Road Angel GPS - Electrocomponents

Road Angel GPS - Electrocomponents
The UK’s no. 1 blackspot and camera alert
device just got better...
The benefits...
Simple windscreen mount and plug
& go installation
Easy to position in any vehicle in
direct line of sight
High visibility speed, time and
compass display
User programmable locations
Full range of hazardous sites
Audible and visual warnings
Instant distance to danger reading
Speech alerts
No false alerts
With new fully integrated GPS and Laser technology, ROAD
ANGEL alerts you to: accident blackspots, safety cameras
(including Gatso,TruVelo, SPECS, Watchman, Speedcurb, DS2)
and mobile laser guns; with an audible, visual and voice alerts.
Alert instantly switches off after
USB database updates
Everyday use of ROAD ANGEL acts as an extra pair of eyes to
keep you alert to approaching danger and improves the safety of
every journey. It is also very simple to install and update.
Using the latest global positioning satellite (GPS) and Laser
detection technology, ROAD ANGEL constantly gives you an
accurate speed reading and an audible and visible alert as you
approach hazardous sections of the road.
Should you breakdown, ROAD ANGEL has a unique RescueLoc
function which gives you a pinpoint location reading to help direct
rescue services to your position.
Designed and manufactured in the
Simple to adjust settings
Technical help desk
BUILT IN LASER ALERT SYSTEM – mobile camera alert
A powerful front and rear Laser detection device, LASER ALERT
SYSTEM detects mobile Laser traps and gives an audible and visual
alert through the ROAD ANGEL display.
ROAD ANGEL – no false alerts
Unlike many radar products, which are constantly triggered by false
alarms, ROAD ANGEL only responds to designated hazards.
ROAD ANGEL – simple and effective
Easy to install, designed to provide all the information at a glance,
portable and robust, your unit will rapidly become a valued companion
on every journey.
6 months Free Updates included with each New Road Angel Sold
through an official dealer.
Overspeed Warning
Anti Glare Hood
Schools Warning
Warning Hazard Graphics
Integrated Laser Detection 360 degree
Travel Direction CompassDigital Clock.
Includes 6 months Free Updates
Includes Free Delivery
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