KRONE – Passion is our Drive The Forage Harvester

KRONE – Passion is our Drive The Forage Harvester
The Forage Harvester
KRONE – Passion is our Drive
The Magic 6
Making the Right Cut
Corn Conditioner
Chopper That Means the Business 20
The X-Factor
Another Pair of Eyes
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Facts & Figures
BiG X – Chopping in a New Dimension
KRONE has been building Forage Harvesters since 1977. At that
A family enterprise serving
your business
time due to lower horsepower tractors, KRONE started with
towed and hitched Forage Harvesters. The industrialization of
Your needs are at the heart
of our work
Our focus is always on the
Agriculture has advanced in leaps and bounds and the farmers
began to specialize more and more. KRONE anticipated in many
trends and brought out new machines to the market, long before
the majority of Farmers asked for them. With the row-independent Corn Harvester MC 16 B with 5' working width, KRONE
We commit to the product
took the first step in higher productivity machines in the mid
1980s. Today we have taken leadership in, not only in
Horsepower, Productivity, but more importantly Chop Quality –
As what comes out the machine is what counts. We welcome
you to the new dimension of Forage Giants.
A single-row disc wheel Corn Harvester for
the three-point hitch was introduced under
the name “Corn Chopper” back in 1977.
More than 5000 of these machines were
Although KRONE had forever impressed many Farmers and Contractors – and also many
Competitors – with the introduction of the BiG M Self-Propelled Mower Conditioner. But the
first prototypes of the BiG X shocked the industry. Our critics never thought it would work,
but just like life - you have drove us on even more and today we are the ones to beat not
sold throughout the world. This was only
the start of something BiG. We are proud of
our History. But we do not lie on our laurels
– our focus is the future not the past!
to compete. And thanks to you, you are the ones driving us on.
“The best compliment an Engineer can give is to copy your idea.”
(Henry Ford, 1863-1947)
“When KRONE previewed the BiG X, it presented a fully new Forage Harvester
concept. The innovative features, for example – from to 1000 hp level or 14
rows that means more than a 10 meter (34'5") working width, and as standard,
road travel at 40 km/h (25 mph). Thanks to the innovative transmission with fully
automatic adaptive engine-transmission control allowing maximum speed on
the road with the minimum engine rpm – Eco mode, saving time and fuel up to
25%. Or think about the hydraulically driven feed rollers that enable the chop
length to be adjusted directly from the cab and also on-the-move. The KRONE
BiG X is innovative, comfortable and does not forget the basis for the best possible Chop Quality. The latest example of leadership is the synchronization of
two differing horsepower rated engines, that is within the heart of the
BiG X 800.
These are just some examples that KRONE has been for many years leading
the pack and heading in the right direction. The basis for our innovation force
is our highly qualified employees and our precious Customers. Your demand is
our duty, not for nothing I have called our BiG X as the “Listening Harvester”
from day one. And that is not going to be different in future either. The name
KRONE stands for closeness to Customers and this is the milestone for real
Dr. Bernard Krone
On the market for only seven years and already distinguished several times for its innovations. Awards are nice to have, but the
goal is to satisfy and bring solutions to our Customers as this is the real endorsement. BiG KRONE thinking that is revolutionizing the
Forage industry: the BiG X from KRONE.
EasyFlow – The Ultimate Pick-up
EasyFlow – the world's first
uncontrolled pick-up
With the all-new EasyFlow Pick-up, KRONE is the first
manufacturer Worldwide to offer a Cam-Less Pick-up for
harvesting equipment, operating completely without a
30 % higher speed for
higher throughputs
cam-track. The tine carriers are welded directly to the rotor
discs on the left and right-hand side of the Pick-up.
The traditional wear-intensive cam-tracks
Automatic speed
adjustment to
ground speed
are now eliminated with EasyFlow. Thanks
to the increased speed and outstanding
crop lifting of Pick-up the throughput
Pivoting frame for perfect
ground contour following
increases even more on the Forager.
More innovation and benefits that you
can use to increase your profitability –
More throughput and lower operating
costs, a win-win situation.
Two working widths of the Pick-up are available either the 3 or the
3.8 m (9'8"-12'5"). We only build Heavy-Duty Pick-up’s, as normally this head takes the most abuse, rough ground or operating in
heavy Winter Forage conditions. That’s why they come standard
with 6 tine rows and a tight tine spacing of 55 mm (2 1/4") guarantees
not only high Pick-up capacity but also very clean pick-up. No
crop remains on the ground even at high working speeds!
The little things make the difference. With the pendulum suspended frame, all harvesting attachments adapt to the ground contours. As standard, all the heads can be carried or pushed down by
simply dialing in the value desired into the control terminal, select
the pressure or connection angle and it automatically adjusts in
milliseconds. Peace of mind, sit back and enjoy the ride. When
moving from field to field, the lateral guide wheels are swung in
hydraulically from the cab – more time saving ideas.
Another KRONE Exclusive: The Cam-Less EasyFlow
Pick-up, forever eliminating the mechanism of the wear
intensive cam-track control. With six rows of tines mounted
on supported tine carriers it is a high performance attachment for a high performance machine.
More Outstanding Features as Standard:
• Adaptive speed matching of the head to the ground
speed, thanks to the hydraulic drive.
• Reversing after metal detection, the head reverses first
then the feed rolls – the benefit is easier and quicker to
find the metal.
• Two separate safety systems for the driveline: More
Safety, More Security & More Speed.
Hydraulic drive with infinitely variable speed control for faster or
slower running, it has a very wide spectrum of 300 - 750 rpm, or
just activate the automatic speed matching – sit back and be
amazed at what it can eat. The crop-flow starts at the front and the
Increase the daily output by 10 % – Crop press rollers with an
integrated deflection plate are standard: the continuous crop-flow
is always guaranteed and crop jamming is prevented, even at fast
ground speeds. As it pushes the windrow down and flicks the crop
better it feeds the better the Harvester operates.
on to the tines helping to take out the lumps. Plus, the full automatic management system lifts it out when reversing and it lowers
itself down when you start moving forward again – There are no
buttons to press, only press the stick forward – making life easier.
XDisc – Do Two Jobs in One
6.2 m (20') Working Width
Whole-Crop Silage is gaining more and more importance
in Agriculture, as animal feed and as raw material in the
Direct Harvesting for WholeCrop Silage or Biomass
bio-energy industry.
The XDisc direct cutting system, which has a working
width of 6.2 m (20'), has been developed for high
A Fully welded One-Piece
throughput direct harvesting. Working with the XDisc
can guarantee high performance
Massive Auger Diameter
for high Throughput without
SafeCut – maximum impact
protection for the cutterbar
harvesting without any crop
losses and outstanding cutting
quality. These are just some
points that distinguish this
KRONE development from the rest.
This is the heart of the head, a clean cut ensures that the crop
quickly re-establishes and guarantees more output from the field.
The XDisc has a one-piece Cutterbar that is fully welded for
maximum durability and the wedge shaped edge of the Cutterbar
protects the Sward/ Stubble from damage. The large cross-sectional profile of the Cutterbar reduces the ground pressure and compaction, helping a quicker regeneration of the crop.
The massive intake auger guarantees efficient feed of the crop
to the feed rolls. With a diameter of 90 cm (35"), the XDisc works
without plugging even in very tall crops. Another plus is that the
head is fully enclosed to reduce crop losses but access to the
head is made in seconds by the easy-to-open protective covers.
The satellite driveline throughout the
Cutterbar was a KRONE invention –
imitated by many. The advantage is a
smoother operation and a cleaner cut,
as the discs are further forward and
have more area and time to cut the
crop. More safety and money saving
features are built into the cutting discs.
For example, the blades can rotate
360° to help protect them from rocks
or foreign objects, if they hit anything
they can simply swing out of action.
Also, the blade holders can be individually exchanged instead of the complete disc assembly. The XDisc has
Brawn & Brains.
No time is wasted hooking on this head. Just one driveshaft and
the machine is good-to-go. The beauty of this head is the drive-line;
it is straightforward, strong and has safety is built-in, the Cutterbar
has an overrunning clutch and the auger has a star ratchet – period!
The transport trailer has a long wheelbase and runs on two axles.
This enables simple and fast coupling and uncoupling of the
XDisc cutting system for transport. There are no axles under the
frame that are prone to damage when unloading and loading. The
specially developed transport trailer ensures safe transport even at
40 km/h (25 mph) with an integrated braking system.
EasyCollect – The Name of Success
6 to 10.5 m (20' - 34'6")
KRONE offers a completely new Corn head design that is truly
row-independent, working widths from 6 to 10.5 m (20' - 34'6") or
8, 10, 12 and 14 rows. Use the advantages of a harvesting head
Exclusive Collector
Principle for Better Forage
with a larger working width, you can increase your productivity by
at least 5% day for day*. Not only will you increase your
throughput but more importantly sink your fuel consumption per
Low Weight & Power
harvested ton up to 18%*. How is that possible? With a wider
header your forward speed is reduced and you utilize the engine
Up to 75% More Area
Covered per Pass*
power for cutting, not for propelled the machine over the ground.
Also you get other positive effects like less tire tracks and a higher
degree of maneuverability, plus less time at the headlands.
* “KRONE Maize Workshop 2006”: EasyCollect 6000 Vs. EasyCollect 1053
Stalk Control: The stalks are cut in a simple scissor-type manner.
The continuous rotation of cutting knives on the Collector, pulls the
Corn plants against the serrated stationary knives for a quick and
clean cut. The specially shaped tines of the Collector grasp the
Compact on the Road – Wide in the Field: These heads can be
simply folded hydraulically into transport position within seconds.
Another KRONE first, all the heads are rated to a transport speed
of 40 km/h (25 mph) getting you from field to field or location to
plants and transport them to the feed rolls. The “Pick & Place”
tines ensure a trouble-free feed and also provide additional support
for the plants, which is very important when harvesting tall Corn.
location faster. We keep you out in front.
Who wishes to break frontiers needs
courage and foresight! By using a 14
row Corn head compared to an 8 row
Corn head, you harvest 75% more
ground in one pass! This is a technology break-through helping to break
down your bottom-line. Getting more
done and better done this is our goal
at KRONE. Expand your Horizons with
the widest Corns heads in the industry.
The heads are row-independent on the EasyCollect Corn heads,
they are also yield independent, and it doesn’t matter if its tall or
small Corn, it will harvest everything. Even in the toughest conditions
or in laid crop you are guaranteed to harvest it. That is dependabili-
Amazing! Try picking one row, and even better the outside row.
Here is the proof of the outstanding feeding. We are cutting and
moving the plant over 5 m (16' ) and it has not fallen over or touched
the ground. Stalks first, the deflection roller pushes the plant
ty you can rely on with the EasyCollect heads.
bundle forward so that the stalks are guaranteed they are being fed
“Feet First”. The “Rolling Change-Over” guaranteeing a continuous
EasyCollect – details that make a difference
EasyCollect 6000 FP goes into the crop irrespective of row
spacings, giving the flexibility you need in different applications
and harvesting across rows or at varying row spacings. It's easy
In-line crop delivery
for EasyCollect! The
Consistent quality of chop
also gives you the edge in
lodged crops, where it
Self-sharpening knives
guarantees clean cuts no
matter whether it works
across rows or in rows.
In-built flexibility is a standard. Irrespective of the level of specification of the base machine, every header tilts +/- 5° to the side –
courtesy of the integral BiG X pivoting frame. This frame allows every header to follow all ground undulations, thus cutting the stubble at
consistent lengths. An active ground contour following system is available for 6 m and 10.5 m wide headers. The system consists of two
sensor arms that are fitted under either header end and which determine the cutting height dependably. As these sensor arms detect an
undulation, a hydraulic ram that is integrated in the pivoting frame adjusts the height instantly and thus ensures a consistent cutting height.
Work width
No. of folds
6000 FP
6.0 m
For JD. CNH. Claas
6.0 m
7.5 m
7.5 m
9.0 m
10.5 m
Pulling the crop over the cutting edges:
Rigid multi-section knives and endlessly
moving knives cut the crop like scissors.
The tungsten carbide coated knives are
Uniform chops. Biogas installations and
farmers who look for quality silage do not
desire coarse chops. EasyCollect and an
in-line crop delivery eliminate coarse chops
Maintenance-free! The individual Collector elements are linked by hard-chromed pins in greased tin-bronze bushes.
High-pressure seals guarantee permanent
easy to replace and self-sharpening.
and guarantee uniform chop lengths.
lubrication and offer protection from contamination.
Feed Rolls: The Magic 6
On Forage harvesters the chop quality has been already decided
6 Pre-Compression Rollers
for Better Forage Quality
by the crop intake. Therefore the feed rollers play a critical and
influential factor. Higher the pre-compression – higher the chop
Largest in the Industry –
a Throat Volume of 158 l
Longest in the Industry –
Metal Detector 820 mm (32")
to Shearbar
quality. That’s why the KRONE design is very unique within this
area. Six large-diameter pre-compression rolls – instead of the
customary four – provides higher levels of compression. This
means that the crop is cut more easily and is precisely delivered
to the Cutterhead. Due to the infinite variable hydraulic drive, the
chop length can be adjusted remotely from the driver’s cab and
4.6 tons of Pre-Compression
on-the-move. These feed rollers give you more control on what’s
going on, either it be the length-of-cut, metal detection or stone
detection the color EasyTouch board computer keeps you up to
speed in milliseconds.
820 mm
The two outer pre-compression rollers are
stainless steel and are both covered with
replaceable teeth. Also within the housing
there are wear liners that cover every
part that the crop will ever touch, this
reduces maintenance costs again. In fact
the complete machine is covered from
head to toe with wear liners, this is the
small but BiG difference of the BiG X.
Peace-of-mind! The metal detector is integrated in the front lower roller. Six magnets
ensure precise location of metal even at the outer edges of the intake throat; the sensing
range can be adjusted to meet your requirements and is continuously self-calibrating for
100% reliability. The distance from the metal detector up to the Cutterhead is a huge
820 mm (32"). This provides more safety even at maximum chop length. With this long
distance metal objects cannot reach the Cutterhead!
Baring our teeth – the vice grip. Once
in, there is no way back. This massive
throat opening ensures the BiG X
never goes hungry. With the largest in
the industry, a throat volume of 158 l.
We are guaranteeing throughput and
chop quality straight from the start.
These six feed rolls are HD – High
With over 4.6 tons of compression force on the six rolls ensure
the crop is delivered as requested to the Cutterhead. This gives the
exact chop length you have dialed up, you select 18.8 mm you get
18.8 mm. As showed above this is the in-line crop feed within the
Chop length adjustment the on-the-move. You can quickly dial
up the chop length via the “SpeedDial” on the color EasyTouch terminal or save two pre-sets on the small joystick for touch-and-go.
Further optimizing forage quality within crops of mixed maturity.
feed roll cabinet which is only delivered by the EasyCollect Corn
Cutterhead – Making the Right Cut
Wide 800 mm drum width
660 mm diameter drum for
smoothest operation
There is always one knife
in mesh with the opposite
knife – for clean cuts
The biogas drum –
short lengths of cut yet
‘VariStream’ variable crop
flow system
BiG X offers the perfect knife for every
application. The grass cutting knife has a
cross section that is thicker behind the cutting edge to suit professional grass cuts
whereas the maize knife has a hard faced
edge for optimum cuts in maize. These
options make BiG X the perfect all-round
How do you get the best possible forage quality and highest
possible throughput into one operation? A simple answer: Design
the best possible Cutterhead to include a large, efficient cutting process with an effective knife configuration. Here the BiG X sets new
standards: With a effective cutting width of 800 mm (31.5") plus a
weight of over 500kgs (1,200lbs) and a cutting frequency of your
choice: 11,000, 15,400, 22,000, 16,800 or 24,000 cuts/min. But lets
talk about the angles, the approach angle of the knives to shearbar
is a massive 11° and the departure angle of the crop under the knife
carrier is optimized for exact crop flow. This means the
Cutterhead has Brawn & Brains. These details
lower power consumption and increase
productivity levels, which stack up for
your daily operation. It has IQ built-in.
The knives are arranged in a chevron pattern, which has two large advantages, 1st
the crop is cut easier, 2nd it starts bundling
the crop together and thus improving the
crop-flow. The 11° approach angle of the
knives to the shearbar guarantees to cut
the crop easier – just like a pair of scissors.
Another advantage for you on the 28 and
40 knife Cutterheads you always have a
knife that runs behind the shearbar = pure
safety & pure smooth operation.
The floor beneath the chopping cylinder
has a major effect on the quality of cut as
well. The floor on the new ‘VariStream’ system is spring-loaded so it can give way
when large amounts crop are passing the
system. This way, the machine is not
struggling and operation is smooth at all
The design of the Cutterhead within
the BiG X have a large significance on
forage quality, crop-flow, low power
requirement and low fuel consumption. For example, the prefect departure angle of the crop from the knife to
the kernel processor or to the discharge accelerator ensures the crop is not
carried around again, but it is been
ejected at the right time, decreasing
wear and increasing throughput. The
heavy knives are each fastened with
five bolts to the knife holders – for
maximum durability, we cut crop NOT
corners. The knives have elongated
holes for quicker, faster and precise
fitment. This considerably reduces the
time required for adjusting or changing
knives. The fastening bars are design
to take the wear NOT the knife, after all
the job of the knife is cut the crop.
The 20-knife drum on BiG X delivers long
chop lengths, which are desired in some
countries. This drum is available as an option.
The 28-knife chopping drum is standard
specification on all BiG X models. Use half
this number of knives and the drum cuts
grass to the proper lengths.
The 40 knife Cutterhead is known as the
BioGas Drum within the BiG X 650, 800 or
in the 1000. The BioGas drum can guarantee you higher throughput and lower fuel
consumption of up to 16%* when operating at 5 mm (1/4"). Chop length range of 3.5
to 17 mm. This short chop increases the
output of the BioGas power plants as the
crop converts quicker into energy.
* “KRONE Maize Workshop 2006” held for leading international Agricultural Press.
K.P. – The Whole Truth
250 mm (10") diameter:
One of Industry Largest
Frictional Surfaces
The highest digestibility of the forage is a standard requirement.
For this purpose every kernel must be cracked, even with long
chop lengths. KRONE has the solution.
The K.P. in the BiG X has a larger surface friction area, which
5 Different Rolls to Choose
means it can operate with a larger roll gap when compared to
competitors, but it still achieves the same quality of conditioning.
The K.P. is Fast & Easy to
Your advantage is that the K.P. takes less power to drive, which
equates to less fuel consumption plus it can handle throughputs
In-cab Roll Gap Adjustment
up and over 400 t/h mark. The Corn Silage made from the BiG X
provides optimal digestive qualities, improving your forage
utilization. Cutting Corn NOT Corners!
The one-piece K.P. rolls found in the
BiG X are an improvement over assembled
rollers found in conventional harvesters.
Each roller is balanced to run quieter and
The roll gap can be adjusted stepless by a
electric motor from the cab. The gap can
be varied from 0.5 mm up to 10 mm. The
color EasyTouch terminal always displays
Heavy-duty double-row roller bearings
that have proud diameter of 110 mm (4.3")
guarantee the highest reliability under large
shock loading. The bearings are supplied
smoother this considerably increases the
service life. Due to their large surface, wear
rates are lower compared to rolls with smaller diameters.
your current roll gap.
continuously with grease through the Autolube system, a standard feature on the
BiG X.
The kernel processor is driven by a
hydraulically tensioned 6-groove laminated V-belt. The standard differential
speed is 20%. It is also possible to run
optionally with 40% differential speed
for special conditions. Only a few
minutes are required to install or remove the K.P.: Simply loosen two bolts,
the unit is lowered onto the service
cart (delivered as standard equipment)
with the aid of the electric winch and
you are finished. Since this process is
so simple, the K.P. does not remain
installed when harvesting grass. This
protects the bearings against high frequency vibrations, extending the life
of the K.P.
For long chop a K.P. roller with 123 teeth is
recommended, improving performance in
Corn Silage that has chop length from 16
mm. Also available are these 123 tooth rolls
with a Saw-toothed profile to aid their
aggressiveness plus are chromed faced.
The standard rollers are equipped with 144
teeth for chop lengths up to 16 mm, optimum for nearly all European conditions.
Thanks to the large diameter all kernels are
fractured. These can be requested with a
As a further option KRONE offers a roll with
166 teeth with a saw-toothed profile. This
is desirable for cereal Whole-Crop Silage.
Even after the milk-ripe stage each kernel is
fractured. The rolls can also be operated
Saw-toothed profile and chromed faced.
with a differential speed of 40 %.
Synchronized: Chopper That Means the Business
Either 836 hp or 1020 hp
engine power
Powered by one or two
engines as required
Madness or Method? The worldwide structural change in Agriculture is happening very fast and is following in a trend called
“Economies of Scale”. That is why KRONE was the first on the
market with a Forage harvester over 1000 hp, as our Customers
want to cut costs and increase their output even more. KRONE
Synchronisation via
has answered this demand by innovative technology: the BiG X
800 & 1000 have two engines built-in and are fully synchronized.
Up to 50 % savings in fuel*
What are the advantages? You can either operate with one or
both engines making you more flexible in your operating conditions, cutting in low yielding Grass or in tall heavy Corn. You can
simply select the power you wish. In transport mode only one
engine is operated making a big saving on fuel consumption.
Twin-Engine Power: Above is the power
plant for the BiGX 800, it has two engines,
engine number one has 510 hp and engine
number two has a proud 316 hp. When the
engines are synchronized they develop a
massive horsepower of 836 hp. Or you can
simply harvest with the 510 hp unit and
then activate engine number two for a
power boost of 316 hp.
The key to true synchronization, KRONE
has patented this synchronization masterpiece of two engines working together, not
against each other. Via the massive drive
gearbox that transmits this harmonized
power to the Cutterhead, for power
We give you the power that you need, With
one engine* only running while in transportation mode and also for light yields in
grass. This saves you up to 50% fuel consumption. The second engine for maximal
power in heavy crops.
Here we find the power plant for the
BiG X 1000, these two identical engines produce a synchronized power of
1,020 hp. You have flexibility built-in,
harvest with one or two engines. For
light Grass the engine number one
engine has more than enough power
with its 510 hp or start the second
engine for the full power in tall Corn to
harvest over 400 tons/h.
These engines are transversely mounted for optimal power transfer to the
Cutterhead and aid its excellent weight distribution. Not alone is the power
levels of the BiG X huge, so is the cooling package, design to handle outside temperatures of over 50° C (+120°F).
With the KRONE patented engine synchronization
enables both engines to harmonize exactly. They both
adapt to each other to give uniform torque loading and
guaranteeing uniform power delivery. This is all done within
milliseconds digitally. The KRONE system is a fully selfmonitoring; the operator can monitor the synchronization
via the color EasyTouch terminal.
The X-Factor – Quality in Quantity
What is important is what comes out! Every Customer wants to
Chop Quality in Quantity
Very low Rates of OverLength Fractions
More Output from the Crop
work with the greatest possible cost effectiveness and to achieve
the highest possible productivity. KRONE listens to Farmers and
Contractors and that’s why chop quality is a design criterion of
the BiG X, Quality in Quantity! This is our philosophy at KRONE,
to listen closely on the market requirements and then letting
these requirements flow quickly into the design of our products.
Exceptionally Structured and
Uniform Forage Quality
That why the BiG X is called the ”Listening Forage Harvester”.
Chop quality is something we are very proud of – the BiG X has
proved it over and over again with its uniform chop. And not to
forget it’s massive output too.
Chop quality starts at the front: The chopping quality of a
Forage harvester depends on its harvesting head and feed of the
crop into it. If stalks are fed offset to the Cutterhead, this will only
deviate the selected chop length considerably. If the stalks are fed
to the Cutterhead in a longitudinal direction, the defined cutting
length can be maintained. These are facts, which speak in favor of
the longitudinal, inline flow of the EasyCollect.
You can tell the BiG X has an outstanding chop quality with the
uniform flow out of the Spout. As there is no leaves or over-length
fractions that normally deviate from the discharge. Also if you watch
the discharge you can see a rainbow color spectrum (yellow-greenyellow) the Corn stalks are being exactly cut longitudinally.
Hundreds of shakeout tests have
shown the BiG X is capable of achieving its claims. A very low rate of overlength fractions with exceptionally
structured and uniform forage quality.
Only one equation applies for professional Farmers here:
Better chopping quality
= > better Silage compaction
= > less secondary fermentation
= > better forage quality
= > more output from the crop.
A typical KRONE BiG X sieve sample: Only
0.1 % of over-length fractions (> 20mm) for
a set chop length of 9 mm. Even when the
chop length is set to 14 mm the over-length
fractions remains at only 0.6 %, far below
the customary 2 - 2.5 %. With KRONE you
obtain more structure in the forage but
without excess over-length fractions.
Secondary fermentation should also be
prevented even with long chop lengths.
The key is that the chopped fractions
are as uniform as possible without any
over-length fractions. But what is more
important is to focus on the chop quality
instead on the conventional thinking of
theoretical chop length. The BiG X delivers Precision Chopping.
Another Pair of Eyes – The AutoScan System
The degree and stage of maturity is not always uniform within
Always the Optimum Chop
the field. You know that too, it’s very easy to see in Corn. When
the Corn has a brown color it means it’s more mature than the
green colored plants. Once again KRONE has developed
Optimum Stack Compaction
a unique system to measure the maturity on-the-go.
Because your Customers want a uniform chop
Increased Feed Value
Increase your Customers
quality in the stack. The AutoScan system
measures the maturity of the plant and automatically adjusts the length of cut to achieve
a uniform chop quality. The AutoScan system
eases the duties of the operator and gives
Less fuel consumption
you more uniformity. AutoScan is standard
equipment to make your chopped forage
more than standard.
Length of Cut
Higher throughput
Degree of Maturity
The AutoScan sensor is an optoelectronic photocell integrated in
the EasyCollect Corn head. The harvested Corn plants pass over
the self-cleaning AutoScan sensor and their degree of maturity is
detected automatically. AutoScan system received an innovation
Depending on the maturity of the crop the AutoScan sensor converts this data into information. The system automatically determines the optimal length of cut for the crop and adjusts the
length of cut on-the-go. To obtain a excellent Forage structure,
medal from the German Society of Agriculture – it is not only practical but helps you to get more out of the crop.
green Corn is chopped longer, brown, dry Corn is chopped shorter
this achieves improved compaction in the stack. Optimum chop
length is always guaranteed.
Daily practice during the Corn harvest:
Degree of Maturity
Normal Chop length
12-20 mm
Good structure
in the forage
(high moisture
(low moisture
> 35% dry matter
No pulp in
the forage
5-9 mm
Good compaction
in the stack
Low percentage
of over
length fractions
The harvesting conditions fluctuate in every field. KRONE AutoScan detects the degree of maturity within the plants and automatically
adjusts to the optimal chop length. This guarantees you optimum forage structure at all times, allowing optimum stack compaction
without secondary fermentation.
The driver pre-selects a minimum and maximum chop length before starting work. Then
AutoScan varies the chop length within this range. The actual chop length is shown in the
The cows digest the high quality feed with
higher nutrition values better. This leads to
color EasyTouch terminal. The driver only has to select the maximum and minimum length
of chop and the AutoScan then sets to work in automated chop length mode. Perfect
forage quality is achieved in every crop condition. Only consistently good chopping
quality guarantees the high quality from the Corn Silage and assures an exceptionally high
feed value.
the animals eating more per day and
increasing their output either it be Milk or
Meat. The perfect situation, satisfied cows
and happy Farmers.
Self-Thinking – Brains & Brawn
At KRONE we do not only build BiG machines we also build
Intelligent Equipment
Increase its Awesome
Output Even More
intelligent machines. To achieve high productivity or chop quality
not only do you require horsepower but also user-friendly intelligent technology. For example to get the maximum output on the
Forager with have developed leading edge technology called
Self Protection Built-in
Active Ground Contouring
“ConstantPower” where the machine automatically adjusts its
ground speed to the engine loading. This relives the operator of
constantly adjusting the ground speed – allowing the operator to
relax and increasing the output of the machine even more. Built
into every BiG X is a self-diagnostic system that monitors everything and flags up problems before they turn into real problems.
This gives you more reliability and durability especially in peak
season, as time waits for nobody.
Yield measurement can be equipped
optionally. The “CropControl” system measures the volume of crop harvested by the
machine. This is instantly stored on the
onboard computer and if required can be
printed out, giving you more documentation. Also the inoculant been applied can be
controlled by the CropControl system.
Moisture measurement is also available for the BiG X. This gives you highly accurate, realtime readings of the moisture value of the chopped crop as it flows through the spout. This
can be accurately used in various crops like Corn, Whole-crop, Grass or Alfalfa.
ConstantPower keeps your output
constant and gives more power to the
operator. Simply dial in the wished loading on the engine and the ground
speed adapts automatically. Giving
you maximal output hour-for-hour,
day-for-day. Especially useful for those
long days, let this intelligent system
work for you. Let this advanced
machine advance even more.
Specifying the machine with the AutoScan crop maturity detection system
will boost output even further and save
more fuel.
A unique system: ConstantPower + AutoScan
= more throughput
= higher fuel economy
= better chopping quality
Only what is good for you come in. The BiG X feed rollers are
strong and have strength but are also sensitive. The optional RockProtect system protects the Forager from stone damage. When a
rock is detected it stops the drive to the feed rolls within milli-
Get hands-free steering and contouring: Let the BiG X take
control of steering and ground contouring. On all BiG X’s you can
request AutoPilot and Active ground contouring. The feelers on
the EasyCollect Corn heads sense where the Corn stalks are and
seconds. More safety. The sensitivity can be adjusted directly via
the color EasyTouch terminal.
transmit this information to the steering system where is actively
steers the machine along the field for you. Or another first, the
active ground contouring dial in your wished cutting height and
EasyCollect adjusts to every contour either it be left-to-right or
Your Favorite Place – Command Center
Long working days, sometimes extending long into the night, require
Full 7" Color Display
endurance and concentration from the operator. With the Command
Vision cab, KRONE has developed a large-dimensioned cab incorpo-
More Than 20 Functions in
your Hand
Excellent Visibility
rating all the latest ergonomic factors. Comfort, safety, efficiency
and productivity for example the largest leg area in its class. It is
spaciously designed, you have more area to work and more area to
relax. Climate-control, air-ride seat, cool box and buddy seat are all
standard features. Long days are now shorter, after all the entire job
Climate Control
should be finished not you. The operator has all major working and
operating functions directly in his field of vision and at his fingertips,
see more – do more. Not forgetting the exclusive rear axle
suspension on the BiG X makes the ride even smoother.
The perfect all-round view: The driver has everything in view with
the Command-Vision-Cab. And other attention to detail is the tall
side windows, even when the spout is fully raised to its 6 m (20')
working height the operator has excellent visibility of it, without
Rightly positioned: all controls are arranged on the right-hand side
where they should be. The operator has everything within grasp
and insight. What’s special about the joystick, there is over 20
functions programmed in – that means when chopping you never
having to stoop over. This results in additional comfort and increased productivity.
have to take your hand off to adjust anything. Attention to detail
again. Also the arm rest is connected to the seat so it moves with
you, not against you.
contour following
Intake/header on/off
Raise lifting pre-set
Discharge spout to the right
Lower lifting gear
Store chop length
Raise lifting gear
Lower discharge spout
Chop length 2
Start/drive rocker switch
Mid position
Discharge flap up
Raise discharge spout
Chop length 1
Discharge spout to the left
Cruise control - Constant Power
Acceleration ramp
Discharge flap down
Stepless Spout
speed adjustment
Acceleration forwards
Park discharge spout
Automatic travel
direction change
Engine high/low idle
Engine rpm step
Color EasyTouch terminal is a full 7" high definition display that
can either be navigated via “SpeedDial” or direct on the screen. All
important machine functions are displayed on the terminal, there is
three regions, Engine, Transmission and Chopping info – all these
can be called up for more detail information if required. The userfriendly adjustment of the roll gap for the K.P. can be directly carried
out via the terminal.
The switches for working lights, windshield wiper, heating and air
conditioning are located directly in front of the driver. Also when
keying off at night, the automatic “Follow Home Function” activates, letting you get down from the cab safety. For the final touch
of convenience, the cab equipment includes an integrated refrigerated cool box for water, soft drinks and lunch sandwiches.
Productivity – A Passion to Succeed
Increase Your Productivity
by over 5 % with a Larger
Allegations are easy to make and proving them is harder,
we at KRONE do it the hard and the honest way. Even more
the “DLG” (German Society of Agriculture) have tested the
Increase Your Productivity
by almost 25 % with the
BioGas Cutterhead
BiG X, the facts and figures are available for everybody to
see*. For example in throughput and acreage covered by
the BiG X. Maybe that’s is why no other competitor wants
Increase Your
Customers Gas
Output by 15 %
to publish the official test findings that compare them to the
BiG X. Whoever is looking to increase their productivity and
in the most efficient manner wants to invest in a BiG X.
Size Does Matter
* The DLG Focus Test 5432 F is available at abrufbar.
Regular header versus Wide header
Standard drum versus Biogas drum
BiG X 650 performance compared in EasyCollect 6000 / 1053
BiG X 650 performance compared in Standard / Biogas drum
12 mm (1/2 inch) chop length
Throughput (t of fresh weight/h)
5 mm (1/4 inch) chop length
EC 6000*
EC 1053
EC 6000
*EC 6000 = 6 m (19') working width
*EC 1053 = 10,50 m (34.5') working width
Throughput (t of fresh weight/h)
+ 5,7 %
In September 2006, KRONE hosted a press workshop, where we
*Standard drum = 28 knives
*Biogas drum = 40 knives
+ 24,6
40 knives
28 knives
invited the leading International Agricultural press to witness the
tests carried out. The results of these tests confirmed the findings
of independent tests that had previously been conducted by DLG:
in combination with the wide Corn headers increase the machines
throughput even more. When chopping in short lengths of cut, the
KRONE “BioGas” Cutterhead with 40 knives increased the
throughput by almost 25%! (All test runs were timed excluding
The BiG X delivers more! The hungry feed rolls and Cutterheads
the time taken for headland turns, stops, etc.).
VariStream – The new crop flow system
VariStream: The revolutionary details of this system add a new
modification to the crop flow system. First up, 6 pre-compression rollers ensure a very steady flow of crops. Yet, that's not all.
The floor and the back plate of the chopping drum are springloaded to give way when large amounts of crops pass the
system to ease the crop flow and ensure quiet running even at
peak loads.
A good throw: The spring-loaded back
plate of the impeller drum ensures consistent unloading efficiency, also in inconsistent crop flows.
A clever system: The floor beneath the chopping drum is linked to the anvil of the
opposite knife. This way, the clearance between any one knife and drum floor is
always constant, because the floor is adjusted when the opposite knife is adjusted.
Fuel Consumption – Less is More
Experience enormous power, combined with reduced fuel
Save up to 30 % Fuel
Consumption per
Chopped Ton*
consumption. Seize the opportunity to be more profitable
when facing the realities of high fuel prices. The basis for
Save up to 16 % Fuel
Consumption with the
BioGas Cutterhead
at 5 mm
this quantum leap is the innovative and power-saving
Collector principle of the Corn header. Lower consumption by higher innovation. Official tests shows, that using a
9.0 m (30') Corn head instead of a 6 m (20') Corn head
Wider the Head, Bigger
the Savings
saves up to 30% fuel per ton of chopped crop.
Autoscan chop length
control plus
ConstantPower engine
load limit sensing for
more throughput and
less fuel consumption
(DLG* Focus Test 5432 F).
* The DLG Focus Test 5432 F is available at abrufbar.
Regular header versus Wide header
Standard drum versus Biogas drum
BiG X 650 performance compared
in EasyCollect 6000 / 1053
BiG X 650 performance compared in
Standard / Biogas drum
12 mm (1/2 inch) chop length
Fuel consumption in l/t (gal/t) of fresh weight
5 mm (1/4 inch) chop length
EC 6000* EC1053*
*EC 6000 = 6.0 m (19') working width
*EC 1053 = 10.5 (34.5') working width
Fuel consumption in l/t of fresh weight
–17,9 %
EC 6000
Standard* Biogas*
EC 1053
*Standard drum = 28 knives
*Biogas drum = 40 knives
–16,4 %
Read the facts - The KRONE BiG X Maize workshop 2006, which was attended by the
leading international Agricultural press, delivered impressive results in fuel consumption
figures. (All test runs were timed excluding headland turns, stops, etc.):
1.) The wider the header, lower the fuel consumption is.
Technology that pays a BiG return: The
larger the chopping system, the more
throughput can be achieved with the same
engine power. The fuel consumption per
2.) Chopping at short lengths (5mm), the KRONE BioGas Cutterhead leads to a 16% cut in
fuel consumption per ton of chopped crop.
The exciting side effect was the BiG X 650 had an increased throughput of nearly 25%.
Most important of all - the system enhances the quality of chop.
acre or per ton of chopped crop decreases. If chopping the crop shorter than
8 mm it pays to use the KRONE BioGas
• • • Why a wide Corn Header
Power distribution:
Example 10 km/h: 100% = 650 HP
Power distribution: Example 5 km/h
Example 5 km/h: 100% = 650 HP
Cutting system 440 HP
Cutting system 503 HP
(+58 HP = 13%)
Transmission 110 HP
Transmission 45 HP ( – 65 HP)
Feed Rollers 40 HP
Feed Rollers 44 HP (+4)
Header 30 HP
Header 33 HP (+3)
Other user (A/C) 30 HP
Other users (A/C) 30 HP
The power requiement of a transmission is increased by doubling the ground speed to a Square factor(2)
As shown above is an example of using power efficiently. If comparing an 8 row to a 14 row Corn head you can increase your efficiency dramatically, and especially fuel consumption per chopped
ton of crop can be decreased. By using a wider header you redu-
for the chopping system instead of using the power to propel
the machine across the ground. There are also more positive
effects of wider headers. 1). Opening up the field is easier, 2).
Reduced headland turns, more time chopping, 3). Reduced tire
ce your forward speed by this you have more available power
tracks - compaction, 4). Faster turns.
Daily Business – Maintenance to a Minimum
We understand that! Especially in the normal hectic harvesAuto-Lube as Standard
ting season, the Forage harvester must work continuously.
Therefore KRONE has kept daily maintenance to a mini-
Air Compressor as Standard
mum. That’s why the BiG X comes standard with Auto-lube
that greases over 50 points automatically on the machine,
Quick & Easy Access to the
this saves you precious time. An air compressor and a large
air tank is standard on the BiG X allowing both cleaning and
Fast Daily Maintenance
service work to be performed directly in the field. Access to
all working components like the feed rolls, Cutterhead, K.P.
and the accelerator is quick and easy.
What can you do in two minutes? With a BiG X 1000 you can harvest 14 tons of Corn or simply open out the feed roll cabinet,
giving you the easiest access available for knife and shearbar
inspection. Sharpening can either be activated from the cab or
externally. Plus you have sharpening stone counter letting you
know when it should be readjusted. This is real operating comfort
for the driver. For your convenience there is a working light positioned above the unit that aids sharpening in darkness.
The feed roll cabinet can be removed easily in minutes, two possibilities: on their own or with any head attached. This exposes the
Cutterhead and makes all components directly accessible. This
makes service work a pleasure, especially when changing knives
or the shearbar. A service cart is available either for the feed roll
cabinet or Cutterhead this allows you to remove the unit safely and
then maneuver the unit around the workshop.
As standard equipment is an integrated air compressor with a large tank. It
can be used for blowing down the
machine before sharpening or for
maintenance work. It will even drive
1/2" drive air wrenches thanks to its
large onboard air tank. This will be
appreciated for all types of fieldwork.
The engine is installed transversely over the rear axle allowing all
components to be directly driven, reducing power losses. Along with
the benefits of better weight distribution this also provides optimum accessibility for maintenance. By opening the large access
Installing and removing the Kernel Processor is a quick process
and can be done with both feet on the ground. An electric winch is
standard on the BiG X to aid this process, in 15 minutes you have
the grass chute out and the K.P. in. For further convenience the
doors reveals the entire engine compartment.
cooling fan and the radiators are accessible from the left and righthand side.
BiG X – Time is on Your Side
Your advantages
• Large Scale Productivity & Power package
• Outstanding Cab & Controls
• Innovative Technology that Guarantees Your Success
• Large Cooling Package
• Header to fit Every Condition
• Maintenance Friendly is now Redefined
• BioGas CutterHead – Get More Done
• Corn Conditioner, Quickly Removed
• Durability Built-in
• Productivity & On the Road
• More Customer Satisfaction
Your Customers advantages
• Outstanding Silage Quality – 6 Feed Rolls
• Reduced Ground Compaction – Wide Heads
• A Harvester for Every Operation
• Maximum efficiency and optimum fuel economy
• More Energy from the Crop
Here You Will Find Your Wish Combination of HP, Nm & IQ
BiG X: The Facts & Figures
BiG X 500
BiG X 650
BiG X 800
BiG X 1000
Mercedes-Benz 2xOM 460 LA
Engine Model
Mercedes-Benz OM 460 LA
Mercedes-Benz OM 502 LA
M-B OM 460 LA + OM 926 LA
No of cylinders / Aspiration / Emission Level
6/TI/Euro 3A-Tier III
8/TI/Euro 3A-Tier III
6/TI/Euro 3A-Tier III
6/TI/Euro 3A-Tier III
l (ci in)
12.8 (781)
16.0 (1098)
12.8 (781) + 7.2 (439)
12.8 (781) + 12.8 (781)
Synchronized max. power ECE R120 at 1800 rpm
Synchronized max. power ECE R24 at 1800 rpm
351/477 + (240/313)
351/477 + (375/510)
Max. torque ECE R24 at 1300 rpm
Nm (lb.ft)
2150 (1585)
2800 (2065)
2150 (1585) +1300 (959)
2150 (1585) + 2150 (1585)
Fuel tank capacity/Additional fuel - Inoculant tank
l (us gal.)
960 (254) / 250 (66)
960 (254) / 330 (85)
1150 (304) / 400 (105)
1150 (304) / 400 (105)
Ground Drive
Infinite Variable Transmission with Wheel Motors
Speed in field mode
km/h (mph)
0-22 (0-14)
Speed in road mode
km/h (mph)
0-40 (0-25)
4WD & Center differential
Steering angle
Degrees °
Rear axle suspension
Standard - Hydraulic
Infinite Variable
Feed Rolls
Infinite Variable
Feed Rolls
Feed roll cabinet opening / Service access
V-Sandwich / Quick attach (also with Heads attach)
6 / Standard / 6
Total number / Metal detector / Number of Magnets
Metal detector to Shearbar distance
mm (in)
820 (32)
Clamping force / Throat Opening Volume
kg (lb)/l
4600 (10141) / 158
Chop length adjustment
Stepless from the cab (0.1 mm steps)
Cutterhead: Width / Diameter / Arrangement
Chop length range
Cuts / min
800 / 600 (31.5 / 26.4) / Chevron arranged with 11° - Knife to Shearbar
mm (in)
Number of knives
mm (in)
Stepless adjustment of the drum concave
20, 28, 40
20, 28, 40
20, 28, 40
5- 29 / 4 - 21/ 2,5-15
5- 29 / 4 - 21/ 2,5-15
5- 29 / 4 - 21/ 2,5-15
6,5- 29 / 4,5- 21/ 3,5-15
11.000 /15.400 / 22.000
11.000 /15.400 / 22.000
11.000 /15.400 / 22.000
12.000 /16.800 / 24.000
Kernel Processor
123 tooth - Straight tooth or Chromed
Saw tooth profile / tooth spacing
mm (in)
Optional / 6.38 (0.25)
144 tooth - Straight tooth or Chromed
Saw tooth profile / tooth spacing
mm (in)
Optional / 5.45 (0.21)
166 tooth - Saw tooth profile / tooth spacing
mm (in)
Optional / 4.72 (0.18)
Roll speed differential
20, (40 on request)
Roll diameter / Roll gap adjustment range mm (in)
250 (9.8) / 0.5 - 10
In-cab roll gap adjustment &
Automatic Auto-lube system
20, 28, 40
BiG X 500
BiG X 650
BiG X 800
BiG X 1000
Crop Accelerator
Rotor diameter / Width / Number of paddles
mm (in)
Speed at rated engine speed / Arrangement of paddles
560 (22) / 660 (26) / 8
2188 / Chevron arranged to the Center 2188 / Chevron arranged to the Center
Stepless adjustment of the back plate
2188 / Chevron arranged to the Center
2420 / Chevron arranged to the Center
Rotation / Overhead unloading height / Cross section
° mm (in)
210 / 6000 (20') / 340 x 230 (13 x 9)
Automatic rotation & parking function/
Step-less speed adjustment
Drive for rotation / Fully covered with wear liners
Gearbox / Standard
Auto-lube system with 10 tank & Air compressor 30 l tank
Electronic Self-Diagnostic system
Air suspension seat / Buddy seat
Auto climate control with cool box
Windscreen wiper / Side window wipers
Base Dimensions
Length / Transport width * / Height *
mm (ft in)
Base unit weight without header**
Approx. kg (lb)
7200 (23'1") / 3000-3460 (9'8"-11'3") / 3940-4000 (12'9"-13'1")
13000 (28660)
14200 (31305)
7600 (25'3") / 3000-3460 (9'8"-11'3") / 3940-4000 (12'9"-13'1")
14800 (32628)
Weight distribution with EasyFlow 3001 Pick-up*
55 - 45
Weight distribution/with EasyCollect 903 Corn Head (12 Row)
60 - 40
14900 (32848)
Drive axles
Steering axles
650/75 R32
710/75 R34
800/65 R32
900/60 R32
800/70 R38
650/75 R32
710/75 R34
800/65 R32
900/60 R32
800/70 R38
650/75 R32
710/75 R34
800/65 R32
900/60 R32
18.4 R30
650/75 R32
710/75 R34
800/65 R32
900/60 R32
18.4 R34
600/70 R28
Crop Harvesting Units
EasyFlow: Grass Pick-up's
mm (ft in)
EasyCollect: Corn Heads
mm (ft in)
3000-3800 (9'8"-12'5")
AutoPilot & Active ground contouring for Corn Head
XDisc: Direct Cut Head
* Dependant on tire configurations
** Dependant on options
*** Use depends on header used
mm (ft in)
6200 (20')
ECE R24 ratings are taken with cooling fan and alternator
KRONE continually strives to adapt all its products to better meet practical requirements. We therefore reserve the right to change technical specifications. Please refer to the technical
equipment price list of your KRONE sales partner. On some photos, protective devices have been removed in part to illustrate specifications. Data and illustrations are to be considered
approximate and also include special accessories that are not part of the scope of standard supply. This brochure has been printed for world-wide use.
The Hay & Forage Product Program:
Disc Mowers
Rotary Tedders
Rotary Rakes
Forage Wagons
Combi Wagons
Round Balers
Integrated Baler Wrappers
Large Square Balers
Self-Propelled Mower
Self-Propelled Forage
Rights reserved to make technical changes.
Illustrations are shown in part with optional
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Heinrich-Krone-Straße 10, D-48480 Spelle
Postfach 1163, D-48478 Spelle
Telefon: +49 (0) 5977/ 935-0
Telefax: +49 (0) 5977/ 935-339
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