How to Factory Reset a Mag 250 or 254

How to Factory Reset a Mag 250 or 254
How to Factory Reset a Mag 250 or 254
1. Open Bios on the Mag250/4 by removing the power from the Mag box. Then while holding
down the Menu Key on the Remote Control plug the power back in. You will then see this
screen on your TV Set
2. Now scroll down to Def. Settings ( Default Settings ) and select by using the right arrow Key
How to Factory Reset a Mag 250 or 254
3. Now Press OK
4. You will most likely see the screen below with “Wrong Image” However just continue to press OK
How to Factory Reset a Mag 250 or 254
5. This screen will appear then you will return to the Bios Menu.
Now in theory this will have reset your box to its Default Settings and allow you to configure a
portal URL. However depending on the settings on the box you may have to repeat this procedure
using different Boot Modes ( Nand , Nand2, and DHCP )and restarting.
So now on the Bios Screen , choose Boot Mode and change to a different option
How to Factory Reset a Mag 250 or 254
Then Proceed to reset to Default Settings as in steps 2 to 5 . Once you have repeated this for all 3
boot modes. Make sure Boot Mode is set to Nand and the choose Exit and Save
Then Click OK when requested to save Changes. Box will now Reboot.
How to Factory Reset a Mag 250 or 254
When the box re starts. The screen you hope to see is below. The Inner Portal. If you do not see
the screen below then the box has not reset and will need to repeat the procedure above. As
setups on boxes can be different before reset you may need to change how you do the reset. For
example reset to Def Settings on Nand then Exit and Save then reset on Nand 2 ( change back to
Nand ) then exit and save and maybe the same for DHCP.
If you are still having difficulties you may wish to try Flashing the box and reseting the Firmware.
This option is available here or go to our How to section and Troubleshooting.
Once you have reset the box to Default Factory Settings. You will need to follow the instructions
below to proceed and configure your box for your new service.
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2nd Change Portal URL
For any other settings or changes please check out our How to and Troubleshooting section on
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