A6623-330 manual
 ( в
A? Owner’s Use and Care Guide
ПГ, Guide d’utilisation et soins de Proprietaire
Model * Modele
| Read and follow all Veuillez lire
safety rules and attentivement les
operating instructions = consignes de sécurité et
before first use les directives
| of this product. d'utilisation avant
| J l'utilisation initiale de
a NL ce produit.
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= |
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Owner’s Use and Care Guide ...........…000seusa usa 000000000000 000000000000 1-10
+ Welcome
+ Important Safety Information
* Features
* Installation
* Operation
* Care and Maintenance
* Troubleshooting
Guide dutilisation et soins de Propriétaire .......eñooo.erdodG2gQiWAcdcocrcrecsooererorreccce.. . 12-21
* Bienvenue
* Consignes de Sécurité Importante
* Caractéristiques
* Installation
* Fonctionnement
* Soins et Entretien
* Dépannage
If the unit changes ownership, be sure the manual accompanies this unit.
En cas de revente l’appareil, ce manuel doit être inclus avec Pappareil.
Danby Products Ltd, Guelph, Ontario Canada N1H 6Z9
Danby Products Inc, Findlay, Ohio USA 45840
V1. 10.11
Thank you for choosing a Danby appliance to provide you and your family with all of the “Home
Comfort” requirements of your home, cottage, or office. This Owner's Use and Care Guide will
provide you with valuable information necessary for the proper care and maintenance of your new
appliance. If properly maintained, your Danby appliance will give you many years of trouble free
operation. Please take a few moments to read the instructions thoroughly and familiarize yourself
with all of the operational aspects of this appliance.
Your Danby Portable Air-Conditioner is a multi-functional room air-exchanging, air-processing
appliance, designed to offer you the functions of; Air Conditioning, Dehumidifying, and Independent
Fan. Each individual mode is featured with “oscillating” air swing capabilities. This unit can be
conveniently moved from room to room within your home and set up in just minutes. Imagine the
convenience of 4 Season Home Comfort at your fingertips, anywhere, anytime.
For easy reference, may we suggest you attach a copy of your sales slip/receipt to this page, along
with the following information, located on the manufacturers nameplate on the rear panel of the unit.
Model Number:
Serial Number:
Date of Purchase:
This information will be necessary if your unit requires servicing and/or for general inquiries. To contact a
Customer Service Representative, call Danby TOLL FREE: 1-800-26- Danby" (1-800-263-2629)
1) Check available power supply and resolve any wiring problems
BEFORE installation and operation of this unit. All wiring must
comply with local and national electrical codes and be installed by
a qualified electrician. If you have any questions regarding the
following instructions, contact a qualified electrician.
2) This appliance draws 9.5 nameplate amps under Cooling Mode
and may be used in any properly wired, general purpose 15 amp
household grounded receptacle.
3) For your safety and protection, this unit is grounded through the
power cord plug when plugged into a matching wall outlet. If you
are not sure whether the wall outlets in your home are properly
grounded, please consult a qualified electrician.
PN WARNING: Improper connection of the grounding plug can
result in risk of Fire, Electric Shock, and/or injury to Persons
associated with the appliance. Check with a qualified service
representative if in doubt that the appliance is proplery grounded.
WITH THIS UNIT. If it is necessary to use an extension cord with
this unit, use an approved “air conditioner” extension cord only
(available at most local hardware stores).
5) To avoid the possibility of personal injury, always disconnect the
power supply to the unit before installing and/or servicing,
Suggested Individual Branch Circuit
Nameplate Amps *AWG Wire Size
9.5 16
AWG- American Wire Gauge
*Based on copper wire at 105°C temperature rating,
Receptacle and Fuse Types
Rated Volts 125
Amps 15
Wall Outlet ZN
Fuse Size 15
Time Delay Fuse Plug Type
(or Circuit Breaker)
PINCAUTION: Do not leave this unit
unattended in a space where people or
animals cannot react to a failed unit are
located. A failed unit can cause extreme
overheating or death in such an enclosed,
unattended space.
The power cord supplied with this air conditioner contains a device that senses damage to
SUPPLY CORD the power cord. To test if your power cord is working properly, you must do the following:
1) Connect the power supply cord to an electrical
NOTE: The power cord supplied with this air
conditioner contains a current leakage detection
2) The power supply cord has two buttons located on
the head of the plug, One button is marked
“TEST”, and the other is marked “RESET”, Press
the “TEST” button; you will hear a click as the
“RESET” button pops out.
3) Press the “RESET” button; you will hear a click
as the button engages.
4) The power supply cord is now energized and
supplying electricity to the air conditioner (on
some products this is also indicated by a light on
the plug head).
device designed to reduce the risk of fire. In the event
the power supply cord is damaged, it cannot be
repaired and must be replaced with a new cord from
the product manufacturer.
* Under no circumstances should this device be used
to turn the unit on or off.
* The “RESET” button must always be pushed in
(engaged) for correct operation.
* The power
ly cord must be replaced if it fails to
reset when the AE г
ST” button is pushed in.
ENERGY-SAVING Your Danby appliance is designed to be highly efficient in energy savings. Follow these
TIPS recommendations for greater efficiency.
1) Select a thermostat setting that suits your comfort ~~ 4) Start your air conditioner before the outdoor air _
needs and leave at that chosen setting. becomes hot and uncomfortable, to avoid an initial
eriod of discomfort while the unit is cooling off
2) The air filter is very efficient in removing Е g
, the room. Use of the automatic start/stop
airborne particles. the air filter clean at all pro ble TIMER feature can be a major asset
times. in this regard if utilized to the fullest extent.
3) Use drapes, curtains or shades to keep direct 5) When outdoor temperatures are cool enough, turn
sunlight from penetrating and heating room, but do fhe air conditioner off and use the FAN MODE.
not ia drapes or curtains to obstruct the air flow This circulates indoor air, providing some cooling
around the unit, comfort while utilizing less electricity.
Air Exhaust 4 —
В Air Filter . ~~ ————
Les ===
Display Air inlet > EE ||
=== |
—T Air inlet
Front __—
personal injury, disconnect power to the unit before installing or Flexible Exhaust Hose — Fixture
a = Cm) y
Caution: To avoid installation/operation difficulties, read these
instructions thoroughly.
Flexible Exhaust Hose (13cm) & Exhaust nozzle connector (2
pcs)... from 17 70 (45cm) to 53 '%” (135cm)
Flexible Exhaust Hose (11cm) & Exhaust nozzle
connector (2pcs)...from 15 °4” (40cm) to 51 5” (130cm) CY
Adjustable sliding window/door kit (3 pcs)... from 28 '4”(72cm) to + >=
80” (203cm) ”
Fixture..... (2 pcs) & Screws..... (8 pcs)
NOTE: The exhaust/window kit must be installed at all times when
the unit is operating under AIR CONDITIONING mode. There
should be at least 11.8” (30cm) clearance between the unit and any
other objects or building structures, and should be installed on a
evel surface.
2 |
Sliding ing Window Kit:
28 1/3” (72cm)- 80” (203cm)
NJ Water hose (79”/ 200cm)
Instructions for Assembling the Sliding Window Kit- Fig. 2
1) Insert tube adapters through the back of the window panel. Fig. 2 Back of window panel
2) Secure each tube adapter with four screws through the front of the o V \ | |
window panel. — h [e]
3) Insert window panel extensions into window panel. Lightly tighten the à 2
screws in the window panel to hold the extensions in place. Tube Adapters
Air Conditioning Mode ONLY: Your window kit 3) Install the adjustable Sliding Window Kit as
has been designed to fit most standard “vertical”/ required (see Fig. 3a & 3b).
“horizontal” windows up to a maximum height of 80” |
(203cm). For vertical Window applications, multi lock 4) Install the opposite end of the flexible exhaust
positions are provided on the edge of each slider hose into the window exhaust adapter.
section to secure each sliding section together.
1) Select a suitable location, making sure you have 5) Install the window exhaust adapter into the
) access to an electrical outlet. 8 у opening in the slider section, making sure the
window slider sections are secure.
2) Install the flexible hose to the rear side of the unat. Co
) Instal the hose collar on top of the exhaust opening 6) Plug the unit into a 115V/60Hz grounded electrical
and twist to lock into position. outlet.
Fig 3a - | Fig 3b |
Horizontal Window =) 1 Sliding Window
+ + ; Min :28 14"
Windon (Ton)
| ow || Max.: 80”
> O) m) = (203ст)
Sliding Window Kit: — —
Min.: 28 '5” (72cm)
Max.: 80” (203cm)
= am (|)
©) [© OO cms
| , NOTE: By pressing both "+" / " - " buttons at
O POWER SWITCH: Turns unit ON/OFF the same time for more than 3 seconds, the display
=) MODE: Allows you to scroll through and will toggle between Celsius and Fahrenheit.
Y) select desired operating mode.
. Warning Light
a FAR : Detgot from free different fan settings; (Condensed water may accumulate in the unit. If the
gh internal tank becomes full, the Warning signal in the
J. AUTO-TIMER LCD Display will light up and the unit will not
: operate until it has been drained.
AUTO TURN OFF- With machine in running mode, LCD Display
press timer button to set timer control. Press " + " >< Cooling Mode
or” = "buttons to select number of hours you would Y Dehumidify Mode
like the unit to run before it automatically shuts off.
& Fan Only Mode
AUTO TURN ON- With machine in stand by mode, Z High Fan Speed
press timer button to set timer control. Press " + " 2 Medium Fan Speed
or” - "buttons to select number of hours before the unit e Low Fan Speed
automatically starts running under any one mode. :
у 5 y 88: Display Set Temperature
NOTE: The time is adjustable between 1-24 hours. 88h Display Timer Setting of Auto Switch ON /
TEMPERATURE Adjust: lf Warning Light (the machine will stop
* Used for adjusting the thermostat. runnin
* The default display is room temperature,
* In cooling mode, when" + "or" = "button is pressed,
the set temperature is displayed and may be adjusted.
After 15 seconds the display will revert back to room
temperature, Temperature is only adjustable in cool
OPERATION (cont’d)
NOTE: The exhaust hose must be properly vented outdoors during air
conditioning mode,
1) Press the POWER SWITCH key (Fig. A) to switch on the unit, and the
previous set temperature will be shown in the temperature display area of the
control panel.
2) Press the MODE key (Fig. B) until the COOL indicator light illuminates on the
control panel (Fig.C). Each depression of the MODE key will advance to a
different mode setting (Cool- Dehumidifier-Fan)
3) Press the appropriate increase " + " or decrease" = "buttons (Fig. D1 & D2) to
select a suitable operating temperature setting. Temperature settings are
adjustable between 16°C (61°F) to 32°C (89°F).
4) Press the FAN key (Fig. E) to select the desired fan speed setting (High-
Med.-Low). Your selection will appear on the control panel (each depression of
the fan key will advance to a different setting).
* Cooling stops automatically when the set temperature is achieved. Cooling
resumes when the room temp. rises above the “set” temperature level.
1) Drain excess water from the tank by
placing a pan under the drain water outlet
2) Unscrew the drain cover and remove
the soft rubber stopper, let the water drain
into the pan. When the water stops draining
out, replace the soft rubber stopper, and
tighten the drain cover.
3) Remove the pan of water.
4) Operate the unit in Fan mode to dry the
interior of the unit.
NOTE: During Fan Mode, the exhaust hose does NOT have to be vented
1) Press the POWER SWITCH key pad to switch the unit on (Fig. A).
2) Press the MODE key Tio. B) until the FAN indicator illuminates on the
control panel (Fig, G). Each press of the MODE key will advance to a different
mode setting (Cool- Dehumidifier-Fan).
3) Press the FAN Key (Fig. E) to select the desired FAN SPEED setting. Your
selection will appear on the control panel. Each press of the fan key will
advance to a different fan speed (High- Med- Low) as shown in Fig. F.
OPERATION (cont’d)
Note: During dehumidifier mode, the exhaust hose does not have to be vented
1) Press the ON/OFF key pad to switch the unit on (Fig. H)
2) Press the MODE key (Fig. I) until the DRY indicator illuminates on the control
panel (Fig.J).Each press of the MODE key will advance to a different mode setting
IMPORTANT: There is no temperature adjustment during dehumidifier mode. If
the room temperature is greater than 77°F (25°C), the fan speed can be adjusted,
otherwise the fan speed is fixed at LOW speed.
IMPORTANT: The drain hose must be installedduring dehumidifier mode.
The function of continuous drain can be performed using the following steps:
1) To save having to periodically empty the water tank, this unit can be
configured for continuous drain. You can use the supplied drain hose to
connect to the continuous drain connector.
2) Unscrew and remove the drain cover at the rear of the unit (Fig.5).
3) Remove the soft rubber stopper, and place it in the water tank for safe
keeping (Fig.6).
4) Insert the drain hose through the hole of the drain cover (Fig. 7).
5) Ensure the rubber seal ring is properly seated in the end of the hose
as shown in Fig. 7.
6) Connect the drain hose to the drain port (Fig. 8).
7) Tighten the drain cover in clockwise direction onto the rear of the unit
(Fig. 8).
When using the continuous drain function, the PVC hose must be placed
horizontally below the drainage hole. Avoid uneven ground and folding the hose.
NOTE: Should you damage or misplace the pvc drain hose, a standard garden A
hose can be used.
OPERATION (cont’d)
AUTO-TIMER The AUTO-TIMER feature offers a unique selection of multiple choice, fully automatic
on and/or off (start/stop) programs between 1-24 hours under any one mode of your Home
Comfort unit.
The programs are as follows:
a) Auto-Off: Pre-select a time that will turn off the b) Auto-On: Pre-select a time that will turn on the
unit automatically (between 1-24hrs). unit automatically (between 1-24hrs).
Control Buttons: (1) L © )
1) Power Switch —
2) Mode NN
Sq +
3) Fan Speed
4) On / Off Timer ( =)
5) Time / Temperature Set —
* Used for adjusting the timer and temperature. -—
* The default display on control panel is room temperature. ® \. v
* When " +" or " = " key is pressed in cool mode, the set temperature is displayed
and may be adjusted. 5 seconds, the display will revert back to room (4) ( o \
temperature. \ /
* Timer setting is available from 1-24 hours by pressing " + " or " - " keys. —
To operate the hand held remote control you will require two “AAA” Alkaline © (9,
batteries (included).
Batteries should be replaced when:
a) No signal (beep) 1s heard when attempting to program the main unit.
b) The main unit does not respond to a command issued by the remote control.
Battery replacement:
1) Slide the rear cover on the remote in the direction of the arrow. Continue pulling (gently) until the cover
separates completely from the unit.
2) Insert (2) batteries (AAA) following the same orientation (polarity) depicted inside the battery chamber (+ / -).
3) Re-install rear cover.
4) If the remote control will not be used for extended periods of time, batteries should be removed.
The remote operates within a range of 8 meters (26 ft.) from the receiver located inside the main unit. Any
obstruction between the receiver and remote may cause signal interference, limiting the ability to program the unit.
1) Do not drop the remote control.
2) Do not place the remote control in a location exposed to direct sunlight.
3) The remote control should be placed about 1 meter or more away from TV, or any electrical appliances.
his Class B digital apparatus complies with canadian ICES-003.
oo; ]——]]]]—]]]——]]———]—]]—oo]]—;];—-—Y
CAUTION: Before cleaning or servicing this unit, wiring insulation.
disconnect from any electrical supply outlet. ,
3) Unplug the unit.
1) DO NOT use gasoline, benzene, thinner, or any en .
other chemicals to clean this unit, as these 4) Clean the unit by wiping off any dirt/dust with a
substances may cause damage to the finish and soft damp cloth or vacuum cleaner, then wipe dry
deformation of plastic parts. with a dry soft cloth.
2) Never attempt to clean the unit by pouring water CAUTION: Always store the unit in vertical
directly over any of the surface areas, as this will position. DO NOT put heavy objects on top of the
cause deterioration of electrical components and unit,
CLEANING THE CAUTION: Never operate this unit without the air filter in place, as this may result in
AIR FILTER — damage to the unit.
If the air filter becomes clogged with dust/dirt, air flow is restricted, which reduces
cooling efficiency. The air filter should be cleaned every two (2) weeks. More
frequent cleaning may be necessary depending on indoor air quality.
NOTE: The air filter is located at the upper rear side of the unit.
1) To remove the air filter: Pull the air filter cover upward in the direction of the
arrow (Fig. 4) and remove the air filter.
2) Dust/dirt clogged in the filter can be removed by vacuum cleaning the soiled
3) The filter can also be washed in lukewarm, soapy water while rubbing it lightly
with a brush. A mild detergent (diswashing liquid) is recommended.
4) Rinse the filter well using clean water. Allow time to dry before reinstalling
into the unit.
5) Replace the air filter and cover.
6) Replacement air filter information is available by contacting the Customer Service
Department at: 1-800-26-Danby (1-800-263-2629).
Occasionally, a problem may occur that is minor, and a service call may not be necessary. Use this
troubleshooting guide for a possible solution. If the unit continues to operate improperly, call an authorized
service depot for assistance, or Danby’s Toll Free Number: 1-800-26- Danby"
* Power is out.
* The plug is not plugged in properly. |. Wait for Dr] to return.
1) Unit does not work ° The ¡Ftank indicator is ON; 151. Remove drain rater from the drain
Current leaking or pressing test .
button on LCDI plug. pres the reset button after resolving
* Indoor set temperature has been « Reset the temperature level
2) Unit suddenly stops during operation. | , reached. et time is up. * Reset the timer.
. The -tank indicator is ON: tank is | Remove drain water from the drain
* Malfunction. * Contact your dealer.
3) Unit runs intermittently * Surrounding temp. is too high/low. | * This is normal.
* Exhaust duct hose 1s blocke * Check the duct hose.
* Window or door is open in room.
* There is a heat source or too many * Close all windows/doors.
4) Unit functions but the room is not eople in the room, * Move any heat sources from room.
cooled. * Air intake grill is clogged. * Clean air intake grill.
* Filter is too dirty. | * Replace the filter.
* Temperature setting 1s too high. * Lower temp. setting.
Condensed water spills out when . + Remove drain plug on rear bottom
> moving the unit. P The tank is nearly full. and drain out water.
Y Danby Y
E У 3
+ +
© This quality product is warranted to be free from manufacturer's defects in material and workmanship, provided that the unit is used under the normal operating ©
& conditions intended by the manufacturer. ©
AZ This warranty is available only to the person to whom the unit was originally sold by Danby Products Limited (Canada) or Danby Products Inc. (U.S.A) (hereafter ~~ XA
6) “Danby”) or by an authorized distributor of Danby, and is non-transferable. x)
+ 7
> Plastic parts, are warranted for thirty (30) days only from purchase date, with no extensions provided. ©
ee re
4 о
9 First 24 Months During the first twenty four (24) months, any functional parts of this product found to be defective, will be repaired or replaced, at ©
6) warrantor's option, at no charge to the ORIGINAL purchaser. 69)
> 4
6 To obtain Danby reserves the right to limit the boundaries of “In Home Service” to the proximity of an Authorized Service Depot. Any appliance €)
© % Service requiring service outside the limited boundaries of “In Home Service” ‚It will be the consumer's responsibility to transport the appliance (at ©
& their own expense) to the original retailer (point of purchase) or a service depot for repair. See “Boundaries of In Home Service” below. 65
Y Contact your dealer from whom your unit was purchased, or contact your nearest authorized Danby service depot, where service e
CS must be performed by a qualified service technician. 6
(x) If service is performed on the unit by anyone other than an authorized service depot, or the unit is used for commercial application, all №
(©) obligations of Danby under this warranty shall be void. ©
Y ©
6 Boundaries of If the appliance is installed in a location that is 100 kilometers (62 miles) or more from the nearest service center your unit must be SS
y In Home Service delivered to the nearest authorized Danby Service Depot, as service must only be performed by a technician qualified and certified for e
6 warranty service by Danby. Transportation charges to and from the service location are not protected by this warranty and are the €)
0,9) responsibilty of the purchaser. №
Nothing within this warranty shall imply that Danby will be responsible or liable for any spoilage or damage to food or other contents of this appliance, whether due
to any defect of the appliance, or its use, whether proper or improper.
De Save as herein provided, Danby, there are no other warranties, conditions, representations or guarantees, express or implied, made or intended by Danby or its XA
6 authorized distributors and all other warranties, conditions, representations or guarantees, including any warranties, conditions, representations or guarantees x)
A under any Sale of Goods Act or like legislation or statue is hereby expressly excluded. Save as herein provided, Danby shall not be responsible for any damages |“ A
45%) topersons or property, including the unit itself, howsoever caused or any consequential damages arising from the malfunction of the unit and by the purchase of 60
AZ Ihe unit, the purchaser does hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless Danby from any claim for damages to persons or property caused by the unit. ©
у: x
9 ©
#3] No warranty or insurance herein contained or set out shall apply when damage or repair is caused by any of the following: Ge
TS 1) Power failure. 7
© 2) Damage in transit or when moving the appliance, @
6 3) Improper power supply such as low voltage, defective house wiring or inadequate fuses. CS
(x) 4) Accident, alteration, abuse or misuse of the appliance such as inadequate air circulation in the room or abnormal operating conditions ©
&) (extremely high or low room temperature). [69]
A 5) Use for commercial or industrial purposes (ie. If the appliance is not installed in a domestic residence). SB
(©) 6) Fire, water damage, theft, war, riot, hostility, acts of God such as hunicanes, floods etc. x)
OS 7) Service calls resulting in customer education. XX
SE 8) Improper Installation (ie. Building-in of a free standing appliance or using an appliance outdoors that is not approved for outdoor application). Fe
“я К
ORS Proof of purchase date will be required for warranty claims; so, please retain bills of sale. In the event warranty service is required, present this document to our SAL,
EN Cde
© ©
OS Warranty Service A
6 In-home ©
00) @
EX Danby Products Limited Danby Products Inc. — CS
6 PO Box 1778, Guelph, Ontario, Canada N1H 679 1-800-263-2629 PO Box 669, Findlay, Ohio, U.S.A. 45840 69)
SS Telephone: (519) 837-0920 FAX: (519) 837-0449 si Telephone: (419) 425-0627 FAX: (419) 4259620 35
o 09
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