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All-chemistry charging systems
◗ Compact, and lightweight
◗ Automatic Charge Rate Selection
◗ Charge PAG Li-Ion batteries
◗ Charge Ni-Cd & Ni-Mh batteries
of all reputable manufacturers
◗ Faster and more efficient
sequential charging
◗ Analytic Discharge/Charge Program
◗ Recovery Charge Program
◗ Worldwide Operation
Intelligent Charge
Adaptor for V-Mount
Li-Ion batteries
Slides onto the battery
and plugs into the PP90
socket of any PAG AR2
or Pulsar charger (can
also be used with any
Quasar charger).
Model 9610
Model 9792
4 x PAGlok connectors
4 x PP90 connectors
Extended Battery Life
The key to maximising battery life lies in the charging.
PAG AR Series 2 and Pulsar chargers are the most
advanced microcomputer-controlled battery management
systems available for users of ENG batteries. Operating
under the control of PAG ACS, the world’s most Advanced
Charging System, these chargers extend the working life
of your batteries beyond anything that can be achieved
using other systems.
Cell-Chemistry, Voltage and Capacity
The variety of batteries available to the camera operator,
in terms of cell-chemistry, voltage and capacity has never
been greater. PAG has acknowledged this fact by incorporating revolutionary software within AR2 and Pulsar
chargers that provides the easiest and most efficient way
of managing battery stocks. The Auto Charge-Rate
Selection software detects the battery’s cell-chemistry,
state-of-charge, capacity, condition and cycle history
using only the battery’s negative and positive terminals.
The charger then applies the correct regime to achieve a
fully charged battery with the maximum capacity and
cycle life. This technology was developed by engineers at
PAG Ltd. and is unique to PAG chargers.
Sequential vs Simultaneous Charging
AR2 and Pulsar chargers employ sequential charging,
which presents one fully charged battery in half the time
it takes a simultaneous charger. PAG chargers are so
efficient that in many cases two batteries can be
sequentially charged faster than they can with
simultaneous chargers of other manufacturers.
Discharge/Charge Program
The analytic Discharge/Charge Program greatly benefits
batteries which have been repeatedly subjected to partial
discharge in use. The true available capacity of any battery
is displayed on the large backlit LCD. This user interface
also provides information such as the current loaded and
status for each channel, as well as discharge capacity and
terminal voltage.
Recovery Charge
All models provide a manually selectable Recovery Charge
program which can be activated to recover capacity lost as
a result of extended storage, or use under adverse
PAG AR Series 2 & Pulsar Specifications
Range of Batteries Charged
Nickel-Cadmium batteries having nominal voltages of
between 4.8V and 14.4V, and nominal capacities of
between 1Ah and 10Ah.
Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries of reputable manufacture
having nominal voltages of between 4.8V and 14.4V, and
nominal capacities of between 1Ah and 10Ah.
PAG Lithium-Ion batteries.
Battery Connections
PAGlok connector: patented, professional connector
compatible with all PAGlok batteries. Incorporates selfcleaning military-type beryllium-copper leaf contacts.
NP1: Polarised connector suitable for Ni-Cd and Ni-MH
NP1-type batteries. Incorporates superior blade-type
beryllium-copper contacts.
Snap-On compatible: PAG patented sliding connector
Model 9793
4 x NP1 pockets
4 x PP90 connectors
Model 9795
4 x Snap-on compatible
connectors with Talk-circuits
4 x PP90 connectors
suitable for PAG Li-Ion batteries (Models 9366 & 9383)
and most Anton-Bauer batteries (not Dionic).
charge loaded into the battery can be displayed on the
PP90 connectors: polarised connector suitable for 2.1mm
coaxial DC power connectors. NOTE: centre pin negative.
Recovery Charge
This special program conditions the battery for a period of
one hour. The charger will then automatically enter the main
charge program, which will run until the battery is fully
charged. This program also recovers PAG Li-Ion batteries
which have been over-discharged to the point where the
internal safety protection circuit has tripped.
Main Charge Program
Auto Mode: automatically selects correct charge current.
Manual selection: 2A, 3A or 4A charge current.
Li-Ion voltage-charge program: only available with PAG
intelligent batteries or suitable PAG intelligent adaptor. PAG
intelligent batteries automatically over-ride the Auto Mode or
Manual selection, and control their own charge regime.
Discharge-then-Charge Program
This program discharges the battery, automatically
determining the fully-discharged condition, and then fully
charges it. The discharge capacity and the subsequent
Maintenance Charge
A self-adjusting Maintenance Charge may be automatically
entered after charging (not applied to PAG Li-Ion batteries).
Self Test Program
The internal microcomputer constantly monitors the
battery under charge or process as well as he operation
of the charger’s own functions which will be shut down
to a safe condition should any of the tests fail.
Mains Input
90-139V or 140-270V ~ autoselected. Frequency 47-63
Hz. Maximum power consumption 120W.
Output Protection
Charger protected against short circuit, open circuit, excess
battery voltage and reverse battery voltage.
AC Mains Failure Protection
Should mains failure occur during a charging program, or
whilst the charger is connected, it will shut down to a safe
Designed to comply with electrical safety standard
BS EN 60065. NOTE: U.K. mains leads are fitted with a
1" fuse to BS1362 rated 5A as standard.
European Union Directives
Complies with the following EU Directives: EMC Directive
89/336/EU. Low Voltage Directive 73/23/EU.
Maintenance Charge
Once any of the main charging programs has been
completed, batteries are monitored continually, and
a maintenance charge is applied, where necessary,
to keep them at full charge, ready for immediate
chargers incorporate PP90 (2.1mm) sockets
suitable for the connection of a range of PAG
charging adaptors. They will charge V-Mount Li-Ion
batteries via a designated PAG Intelligent Charge
Adaptor Model 9610.
Battery Connections
PAG AR124PLD (Model 9792) incorporates PAGlok
connectors, for the direct connection of all PAGlok
battery packs. PAG AR124NPD (Model 9793)
incorporates four NP type pockets, for the direct
connection of any PAG NP type battery and
specified NP batteries of other manufacturers.
The PAG Pulsar (Model 9795) incorporates PAG
patented sliding Snap-on compatible connectors for
the connection of PAG Li-Ion Time Batteries
(Models 9366 & 9383) and most Anton-Bauer
batteries (not Dionic). PAG AR Series 2 and Pulsar
Talk Circuits
PAG Talk-Circuits in the Pulsar’s Snap-on
compatible connectors provide access to data
stored in the internal computer of the PAG L75 &
L95 battery. The charger’s screen can then display
information such as date of purchase and number
of cycles. This information is essential when
managing large stocks of batteries, and for
warranty tracking.
Power Supply
All models incorporate the latest high frequency
switch-mode power supply which adjusts
automatically to enable worldwide operation.
Safety Features
AR2 and Pulsar charges incorporate many
safety features and comply with all relevant
directives for EMC and Safety.
RFI Standards
All models are designed to high electrical
standard, with RFI certification suitable for
use in all broadcast environments.
A Li-Ion Chip-Upgrade Kit is available for AR
Series 2 chargers with green labels. It will
enable you to charge PAG Li-Ion batteries and
it also features the Automatic Charge Rate
Selection capability.
Specification Continued
Typical Battery Charging Times
Time 2A
Time 3A
Time 4A
User Interface
The LCD screen has a display area of 94mm x 18mm,
which displays 2 lines of text, with 24 characters per line.
The screen incorporates electro-luminescent backlighting
with on/off control via the front panel soft function switch.
This switch also provides for the selection of programs
and interrogation of charge and discharge data.
Operating Temperature Range
0ºC to 40ºC (+32ºF to +104ºF).
These times are approximate only, and assume the battery
is fully discharged. Charging times will be less if the
battery is already partially charged.
NOTE: PAG intelligent batteries communicate with the
charger, and automatically optimise the charging output
(independently of the manual selection) to enhance
performance and safety. The above charging times do
not apply to these batteries.
82 x 168 x 240mm
78 x 142 x 240mm
82 x 168 x 240mm
PAG Ltd.
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