SpectraLight UV System
… installation 8%: operating manual
lets protect
what's important
Getting to Know Your SpectraLight
SpectraLight units have been engineered so that the entire unit can be
0 assembled and disassembled by hand. Please note that threaded components
use EPDM and Viton O-rings and should be hand tightened only.
Industrial Grey UV Sterilizer Housing
Port 1 re a
Quick-Release Cap
VisiPort Cap
(glows orange
to indicate on)
Quick-Release Cap Exploded View
External Internal O-ring
O-ring —.
Internal grey
Ш retaining nut
VisiPort Cap Stainless Steel
Note: Lubricate o-rings with silicone lube or water when installing
or replacing a quartz sleeve
Smart Connex™ allows
360° Port Rotation
Built-in Unions for
easy installation —_
oa Port 2
UV Lamp
Clear Quartz Sleeve transmits
—— 99.9% of UV light (shown blue for visability)
Power Supply/Electronic Ballast
Grey Power Supply Connector
Lamp Connector
SpectraLight Installation & Owner's Manual (IN SPECTRA LIGHT"
Copyright O 2009 by SpectraLight Ultraviolet
Printed in U.S.A. 9/2009
All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in
any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the prior written
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ages resulting from the use of the information herein.
Neither SpectraLight Ultraviolet nor its affiliates shall be liable to the purchaser of this product or third partise for
damages, losses, costs, or expenses incurred by the purchaser or third parties as a result of: accident, misuse, or
abuse of this product or unauthorized modifications, repairs, or alterations of this product, or (excluding the U.S.)
failure to strictly comply with SpectraLight Ultraviolet's Installation and Owner's manual.
SpectraLight Ultraviolet is a trademark of Spectra Ventures, LP.
NOTICE: The contents of this manual are subject to change without notice.
Important Safety Information
This section presents important information intended to ensure safe and effective use of this product.
Read this section carefully and store it in an accessible location.
Key to Symbols
The symbols in this manual are identified by their level of importance, as defined below. Read the filloing carefully
before handling, installing, or using this product.
A Warning:
Warnings must be followed carefully to avoid serious bodily injury.
A Caution:
Cautions must be observed to avoid minor injury to yourself or damage to your equipment.
Customer Service
Phone: (512)686-0935
Email: infoEspectrauv.com
Fax: (888)295-2024
Web: www.spectralightuv.com
Ultraviolet light can damage your skin and eyes. Do not expose your skin or stare at an operating ultraviolet
lamp when turned on outside of the ultraviolet sterilizer housing. Direct exposure to ultraviolet rays can
cause eye injury, tissue damage and other health risks.
This UV sterilizer must be wired in conjunction with a properly grounded, ground fault interrupter circuit (GF).
Only a (3) three wire grounded cable, suitable for outdoor use, should be used to connect this device. If join-
ing cables for outdoor use, a suitable watertight cable connector must be used. If an extension cord is neces-
sary, a cord with a proper rating should be used. A cord rated for less amperes or watts than the uv sterilizer
rating may overheat. Care should be taken to arrange the cord so that it will not be tripped over or pulled. We
recommend consulting a licensed electrician if you should have any questions.
Never attempt to repair this product yourself. Contact SpectraLight Ultraviolet for repairs.
Improper repair work can be dangerous.
Never attempt to modify this product.
Tampering with this product may result in injury or fire.
Connection to improper power source may cause fire.
If water enters the inside of quartz sleeve or if water leaks from housing, do not continue to use it. Turn off
power and disconnect power immediately and contact your dealer or SpectraLight Ultraviolet.
To avoid possible electric shock, special care should be taken when working with UV equipment.
If the unit falls into the water or becomes wet, do not touch it. You must first make sure it is unplugged or the
power cord is removed from the power source, If electrical components such as the ballast, transformer or
lamp should become wet, unplug it immediately. Contact SpectraLight for testing and repair.
If water should ever enter the inside of the quartz sleeve, immediately disconnect power by
unplugging from the power source.
Carefully examine the unit after installation of the ultraviolet housing and prior to installation of the lamp and
connection to the ballast. Do no connect to ballast, install lamp or plug in ballast if there is moisture or water
outside of the UV chamber or on the inside of the quartz sleeve.
Do not operate the UV unit if it has been damaged, is leaking, is malfunctioning.
Close supervision is necessary when any electrical device is used around children.
Always unplug the unit from an outlet and disconnect power when not device is not being used, before
servicing, cleaning or working on the unit. Never grasp the cord when disconnecting cord, but hold plug
directly and pull to disconnect.
DO NOT use the uv sterilizer for anything other then its intended use. The use of lamps or attachments not
recommended or sold by SpectraLight may be hazardous and may void warranty.
Unpacking your Unit N SPECTRA LIGHT"
The following items are included for each Spectralight Ultraviolet Sterilizer. If any item is damaged, contact SpectraLight or
your dealer:
- SpectraLight Grey Housing
- Power supply NEMA enclosure (may be shipped separately due to weight)
- Lamps(s) - caution: handle lamps by the ends; do not touch lamp glass.
- Installation and Owner's Manual (this document)
Grey Housing Power Supply/Ballast
The quartz sleeve and or UV lamp in this device may have been broken or damaged during shipment. It is very
important to check the quartz sleeve for damage prior to installation or connection to electrical power. If you can
hear pieces moving inside the unit when rotating unit, then it is broken. Please contact SpectraLight for instructions.
Installation of Your SpectraLight Housing ee
Caution: Units may be damaged in shipping. Safety first...water test the unit in accordance with the water
testing section prior to inserting the lamp(s) and connecting the power supply.
Choosing your SpectraLight Housing Location
The housing should be installed in-line on the return line after the filter. Installation after the filter will ensure the
water is free of debris that could reduce the UV light transmission. An optional inline automatic chlorinator can be
installed to provide .5 ppm free chlorine residual (can be purchased online for approximately $59.)
to pool
Optional Auto. filter
from pool
DS a
Choosing your SpectraLight Housing Orientation
Depending on the layout of your filtration equipment and space contraints, you may mount your SpectraLight in
either the vertical or horizontal position. The horizontal orientation is recommended.
ports must face up
Vertical Position
(either port on top)
Horizontal Position
In the Horizontal position, the inlet and outlet ports must face upwards. The inlet and outlet ports
are interchangeable. Proper positioing will reduce the chance of air becoming trapped in the housing.
In the Vertical position, the outlet or inlet port may be placed on top. Make sure the housing is securely
mounted before operating. Large units may be secured with plumbing strap.
Optional Bypass
Some SpectraLight owners may wish to install a simple by-pass loop. A by-pass loop allows the owner to
bypass the SpectraLight unit for service or for removal during freezing conditions. Alternatively, the quartz
sleeve may be removed by using a winterizing cap and the unit drained during severe winters.
A bypass is created by using two (2) three-way valves. An automatic air bleed system may be needed to
relieve trapped air inside the housing. Failure to remove trapped air can result in damage to the housing.
с я " = = нету: = — moquer
Water Testing the SpectraLight Housing NN uitraviores
Now that the SpectraLight housing is permanently mounted, it is time to perform water testing. This unit is rated up to
50 PSI. Although all units are quality tested from the factory, it is important to verify the unit remains leak free after
Water testing should always be conducted before the lamp is installed into the quartz sleeve and prior to
connection of the power supply.
Using a standard household paper towel, roll up enough paper towel material to create a 3/4 inch x 12 inch “plug”.
Insert the paper towel log into the end of the open quartz sleeve. This is the end where the quartz sleeve exits the
SpectraLlght housing and where the orange cap is connected. Make sure the VisiPort cap is hand tightened. Turn on
your pump and allow water to pass through the SpectraLight housing for at least 30 minutes. If you have an accessory
that may increase water pressure, such as a pressure side pool cleaner, turn it on for at least 10 minutes, and test system
for leaks while it is operating. Check the entire SpectraLight housing for leaks and verify there is no moisture on the
paper towel plug.
If a water leak is found or if the paper towl plug has any moisture, the source of the water leak must be found
and corrected. The source may be a broken or cracked quartz sleeve or a rubber o-ring failure.
If a leak is found during the leak test, turn off the pump to stop water flow and inspect the quartz sleeve by unthread-
ing the Quick-release and removing the quartz sleeve. If the quartz sleeve is cracked or broken, contact SpectraLight
for a replacement.
If the quartz sleeve is not the source of the leak, next inspect the double seal assembly. The double seal assembly
consists of two stainless steel inserts, two EPDM o-rings, an orange VisiPort cap, and an internal grey retaining nut.
Safety First: SpectraLight housing must be water tested for leaks
prior to use or anytime unit is disassembled and reassembled.
Power Supply/Ballast Installation ANY uLTRAVIOLES
SAFETY FIRST: This unit must be connected to a properly grounded electrical circuit. This product requires both
grounding and a ground fault circuit interrupter to reduce the risk of electrical shock.
WARNING: Improper electrical connection of this equipment can result in electrocution. Con-
sult with a qualified licensed electrician to ensure proper grounding with a ground fault circuit
interrupter. Do not modify this product's plug or use any type of adapter with this product.
CAUTION: Do not operate SpectraLight UV Sterilizers for more than 2 minutes without water
flowing through the UV housing. Dry operation will cause severe damage. The Power Supply
must be wired so that the power supply/ballast on receives power when water is flowing
through the SpectraLight Housing.
The Power Supply Enclosure must be located near the SpectraLight housing. Approximately 6 feet of cord are
provided between the Power Supply and the SpectraLight Housing. Do not attempt to lengthen this cord.
The electrical power requirement is marked on the unit's service/serial number tag. This requirement is either 120 volt
50/60 Hz or 230 volt 50/60 Hz.
The SpectralLight cord has a grounding conductor or a grounding type plug. The plug must be connected to an
appropriate outlet that is properly grounded in accordance with all local codes and ordinances.
The NEMA enclosure should be securely mounted to a suitable surface prior to turning on or operation of unit.
SpectraLight recommends that our UV sterilizers are operated continuously for 24 hours per day, 7 days per
week. The UV lamp can only be effective against pathogens when it is turned on. 12 hours of operation
per day is considered a minimum run time for effective pathogen control.
A word about electrical power consumption. SpectraLight sterilizers will use only 15 - 25 cents per day
when operated continuously (using average power rates). If you are concerned that operating your pump
24 hours per day will use too much electricity, you may want to investigate the energy efficient 2-speed
and multi-speed pumps. These energy efficient pumps are designed to operate 24 hours per day while
lowering power consumption up to 80% over traditional pumps.
If your SpectraLight does not operate continuously, a maximum of one on/off cycle is recommended per
day. Additional on/off cycles will dramatically reduce the average life of UV lamps.
Lamp Installation
CAUTION: Do not look directly at the UV lamp when turned on outside of the housing. Do not allow the UV
light to contact skin or eyes. UV light exposure can cause severe sunburn and/or conjunctivitis.
Please note that the UV light does not extend beyond the walls of the housing. As long as the UV lamp is
contained in the housing, it is 100% safe.
Lamps and quartz sleeves must be handled with care. Do not touch the lamp with your fingers. If you acciden-
tally touch the lamp, use denatured alchohol and a soft cloth to clean the lamp.
Provided water testing has been successfully completed, and the Power Supply has been securely mounted, the
lamp(s) may be installed.
1. Carefully unpack the UV lamps being careful not to touch the glass section.
2. Carefully insert the lamp(s) into the quartz sleeve by inserting the non-connector end first. Insert the lamp into the
quartz sleeve leaving 2-3 inches of lamp hanging out of the quartz sleeve.
Note: If you have chosen a vertical orientation, be careful not to allow the lamps to drop inside the quartz sleeve as
this may break the quartz sleeve and the lamp.
3. Connect the the lamp power cords from the power supply to the lamp’s electrical connector(s). Push the connectors
together until they are flush and securely connected. Gently slide or lower lamp into the quartz sleeve.
4. Twist on grey power supply connector. Do not overtighten. Hand tighten only. This connection is not in contact
with water,
The average life expectency of the SpectraLight UV lamp is 12 months of continuous operation. Please not that the
lamp may continue to emit light, but the UV output will diminish after 12 months.
Powering Up the Unit
First, turn your pump on so that water is flowing through the SpectraLight housing. Next, turn the power on going to
the power supply.
The light from the UV lamp will illuminate SpectraLight’s orange VisiPort. In direct sunlight, you may need to place
your hands or a towel around the VisiPort cap to see the light. You may also check it at night. If no light is visible, have
a qualified electrician confirm that proper input power is going to the lamp.
SpectraLight Maintenance N SPECTRA! IGT
CAUTION: Always disconnect and unplug the unit from electricity before servicing SpectraLight.
Inspecting and Cleaning the Quartz Sleeve 0
Some swimming pools contain a high amount of calcium. The calcium level in swimming pools should ideally be
maintained at 250 - 350 ppm. Under certain circumstances, calcium can cause a scale formation on all pool
surfaces, including the SpectraLight quartz sleeve. This condition is rare but should be ocassionally checked.
SpectraLight recommends monthly inspection of the quartz sleeve for the first 3 months. If no residue or build
up is found, the inspection interval may be extended to once every 2-3 months.
CAUTION: Always follow manufacturer's safety instructions when using any chemical to clean
quartz sleeve. Use of eye protection and gloves in a well ventilated area is recommended.
The entire SpectraLight housing is designed so that the quartz sleeve can be removed in less than 2 minutes with
no tools.
. Turn off your pump and unplug the unit
. Remove the threaded grey power supply connector
. Disconnect the lamp connector from the lamp
. Carefully remove the lamp and place in a safe location (remember not to touch lamp glass)
. Turn the Quick-release fitting counter-clockwise and carefully remove the quartz sleeve from housing.
. Clean the quartz sleeve with muriatic acid (can be purchased at a hardware store or pool supply store).
Alternatively, you may use vinegar or Lime Away.
7. Thoroughly rinse quartz sleeve with clean water before reinstalling.
O nn RL U N —
NOTE: If the quartz sleeve is damaged, replace sleeve by purchasing a new sleeve from SpectraLight.
Winterizing SpectraLight
Do not allow water to freeze inside the SpectraLight housing. When temperatures approach freezing, we recom-
mend shutting the unit down and removing quartz sleeve and lamp. If you have installed a bypass loop, you
may wish to remove the entire housing.
You may purchase a winterizing cap from SpectralLight which allows you to remove the quartz sleeve and plug
the stainless steel double seal mechanism.
When returning the unit to service, we recommend replacing the o-rings.
Caution: It is important to water test the unit per our section on water testing each time you disassemble and
reassemble Spectralight. ji
SpectraLight Ultraviolet warrants to the original purchaser, its Ultraviolet Sterilizers to be free from
defects in workmanship or materials for a period of (1) year from the date of purchase on the power
supply and all o-ring seals. SpectraLight extends a lifetime limited warranty on the UV sterilizer's PVC
housing due to failure of the plastic from UV light exposure.
Waterleaks caused by failing to follow proper assembly & protection procedures void warranty. The UV
lamp and the Quartz Sleeve are not warranted against breakage due to being made of glass. This
warranty is only in effect provided that the equipment is installed in accordance with the factory instruc-
tions & recommendations & when operated within the environment and limitations for which it was
designed. Should any of the integral parts of th unit become defective within their time constraints from
the date of purchase, they will be repaired or replaced, if proven defective in workmanship or material in
the opinion of the manufacturer, also not including damage by freezing or the reuse of gasket seals that
are more than (12) months old.
Any costs incurred for the labor of removing the unit shall be the responsibility of the original purchaser,
as will be all shipping charges to and from SpectraLight Ultraviolet factory. Damage or failure of any part
of the UV Sterilizer covered by this warranty, which results from causes, directly or indirectly, connected
with the installation, operation, environment, use or willful abuse, including, without limitation, improper
packaging and damage incurred during shipping is not covered by this warranty. Otherwise, any implied
warranties, which accompany the sale of these goods, are limited to their respective time constraints
from the date of purchase. The manufacturer will only be responsible for the repair or replacement of any
of its products or parts thereof that are found to be defective and will not bear the cost of any incidental
or consequential damages arising out of the occurrence of such a defect.
i | у идее — por rit
Operating Manual
For Residential Ultraviolet Sterilizers
Save this manual.
Please read prior to use.
Thank you for purchasing SpectraLight.
Please read the entire manual for best results.
You have taken the first step toward more enjoyable swimming and reduced pool maintenance. UV light is part
of the electro-magnetic spectrum which is produced by the sun providing a powerful natural sterilizer.
UV systems are safe, simple to use and very reliable.
UV inactivates over 60 known pathogens, including algae, Cryptosporidium and E-Coli. In addition, UV has been
proven to significantly reduce chloramines, or combined chlorine, a leading cause of water chemistry problems.
Pool owners who make the move from traditional chlorine levels to UV save time, money, and are helping
to protect our environment with an eco-friendly alternative to chlorine.
SpectraLight Compatibility
SpectraLight does not release any chemicals into the water. SpectraLight is compatible with all current
methods of treating swimming pools. SpectraLight is compatible with chlorine, bromine, bromide base
chemicals, salt pool systems, biguanide products and copper based algaecides.
SpectraLight and Chemicals
Please remember that SpectraLight dramatically lowers the dependence on chlorine and other residual sanitizers.
SpectraLight owners may reduce the residual level of chlorine to only .5 ppm, about the level found in
drinking water. SpectralLight does not eliminate the need for balancing pH, Alkalinity and Calcium Hardness.
However, you will find that these parameters will become much more stable in SpectralLight pools. This means
that once you achieve the desired level, the fluctuation should be minimal.
SpectraLight Startup Procedure
Step 1
- Vacuum and clean leaves and other debris from the swimming pool.
- Thoroughly brush the walls of the pool
- Clean your pump strainer basket and pool skimmers
- Clean and backwash filters
Step 2
Balance pool water to the following parameters:
pH 74-7.6
Total alkalinity 80 - 150 ppm
Calcium hardness 200-400 ppm
To lower pH - add pH decreaser
To raise pH - add pH increaser
To raise calcium hardness - add a calcium hardness increaser
To decrease calcium hardness- dilute the water with fresh water
To raise total alkalinity - add an alkalinity increaser
To lower total alkalinity - add acid
Step 3
Turn on SpectraLight and operate SpectraLight and your pump for 72 hours. Maintain a chlorine residual of
2.0 ppm during this time.
Step 4
After SpectraLight has been operating for 24 hours, brush the pool walls and then Superchlorinate (shock) pool
a to burn off any final contaminants that may be attached to the wall of the swimming pool. Do not enter the
pool until chlorine has fallen below 3 ppm.
77 Did you Know?
UV is the most powerful method of treating pool water. In fact, UV has been called the gold standard
However, the water must pass through the UV sterilizer chamber before it can be treated. UV does not destroy
pathogens that are attached to the wall of the pool until they are dislodged so they can pass through the chamber.
This is why a low residual of chlorine or other sanitizer is required with UV. UV oxidizes any organic matter that
passes through the chamber and frees up bound chlorine. This is precisely why a low level of chlorine is so effective
when combined with UV.
Step 5
Allow chlorine to naturally drop to 0.5 ppm. Now you may decrease the filtration/circulation time to a minimum
of 12 hours. Of course, 24 hour circulation is best for all swimming pools.
Кой! Did you Know?
Over 70% of pools have pumps which are too large for the filter and/or pipe diameter. Improper pump
and pipe sizing causes wasted electricity and reduced flow rate. Too often, pool designers and builders
fail to explain that bigger is not better when it comes to pool pumps. A poorly sized pool pump can
consume as much as all other household appliances combined - sometimes in excess of $1,000.
The good news is the newer pumps feature more efficient 2-speed and multi-speed motors that move water
much slower. These pumps usually operate 24 hours at a much lower speed. It takes far less electricity to move
water slower. There is less backpressure from the filter, pipe, and accessories. Reducing the speed of the water
flow by 50%, cuts power use by about 85%. The other benefits from reduced water flow is the water will stay
in your UV chamber longer, dramatically increasing the UV dosage applied to the passing water.
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