the machine to the correct temperature
for the pouch in use. Pouches come in a
Disconnect using the
Master On/Off switch
range of thicknesses – the thickness of your
– on the rear of the machine –
will be marked on their packaging.
when notpouches
in use
Always insert a pouch closed end first into
the laminator.
If you put a pouch in open ended first, or
sideways, you will almost inevitably cause
the machine to jam!
Setting the temperature too low will produce
poor lamination. Setting it too high could
cause the pouch to jam in the machine.
Make sure that the item to be laminated
completely fills the pouch, leaving no more
than a 3mm border around the edges.
Never attempt to laminate cut-outs, several
small items within a larger pouch, leaves
or organic materials, damp documents,
stamps etc.
Make sure inkjet prints are completely dry
before attempting to laminate them.
Incompletely loaded pouches can cause a jam.
If you absolutely need to laminate a collection
of small items in one pouch, you must use
a carrier.
Moisture in the paper being laminated will
evaporate, causing the pouch to bubble.
Leaving a wider border can cause the pouch
to jam because it needs to be supported
across it’s entire area, as the heat in the
machine could otherwise cause the pouch
to soften and droop.
If the item to be laminated is smaller than
the available pouch, simply trim the pouch
to size before feeding it into the machine.
Laminators are designed to laminate paper
or thin card.
They are not suitable for fabric, tissue paper
etc as soft materials provide insufficient
support to the pouch.
To prevent jams always fill your pouch
correctly leaving no more than a 3mm border
around each edge.
Never attempt to laminate thermal prints
or pictures produced with wax crayons.
The heat inside the laminator will have an
adverse effect on temperature sensitive
materials. The image on a thermal print will
degrade, wax crayons will melt.
Never leave your laminator unattended
whilst it is in use. Always watch to make
sure that the pouch exits the machine.
The leading edge of the pouch should start
to emerge before the trailing edge enters
the machine.
This check will enable you to release a jam,
before it causes damage to the machine.
We strongly recommend that you use
Swordfish, or similar high-quality branded
pouches, as inferior grade pouches give poor
results and can cause permanent damage to
your laminator.
Be aware that the surface of your laminating
machine may become hot during use.
Simple maintenance on a regular basis will
clean rollers by absorbing and surplus
adhesive. We would suggest passing a piece
of thin stiff card through the machine after
every 10 laminations.
The side from your cereal packet would
be ideal.
Children must have adult supervision.
Take care.
Make sure there is enough space behind the
laminator to allow the pouch free passage
through the machine.
The laminated pouch will be warm as it exits
the machine. It needs to cool down lying flat
in order to avoid wrinkles.
This regular maintenance will help prevent
jams caused by sticky rollers.
Allow the machine to cool down completely
before attempting to move it.
Failure to do so could cause serious damage
to the machine.
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