Locker Locks, Locker Padlock, Combination padlock with key

Locker Locks, Locker Padlock, Combination padlock with key
W9.8 CM X H13.4 CM
Your FJM Security Combination Padlock is preset at 0-0-0-0.
To reset the combination:
Step 1
Turn the dials and
align the numbers to
preset combination
(0-0-0-0) so they line
up with the arrows.
Step 4
Press the shackle down,
hold it firmly and turn the
dials to your desired
combination. Do not let
go of the shackle before
the combination is set.
Step 2
Pull the shackle
Step 5
Release the shackle and
return it back to the
original position. Your lock
is now ready for use.
Step 3
Step 4
Turn the shackle
counterclockwise 90°.
Keep your combination
in a safe and accessible
place for future reference.
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Master Key Instructions - Missing Combination
The Master Key for your SX-575 will allow you to open the padlock
and discover the combination.
Step 1
Insert master key.
Step 2
Turn the key 90 degrees to open the lock and
release the shackle.
Step 3
Turn the dials until they stop.
Step 4
The dials are now showing the combination your
lock is set to.
Step 5
After you have discovered the code, close the
shackle and remove the key. Your lock is now ready
for use and can be reset. Please see instructions for
setting your combination.
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