A Game for Two to Six Players
Any Number of People May Play
Any Number of People May Play
Any Number of People May Play
THE OBJECT: Be the first to get rid of all the cards in your hand, or to
have the lowest score when play stops.
THE OBJECT: Avoid winning in tricks any heart or the Jinx
card. Low scorer wins.
TO PLAY: Shuffle cards and deal one at a time face down until each
player has 6 cards (7 cards if two play). Place the remaining cards face
down in the center of the table to form the “drawing pile.” Turn top card
face upward beside drawing pile; this starts the “discard pile.”
TO PLAY: There are 44 cards to this game — 4 suits
(Hearts, Clovers, Horseshoes, and Stars) of 11 cards each.
THE OBJECT: Get rid of cards by playing one at a turn.
When play stops, cards held count against players.
Low score wins.
TO PLAY: Shuffle cards and deal 5, one at a time, face
down, to each player (with 2 players, deal 7). Place
remaining cards, face down, as a drawing pile. Turn
top card, face up, near drawing pile. This is the card on
which other cards will be played. If this card is an 8,
replace in pile and draw another.
Person at dealer's left starts by playing, face up, on the
upturned card, one that matches it, either by number
or suit. Example: a heart may be played on a heart, star
on star, 7 on 7, 5 on 5, etc. All 8’s are wild and can be
played, in turn, when a player wishes. After playing an
8, player states what suit next person is to play. All
plays are to the left.
A player who cannot match a card or play an 8, draws
from the pile until he can play. When the pile is
exhausted, player passes if he cannot play.
Play stops when any person is out of cards, or when
no one can play. Players total points. Count each card
in hand at face value, except 8’s which are 25 points.
Continue the game until one player has a score of 100
points. Lowest score wins.
THE OBJECT: Get rid of your cards as quickly as
possible by getting pairs. When all the cards have
been paired and laid down, the player holding the
OLD MAID is the looser.
TO PLAY: There are 21 pairs to this game, a pair being
two of the same picture, and one picture of the Old
Maid. Shuffle the cards and deal one at a time until all
the cards are distributed. It does not matter if some
players have one more card than other players.
The first thing to do when the cards are raised for the
first glance, is to match as many pairs as possible. Put
these face down on the table.
The dealer now draws a card (he sees only its back
and does not know what he is getting) from the
fan-spread hand of the player on his left. If it matches
with a card in his hand, he puts the pair down on the
table. The player on his left does the same and so on.
The game proceeds until all pairs are matched, leaving
the Old Maid card in one player’s hand. He is the
Each player tries to get rid of his cards by playing “Books” or “Sets.” A
Book is 3 or 4 cards of the same animal, as 3 Lions or 4 Bears. A Set is 4 or
more cards with the same number, as a Tiger No. 2, an Elephant No. 2, etc.
Play is begun by player at left of dealer, who draws a card from the top of
either the drawing pile or discard pile, and forms if possible a Book or Set
which he lays face up before him. He then discards one card to the
discard pile. He may form more than one Book or Set if he can, but may
only draw and discard once. This order of draw, play and discard must be
followed, unless player is unable to play or desires to hold back cards to
block opponents, when he merely draws and discards as usual.
Any player, in turn, may play the one remaining card to a Book. To any Set
of Cards that has been played may be added any card or cards of the
same denomination by any player. If all cards in the drawing pile have
been used before the game is won, the discard pile may be shuffled and
turned face down to form a new drawing pile.
The game is won by player who first clears his hand of all cards. If all
cards in the drawing and discard piles are used before any player clears
his hand, each player totals the number of cards in his hand, and the
player with the lowest number of points wins.
Shuffle the deck and deal one at a time as far as they will
go equally. Any remaining cards are to be placed face
down on the table and are given to the person taking the
first trick. No one may look at them during play.
After looking at his hand, each player selects two cards
and passes them to the player at his right. The player must
pass the two cards before looking at the two he receives.
Player at dealer’s left begins by leading any card except a
heart. Each player must put a card of the same suit on the
trick if he is able. If unable to follow suit, he may play any
other card in his hand. A trick is won by the highest card of
the suit led. The winner of a trick leads next.
When all cards have been played, each player totals his
points. A separate score is kept for each player.
Each heart counts 1
Jinx card counts 11
When one player reaches a total of 100 points, the game is
over. The player with the lowest score wins.
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