Product Guide - BCN Servilux

Product Guide - BCN Servilux
From Lighting Design to Lighting Innovation
Product Guide
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Zero 88
From Lighting Design to Lighting Innovation
Providing professional quality products at affordable prices is an ethic that has driven
Zero 88 for over 35 years. From the ground breaking Lightmaster 601 launched in 1972 to
the latest consoles available today, Zero 88’s products offer outstanding value for money.
Zero 88
Lighting Basics
Frog 2
Research & Development
Leap Frog 48 & 96
Jester & Jester ML
A combination of experience and innovation ensure our products make the best
use of latest technology and materials.
Up to the minute 3D modelling techniques,
surface mount technology and innovative
software design are used to drive down
costs and make even complicated
products affordable.
Juggler & Level 6
Light Converse
Chilli Dimming Range
Chilli Accessories
Spice Dimming Range
Betapack 3
Alphapack 2 & Rack 6
DMX Tools
Online Support
Contact Us
Zero 88
Usk House, Llantarnam Park
Cwmbran, NP44 3HD. U.K.
Telephone: +44 (0) 1633 838 088
Fax: +44 (0) 1633 867 880
Our small batch, short lead time policy
coupled with our commitment at all levels
of the business to continually improve the
manufacturing process, has resulted in
Zero 88 being able to respond rapidly to
demand for all mainstream product lines.
A key success factor in the small batch
strategy has been the development of
strategic partnerships with a number of key
suppliers. Zero 88’s policy is to outsource
the primary manufacturing processes such
as metalwork, printed circuit boards, coils
and transformers. By actively developing
partner relationships with our suppliers,
Zero 88 has been able to benefit from their
years of experience in their specialities.
These benefits help us deliver the highest
quality manufactured product for the best
price possible.
Global Distribution
Zero 88’s warehouse facility provides
distribution support for our agents around
the world.
Our streamlined logistics system enables
us to process and dispatch most orders
from our Welsh base with great efficiency.
This has been critical in allowing us to
service our extensive distributor network.
Our export experience together with our
global dealer network ensures we are able
to service your needs anywhere in the
Please visit our website regularly to ensure
you have the latest technical information,
for news on product releases, to find your
nearest dealer, to download the latest
software, to get technical support or
simply to let us know what you think of
our products.
Please refer to Page 19 for more information.
Control Desks
Control Desks, Boards, Consoles,
Tables..... They get called many things but
they all essentially carry out the same job.
Broadly speaking, control desks fall into
two main categories: Manual Control and
Memory Control.
A manual control desk utilises a single
slider or 'fader' to control each of the
dimmer channels in the system. As the
operator pushes the fader up, the corresponding light will increase in brightness.
Lighting basics
In choosing the right product for your lighting application, you often have to overcome
a lot of technical jargon. To try and help, we have put together a rough guide to some of
the terms that are commonly used.
A dimmer is the part of the lighting system
that connects to the mains supply and
controls the amount of electricity going to
each of the lights. Normally, each dimmer
channel will have it's own circuit breaker to
offer protection against overload or electric
A dimmer channel with a rating of 10 Amps
could easily control this light. In fact, it
could control three of these lights together.
As you look through the Zero 88 dimmer
range, you will see different models with
different specifications. Taking the Rack 6
as an example, we would describe it as
a 6 x 10A dimmer. This means that it has
6 channels, and each can handle up to
10 Amps of load.
Zero 88 make a range of dimmers from
10 Amps to 25 Amps.
An Amp is a unit of electrical current which
can be calculated quite simply from Watts
and Volts.
As an example, if we have a theatre light
which has a 650 Watt lamp, the equation
for working out Amps is; Amperage =
Wattage divided by Voltage.
The Voltage is simply the mains supply
voltage in your country (e.g in the UK it is
230 Volts), the Wattage we know is 650
Watts. So, the Amperage is: 650 / 230 =
2.8 Amps.
Working it out the other way around, we
can see that a 10 Amp dimmer could
control 10 Amps x 230 Volts = 2300 Watts.
In terms of the physical connections to the
dimmers, there are many different choices
available. There are versions with 'hardwired' terminals, with an individual socket
for each dimmer channel, and also there
are 'multipole' connectors, which can carry
many dimmer channels. The exact choice
will depend on your application.
For control, the dimmers will have connections for Analogue, DMX and often for
both; again the choice will depend on your
application. Most new systems will use
DMX to connect the dimmers and control
desk as this offers a flexible, reliable
Manual desks are often referred to as
'Single Preset' or 'Two Preset' desks. A
Single Preset desk allows the operator to
set-up a combination of lighting levels for
a number of channels in the system and
fade them all up together in a complete
lighting 'scene'. A 'Two Preset' desk allows
an additional scene to be 'pre-set' in the
background ready for a smooth transition
on stage. Using a Two Preset desk and a
written list of the lighting changes required,
a simple show can be run quite easily.
Memory control desks are basically
specialist computers, which can store
and replay all of the information about a
lighting show. The features available vary
considerably depending on the model
you have, but all types allow you to preprogram lighting scenes containing all of
the channels in your system and replay
them very simply.
Basic memory lighting controllers such
as the Jester (page 8) allow very quick
and easy recording of the different lighting
scenes and let you replay them very simply.
It is possible to add things such as times
so that the lights fade smoothly.
Advanced memory control, like the Leap
Frog (page 5), allows very complex
lighting sequences to be recorded and
larger lighting systems to be controlled.
The actual control of the desk will vary with
size. Many small memory desks still use
a 'fader' system to control the dimming
channels, whereas a larger desk may use
a keypad or screen for it's control.
Frog 2
Following the phenomenal success of the Frog range Zero 88 developed the Frog 2 a new console which takes the Frog philosophy of ease of use and value for money to
a whole new level.
Key Features
Frog 2
2048 Control Channels
200 Playback stacks
1000 User Definable Faders
2000 User Definable Buttons
Colour Touchscreen
Parameter level programming
Comprehensive effects engine
Auto Palettes
2 x SVGA Monitor outputs
3 x USB ports
CD Writer
2 opto isolated 5 Pin XLR’s per universe
Frog 2
206 (H) x 651 (W) x 590mm (D)
Weight : 15Kg / 33lb
Frog 2 adds a new dimension to the Frog
range of consoles. Designed to be used
in the most demanding lighting control
environments the Frog 2 will appeal to
users looking for ease of programming,
comprehensive playback choices, live
busking or stand alone control of architectural type events.
The Frog 2 can control up to 2048 channels of DMX. DMX connection is either
through traditional 5 Pin XLR connectors
or via Ethernet. All the facilities needed
for future RDM and ACN compatibility are
included in the hardware.
To allow for effective control the Frog 2
offers multiple cue stack playback,
comprehensive palette selections and
effects libraries. The use of macros allows
for the automatic programming and
playback of shows.
For busking in live environments there are
2000 user definable buttons and 1000
faders that can be assigned to control
anything from a single channel to a group
of fixtures or a complete memory.
Using macros these controls can be
loaded from a memory or from a cue stack
as part of the running of a show.
Comprehensive feedback is provided
via two monitors and an onboard touch
screen. It is possible to display up to nine
different sets of information simultaneously.
It is possible to define specific user views
to allow each user to have an operational
environment best suited to their needs.
Storing shows is possible on either a
USB memory stick or using the built in CD
writer. There are 3 USB ports on the Frog
2 making it possible to use a variety of
USB accessories including touch screen
The mechanical design of the Frog 2 has
ensured that it has the smallest footprint
possible while ensuring all the controls are
ergonomically accessible. It is also possible
to operate the console while it is in its
flight-case base without damaging any
Leap Frog 48 & 96
Developed using feed back from operators of our original Frog consoles the new Leap
Frog range maintains our philosophy of feature packed products using latest technology
all at an attractive price.
Current Frog users will find a familiar
ergonomic hardware platform but that is
where the similarity ends. The hardware
set has been expanded considerably. The
desks now feature two DMX universes as
standard, USB storage, external touch
screen support, multiple onboard LCD
displays and multi-functional keys.
The key change however is in the software
platform. Consistency of operation with the
existing desks is maintained but the new
software allows users to achieve more. Up
to 200 fixtures can be controlled on either
of the desks and these can be allocated
to up to 200 groups. 200 palettes each
for colour, beam and position can also
be recorded to provide the user with
quick access when programming or
operating live.
The Leap Frogs’ effects engine can now
be used for all attributes. Fly Ins, Can
Cans, Rainbows and Iris Pulses can all be
programmed simply using the onboard
effects engine. Offsets and rotation settings
allow for complex and versatile unique
effects to be created and stored as effect
Control of attributes is done by using the
ergonomically positioned control wheels.
It is now possible to set the sensitivity of
these wheels. A programming window
means it is possible to try cues, park
fixtures, release fixtures and override playbacks greatly enhancing the operation of
the Leap Frogs.
The Leap Frogs offer three operating
modes; a simple non tracking mode for
beginners and an advanced partial mode.
A new professional mode offers parameter
level programming and full tracking with
split times.
Shows recorded on the Leap Frogs can
be transferred to Frog 2 and vice versa.
With the option of SMPTE/MIDI/ ChilliNet
the Leap Frogs can be used to control
architectural or multimedia environments.
The Leap Frogs make use of the ArtNet
Ethernet protocol meaning it is possible
to use a PDA together with WiFi to control
the desks remotely.
Key Features
Leap Frog
An offline editor is available allowing users
to pre-patch shows, edit cues, palettes
and submasters or simply check timings.
Finally the Zero 88 fixture library of over
1800 different moving lights is standard
on the Leap Frogs. Regular updates, which
can be downloaded from the Zero 88
website, ensure that users will always have
the correct fixture profiles. Fixture profiles
can be edited on the desks allowing users
to set home values, top sets or switch pan
and tilt attributes at a venue.
After sales support is extensive with regular
training, a dedicated user support forum
and regular software updates all ensuring users have the best possible tools to
achieve their objectives.
Fully Tracking console
200 fixtures + 48 generics
USB support for show files storage
and touchscreens
2 universe optically isolated DMX
outputs, with a further two available
over Artnet
8 LCDs on the front panel
(48) / 12 LCDs on (96)
Multi function keys speed up
RDM ready hardware
XGA monitor output for clear user
definable displays
Optional hardware upgrade enables
Submaster playback faders now with
directly recordable chases
Submaster faders can also be used
as playback faders if required, giving
separated cue stacks
Power Switch
Full context sensitive online help
Leap Frog 48
115 (H) x 765 (W) x 575mm (D)
Weight : 16Kg / 35lb
Leap Frog 96
115 (H) x 1205 (W) x 575mm (D)
Weight : 26Kg / 57lb
Key Features
10,000 shortcuts providing instant
access to any effect, palette or cue
Playback unlimited effects at the
same time
Music, MIDI and Timecode triggers
5 different effects engines
Large scale LED/Matrix wall effects
Multi touch screen ready for real
on-the-fly control
User level access to prevent show and
setup tampering
Multiple theatrical cue stacks
Simple and affordable upgrade paths
to more universes
LightFactory is a unique, PC based lighting control system. It has been designed to allow
any lighting engineer, operator or designer to purchase an affordable, extremely reliable
lighting controller which they can become completely familiar with and that works in
every situation.
Its portability and familiar user interface
make it perfect for use on a laptop PC.
The system is fully expandable, giving an
upgrade path from a single DMX universe
up to 64 universes as your system grows.
Support for LED fixtures, moving heads
and generic dimmers is built in and fixtures
can be combined to create matrices which
can be mapped to video, still images or
motion paths.
LightFactory controllers have been used in
an extensive range of lighting applications,
from running major stadium spectaculars
to local theatre pantomimes and lighting
in night clubs.
LightFactory is ideally suited to education.
The software may be run on multiple PCs
at once and its intuitive PC style makes
it easy to use and teach. Screens such as
the stage layout view provide simple point
and click use, enabling users to create
sophisticated shows using familiar
Windows Ò philosophy.
LightFactory consists of software and
small licence dongles, making them easy
to lock away and maintain. Venues can
also utilise existing PC hardware as
LightFactory can be run on any modern
In theatrical environments LightFactory
really comes into its own. Arguably the
only true theatre console on a PC, LightFactory responds to standard theatrical
syntax (1 thru 5 @ 50), features familiar
channel views and has a proper theatrical
cue list with fade times, dwell times, follow
on, etc. Tracking backup is also possible
with a second PC and LightFactory also
offers timecode support.
For live events LightFactory’s incredibly
powerful effects engine enables users to
quickly generate complex moving light
effects and run an unlimited number of
effects at the same time.
Built in pixel mapping and matrices for
programming LED fittings can be combined with media playback for audio and
visual files providing an integrated sound,
light and video solution. You can add any
DMX desk as a fader wing, providing direct
control of up to 1000 submasters. LightFactory programming and playback wings
will be available soon.
LightFactory also caters for architectural
applications with features such as scheduled tasks for triggering events, customisable button pages for simple payback
and an interface builder which allows
remote control over any ethernet system.
LightFactory can be installed alongside
remote desktop applications for complete
external control and commissioning.
LightFactory ships with all you need;
a CD with software, a USB Dongle to allow
DMX transmission and a licence. Set up
is simple, turning any modern PC into a
powerful lighting console.
Minimum System Requirements
LightFactory is compatible with WYSIWYG,
Capture Sweden and Light Converse
visualisation packages, and also supports
ethernet DMX transmission via Artnet and
Zero Wire DMX. Palmtop remote software
is also available as a free download,
enabling remote full command line control.
User level access control including password protection is included to prevent
tampering and tailor the software to meet
specific user needs.
Processor : Pentium 4 or greater
RAM : 512Mb
Hard Drive: >200Mb
Resolution : 1024 x 768
Operating system: Windows 2000,
XP or Vista
USB : 1 free port for licence/output
The Jester is the compact lighting console from Zero 88. It offers direct control of up to
48 channels of DMX either using submasters or a traditional theatre playback stack.
Key Features
12/24 or 24/48 channels of control
24 or 48 Submasters
Playback stack
Patching to 512 DMX channels
DMX in allowing snap shots of all 512
DMX channels
12 or 24 Auxiliary Buttons
19" or desk mount options available
Monitor Display
USB storage
Midi Notes
Lock Function
The Jester provides users with a powerful
set of programming and playback tools
in an easy to use and economical lighting
It features 12 auxiliary buttons, which can
be used to trigger DMX devices such as
scrollers, smoke machines or strobes.
A monitor port is standard on the Jester.
Channel, cuestack and submaster data
can all be viewed using the monitor. An
onboard LCD screen also provides the
user with all information needed to operate
the console allowing it to be used without
a monitor.
A USB port allows users to back-up shows
that have been recorded on the Jester.
Jester 12/24
90 (H) x 452 (W) x 278mm (D)
Weight : 4.5Kg / 10lb
Jester 12/24 (Rack mounting)
90 (H) x 483 (W) x 278mm (D)
Weight : 4.5Kg / 10lb
Jester 24/48
90 (H) x 710 (W) x 278mm (D)
Weight : 6.5Kg / 14.3lb
A DMX in option allows the Jester to be
used as an economical back-up console
for other desks. It is possible to snap shot
a full 512 channels of DMX into submasters or the memory stack.
The Jester has three modes, allowing it
to operate as simple two scene preset
desk through to a fully functional memory
console. In playback mode the user has full
access to all the channels on the console.
This allows live changes to be made to
specials instantly.
Midi notes can be used to trigger channels
or submasters. A sound to light jack allows
for chases to be sequenced to music.
Chases can be recorded into the memory
stack or directly into submasters.
Jester ML and Jester ML24 & ML48
The Jester ML series of lighting consoles from Zero 88 offers users a cost effective solution for control of up to 30 moving lights. All consoles have effects engines, the ability
to store palettes or preset focuses and use the comprehensive Zero 88 fixture library.
The Jester ML24 & ML48 also offer direct
control of 24 or 48 dimmer channels.
Playback is either via the submasters or
through a traditional theatrical cue stack.
A monitor port is standard on all consoles.
Channel, cuestack and sub-master data
can all be viewed using the monitor. LCD
screens allow users to view all information
needed to operate the console allowing it
to be used without a monitor.
A USB port allows users to back-up shows
that have been recorded on the Jester.
A DMX in option allows the Jester MLs
to be used as an economical back-up
console for other desks. It is possible to
snap shot a full 512 channels of DMX into
submasters or the memory stack.
The Jester ML24 &ML48 has three modes,
allowing it to operate as simple two scene
preset desk through to a fully functional
memory console.
In playback mode the user has full access
to all the channels on the console. This
allows live changes to be made to specials
The Jester ML offers playback via a
traditional cue stack and can also be used
together with traditional Jester consoles
allowing an upgrade path users who wish
to add moving lights to their rigs.
The Jester ML has two operating modes
and does not support 2 preset mode.
Key Features
Jester ML
Midi notes can be used to trigger channels
or submasters. A sound to light jack allows
for chases to be sequenced to music.
Chases can be recorded into the memory
stack or directly into submasters.
The Jester ML series provides users with a
powerful set of programming and playback
tools in an easy to use and economical
lighting console.
30 Moving Lights
12/24 or 24/48 channels of control
(Jester ML24 & ML48 only)
30 x 24 / 30 x 48 Submasters
(Jester ML24 & ML48 only)
Playback stack
Patching to 512 DMX channels
DMX in allowing snap shots of all 512
DMX channels
Monitor Display
USB storage
Midi Notes
Lock Function
Jester ML
90 (H) x 452 (W) x 278mm (D)
Weight : 4.5Kg / 10lb
Jester ML 24
90 (H) x 710 (W) x 278mm (D)
Weight : 6.5Kg / 14.3lb
Jester ML 48
90 (H) x 970 (W) x 278mm (D)
Weight : 12.0Kg / 26.4lb
Juggler & Level 6
The Juggler provides manual lighting control for the smaller stage, offering the perfect
solution to uncomplicated lighting plots.
Key Features
Two Preset Operation
12/24 Channels
Flash Buttons
12 Sequences of 99 Steps
Multiple Channels per Step
Sequence Master
Speed Control
True Dipless Crossfade
Grand Master
Wide Mode
88 (H) x 483 (W) x 279mm (D)
Weight : 4.5Kg / 10lb
Level 6
53 (H) x 222 (W) x 110mm (D)
Weight : 0.9Kg / 2.0lb
The Juggler is a two preset, 12 channel
desk with a wide mode feature that allows
24 channel operation. Channel faders are
set in a conventional two preset layout for
easy crossfading. Each preset has its own
fade time control allowing smooth fades
to be achieved over periods as long as
5 minutes. All crossfades are true dipless.
This ability to hold constant lighting levels
and varying fade times allows sophisticated
lighting plots to be replayed simply and
The Juggler has channel flash buttons
enabling the creation of lively lighting
effects. These can be disabled by the flash
on/off switch to prevent accidental use.
The Juggler also offers a sequence feature
allowing users to program chases or playback stacks. Up to 12 sequences of 99
steps can be recorded on the desk. (Only
1 of the 12 sequences may be output at
any given time).
Sequences can be played back using the
auto function with the ability to set the
chase time using the speed pot. Sequences can also be stepped through manually.
In manual mode the time pot used for the
A/B faders can be used to set the fade
time between steps. To allow seamless
integration of a chase into a look there is
a sequence master. Sequence steps can
contain single or multiple channels.
Level 6
The Level 6 is an excellent value manual
lighting control desk and is perfect where
minimal control is all that is required.
The Level 6 is a six channel single preset
lighting controller with a master fader and
“power on” LED. It is available in Analogue
and DMX versions for simple, straightforward control.
Light Converse
Zero 88 has partnered with Light Converse
to produce an easy to use lighting visualisation package.
It is possible to pre program your lighting looks cutting down on programming
time in the actual venue. Light Converse is
based on gaming software and offers the
best 3D visualisation option currently available. Smoke, shadows and colour mixing
are all extremely realistic in this package.
With CMY fittings the Light Converse
Colour chart makes finding the right colour
simple. All this will greatly speed up programming.
If you own any other DMX console (such
as the Jester ML24) it is still possible
to use Light Converse to pre program.
A simple DMX to Ethernet box enables
the data from the console to be transmitted to Light Converse.
Key Features
Light Converse
The built in bidirectional features of Zero 88
Light Converse mean that the program can
be used as a tablet when programming
with any of the new generation of Frog
Consoles. A patch in Light Converse will
automatically be entered into the console.
It is possible to set positions for moving
lights by simply clicking on a point on
Light Converse has a comprehensive
fixture library and also contains all the
elements need to construct a stage, truss,
scenery or add actors. Simple click and
drag of objects means setting up the
venue and set are simple.
Affordable, easy to use visualisation
Comprehensive fixture library
Comprehensive truss and scenic library
Laser and Pyro effects
Bidirectional when used with Leap Frog
48/96 or Frog 2
Easy to connect to any DMX desk
Realistic visualisation in 3D
Optional DMX interface
Chilli Dimming Range
The Chilli range offers a high density dimming solution whilst retaining ease of
installation. The intuitive Chilli user interface allows operators to quickly set up and
operate the dimmers.
Key Features
4, 6, 12, or 24 channels
10A, 16A or 25A per channel
Easy wall mount installation, four screws
100% Duty Cycle
3 dimmer laws, selectable per channel
User defined backup memory
Channel Preheat
Automatic frequency tracking 40 to 70Hz
MCB per channel
Optional incoming supply RCD
Simple User Interface
Variable level channel test
Built in, switchable, DMX line termination
Common Service applications need only
a screwdriver
Convection Cooling
12 memories
3 sequences
Zoning options
Switch pack option
Programmable channel attributes:
n Topset
n DMX addressing
n Preheat
Using intelligent design, the Chilli range
offers an efficient and reliable solution to
a range of dimming applications. The user
interface, comprising a backlit, 16 button
numeric keypad and LCD screen, ensures
that even in the dark the full range of
Chilli features can be accessed. DMX
addressing, preheat and dimmer curves
can all be set with minimum fuss.
The Chilli provides a built in programmable
backup memory and a choice of responses
to a DMX failure.
Installation of the Chilli dimmer is simple.
The unit is located by two screws and
secured by a further two. The front panel
is easy to remove for installation and
maintenance. The ease of installation and
commissioning ensures a minimal time
on site.
Two versions of Chilli Dimmer are available.
Standard Chilli dimmers feature single pole
breakers whilst Chilli Pro versions are fitted
with neutral disconnect breakers.
The Chilli dimmer provides exceptional
control for DMX applications, but with
the addition of our external control
accessories, a host of new applications
and system designs become available.
With applications that range from controlling the lights in a small bar to high end
theatrical control, the Chilli dimmer range
provides an out-of-the-box solution for
many different applications.
Using our custom-written ChilliNet
protocol, the Chilli accessories provide
simple and rapid installation tools for
system monitoring, environmental lighting
control and architectural systems.
Each channel of a Chilli dimmer can have
an individual DMX address, preheat and
a top-set level. 12 and 24 channel versions
feature single pole + neutral MCB protection on each channel.
12 Memories can be stored on each
dimmer and these can be used to create
3 chase sequences of up to 12 steps
4, 12 and 24 channel versions of the
Chilli are available, along with a special
4 channel unit for controlling HF and DSI
Chilli has a number of features designed to meet the needs of the professional user
including a variety of playback options, network capability through ChilliNet and
comprehensive configuration options through the backlit onboard interface.
The ChilliNet system uses standard CAT 5
cabling to interconnect the units in the
system. Units are daisy chained together
up to the maximum network limits. CAN
Bus provides a stable network protocol for
ChilliNet to run over.
Zoning software allows users to assign any
dimmer channel to any one of 10 zones
or areas. This enables one dimmer in an
architectural system to be used to control
multiple areas within a room or environment.
Take a nightclub, which has 6 areas,
each requiring 4 channels of dimming and
localised control as an example. The zoning
software enables one 24 channel dimmer
to be split into 6 areas, each area having
4 channels and each area with its own
control panel.
This allows for shorter installation time and
costs as only one mains supply is needed
and only one dimmer installed.
The zoning software provides
10 Area’s/Zones
n 1 Master Area/Zone
n 12 Memories Per Area/Zone
n 3 Assignable Sequences Per Dimmer
n Alarm Input
n User Selectable DMX interface
relationship – DMX on/off, DMX takes
precedence, LTP or HTP.
Chilli 4-10i
400 (H) x 220 (W) x 155mm (D)
Weight : 7.0Kg / 15.5lb
Chilli 12-10i
850 (H) x 325 (W) x 155mm (D)
Weight : 20.0Kg / 44lb
Chilli 12-10i Switch
550 (H) x 220 (W) x 155mm (D)
Weight : 9.0Kg / 19.8lb
Chilli 12-16i
850 (H) x 325 (W) x 155mm (D)
Weight : 26.5Kg / 58.0lb
Chilli 24-10i
1000 (H) x 632 (W) x 155mm (D)
Weight : 47.0Kg / 103lb
Chilli 24-16i
1000 (H) x 632 (W) x 155mm (D)
Weight : 49.5Kg / 109lb
Chilli 6-25i
850 (H) x 325 (W) x 155mm (D)
Weight : 21.5Kg / 47.0lb
Chilli 12-25i
1000 (H) x 632 (W) x 155mm (D)
Weight : 26.5Kg / 58.0lb
Chilli Accessories
Key Features
Control Panels
Slimline design
Illuminated buttons
Up to 4 panels per dimmer
Controls multiple dimmers simultaneously
Brushed stainless steel and brushed
brass finishes
Simple connections
Uses standard CAT5 cable
Master Touch Screen
Full dimmer remote control – all functions
Intelligent ‘System Channel Mapping’
Full Colour Touch Screen
Simple connections
Controls multiple dimmers simultaneously
Can be used as a controller for any area
Control Panels
The Chilli Control Panel can be employed
where simple scene setting is required.
Available in a variety of configurations, the
control panels provide direct access to the
internal memories and sequences of the
dimmer. Panels can be assigned to any
one of the 10 zones.
Available in 2, 5 and 10 button configurations, the panels have been designed to
fit any standard UK single gang back box
allowing simple installation and are available in brushed stainless steel or brushed
brass with illuminated buttons. Up to 50
Chilli Control Panels can be used on a
single network, providing multi-point
control and modern good looks.
86 (H) x 86 (W) x 27.5mm (D)
Weight : 0.12Kg
A “Last Man Out” panel is also available.
This panel features a 5 button control panel
and a keyswitch, allowing for a supervisor
to turn the network on or off from a single
location. When the keyswitch is thrown,
after a 30 second delay, the panel sends
an “all off” command to the ChilliNet
dimmers. The Last Man Out panel fits a
standard double gang back box.
Master Touch Screen
ChilliNet Master Touch Screen
Control Panels
145 (H) x 180 (W) x 60mm (D)
Weight : 2.0Kg
Netlink Bridge
94 (H) x 180 (W) x 57mm (D)
Weight : 0.25Kg
Last Man Out
86 (H) x 146 (W) x 27.5mm (D)
Weight : 0.25Kg
The Touch Screen can be used with
any combination of Chilli dimmers, and
provides full remote control and system
monitoring. It uses an intuitive menu
structure to all for easy setting up of a
ChilliNet network. This includes setting
all of the functions of any dimmer in the
network, as well as recording and playing
back memories globally or for individual
Using intelligent 'network mapping' the
Touch Screen can be used to access system channel numbers directly, rather than
working on a dimmer by dimmer basis.
This means that channels can be quickly
and logically addressed in large systems.
This process can be done automatically
if desired.
Finally the implementation of a timeclock
allows for events to be played back at
specific times of the day.
Chilli Netlink Bridge
The ChilliNet Link Bridge is an interface
that allows up to six independent ChilliNet
systems to be linked together, to provide
an overall ‘master control’ zone. The unit is
ideal where more than 10 zones are used
but overall control of the entire system is
also required. The NetLink Bridge also
features a fire alarm input for connection
to building emergency systems.
RS232 Interface
The RS232 Interface allows for the connection of Chilli Pro products to a range
of control systems. Most commonly AMX
and Crestron. This allows for the integration of a Chilli Network to AV, Sound and
other types of equipment. Using RS232 it
is possible to access individual channels,
memories or sequences. It allows Chilli
dimmers to be used in the most complex
of architectural environments.
When it comes to high-end touring reliability is not an optional extra. The control system
has to work day after day, no matter what is thrown at it.
Spice Racks
The Spice 1210, is a tough rack mounting
dimmer designed to offer a professional
range of features while offering Zero 88’s
standard ease of use, reliability and
In addition to the individual dimmers Zero
88 offers completely configured Spice
touring racks. These are supplied as
complete, ‘ready to go’ systems and are
available with 24 or 48 channels. All system
components are installed into professional
quality flight cases and have the choice of
Harting or Socapex connectors.
The Spice dimmer provides superb mains
supply tolerance and protection, helping
it to withstand common mains faults
and continually reporting it’s condition.
Connection faults, and over-voltage
conditions are all handled by the Spice’s
control software. Advanced features such
as supply reporting make the Spice an
extremely capable unit.
The Spice dimmer shares it’s heritage
with Zero 88’s superb Chilli dimmer range,
providing compatibility with the extensive range of ChilliNet units. As part of a
ChilliNet system, the Spice will work as
an architectural dimmer, and will provide
remote monitoring information via the
ChilliNet Master Controller. The Spice
user interface is also shared with the Chilli
dimmer offering a simple, reliable method
of setting up and operating the dimmer
in any conditions.
Two types of system are available. Both are
designed to withstand the rigours of the
most demanding touring environments.
The Spice Eco Rack features a classic
flight case, power distribution and CEE
63A Mains output.
The Spice Pro Racks also benefit from a
full, industry standard, 1:2 patching system
using 3 pole GST series connectors and
professional grade Connex power distribution components.
Key Features
12 Channels, 10 Amps per channel
100% Duty Cycle
DMX Address: Addressable per channel
Multiple Dimmer Curves, selectable by
12 on-board memories and
3 sequences, accessible via ChilliNet
Topset & Preheat selectable per channel
Operates on single phase, threephase star
Highly resilient supply protection
DMX and ChilliNet Control
Socapex and Harting output options
Single pole plus Neutral thermal
magnetic circuit breaker per channel
Low-noise temperature controlled fans
CEEFORM supply connector with
1.2m cable fitted as standard on
multipole versions
Spice 12
132 (H) x 482 (W) x 420mm (D)
Weight : 14.5Kg / 32.0lb
Betapack 3
Key Features
Betapack 3
MCB protection
Isolated DMX input
Patchable per channel
Preheat, Topset and Dimmer Law
selectable per channel
12 backup memories
3 x 99-step sequences with adjustable
Auto DMX termination when loopthrough plug is removed
Auto frequency tracking
Lock and Reset functions
Temperature monitoring
Convection cooled
DMX addressing via front panel selectors
DMX Status indication
19" Rack and Wall mounting brackets
Excellent value, industry standard,
6 channel dimmers for multipurpose use.
The Betapack dimmer has served the
lighting industry for over 15 years. Based
on tried and tested technology, these
robust, reliable, digitally controlled dimmer
packs are incredibly versatile. Whether
it’s for schools in the UK, theatres in
Malaysia or TV Studios in South Africa,
these dimmers provide the core component of lighting systems globally.
Manufactured to the highest professional
standards, this comprehensive range of
6 x 10 Amp packs includes variants with
sockets to match most global standards.
The Betapack 3 range is available with
MCB’s per channel giving you peace of
mind and maximum protection.
Betapack 3
177 (H) x 447 (W) x 195mm (D)
Weight : 8.0Kg / 17.5lb
The versatility of the Betapack 3 means
it can be 19" rack or wall mounted using
the brackets supplied or made portable by
adding the optional "Easicarry" kit consisting of a handle and four feet. Its legendary
reliability and durability make it the dimmer
of choice for a huge variety of venues
Alphapack 2 & Rack 6
Alphapack 2
Rack 6
Alphapack 2 is a 3 channel fully portable
dimmer unit, which can be safely, secured
to a stand or wall with the use a mounting
bracket. One of our most popular dimmers,
the Alphapack finds uses in all areas of the
lighting industry. Rental, display, education,
event services and live music users have
all found the Alphapack to be a perfect
The Rack 6 is an excellent choice for users
wanting great value DMX dimming.
This compact and rugged unit has 3 faders
for local control, or can be controlled
remotely as part of a larger lighting system.
The Alphapack has both Analogue and
DMX control inputs providing maximum
flexibility for a great price.
A unique safety system and overload protection circuit means that the Alphapack
provides a very safe and reliable solution to
small dimming applications, never allowing
the dimmer loads to draw more current
than is available from the supply.
It offers users six 10 amp circuits of
dimming control. All operator controls
are available through a simple, intuitive
interface. The rack 6 is not limited in
features. Offering 12 memories, a preheat
per channel, three dimmer curves and
Chilli-Net compatibility these dimmers offer
users sophistication not usually found in
a dimming products in this price range.
The Rack 6 is housed in a compact 2U
19” case with access for maintenance via
the top and bottom panels.
The Rack 6 is available in a range of socket
options, and comes complete with CE
certification and a three year warranty.
Key Features
Alphapack 2
Three Channels
6.3 Amps per Channel
Three fader Local Control
Overload protection circuit
"In" and "Thru" Control Connections
Channel Selection Switch with LED
Optional Mounting Bracket
Rack 6
3 Dimmer curves
12 Memories
Preheat per channel
Socket options
6x10 amps
ChilliNet compatability
Alphapack 2
85 (H) x 240 (W) x 315mm (D)
Weight : 3.5Kg / 8.0lb
Rack 6
88 (H) x 483 (W) x 360mm (D)
Weight : 8.0Kg / 17.6lb
DMX Tools
Key Features
Zero Wire DMX
Transmits DMX over IEEE 802.11b
Ethernet Standard
Ad-Hoc (Point to Point) mode
Infrastructure (Point to Multipoint) mode
Includes PC based configuration utility
Fully expandable using off the shelf
Ethernet hardware
Advanced configuration options
Inbuilt DMX termination
Accepts Ethernet output directly from
Zero 88 Leap Frog 48/96 and Frog 2
consoles, via a WAP
Zero Wire DMX
52 (H) x 90 (W) x 210mm (D)
Weight : 1Kg / 2.2lb
Zero Wire DMX
Demux 24
Zero Wire DMX is a compact wireless DMX
solution, enabling wireless control of any
DMX device (dimmer, LED fixture or moving
The Demux 24 is a 24 channel, 1U high,
rack mounted DMX to Analogue converter.
Manufactured to the highest professional
standards, the Demux 24 offers users the
ability to use older analogue equipment
with more modern DMX512 controllers.
It is possible to select individual analogue
outputs as either negative or positive. The
Demux 24 also allows for the storage of
12 memories that can be manually played
The Zero Wire DMX system comprises of
a pair of units, where each box can be set
to work either as an encoder or a decoder.
Multiple decoders can listen to a single
encoder, giving a truly versatile system.
The system can work either in Ad Hoc
mode, where the transmitter simply talks
directly to the receiver, or in Infrastructure
mode, where the system routes the data
via a standard (off the shelf) Wireless
Access Point (WAP). Utilizing a WAP gives
extended data range, so is recommended
in circumstances beyond a simple point
to point system.
Cable Test
The Cable Test is an indispensable and
easy to use DMX tool.
Made from brushed aluminium and
shipped in a belt holster, the Cable Test
utilises 9 diagnostic LEDS to allow a variety
of test functions.
The unit can test for the presence of DMX;
detect reversed polarity in cables as well
as checking all wires are connected. Every
technician needs a test device and this
battery operated unit is priced to allow
anyone to afford a good, easy to operate
Demux 24
44 (H) x 482 (W) x 128mm (D)
Weight : 3Kg / 6.6lb
Cable Test
128 (H) x 22 (W) x 22mm (D)
Weight : 150g
Zero 88 on the Web
Zero 88 on the Web
With the ever-increasing use of the Internet
as a communication tool, Zero 88 has
created a comprehensive website that
enables all our distributors and customers
to access and share information effectively. is the hub of our online
resource which incorporates our Main Site,
the Product Support Centre and information about our Financial Award Scheme.
Main Site
The main site is available in English and
German and continues to be our primary
web source. It includes general information
about our products, our distributors, latest
news and contact information.
Product Support Centre
This area provides a library of information
for all out products; past and present.
It includes downloadable product information including datasheets and manuals
plus general information such as pricelists.
The support centre also hosts a dedicated
product support forum for all our products.
Visitors can keep up to date with software
releases, request new features, enquire
about product selection or usage and keep
in touch with other users. Visitors can also
report software bugs here and contribute
to the development of new software.
This site has been set up to promote and
report on our Financial Award Scheme.
It contains information about the scheme,
downloadable application forms and
updates on the successful applications.
Product Specification Sheets
Each Zero 88 product has its own
technical and data sheet. These can be
downloaded from the support pages
of our web site;
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