Lexmark Print Management

Lexmark Print Management
Lexmark Print Management
Lexmark Print Management
Optimise network printing and create an information edge with a hosted print management solution.
Secure and convenient print release
Flexible. Release print jobs from any enabled
Secure. Documents print only after users
authenticate at the device.
Mobile. Submit jobs to your queue from a
smartphone or tablet.
Powerful tracking, accounting and
Comprehensive. Track all activity across your
network environment.
Accurate. Detailed activity reports let you easily
calculate costs.
Cost-Effective. Manage costs and reduce
waste with print quotas.
Secure and Convenient Print Release
Print Release
Lexmark Print Management gives you the latitude to send documents from your computer, tablet, smartphone¹ or even a web portal, and
to print them on any enabled² printer or MFP. Instead of “pushing” your documents to a designated print device—where the pages sit
out in public view until you retrieve them—you “pull” them down from the print queue when you log in or swipe your ID card at the printer.
Instead of being tethered to a single device, you can release your print job from the printer that is most convenient or from one with the
features or capabilities you need.
Send from desktop...
Pull Printing and Access Control—Holds print jobs in a
server queue until an authorised user selects the documents to
print while present at the device.
l Mobile Printing—Provides a complete mobile printing
system, enabling you to submit jobs to your print queue from
any Android® or iOS smartphone or mobile device.
l ID Card Support—Magnetic stripe or proximity card readers
can be integrated with your devices for quick and easy user
l ...or send from mobile
Automatic User Registration—Self-registers users, relieving
administrators of manually entering badge numbers.
l Session-Based Login—Perform multiple output tasks
without having to authenticate again.
l Print Preview—View each page of your document, change
print options, and select specific pages to print.
l Print and Keep—Keeps your document in the queue so you
can print it again later.
l Print Job Delegation—Assign a delegate to log in and print
documents that are in your queue.
l 2
Preview, Print, Delete, or Print and Keep
Online Queue Management—Access the web portal to
drag files from your document folders and drop them directly
into your queue, to delete documents from your queue or to
change print settings.
l Purge Timeouts—Automatically delete documents in the
queue after a predetermined time period.
l How It Works
Four ways to send files to your print release queue
File > Upload (without driver)
1.Log into the web portal(3) to access your print queue and add documents.
Documents can be added to your print queue by simply dragging and dropping
them into the print queue.
2.To release your print jobs, go to any enabled printer or MFP, enter your credentials
or swipe your ID card, and select the documents you want to print.(4)
File > Print (with driver)
1.With the Lexmark Universal Print Driver(3) installed on your computer or laptop,
you can print from any application using the File > Upload paragraph > Print
command (Ctrl +P or Command-P) as you normally would.
2.Your document is sent to the Print Release queue.
3.To release your print jobs, go to any enabled printer, enter your credentials or
swipe your ID card, and select the documents you want to print.
Lexmark Mobile Printing App (Android, iOS)
With the Lexmark Mobile Printing App(5) downloaded to your Android or iOS
smartphone or tablet, you can select a file to print and the print job will be sent
directly to your print queue.
1.Using the send or share function, choose Lexmark Mobile Printing and select the
number of copies, pages per side, duplex on/off, or colour on/off.
2.To release your print jobs, go to any solution-enabled printer within your corporate
network, enter your pass code or swipe your ID card, and select the documents
you want to print.(4)
Mobile Email Submission
Lexmark Print Management can be configured(5) so you can print from any emailenabled mobile device simply by attaching the document to an email. No driver or
application is required.
1.Send the email to your corporate Lexmark Print Management email account. The
email and any attachments are converted and held in your print release queue.
2.To release print jobs, go to any solution-enabled printer and enter your credentials
or swipe your ID card, and then select the documents you want to print.(4)
Powerful Tracking and Reporting Tools
Document Accounting
Optimise the efficiency of your output environment with powerful tracking and reporting software. Throughout the day, Lexmark
Print Management monitors output activity on your printing and imaging devices and collects detailed information on individual
users, devices or user/device groups. Your organisation now has the high-quality data it needs to modify printing habits, better
manage assets, and reduce costs and waste.
Print, Copy and Scan Tracking—Track all printing,
copying and scanning across your enterprise to drive datadriven decision making and proactive management.
l Application Tracking—Track activity performed through
embedded applications. For example, you can track
copies made using the standard copy function as well as
those made through Eco-Copy or Card Copy, giving you a
complete accounting of your output environment.
l User Quotas—Apply user quotas for print and copy.
Limits can be set for total impressions and/or colour. Users
can easily track their quota status at the printing device or
through the web portal.
l View activity history online.
Administrative Reporting—Select from a variety of
summary reports and view by user/user group or device/
device group and date range. Apply reporting filters to view
activity by a specific interest area such as colour or duplex.
View reports online or export the data to .CSV format for
additional analysis.
l Export data to CSV.
Generate summary reports.
Deployment & Security
Software as a Service (SaaS)
In choosing technology to make your organisation run
more efficiently, two qualities demand attention: flexibility
and scalability. Lexmark enterprise solutions are designed
to adapt to virtually any environment and to expand
quickly to users across your organisation.
You can deploy and administer Lexmark Print
Management by purchasing the solution and support on
a subscription basis—as software as a service.
Pay per user
Operating expense
Redundant servers
Fast and easy to scale globally
Your organisation accesses the solution on a subscription
basis. Lexmark manages and operates the system, along
with the associated infrastructure, in our secure data center.
This option enables you to maintain focus on your business,
while Lexmark manages your Print Release solution.
As an industry leader in document and device security, Lexmark ensures that every one of its solution is developed with the
highest standards in mind. The Lexmark Print Management solution combines robust security features with the convenience
and flexibility of the Cloud.
This Lexmark-hosted solution gives you reliable on-demand access to our scalable and cost-effective print and content
services, while ensuring you all the security, control and performance you expect from an industry leader.
To learn more, download our Security white paper today at www.lexmark.com
Features Overview
Lexmark Print Management delivers a new level of flexibility to your enterprise. With this solution your organisation can create a secure,
shared printing and imaging environment with enduring benefits.
Reduce printing costs and shrink carbon footprint
Strengthen access controls, security and compliance
users the power to print from mobile devices
Track activity and increase user accountability
Add redundancy, ensuring printer availability
Provide flexibility to deploy on-premise or as software as a
new functionality in a timely, cost-effective manner
l l l l l
Software as a Service (SaaS)
Print Release
Automatic user registration
Submit from print driver (File>Print)
Submit from Lexmark Mobile Printing App
Submit from email
Submit from Lexmark Print Management web portal
Print and keep
Delete/delete all
Print job delegation
Colour/mono print job identifier
Automatic purge
Set duplex default
View jobs in print queue from the web portal
Add print jobs by drag-and-drop, change order of jobs in queue from the web portal
Document Accounting
Browser based
Implement user quotas
Track print/copy/scan activity, including embedded apps
View reports
Export data
Graphical summary report
a print job from the Lexmark Mobile Printing App requires iPhone(®) 3G or newer, devices running iOS 4.2 or later, or Android(®) devices running version 2.1 or newer. 2 Lexmark Embedded Solutions Framework supported print devices or
non-Lexmark PCL/PostScript printers equipped with a card reader and connected through a Lexmark Print Release Appliance (Lexmark N7020e). 3 Included in the price of the Lexmark Print Release solution. 4 Printing speeds, formatting and other
characteristics may vary.5 Additional license charge.
1 Sending
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