BioStar -

BioStar -
IP Access Control Management Software
Efficient Access Control Solution with High-level Biometric Security
BioStar is a comprehensive access control management software featuring efficient IP-based system structure based on intelligent
IP readers. Designed for Suprema's biometrics and RFID based access control products, BioStar offers easy installation and device
setup with intuitive GUI and powerful wizards. It also supports non-Suprema devices to allow extra flexibility and easier integration.
Key Features
e Flexible & expansible IP-based distributed system structure
* Sophisticated multi-biometric technology (face & fingerprint)
« Comprehensive & customizable access control & time attendance features
Advantages of IP Access Control System
1 PC TCP/IP or RS 485
Control Panel
Card Reader
Door Door Door
Intuitive GUI & set-up wizards
* Easy integration with 3rd party devices
Centralized Access Control Topology
Lower per-door-cost Scalability
Elimination of control panels
Lower installation & maintenance cost Stability
Less wiring No single point of failure affecting whole systems
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Secure I/O Secure I/O
Lock Contect
Exit SW
No wasted capacity of control panels
Distributed IP Access Control Topology
Utilizing existing network infrastructure
Power over Ethernet (PoE)
Extra efficiency in powering locks and minor devices.
System Configurations
| К5485 |
RSA85 BioStar Server
Ls "EE
Card Reader Door2 Secure 1/0 Exit S/W USB Card Enroll
Writer Scanner
Door Sensor A
J n nn ann nn Door Sensor :
= e
[a] CEST ее SE [a
er Laa Exit Button Secure I/O
IP Reader IP Reader
> US —a se | ЭН —a Si
TCP/IP Scanner TCP/IP Scanner
Standalone Secure
| Wiegand
v | |
oN... | [EF La
| ue =
BioLite Net Door 1 Exit S/W Dstation Door 3 Xpass 7 Biostation Door 4 Card Reader
RS485 |
Secure 1/0 BioEntry Plus Door 5 Xpass
Alarm Switch
System Specifications
License Free USB dongle
System Server Matching N/A YES
Max. Devices 20 512
Concurrent Client PC 2 32
Time Schedules 128 128
Access Groups 128 128
Anti-passback N/A YES
Access Lu N/A AS
Email Notification N/A YES
Roll Call N/A YES
Visual Map N/A YES
Event Monitoring YES YES
Work Time Calculation YES YES
Time Shift Management Weekly only Daily / Weekly
A Holiday/Leave Management YES YES
Report YES YES
In/Out Board N/A YES
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IP Access Control
The BioStar system goes a step beyond conventional access control systems, by combining unique biometric
identification with configurable access card capabilities. With its intuitive easy-to-use GUI and wizard type
settings, BioStar provides comprehensive access control security for enterprise-level systems to small-to-
medium sized systems.
User Management
BioStar offers comprehensive user
management and synchronization
features with its sub-devices.
* Supports 4-level departments
* User search interface
* Multi-level administrator settings
* Customized authentication mode by user
* Records user card issuance log
Access Control
Administrators can build custom access
groups by combining permissions for
time zones and doors. With this
feature, BioStar provides customizable,
scheduled access control.
* Max. 128 access groups
e Max. 128 time schedules
* Max, 32 holidays configurable
Door Management
Door management allows comprehensive
control of doors and their controlling
devices. It also support remote operation
such as lock, unlock and reset alarms.
* 4 level door groups
* Max, 512 doors
* Set & configure alarm for selected doors
Visual Map Monitoring
Visual map allows users to monitor
property in floor-plan style graphical
overview, It enables administrators to
monitor location of specific gate and
conditions of adjacent gates in visual
* Graphical icons for event indication
* Event group : 5 priority levels
* Alarm event management
* Log viewing by event groups
* Event notifications
* Monitoring interface for doors and zones
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Zone Management
BioStar gives administrators complete
control of various zones. Zones can
be created with devices connected
via TCP/IP or RS485 and can include
a master device and up to 65 slave
devices. Individual devices can be
included in up to four zones.
* Fire alarm, alarm, anti-passback,
entrance limit and access zone
e Controls up to 32-device zones
* Alarm setting for selected zones
* View event log for selected zones
* Muster zone with roll call report
Device Management
Administrators can control multiple
aspects of devices with BioStar. In
addition to authentication behaviors,
BioStar supports configuration of
input, ouput relays, actions and sounds.
The system includes options for
customizing sound and display
settings for IP terminals.
* Configure IP readers & Secure 1/0
* R5485 supports up to 8 devices &
4 Secure 1/0's server matching
* Real-time monitoring of device connection
* Wizard-type device search interface
* Easy firmware upgrade and reset
Biometric Time Attendance
BioStar includes time and attendance features to allow administrators to define time categories,
shifts, daily schedules, and holiday settings. The T&A capabilities of BioStar can be used to
enforce compliance with check-in and check-out procedures, restrict access to off-duty
personnel, and report attendance data. BioStar allows administrators to customize T&A functions
for T&A terminals and specify how events are recorded. The BioStar interface also allows
administrators to monitor a user's check-in and check-out status in real time.
Edd iE
Work Hour Calculation
You can set and modify time schedule of users in various ways to suit
your organization's needs.
» Daily and Weekly cycle scheduling
Daily working schedule configuration
e Overtime calculation
* Rounding
° Grace
Holiday & Leave Management
This feature allow administrators to set custom holiday & leave configurations
by groups and individuals.
* Holiday schedule configurable by group
* Leave schedule configurable by user
Shift Management
Shift can be scheduled by both user and group level.
* Daily and Weekly cycle scheduling
» Up to 64 shifts configurable
In/out Board
The lO Board displays time and attendance events. The 10 Board does not
track every come-in and go-out event done by users, but does track only
the come-in and go-out events done by users using the T&A function
keys of the access control devices.
Real-time monitoring by T&A event
You can generate T&A reports to view various time and attendance events for
users. You can also modify and print time and attendance data for other
uses, such as calculating payrolls.
* Daily / Individual summary and report
* Report by TA result (like absence or late)
* Work hour displayed by time category
* Export in CSV and PDF
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