440 MHz! Use up
95 Meters, /8 Wave, 7.6 dB
to 4 coils at one time. See page
gain on 440 MHz. Our
Ship Code D highest gain dual band
41 for more details. Tri-magnet
mount recommended.
antenna. Handles 150 Watts.
MFJ super heavy duty RuffRiderTM mobile antenna mounts
MFJ Trunk/Hatchback Lip Mount Deluxe Trunk/Hatchback Lip Mount
MFJ’s RuffRiderTM
Mounts feature extrawide four inch lip and
large reinforcing tabs on
MFJ-345S MFJ-345T each side safely disSO-239
3/8x24 tributes load over
95 $
95 your vehicle’s lip. 2
large set screws on
Ship Code A
each end locks your
mount in place. A scratch proof rubber
guard protects your vehicle’s finish.
Secures large VHF/UHF and medium size
HF antennas. Adjustable angles. 10 ft. low
loss coax has PL-259 connector. Has Allen
wrenches and weather protection caps.
MFJ 5” Magnet Mount with coax
3/8 inch
MFJ-335BM $
Ship Code A
5-inch super strong
black magnet mount
with 17 feet of coaxial
line terminated with PL259 connector. SO-239
(BS) or NMO (BM) or
3/8 inch (BT). All are
jet-black in color.
MFJ 3” Magnet Mount with coax
3-inch black magnet mount
with 17 feetcoaxial line terminated with PL-259 connector.
SO-239(BS) or NMO (BM).
MFJ-333BS NMO-to-3/8x24 Adapter
SO-239 Quality adapter lets you use
MFJ-7707 an HF whip
$ 95 with an
Ship Code A
Ship Code A NMO style
This heavy-duty MFJ-348S
fold-over lip
mount has a wide Ship Code A
3.3 inch lip and MFJ-348T
reinforcing tabs
on each side to $
safely distribute
the antenna load.
Convenient thumb/finger lay-over knob lets
you lay down your antenna to clear garages
and low over-hangs -- several position detents
in either direction. Scratch-proof foam guard
protects your vehicles finish. 17 feet of coaxial line is terminated with PL-259 connector.
Triple Magnet Mount
3 super-strong 5-Inch Magnets
MFJ GoliathTM
Mount has
three super
strong 5-inch
magnets bolted
to 1/4 inch triangular mount. 17 feet coax. Caution:
once on, it’s difficult to get it back off!
Select SO-239, NMO or 3/8x24:
Ship Code C
MFJ HT Antenna Mag Mounts
MFJ-332S, $14.95. HT
Antenna Magnet Mount with
SMA on each end. 12 ft. flexible RG-58AU coaxial line.
MFJ-332B, $15.95. HT Mount with
BNC on each end.
Mirror/Luggage Pipe Mounts
3/8 inch threaded
95 HF antenna pipe
/mirror mount fits
MFJ’s HF mobile
HamTennasTM or any 3/8”
style whips. Stainless steel
clamps can mount to 1/4 or
/2” pipe. SO-239 connector
w/lock washer feeds coaxial line underneath 3/8 inch
MFJ-344 is similar to MFJ342, but is verti- MFJ-344
cal mount for 3/8
$ 95
inch antennas.
Ship Code A
Ship Code A
MFJ Mirror/Luggage Pipe Mount
MFJ RuffRiderTM Mounts on
support rod of mirror, luggage
rack or spare tire carrier of
your vehicle (up to 5/8 in.
diameter). Secures large
VHF/UHF and medium size
HF antennas. 2 axis of rotation position your antenna to
any desired angle. Serrated
swivel joint locks secure with $
huge 3/8” set screw.
Ship Code A
Convenient thumb/finger turn
knob. 10 foot coax with PL-259.
MFJ GumDropTM 3/8x24 Mount
GumDropTM 3/8”
antenna hard mount.
Tough, durable plastic, rubber seal protects vehicle finish.
Ship Code A
MFJ Hard Mount Coaxial Line
Hard mount coaxial line, 16.5 feet.
95 SO-239(S) or
Ship Code A NMO (M).
SO-239 or NMO
MFJ . . . The World Leader in Ham Radio Accessories!
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MFJ 5/8 Wave Ground Plane
For an incredible $24.95, you get a 300 Watt 5/8 Wave ground plane 2 Meter home station antenna.
Other 5/8 wave ground planes can’t work any better -- no matter how much they cost . . .
MFJ-1750 Look at all you get
95 at an incredible
Ship Code A $24.95!
You get a 300
Watt 5/8 wave ground
plane base antenna for 2
Meters that gives you the
maximum possible calculated gain of any single element antenna.
Other 5/8 waves can’t work any better -no matter how much they cost.
You get shunt fed matching network for
lowest possible SWR over entire 2 Meter
band. Plus, it bleeds off unwanted static.
You get MFJ’s RapidTuneRadiatorTM
for quick accurate tuning.
You get a ceramic insulator for low RF
loss. Result? Maximum radiated power is
Easy installation to any 1 to 11/2 inch
mast, (not included) with a single U-bolt
You get strong lightweight aluminum
construction that’s protected by MFJ’s
Dual Band 144/440 Ground Plane
MFJ’s dual band 144/440 ground
95 plane antenna is small, lightweight and
super easy to mount to any 1 to 1 /2
inch mast, (not included) with a single
included U-bolt -- you’ll have it up and operating
anywhere in just minutes. Great for backpacking.
Mount it inside to get on-the-air quickly. You
get extra long range on 440 MHz with a high gain halfwave over
quarter wave antenna and solid 1/4 wave performance on 2 Meters.
Ground plane is sloped to give low SWR across both bands
and to minimize feedline radiation. This gives you more useful
radiated power, reduced TVI and noise pickup by the coax shield.
Ship Code A
Portable 3-element 2-Meter beam
Check out MFJ’s portable 3
element beam for 2 Meters.
Unique design lets you set it up or Ship Code A
take it down in seconds!
Elements simply screw into the boom. It’s easy
to store and sturdy enough to use as your base
station antenna.
The extra gain and directivity from this
beam could get you through when a vertical
can’t. It’ll make the difference between “you’re
breaking up . . .” and “Solid copy”.
Center mount it and use it vertically on FM or horizontally for
SSB. By rotating it you can minimize QRM. Unique design also
lets you end mount it vertically or horizontally on the leg of a
tower . . . great for Packet and PacketClusterTM.
Its compact 23/4 foot boom gives you a calculated gain within 1
dB of a four element Yagi with a boom nearly twice as long.
Extra thick elements maintain high gain and directivity over
virtually the whole 2 Meter band. A ferrite choke balun gives you
excellent feedline decoupling. Coax coupling is further reduced by
mounting the SO-239 connector behind the reflector.
Has MFJ’s Permanent Molecular Bonding TechnologyTM. New
coating won’t come off unless the metal comes off.
Weighs just 2 pounds. Boom is 301/2x13/4x11/4 inches. Mounts
easily to mast or tower leg with single included U-bolt. Mast not
included. Super easy to put together in a hurry!
Take the MFJ-1763 Two Meter portable Yagi with you wherever you go and have the oomph and directivity of a beam.
Improved 1/4 Wave Ground Plane
For $19.95, you get an improved
95 300 Watt 1/4 Wave Ground Plane for 2
Meters that’ll bring up repeaters as
well as or better than any 1/4 wave
ground plane -- even if it costs twice as much.
The improved MFJ 1/4 wave ground plane minimizes feedline radiation for more useful radiated
power, reduced TVI and noise pickup by the coax shield.
You get MFJ’s Fast-Tune-RadiatorTM that makes tuning to your
favorite part of the band a snap. U-bolt and mounting hardware
included. Easy to install on 11/2” mast. Can be cut for 220 or 440
MHz. A cutting chart is included.
Ship Code A
MFJ 7 element 144/440 MHz Yagi
Get 7 elements on 440 MHz
95 and 4 elements on 2 Meters.
Exclusive dual band balanced feed with FerriteChokeTM
decoupling prevents pattern skewing-- gives
low SWR. 1/4 inch diameter driver elements
give wide bandwidth. National Bureau of Standards design is optimized for maximum gain, high front-to-back, clean symmetrical
pattern. Mounts vertically for FM/Packet or horizontally for SSB
with single included U-bolt on 1 to 11/2 inch mast or tower leg.
Includes a 5 foot, 11/8 inch diameter boom, antenna weighs in
at 2 pounds. Elements are electrically isolated from boom.
Ship Code A
Stacked 2-Meter 5/8 Wave
MFJ’s stacked 5/8 wave radiators give
you more than twice the omni-directional
gain of a single 5/8 wave radiator!
Wide 10 MHz 2:1 SWR bandwidth . . .
excellent ferrite choke balun feedline decoupling . . .
shunt choke for bleeding off unwanted static . . . strong
lightweight aluminum.
Works as an excellent 6 Meter full half-wave centerfed antenna. Great for MFJ’s 6 Meter radios! Mounts
vertically for FM/packet or horizontally for SSB. U-bolt
(included) to any 1 to 11/2 inch mast or tower leg.
MFJ-1766, $119.95. Gives you four times the gain of a single 5/8
wave. 2 MFJ-1764 antennas, phasing cables. Double gain on 6M.
MFJ-1765, $34.95. Includes phasing cables for two MFJ-1764s.
MFJ Six Meter Antennas
Discone Antenna receives 25-1300 MHz, transmits 50-1300 MHz
MFJ-1762, $79.95.
single coax. Includes SO-239 connector,
6 Meter Yagi quadruples
95 wide-band
50 feet coax, stainless steel elements and
your effective radiated
mounting hardware.
power over 1/2 wave
Ship code B receives 25dipole. 6 foot boom, 3 elements, 2 pounds.
MFJ-1866 Same
95 as MFJ- Handles 300 Watts PEP SSB. Mounts vertically
1300 MHz. Perfect for
scanners. Transmit 50or horizontally. Great front-to-back ratio.
Ship code B 1868,
1300 MHz. Handles 200
MFJ-1756, $79.95. Omni-direcbut
Watts. Ideal for 6/2/11/4
transmits from 144 to tional low-angle vertical radiator
Meters, 70/33/23 CM ham
1290 MHz. Coax and lets you work plenty of DX in all
bands. Excellent for testing
directions even with low power.
hardware is not
various transmitters on
55” strong aluminum radiator.
PermanentMolecularBonding TechnologyTM. This super durable finish actually bonds itself to aluminum molecules -- it
won’t come off unless metal comes off!
You get MFJ’s famous No Matter
WhatTM one year limited warranty.
Just $24.95 gets you the most incredible value in a 5/8 wave base station ground
plane. Remember, other 5/8 wave ground
planes can’t work any better.
MFJ-1750, $24.95. 2 Meter 5/8 Wave.
MFJ-1752, $24.95. 220 MHz 5/8 Wave.
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MFJ PulsarTM Base/Repeater Antenna Series
MFJ’s PulsarTM Base/Repeater
Antenna series is built to last! Heavy
duty fiberglass radomes and overlapping
shells add strength and stability.
Stainless steel hardware and waterproof
joints elliminate moisture and pollution.
Super high wind load resistance.
MFJ-1526 - $139.95. Pulsar
ULTRA MightyGainTM. Dual Band
144/440 MHz Base/Repeater Antenna.
Our highest gain PulsarTM antenna.
Great 8.3 dB on 2 Meters and 11.7 dB
on 440 MHz. 17 ft., shipped in two sections. SO-239 Connector, handles 200W.
MFJ-1526N - $139.95. Same as
MFJ-1526, has “N” connector.
MFJ-1524 - $119.95. Pulsar Hyper
MightyGainTM. Dual Band 144/440
MHz Base/Repeater Antenna. You get
high gain with little weight. Just 10 feet
tall. Features 6.5 dB gain on 2 Meters
and 9 dB gain on 440 MHz. Shipped in
two sections. SO-239 connector, handles
200 W.
MFJ-1522 - $79.95. Pulsar
Economy Priced Dual BanderTM
Base/Repeater Antenna. Only 5.5 ft.
tall, but big on gain. Get 4.5 dB gain on
2 Meters and 7.2 dB gain on 440 MHz.
Great for antenna restricted households
and apartments. Easy to hide on
Balcony or backyard. Great Price! SO239 Connector. Handles 200 W.
MFJ-1516 - $99.95. Pulsar VHF
Base StationTM. The ultimate 2 Meter
Base/Repeater Station Antenna! Great
7.8 dB gain is perfect for dedicated
repeater or home use. 15ft. shipped in
three sections. SO-239 Connector.
Handles 200 W.
MFJ HF Mobile HamTennaTM Whips
Your Choice:
Each is
A heavy
duty 4
foot,3/8 inch
rod; a nearly
Ship Code B
indestructible .125 inch diameter PH-17-7
stainless steel whip and chrome plated brass fittings will give you years
MFJ-1675T - 75 Meters
MFJ-1640T - 40 Meters
MFJ-1620T - 20 Meters
MFJ-1617T - 17 Meters
MFJ-1615T - 15 Meters
MFJ-1610T - 10 Meters
MFJ-1606T - 6 Meters
19 Each
HF mini-Bugcatcher
Become an “HF Mobileer”
95 almost instantly with almost no
effort! Have tons of fun rag-chewShip Code C ing and DXing on the HF bands.
Turn boring drives into fun-filled
ham adventures.
It only takes minutes to attach a
trunk lip mount (MFJ-345T,
$39.95), mirror or luggage mount
(MFJ-342, $9.95) or tri-magnet
mount (MFJ-336T, $29.95).
Screw in your MFJ-1624 mini
bugcatcher HF mobile antenna.
Throw your rig into your car,
plug it in the cigarette lighter and
turn the power down to 20 Watts
or so (to avoid overloading your
cigarette lighter; handles 300
Watts PEP).
Operate HF mobile and enjoy
Bugcatcher design uses large
highly-efficient air-wound inductor
--it will far out perform other
compact HF mobile antennas.
Exclusive built-in inductive
matching network keeps SWR low.
51/2 foot whip collapses to 21/2 feet
for easy storage and garages. Base
loaded for minimum wind load
and stress. Change bands by moving “wander lead”. 3/8 by 24 inch
of dependable service.
It’s sleek, low profile construction has
low wind loading and its semi-rigid fiberglass eliminates the need for springs or guys.
Black anti-static jacket protects the loading coil and blends with any vehicle. Stainless steel whip is adjustable for lowest SWR.
Includes allen wrench and complete tuning and matching instructions. Handles 250
Watts PEP.
These whips are about 7 feet tall fully
extended, and they collapse to about 4 feet
for easy storage.
Simply screws into any 3/8x24 female
mount for quick band-changing.
This new mobile antenna lets you operate all of your favorite
HF/VHF/UHF bands. Covers
40/20/15/10/6/2 Meters/440
MHz with automatic
95 bandswitching!
Use 1 or up to 4
Ship Code C loading coils for
ultra low profile.
Adjustable whip for tuning.
Handles 100 Watts. SO-239
connector quickly screws onto
mirror, luggage or tri-magnet.
Antenna is 75 inches with the
tallest coil mounted vertically.
Perfect for Icom-706 series.
MFJ-1536 - $119.95. Pulsar VHF
TriBanderTM. The Perfect Base/Repeater
Antenna for VHF work. Covers 2
Meters, 6 Meters, and 440 MHz. You
get 2 dB on 6 Meters, 6 dB gain on 2
Meters, and 8 dB gain on 440 MHz.
Only 8.2 ft., shipped in two sections.
SO-239 Connector. Handles 200W.
Quadbander covers 220 MHz
MFJ-1538 - $119.95. Pulsar VHF
Quad-BanderTM.. Like MFJ-1536, but
covers 6M/144/220/440 MHz.
MFJ-1532N - $99.95. Pulsar
VHF/UHF and 1.2 GHz TriBanderTM
Base /Repeater Antenna. VHF operation
plus exciting 1.2 GHz!! 4.5 dB gain on
2 Meters, 8.3 on 440 MHz, and a whopping 11.7 dB 1.2 GHz. 51/2 ft. Type
“N” connector. Handles 200 W.
Thin, sleek base-loaded
41/2 ft Mobile HF whips
Efficient, base-loaded
MFJ-2620T 41/2 foot HF Whip
(20 Meters) Antenna is thin, sleek,
and low profile with very
MFJ-2640T low wind resistance.
(40 Meters) Lightweight. A 3/8x24
trunk lip or 5-inch magnet mount
holds it tight and secure. Handles 125
Watts. Enjoy your road trip on HF!
Whip collapses to 22 inches for
easy parking or storage in trunk.
Easy-on, easy-off 3/8x24 stud. Use
as center loaded antenna with bottom mast to improve efficiency.
3/8x24 Antenna Mounts
MFJ-336T, $29.95.
Three super strong 5inch magnets form this
tri-magnet mount with
17 feet coaxial line.
MFJ-345T, $39.95. Trunk lip Mount for
3/8x24, 10 feet coax, rubber guard.
MFJ-348T, $42.95. 3/8x24 deluxe trunk
lip mount with extra-wide 3.3-inch lip,
Has 17 feet coax, rubber guard, etc.
MFJ-342, $9.95. Vertical 3/8x24 pipe
mount for mirror/luggage.
MFJ-344, $9.95. Horizontal 3/8x 24 pipe
mount for mirror/luggage.
MFJ-343, $9.95. Through-hole bumper,
trunk mount, rubber seal, lock washer.
See page 47 for more mount info.
Air-Wound Coils
MFJ air-wound coils are constructed with a solid rigid round
acrylic rod and tin-plated solid copper wires embedded into the
acrylic rod.
Wire size
Price: Inductance
Part No.
They are super
Diameter per Inch
strong and superbly
crafted. MFJ winds
them tough so they 404-1610
92 uH
10 in.
13/4 in.
stay wound.
44 uH
12 in.
2 in.
Select a special 404-0669
79 uH
12 in.
2 in.
MFJ air-wound coil 404-0700
77 uH
12 in.
2 in.
for your mobile and
159 uH
10 in.
21/2 in.
portable antennas,
35 uH
11 in.
3 in.
antenna tuners,
230 uH
10.5 in.
3 in.
amplifiers and other 404-0009
Designed to clip on air-wound coil for wire size
up to AWG 12. 1/4” wide silver plated contact has
set screw to secure for maximum contact tension.
MFJ . . . The World Leader in Ham Radio Accessories
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HF Portable/Mobile Manual Screwdriver Antennas
MFJ's new Manually Tuned Screwdriver Antennas lets you operate all bands
between 80 and 6 Meters continuously including all WARC bands and the new 60
Meter bands (depends on model). It far outperforms other HF compact antennas.
MFJ's new Manually Tuned Screwdriver
Antennas let you operate all bands 80-6
Meters continuously including all WARC
bands and the new 60 Meter bands
(depends on model). It far outperforms
other HF compact antennas.
An extra long 10 foot (19” collapsed)
telescoping whip lets you really get out and
work rare DX! A 4½ foot (23” collapsed)
telescoping stainless steel whip is included
for mobile and limited space operation.
It has a highly efficient loading inductor.
For highest Q, the coil is wound with
heavy gauge wire with wide spaced turns
on a core that is mostly air.
A tuning sleeve electrically removes
turns to eliminate detrimental self-resonance effects that "wander leads" cause.
The tuning sleeve is on the low impedance side of the coil to minimize power
robbing stray capacitance and detuning
hand capacitance effects. Tuning is
smooth, easy and sure -- the frequency
stays put after you tune it. No tedious
back & forth trial & error tuning procedure.
It's extremely rugged -- the whole
coil assembly is one unit and does not
move. A separate movable sleeve adjusts
frequency. A nylon-tipped thumbscrew locks sleeve. Wing nut lets you
connect a matching capacitor or inductor
for 1:1 SWR. Standard 3/8x24 mounting hardware is used for loading coil
and both whips. Use any 3/8x24 mount.
Works great in/outdoors. Handles
200Watts PEP. Add coax, connect
ground/counterpoise and you're ready!
with 4½ foot mobile or 10
foot fixed operation telescoping whip.
Continuously adjustable
loading coil is 15 inches
long by 2 inches in diameter and weighs 1.3 pounds.
Por tab
Covers 80-6
Meters with 10
foot whip. Covers
Ship Code C
6-40 Meters 4½
foot whip. 24
inches long by 2 inches in diameter.
Weighs just 1.8 pounds.
12 and 10 Foot whips are durable 1/2 inch
diameter plated brass. Standard 3/8 inch by
24 threaded stud for all standard mounts.
Replace screwdriver antenna whip for
highly efficient fixed mobile operation.
Telescopes for full 1/4 wave operation 2
to 12/15 Meters. Cover 17, 20, 30, 40, 60,
80, 160 Meters with loading coil. Use two
for multi-band dipoles.
A. MFJ-1956, $29.95. Telescopic, 12
feet fully extended, 22.5 inches collapsed.
B. MFJ-1954, $19.95. Telescopic, 10
feet fully extended, 19 inches collapsed.
C. MFJ-1952, $14.95. Telescopic, 4.5
feet extended stainless steel whip. 22 inches collapsed. 3/8x24 threaded stud. Super
durable for mobile or base operation.
108 and 72 inches
stainless steel whips
Solid stainless steel 108 inch and 72
inch whips with corona discharge caps.
Super durable whips for mobile screwdriver antennas. 3/8x24 threaded stud.
D. MFJ-1966, $24.95. 108 inches.
E. MFJ-1964, $19.95. 72 inches.
Covers 80-6
Meters with 4½
foot mobile or 10
Ship Code C
foot fixed operation
telescoping whip. Continuously
adjustable loading coil is 36 inches
long by 2 inches in diameter and
weighs 2.6 pounds.
MFJ Portable
Antenna Tripods
Ship Code C
Ship Code D
Each have black steel base forms with strong
braced equilateral triangles on a side. They
have non-skid feet and strong base and mast
locks. You can easily add a mount or mast
extension for even greater heights.
MFJ-1918, $39.95, holds 66 pounds of
antenna steady and extends up to 6 feet. One
inch diameter steel mast extends height to six
feet. Strong base and mast locks. Collapses
to 38 inches by 4 inch diameter. Weighs
just 63/4 pounds.
New! MFJ-1919, $79.95, holds 100
pounds of antenna steady and
extends to a whopping 7.8 feet.
Base extends to 693 inches
squared. 1.4 inch diameter mast
easily accepts most U-bolt
antenna applications.
Collapses to 38 inches by 4
inch diameter. 93/4 pounds.
95 Covers
Ship Code C 40-2
Covers 40-2
95 Meters with 10 foot
whip. Covers 6-20
Ship Code C Meters with 4 ½ foot
whip. 12 inches long by 2 inches in
diameter. Weighs one pound.
12/10/4.5 feet
telescoping whips
Mobile Manual Screwdriver Antennas
The MFJ-1662 (40-6 Meters) and the
MFJ-1668 (80-6 Meters) are termed Mobile
Antennas because they cover their respective frequency ranges with the short 4½
foot (23 inches collapsed) mobile telescoping stainless steel whip. A 10 foot telescoping whip (19 inches collapsed) is
included for fixed mobile operation only. It
vastly increases efficiency when you are
stopped at a hotel or rest stop, etc.
Portable Manual Screwdriver Antennas
The MFJ-1661 (40-6 Meters) and the
MFJ-1664 (80-6 Meters) are termed
Portable Antennas because they cover their
respective frequency ranges with the long
10 foot (19 inches collapsed) telescoping
whip for fixed operation. They are smaller
and lighter than the mobile versions.
A short 4½ foot (23 inches collapsed)
telescoping whip is included for limited
space or mobile operation.
Ultimate Portable
HF Vertical Antenna
Ship Code A
You get Phil Salas,
AD5X “Ultimate Portable
Antenna” article, from QST,
2005; a 2.5” diameter, 5inch length coil; a ten foot
telescopic whip antenna; six
special silver plated tap
clips for the coil, and
a chassis mount SO-239
connector to build the
antenna. The rest of
the parts needed to
build the antenna
are described in
AD5X’ article. The
antenna is a full
quarter-wave on
20-10 Meters,
and also works
60, 40 and 30
10:15 PM
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33 Foot Telescoping Fiberglass Mast
Collapses to 3.8 feet . . . Weighs 3.3 lbs.
Just pull out each section and twist
95 to lock. It extends to a whopping 33
Ship Code D feet - - a full quarter wave on 40
True 1:1 Current Balun/Center Insulator
True 1:1 Current Balun/ Center
Insulator forces equal antenna currents in
Meters! It collapses to just 3.8 feet and
Ship Code A dipoles for superior performance.
weighs a light 3.3 pounds for true portability.
Reduces coax feedline radiation and
Bottom section is large 13/4-inch diameter. Super
field pattern distortion -- your signal goes where
strong fiberglass flexes to resist breaking. Black
you want it.
resists UV.
Reduces TVI, RFI and RF hot spots in your
Great for portable, temporary use and semi-pershack. Don’t build a dipole without one! 50 himanent use - - traveling, camping, from hotels,
permeability ferrite beads on high quality RGhamfests, field day, DX-peditions.
303 Teflon(R) coax and Teflon(R) coax connector.
Put up a full size inverted Vee, dipole or vertical
Handles full 1.5kW 1.8-30 MHz. Stainless
antenna in minutes and get full size performance.
steel hardware with direct 14 gauge stranded copper wire connection to
Use to construct other types of antennas like
antenna. 5x2 inches. Heavy duty weather housing.
loops, quads, rotatable dipoles even beams.
True 4:1 Current Balun/Center Insulators
MFJ-915 RF Isolator
MFJ-915 RF Isolator prevents
unwanted RF from traveling on the
outside of your coax shield into
Ship Code A
your transceiver. This unwanted
stray RF can cause painful RF “bites” when
you touch your microphone or volume control,
cause your display or settings to go crazy, lock
up your transceiver or turn off your power supply. In mobile installations, stray RF could
cause your car to do funny things even blow
your car computer. Clear up these problems, plug an
MFJ-915 between your antenna and transceiver. Don’t
operate without one! 5x2 inches. For 1.8-30 MHz.
The MFJ-913/MFJ-919 are true current
baluns/antenna center insulators that transShip Code A forms 200 ohms to 50 ohms. Transmission
Line Transformer construction using 100 ohm
characteristic impedance transmission line gives flat 16010 Meter response. Large low permeability ferrite cores
easily handle full power. SO-239, stainless steel hardware
with direct 14 gauge stranded copper wire connection to
antenna. Heavy duty weather housing.
MFJ-913, $29.95. Handles 300 Watts. 41/4”Hx2” dia.
MFJ-919, $59.95. Handles 1500 Watts.
95 Sturdy, cube shaped housing measures
Ship Code A 3 /2Wx3 /2Hx2 /2D inches.
MFJ W9INN Balun Box
Ship Code A
coax line to
balanced ladder
line. Giant 2core 4:1 balun wound with Teflon(R) wire.
31/4x21/4x7 in. Heavy duty ceramic feedthru insulators. 1500 Watts full legal limit.
SO-239. Ground post, mounting holes.
Switchable 1:1 or 4:1
Current Balun/Unun
Switchable. New!
1:1 or 4:1 current MFJ-911H
balun/unun. This $
line transformer Code A
uses low-permeability ferrite cores to give amazingly
flat response 1.8-30 MHz.
Transforms 200 or 50 ohm
balanced or unbalanced
loads to 50 ohms. Change
balanced to unbalanced with ground post.
300 Watts. 21/2Wx43/4Hx1D inches.
MFJ 10-40M Portable Antenna
DXCC, WAZ, WAC, WAS won with MFJ-1621!
MFJ-1621 lets you operate anywhere -- apartment, campsite, resort hotel, even at the beach.
Work 40-10 Meters using included 54-inch
telescoping whip antenna.
MFJ-1621 The antenna is mounted on a
89 sturdy, self-standing 6x3x6
Ship Code A inch cabinet. Features a builtin antenna tuner, field strength meter, 50 feet
of RG-58 coax. Handles 200 Watts PEP SSB.
MFJ-1621 is a complete portable multiband antenna system -- use it in practically
any location. The whip has a 3/8x24 threaded
connector to disengage easily and collapses to
22-inches for easy portability.
Just place in any electrically clear location, set the bandswitch, tune
the capacitor for maximum
field strength and sit
back, relax, and operate!
True 4:1 Current
True 4:1 MFJ-911
balun/unun Ship Code A
transforms 200 ohm
balanced and unbalanced
loads to 50 ohms. True
transmission line transformer gives an amazingly flat response 1.830 MHz. Two low-permeability ferrite
cores easily handles 300 watts. Change
balanced to unbalanced with ground post.
Compact 21/2Wx43/4Hx1D inches.
Whip Tuner/Artificial Ground gives
instant 80-10M, 150 Watt Antenna
Just add short whip
and counterpoise wire
and instantly
get an effecMFJ-1644 tive portable 150 Watt
149 all band 3.5-30 MHz
Ship Code A antenna.
It's effective, compact and simple to use for portable, fixed station
and emergencies.
High power, hi-Q 3-core variable
loading coil efficiently resonates
short whip or random wire. Identical
inductor tunes counterpoise.
Operates 30-10 Meters with included 4½ foot telescoping whip antenna and counterpoise assembly.
Add longer whip/random wire
and external loading coil for more
efficient operation especially on
80-30M. 12 foot whip, hamstick,
Hustler antennas all work great.
Tune for low SWR with built-in
reversible L-network. Current
balun decouples radiating elements.
Tune for maximum current on
RF Current Meter to give you maximum radiated power and minimum
SWR. Sensitivity control lets you
use QRP to 150 Watts QRO.
Ultra low capacitance fiberglass
antenna/counterpoise insulator minimizes shunting antenna current to
ground for maximum radiated power.
Standard 3/8x24 female connector for whip antennas and
wing-nut for counterpoise.
SO-239. 7¼Wx2¼HX2½D
in. MFJ-1642, $119.95.
Like MFJ-1644 but less
RF Current Meter.
MFJ . . . The World Leader in Ham Radio Accessories!
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MFJ Antennas for Restricted Areas
MFJ Apartment Antenna
MFJ’s Super High-Q LoopTM Antennas
Ship Code F
tiny 36
lets you
30 MHz
continuously --
including the WARC bands!
Ideal for limited space -- apartments, small lots, motor homes, attics, or
mobile homes. Enjoy both DX and local
contacts mounted vertically. Get both
low angle radiation for excellent DX and
high angle radiation for local, close-in
contacts. Handles 150 watts.
Super easy-to-use! Only MFJ’s
super remote control has Auto Band
SelectionTM. It auto tunes to desired
band, then beeps to let you know. No
control cable is needed. Fast/slow tune
buttons and built-in two range CrossNeedle SWR/Wattmeter lets you quick-
MFJ Vertical
for Antenna
Restricted Areas
40, 20, 15, 10 Meters,
Automatic BandSwitching
Perfect for permanent or portable
operation in antenna restricted areas.
Covers 40 thru 2 Meters . . . Mounts outdoor to
windows, balconies, railings . . . works great
indoors mounted to desks, tables, bookshelves
Antenna lets
Ship Code C
you operate 40
through 10
Meters on HF
and 6/2 Meters
on VHF with a
single antenna!
Its universal
lets you easily
attach it to window frames, balconies and railings.
It also works great indoors mounted to a desk,
table or bookshelf. It’s not a 5-element yagi, but
you’ll work your share of exciting DX!
Highly efficient air wound “bug catcher” loading coil and telescoping 51/2 foot radiator lets you
really get out! Radiator collapses to 21/2 feet for
easy storage and carrying.
It includes coax RF choke balun, coax feed
line, counterpoise wire and safety rope.
The operating frequency is adjusted by moving
the “wander lead” on the coil and adjusting the
counterpoise for best SWR.
Portable Antenna Base
Ship Code D
Shown with
antenna and
(not included).
Ship Code D
Hide behind trees,
fences, buildings,
in bushes -- only 7
to 10 feet tall
Low angle of
radiation for
DXing, omnidirectional, handles
1500 watts PEP.
Highly efficient
Entire length radiates. Low SWR.
Ground mounts
with suitable
ground such as
MFJ-1904 GroundCoupled Antenna
Base, radials or
ground rods. Roof
mount with radials.
MFJ-1904 P95, $219.00. MFJ-1904
with MFJ-1795 Combination. Saves
MFJ-1904HG-18, $174.90. MFJ1904 with Hy-gain AV-18VS. Saves $15!
See page 56.
ly tune to your exact frequency.
All welded construction, no mechanical joints, welded butterfly capacitor
with no rotating contacts, large 1.050
inch diameter round radiator -- not a
lossy thin flat-strip -- gives you highest
possible efficiency.
Each plate in MFJ’s tuning capacitor
is welded for low loss and polished to
prevent high voltage arcing, welded to
the radiator, has nylon bearing, antibacklash mechanism, limit switches,
continuous no-step DC motor -- gives
smooth precision tuning.
Heavy duty thick ABS plastic housing has ultraviolet inhibitor protection.
MFJ-1788, $429.95. Same as MFJ1786 but covers 40 - 15 Meters continuous. Includes super remote control.
MFJ-1782, $339.95. Like
MFJ-1786 but fast, slow tune
button control.
MFJ-1780, $249.95. This
Box Fan Portable Loop is about
the same size (2x2 foot) as a
box fan, complete with handle.
Covers 14-30 MHz. Remote
Control box has fast/slow tunes.
The MFJ Ground-Coupled Portable
Antenna BaseTM gives you a stable way to
mount your vertical antenna and provides an
effective ground by just plopping down the
base and standing on it to push the legs firmly into the ground. It’ll support many multiband verticals.
It’s perfect for traveling or for semi-permanent summer/winter homes. You can easily set it up and take down your vertical
antenna for stealth operation if you live in an
antenna-restricted area.
The MFJ-1904 Ground-Coupled Portable
Antenna BaseTM is a 2x2 foot stainless steel
square with reinforcing bends that greatly
strengthens it. There is a folded and tapered
six-inch stainless steel leg on each corner.
Two antenna mounts let you use a variety
of vertical antennas.
80-6 Meter Window/Balcony
Antenna, built-in Tuner
Complete antenna system
mounts on window frames,
balconies, and railings.
Perfect for apartment
Covers 80-6
95 Meters.
Includes uniShip Code B
mount/clamp, built-in antenna tuner with RF isolator,
long 12 foot telescoping whip
(22.5 inches collapsed), high efficiency loading coil for 40/80 Meters, counterpoise wires,
and safety rope. Handles 200 Watts.
MFJ-1623, $179.95. Like MFJ-1625, but
covers 6 through 30 Meters.
Two handles make carrying and removing
the base fast and easy.
You can also attach radials for improved
Stainless steel construction means you’ll
get trouble-free service for years.
The base is anchored into the ground by
stepping on each corner and forcing each leg
into the ground. Each stainless steel leg is
designed to keep the base from tilting.
The base can support a lightweight multiband vertical antenna -- like the all band HyGain 18AVS and the bandswitching MFJ1795 -- and provide a semi-permanent installation. You can even hide the base by covering it with dirt.
Built-in antenna mount with SO-239 coax
connector and two U-bolts lets you mount
most standard and homebrew vertical antennas.
Standard 3/8-inch x 24 mobile antenna
mount built-in for MFJ Mobile Whips, bug
catchers, Hustlers and screwdriver antennas.
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All-Band G5RV Antennas
Operate all bands through 10 Meters, even 160 Meters, with a single wire antenna!
Ship Code A G5RV
SO-239 connector for your coax feedline.
MFJ All Band Doublet
Use as Inverted Vee or Sloper, and it’s even MFJ-1777 is a 102
more compact and needs just one support.
foot all band douantenna is the most
With an antenna tuner, you can operate
blet antenna that
popular ham radio
all bands 80 Meters through 10 Meters and
covers 160 through
antenna in the world!
even 160 Meters with an antenna tuner and
6 Meters with a
You hear strong siga ground.
balanced line tuner. $
nals from G5RVs
MFJ’s fully assembled G5RV handles
Super strong cus- Ship
Code A
day and night, 24/7.
1500 Watts. Hang and Play -- add coax,
tom fiberglass cenAnd it’s no wonder . . . it’s an efficient,
some rope to hang and you’re on the air!
ter insulator proall band antenna that’s only 102 feet long MFJ-1778M, $34.95. Half-size, 52 vides stress relief for ladder line (100 ft.
- shorter than an 80 Meter dipole. Has 32.5 foot G5RV JUNIOR covers 40-10 Meters
included). Authentic glazed ceramic end
foot ladder line matching section ending in
insulators. Handles 1500 Watts.
with tuner. Handles 1500 Watts.
MFJ Single Band Dipole Antennas
Dual Band 80/40 Meter and 40/20 Meter Dipole Antennas
80/40 Meter
Dipole Antenna
Code C
Code C
MFJ-17758, $79.95. Short 85 foot
long dual band 80/40 Meter dipole antenna
is full-size on 40 Meters and has ultra-effi5995
265 ft., 160M
135 ft.,80-40M
35 ft., 20-6M
cient end-loading on 80 Meters. Handles
Ship Code A
Ship Code A
Ship Code A
1500 Watts. Super-strong injection-molded
Ultra high quality center fed dipoles will give you
center insulator with built-in SO-239 controuble-free operation for years. Custom injectionnector and hang hole. Solderless , crimped
molded UV-resistant center insulator has built-in coax
construction. 7-strand, #14 gauge hard copconnector and hanging hole. Heavy duty 7-strand, 14per antenna wire. Connect your coax feedgauge hard copper antenna wire. Extremely strong solline directly, no tuner needed.
derless crimped construction. Authentic glazed ceramic
40/20 Meter Dipole Antenna
end insulators. Use as horizontal or sloping dipole or
MFJ-17754, $59.95. Short coax fed 42 foot long dual band 40/20 Meter
inverted vee. Handles full 1500 Watts. Simply cut to
dipole antenna. Full-size on 20 Meters, ultra-efficient end-loading on 40
length for your favorite frequency with cutting chart.
Meters. Same construction as MFJ-17758. Coax not included.
80 Meter End-Fed Zepp
Folded Dipole Antennas
20 Meter Extended Double Zepp
for Your Portable Station
High per- MFJ-1748
90 foot long, 20 Meter
formance, $
Extended Double
Single band, lightno com- Ship Code C
Zepp. Whopping
weight, folded
3 dB gain doubles
dipoles. Low
End-fed Zepp. Use
your power! 80-10
SWR, direct coax
when center feed is not
Meters with tuner.
feed, 200 Watts.
possible or desirable. 125
100 feet ladder line,
MFJ-1742 MFJ-1774 (40 Meters),
feet? long, includes 100 feet ladder line.
glazed ceramic end insulators,
95 MFJ-1773 (30M),
Strong fiberglass insulator provides ladder
ladder line stress relieving fiberMFJ-1772 (20M),
Ship Code C
line stress relief. Glazed ceramic end insu- glass center insulator, 7-strand,
MFJ-1771 (17M), $
lator. 1500 Watts. Requires balanced line
#14 gauge hard copper wire. 1500 Watts.
MFJ-1770 (15M),
antenna tuner or tuner/balun.
Requires balanced line tuner or tuner/balun.
MFJ-1770A (10M). Perfect for MFJ Rigs!
MFJ Dipole Antennas -- the biggest signal for your money!
Wire Dipoles and their variations are the most popular antennas in the world! They are hard to
beat -- they give you the biggest signal for your money, take little room, are easy and simple to put
up and need only two or even one support. Hang as a horizontal doublet, inverted vee or sloper.
MFJ 1500 Watt dipoles use super-strong solderless, crimped construction, custom fiberglass or UVresistance, injection-molded center insulator/coax connector, glazed ceramic end insulators, 7strand, #14 gauge hard copper wire. Handles 1500 Watts. Some MFJ dipoles require a tuner/balun.
Center Insulator -- fiberglass, ladder line stress-relief,
hang hole, wire tie points,
strong solderless, crimped .
MFJ-16D01, $6.95.
Center Insulator -- injection
molded, UV resistant, builtin SO-239 connector, hang
hole, super strong, wire tie
points. MFJ-16B01, $19.95.
End Insulator -- authentic
glazed ceramic, super
strong, high-voltage ridges,
smooth wire holes.
MFJ-16C01, 69 cents each.
450 Ohm Ladder
Line Feedpoint
End Insulator -super strong
fiberglass, double
weave ladder line
stress relief, SO239 connector.
MFJ-16E01, $7.95.
MFJ . . . The World Leader in Ham Radio Accessories!
Copper Antenna Wire -Flexible 7-strand, #14 gauge
hard copper wire.
MFJ-18G100, 100 ft, $11.95
MFJ-18G250, 250 ft, $27.95
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MFJ Hang & PlayTM Collinear Array Antennas
2-elements, 2 dB gain . . . 4-elements, 4.5 dB gain . . . Handle 1500 Watts . . . Very Quiet . . .
When Radio was King . . .
MFJ reached back into time when
radio was king and brought back to life
some of the most popular, classic antennas that gave the most powerful signals.
These classic high-performance antennas give you a powerful, booming signal
and needs just two trees to hang and play!
We have updated them with stronger,
more durable modern materials, adapted
some to simple, direct coax feed and made
them hang and play.
Two and Four Element Arrays
These MFJ-62XX single band two halfwave element collinear array gives you
nearly 2 dB gain -- about 150% power gain
-- and twice the receiving capture area of a
half-wave dipole. They have direct coax
feed and low SWR across the entire band.
The MFJ-64XX four half-wave element
collinear array gives you a whopping 4.5
dB gain -- about 300% power gain. You get
four times the receiving capture area of a
half-wave dipole -- you’ll hear DX you’ve
never heard before! They require a balanced line tuner or a tuner with balun.
Hang and PlayTM!
You can virtually hang and playTM when
you receive them. No cutting, soldering,
tuning, or trimming is required. Just follow
the easy installation instructions and you’ll
be up and running in no time!
They are completely assembled and
include super strong custom fiberglass center insulators, authentic glazed ceramic end
insulators, heavy duty 7-strand, 14 gauge
hard copper element wire and extremely
strong, solderless, crimped construction.
DX the World!
With the larger capture area and power
gain, you’ll hear and work more DX than
ever before!
½½ ëë
for COAX
to OR
These Antennas are Quiet!
Their directional properties and polarization reduce noise up to two to three Sunits below verticals and inverted vees.
Simple Installation
These antennas work well even at a 1/4
wavelength above ground, but perform best
at 1/2 to 3/4 wavelength above ground. They
should be mounted horizontally and pulled
tight. Lengths are 55 to 136 feet horizontally.
The feedline and stub simply hangs from
the antenna and can be bent at the bottom
or pulled away at an angle to make installation convenient. Some twisting of the feedline or stub is okay.
Worldwide Coverage
Free Manuals
A pair of these antennas at right angles
can provide worldwide coverage. These
arrays radiate bi-directional perpendicular
½½ ëë
Download free instruction manuals and
see how easy it is to use these hang and
play antennas!
½½ ëë
½½ ëë
to the wire and handle full 1500 Watts.
Several single band antennas can provide excellent frequency coverage and
gain without towers and rotary beams.
¼¼ ëë
½½ ëë
d Line
Use B Tuner/Balu
4-Element Collinear Array, 3 models
2-Element Collinear Array, 4 models
MFJ-6215, $39.95. 15 Meter, 46’ hor., 23’ vert. stub.
MFJ-6217, $44.95. 17-Meter, 55’ hor., 14’ vert. stub.
MFJ-6220, $44.95. 20-Meter, 70’ hor., 18’ vert. stub.
MFJ-6230, $49.95. 30-Meter, 97’ hor., 24’ vert. stub.
MFJ-6240, $59.95. 40-Meter, 136’ hor., 34’ vert. stub.
Coax feedline is not included. All are Ship Code A.
MFJ-6415, $94.95. 15-Meter, 55 feet horizontal, 12 feet vertical stub.
MFJ-6417, $99.95. 17-Meter, 70 feet horizontal, 14 feet vertical stub.
MFJ-6420, $109.95. 20-Meter, 97 feet horizontal, 18 feet vertical stub.
Each includes 100 feet of 450 Ohm ladder line for connection to your
tuner. All are Ship Code A.
MFJ Hang & PlayTM End-Fed Zepp Antennas
Direct coax feed . . . Handles 1500 Watts . . . Low SWR . . . Heavy Duty construction
When an end-fed antenna is desirable or when a center-fed
antenna is not possible or convenient, these hang and playTM
end-fed Zepp antennas provide excellent no-compromise performance.
The MFJ end-fed Zepp is a completely assembled single
band half-wave antenna. It’s designed for direct coax feed and
handles a full 1500 Watts legal limit with low SWR.
Hang and Play! Just follow the easy installation instructions -- no cutting, soldering, tuning, or trimming.
They radiate in a wide broadside pattern. Feedline/stub can
be "bent" at the bottom, pulled away at an angle. Super-strong
fiberglass feed point insulator, glazed ceramic insulator, heavyduty 7-strand, 14 gauge hard copper wire, extremely strong solderless crimped-construction. Super-strong custom fiberglass
SO-239 mount provides stress-relief for the ladder line.
1/2 Wave End-Fed Zepp Antenna, 5 models
MFJ-6115, $31.95.
MFJ-6117, $33.95.
MFJ-6120, $34.95.
MFJ-6130, $39.95.
MFJ-6140, $44.95.
15-Meter, 23’ hor., 11’ vert. stub.
17-Meter, 28’ hor., 14’ vert. stub.
20-Meter, 33’ hor., 18’ vert. stub.
30-Meter, 48’ hor., 24’ vert. stub.
40-Meter, 67’ hor., 34’ vert. stub.
Coax feedline is not included.
All are Ship
for your
coax to transceiver
MFJ Hang and PlayTM Antennas are made with these super heavy duty custom parts . . .
Center Insulator
A super-strong custom fiberglass center
insulator provides
stress relief for ladder
line, hang hole and
tie-points for heavyduty 7-strand, 14 gauge hard copper antenna element wire. Extremely strong solder-
less crimped construction used
where possible. Available separately. MFJ-16D01, $6.95.
Feedpoint Insulator
Super-strong custom fiberglass
mount allows screw-on coax cable
connection at ladder line midpoint.
Built-in SO-239 connector, quadruple weave-through ladder line stress
relief. Available separately.
MFJ-16F01, $6.95.
End Insulator
Wire ends attached to authentic
glazed ceramic insulators. Super
strong, high-voltage ridges,
smooth wire holes. Available separately. MFJ-16C01, 69 cents each.
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½ Wave, 6-Band Rotatable Mini-Dipole
Hy-Gain HyTower-Jr TM
Low profile 14 feet . . .7 ft. turning radius . . . 40, 20, 15, 10, 6, 2 Meters Stands 39 feet tall . . . Full 1/4 Wave on 40, 20, 15,
. . . 1500 Watts . . . Directivity focuses signal, reduces QRM/noise . . . 10 Meters . . . Cage loading on 80 Meters . . . . . .
You can hardly see this mini 14
foot rotatable dipole across the street!
Its tiny 7-foot turning radius fits
on the smallest roof -- it’s perfect for
town houses, apartments and condos.
The MFJ-1775 is inconspicuous
and low profile -- not much bigger
than a TV antenna and can easily be
turned by a lightweight TV rotator
(see AR-35, page 63).
It’s no Wimp! Its directivity reduces
QRM/noise and lets you focus your
signal in the direction that you want
-- so you can work some real DX.
You can operate 6 bands -- 40, 20,
15, 10, 6 and 2 meters -- and run full
1500 Watts SSB/CW on all HF bands!
Features automatic
band switching and uses
highly efficient end-loading with its entire length
always radiating. With 6
and 2 Meters thrown-in, you have
ham radio’s most versatile rotatable
Each HF band uses a separate,
efficient end-loading coil wound on
fiberglass forms with TeflonTM wire,
and capacitance hats at each end (no
lossy traps). 6 and 2 meters are fulllength halfwave dipoles.
Built-to-last -- incredibly strong
solid rod fiberglass center insulator
and 6063 T-6 aircraft strength aluminum tubing radiator.
Assembles in an afternoon.
Adjusting one band has little effect
on other bands.
Center Insulator
Built-in SO-239 connector,
super strong, UV resistant,
custom injection molded, hang hole for
inverted vees, wire tie points, light-weight.
MFJ-16B01, $19.95.
Ladder Line
Center Insulator
Super strong fiberglass, 450
Ohm ladder line center insulator. Double weave ladder
line stress-relief. Strong
wire tie points. Hang hole for inverted vees.
MFJ-16D01, $6.95.
Ladder Line
Feedpoint End Insulator
Super strong fiberglass, 450 Ohm
ladder line end insulator. Double
weave ladder line stress
relief. Built-in SO-239 connector. MFJ-16E01, $7.95.
Ladder Line Feedpoint
Middle Insulator
Super-strong fiberglass ladder
line middle insulator. High-strength
coax connection at midpoint. Has SO239 connector, quadruple weave-through ladder line stress relief. MFJ-16F01, $6.95.
MFJ Glazed Ceramic
Ship Code A
Ship Code A
glazed ceramic
Extra-strong -will not break
with long antennas and will not
arc over or melt
even under full
legal power.
Molded ridges
give extra-long path to
prevent high-voltage
Smooth wire holes prevent wire damage.
Use as center or end insulator for dipoles, doublets,
G5RVs, guy wires, vees.
HyTower-Jr. is the world’s
best* performing vertical!
Stub-decoupling is used to give full-size
quarter wave radiators on 40, 20, 15, 10 Meters
with super efficient cage loading on 80 Meters.
The HyTower-JrTM has almost no losses -your ground system determines your efficiency.
It is automatic bandswitching, fed with 50
Ohm coax and has low SWR over an exceptionally wide bandwidth with SWR less than
1.2 at resonance.
The main radiator is aircraft high-strength, heavy
walled, 2-inch aluminum tubing swedged at the
top. Self-supporting in winds up to 40 MPH.
Mounts on 11/4 inch plumber’s pipe. Heavy
duty components will give you years of trouble-free operating pleasure.
Requires good ground system for optimum
performance. UPS Shippable.
*The famous 53 foot Hy-gain HyTowerTM is
legendary. It’s the premier, best performing vertical in the world -- bar none! At less than half
the price with nearly the same performance and
based on the same principles, the HyTower-JrTM
is the poor man’s version of its father HyTower (page 67).
Of course, JuniorTM doesn’t have its father’s rugged hotdipped galvanized steel tower and construction!
Hy-gain Aluminum Tubing
6063 T832 round, drawn aluminum tubing sold in two
styles: 6’ standard or 6’ slitted (on one end, .093” gaps, 1-2”
slit lengths). Sizes .625-1.625” fit inside each other to make
telescoping mast. Use host clamps to secure. 6’ ships by UPS,
longer units must ship UPS oversize or by truck.
OD x Wall-Th x ID
6’standard; price/ea
AT-0625C-6U, $5.70
AT-0750E-6U, $6.30
AT-0875E-6U, $6.90
AT-1000E-6U, $7.50
AT-1125E-6U, $8.40
AT-1250E-6U, $9.60
AT-1375E-6U, $10.80
AT-1500E-6U, $12.00
AT-1625E-6U, $13.80
AT-1750G-6U, $15.30
AT-2000I-6U, $18.30
6’slitted; price/ea. Add’l/ft
AT-0625C-6S, $6.90 $1.00
AT-0750E-6S, $7.50 $1.10
AT-0875E-6S, $8.10 $1.20
AT-1000E-6S, $8.70 $1.30
AT-1125E-6S, $9.60 $1.45
AT-1250E-6S, $10.80 $1.65
AT-1375E-6S, $12.09 $1.85
AT-1500E-6S, $13.20 $2.05
AT-1625E-6S, $15.00 $2.35
AT-1750G-6S, $17.10 $2.60
AT-2000I-6S, $20.40 $3.10
AT-2000I-6W, $24.60 each. This unique tubing has one end slitted and
one end swaged to make it stackable. Join one end to the other to make a
longer pole. Secure with standard host clamp. Super strong, 2”OD x .120”
wall. Good for base sections of any vertical antenna. Standard 6-foot length.
Longer sections, up to 20 ft., are available. Add $3.00 each additional foot.
A. 450 Ohm ladder line. Two 18 gauge solid
copper covered steel. Insulated and spaced by
heavy duty black polyethylene. Uniform spacing
between conductors insures proper balance, ideal
for balanced line and dipole antenna projects.
MFJ-18H050, 50 Ft., $9.95.
MFJ-18H100, 100 Ft., $16.95.
MFJ-18H250, 250 Ft., $39.95.
$ 95
3 each
Standing a tall 39 feet
95 with full-size elements and rated
Ship Code E at 5 KW, theTMAV-18JR Hy-gain
Ladder Line, Twin Lead, Copper Wire, Rope
Ceramic Insulators
$ 95
1 each
Ship Code D
$ 95
5 each
gauge, hard solid-copper wire. Strong/long-lasting.
MFJ-18G100, 100 Ft., $11.95.
MFJ-18G250, 250 Ft., $27.95.
D. 3/32 Dacron Wire Rope. Fine copper wire is
webbed into Dacron rope. Makes it extremely flexible but super strong/light. Ideal for wire/dipoles.
MFJ-18D120, 120 Ft., $29.95.
E. (nylon)
B. 300 Ohm TV twin-lead. Two 18 gauge
stranded copper wire. Insulated and spaced by
black polyethylene. Best for dipole, j-pole and for
most other low power uses.
MFJ-18T050, 50 Ft., $12.95.
MFJ-18T100, 100 Ft., $24.95.
MFJ-18T250, 250 Ft., $59.95.
C. Copper Antenna wire. Flexible, 7-strand, 14
E. (polyester)
E. Wire Antenna Installation Rope. Select MFJ
Nylon or Polyester dacron rope for your wire
antenna installations. Black, UV resistant.
MFJ-19A100, $7.95. 100 feet, 3/32” nylon rope.
MFJ-19A250, $14.95. 250 feet, 3/32” nylon rope.
MFJ-19C100, $9.95. 100 ft, 3/16” polyester rope.
MFJ-19C250, $19.95. 250 ft., 3/16” polyester rope.
MFJ . . . The World Leader in Ham Radio Accessories
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Page 1
10 Bands -- One MFJ Antenna!
Full size performance . . . No ground system or radials
Operate 10 bands: 75/80, 40, 30, 20, 17, 15, 12, 10, 6 and 2 Meters with one antenna
Separate full size radiators . . . End loading . . . Elevated top feed . . . Low Radiation
Angle . . . Very wide bandwidth . . . Highest performance no ground vertical ever . . .
thing beyond it. In phase antenna current flows in
all parallel radiators.
This forms a very large equivalent radiator and
gives you incredible bandwidths.
Radiator stubs provide automatic bandswitching -- absolutely no loss due to loading coils or
Operate 10 bands -- 75/80, 40, 30, 20, 17, 15,
12, 10, 6 and 2 Meters with this MFJ-1798 vertical
antenna and get full size performance with no
ground or radials!
Full size performance gives high efficiency for
more power radiated. Results? Stronger signals
and more Q-5 QSOs.
Full size performance also gives you exceptionally wide bandwidths so you can use more of your
hard earned frequencies.
Full size performance is achieved using separate
full size radiators for 2-20 Meters and highly efficient end loading for 30, 40, 75/80 Meters.
End Loading
On 30, 40, 75/80 Meters, end loading -- the
most efficient form of loading -- gives you highly
efficient performance, excellent bandwidth, low
angle radiation and automatic bandswitching.
MFJ’s unique Frequency Adaptive LNetworkTM provides automatic impedance matching for lowest SWR on these low bands.
Tuning to your favorite part of these bands is
simple and is done at the bottom of the antenna.
Handles full 1500 watts PEP
Get very low radiation angle for exciting DX,
automatic bandswitching, omni-directional coverage, low SWR. Handles 1500 Watts PEP SSB.
MFJ’s unique Elevated Top FeedTM elevates the
feedpoint all the way to the top of the antenna. It
puts the maximum radiation point high up in the
clear where it does the most good -- your signal
gets out even if you’re ground mounted.
It’s easy to tune because adjusting one band has
minimum effect on the resonant frequencies of
other bands.
Self-supporting and just 20 feet tall, the MFJ1798 mounts easily from ground level to tower top
-- small lots, backyards, apartments, condos, roofs,
tower mounts.
No Ground or Radials Needed
You don’t need a ground or radials because an
effective counterpoise that’s 12 feet across gives
you excellent ground isolation.
You can mount it from ground level to roof top
and get awesome performance.
The feedline is decoupled and isolated from the
antenna with MFJ’s exclusive AirCoreTM high
power current balun. It’s wound with TeflonR
coax and can’t saturate, no matter how high your
Built to Last
Separate Full Size Radiators
Separate full size quarter wave radiators are used on 20,
17, 15, 12, 10 and 2 Meters. On 6 Meters, the 17 Meter
radiator becomes a 3/4 wave radiator.
The active radiator works as a stub to decouple every-
Ship Code F
Incredibly strong solid fiberglass rod and large
diameter 6063 T-6 aircraft strength aluminum tubing is in
the main structure.
Efficient high-Q coils are wound on tough low loss
fiberglass forms using highly weather resistant TeflonR covered wire.
wave, 6-B
Band No-rradials Vertical
12 feet tall, Mounts Anywhere, 40 to 6 Meters
Only 12 feet high with a tiny 24 inch footprint!
Ship Code F Mount anywhere -- ground level to tower top -apartments, small lots, trailers.
Perfect for vacations, field day, DXpeditions, camping.
Efficient end-loading, no lossy traps. Entire length always
Full size halfwave on 2/6 Meters.
High power air-wound choke balun eliminates feedline radiation.
Adjusting one band has minimum effect on others. For 4020-15, 10, 6, 2 Meters.
Automatic bandswitching, low radiation angle, omni-directional, handles 1500 watts PEP.
Goes together in an afternoon.
In November 1994 QST magazine, Top of the DXCC Honor
Roll member and Top 10 contester James D. Cain, K1TN, wrote
“This antenna turned out to be a good performer on all
bands...a $200 ground-independent vertical that will get you on
segments of four HF bands when there’s room for nothing else
except a small transmitting loop antenna.”
Verticals for 80/40/20 Meters
80/40 Meter Vertical
1792 is a
high-perShip Code F
80/40 Meter vertical. Full size
quarter wave radiator for 40
Meters -- that’s 33 feet of radiating power.
End loading, unique built-in
L-network for lowest SWR, lowloss fiberglass form, high
strength 6061-T6 aluminum tubing, handles 1500 watts PEP.
Requires guying and radials,
counterpoise, or ground screen.
80/40/20 Meter Vertical
MFJ-1793, $189.95, like
MFJ-1792 but has full size 20
Meter 1/4 wave radiator also.
10:35 PM
Page 1
MFJ QuickStudyTM Ham Radio License Guide
New Question Pools!
MFJ Publishing guarantees that you’ll pass your written exam
on your first try . . . if you don’t pass we’ll refund your money
copy of receipt, proof of failure to MFJ within 30 days of failing and we
in full* . . . you can’t lose! *Send
will refund the purchase price of your MFJ QuickStudy . Limit 1 per license class.
$ 95 Guide and
MFJ guaraneach tees that
Technician, you’ll pass
General, or the written
exam on your
Extra Class
very first try
Ship Code A or you get
your money back*. See
What is MFJ’s
QuickStudyTM concept? The
objective is to pass the exam
textbook from
the late Doug
the practical
aspect of ferromagnetic
core material.
$19.95. The
late Doug
W1FB, gives
a wealth of
info on circuits, including transmitter
and receiver
mixers, more.
and get your license with a minimum amount of study time so you
can start enjoying the hobby right away.
Each MFJ license guide has all of the exact questions given on
the written exam. Each question on the exam has a multiple
choice answer. But why take the extra time to study the wrong
answers? It’ll just add to the confusion and doesn’t help you pass
the exam. MFJ gives you only the correct answers. When you
take the exam the answer jumps out at you -- no confusion, nothing to clutter the mind. It’s an instant correct answer because you
only studied the right answer.
Study the material thoroughly a few times, pass the test and
enjoy the friendship of ham radio -- it couldn’t be simpler.
MFJ QuickStudyTM License Guides are available for all classes
Technician, General and Extra Classes. These books only cover the
written part of the test, not the five word-per-minute code exam.
MFJ-3211, Technician, MFJ-3213 General Class, MFJ-3215
Extra Class, $9.95 each.
MFJ-3302, $12.95. 73 Dipole &
$19.95. By
avid CW enthu- Long Wire Antennas. By Ed
Noll, W3FQJ. Classic antenna
siast David
Finley, N1IRZ. projects for a weekend!
MFJ-3502, $12.95. Solid State
First book to
detail the Koch QRP Projects. By Ed Noll,W3FQJ.
MFJ-36, $9.95. Shortwave
method and
training tech- Listener’s Guide for Apt./Condo
dwellers. Receivers, antennas,
niques for
other equipment.
fastest code
MFJ-3301, $12.95. Troubleshooting
Antennas and Feedlines. Search it
out! By Ralph Tyrell, W1TF.
MFJ-3504, $16.95. FET
Principles, Experiments and
Projects. By Ed Noll, W3FQJ.
MFJ-3510, $19.95. QRP Projects
from Down Under. Paddyboard
circuit construction, air wound coils.
MFJ-3508, 17.95. Radio
Components Handbook. Life’s work
of Guido Silva, I2EO. 416 ages of
circuits, graphs, and theory radio
components. Buku schematics!
MFJ-37, $9.95. Ham Radio
MFJ-3305, $19.95. Communications Circuit Files. By
320 pages, 37 short Ed Noll, W3FQJ. Many fun items!
Easy-Up Antennas
$19.95. Volume 1
$19.95. Volume 2
concise chapters.
MFJ-3036, $12.95. PROH: Packet
by Ed Noll,
is a practical level
of L.B. Cebik’s
Underlying theory,
Radio Operators Handbook. By
antenna from the
Antennas from the
powerful antennaBuck Rogers, K4ABT.
ground up book
Ground Up picks
MFJ-30, $9.95. Golden Classics
making techniques,
build and how to
by L.B. Cebik,
up where volume 1
of Yesteryear. By Dave Ingram,
special antenna
put up. Fully testW4RNL. Concise,
left off. All new
K4TWJ. Collins, Heathkit, more!
projects and more!
clear chapters.
antenna projects!
MFJ-35, $7.95. Wonderful
World of Ham Radio! An excellent
introduction to ham radio for kids,
classrooms. Great start!
MFJ-32, $9.95. Packet Radio is
Made Easy. By Buck Rogers, K4ABT.
Packet radio for beginners!
MFJ-31, $7.95. Oscar Satellite
Review. By Dave Ingram,
K4TWJ. An anthology of CQ articles about oscar stations.
MFJ-3101, $7.95. Fox Hunt
MFJ-3509, $19.95.
MFJ-3303, $12.95.
MFJ-3501, $19.95.
MFJ-33, $12.95.
Adventure. Relive a sense of mysLadder Crystal Filters.
“73 Verticals, Beams,
Everything you need to 30 different electronic kit tery as young Ben discovers amaGenerous references,
Triangle Antennas”. By know about mobile! By projects, schematics, part teur radio and emergency services.
John Pivnichny, N2DCH. Ed Noll, W3FQJ.
Dave Ingram, K4TWJ. placement. ham toys, etc. Great gift for a young lad.
MFJ . . . The World Leader in Ham Radio Accessories
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Page 1
Select MFJ hard-to-find Components for your Homebrew Projects
Air Variable Capacitors
Ameritron AirRoller Inductor
Cap. pF VRMS Gap Plates
Figure Part No. # Price
1000 .032” 50
$23.85 16-208
1.4Wx1Hx3D in.
A 282-2005
1500 .080” 18
$14.95 10-26
1.4Wx1Hx2.8D in.
A 282-8700
640 .016”
1.4Wx1Hx1.7D in.
B 282-2010
1000 .032” 13
1.4Wx1Hx1.1D in.
B 282-2012
640 .016” 20
$18.90 6-154
1.4Wx1Hx1.3D in.
B 282-2150
640 .016” 40
$18.51 12-313
1.4Wx1Hx1.7D in.
C 282-2006
1200 .045” 15 1.2Wx1.3Hx1.3D in.
D* 282-5050-1 $19.62
350 .010” 15 1.2Wx1.3Hx1.3D in.
$17.97 6-180
D* 282-5160
* Items D are broadcast style variables and are used in MFJ Analyzers and
Transceivers. A 8:1 Vernier drive is built into the capacitor.
High Voltage Air Variable Capacitors
Cap. pF VRMS Gap Plates
Part No. # Price
3 kV .120”
282-2007-1 $30.94 10-125
282-2018-1 $35.68 10-250 1.5 kV .045”
3 kV .120”
282-2008-1 $53.68 10-250
282-2009-1 $61.64 12-500 1.5 kV .045”
3 kV .120”
282-2015-1 $53.52 10-300
6 kV .045”
$70.56 40-493
6 kV .045”
282-2028 $100.08 50-996
4.2 kV .045”
$69.95 12-67
$89.95 18-136 4.2 kV .045”
Item C is a differential capacitor, as used in the MFJ-986 antenna tuner. Items D are
dual-gang capacitors, capacitance specified is total capacitance. Items E are butterfly
tuning capacitors. They are used in MFJ loop tuners and have no rotating contacts,
super low losses.
Amplifier high-voltage Variable Caps
Cap. pF VRMS
800 V
20-250 2.5 kV
20-405 1.5 kV
25-800 1.1 kV
20-920 1.1 kV
20-171 3.5 kV
20-801 1.3 kV
15-176 2.5 kV
Used in Ameritron high power linear amplifiers.
Item D has two capacitance sections.
Part No. # Price
282-2112-1 $36.52
282-2572-1 $46.18
282-2573-1 $57.34
MFJ AirCoreTM Roller Inductors
MFJ’s exclusive super heavy duty AirCoreTM Roller Inductor has an air
core that can’t burn up! You get ultra high-Q, the lowest loss, highest efficiency and highest power handling of any roller inductor in ham radio.
MFJ’s exclusive Self-Resonance KillerTM keeps potentially damaging selfresonances away from your operating frequency. Large, self-cleaning wiping contact gives excellent low-resistance connection without contact arcing or burning. A solid 1/4 inch brass shaft with self-align bearings gives
smooth non-binding rotation. 12 gauge tin-plated copper wire. Silver plated contact wheels and shaft. Fiberglass frame.
*C item has 1/4” round phenolic tuning shaft, has no “self-resonancekiller”. A and B have 1/4” round brass tuning shaft.
MFJ Air-Wound Coils
MFJ air-wound coils are constructed
with a solid rigid round acrylic rod and tinplated solid copper wires embedded into the
acrylic rod. They are super strong and superbly crafted. MFJ winds them
tough so they stay wound. Select a special MFJ air-wound coil for your
mobile and portable antennas, antenna tuners, amplifiers and other projects.
Gap Plates
.017” 23 x 3 1.8Wx1.8Hx3.3D”
.075” 37
.045” 37
.030” 53
.030” 49
.120” 37
.037” 59
.075” 31
Items B have delrin insulated shaft.
Part No. # Price L. uH Turns Coil Dia. shaft size
$59.00 33
$62.65 44
$53.60 22
Part No.
per Inch
Wire size
70 uH
92 uH
44 uH
79 uH
77 uH
159 uH
35 uH
230 uH
91/2 in.
10 in.
12 in.
12 in.
12 in.
10 in.
11 in.
10.5 in.
13/4 in.
13/4 in.
2 in.
2 in.
2 in.
21/2 in.
3 in.
3 in.
MFJ Knobs, Pointers and Ball Drives
Silver Plated!
404-1032, $140.00. Flat wire, edge-wound, high
power air roller inductor. Silver plated Cu
coil, silver plate contact discs and contact
shaft. Heavy duty 1/4” thick fiberglass
frame. 16 uH, 31 turns, 21/2” coil diameter,
1/4” round shaft, 3” shaft length. Size:
23/4W x31/8Hx8D in. Used in
Ameritron’s ATR-30, which easily
handles 1500 Watts, 1.8-30 MHz.
Designed to clip on air-wound coil for wire size up
to AWG 12. 1/4” wide silver plated contact has set
screw to secure. Contact socket for banana plug.
MFJ high power RF rotary switches
Fig. Part No. # Price Pos’s Pole Sect. index deg Contact dielectric VAC material dia.
9 Amps
glass epoxy 1.44”
500-2026 $24.48 12
9 Amps
ceramic 1.88”
500-2038 $43.68 6
9 Amps
ceramic 1.88”
500-2027 $58.32 6
ceramic 1.88”
9 Amps
ceramic 1.88”
E* 500-2135 $78.20 6
17 Amps
ceramic 2.81”
F* 500-3557-1B $141.90 6
MFJ high-voltage switches have 3/8-32 bushing and 1/4 inch round shaft. *D, E, and F
are switches that are specially designed for amplifier band switching.
Vernier Reduction
Knob Pointers
Turn Counter Set
Fig. Part No. #
Price Pointer/skirt diam.
Knob dia.
Ball Drive
726-0227R, $1.55
780-3169K, $14.95
A 760-0035
/16 inch
/16 inches
1 inch
729-0142, $11.92
Red, 1 /4” Length,
B 760-0125
1 /4 inches
/4 inches
1 /2 inches
6:1 Tuning Ratio.
matches 2” tuning
C 760-2281-1
1 /8 inches
/8 inches
2 inches
D 760-0550
1 inch
/4 inches
1 /2 inches
E 760-0275B
17/8 inches
13/8 inches
21/8 inches
two gears
F 760-0277
1 /16 inches
1 inch
2 /4 inches
and tuners.
G 760-0278
/4 inches
/16 inches
/8 inches
Red 1”
H 760-0276
/16 inches
/8 inches
/8 inches
flange. Two pre-tap pointer
I 760-2409
/4 inches
11/2 inches
13/4 inches
2” tuning
mounting holes, mates with
J 760-0176
/16 inches
/4 inches
1 /4 inches
1/4” shaft, has pre-tap set
gear fits 1/4” round shaft.
K 760-0177A
1 /4 inches
/8 inches
1 /8 inches
Both pointers are
screw holes. 1/4” shaft,
Counter ratio is 3:1. Has
made to fit 729-0142, 6:1
MFJ Knobs are made of the highest quality heat and impact-resistant phenolic resin. 31/4”Length.
3-digits, counts up to 333 turns.
reduction drive.
Shaft holes fit 1/4” round shaft. Knobs have metal inserts. Supplied with set screws.
9:02 AM
Page 1
Select MFJ hard-to-find Components for your Homebrew Projects
Power Supply, Amplifier Transformers Ameritron sells Eimac(R) Tubes
Ameritron sells Eimac(R) tubes for
amateur radio, broadcast and
industrial uses. Call for a quote!
These transformers are for building power supplies and amplifiers.
406-3800 is designed for linear
power supplies, that is capable of
delivering current up to 30 Amps
at 13.6 VDC. 406-7310 is
designed for a single 3-500Z tube
1000 Watt HF amplifier.
A. 3CX800A7, $559.00
B. 3CX1200A7, $795.00
C. 3CX1500A7, $849.00
Fig. Part No. # Price Pri. Voltage SEC Voltage Current Dimensions Weight
A 406-3800 $34.95
30A 4Wx4Lx33/4H” 11 lbs.
B 406-7310 $49.95 100/120/240 1. 1200V 600 mA 5Wx41/2Lx6H” 20 lbs.
250 mA
2. 20V
3. 5.5V
High-Voltage Vacuum Relays
These vacuum relays are
ideal for amplifier QSK
switches. Contacts are capable of carrying 10 Amps and
break down voltage is 5 kV.
A. 408-8100, $35.00. Kilovac S05FJA238, DPST-NO, contact form, 2A,
5kV rating between contacts, current is 10A DC or 5A RF, 12 VDC coil
voltage and 500 Ohm coil resistance.
B. 408-8400, $7.00. Kilovac S05FNA238, DPST, 1 pole NO, 1 pole NC,
contact Form A&B combined, 5 kV rating between contacts, contacts current 10A DC or 5A RF, 12 VDC coil voltage and 500 Ohm coil resistance.
C. 408-8500, $29.95. Wabash 1017-20-1, DPST, one pole normally open,
one pole normally closed. 12 VDC coil voltage. .
Power Relay
811A, 572B, 3-500Zs . . .
Don’t just buy any untested tube that can damage
your amp. Buy Ameritron fully tested and
A. 350-0811A, $17.95, 811A tube. warranteed tubes.
B. 350-0572B, $59.95, 572B tube Match pairs are
C. 380-0500GT, $189.95, Taylor also available.
3-500ZG tube
Tube Sockets
Part No. #
#pin Manufacturer PN/Description
Fit Tube Type
$14.95 3-500Z, 3CX1200A7 5 custom made glass epoxy socket
$2.49 6LQ6 or equivalent
PCB mount pins
7 EF Jhnsn 122-0247-202 ceramic
$45.50 3CX1500A7/8877
11 EF Johnson 124-0311-100
$3.20 811A, 572B or equiv. 4
4-pin ceramic
Tube Plate Caps & Heatsinks
408-6230, $12.95. Midtex Relays 157-33C200, 3 PDT, 10A
silver contacts, 24 VDC coil, dust cover with holding flanges.
Has .187” quick connect terminals, 1.5Wx2.5Hx2.8D inches.
RF Ceramic Doorknob Capacitors
RF Ceramic Doorknob Capacitors are manufactured by
High Energy. These RF transmitting capacitors are ideal
for use in RF amplifiers. Threaded 6-32 ends for easy
connecPart No. #
tion. 3/4” 290-0150-5
$12.95 HH58, 150 pF, 20%, 5 kV
$14.95 HH58, 400 pF, 20%, 5 kV
dia. x
$13.95 HH58, 500 pF, 20%, 5 kV
.625” long. 290-0500-5
$12.95 HH58, 1000 pF, 20%, 5 kV
Electrolytic Capacitors
Fig. Part No. #
A 750-1800
B 750-0323
C 755-3626
D 755-6811
Tube Glass Chimneys
A. 391-1500, $14.10
Chimney for 3CX1500A7/8877 tube
B. 391-3500, $30.60
Chimney for 3CX1200A7 and 3-500Z tubes.
Can-type electrolytic capacitors ideal for amplifiers and power
supply applicaPart No. #
Price Cap uF WVDC D x L (in.)
tions. They have 270-6220-7B
400 V 13/16x15/8
$5.44 220
snap-in PCB ter- 270-7100-5A
1 /8x2
$6.71 1000 250 V
$2.21 6800
Non-Inductive Resistors
Part No. # Price
50 Ohm
50 Watts
50 Ohm
35W cont.
35 Ohm
35W cont.
45 Ohm
35W cont.
50 Ohm
90W cont.
50 Ohm
200W cont.
/2x /2 in.
3/4 inches
3/4 inches
3/4 inches
3/4 inches
1 inch
2.0 inches
2.5 inches
2.5 inches
2.5 inches
5 inches
6 inches
Terminal clip for 3/4” dummy load resistor, requires 2 per resistor.
Terminal clip for 1” dummy load resistor, requires 2 per resistor.
B 10-15144
C 719-7380C
D 10-15115-1
E 412-0109
Ceramic Spacers Cooling Fans
606-1006, $3.10
Ceramic Feedthrough insulator comes complete with hardware. 3/4” diameter
x11/4”. Fits 7/16” dia. chassis holes.
Ceramic spacers are used to properly isolate your dummy load resistor
from the chassis.
Withstands high power
and high frequencies.
A. 719C0500C, $0.50
1/4” diameter
by 1/2” long, A.
6-32 threaded holes on both ends.
B. 719D-1000C, $1.00
1/2” diameter by 1” long, 8-32
threaded holes on both ends.
606-0013, $.93. Red.
606-0014, $.93. Black.
High output box fans and blowers
are ideal for cooling amplifiers.
A. 410-3583, $18.85. 80x80x38.5 B.
mm, 1800 RPM, 28 CFM, 30 dBA
noise level, sleeve bearing, 120 VAC,
60 Hz, with 14” wire lead. Fan
guide, B. 410-4584, $.90.
C. 410-3138, $43.06, high quality box fan by EBM, metal
housing with metal impeller,
extremely quite 120x120x38.5
mm, 61 CFM, 28 dBA
noise level, sleeve
bearing, 120 VAC, 60
Hz, wire terminals. Fan
guides: D. 410-4600,
$3.34, metal; E. 410D.
4586, $.99, plastic.
Feedthru Insulators
Nylon Insulation, 30A,
1000 VAC, 10-32 stub
is tin plated brass.
Price Description
$20.00 Complete plate choke covers 1.8-30 MHz, includes WARC
bands, 225 uH, handles 1.5A, 4 kV. Wound on 1”dia. x
55/8” long glazed ceramic form. Used in Ameritron amps.
$9.66 Plate choke covers 1.8 to 30 MHz, 1.5A, 2kV, wound
on 1/2” dia. by 4” long ceramic form. Used in most
sweep tube amps.
$7.95 Glazed ceramic plate choke form. 1” dia. by 5” long.
Both ends tap for 1/4”-20 screw.
$17.50 Complete broadband filament choke. Use for 3-500Z,
3CX800A7, 3CX1200A7 and 3CX1500A7 tubes.
Handles 30A, covers 1.8-30 MHz. 12 gauge enamel
wire, bifilar wound on .5” dia. by 6” long ferrite rod.
$9.00 Filament choke ferrite rod. 5” dia. by 6” long. Used in
*Item A is an RCD 620, wire wound. Solder terminals attached,2 mounting holes.
5-way Binding Post
and Filament Chokes
Fig. Part No. #
A 10-15197
Price Description
$5.95 Plate cap for 3-500Ztubes. Finned aluminum heat sink
with set screw. 3/4” dia. by 9/16” thick.
$7.98 Plate cap for 3-500Z tubes. Finned aluminum heat sink
with set screw. 11/4” dia. by 5/16” thick.
$8.28 Plate clip for 3CX1500A7/8877 tube.
$2.50 Ceramic plate cap for 811A, 572B tubes.
and Blowers
A. 410-1200, $64.95.
EBM Blower, G2S097-DB61-08, 110
VAC, 51/2Wx51/2Hx11/2D inches. 37 CFM,
45 dBA noise level. Wire leads.
B. 410-1100, $39.95.
Interfan Blower, PMB24-115-4B, 110
VAC, 43/4Wx43/4Hx11/4D inches.
11:06 PM
Page 1
MFJ Product Index
600 Watts . . . . . . . page 73
800 Watts . . . . . . . page 79
1000 Watts . . . . . . page 78
1300 Watts . . . . . . page 78
1500 Watts . . . . . . page 77
2500 Watts . . . . . . page 77
FET amplifier . . . . page 73
HF. . . . . . . . . . pages 73-79
linears . . . . . . . pages 73-79
no tune . . . . . . . . . .page 73
Solid State . . . . . . . page 73
super legal limit . . . page 77
Tube Type . . . . pages 77-79
UHF. . . . . . . . . . . page 69
VHF. . . . . . . . . pages 69-70
1.8-170 MHz . .pages 18-20
220 MHz . . . . . . . . page 20
440 MHz . . . . .pages 19-20
antenna bridge . . . . page 20
commercial. . . . . . . page 20
custom . . . . . . . . . . page 20
dip meter . . . . .pages 19-20
FM signal . . . . . . . .page 21
HF . . . . . . . . . pages 19-20
noise bridge . . . . . . page 20
UHF. . . . . . . . . pages 19-20
VHF. . . . . . . . . pages 19-20
SWR . . . . . . . . pages 19-20
apartment antenna . page 52
base . . . pages 48-55, 64-68
beam . . . . . . . pages 48, 64
box fan loop . . . . . .page 52
bugcatcher . . . . . . . page 49
collinear. . . . . . . . . .page 54
dipole . . .pages36,53-54, 68
discone . . . . . . . . . page 48
double zepp . . . . . . page 53
dual band . . . . 44-45, 47-49
g5rv. . . . . . . . . . . . .page 53
glassmount . . . . . . .page 45
ground plane . . . .45, 48, 66
ground plane kit . . .page 45
hamtenna . . . . . . . . page 49
handhelds . . . . . . . .page 44
HF . . . . . 46, 49-55, 64, 68
j-pole . . . . . . . pages 37, 44
loop . . . . . . . . . pages 9, 52
mobile . .pages 44-45, 47-50
pulsar . . . . . . . . . . .page 49
VHF . . . . . pages 43-49, 60
UHF . . . . . pages 43-49, 60
rubber ducks . . . . . page 44
telescopic . . . 44, 46, 49-51
walkabout . . . . . . . page 46
ruffriders . . . . . . . . page 47
yagi . . . . . pages 37, 42, 48
six meter . . . . . . . . page 37
repeater . . . . . . . . . page 49
whips . . . . . . . pages 49-50
sticks . . . . . . . pages 49-50
screwdriver . . .pages 50, 74
wire . . . . . . . . .pages 52-55
Zepp . . . . . . . . pages 53-54
window mount . . pgs 44, 52
vertical . . . . . .52, 55, 66-68
portable . . . pages 44, 48-51
1200 Watts . . . . . . page 74
1500 Watts . . . . . pages 3-4
2000 Watts . . . . . . page 71
2500 Watts . . . . . . . page 5
3000 Watts . . . . . . page 74
air-core . . . . . pages 3-6, 74
artificial ground . . . . page 5
automatic . . .pages 9, 11, 80
balanced line . . . . . . page 8
c-matcher . . . . . . . .page 11
couplers . . 3-10, 71, 74, 80
differential-T . . . . . . page 4
dual band . . . . . . . . page 10
fully balanced . . . . . page 8
HF . . pages 3-10, 71, 74, 80
l-matcher . . . . . . . . page 11
legal limit . . . 3-5, 8, 74, 80
loop tuner . . . . . . . . page 9
matching . . 3-10, 71, 74, 80
mobile . . . . . page 7, 10, 74
QRP . . . . . . . . . . . . .page 7
random wire . . . . . . .page 7
RF transformer . . . .page 11
roller inductor . . 3-6, 71, 74
six meters . . . . . . . page 10
switched inductor 5-7, 10-11
travel . . . . . . . . . . . page 10
true legal limit . . . . page 74
tuner extender . . . . page 11
UHF . . . . . . . . . . . .page 10
Versa Tuner . . . . . . 3-4, 6-7
VHF . . . . . . . . . . . .page 10
2-position . . . . . . . page 12
4-position . . . . . . . .page 12
6-postion . . . . . . . . page 12
balanced line . . . . . page 12
bypass . . . . . . . . . . page 11
high power . . . . page 75-76
matcher . . . . . . . . . page 11
patch panels . . . . . . page 12
remote . . . . pages 12, 75-76
1:1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 51
4:1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 51
current . . . . . . . . . . page 51
ferrite . . . . . . . . . . .page 51
hy-gain . . . . . . . . . page 68
rf isolator . . . . . . . . page 51
switchable . . . . . . . page 51
true current . . . . . . .page 51
unun . . . . . . . . . . . .page 51
W9INN . . . . . . . . . page 51
antenna books . . . . page 57
ham radio guides . . page 57
Morse Code study. . page 57
QRP books . . . . . . .page 57
study guides . . . . . .page 57
technical publications. . . 57
450 Ohm twin lead . . . . .55
accessory port . . . . page 38
audio . . . . . . . . . . . page 38
cigarette lighter adapter ..18
coaxial patch . . . . . . page 7
copper wire . . . . . . page 55
dacron rope . . . . . . page 55
keyer to rig . . . pages 24-25
ladder line . . . . . . . page 55
open-end . . . . . . . . page 38
paddle to keyer . . . page 25
power cords . . . . . . page 22
radio microphone . .page 38
RS232 to USB . . . .page 38
soundcard ext. . . . . page 38
tnc/mic . . . . . . . . . page 38
LED . . . . . . . . . . . .page 41
LCD . . . . . . . . pages 40-41
wall . . . . . . . . .pages 40-41
desk . . . . . . . . .pages 40-41
24 hour . . . . . . pages 40-41
12 hour . . . . . . pages 40-41
wrist watch . . . . . . .page 42
book . . . . . . . . . . . page 57
classroom . . . . . . . .page 27
econo . . . . . . . . . . .page 24
iambic paddle . . . . . . 24-25
keyboard . . . . . pages 25-26
keyer . . . . . . . . pages 24-26
memory . . . . . .pages 24-25
oscillator . . . . . . . . page 27
reader . . . . pages 26, 28, 33
telegraph key . . . . . page 27
tutor . . . . . . . . . . . .page 27
air-wound . . . . pages 49, 58
capacitors . . . . . page 58-59
ceramic . . . . . . .page 58-59
coils . . . . . . . . . . . .page 58
edge wound . . . . . .page 58
fiberglass . . . . .pages 53-55
gear counter . . . . . . page 58
insulators . .pages 53-55, 58
knobs . . . . . . . . . . .page 58
pointers . . . . . . . . . page 59
roller inductors . . . .page 58
tuning . . . . . . . pages 58-59
Amtor . . . . pages 33, 38-39
ASCII . . . . pages 33, 38-39
Computer/Rig cable 33,38-39
CW . . . . . . pages 33, 38-39
Digital . . . . pages 33, 38-39
HamComm . . . . . . page 33
JVFax . . . . . . . . . . page 33
Navtex . . . . . . .pages 38-39
Rtty . . . . . . pages 33, 38-39
Sitor . . . . . . . . . . . .page 33
Soundcard . . . . .page 38-39
banana plugs . . . . . page 22
BNC . . . . . . . . . . . page 42
fuse packs. . . . . . . . page 22
NMO. . . . . . . . .page 42, 47
N-type . . . . . . . . . page 42
PL-259. . . . . . . . . . page 42
PowerPole(R) . . . . . . page 22
SMA . . . . . . . . . . . page 42
SO-239 . . . . . . . . . page 42
UHF . . . . . . . . . . . page 42
1500 Watts . . . . . 16, 71, 76
300 Watts. . . . . . . . . 16, 71
dry. . . . . . . pages 16, 71, 76
fan-cooled . . . .pages 71, 76
SWR/Wattmeter . . .page 16
transformer oil . . . .page 16
versaload . . . . . . . . page 16
wet . . . . . . . . . pages 16, 76
1500 Watts . . . . . 16, 71, 76
200 Watts . . . . . . . .page 16
AC line filter . . . . . page 42
analyzer . . . . . . . . . page 18
computer hash . . . . page 42
CW . . . . . . . . . . . . page 32
DSP . . . . . . . . . . . . page 32
high pass . . . . .pages 16, 71
low pass . . . . . pages 16, 71
multimode/packet . . . . . 32
noise canceling . . . . . . . .32
RFI . . . . . . . . . . . . page 16
SSB . . . . . . . . . . . . page 32
tunable . . . . . . . . . page 18
TVI . . . . . . . . .pages 16, 71
antenna extender . . .page 44
back-of-radio . . . . . page 44
battery charger . . . . page 44
BNC adaptor . .pages 42, 44
boom headset . . . . .page 43
duplexer . . . . . . . . .page 45
earbud . . . . . . . . . . page 43
FM scan . . . . . . . . .page 43
foldover . . . . . . . . . page 44
headset mic . . . . . . page 43
HT magnet mount . . . . . 44
HT pocket . . . . . . . page 44
intermod fighter . . . page 46
mobile antennas . . . . 44-47
mobile power meter . . . . 45
pocket repeater . . . .page 46
pocket roll-up. . . . . page 44
radio chest harness . . . . . 42
rubber duck . . . . . . page 44
SMA adaptor . . page 42, 44
small wonder . . . . . page 44
speaker mics . . . . . .page 43
telescopic . . . . . . . .page 44
triple band . . . pages 44, 47
window mount . . . . page 44
vibration mic . . . . . page 43
voice mail . . . . . . . page 46
waist pack . . . . . . . page 42
bencher . . . . . . . . . page 24
classroom. . . . . . . . page 27
curtis . . . . . . . . . . . page 24
CW interface . . . . . page 27
deluxe . . . . . . . . . . page 24
econo . . . . . . . . . . .page 24
iambic paddle . pages 24-25
keyboard . . . . . pages 25-26
keyer . . . . 24-27, 36, 71-72
keyer/reader . . . . . .page 26
memory . . . . . .pages 24-26
miniature . . . . . . . . page 24
morse reader . .pages 26, 28
morse tutor . . . . . . page 27
nano-size . . . . . . . . page 24
oscillator . . . . . . . . page 27
telegraph key . . . . .page 27
alinco . . . . . . . pages 30, 43
boom-mic . . . . pages 30, 43
desk. . . . . . . . . pages 29-30
earbud . . . . . . . . . . page 43
equalizer . . . . .pages 29-30
featherweight . . . . . page 43
footswitch . . . . . . . page 30
gooseneck . . . . . . . page 30
handheld . . . . . . . . page 43
headphones . . .pages 30, 43
headset . . . . . . pages 30, 43
icom . . . . . . . . pages 30, 43
kenwood . . . . .pages 30, 43
mic holder . . . . . . . page 30
mic switch . . . . . .28-30, 38
mightymic . . . . . . . page 43
radio shack . . . pages 30, 43
thumbswitch . . . . . page 43
vibration . . . . . . . . page 43
yaesu . . . . . . . pages 30, 43
cables . . . . . . . . page 38-39
dos . . . . . . . . . . . . page 38
multicomm . . . . . . .page 38
software . . . . . . page 38-39
tnc/mic switch . . . . page 38
transceiver . . . . .page 38-39
windows . . . . . . page 38-39
ARES . . . . . . . . . . .page 22
banana plugs . . . . . .page 22
Fuses . . . . . . . .pages 22-23
Crimper . . . . . . . . . page 22
Multi-outlet . . . . . . page 22
power cords . . . . . . page 22
PowerPoles(R) . . . . . .page 22
RACES . . . . . . . . . page 22
12 Amp . . . . . . . . . page 23
22 Amp . . . . . . . . . page 23
30 Amp . . . . . . . . . page 23
40 Amp . . . . . . . . . page 23
AC . . . . . . . . . pages 23, 36
adjustable . . . . . . . .page 23
FT-817 . . . . . . . . . .page 46
Portable . . . . . pages 23, 36
Power Pack . . . . . . page 36
regulated . . . . . . . . page 23
switching . . . . . . . . page 23
transformer. . . . . . . page 23
all-band . . . . . . . . . page 34
passive . . . . . . . . . .page 34
SWL antenna . . . . . page 34
active . . . . . . . . . . .page 34
outdoor . . . . . . . . . page 34
indoor . . . pages 34, 70, 72
LW/MW/SW . . . . . page 34
Preamplifier . . . . 34, 70, 72
Tuner . . . . . . . . . . . page 34
2-Meters . . . . . pages 37, 72
49 MHz . . . . . . . . . page 72
AM . . . . . . . . . . . . page 72
aircraft . . . . . . . . . .page 72
beacon . . . . . . . . . . page 35
business . . . . . . . . . page 72
converter . . . . .pages 33, 72
emergency . . . . . . . page 72
FM . . . . . . . . . . . . .page 72
marine . . . . . . . . . . page 33
monitor . . . . . .pages 35, 37
QRP . . . . . .pages 35-36, 72
regenerative . . pages 33, 72
shortwave . . . .pages 33, 72
weather . . . . . . page 33, 40
wireless . . . . . . . . . page 40
active . . . . . . . . . . .page 34
AM . . . . . . . . . . . . page 33
antenna . . . . . . . . . page 34
compact . . . . . . . . .page 34
FM . . . . . . . . . . . . .page 33
filters . . . . pages 32, 34, 72
indoor . . . . . . . . . . page 34
interface . . . . . . . . .page 33
marine . . . . . . . . . . page 33
notch . . . . . . . pages 32, 72
null . . . . . . . . .pages 32, 72
outdoor . . . . . . . . . page 34
passive . . . . . . . . . .page 34
preamp . . . pages 34, 70, 72
preselector . . . . . . . page 34
reader . . . . . . . . . . .page 33
regenerative . . pages 33, 72
SSB . . . . . .pages 32-34, 72
SWL . . .pages 32-34, 71-72
tuner . . . . . . . . . . . page 34
weather . . . . . . page 33, 40
dos . . . . . . . . . . . . page 38
HamComm . . pages 33, 39
interface . . . . pages 33, 39
JVFax . . . . . . pages 33, 39
Multicomm . . . . . . page 38
soundcard . . . .pages 38-39
windows . . . . . . . . page 38
base . . . . . . . . . . . page 31
clear . . . . . . . . . . . page 31
compact . . . . . . . . .page 31
cyber . . . . . . . . . . . page 31
deluxe . . . . . . . . . . page 31
ear . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 31
mobile . . . . . . . . . . page 31
station . . . . . . . . . . page 31
tone . . . . . . . . . . . . page 31
boom mic . . . . . . . page 30
communication . . . . . 29-31
contest . . . . . . .pages 29-31
Desk . . . . . . . . pages 29-31
equalizer . . . . . pages 29-30
foot switch . . . . . . .page 30
gooseneck . . . . . . . page 30
headphones . . . . . . page 30
intelligibility . . .page 29, 31
mic holder . . . . . . . page 30
microphone . . . .page 29, 30
phone patch . . . . . . page 30
voice . . . . . . . . pages 29-31
2-position . . . . pages 11-12
4-position . . . . pages 11-12
6-position . . . . . . . page 12
8-position . . . . . . . page 75
antenna . . . . . .11-12, 74-75
balanced line . . . . . page 12
bypass . . . . . . . . . . page 11
HF . . . . pages 11-12, 74-75
transceiver . . . . . . page 12
radio/mic . . . . . . . . page 28
remote . . . .pages 12, 74-75
TNC/Mic . . . . . . . page 38
UHF . . . . . . . . pages 12, 75
VHF . . . . . . . . pages 12, 75
balun . . . . . . . . . . . page 18
batteries . . . . . .pages 18-19
carry case . . . . pages 18-20
charger . . . . . . pages 18-20
coils . . . . . . . . pages 18-20
current . . . . . . . . . . page 18
custom . . . . . . . . . . page 20
dip . . . . . . . . . .pages 18-20
filter . . . . . . . . . . . .page 18
HF . . . . . . . . . .pages 18-20
impedance . . . . pages 18-19
pouch . . . . . . . .pages 18-20
resistance . . . . .pages 18-19
UHF . . . . . . . . pages 19-20
VHF . . . . . . . . pages 18-20
compact . . . . . . . . . page 13
cross-needle 13-14,16,71,76
dual band . . . . pages 13, 45
giant . . . . . . . . . . . .page 14
grandmaster . . . . . . page 13
handheld . . . . . . . . .page 13
HF . . . . . .13-14, 16, 71, 76
mobile . . . . pages 13-14, 76
remote . . . . . . .pages 14, 76
UHF . . . . . . . . . . . . .13, 71
VHF . . . . . . . . . . . . .13, 71
accessory . . . . . . . . page 38
cables . . . . . . . . . . .page 38
open-end . . . . . . . . page 38
packet . . . . . . . . . . page 38
pre-wired . . . . . . . . page 38
software . . . . . . . . .page 38
alinco . . . . . . . . . . .page 38
kantronics . . . . . . . .page 38
kenwood . . . . . . . . .page 38
icom . . . . . . . . . . . .page 38
MFJ . . . . . . . . . . . . page 38
paccomm . . . . . . . . page 38
packet . . . . . . . . . . .page 38
pk232 . . . . . . . . . . .page 38
pk9600 . . . . . . . . . .page 38
pk9612 . . . . . . . . . .page 38
radio shack . . . . . . .page 38
standard . . . . . . . . . page 38
TNC2 . . . . . . . . . . .page 38
yaesu . . . . . . . . . . . page 38
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Antenna Accessories . . . 5, 7,11, 47, 51, 52
Antenna Tuners . . pages 3-10, 71, 74, 80
Antenna Switches . . . . . . . pages 12, 75-76
Artificial Ground . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 5
Books . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 57
Cables . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . pages 38, 76
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Code Practice . . . . . . . . . . . . pages 24-28
Computer Interfaces . . . . . pages 33, 38-39
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Dummy Loads . . . . . . . . pages 16, 71, 76
Filters . . . . . . . . . . . . pages 16, 32, 71, 76
Handheld Accessories . . . . . pages 42-47
Hy-Gain Products . . . . . . . . . . pages 63-68
Keyers/Keys . . . . . . . . . . . . . pages 24-28
MFJ Products . . . . . . . . . . . pages 1-59, 80
Mirage Products . . . . . . . . . pages 69-70
Packet . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . pages 38-39
Power supplies . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 23
Power Outlet Strips . . . . . . . . . . . . page 22
Preamplifiers/Preselectors . . . . . . . page 34
Receivers . . . . . . . . . pages 33, 37, 38, 72
Shortwave . . . . . . . . . pages 32, 33, 34, 72
Speakers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 31
Speaker microphones . . . . . . . pages 29-31
SWR Analyzers . . . . . . . . . . pages 18-20
SWR/Wattmeters . . . pages 14, 16, 71, 76
Software . . . . . . . . . . . . pages 33, 38, 39
TNC Switches . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 38
Transceivers/transmitters . . . . 35-37, 72
Vectronics Kits/Products . . . . pages 71-72
MFJ Product Index, Continued from page 60
antenna . . . . .pages 44, 46, 50, 51
handheld . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 44
indoor . . . . . . . . .pages 50, 51, 52
mast . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .page 51
outdoor . . . . . . . . . . .pages 50-51
rubber duck . . . . . . . . . . .page 44
whip . . . . . . . . . . . . . pages 49-52
adaptors . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 42
analyzer . . . . . . . . . . pages 18-21
attenuator . . . . . . . . . . . . page 21
biastee . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .page 17
bridge . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 20
calibration . . . pages 13-15, 18-21
charger . . . . . . . . . . . pages 18-20
clamp-on . . . . . . . . . . . . .page 15
components . . . . . . . . . . . . 58-59
counter . . . . . . . . . . . pages 18-21
current meter . . . . . . . . . page 15
dip meter . . . . . . . . . .pages 18-20
dummy load . . . .pages 16, 71, 76
field strength . . . page 15
filters . . . pages 16, 32, 71, 72, 76
frequency . . . . . . . . . . . . .page 21
function . . . . . . . . . . . . . .page 21
generator . . . . . . . . . . . . .page 21
handheld . . . . . . .pages 15, 18-21
HF . . . . . . . . . . . .pages 15, 18-21
injector . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 21
kit . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .page 72
meter . . . . . . 13-16, 18-21, 72, 76
monitor . . . . . . . . . . pages 15-21
noise . . . . . . . . . . . . pages 15, 32
pocket-size . . . . . . . .pages 15, 21
portable . . . . . . . . . . pages 18-21
power . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 21
power line . . . . . . . . . . . .page 15
professional . . . . . . . . . . .page 21
RFI . . . . . . . . . . . page 15, 16, 18
signal . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 21
sniffer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .page 15
supply . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 21
SWR . . . .13-14, 16-20, 70-71, 76
tracer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 21
UHF . . . . . . . pages 13, 19-20, 70
variable . . . . . . . . . . . . . .page 21
VHF . . . . . . . pages 13, 19-20, 70
Wattmeter . . 13-14, 16, 70, 71, 76
flashlight . . . . . . . . . . . . .page 42
screwdriver . . . . . . . . . . . page 42
socket . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 42
2-Meter . . . . . . . . . . pages 37, 72
6-Meter . . . . . . . . . . pages 37, 72
10-Meter . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 37
15-Meter . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 36
17-Meter . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 36
20-Meter . . . . . . . . . pages 36, 72
30-Meter . . . . . . . . . pages 36, 72
40-Meter . . . . . . .pages 36-37, 72
80-Meter . . . . . . . . . pages 36, 72
adventure . . . . . . . . . . . . page 37
communicator . . . . . . . . . page 37
CW . . . . . . . . . . . . . pages 36, 72
FM . . . . . . . . . . . . . pages 36, 72
HF . . . . . . . . . . . pages 36-37, 72
hip-pocket . . . . . . . . pages 36, 72
kit . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 72
QRP . . . . . . . . . . pages 36-37, 72
QRPCubTM . . . . . . . . . . . .page 36
portable . . . . . . . .pages 36-37, 72
mobile . . . . . . . . . . . . page 36-37
SSB . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 37
station . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 36
travel . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 37
AC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 37
amplifier . . . . . . . . . . . . .page 37
antennas . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 37
dynamic . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 37
j-pole . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 37
keyer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .page 37
mirage . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .page 69
microphone . . . . . . . . . . . page 37
paddle . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 37
power supply . . . . . . pages 36-37
rechargeable . . . . . . . pages 36-37
roll-up . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 37
tuner . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 36
1 Watt . . . . . . . . . . . .pages 35, 72
4.5 Watts . . . . . . . . . . . . .page 35
AM . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .page 72
ATV . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 35
cable . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 35
FM . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 72
radio . . . . . . . . . . . . .pages 35, 72
stereo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 35
3CX800A7 . . . . . . . .pages 59, 78
3CX1200A7 . . . . . . .pages 59, 77
3CX1500A7 . . . . . . .pages 59, 77
3-500 . . . . . . . . . . . . pages 59, 78
572B . . . . . . . . . . . . pages 59, 78
811A . . . . . . . . . . . . pages 59, 79
8877 . . . . . . . . . . . . pages 59, 77
eimac . . . . . . . . . pages 59, 77-78
herculean . . . . . . . . . . . . page 77
taylor . . . . . . . . . . . .pages 59, 78
vacuum . . . . . . . . . . . . . .page 72
2-Meter . . . . . . . . . . . . . .page 10
6-Meter . . . . . . . . . . . . . .page 10
144 MHz . . . . . . . . . . . . .page 10
220 MHz . . . . . . . . . . . . .page 10
440 MHz . . . . . . . . . . . . .page 10
300 Watt . . . . . pages 6-10, 71, 80
600 Watt . . . . . . . .pages 4, 11, 80
1500Watt . . . pages 3-4, 8, 71, 74
2500 Watt . . . . . . pages 3-4, 8, 74
3000 Watt . . . . . . pages 3-4, 8, 74
artificial ground . . . . . . . . page 5
automatic . . . . . . . pages 9, 11, 80
balanced line . . . . . . . . . . .page 8
compact . . . . . . . . . . . . . .page 10
differential-t . . . . . . . . . . . page 4
econo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 6
HF . . . . . . . . . .pages 3-10, 71, 74
legal limit . . . . . pages 3-5, 71, 74
loop . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 9
mobile . . . . . . . . . pages 7, 10, 71
portable . . . . . . .pages 7, 9-11, 71
QRP . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 7
random wire . . . . . . . . . . . page 7
roller inductor . . . . 3-6, 8, 71, 74
super value . . . . . . . . . . . . page 7
tiny . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 10
travel . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .page 10
True legal limit . . . . . . . . page 74
UHF . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 10
VHF . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 10
versa tuner . . . . . . . . . . pages 3-6
200 Watt . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 16
1500 Watt . . . . . . . . .pages 16, 71
ferrite . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 16
filter . . . . . . . . . . . . .pages 16, 71
high pass . . . . . . . . . pages 16, 71
low pass . . . . . . . . . .pages 16, 71
suppression . . . . . . . pages 16, 71
television . . . . . . . . .pages 16, 71
6-band . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 56
10-band . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 56
HF . . . . . . pages 52, 55-56, 67-68
patriot . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .page 68
restricted areas . . . . . . . . page 52
UHF . . . . . . . . . . . . .pages 49, 66
VHF . . . . . . . . . . . . .pages 49, 66
30 Watt . . pages 13-14, 16, 71, 76
300 Watt . . . . . . 13-14, 16, 71, 76
1500 Watt . . . . . . . . . . . . page 76
3000 Watt . . . . . 13-14, 16, 71, 76
compact . . . . . . . . . . . . . .page 13
cross-needle . . .13-14, 16, 71, 76
dual band . . . . . . . . . . . . page 13
dummy load . . . . . . . . . . page 16
econo . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 13
flat-mount . . . . . . . . pages 14, 76
giant . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 14
grandmaster . . . . . . . . . . .page 13
handheld . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 13
HF . . . pages 13-14, 16, 70,71, 76
mobile . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .page 13
swr . . pages 13-14, 16, 70, 71, 76
UHF . . . . . . . . . . . . pages 13, 70
VHF . . . . . . . . . . . . pages 13, 70
barometer . . . . . . . . . . . . page 40
humidity . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 40
rainfall . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .page 40
remote . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .page 40
pressure . . . . . . . . . . . . . .page 40
temperature . . . . . . . . . . . page 40
transmitter . . . . . . . . . . . .page 40
weather station . . . . . . . . page 40
wind . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 40
hamtenna . . . . . . . . . . . . .page 49
portable . . . . . . . . . . . . . .page 50
mobile . . . . . . . . . . . pages 49-50
telescopic . . . . . . . . . . . . page 50
multi-band . . . . . . . . . . . page 50
stainless steel . . . . . . pages 49-50
long . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 50
solid . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 50
802.11b/g . . . . . . . . . . . . page 42
antenna . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 42
wireless . . . . . . . . . . . . . .page 42
yagi . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .page 42
double . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .page 53
end-fed . . . . . . . . . . . . . . page 53
clocks . . . . . . . . . . . .pages 40-42
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details. Write for quote. Credit Cards: We accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discover, government and debit cards. Please
write your CC#, expiration date, three-digit security CVV2 code on the back of your card and other information clearly or call 1-800-6471800; advise if billing address for said card is different than address above. C.O.D. Fee: Add additional $7.50 for sending products
C.O.D., above and beyond normal shipping charges. Bank Transfer: All wire transfers should be directed to: Amsouth Bank,
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Mississippi and Ohio residents must add sales tax from the county rate that they reside in.
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*Code F items cannot be sent by USPS/mail. Foreign orders must call for quote.
WARRANTY INFORMATION: All MFJ products (except as noted)
come with MFJ’s famous No Matter WhatTM one year limited warranty. The
warranty does not include kits, books or software. MFJ will repair or replace
(at our option) your MFJ product No Matter WhatTM for one complete year.
Customer MUST retain dated proof-of-purchase.
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MFJ . . . The World Leader in Ham Radio Accessories
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MFJ Order Form
SHIP TO (if other than at left)
Email Address____________________________________
Phone No. (home)_________________________________
Special instructions________________________________
Phone No. (work)_________________________________
MFJ Order Form
SHIP TO (if other than at left)
Email Address____________________________________
Phone No. (home)_________________________________
Special instructions________________________________
Phone No. (work)_________________________________
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Page 1
. . . the first choice of hams around the world!
The most popular
rotator in the world! $
For medium communications arrays
up to 15 square feet wind load
area. New 5-second brake delay!
New Test/Calibrate function.
New low temperature grease
permits normal operation
down to -30 degrees F.
New alloy ring gear
gives extra strength up
to 100,000 PSI for maximum reliability.
New indicator potentiometer. New ferrite
beads reduce RF susceptibility. New Cinch
plug plus 8-pin plug at control box. Dual
98 ball bearing race for load bearing
strength and electric locking steel wedge
brake prevents wind induced antenna movement. North or South center of rotation
scale on meter, low voltage control, max
mast size of 21/16 inches.
HAM IV and HAM V Rotator Specifications
Wind Load capacity (inside tower)
15 square feet
7.5 square feet
800 in.-lbs.
5000 in.-lbs.
Electric Wedge
Wind Load (w/mast adapter)
Turning Power
Brake Power
Brake Construction
Bearing Assembly
dual race/96 ball bearings
Mounting Hardware
Clamp plate/steel U-bolts
Control Cable Conductors
Shipping Weight
26 lbs.
Effective Moment (in tower)
2800 ft.-lbs.
For medium anten- $
na arrays up to 15
with DCU-1
square feet wind load
area. Similar to the
HAM IV, but includes
DCU-1 Pathfinder digital control unit with gas
plasma display.
Provides automatic operation of brake and
rotor, compatible with many logging/contest
programs, 6 presets for beam headings, 1
degree accuracy, auto 8-second brake delay,
360 degree choice for center location, more!
MSHD, $99.95. Heavy duty mast support
for T2X, HAM-IV and HAM-V.
MSLD, $39.95. Light duty mast support
for CD-45II and AR-40.
TSP-1, $34.95. Lower spacer plate for
879-1608, $0.49 per foot. 8 conductors PVC cable, 6-18 AWG + 2 -16
AWG, 200V for Hy-Gain(R) rotators.
RPM-1, $34.95. Rotator replacement
pot for HAM II, III, IV, V, T2X. 500
Ohm. Same as p/n 5023100.
AR-35 Rotator/Controller
For large medium antenna arrays
up to 20 sq. ft. wind load.
Available with DCU-1 Pathfinder
digital control (T2XD) or standard analog control box (T2X)
with new 5-second brake delay
and new Test/Calibrate function.
Low temperature grease,
alloy ring gear, indicator potentiometer,
ferrite beads on
wires, new weatherT-2X
proof AMP connectors plus
8-pin plug at control box,
triple bearing race with 138
ball bearings for large load
bearing strength, electric lock- $
ing steel wedge brake, North
with DCU-1
or South center of rotation
scale on meter, low voltage control, 21/16
inch max. mast.
TAILTWISTER Rotator Specifications
CD-45II Rotator Specifications
Wind load capacity (inside tower)
20 square feet
Wind Load (w/ mast adapter)
10 square feet
Turning Power
1000 in.-lbs.
Brake Power
9000 in.-lbs.
Brake Construction
Electric Wedge
Bearing Assembly
Triple race/138 ball brngs
Mounting Hardware
Clamp plate/steel U-bolts
Control Cable Conductors
Shipping Weight
31 lbs.
Effective Moment (in tower)
3400 ft.-lbs.
Wind load capacity (inside tower)
8.5 square feet
5.0 square feet
Wind Load (w/ mast adapter)
600 in.-lbs.
Turning Power
800 in.-lbs.
Brake Power
Disc Brake
Brake Construction
Bearing Assembly
Dual race/48 ball brings
Mounting Hardware
Clamp plate/steel U-bolts
Control Cable Conductors
Shipping Weight
22 lbs.
Effective Moment (in tower)
1200 ft.-lbs.
For king-sized
antenna arrays up to
25 sq.ft. wind load area. Control
cable connector, new hardened
stainless steel output shaft, new
North or South centered
calibration, new ferrite
beads on potentiometer
wires reduce RF susceptibility, new longer output shaft keyway adds
reliability. Self-centering steel clamp/hardware.
Display accurate to 1o. Machined steel output.
For compact
antenna arrays and
large FM/TV up to 3.0 square feet
wind load area. Dual 12 ball
bearing race. Automatic position
sensor never needs resetting.
Fully automatic control -- just
dial and touch for any desired
location. Solid state, low
voltage control, safe and
silent operation. 21/16 inch
max mast size. MSLD
light duty lower mast support included.
AR-40 Rotator Specifications
HDR-300A Rotator Specifications
Wind load capacity (inside tower)
3.0 square feet
1.5 square feet
Wind Load (w/ mast adapter)
350 in.-lbs.
Turning Power
450 in.-lbs.
Brake Power
Disc Brake
Brake Construction
Bearing Assembly
Dual race/12 ball bearings
Mounting Hardware
Clamp plate/steel bolts
Control Cable Conductors
Shipping Weight
14 lbs.
Effective Moment (in tower)
300 ft.-lbs.
Wind load capacity (inside tower)
25 square feet
Wind Load (w/ mast adapter)
not applicable
Turning Power
5000 in.-lbs.
Brake Power
7500 in.-lbs.
Brake Construction
solenoid operated locking
Bearing Assembly
bronze sleeve w/rollers
Mounting Hardware
stainless steel bolts
Control Cable Conductors
Shipping Weight
61 lbs.
5000 ft.-lbs.
Effective Moment (in tower)
Digital Automatic Controller
Rotator Auto Brake Delay
NEW! allows a
and HAM V.
Auto operation
of brake/ rotor, computer control with
RS232 pass-through, compatible with many
logging/contest programs, 6 presets for
favorite beam headings, 1 degree heading
accuracy, Auto 8-sec. brake delay, 360
degree choice for center of rotation!
The AR-35 is designed for the use of
small UHF, VHF,
6-Meter, TV and
FM antennas.
Includes automatic
controller, rotator,
mounting clamps
and mounting hardware. Use 110 VAC. Hy-Gain
For antenna arrays up to
8.5 sq. feet
mounted inside $
tower or 5 sq. ft.
with mast
adapter. Low temperature
grease good to -30 F
degrees. New Test/Calibrate
function. Bell
rotator design
gives total
weather protection, dual 58
ball bearing race gives proven support. Diecast ring gear, stamped steel gear drive,
heavy duty, trouble free gear train, North
center scale, lighted directional indicator,
8-pin plug/socket on control unit, snapaction control switches, low voltage control, safe operation, takes maximum mast
size to 21/16 inches. MSLD light duty lower
mast support included.
2995 5 second
delay for your HyGain rotator. This
delay insures that the rotator is fully stopped
before the brake is engaged. No more accidentally engaging brake while the rotator is
in movement. Use with HAM II, III, IV, V,
T2Xs. Easy-to-install. Includes pre-assembled PCB and hardware.
. . . Antennas, Towers and Rotators
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Page 1
HF BEAMS . . .
. . . are stronger, lighter, have less wind surface and last years longer.
TH-7DX, $869.95.
7-element, 1.5 kW PEP, 10,15,20 Meters
7-Elements gives you the highest average gain of any
Hy-Gain tri-bander! Dual driven for broadband operation
without compromising gain. SWR less than 2:1 on all bands.
Combined monoband and trapped parasitic elements give
you an excellent F/B ratio. Hy-Gain’s diecast aluminum,
rugged boom-to-mast clamp, heavy gauge element-to-boom
brackets, BN-86 balun. For high power, use BN-4000.
11-Elements, 4.0 kW PEP,
10, 12, 15, 17, 20 Meters
TH-5MK2, $759.95.
5-element, 1.5 kW PEP, 10,15,20 Meters
The broadband five element TH5-MK2 gives you outstanding gain. Separate air dielectric Hy-Q traps let you
adjust for maximum F/B ratio on each band. Has HyGain’s exclusive BetaMATCHTM, stainless steel hardware
and compression clamps and BN-86 balun.
TH-3MK4, $469.95.
3-element, 1.5 kW PEP, 10,15,20 Meters
The super popular TH-3MK4 gives you the most gain
for your money in a full-power, full-size durable Hy-Gain
tri-bander! Impressive average gain and whopping average front-to-back ratio. Handles 1.5 kW PEP. 95 MPH
wind survival. Fits on average lot -- turning radius is just
15.3 feet. 4-piece boom is ideal for DXpeditions. Choose
CD-45II or HAM-IV rotator. Hy-Gain BetaMatchTM for
DC ground, full power Hy-QTM traps, rugged boom-tomast bracket and mounts on standard 2”O.D. mast.
Stainless steel hardware. BN-86 balun recommended.
TH-11DX, $1159.95. 11-element, 4.0 kW PEP, 10,12,15,17,20M
The choice of top DXers. With 11-elements, excellent gain and 5-bands,
the super rugged TH-11DX is the “Big Daddy”of all HF beams! Handles 2000
Watts continuous, 4000 Watts PEP.
Every part is selected for durability and ruggedness for years of troublefree service. Features a low loss log-periodic driven array on all bands with
monoband reflectors, BN-4000 high power balun, corrosion resistant wire
boom support, hot dipped gal-vanized and stainless steel parts.
Stainless steel hardware and clamps are used on all electrical connections.
TH-2MK3, $369.95.
2-element, 1.5 kW PEP, 10,15,20 Meters
The 2-element TH-2MK3 is Hy-Gain’s most economical
full power (1.5kW PEP) full size tri-bander. Increase your
effective radiated power and hear far better! Ruggedly
constructed, top-performing, compact 6 foot boom, tight
14.3 foot turning radius. Installs almost anywhere.
Rotate with CD-45II or HAM-IV. Use BN-86 balun.
Compact 3-element
EXP-14, $599.95.
4-element, 1.5 kW PEP, 10,15,20 Meters
10, 15, 20 Meter Tri-Bander
For limited space . . . Installs anywhere . . . 14.75 ft turning
radius . . . weighs 21 lbs . . . Rotate with CD-45II, HAM-IV
TH-3JRS, $359.95.
Hy-Gain’s most popular 3-element 10, 15, 20 Meter tri-bander
fits on most lots!
Same top performance as the
full power TH3MK4 in a compact
600 watt PEP design.
Excellent gain and F/B ratio let
you compete with the “big guns”.
Tooled manufacturing gives you
Hy-Gain durability with 80 MPH
wind survival.
Fits on light tower, suitable guyed
TV pole, or roof tri-pod.
No. of avg gain avg F/B MaxPwr Bands
Wind Wind (mph)
gain watts PEP Covered sq.ft. area Survival
10, 15, 20
10, 15, 20
10, 15, 20
10, 15, 20
10, 15, 20
10,15,20 30/40
10, 15
12, 17
Revolutionary 4-element compact tri-bander can add
40 or 30 Meters! 14 foot boom and tight 17.25 feet turning
radius. Fits on roof tri-pod, mast or medium duty tower.
Hy-Gain’s patented broadbanding ParaSleeve gives you
less than 2:1 VSWR. 1.5kW PEP. BetaMATCHTM provides DC ground to eliminate static. Has BN-86 balun.
QK-710, $169.95. 30/40 Meter option kit for EXP-14.
DB-1015, $449.95.
7-element, 1.5 kW PEP, 10 & 15 Meters
This dual band beam for 10 and 15 Meters incorporates Hy-Gain’s superior mechanical design and has been
computer optimized and range-tested for max performance. DB-1015 features a 14 foot boom in 4 sections.
Handles full legal power and has Hy-Gain’s rugged
boom-to-mast clamp. DB-1217, $449.95. Similar to DB1015, but is dual band coverage for 12 and 17 Meters.
Longest Turning Weight Mast dia Recom.
Elem. (ft) radius(ft) (lbs.) O.D.(in.) Rotator
HAM-IV $869.95
HAM-IV $759.95
CD-45II $469.95
CD-45II $359.95
CD-45II $359.95
HAM IV $599.95
HAM IV $449.95
HAM IV $449.95
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Page 1
Hy-Gain Long Johns HF Monobanders
LJ-105CA, $289.95.10 Meters, 5 elements,
Exclusive 50 Ohm BetaMatchTM. Excellent
DC Ground. Stainless steel hardware and
clamps. BN-4000 Balun recommended.
LJ-155CA, $429.95. 15/12 Meters, Five
Elements, Exclusive 50 Ohm BetaMatchTM.
Excellent DC Ground. Stainless steel hardware and clamps. Includes 12 Meter setting. BN-4000 Balun recommended.
LJ-205CA, $769.95. 20/17 Meters, Five
Elements. Exclusive 50 Ohm BetaMatchTM.
Excellent DC Ground. Stainless steel hardware and clamps. BN-4000 Balun recommended. Manual has setting for both bands.
LJ-204BA, $539.95. 20/17 Meters, Four
Elements. Exclusive 50 Ohm BetaMatchTM.
The LJ-204BA has a tiltable cast aluminum
boom-to-mast clamp, heavy gauge
Model #
Gain (dBi)
10.8 dBi
9.8 dBi
8.7 dBi
8.2 dBi
7.9 dBi
7.9 dBi
7.3 dBi
F/B Max
36 dB
25 dB
30 dB
28 dB
24 dB
25 dB
23 dB
machine-formed element-to-boom brackets
and stainless steel hardware and clamps.
BN-4000 Balun is recommended. Manual
has setting for both bands.
LJ-103BA, $159.95. 10 Meters, Three
Elements. Feeds with 50 Ohm coax,
comes factory pre-tuned with Hy-Gain’s
exclusive BetaMatchTM. BN-86 balun recommended. Includes stainless steel hardware and clamps.
LJ-153BA, $209.95. 15 Meters, 3 elements.
Feeds with 50 Ohm coax, BetaMatchTM, 5.7
dBd gain. BN-4000 Balun recommended.
Stainless steel hardware and clamps.
LJ-203BA, $329.95. 20 Meters, Three elements on a 16 foot boom. The LJ-203BA
feeds with 50 Ohm coax, factory pre-tuned
with Hy-Gain’s exclusive BetaMatchTM.
Max Power Boom Size
1500 W PEP
24 feet
1500 W PEP
26 feet
1500 W PEP
34 feet
1500 W PEP
26 feet
1500 W PEP
8 feet
1500 W PEP
12 feet
1500 W PEP 16 feet, 6 in.
element size
18 feet
25 feet
36 feet
36 feet, 6 in.
18 feet, 7 in.
24 feet, 11”
37 feet
BN-4000 Balun is recommended. Stainless
steel hardware and clamps. Tiltable, cast
aluminum boom-to-mast bracket.
turn Radius
15 feet
17 feet, 6 in.
25 feet
22 feet, 6 in.
10 feet, 2 in.
14 feet, 3 in.
20 feet
Mast diam.
1.9-2.5 in.
1.9-2.5 in.
1.9-2.5 in.
1.9-2.5 in.
1.625-2.0 in.
1.9-2.5 in.
1.9-2.5 in.
3.9 sq. feet
5.2 sq. feet
9.0 sq. feet
7.3 sq. feet
2 sq. feet
3 sq. feet
5.4 sq. feet
100 m.p.h.
88 m.p.h.
99 m.p.h.
100 m.p.h.
107 m.p.h.
80 m.p.h.
80 m.p.h.
Hy-Gain Discoverer Series Antennas
DISCOVERER 71, $289.95.
Covers 30/40 Meters.
This rotatable dipole of low weight and
wind surface area so easily fits most existing
beam installations. Tuned to either 30 or 40
Meters with a front-to-side ratio of 30 dB for
a fast, expansion of band capability. Feeds
with 50 Ohm coax. Pre-formed mast clamp.
DISCOVERER 72, $649.95.
Covers 30/40 Meters.
This two-element 40 Meter beam has a
unique hairpin loading system. It delivers
superior performance. Feeds with 50 Ohm
coax and comes factory pre-tuned with HyModel #
Gain (dBi)
6.5 dBi
6.5 dBi
7.5 dBi
F/B Max
35 dB
15 dB
26 dB
Max Power Boom size
1500 W PEP 2.7 feet
1500 W PEP 22.6 feet
1500 W PEP
35 feet
Gain’s exclusive BetaMatchTM. Tiltable
boom-to-mast bracket and stainless steel
hardware is included. Hy-Gain high power
BN-4000 balun is recommended.
DIR-73K, $409.95.
Add-On 30/40 Meter Director Kit
Converts the Discoverer 72 into a three-element beam. Amazingly, it’s all on a 35 foot
boom, outperforming the other brands that
are much larger. Discoverer 72 with director
Kit fits on medium duty towers such asHG52SS, saving both cost and space. HyGain
offers wide bandwidth and Hy-Q efficiency
without coils. Handle legal power limits.
elment size turn Radius
45 feet
22.5 feet
44.8 feet
25 feet
45.7 feet
28.9 feet
Mast diam. Surface
1.9-2.5 in. 2.7 sq. feet
1.9-2.5 in. 6.0 sq. feet
1.9-2.5 in. 9.0 sq. feet
100 m.p.h.
80 m.p.h.
80 m.p.h.
Hy-Gain HF Log Periodic Antennas
LP-1009A, $1429.95. LP-1009A for
balun included. Use T2X Tailtwister or
UHF connector. LP-1009AN for “N”
HDR-300A rotators.
connector. Covers 10/12/15/17/20 Meters
Covers the complete 13-30 MHz HF specLP-1010A, $1799.95. LP-1010A for
trum under a 2:1 VSWR. Built to comUHF connector. LP-1010AN for “N”
mercial specifications, it is used by
connector. Covers10-30 MHz
MARS, monitoring stations, marine and
(10, 12, 15, 17, 20, and 30 Meters)
government radio stations around the
There are only a few antennas that offer as
world and now it’s available to Hy-Gain
much HF frequency coverage as the LPamateur customers. The discerning ham
1010A. Like the LP-1009A, this antenna
operator will appreciate its performance
is built to commercial standards using
and ease of use. Just imagine all that spec- stainless steel hardware and having a wind
trum coverage and only one feedline.
survivability of 93 mph. Rotatable with
Exclusive 2KW BN-4000 current type
use of T2X or HDR-300A rotators.
Model #
Gain (dBi) F/B Max Max Power Boom size
element turn Radius Mast diam. Surface
7.3 dBi
22 dB
1500 W PEP
27 feet
39 feet
22.5 feet
1.9-2.5 in. 12.5 sq. feet 103 m.p.h.
7.0 dBi
22 dB
1500 W PEP
36 feet
48 feet
1.9-2.5 in. 16 sq. feet
93 m.p.h.
Hy-Gain . . . Antennas, Rotators and Towers
11:21 PM
Page 1
VHF-FM Beam Antennas
Hy-Gain VHF Vertical Antennas
2 Meter
95 vertical
with 5.2
dBi gain
138-175 MHz derived
from the famous
extended double zepp
antenna design.
Radiating elements are
two collinear 5/8 waves
fed in phase. 2 sets of
/4 wave radials properly
decouple lower radiator
from the mast. SO-239,
handles 500 Watts. 9 ft.
UHF verti$
95 cal with 5.2
dBi gain
400-475 MHz
from douV-3R
ble zepp
95 antenna
216-225 MHz Type N,
handles 500
Watts, 4 foot.
1 /4 Meter vertical w/5.2
dBi gain, double zepp
design. SO-239, handles
500 Watts. 6ft., 9 in.
V-6R anten$
95 na is based
on 2 collCovers 51-54 inear 5/8
wave radiators. 500 Watt enclosed
coil and 2 sets of 1/4 wave
radials provide complete
mast decoupling and optimum pattern and gain.
Rugged design for severe
weather, also DC ground
lightning protector. 25 ft.,
3 in., UHF female connect, handles 500 Watts.
V-42R is
95 independently tunCovers 143- able at
153, and 436- 144 and
455 MHz 440 MHz.
Fed through one coax
cable, it has sets of 1/4
wave radials which
properly decouple 5/8
wave radiators from the
mast. Gives 5 dBd gain
UHF and 3 dBd gain on
VHF. Type N, handles
200 Watts. 9 ft.
Frequenc Gain dBi Pwr Input
5.2 dBi
7.2 UHF
5.2 VHF
5,2 dBi
500 Watts
Max Mast
105 mph
2 in. OD
9 foot
6 pounds
200 Watts 100 mph
500 Watts 230 mph
2 in. OD
9 foot
6 pounds
2 in. OD
4 foot
4 pounds
5.2 dBi
500 Watts
100 mph
2 in. OD
6 ft. 9 in.
5 pounds
5.2 dBi
500 Watts
80 mph
25 ft. 3 in. 15 pounds
2 Meter FM
2 Meter FM
2 Meter FM
2 Meter FM
These 2 Meter FM beam antennas include Hy-Gain’s exclusive
Beta MatchTM to provide exceptional Front-to-Back ratio and maximum obtainable gains. The VB-23FM (8.3 dBi gain), VB-25FM
(11.2 dBi gain), VB-28FM (14 dBi gain), and the VB-214FM
(15.2 dBi gain) gives you a wide choice of 2 Meter Beam
performance from which to choose. Accepts up to 2 inch mast.
F/B MAX Gain dBi Pwr Input
Long el
Mast dia.
40.25 in.
43.5 in.
2.0 in
2 pounds
75 in.
2.0 in
3 pounds
148.75 in.
2.0 in
4 pounds
2.0 in
6 pounds
20 dB
8.3 dBi
500 Watts
20 dB
11.2 dBi
500 Watts 39.625 in.
20 dB
14 dBi
500 Watts
40.25 in.
20 dB
15.2 dBi
500 Watts
39.5 in.
15 ft. 6 in.
6-Meter DX Beam Antennas
and VB66DX
feature a
concept in beam construction that provides
actual delivered performance equalling
maximum theoretical
gain. The 4-element
VB-64DX generates an
impressive 10.4 dBi
gain and the 6-element
VB-66DX increases the
gain to an unprecedented 12.5 dBi.
50-54 MHz
Hy-Gain VHF Ground Planes
GPG-2B GPG-2B is a 5/8 Wavelength
95 Ground Plane for two meters is
omni-directional and tunable from
142-185 MHz. It delivers an omni142-185 MHz directional gain of 3.2 dBi. Handles
100 Watts. Measures 4 feet, max
mast mount accepted is 1.625 in O.D. Wind area
is .30 sq. ft.
GPG-1B GPG-1B is a 1/4 Wavelength
95 ground plane similar to the GPG2B. It has unity gain, covers 144Covers
144-148 MHz 148 MHz.
GPG-1, $39.95, is similar to GPG1B, but covers162-174 MHz.
VB-66DX The VB95 64DX
50-54 MHz
Frequenc Gain dBi Pwr Input wind area #Element
19.8 dBi
2 kW PEP 1.9 sq. ft.
24.06 ft.
9.25 lbs.
16.4 dBi
2 kW PEP 2.75 sq. ft.
27.88 ft.
13.56 lbs.
10.4 dBi
500 Watts
1.1 sq. ft.
12 ft.
10 lbs.
12.5 dBi
1.5kWPEP 1.8 sq. ft.
24.575 ft.
17 lbs.
Oscar Link 435 MHz • 145.9 MHz
VHF/UHF DX Beam Antennas
Hy-Gain’s Oscar Link antennas
are complete with the necessary
phasing lines, relays and hardware. Left and right circularity
switching reduces fading. True
RF switching elements are rated
at 200 Watts and improved VSWR
higher efficiency. Feed points
22995 $22995 $11995 for
are encapsulated, weather proCrossboom
Assembly only tected for long life. The fiber144-148 MHz
432-438 MHz
glass crossboom maintains the integrity of the circularity pattern.
DB-218SAT, $559.95. The complete 2 Meter/ 440 MHz Oscar
Link antenna system with crossboom assembly with necessary
phasing lines, relays and hardware.
UB-7031DX Hy-Gain’s DX$
95 Series VHF/UHF
25 dB
13.7 dBi
200 W PEP
168.75 in.
1.1 sq. ft.
7 lbs.
25 dB
16.2 dBi
200 W PEP
134 inches
.7 sq. ft.
4 lbs.
F/B ratio Gain dBi Pwr Input # Element
Beams are based on
the DL6WU ele420-438 MHz ment length and
spacing and were further refined
on Hy-Gain’s antenVB-215DX na test range and by
95 computer modeling.
Both beams feature
encapsulated weath144-146 MHz erproof feedpoints
with type N connectors for excellent VSWR and power handling.
High quality mechanical construction is assured by heavy wall
booms and boom supports made of 6063-T832 aluminum tubing,
stainless steel hardware, UV stabilized thick-shoulder element
insulators and PTFE coaxial baluns.
11:26 PM
Page 1
Self-supporting -- no guys required . . . remarkable DX performance -- low angle
radiation, omnidirectional . . . 1500 Watts . . . Low SWR . . . 2 year limited warranty
AV-18VS $8995
DX-77A, $44995
DX-88, $36995
AV-12AVQ $12495
AV-14AVQ $16995
AV-18AVQII $22995
AV-18HT $84995
All hy-gain multi-band vertical antennas are entirely self supporting -- no guys
required. They offer remarkable DX performance with their extremely low angle of
radiation and omnidirectional pattern.
All hy-gain vertical antennas handle 1500 Watts PEP SSB, have low SWR, automatic band-switching (except AV-18VS) and include a 12-inch heavy duty mast support
bracket (except AV-18HT). Heavy duty, slotted, tapered swaged, aircraft quality aluminum tubing with full circumference compression clamps is used for radiators.
Includes all stainless steel hardware. Recessed SO-239 prevents moisture damage.
Hy-gain verticals go up easily with just hand tools and their cost is surprisingly
low. All hy-gain Verticals feature a two year limited warranty.
AV-18HT, $849.95.
AV-18AVQII, $229.95.
10/12/15/20/40/80 M
17 & 160 Meters optional
10/15/20/40/80 Meters
New! The classic is back with
three separate
Standing 53 feet tall, the famous Hy- improved design including
air dielectric Hy-QTM traps for 10 through
Gain HyTower is the world’s best performing vertical! The AV-18HT features 80 Meters --1.5 kW PEP. A loading coil
and an effective radiator is used for 80
automatic band selection achieved
through a unique stub-decoupling system Meters --1kW PEP.
which effectively isolates various sections
of the antenna so that an electrical 1/4
wavelength (or odd multiple of a 1/4
10/15/20/40 Meters
wavelength) exists on all bands.
The Hy-Gain AV-14AVQ uses the
Approximately 250 kHz bandwidth at 2:1 same trap design as the famous Hy-Gain
VSWR on 80 Meters. With the addition Thunderbird beams. Three separate air
of a base loading coil LC-160Q or MK- dielectric Hy-Q traps with oversize coils
160A, it also provides exceptional 160
give superb stability and 1/4 wave resoMeter performance. The 24 foot tower is nance on all bands. 18 feet, 9 pounds.
all rugged, hot-dip galvanized steel and
New!MK-80, $79.95. 80 Meter add-on
all hardware is iridited for corrosion
kit for AV-14AVQ. Easy to install. Inresistance. Special tilt-over hinged base cludes pre-wound loading coil, hardware.
for easy raising and lowering. 53 feet,
114 lbs. MK-17, $89.95. 17M add-on Kit.
LC-160Q, $109.95. 160 M loading coil.
10/12/15/17/20/30/40/80 M
MK-160A, $119.95. 160M 1500W kit.
High quality construction and low cost
make the AV-18VS an exceptional value.
Easily tuned to any band by adjusting
10/12/15/17/20/30/40/80M feed point at the base loading coil. Roof
mount with Hy-Gain AV-14RMQ kit,
160 Meters optional.
$89.95. 18 feet, 4 pounds.
All bands are easily tuned with the
DX-88’s exclusive adjustable capacitors.
80 and 40 Meters can even be tuned from
10, 15, 20 Meters
the ground without having to lower the
The AV-12AVQ also uses Thunderbird
antenna. Super heavy-duty construction.
25 feet, 18 pounds. DX-88 OPTIONS: beam design air dielectric traps for
KIT-160-88, $189.95. 160 M add-on kit. extremely Hy-Q performance. This is the
GRK-88, $99.95. Ground Radial System. way to go for inexpensive tri-band performance in limited space. 13 ft., 9 lbs.
RRK-88, $99.95. Roof Radial System.
Roof mount with AV-14RMQ kit, $89.95.
AV-14AVQ, 169.95.
AV-18VS, 89.95.
DX-88, 369.95.
AV-12AVQ, 124.95.
DX-77A, $449.95.
AV-14RMQ, $89.95
10/12/15/17/20/30/40 M
No ground radials required! Off-center-fed Windom has 55% greater bandwidth than competitive verticals. Heavyduty tiltable base. Each band independently tunable. 29 feet, 25 pounds.
Hy-Gain Roof Mount
This Hy-Gain roof
mount will support a $
modest antenna with
rotor and thrust bearing, Shippable
(not included).
Measures 4.5 feet tall, weighs just
18 lbs. Maximum load is 100 lbs.
Tough aluminum construction.
Model #
10/15/20 M
10 - 80 M
10 - 80 M
10 - 40 M
Roof Mounting Kit
The AV-14RMQ roof mounting kit
provides rugged support for Hy-gain
models AV-18VS, AV-14AVQ and AV12AVQ. Kit includes base plate, mast,
radial/guy wires and mounting hardware.
Max Power
1500 W PEP
1500 W PEP
1500 W PEP
1500 W PEP
1500 W PEP
1500 W PEP
53 feet
18 feet
13 feet
18 feet
25 feet
29 feet
18 feet
114 pounds
9 pounds
9 pounds
4 pounds
18 pounds
25 pounds
12 pounds
Wind Surv.
75 MPH
80 MPH
80 MPH
80 MPH
75 mph no guy
60 mph no guy
70 mph guy
Hy-Gain . . . Antennas, Rotators and Towers!
Rec. Mast
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Hy-Gain(R) Multi-Band PATRIOT Vertical Antennas
8-band vertical covers 40/30/20/17/15/12/10/6 Meters
• No radials • No traps • No ground • No tuning • Handles 1500 Watts
hy-gain’s new PATRIOT HF vertihy-gain AV-640
cals are the best built, best performing 8 Bands: 40, 30, 20, 17, 15, 12, 10, 6 M
and best priced multiband verticals
available today.
Suggested Retail
Make full use of your sunspot cycle Call your
dealer for
with the PATRIOT’s low angle signal.
your best price!
AV-640, $389.95, uses quarter wave
stubs on 6, 10, 12 and 17 meters and efficient end loading coil
and capacity hats on 15, 20, 30 and 40 meters.
Instead of typical traps, the AV-640 resonators are placed in
parallel not in series.
End loading of the lower HF bands allows efficient operation
with a manageable antenna height.
No ground or radials needed -- Effective counterpoise
replaces radials, end fed with broadband matching unit.
Automatic bandswitching -- Single coax cable feed, each
band is individually tunable, wide VSWR bandwidth.
Sleek and low-profile -- Low wind surface area, small area
required for mounting, mounts easily on decks, roofs and patios.
Built-to-last -- High wind survival, matching unit made from
all TeflonR insulated wire. Hy-gainR warranty -- Two year limited warranty, all replacement parts in stock.
AV-620, $289.95. Covers all bands 6 through 20 Meters with
no traps, no coils, no radials yielding an uncompromised signal
across all bands.
Model #
6B, 6-20
8B, 6-40
Max Pwr
22.5 feet
25.5 feet
10.5 lbs.
17.5 lbs.
wind surv
80 MPH
80 MPH
hy-gainR AV-620
6 bands: 20, 17, 15, 12, 10, 6 M
Suggested Retail
BN-86, $79.95.
Broadband 50
Ohm ferrite
balun. Useable
from 3 to 30
MHz. Recommended for all
HF Yagi antennas.
It provides
improved front-toback ratio. Comes w/clamp to bolt to
boom, SO-239 connector.
BN-4000B, $109.95.
Broadband 50 Ohm
Beam current balun is
potted to seal out
moisture. Rated at
4000 Watts for
increased power handling capabilities.
C-1, $29.95.
Range is 1 MHz to 54 MHz. SO-239
Center Insulator
for multiband
connector. BN-4000D, $109.95.
dipole antenna.
dipoles. BN-4000N, $119.95. “N”
C-1C, $29.95.
E-1, $6.95.
HF Multiband Hy-Q trap DOUBLETS
End Insulator
for Multiband doublet antenna. Set of 2.
Similar to C-1, but has
antenna connector.
DP-2BDQ, $139.95. 40/80 Meters, 101 feet maximum
length of dipole.
DP-5BDQ, $259.95. 10-80 Meters, 94 ft. max length.
Famous Hy-gain Contester
DP-2BDQ and DP-5BDQ are designed for horizontal or
Headset with boom Microphone
inverted “V” rated at legal power. Each individually pretuned Regular price: $179.00. Ship Code A
matched traps for each band. 50-Ohm feed, cable not incl.
Antennas, Rotators & Towers
DP-19PD, $279.95. 1.8-30 MHz, 160-10 Meters. Great for field day, camping or anytime. Braided nylon wire rope with conductors woven in. Pre-marked frequencies
for easy installation. Includes 100 foot support rope on each end and SO-239 (UHF)
connector is on center insulator.
308 Industrial Park Road, Starkville, MS 39759 USA
Toll-free Customer Sales Hotline: 800-973-6572
• TECH: 662-323-9538 • FAX: 662-323-6551
Prices and specifications subject to change without notice or obligation.
Hy-GainR, 2004.
11:31 PM
Page 1
MIRAGE . . . 160 Watts on 2 Meters!
MIRAGE’S Most Popular ampli- B-2518-G
entire cabinet. Draws 16-20A from 13.8
fier gives you 160 Watts of output
VDC. Compact 12x3x5.5 inches.
power for just 25W in from your
More 160 Watt 2 Meter Amps
base/mobile rig!
B-5018-G, $329. Like B-2518-G, but
The B-2518-G is ideal for your
for 10-50 Watt mobile/base. 160 Watts out
20-60 Watt 2 Meter mobile or base station.
for 50 W in.
You’ll talk further, longer, clearer on all
B-1018-G, $409. MIRAGE’S most popmodes --FM, SSB, CW -- hear weak sigular
dual purpose HT or mobile/base 2
nals better than you’ve ever before! You
Meter amp. Get 160 Watts out for 10 W
get low noise 20 dB GaAsFET pre-amp
in. For 0.2 to 15 Watt rigs Use RC-2, $45,
with an excellent 0.6 dB noise figure for
Remote Control.
pulling out weak signals.
Remote Control Head for Amps
B-2518-G is fully protected with features
found in expensive commercial amplifiers.
transmitting and kicks in 160 Watts of
Remote conHigh SWR or excessive input power can
power. Adjustable time delay give you
trols most MIRAGE
damage your amplifier. Protection circuits
smooth transmit/receive switching. Remote
amps. Power On/Off,
automatically bypass your amplifier to preexternal keying. You can remotely control
preamp On/Off, switch for SSB/FM. 25 ft.
vent damage and LED lights to warn you.
your B-2518-G and place it out of the way.
cable (longer available with special order).
Active-Bias System gives crisp,
An RC-2, $45, Remote Control turns
13/4x 33/4x21/2”. 5018/2518/1018 use RC-2.
Power On/Off and select SSB/FM. Extra
clear voice in SSB mode!
use RC-1, call mirage to verify.
heavy duty custom heatsink spans the
An Active-BiasTM System keeps SSB
voice crisp and clear for fantastic operation.
Power Curve -- Typical Output Power in Watts
Other amplifiers using conventional
bias methods tend to produce splatter and
distortion as power level changes. This
-80 100 125 160 160 160
amp with Active-BiasTM doesn’t exhibit the
70 100 130 160 160 16
Watts In 0.25 0.5
The B-2518-G knows when you are
Mirage 2-Meter 300 Watt Amplifiers
Mirage 150 Watts 6-Meter Amplifier
FCC Type Accepted
The A-1015-G is ideal $
for your 1-15 Watt Mobile
or Base Station Rig.
A built-in low noise
GaAsFET receive preamp
gives you 20 dB gain -- lets
you dig out weak signals and
score exotic DX on sporadic E! before! Extra heavy-duty
heatsink spans entire length of
You’ll talk further, longer,
and clearer on all modes -- FM, cabinet. Draws 18-22 amps at
13.8VDC. Just 5 pounds, measSSB, CW. Hear weak signals
ures 12Dx3Hx51/2W inches.
Power Curve -- Typical A-1015-G Output
Watts Out 6
Watts In
84 98
223-225 MHz Amplifiers
Choose from 10 different
models -- 20 to 220 Watts
out for 2 to 50 Watts in,
$129 to $655. Extra heavy
duty heatsink spans the entire length of cabinet. Protection circuits automatically bypass
your amplifier to prevent damage and an
LED lights to warn you. Your expensive
power transistors are protected from overheating by Mirage’s exclusive Therm-OGuardTM. Automatically shuts down and
bypasses your amp if needed. All Mirage CSeries have a 20 dB GaAsFET preamp.
Model #
.1- 5 W
.3- 5 W
.3- 15 W
.3-15 W
.3-40 W
.35-55 W
.25-10 W
.25-30 W
.35-55 W
Power in Watts.
Get 300 Watts of brute power
for 50 Watts input on all modes -FM/SSB/CW. Ideal for 20-60 watt
2-Meter mobile or base rigs. Hear
weak signals -- low noise GaAsFET preamp gives excellent 0.6
dB noise figure. Select 15/20 dB
gain. Heavy heatsink spans entire length of cabinet -- $B-5030-G
prevents overheating. Power transistors are protected
by our Therm-O-GuardTM. Fully protected from high
SWR and excessive input power. Has warning LED,
smooth adjustable transmit/receive switching with remote external
keying. Draws
Power Curve -- Typical Output Power in Watts
[email protected] VDC. B-5030-G $739 --55
12x12x5”. RC-1, B-2530-G $759 30
-Remote Control
B-1030-G $739
--Head, $45.00.
Watts In
420-450 MHz Amplifiers
Commercial Grade Amplifiers
All UHF models feaPAC-30-130B
ture all modes: FM,
SSB, CW, adjustable
delay for SSB and
remote control outlet.
They also have a heavy
duty heatsink that spans
entire length of cabinet, 50 Ohm impedance input
Commercial Amplifiers are available for
and output, 13.8 VDC voltage. D-3010-N -- 100
150-174, 450-470 MHz and VHF marine
W out/30W in. For 5 to 45 Watt mobile/base. D- bands, 70-100 Watts out. Most feature over1010-N -- 100 Watt/10W in. For handhelds or
mobile/base. D-26-N -- 60 W out/2W in, for HTs. temperature sensing that bypasses amplifier
when safe operating temperatures are
exceeded; heavy duty heatsinks finned on 3
Industry standard ATV amps available.
sides; and wide input power range. These
D-1010-ATVN, $414. 82 Watts PEP out /10W in. amps were designed for two-way radio sigOutput Current D-100-ATVN, $414. 82 Watts PEP out/2W in.
nal commercial, mobile, or fixed location
3-36 W 5 amps
use. All are FCC type accepted.
MIRAGE D-Series Specifications
3-60 W
6-120 W
.5-120 W
3-120 W
1.5-220 W
5-220 W
Amateur TV Amps
Model #
.25-2 W
.4-5 W
0.5-5 W
.30-15 W
1-15 W
3-18 W
17-60 W
15-52 W
5-110 W
5-100 W
3 amps
12 amps
20 amps
20 amps
20 amps
5-45 W
7-100 W
20 amps
MIRAGE Commercial Amplifier Specifications
.5-3 W
10-30 W
10-30 W
5-70 W
5-25 W
5-100 W
10-30 W
.1-3 W
10-25 W
MIRAGE . . . The World’s Most Rugged VHF/UHF Amplifiers
11:33 PM
Page 1
Mirage 2-Meter/440 MHz Amplifiers for HTs!
Mirage BD-35 Handheld Dual Band Amplifier
more powerful mobile or base -- 45
95 Watts on 2 Meters or 35 Watts on 440
MHz! Get 35 Watts out with just 4
Suggested Retail Watts in!
MIRAGE’s exclusive FullDuplex AmpTM
lets you talk on a band and listen on another
band at the same time -- just like a phone
• 35 Watts Output
conversation (requires compatible HT).
• All modes: FM, SSB, CW
Features auto band selection, reverse
• Reverse Polarity Protection
polarity protection, on-air leds, single con• Free Mobile Bracket
nector for dual band radios/antennas, free
• Works with all HTs up to 8 Watts
mobile bracket and more! Works with HTs
• Auto RF sense T/R switch
to 7 Watts. Super compact 5Wx11/2Hx5D
Add this MIRAGE BD-35 dual band
inches. Draws 7 Amps at 13.8 VDC.
amp and boost your handheld to a much
Mirage B-310-G . . . 100 Watts on 2 Meters
Reach distant repeaters . . . Log onto B-310-G
faraway packet bulletin boards.
This rugged Mirage B-310-G ampli- Suggested
fier operates all modes: FM, SSB and
CW. Perfect for all HTs up to 8 Watts and
multi-mode SSB/CW/FM 2 Meter rigs.
Built-in low noise GaAsFET receive precable and mobile bracket!
amp gives you 15 dB gain -- lets you dig
Automatic RF sense Transmit/Receive
out weak signals. SWR and Reverse
switch. Remote keying jack. LEDs moniPolarity Protection.
tor “On-Air”, high SWR, pre-amp, power.
Mirage’s integrated HeatsinkCabinetTM
Push buttons select SSB/FM, pre-amp,
and whisper quiet fan gets heat out fast!
power. Draws 15 Amps at 12-15 VDC.
The results? An ultra-compact
Full one year MIRAGE warranty
43/4x13/4x73/4 inch 21/2 pound amplifier that
With MIRAGE’s legendary ruggedness,
delivers a super powerful 100 Watts.
you may never need our superb warranty.
Free 3 foot handheld to B-310-G coax
MIRAGE 2-Meter/440 MHz Amplifiers for HTs
Add this MIRAGE amp to your 2 Meter
handheld and get 35 Watts output . . . talk
further, longer, clearer . . . It’s the best HT
amplifier $99.95 can buy! Here’s why:
First-class strip-line techniques and
modular construction gives superb RF performance and unsurpassed reliablity.
Custom wrap around heatsink provides
excellent heat distribution -- runs cool for
extra long life. Reverse polarity protection
can save your amp and your pride if you
connect power backward.
Automatic RF sense transmit/ receive
switch makes operation super easy. Low
input SWR keeps your handheld safe from
overheating. Individual pushbutton switches lets you select FM/SSB operation,
receive preamp on/off and power on/off.
LEDs show On-Air, receive preamp on
and power on. 51/4x13/4x43/4”. Free mobile
mount bracket, hardware. B-34, $79.95.
Like B-34-G but FM only, less preamp,
mobile bracket. Super tiny 31/8x13/4x41/4 in.
Low Noise GaAsFET preamps
MIRAGE Repeater Amplifiers
High gain
ultra low
noise GaAsFET preamps for
receiving weak signals. Selectable gain prevents receiver intermod. 15-22 dB gain. Less
than 0.8 dB noise figure,
auto RF switching to 160W. Choose
In-shack or Mast-Mount models below.
In Shack
Mast Mount
11 models to choose
from -- continuous
duty all mode
FM/SSB/CW repeater
amplifiers for 6, 2,
220 MHz, 450 MHz,
and ATV service.
MIRAGE Repeater Amp Specifications
.25-5 W
.25-3 W
.5-10 W
.25-.5 W
.25-6 W
.05-15 W
.25-4 W
1-15 W
.25-1 W
.25-4 W
Max Out
98 W
130 W
111 W
80 W
96 W
90 W
80 W
75 W
52 W
80 W
200 Watts on 2 Meters
Suggested Retail
Add this amp
to your 2 Meter
HT or mobile radio and get 200 Watts brutal output. Talk further, longer, clearer!
Has 15 dB GaAsFET preamp, works
all modes FM/SSB/ CW. Fully protected
by high SWR protection. Includes mobile
mounting bracket. An input level switch
selects proper input power from your HT
or mobile radio. Low power input for handheld radios, 250 mW to 10 Watts. .25 Watts
in gives 132 Watts output. 3 Watts input
from your HT gives full power output.
High power input for mobile radios, 10
Watts to 50 Watts. 10 Watts input gives 95
Watts output. 50 Watts input gives full
power output. Custom wrap-around
heatsink gives excellent heat dissipation.
New SMA to BNC Adaptors
$3.95 each.
BNC male to
SMA female
$3.95 each.
SMA male to
BNC female
$3.95 each.
SMA male to
HT Docking Booster
Two Meter docking booster gives $114 95
50 Watts out with Suggested
just 8 Watts in!
18 dB GaAsFET preamp,
on/off switch, On-air, preamp and Xmit LEDs.
31/4x31/4x41/4 in. Requires
13.8 VDC. Auto band selection, Reverse
Polarity protection and much more.
Choose an adapter to fit your handheld
Manufacturer/Handheld Type
#MI-2 IC-2S/2SAT/2SR/3S/3SAT/3SR/24/W2/X2
ICOM W21/X21/W21T/X21T, etc.
YAESU FT-23/204/73/704/104/728, etc.
MY-2 YAESU FT-24/74/205/705/305/805/729, etc.
TH-25/25G/45/45G/55/75/77, etc.
TH-22A/22AT/42A/42AT/59/79/79E, etc.
Accurate SWR/Wattmeters
Read SWR directly and forward, Reverse, Peak/Average
power. Remote coupler. 1.830, 50-200, 420-450, 12601300 MHz models.
SWR sens
$235.00 1.8-30 MHz 1-2 Watts 2000 W
5 Watts
150 W
1 Watt
1-2 Watts 1500W
Nearest Dealer/Free Catalog: 800-647-1800
Technical: 662-323-8287 Fax: 662-323-6551
300 Ind’l Park Road, Starkville, MS 39759
7:48 AM
Page 1
Vectronics 2 kW Roller Inductor Antenna Tuner
crank handle and a gear driven 5digit counter.
The HFT-1500 will tune ANY
real antenna . . . verticals, dipoles,
inverted vees, beams, long wires,
SWL antennas . . . ANYTHING!
And its huge components make the
tuning ARC-FREE!
You can tune your SWR down
to the absolute minimum from 1.8
to 30 MHz, including MARS and
the WARC bands. Handles 2 kW
SSB PEP amplifier input power.
The bargraph is a 21 segment display
that makes analyzing SSB power amazingly easy. This LED meter shows your peak
reading and has fully adjustable level and
delay controls.
A lighted dual movement D’Arsonval
Cross-Needle SWR/Wattmeter displays
SWR, forward and reflected power simultaneously at a glance. RF directional coupler
is fully shielded for even greater accuracy.
The meter measures peak and average
power in the 300/3000 Watt scales.
Bargraph display and meter lamp require
12 VDC adapter, included.
The antenna selector switch is a six
position ceramic. Coax 1 is for tuned and
tuner byass; Coax 2 is for tuned and tuner
bypass, bypass and balanced antenna.
The HFT-1500 measures 5.5Hx12W
x12.5D inches and is housed in a beautiful
RF-tight aluminum cabinet. Weighs 10 lbs.
VC-300DLP . . . World’s most versatile HF Antenna Tuner
Vectronics 300 Watt Mobile Tuner
The Vectronics HFT-
95 1500 Roller Inductor
Tuner has three continuously variable components -- two 4.5 kV capacitors and a roller
inductor controlled by a precision crafted
Ship Code D
Ship Code B
you’ve ever
wanted . . . precise inductance control that
rivals roller inductors, the ability to match
any real ant-enna, full 1.8-30 MHz coverage, peak reading backlit Cross-Needle
Meter, 8 pos. antenna switch, built-in 50
Ohm dummy load, finest components and
world class quality.
VECTRONICS’ exclusive Multi48TM
inductor gives you forty-eight inductance
values -- you’ll get precision tuning that
rivals the most expensive roller inductors.
Tune any real antenna 1.8-30 MHz, including all MARS/WARC bands. Verticals,
dipoles, yagis, quads, long-wires, G5RVs . . .
Has 4:1 balun for balanced line antennas.
Handles up to 300 Watts SSB PEP, 200W
continuous (150W, 1.8 MHz).
Dry Dummy Loads
1500 Watt dry Dummy Load
DL-650M, $74.95. Handles
100 Watts continuous, 1500
Watts for 10 seconds to 650
MHz. Ceramic resistor.
SWR< 1.3. SO-239.
DL-650MN, $79.95 has N
DL-300M, $44.95.
300 Watt dry
dummy load.
DL-300MN, $49.95
with N connector.
DL-2500, $199.95. 2500
Watts dry dummy load is fan
cooled. DC to 150 MHz.
DL-2500N, $199.95 with N
Tuned Active SWL Antenna
AT-100, $79.95.
This portable compact antenna is perfect for indoor use
by itself or with an external
antenna. Tunes from 300
KHz to 30 MHz including
VLF, AM broadcast, all
shortwave and ham
radio bands. Great
for SWL!
A backlit Cross-Needle Meter displays
SWR, forward and reflected power simultaneously. Reads both peak and average
power on 30/300 Watt scales. Lamp has
front panel switch and uses 12 VDC or 110
VAC with AC-12 $12.95.
An 8-position antenna switch selects 2
coax fed antennas, random wire/balanced
line or built-in dummy load for use through
your tuner or direct to your transceiver.
Bypass position keeps SWR meter in line.
Use the built-in dummy load for testing
and repairing your rig, setting power level,
adjusting your mic gain and more.
Chemically treated aluminum case has
durable baked-on paint and scratch-proof
color Lexan front panel. 10Wx9.5Dx3.5H”.
300 Watt Antenna Tuner
with 21 Segment SSB Bargraph
VC-300D, $199.95. Similar
to VC-300DLP, but has deluxe 21
segment SSB bargraph feature.
Low Pass TVI Filters
Ship Code B
The VC-300M Mobile Antenna Tuner
is compact, lightweight, easy-to-operate
and is our most economical tuner.
It’s compatible with any mobile antenna and any mobile HF transceiver and is
compact enough to fit the most compact
car. It can also be used at home with
dipoles, vees, verticals, beams or quads fed
by coax.
Backlit dual movement meter simultaneously monitors power and SWR. Covers
18 to 30 MHz. Handles 300 Watts SSB
PEP, 200 Watts continuous, (150 Watts on
1.8 MHz). Measures 7.25x8.75x3.6 inches.
Weighs just 3.4 pounds.
SWR/Power Meters
1500 Watts Low Pass
TVI Filter
LP-30, $69.95.
Eliminates TVI by attenuating harmonics at the
Plugs between transmitter and antenna or tuner. Features nine
pole Chebyshev design. Insertion loss is
only 0.25 dB at 30 MHz. 52 Ohm impedance. Handles 1500 Watts.
2500 Watts Low Pass TVI Filter
$139.95. Handles
up to 2500
Watts key
down. SO-239
PM-30, $79.95, for 1.8 to 60 MHz.
Displays forward and reflected power and
SWR simultaneously on dual movement
Cross-Needle Meter.
True shielded directional coupler assures
accuracy. Backlit meter displays peak or
average power in 300/ 3000W ranges.
5.3x5.75x3.5 inches. SO-239 connectors.
PM-30UV, $89.95. Covers 144/220/
440 MHz. 30/300 Watt ranges. SO-239.
PM-30UVN, $89.95. Type N.
PM-30UVB, $89.95. BNC connector.
Deluxe Iambic CW Keyer
High Pass TVI Filters
CK-200, $79.95. Speed,
weight, tone, volume controls, tune, iambic A/B switch
for 3 types of keying output, speed control
6-50 wpm, self-complete dots/dashes. Use
9V battery/110 VAC.
KP-200, $69.95. Iambic
Key Paddles complete with
1/4” plug and cable. KP200, chrome base or KP-200B, black base.
HPF-2, $29.95. Installs
between VCR and TV and
cable TV or antenna lead-in
cable. Eliminates or
reduces interference caused
by nearby HF transmitters. 6 meter notch.
Has type “F” connectors.
HPF-1, $24.95. Same as HPF-2, no
six meter notch. Low loss in
TV passband 52-550 MHz.
Vectronics Kits . . . Fun to Build and Use
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Vectronics high-performance electronic kits . . . fun to build and use!
Soldering Course Kit.
Designed for schools and
individuals. Includes theory, quizzes, PC board and components
for soldering practice. Used & endorsed
by universities, vo-techs, businesses and
others. Order VEC-1500K, $29.95.
Crystal radio set Kit lets you
relive the experience of early radio
pioneers. This baby really works!
Wind your own inductor, wire up the
earliest radio circuit without soldering a thing and listen to the magic of radio that
needs no power. Put up an antenna, connect a
ground. Stations will come in amazingly loud
and clear. 13/4x5x61/2”. Has antenna wire, earphone. Simple level. Order VEC-121K, $19.95.
Full featured CW Keyer Kit is the
best electronic keyer bargain in radio!
Self-completing dot-dashes and dotdash memory forgive timing errors. Front panel
volume/speed (3-65 wpm) controls. Weight
adjusts 25-75%. Sidetone (300 -1000Hz) has
LM386 audio amp for external speaker. Iambic A
or B, fully auto or semi-auto “bug” mode. Sleep
Mode battery saver. Use 9V battery. 13/4x4x 31/2
in. Simple skill level. Order VEC-201K, $24.95.
CW Memory Keyer Kit stores 512
characters in four 128 character
non-volatile EEPROM message
memories. Carry on entire QSOs by
just pressing memory message buttons. True sinewave sidetone with soft rise and
fall time eliminates harsh keyclicks. Has all
features of VEC-201K CW Keyer Kit. 13/4x 63/4
x51/4 in. Simple. Order VEC-221K, $69.95.
Tunable SSB/CW Audio Filter Kit has
sharp four pole peak and notch filters.
Zero in with frequency control & adjust
bandwidth for best response. Tune frequency from 300-3000 Hz. Notch is an outstanding 50 dB. 1 Watt amplifier. Speaker/Phone
jacks. 12 VDC at 300 mA. 13/4x43/4x51/4 in.
Intermediate skill level. VEC-841K, $34.95.
Super CW Audio Filter Kit gives you
three bandwidths: 80, 110, 180 Hz.
Eight poles gives super steep skirts
with no ringing. Pull CW QSOs out of
terrible QRM! Plugs into phone jack to drive
phones. QRM down 60 dB one octave from center frequency (750 Hz) for 80 Hz bandwidth.
Improves S/N ratio 15 dB. Use 9V battery.
13/4x4x 31/2 in. Simple. VEC-820K, $19.95.
Super CW filter/ amplifier Kit has
powerful 1 watt audio amplifier to
drive speaker. 8 poles active IC filtering uses cascaded low-Q stages. 3
bandwidths: 80,110, 180 Hz. Center
frequency: 750 Hz. Up to 15 dB. Use 9-18VDC,
300 mA max. 13/4x4 x31/2 in. Simple skill level.
Order VEC-821K, $29.95.
Super SSB Audio Filter Kit improves
readability with 8 poles, optimizes
audio bandwidth, reduces SSB splatter,
low, hi-pitched interference, hiss, static
crashes, background noise. Use 9 Volt battery.
13/4x4x 31/2 inches. Simple skill level. Order
VEC-830K, $19.95.
Ni-Cad/Ni-MH Battery Charger Kit
safely quick charges expensive batteries - no overcharging -- many in less than an
hour. HTs, cell phones, camcorders, lap top.
1 /4x4 /4x51/4 in. Moderate. VEC-412K, $49.95.
Portable CD Amplifier Kit has 4
Watt per channel amplifier. Plug in
a portable CD player and a pair of 8
Ohm speakers.Fill your room with music. 12V
battery/12 VDC. Simple. VEC-1604K, $19.95.
QRP Transceiver Kits for 80/40/30/20 Meters
give you VXO frequency control, broadbanded transmitter circuitry, solid one
Watt plus output, shaped keying, .3 uV
sensitivity, direct conversion receiver. Includes crystal for popular QRP frequency. 13/4x 43/4
x5 /4”. Intermediate skill level. Order VEC-1380K
(80 Meters),VEC-1340K(40 Meters),VEC-1330K
(30 Meters),VEC-1320K(20 Meters), $59.95 each.
20/30/40/80 Meter Receiver Kits
Shortwave Receiver Kit
give high performance! Covers
lets you listen to the
entire band or tailor to cover
world! Covers 75/80, 49,
desired portion. Copy
40, 30, 31, 20, 25, 22, 19,
CW/SSB/AM. NE602/ 612 mixer17, 16, 15 and 13 Meter bands. Explore AM,
oscillator, LM386 high gain audio
SSB, CW, WWV, RTTY and Packet signals.
amplifier. 13/4x43/4x 51/4 in.
Vernier reduction drive, smooth regeneration
Moderate skill level. Order VEC-1120K (20
control, RF stage. Includes all metal cabinet.
Meters),VEC-1130K(30 Meters),VEC-1140K (40
2 earphone jacks. Use 9V battery. 21/2x7x6 in.
Meters), VEC-1180K (80 Meters), $29.95 ea.
Intermediate skill level. VEC-102K, $69.95.
20/30/40/80 Meter QRP CW
2 Meter Monitor Kit receives
transmitter Kits have variable
144-148 MHz. Low noise, high
crystal oscillator tuning, front panel
gain RF preamp gives you excelswitch selects 1 of 2 crystals. 1
lent 0.1 uV sensitivity. Air variable tuning
crystal included. Transmit and
capacitor has 8:1 reduction. Dual conversion
Receive switch. Connect receiver.
superhet provides selectivity and stability.
13/4 x4x31/2 in. Intermediate skill
Automatically eliminates squelch tails. Built-in
level. Order VEC-1220K (20 Meters), VEC-1230K
speaker, squelch, tone, volume controls.191/4”
(30 Meters), VEC-1240K (40 Meters), VEC-1280K
antenna. 9V battery. 2x41/4x4”. Intermediate
(80 Meters), $29.95 each.
skill level. Order VEC-104K, $79.95.
2/6/10 Meter FM Receiver Kits let you
Aircraft Receiver Kit tunes entire voice
tune in the world of amateur radio repeater
aircraft band 118-136 MHz. Picks up air
action with these superb educational kits.
traffic 100 miles away. Track progress
Each covers the entire FM sub-band and
of incoming/outgoing traffic in your
runs off your 9V battery. Experience what
area, gain advanced weather information, and
it’s like for ham radio operators in your area.
discover how the National Air Traffic System
really works. Great way to learn about aviation. Plug in speaker or headphones for clear reception.
Use 9V battery. Drives external speaker/phones. 13/4x4x31/2”. Intermediate. VEC-1002K (2 Meters),
13/4x4x31/2 in. Intermediate. VEC-131K, $29.95. VEC-1006K (6M), VEC-1010K (10M), $34.95 each.
Blinking Tower LED
Electronic Badge Kit. Be
proud of who you are! Listed
in the boy scout badge handbook, this is a great evening project for
your boy scout troop and a great way to
introduce them to ham radio and basic
electronics. Order VEC-5100K, $12.95.
Shortwave Converter Kit converts AM
AM Radio Transmitter Kit lets you set
or AM/FM radios to shortwave receivers
up your own AM station and broadcast
at a push of a button. Choose 2 1 MHz
crystal clear programming from your stubands between 3 and 22 MHz. Popular
dio with you as the disc jockey. Choose
13,16,19, 25, 31, 41, 49 and 60 Meters internaclear frequency from 530-1750 KHz.
tional bands. On/off bypass, NE-602/612 mixerStandard line level or microphone input.
oscillator IC and tuned input circuit. 9 V battery. Easy connection. Audio level adjustment. 13/4x4x31/2
1 /4x4x3 /2”. Intermediate. VEC-101K, $27.95.
inches. Simple skill level. Order VEC-1290K, $29.95.
49 MHz Wireless Band Monitor
Receiver kit lets you explore
weak wireless signals from miles
around. Baby monitors, cordless
phones, walkie-talkies, wireless
intercoms and more! Electronic
tuning covers just the 49 MHz band. Intermediate skill level. Order VEC-1016K, $34.95.
Emergency and Business Band
Receiver lets you gather news
first hand -- tune in local fire,
police, ambulance, business, etc.
Master 2-way radio lingo, operating procedures and police 10codes as you find the “real story”!
9V battery. Intermediate. VEC-1012K, $34.95.
Voice Activated Recorder Switch
Kit can remotely and auto record
conversations, speeches. Don’t waste
tape by not recording silence. Plug in
remote recorder jack and it activates
when it hears speech. Built-in mic, on/off. Use
9V battery. Simple. VEC-483K, $19.95.
FM Stereo Transmitter Kit lets you
connect your CD player, tape or other
source and broadcast clear stereo programming on the FM band! Realistic
grand movie theater sound! Use to
assist hard-of-hearing. Frequency
adjusts 88-108 MHz. 9V battery or 515 VDC. Moderate. VEC-1292K, $34.95.
5 Watt 2 Meter FM transmitter Kit lets you
transmit voice and data -- AFSK data (up to
1200 baud) and FSK data (to 9600 baud).
Jumper select reactance or direct FM modulators. Reliable Motorola NBFM Xmitter IC/PA transistor. Crystal controlled (x8 frequency multiply). -60
dBc spurs, harmonics. 12-14 VDC, 1.5A. 5-pin DIN
mic jack. 13/4x43/4x 51/4”. Difficult. VEC-1202K, $99.95.
144/220/440 MHz Low-Noise
Preamp Kits soup up your antenna
system, pull in weak signals. Great
low-noise performance, immunity
from damaging electrostatic dis1
charge. 1x1 /2”. Simple. VEC-1402K (144 MHz), VEC1422K (220 MHz), VEC-1444K (440 MHz), $17.95.
High-performance 2 Meter Preamp Kit
Counter Surveillance Monitor Kit lets
pulls weak signals out of noise. Boosts
you search out and remove electronic
bugs! Highly sensitive wideband receiver signals, provides razor-sharp bandpass filtering, elimidetector. Higher pitch audio occurs when bug is nates electrical noises w/built-in balun. 9-14 VDC.
near. 9 V batt. Moderate. VEC-8218K, $39.95. 11/2 x3x1”. Intermediate. VEC-1402DK, $59.95.
Book of
Vacuum-Tube Preamplifier Kit lets
The Giant Book of Electronic Projects
you enjoy the vintage sound of a real
VEC-1901, $19.95. Includes 19 kits
life vacuum tube preamp. High degree
on this page. Building tips, complete parts lists, parts placement,PC of even-harmonic distortion. Includes tube, 110 VAC
board layouts, test/alignment, more. power supply. Moderate. VEC-1680K, $99.95.
Volume I
Cases available for most kits listed above, $14.95.
Add “C”. Example: VEC-201KC, $14.95.
9:13 AM
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Solid State FET Amplifier
No tuning, no fuss, no worries -- just turn on and operate . . . Incredibly low $1299 includes
AC power supply, 600 Watts output, continuous 1.5-22 MHz coverage, instant bandswitching,
no warm-up, no tubes to baby, fully SWR protected, extremely quiet, very compact . . .
ient front panel display. You also get front panel Transmit, ALC,
and SWR LED indicators. A 12 VDC output jack lets you power
low current accessories. Enjoy 600 Watts of no tune Solid State
power. Call your favorite dealer for your best price.
Suggested Retail
ALS-600PS Heavy Duty Power Supply
•Massive choke input filter greatly improves voltage regulation
and reduces peak AC line current • AMERITRON’s exclusive
(Includes AC Power Supply, ALS-600PS)
AMERITRON’s revolutionary ALS-600 is amateur
radio’s only linear amplifier that uses four rugged
TMOS RF power FETs -gives unequaled no tune
solid state performance.
$1299 includes
Ameritron’s no tune FET
Amplifier and a 120/220
VAC, 50/60 Hz AC power
supply for home operation.
You get instant
bandswitching, no tuning,
no warm-up, no fuss! ALS-600 gives 600 Watts PEP Output
power and 500 Watts CW with continuous coverage 1.5 to 22
MHz; 10/12 Meters with easy-to-install optional kit, $29.95 plus
shipping. Must present FCC license at time of sale.
SWR Protection prevents amplifier damage if you switch to the
wrong band, use the wrong antenna or have a high SWR. Overpower protection enables if output forward power or reflected
power exceeds a safe level. Output power is automatically reduced
to prevent amplifier damage by controlling ALC to exciter.
The ALS-600 is extremely quiet. A low speed, low volume fan
is so quiet you’ll hardly know it’s there, unlike noisey blowers
used in other amplifiers. The ALS-600 is a compact 6x91/2x12
inches -- takes up less space than your rig! Weighs just 121/2 lbs.
An illuminated Cross-Needle SWR/Wattmeter lets you read
SWR, forward and reflected peak power simultaneously. An
Operate/Standby switch lets you run “barefoot”, but you can
instantly switch to full power if you need it.
You get a front-panel ALC control! This exclusive AMERITRON feature lets you adjust your output power on the conven-
Multi-Voltage Power Transformer lets you compensate for stressful
high line voltage and performance robbing low line voltage • StepStart Inrush ProtectionTM stops damaging inrush currents and
extends the life of your power supply components • Illuminated
Cross-Needle Meter monitors voltage and current of 50 VDC line
• Extremely quiet fan • Very compact 6x91/2x12 inches -- can be
placed conveniently out of the way • Wired for 120 VAC, supplies
50 VDC at 25 Amps to ALS-600 amplifier • Also use on 100-130
VAC and 220-250 VAC, 50/60 Hz • Draws less than 12 Amps at
100 VAC and less than 6 Amps at 230 VAC • Includes prewired
cable to plug into ALS-600 amplifier • Made in U.S.A.
Switching Power Supply
ALS-600SPS Works with all ALS-600 ampli$
fiers. Extremely lightweight, just
10 lbs. Superb regulation, very low
radiated noise. 9Wx6Hx141/2D inches.
From QST Magazine, March, 2005
“. . . the ampifier faulted only when it was supposed to. It protected
itself from our boneheaded, sleep-deprived band changing manuevers . . . ”
“I found myself not worrying about damaging this amplifier. It
seems quite capable of looking out for itself. . . . Kudos to Ameritron.”
“I couldn’t hear any noise at all from the SPS (switching power supply) on the vertical or quad . . .”
“I came to greatly appreciate the size, weight, reliability and simplicity of this amplifier.”
“The ALS-600S makes it possible to pack a transceiver and a
600 Watt amplifier, that together weigh less than 30 pounds.”
ALS-600 Amp with Switching Power Supply
New! ALS-600S, $1428. ALS-600 amplifier with 10 lb. ALS600SPS switching power supply combo.
no tune Solid State Amp
500 Watts, Instant bandswitching, no tuning, no warm-up, SWR protected, 1.5-22 MHz . . .
NEW! ARI-500 Amplifier Radio Interface reads transceiver band data -- automatically bandswitches ALS-500M amp . . . NEW! ALS-500RC Remote Head gives total remote control!
Just turn on and operate -- no warm-up,
no tuning, instant bandswitching. Compact.
Ameritron's ALS-500M solid state mobile
amp gives you 500 Watts PEP SSB or 400
Watts CW output! Covers 1.5-22 MHz,
(10/12 Meters with MOD-10M, $29.95 kit,
requires FCC license).
Virtually indestructible! Load Fault
Protection eliminates amplifier damage due
to operator error, antenna hitting tree
branches, 18-wheeler passing by. Thermal
Overload Protection disables/bypasses amp
if temperature is excessively high. Auto resets.
Typically 60-70 watts in gives full output. ON/OFF switch bypasses amplifier for
"barefoot" operation. Extremely quiet fan
comes on as
Excellent harmonic supSuggested Retail pression,
push-pull output, DC current
meter. 13.8 VDC/80 Amps.
31/2x9x15 inches. 7 lbs.
Choose ARI-500 for fully automatic bandswitching or ALS-500RC
for manual remote control.
New ARI-500, $119.95, Amplifier Radio
Interface reads band data from your transceiver so you can automatically bandswitch
your ALS-500M amplifier. See right inset.
New ALS-500RC, $49,
Remote Head lets you mount
ALS-500M amplifier anywhere and gives you full manual remote control. Select
desired band, turn On/Off and monitor current draw on its DC Current Meter. Power,
transmit and overload LEDs. RJ-45 cables
plug into Amplifier/ Remote Head. Works
with serial numbers above 13049 (below
13049 requires the ARF-500K, see below).
ALS-500M, $849, 500 Watt mobile amp.
ALS-500MR, $879, ALS-500M mobile amp
plus ALS-500RC Remote Head.
ARF-500K, $179.95, Remote kit for older
ALS- 500M mobile amps with serial #
below 13049. Includes filter/relay board for
ALS-500M, AL-500RC Remote Head,
cables, hardware, instructions.
ARF-500K2, $289.95. Includes ARF-500K
Remote kit for older ALS-500Ms plus ARI500 Amplifier Radio Interface below.
Let your rig auto bandswitch
your ALS-500M Amplifier
11995 Ameritron
Ship Code A ARI-500
Amplifier Radio Interface reads band data
from your Icom, Yaesu, Kenwood or Alinco
transceiver so they can remotely and automatically bandswitch your ALS-500M amp.
Lets you mount your ALS-500M out-of-theway in your trunk. Works with serial numbers above 13049 (below 13049 requires
the ARF-500K, see above). You can add
the ALS-500RC for manual bandswitching
and data monitoring, etc, see left description.
AMERITRON . . . The World’s High Power Leader!
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AMERITRON True Legal Limit TM Tuner
AMERITRON’s ATR-30 True Legal
LimitTM roller inductor antenna tuner is ham
radio’s toughest! It’ll handle 3KW PEP or
1500 Watts continuous carrier output on all
modes and all HF bands into most antennas
-- even on 160 Meters where most antenna
tuners fail.
It’s perfect for Ameritron’s most powerful amplifiers where the ATR-30 just loafs.
All band coverage lets you operate 1.830 MHz including all MARS and WARC
Super High Current Roller Inductor
You’ll see Ameritron’s new super high
current air core roller inductor. It’s edge
wound from a thick solid copper strip and
silver plated. This produces a large surface
area and a massive conductor. It can carry
huge circulating RF currents and withstand
tremendous heat that’ll melt or burn ordinary roller inductors.
A gear driven turns counter and crank
knob gives you precise inductance control.
select your desired operating antenna.
Read true Peak Power
Ameritron’s active electronic true peak
reading meter accurately reads forward and
reflected power and SWR simultaneously on
a lighted Cross-Needle meter.
Roomy Cabinet maintains High-Q
Roomy extra-strong .080 inch thick aluminum cabinet gives highest efficiency and
Two 500 pf Tuning
lowest loss. 131/4Wx55/8 Hx171/2 D inches.
Has Ameritron’s superb one year limited
Two 500 pf -- the highest warranty with legendary customer service.
Suggested Retail of any antenna tuner -- vari- ATR-20 Antenna Tuner . . . $459
able transmitting capacitors
Handles 1.2 kW
give you no-arc wide range impedance
matching for true high power performance. PEP SSB.
6:1 vernier reduction drives makes capac- Slightly less on
160 Meters.
itor tuning smooth and easy.
Super Balun, 6 position Antenna Switch 13 /12Wx5 /2H
4D inches. Roller inductor T-network,
Super heavy duty three core choke balun
lets you match virtually any balanced feed- peak reading SWR/Wattmeter, covers 1.8-30
MHz, 6 position antenna switch, balun.
line antenna without core saturation.
Great for Ameritron’s 1kW AL-80B Amp!
A 6 position antenna switch lets you
AMERITRON HF Mobile “Screwdriver” Antenna
1.2 kW... 3.5-30 MHz continuous ...1.5:1 VSWR...more!
AMERITRON's SDA-100 may be the
best built, best looking, best performing
HF mobile screwdriver antenna in the
world! When properly installed on your
vehicle this antenna provides coverage from
80 through 10 Meters with a 6 foot whip.
Remove the whip for 40 through 6 Meters.
What makes our antennas stand above
all the rest is that our CNC machined components are from aircraft aluminum or stainless steel and blueprinted, meaning you can
take antennas apart and mix them up, then
reassemble and they all work the same.
Our fiberglass coil form is approximately 2 inches in diameter. Other antenna
builders know fiberglass is better but they
choose not to use it because of the expense
and difficulty in machining. We use 14
gauge wire for high power capability,
wound at eight turns an inch for maximum
efficiency. We machine groove our coils so
they will not loosen up or jam -- they won't
wear out, for years of trouble free service!
New Lexan cover is super durable and
protects your Ameritron screwdriver for
years of trouble-free service.
The decoupler we use is CNC machined
for tight tolerances with custom fingerstock designed to contact 3 turns of coil all
the time with over 25 pounds of combined
contact pressure. With this design you can
run up to 1.2 kilowatts PEP, trouble free.
It's so superior to anything else on the market that we put our outstanding AMERITRON warranty behind it.
We use a new heavy duty Pittman commercial 12 volt gear motor, which is very
durable and quiet while receive tuning.
This motor is super heavy duty for years of
trouble-free service. Antennas come with
the sensors already installed so if you
decide to add an auto controller now or
later, everything is ready.
The AMERITRON SDA-100 includes:
Up/Down switch; 5 feet of motor DC
cable with detachable weather sealed connector; decoupling toroid matching coils.
The SDA-100 comes in a handsome
black finish, using the Dupont
Basecoat/Clearcoat system.
Optional accessories:
SDM-100, $75.
Stainless steel flange mount base
bracket , with multiple pre-punched
holes. The SDA-100 mounting rod is
a 1-in. pipe thread 14-in.
long. Ship Code B.
SWP-100, $19.95.
6-ft stainless steel whip.
Combination Price Saves $!
SDA-110, $454. Combination of SDA100 Screwdriver antenna, SDC-100 digital
controller, and SWP-100 six foot stainless
whip. SAVES $!!!
Programmable 10-Memory
Screwdriver Controller
The SDC-102 lets you
save 10 screwdriver antenna
positions in memory.
With a push of a button,
you can quickly return to
any saved position.
Up/Down buttons let
you manually move the
antenna to any desired posi95
tion. A 4-digit turns counter $
Ship Code A
with bright see-in-the-sun
LEDs gives you precise antenna position.
The antenna always moves to its desired
position from the bottom, insuring that the
motor is always loaded the same.
Ameritron’s AutoParkTM feature automatically bottoms your antenna for parking in
your garage and resets and calibrates your
counter each time to eliminate antenna slippage and turns count errors.
Ameritron’s Dead-OnSTOPTM feature
eliminates overshoot for dead-on stops.
Ameritron’s StallProtectorTM feature shuts
off stalled motors to prevent motor burnout.
Motor current can be monitored for signs
of trouble and to determine stall current.
Motor direction can be reversed so the UP
button is always up. Compatible with single/
dual magnetic sensors. 31/2Wx31/4Hx11/4D in.
SRS-100, $29.95. Magnetic sensor kit for
High Sierra antennas to use SDC-102.
SRS-1001, $9.95. Magnetic sensor kit for
Hi-Q Antennas to use SDC-102.
Digital Screwdriver
95 Controller
Ship Code A
super bright
LEDs tell you exactly
where your antenna is
positioned! Re-tune
exactly -- fast, no guessing. Digital count range
-999 to +999. On/off/reset switch for easy
calibration. 4Wx11/2H x2D”. Use 13.8VDC.
SRS-100, $29.95. Magnetic sensor kit for
High Sierra antennas. SRS-1001, $9.95.
Magnetic sensor kit for Hi-Q Antennas.
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AMERITRON Automatic Remote Antenna Coax Switch
Automatically switches and selects 8 pre-programmed antennas using 3/4 line BCD or 1 of 8 outputs
The RCS-12 is an automatic control box
used for switching remote antenna relays.
Ameritron’s new antenna switch is
designed to work with most Icom, Yaesu,
Kenwood and other transceivers that have a
band data output line.
It will work with any relay box with up
to eight positions with voltages from 12
to 30 Volts DC. The RCS-12 relay conRCS-12C
na used for that band.
trol has an output of 1 of 8; 3 line BCD
It has a manual/automatic
or 4 line BCD.
Suggested Retail switch that will allow manual
The switch reads information from the
selection of antennas as well.
transceiver and selects pre-programmed
It has eight LEDs to indicate
antennas automatically. Programming is as
which antenna is selected.
easy as a push of a button.
RCS-12 will not allow antennas to
switch while transmitting. A user programRCS-12 can remember multiple antenmable delay is used to give the relays
nas for one band, but selects the last antenenough time to switch to protect the trans-
ceiver from “Hot switching”.
The RCS-12C features . . . a linear
amplifier buffered relay line that prevents
the amplifier from operating during an
antenna changeover . . . an auxiliary input
port that allows the switch box to be operated from a remote location . . . an auxiliary output for controlling other devices in
1 of 8 format . . . and auto, manual, and
transmit indicator LEDs. Measures
81/4Wx23/4Hx7D inches, weighs 1.5 lbs.
RCS-12, $299, auto controller with 8 coax
relay box, to 100 MHz.
RCS-12L, $339, auto controller with 8 coax
relay box, to 100 MHz, w/ lightning arrestors.
RCS-12C, $229, Automatic Remote Antenna
Switch Controller only. Compatible with
RCS-8V/RCS-10 outdoor relay boxes.
RCS-8V HF to VHF/UHF Remote Coax Switch
Lightning Protected
model RCS-8VL, $189
for labeling your antennas.
RCS-8V operates from a 120 VAC power
source or RCS-8VX for 220/240 VAC. Use
any 6 conductor control line (not supplied)
and allows safe operation with 14V control
RCS-8VN, $159. Same as RCS-8V but
has N- type connectors instead of SO-239.
you remotely switch up to five
separate antennas using one inexpensive small control line (like
Suggested Retail standard telephone wire) -Eliminate a tangle of troublesome
coax and have a simple and neat installation -- with just a single coax feedline.
The RCS-8V consists of two units -- the
weatherproof switching box that mounts
on your tower or mast and the control unit
that’s placed at your operating station.
VSWR is less than 1.2 from DC to 250
MHz and less than 0.1 dB loss at 150 MHz
-- if you operate HF/VHF/UHF, the RCS8V is for you.
It handles over 5 kW below 30 MHz
and 1 kW at 150 MHz. You can ground
unused positions or leave them open.
The indoor control unit is all metal to
prevent RFI and TVI. It also has LEDs to
indicate the antenna you’ve selected.
A Lexan scratch proof front panel has a
Ameri-tron’s Remote Coax Switch lets
Number of antenna positions: 5. Loss at
150 MHz: less than 0.1 dB. VSWR: under
1.2:1 from DC to 250 MHz. Impedance: 50
Ohms. Power Capability: >5 kW below 30
MHz, 1 kW at 150 MHz. Power requirements: 12 VDC @ 100 mA. AC adapter
supplied. Connectors: Teflon(R) SO-239 for
RCS-8V; “N” for RCS-8VN.
Control Box: 6Dx61/8W x21/4H inches.
Switch Box: 53/8Dx7Wx3H inches.
AMERITRON RCS-10 Remote Coax Switch with 8 positions
Outdoor Unit Features:
Lightning Protected
Inexpensive and simple wiring: selects
RCS-10L, $199
High Power Capability: The RCS-10
conductors telephone-type cable, not supSuggested Retail relay box will handle over 5 kW into
plied. Relay Control Line Voltage: 10-15
matched loads below 30 MHz.
VDC at less than 300 mA. Flexible
Long Relay Life: UL/CSA/VDE
Control Box with External Interface:
approved sealed relays with 16 ampere
Accepts and outputs one-of-eight and outswitching current rating. Tested to withputs three-line BCD data to remote relay
stand 1200V RMS.
unit. Highly Weather Resistant: Sealed
Flexible Mounting: RCS-10 hardware
relays, stainless hardware, and U-V resistaccepts mast sizes from 1 inch to 21/4 inchant cover. Easy-to-Read Antenna
es. Reliable Connectors: Teflon UHFIndicators: Eight wide-spaced LED’s indistyle SO-239 females, internal barrier strip
cate the selected antenna. Dimension:
for control lines. Low Voltage: Requires
Control Box: 61/4Wx31/4Hx45/8D inches.
10-15 Volts at less than 300 mA.
Ameritron’s RCS-10 remote coax
Ameritron Amplifier
Number of Antenna Positions: 8.
switch selects one of eight antennas using
Frequency Coverage: DC to 100 MHz.
Extended Warranty Plans
an inexpensive three or four conductor con- VSWR: Under 1.25:1 below 30 MHz;
trol line (such as standard telephone wire).
Get Ameritron’s extended protection plan
Under 1.3:1 below 60 MHz; Under 1.8:1
Eliminate a tangle of troublesome coax
below 150 MHz. Impedance: 50 Ohms. while you still can -- before your warranty runs
and have a simple and neat installation -Power Capability: >5 kW into 50 Ohms out! It’s the same as your original warranty,
with just a single coax feedline.
below 30 MHz. Power Requirement: just extended for the number of months you
The RCS-10 consists of two units -- the
choose to purchase. If the product should fail
RCS-10, 10-15 VDC or 120 VAC with
weatherproof switching box that mounts on AC adaptor supplied. RCS-10X, 10-15 during the agreed term, Ameritron has the
your tower or mast and the control unit
VDC or 230 VAC with AC adaptor sup- option to repair/replace part(s) (except tube
that’s placed at your operating station.
and output transistors) and provide necessary
plied. Relay Switch Control Line: 4
labor free at Ameritron. Ameritron is not reAMERITRON . . . The World’s High Power Leader
75 sponsible for shipping loss or damage. Call!
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Remote Coax Switch
Now covers 6 Meters . . . improved relays . . . Greater Power Handling!
circuit board.
Quality components are used throughout the entire unit to ensure maximum life
for the sometimes difficult-to-reach switching box.
RCS-4 operates 120 VAC. RCS-4X for
220/240 VAC. RCS-4 allows safe operation with 14 Volts control voltage.
Frequencies 1.5 - 60 MHz are covered
by this excellent station accessory.
Handles 2.5 killoWatts.
4 pos.;
Loss at 30 MHz less than 0.1 dB;
VSWR is under 1.25:1, 1.5-60 MHz;
Impedance: 50 Ohms;
Power: >2.5 kW average continuous.
Lightning Protected
model RCS-4L, $179
Ameritron RCS-4 is a
remote controlled coax
switch that selects 1 of 4
outputs by supplying all
control voltages through the coax.
Elimination of control cables gives you
a fast, neat and inexpensive installation -only 1 coax line for 4 antennas.
You get two units -- the switching box
(53/8Dx7Wx3H inches.) that can be tower,
mast or wall mounted and the control console (61/8Dx51/4Wx 33/8H inches.) that is
located at your operating station.
The attractive indoor console has bright
LED antenna selector indicators.
A steel enclosure provides 100% shielding to prevent RFI and TVI.
Switching time is 50 milliseconds.
Teflon(R) SO-239 connectors provide reliable connections.
The weatherproof switching box uses
three heavy duty 16 ampere hermetically
sealed relays on a rugged G-10 fiberglass
AMERITRON has the best selection of high power accessories!
Flat Mobile Wattmeter mounts on dashboard . . . AWM-35, $15995
ADL-1500 Dummy Load with oil . . . $6995
Oil cooled 50 Ohm dummy load
Handles full 1500 Watts, 1.8-30 MHz.
1500 Watts for 5 minutes.
Lighted Cross-Needle meter. Active elecSWR under 1.2 to 30 MHz. Low
tronics lets you read true peak or average
power in 3000/300 Watt ranges. “High SWR” SWR to 400 MHz. High quality
LED. 5Wx31/4Hx15/8D”; sensor is 31/2Wx23/4H industrial grade transformer oil (no
PCB), heavy duty 50 Ohm resistor. ADLx23/4D”. Use 9V battery or 12 VDC.
1500X, $49.95. Dummy load without oil.
ADL-2500 Fan cooled 2500W dry dummy
AWM-30 Precision SWR Wattmeter . . . 149
flat Mobile
This precision SWR/Wattload ...$19995
Peak Reading
Whisper quiet fan. Handles
SWR/Wattmeter is just 1 /8” thick -- easily
accurate linear amplifier power
any legal limit amplifier -- 2500
mounts on your dashboard for easy viewing.
measurements. Reads true peak
Watts average power for 1
Flat mount on wall or shelf in your ham
or average power on lighted
minute on, ten off. 300 Watts
shack for best viewing angle. Remote sencross-needle meter.3000/ 300
continuous. SWR below 1.25 to
sor with 25 feet thin, flexible cable lets you
Watt ranges, remote sensor.
Use 9V battery or 12 VDC. 30 MHz and SWR below 1.4 to 60 MHz.
place sensor and coax out-of-the-way.
AMERITRON Amplifier-to-Transceiver Interface
voltages, accessory plugs, or wiring. Designed to work with any amp/radio combo.
The input is designed to be compatible
with any transmitter or transceiver, and the
output is compatible with AC or DC positive or negative amplifier control lines having up to 200 Volts peak open circuit voltage
and 300 mA of current.
Operates with rigs that pull amplifier
control lines to ground, or output a wide
range of positive or negative control voltages. Don’t take a chance! Get the ARB-
704 now! 41/4Wx13/4Hx23/4D”. Power cord,
3 phono cords for relay/ALC/control included.
Extra cable, $15.95 for following rigs:
QSK-5 Pin Diode Xmit/Receive Switch . . .$349 ATP-100 AMP Tuning Pulser . . . $4995
ICP-120/240 Inrush Current Protector . . . $79
can damage
radios if the
amplifier has
too much relay
95 control voltage, voltage spikes,
or excessive current on the
ARB-704I2 relay control line.
for IC-706s
The ARB-704 advanced
interface is compatible with all common
radios and amplifiers even though radios
and amplifiers do not have standardized
World’s most advanced
Transmit/Receive Switch.
Gives high power QSK operation from your linear amplifier.
Self-contained, connects externally to most HF
amps. Handles 2.5 kW PEP, 2 kW CW. Six
times faster than vacuum relay.
ARF-1000 RF Filter . . . $159
Use with transceiver or amplifier
that produces unwanted harmonics.
Frequency select switches to 1 of
six different ranges, 1.5-30 MHz. When the filter
is selected it reduces harmonics above cut-off frequency. Handles 1 kW SSB input power, 600W
CW or 400W RTTY. SWR less than 1.3:1 on all
ham bands. SO-239 in/output. 51/ Wx31/ Hx91/ D”.
Pulse tuning safely tunes up your amp for
full power output and best linearity.
Keeps average power to low safe level to
prevent overheating, tube damage,
power supply stress and premature
component failure. ATP-102, $5995,
similar, variable pulser and delay.
Add-on Electronic Bias System . . . $3995 for
AL-80A/82/1200/1500 Amps
EBS-1, $39.95. EBS reduces heat
by reducing quiescent current to
low values during periods when
exciter output falls below 100 mW.
Features remote detector board.
EBS-1H, $49.95, for other amplifiers. Call 662-323-8211 for details.
FT-1000, (MP), 900, 767GX, 920, 990, 747GX
FT-890, 840, 817, 857, 897
FT-100, (D)
TS-440, 690, 450, 180, 140, 950, 130, 870, 2000,
50, 120, 530, 430, 830, 949, 570
All models of the IC-706 series
A plug-and-play cable is not
needed if your radio is not listed.
Stops power-up inrush current and
absorbs momentary high voltage spikes
to protect your amp, tubes and power
supply components. By starting your
linear amplifier through a high power
current limiting resistor and then
shorting the resistor with a relay, the
start-up sequence is easier on your
tube and power supply components.
Avoids replacing expensive tubes and
parts. Works with nearly all linear
amplifiers. Limits current to 12
Amperes during heavy draw inrush period, 20
Amperes during continuous operating current.
ICP-120, $79, for 120 Volt wired amplifiers.
ICP-240, $79, for 240 Volt wired amplifiers.
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AMERITRON super legal limit amplifiers
These three rugged linears all use a super heavy
duty Hypersil(R) power supply capable of 2500 Watts!
Ameritron’s AL-1500 Amplifier with Eimac(R) 3CX1500A7
Feel the need for maximum legal HF output
power? AMERITRON’s
AL-1500 will give it to you.
Using the Herculean
3CX1500A/ 8877 ceramic tube with its high
power gain, the AL-1500 needs only 65
watts of drive from your exciter to deliver
the goods-- transceivers and other exciters
just loaf at 1500 watts out.
Cool, efficient operation is provided by a
forced-air system with tube chimney, using
a commercial grade die-cast ball bearing
blower for maximum tube life. The tube is
further protected by time delay starting and
automatic over-current shutoff to remove
drive power if the amplifier is mis-tuned.
You get full legal power output from a
whisper quiet desktop linear. Measures
18 /2D x17Wx10H inches, and covers all
bands, 160-15 Meters, including
WARC and MARS (80% of
full output set to nearest
amateur band). 10/12 Meters
You get 1500 watts
output (1/2 hour continuous carrier) and
2500 watts (30 second continuous carrier and 2500 watts$
plus 30 minute PEP two-tone test).
You get all this power, plus, 65% efficiency, pi-network tuned input, Pi/PiL output, inrush current protection,
multi-voltage transformer, QSK compatability, and a one-year warranty.
The guts of the AL-1500 is its
heavy duty power supply, with a 32 lb.
Peter Dahl Hypersil(R) trans-former
using a high silicone steel core, computer grade capacitors (33 mfd total),
heavy duty bleeders and twenty 3
amp, 1000 volt power rectifiers give
you a stiff 3300 volts fully loaded.
An inside look at the AMERITRON AL-1500
The AL-1500 is built on a rugged steel
chassis with a separate RF compartment
fully shielded to keep RF from leaking out,
keeping RFI and TVI to a minimum.
Superb RF design and layout, Hi-Q tank
circuit and commercially rated RF power
components give you 65% plate efficiency
over the entire operating range. Power goes
into the antenna instead of into heat.
50-ohm broadband Pi-Network tuned input with slug-tuned coils is used. Even fussy
solid state transmitters deliver full power!
A carefully designed Pi/Pi-L output network using the optimum Q for each band
Ameritron’s 3CX1200A7 Amplifier
with vernier ball drives gives smooth tuning,
wide matching range, full band coverage,
and peak performance at all power levels.
The AL-1500’s grid overload circuit protects the tube from excessive grid current; if
175 mA of peak gric current is reached, the
“OPR” LED will no longer light and the
amplifier will go into a bypass condition
until reset by the operator.
Transformer provides many options
Since excessive line voltage stresses
components (low line voltage causes a “soft
tube” effect, for example), Ameritron’s
exclusive Multi-Voltage Power
TransformerTM lets you optimize for different
line voltages. Select from 4 different primary
voltage ranges, from 205-219 VAC to 252 to
265 VAC. The amplifier comes wired from
the factory for 240 VAC.
The AL-1500 has two illuminated panel
meters. Grid Current meter provides continuous reading of the critical grid current and
indicates proper, safe amplifier operation.
The other meter can be selected to read
Plate Voltage, Plate Current, Peak RF
Watts, or ALC. A SSB/CW selector switch
chooses bias voltage for best linearity on
SSB or lowest dissipation on CW.
The Operate/Standby switch, in Standby,
maintains the tube’s filament and plate voltages while allowing “barefoot” operation.
Includes 12 volt DC auxiliary jack and
an “XMT” LED to provide indication of
proper amplifier keying by the exciter.
Power required: 240 VAC, 15 amps.
Frequency coverage:
1.8,3.5,7,14, 21 MHz
& Warc bands. Usermodifiable for 28 MHz
(FCC license required).
77 pounds. UPS shippable, 3 boxes.
Peter Dahl Hypersil(R) Transformer weighs 32 lbs.
Ameritron’s Dual 3-500Z Amplifier
Ham Radio’s toughest
This classic linear gives
tube -- the Eimac(R)
you full legal output using a
3CX1200A7 is in ham
pair of 3-500Z graphite tubes.
radio’s toughest amplifier! It
Examine the features and comhas a 50-Watt control grid
ponent ratings of the AL-82 and
dissipation. It also has the
compare it to any competing
same super heavy duty power
amplifier using two 3-500Zs.
peting amplifiers using 3$
in our AL-1500 amplifier
500Zs can’t give you 1500
Retail Watts because their lightthat
Suggested Retail
3CX1200A7 has the lowweight power supplies can’t
est quantity history of field replacement
use these tubes to their full potential. Our
of any modern transmitting tube that we
AL-82 amplifier uses the same Peter Dahl
use. It has the ruggedness and power hanHypersil(R) power transformer and used in
dling of ceramic tubes combined with the
the AL-1500 and AL-1200 amplifiers -long-life of thoriated tungsten filaments.
powerful stuff, just loafs at full power!
AMERITRON . . . The World’s High Power Leader
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AMERITRON Doubles Average SSB Power
AL-80B kilowatt output desktop linear can double your average SSB power output with high-level
RF processing...runs cooler because its 3-500 tube completely turns off between words
Ameritron’s AL-80B
kilowatt output desktop
linear can double your
average SSB power outRetail
put with high-level RF
processing using
Ameritron’s exclusive Dynamic ALCTM.
You get cooler operation because the
AL-80B’s exclusive Instantaneous RF
BiasTM completely turns off the classic 3500 tube between words. It saves hundreds of watts wasted as heat.
You get a full kilowatt PEP output
from a whisper quiet desktop linear. It’s
a compact 81/2Hx14Dx151/2 inches and
plugs into your nearest 120 VAC outlet.
Covers all bands 160-15 Meters, including
WARC and MARS (10/12 Meters modifiable;
FCC license required).
You get 800 watts output on CW, 500 watts
output on RTTY, an extra heavy duty power
supply, genuine 3-500 tube, nearly 70% efficiency, tuned input, Pi/Pi-L output, inrush current protection, multi-voltage transformer, dual
cross-needle meters, QSK compatability, twoyear warranty, made in the USA, plus much
Dynamic ALCTM doubles average SSB power
The AL-80B’s exclusive Dynamic ALCTM
gives you high-level low-distortion RF processing. It can more than double your average
SSB power for up to 6 dB improvement in
intelligibility, maximizing talk power without
A convenient front panel control lets you
adjust output power level.
The AL-80B’s exclusive Instantaneous RF
BiasTM turns off the classic 3-500 tube (except
filaments) between words and dots and dashes,
elininating hundreds of watts wasted as heat
for cooler operation and longer component life.
The guts of the AL-80B is its heavy duty
power supply. A 26 pound transformer using a
high silicone steel core, computer grade capacitors, heavy duty bleeders and ten 3 amp, 1000
volt power rectifiers give you a stiff 2700 volts
fully loaded. Many amps using two 3-500s use
such small power supplies they don’t deliver
much more power output than the AL-80B.
The AL-80B is built on a rugged steel
chassis with a separate fully-shielded RF compartment to minimize RFI and TVI.
A whisper quiet internal fan draws in cool
air over power supply components and pressurizes the classic 3-500 tube compartment to
remove heat for longest life.
Tuned input lets your rig deliver full output
50 Ohm broadband Pi-Network tuned input
is used. Even fussy solid state transmitters
will deliver full power!
A carefully designed Pi/Pi-L output network using the optimum Q for each band gives
exceptionally smooth tuning, extremely
wide matching range, full band coverage,
and peak performance at all power levels.
Step-Start Inrush ProtectionTM stops
damaging inrush current with a start up
sequence that’s easy on your tube and
power supply components.
Our exclusive Multi-Voltage Power
TransformerTM lets you optimize for 14
different primary line voltages. The high
voltage secondary can be wired to reduce
plate voltage for efficient operation below
400 watts for use outside the USA.
AMERITRON’s dual illuminated
cross-needle meters give you four separate meters to monitor your operating conditions -- you can tell right away if something is
wrong. Grid and plate current and forward output power are monitored for improper loading
and abnormal conditions.
The fourth meter can be switched to monitor your 3-500 tube DC plate voltage, reflected
PEP power, antenna system SWR, ALC voltage to your rig, and the grid current that starts
ALC action -- get a clear picture of your AL80B.
The T/R (transmit/ receive) relay in the
AL-80B switches nearly as fast as some vacuum relay QSK T/R switches.
Operate/Standby switch lets you run barefoot, but can instantly switch to full power if
Has transmit LED; 12 VDC, 200 mA
accessory jack; 12 VDC keying relay for solid
state and tube rigs; tough Lexan over-aluminum front panel. Two-year waranty.
Weighs 48 lb. Power required: 120 VAC,
12A. Made in the U.S.A.
AL-572 Offers 1300 Watts PEP SSB on HF at Low Cost
The AMERITRON AL-572 gives you
1300 Watts PEP SSB nominal power output
on 160 through 15 Meters, using four rugged
572B tubes with 3 second warm-up time. This
whisper quiet, desktop linear plugs into your
120 VAC outlet - no special wiring needed.
You get heavy duty power supply; fully
neutralized tubes; pressurized ventilation;
multi-voltage power transformer; front panel
ALC control; 6:1 vernier drives ... and more!
You'll typically get 1300 Watts PEP SSB,
1000 Watts CW continuous, on all amateur
bands from 160 through 15 Meters
AMERITRON's exclusive Instantaneous
RF Bias completely turns off the 572B tubes
between words and dots and dashes, for cooler operation and longer component life, while
Dynamic ALC can more than double your
average SSB power.
AMERITRON's Step-Start $
Inrush Protection limits
inrush current, greatly
extending tube life.
A Pi-Network tuned
input using slug tuned coils provides a
good 50 ohm load for your rig. A quiet
internal fan draws in cool air over power
supply components and pressurizes the
tube compartment.
Grid current, plate current and forward PEP output power are continuously
monitored by dual, lighted cross-needle
A fourth scale switches among peak
reflected power (and SWR), high voltage,
ALC threshold, and ALC output voltage.
For lightning fast QSK operation use the
optional Ameritron electronic PIN diode QSK
switch. Shipped wired for 120 VAC. Weighs
40 lb.Power required: 120 VAC, 16 amps.
AMERITRON HF Linear Amplifiers with EimacTM 3CX800A7
One tube
Two tubes
Output power: 1250 watts PEP, single
3CX800A7. 1500 W plus, two 3CX800A7s.
160-15 Meters including WARC bands.
Modifiable for 12/10 Meters, FCC license
Genuine EimacTM tube(s): AL-800 has a
single Eimac 3CX800A7; AL-800H has two
Eimac 3CX800A7s, adjustable slug-tuned
input circuit.
Output network: Pi/Pi-L gives you smooth
tuning and wide matching range. Vernier
reduction drives make tuning and loading
adjustments smooth and easy.
Tube protection: Grid current limiting circuit protects your tubes. Quiet pressurized ven-
tilation keeps tubes safely cooled.
ALC control: Front panel adjustable, true
ALC control.
Hefty power supply: 32 lb. grain orientated, silicone steel core transformer.
Step-Start Inrush Protection: Stops damaging inrush current.
Multi-voltage operation: 14 user-selectable
AC line voltage from 90-140; 200-250 VAC.
Dual illuminated cross-needle meters:
Read peak forward, reflected, SWR high-voltage, grid/plate current.
Compact 8½Hx16½Dx14¼W in.
52 lb. (AL-800H). Power required: 240
VAC, 14 amps (AL-800H).
9:52 AM
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AL-811 . . . 600 WATTS . . . $649!
More hams use Ameritron AL-811 amplifiers than any other amplifier in the world
. . . The AL-811 has earned a worldwide reputation for legendary quality,
flawless performance, proven reliability and superb customer service . . .
Ameritron’s AL-811 linear
amplifier gives you plenty of
power to bust through QRM!
You get a quiet desktop linear that’s so compact it’ll slide
right into your operating position -- you’ll hardly know it’s
there . . . until QRM sets in. And
you can conveniently plug it
into your nearest 120 VAC outlet -- no special wiring needed.
You get three tough 811A
transmitting tubes, extra heavy
duty power supply, all HF band
coverage, pressurized ventilation,
tuned input, dual illuminated
meters, adjustable ALC and much
more for an incredible $649!
The First 600 Watts
makes the difference
The AL-811 gives you 600
Watts PEP output -- that’s nearly 2 full S-units over your barefoot rig. That could mean the
difference between hearing,
“You’re Q-5 armchair copy”
and “Sorry, can’t copy you, too
much QRM.”
Now you won’t have to
stand aside while the big guns
steal your DX. You’ll log some
of those stations first.
All band, all mode Coverage
AL-811 covers all HF
bands. No compromise on
WARC and most MARS bands
-- you get a 100% rated output.
Operate AL-811 on all
modes. Get 600 Watts output
PEP SSB and 500 Watts output
CW. You even get 300 Watts
on continuous carrier modes
like RTTY, SSTV, and FM.
The low cost 811A tubes
resists failure because . . .
First, they’re constructed with
widely spaced elements that
minimize the chance of elements touching and causing a
short -- even if the plate gets
hot enough to melt.
they use a
Suggested Retail
heated thoriated tungsten filament cathode
that prevents the electron emitting layer from instantly stripping off -- even if mistuning
tors) produces 1500 Volts
under full load and 1700 Volts
no load. That’s excellent high
voltage regulation!
Rectifier diodes are rated
for a massive surge current of
200 amps-- won’t blow even if
you accidentally short the high
voltage supply.
Wire wound, 7 Watt, 50 K
Ohm equalizing resistors safely protect each filter capacitor
-- not 2 Watt, 100 K Ohm carbon composition resistors that
can open and cause filter
capacitors to explode or fail.
Ameritron’s AL-811 power
supply is built tough so you get
peak performance year after
Tuned input provides
excellent load for any rig
A Pi-Network tuned input
provides a 50 Ohm load for
your rig. Even fussy solid state
800 Watts . . . $799!
Ameritron gives
you four 811A tubes,
and 800 Watts for
the same price as
their 3 tube 600W
unit . . . Why settle
for less power and
pay more?
requires special 811A
tubes to retard sagging
and shorting.
Quiet, powerful
computer grade
blower draws in
plenty of cool air. it
pressurizes the cabinet and efficiently
Only Ameritron’s
cools your 811A tubes.
AL-811H gives you
Our air flow is so quiet,
four fully neutralized 811A
you’ll hardly know it’s there -- unlike
transmitting tubes. You get absolute
noisy, oversized blowers.
stability and superb performance on
Efficient, full size heavy duty
higher bands that can’t be matched by
tank coils, computer grade capacitors,
un-neutralized tubes.
heavy duty silicon power transformer,
Ameritron mounts the 811A
slug tuned input coils, operate/standtubes vertically -- not horizontally -by switch, transmit LED, ALC, dual
to prevent hot tube elements from
sagging and shorting out. Potentially meters, QSK compatibility with
damaging horizontal tube mounting Ameritron’s QSK-5 plus more!
causes a sudden, severe current
The Ameritron AL-811 is
excellent for the newcomer
because it’s tough enough to
withstand momentary mistuning. And the tubes are so inexpensive that you can replace
one for mere pocket change.
Extra heavy duty power supply
gives you peak performance
year after year
The heart of the AL-811
power supply is its heavy duty
power transformer with a high
silicon steel core weighing a
hefty 17 pounds.
A full wave bridge using
67.5 mfd of total capacitance
(four 270 ufd, 450 volt capaci-
rigs can deliver their full drive
to the AL-811.
Low loss slug tuned coils -tunable from the rear panel -let you optimize performance.
High quality low drift silver
mica capacitors maintain proper
Output tank:
Optimum Q on each band
The low loss pi-network
output tank has been carefully
designed for optimum Q on
each band and built with top
quality RF components.
The result is peak performance over each band, wide
impedance matching range and
exceptionally smooth tuning
with efficiencies close to 70%.
AMERITRON...the world’s high power leader!
Even a 3:1 SWR load won’t
damage tubes/tank components.
A ball bearing vernier
reduction drive makes plate
tuning safe, precise and easy.
A quiet blower pressurizes
the cabinet with a large volume
of air flow. It keeps the 811A
tube temperature well below the
tube manufacturer’s rating -even with a key down carrier at
400 Watts output -- without the
overwhelming noise of oversized fans.
Two illuminated meters
Two illuminated meters
give you a clear picture of your
AL-811 operating conditions so
you can tell right away if something is wrong.
The Grid Current meter
continuously checks for
improper loading. The other
meter switches be-tween high
voltage and plate current to
warn of abnormal conditions.
Exclusive Adapt-A-VoltTM
power transformer
Too high of line voltage
stresses components and causes
them to wear out and fail. Too
low line voltage causes a “soft
tube” effect -- low output and
signal distortion.
Ameritron’s exclusive
Adapt-A-VoltTM power transformer has a special buck-boost
winding that lets you compensate for stressful high line voltage and performance robbing
low line voltage. Your components last longer and gives you
peak performance -- regardless
of your line voltage.
Plus much, much more . . .
An Operate/Standby switch
lets you run barefoot, but you
can in-stantly switch to full
power if needed. A transmit
LED tells you when your rig is
keying your AL-811. A 12
VDC keying relay makes it
compatible with all solid state
and tube rigs.
Back-pulse cancelling diode
protects the rig keying circuit.
Shielded RF compartment.
One year limited warranty.
Compact 16Dx133/4Wx8 H”.
30 lbs. UPS shippable, has
transformer installed and wired
for 120 VAC. Draws 8 amps at
120 VAC. Export model is AL811X wired for 240 VAC.
116 Willow Road, Starkville, MS 39759
Tech: 662-323-8211•Fax: 662-323-6551
10:00 AM
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MFJ IntelliTunerTM Automatic Tuner
Automatically tunes unbalanced/balanced antennas . . .Ultra fast . . . New 20,000 memories . . .
Antenna Switch . . . Efficient L-network . . . Select 300 Watts (6-1600 Ohms) or 150 Watts
(6-3200 Ohms) . . . 1.8-30 MHz . . . 4:1 current balun . . . Cross-Needle and Digital SWR/
Wattmeter . . . Audio SWR meter . . . Backlit LCD . . . Remote control port . . . Radio interface . . .
World’s First dual power level
300/150 Watts SSB/CW Tuner -Select 300 Watt SSB/CW power level
and match 6-1600 Ohm antennas Or . . .
select 150 Watt SSB/CW power level and
match extra wide-range 6-3200 Ohms!
The MFJ-993B IntelliTunerTM lets you
tune any antenna automatically balanced or
unbalanced -- ultra fast.
It’s a comprehensive automatic antenna
tuning center complete with SWR/Wattmeter, antenna switch for two antennas and
4:1 current balun for balanced lines.
MFJs exclusive IntelliTunerTM, Adaptive
SearchTM and InstantRecallTM algorithms
give you ultra fast automatic tuning with
over 20,000 VirtualAntennaTM Memories.
You get a highly efficient L-network, 61600 ohm matching at 300 Watts SSB/CW
or extra-wide 6-3200 Ohm matching at 150
Watts SSB/CW, 1.8-30 MHz coverage, CrossNeedle and digital meters, audio SWR meter,
backlit LCD, remote control port, radio
interface, heavy-duty 16 amp/1000V relays.
It learns while you’re having fun
As you’re ragchewing, contesting or
DXing, your MFJ-993B is learning!
When you transmit, the MFJ-993B automatically tunes for minimum SWR and
remembers your frequency and tuner settings. The next time you operate on that
frequency and antenna, these tuner settings
are instantly restored and you’re ready to
operate in milliseconds!
MFJ new VirtualAntennaTM Memory system
gives you 4 antenna memory banks for each
of 2 antenna connectors. Select up to 4
antennas on each antenna connector. Each
antenna has 2500 memories, 20,000 total.
Intelligent ultra fast tuning
MFJs InstantRecallTM first checks its
600 Watt MFJ Automatic Tuner
Ship Code B
Ship Code B
memory to see if
you have operated
this frequency
before. If so, tuning is instantaneous
and you re ready to
If not, MFJs
IntelliTunerTM algorithm - - based on
MFJ s famous SWR
Analyzer technology - - kicks in. It measures the complex impedance of your antenna. Next, it calculates the components it
needs and instantly snaps them in. Then, it
fine tunes to minimize SWR -- you’re ready
to operate. It’s all done in a fraction of a
When the impedance is within its measurement range, the MFJ-993B is the fastest
automatic antenna tuner in the world.
If it can’t accurately determine impedance, MFJ’s AdaptiveSearchTM algorithm
goes into action. Frequency is measured
and relevant components values are determined. Only those values are searched for
ultra-fast tuning.
For even faster searches, you can set the
target SWR to 2 (settable 1.0-2.0).
You can manually tune when you can’t
transmit (for listening out of ham bands).
Cross Needle and Digital
SWR/Watt Meters
Lighted Cross-Needle and digital meters
lets you accurately read SWR, forward and
reflected power at a glance.
An audio SWR meter lets you hear the
tuned SWR when you can’t see/read meters.
Turn on a highly visible, instant response
SWR LCD bargraph when you need it.
Backlit LCD Display
vees, quads, random wires,
mobile antennas, compact limited space
A 4:1 true current balun lets you tune
any balanced antenna - - horizontal loops,
vertical loops, multi-band doublets, quads,
folded dipoles, Zepps.
Remote Control
Plug in the MFJ-993RC,
$39.95, remote control and use
your tuner elsewhere remotely.
MFJ-993B Interface Pre-wired Cables
Allows automatic tuning of your MFJ991B/993B/994B IntelliTunerTM through radio.
MFJ-5124I, $19.95, ICOM. Supports
IC-706, 707, 718, 725, 728, 736, 746, 756,
765, 775, others that support AH-3 or AH-4.
MFJ-5124A, $19.95, ALINCO.
Supports DX-70, DX-77 and others.
MFJ-5124K, $59.95, KENWOOD.
Supports TS-50S, 450S, 570S, 690S, 850S,
870S, 2000 and others that support AT-300.
MFJ-5124Y, $59.95, YAESU. Supports
FT-100D, FT-857, FT-897, others.
MFJ-5124Y2, $59.95, YAESU FT-847.
Dual 300/150 Watt Auto Tuner
An easy-to-read backlit LCD displays
MFJ-994B, 600 Watt Intelli-TunerTM! SWR, forward/reflected power, frequency,
Ship Code B
antenna 1 or 2, L/C tuner values, on/off
automatic antenna tuner with new 10,000
World’s First dual power level Tuner
VirtualAntenna Memories. Like MFJ-993B indicators and other information.
Select 300 Watt SSB/CW and match 6-The
but handles 600 Watts SSB/300 Watts CW,
Ohm antennas Or select 150 Watt
matches 12-800 Ohms. Does not have digital Hx9D inches. Use 12 –15 VDC/1 amp or 1600
SSB/CW and match extra wide-range 6-3200
110 VAC with MFJ-1316, $19.95.
SWR/Wattmeter/LCD display, audio SWR
Ohms. New 10,000 VirtualAntennaTM Memories.
Tune any Antenna
meter/audio feedback, antenna switch or 4:1
MFJ-993B, less digital SWR/Wattmeter/
current balun. Tuning must be done at low
LCD display, audio SWR meter/audio feedverticals, beams, phased arrays, inverted
transceiver power with amplifier bypassed.
back, antenna switch or 4:1 current balun.
300 Industrial Park Road
Starkville, MS 39759 USA
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MFJ Enterprises, Inc.
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