ATS-5 Trailer - All Traffic Solutions

ATS-5 Trailer - All Traffic Solutions
ATS-5 Trailer is compatible, interchangeably,
with the following products:
оо Shield 15 (Sh15) Radar Speed Display
оо S
peedAlert 18 or 24 (SA18 or SA24)
Radar Message Sign
оо InstAlert 18 or 24 (iA18 or iA24)
Variable Message Sign
• 5’ minimum to bottom of sign
• Safety chains, 30” with hooks
• DOT Approved red/white reflective tape
• License plate holder with light
ATS-5 Trailer Power
• 12 VDC system, Std 4 pin wiring plug
• 2
35Ah or 470Ah batteries, (2) 6VDC batteries in series,
deep cycle marine (130 lbs per pair, 2 pair max)
• 20A time delay fuse on battery supply
оо 620# with 235Ah battery capacity and SA18
• 6
5W solar assist with 10A solar controller to prevent
overcharging, other solar wattages available
оо 760# with 470Ah battery capacity instALERT
• Solar panels charge while sign stowed or deployed
оо Add 130# for additional battery pair
• 1
0 Amp 120VAC automatic charger with externally
accessible AC connection
оо Add 60# for 120W solar panel
оо Add 40# for 65W solar panel
• Tongue weight: 20 pounds
• D
imensions: 61.5” long x 62.5” wide x 64”
high (stowed)
• Simple manual lever lift system for 1 person setup
• Removable tongue for 2” ball, lockable
• S
torage for tongue and lift bar in locked battery
• 16 ga. steel locking battery compartment with vented
• b
attery chamber, charger/accessories chamber and
1/8” aluminum diamond plate lid
• C
ontinuous weld steel frame, White marine grade
powder coat finish
• Wheels: 12”, 5 bolt steel rims with 4.5” bolt circle
• Ground clearance: 9.75 under axle, 19 under chassis
• Replaceable steel fenders, weight supporting
• Locking wheel lug bolts, 1 per wheel, with removal tool
• Axle: 2000# leaf spring
• J acks: 4, Retractable crank type, fully adjustable
at each corner, 1500 lb capacity each
• Recessed tail lights and DOT approved lighting
• Switch to control power to sign
ATS-5 Trailer Options
• 3
0” x 36” speed limit sign and interchangeable digits
for 5-65 mph display and locking hitch pin for display
and stowing; digit storage in battery compartment
• R
ed and Blue Violator Strobe Light Bar, set to flash
above user set speed
• L
ow Voltage Disconnect solar controller to turn off
sign if power falls below 11.5VDC (decreases run time)
• 2
5/16 ball or pintle hook, adjustable height, on
removable tongue
• Orange powder coat finish (minimum order qty)
• A
GM sealed batteries for lower temperature use,
-40F (185Ah per pair, 370Ah max)
• Tamper alarm with adjustable sensitivity
• Wheel lock bar
• ‘7’ digit for speed limit sign
• 14” tires and fenders
• Speed Dependent Messaging Option
• 1-year warranty (three months on batteries)
Compatible with
these ATS Products
Engineered and manufactured in the
United States of America
1. ATS-5 with SpeedAlert 24
and optional light bar
2. ATS-5 with SpeedAlert 18
ATS-5 Trailer: Deployed with SpeedAlert 24
ATS-5 Trailer: Stowed with SpeedAlert 24
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