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Jenga as a Drinking Game – 110 Ideas for the Blocks
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10% Lie: Every player who masturbates must drink 1.!
3rd Graders' Revenge: If you're not 9 years old, drink 3.!
80s Bands: Name 3 80s bands or drink 2.!
Al Bundy: Remove your shoes. Have a member of the opposite sex put them back
on for you.!
Anchorman: Deliver your favourite line from Anchorman or Drink 2.!
AntiSanta: Sit in the lap of the person across from you for one round.!
Anti-Social: No one drink or talk for 3 minutes.!
Battle of the Sexes: Everyone whose gender is opposite yours must take 1 drink.!
Beauty Swap: Switch places with the most beautiful person playing the game.!
Beer List: Give 1 for every Craft Beer you can name in 30 seconds. Go!!
Beer Wench: You are the Beer
Wench. [You must fetch new drinks
for all players!
for the rest of the game.]!
Big Cheese: Give 1 for every cheese
you can name in 30 seconds!
Bipolar: You must insult the person to
your right, then compliment the
person to your left.!
Bob Dole: You must refer to yourself in the third person for the rest of the game.!
Bodyguard: Pick someone. For the rest of the game, they must drink the first of
any drinks given to you.!
Bottoms Up!: Everyone except you must finish their drink :(!
Boys, Boys, Boys: Drink one for every male player and say something nice to him.!
Brat Pack: Name 3 Brat Pack movies or drink 2.!
Brewmaster: If you're drinking home brew, give 5; microbrew, give 2; anything
else, drink 4.!
Brogue: Speak in a Scottish Brogue for the rest of the game.!
Broken Toe: For the rest of the game you must pull pieces standing on your toes.!
Buy a Vowel: If your last name ends in a vowel, drink the following: A-1, E-2,
I-3,O-4, U-5, Y-6!
Buzz: Buzz for 2 minutes. Drink while you think.!
ByeByeBye: Say bye, bye, bye, bye, bye to your drink! Drink 4.!
Cat Lady: All cat owners give 1 drink for each cat they have.!
Come and get it!: Everyone wearing a ring must drink 2.!
Condiments: Do a shot of ketchup or finish your drink.!
Curse: If you're the first person to pull this, drink 2. Every time this is pulled after
that, you drink 6.!
Déjà Vu: After your turn, you and the people to your right and left must play again.!
Deuce Dropper: Describe your most recent bowel movement or Drink 3.!
Did you grow up in a barn?: Choose someone to make an animal sound every
time another person drinks for the rest of the game.!
Do Over: Put this piece back where you got it and pull a different one.!
Domino (a.k.a. Waterfall): Everyone drinks until the person next to them stops.!
Double Play: Choose someone to drink double what you drink for the rest of the
Down the Hatch: Finish your drink! :(!
Drill Instructor: You must "motivate" everyone as they pull their pieces.!
Eye for an Eye: Every time you give a drink, you take a drink.!
Famous Joeys: Name 5 famous Joeys or drink 3.!
Fashion Police: Give 1 for every fashion faux pas you see at the table. (limit 5)!
Foot Massage: Give the person to your right a foot massage.!
Free Pass: Do not place this on top of the tower this turn. On any future turn, you
may place this instead of pulling a new piece.!
Gary Coleman: The shortest person at the table must take 4 drinks then give 4
Girls, Girls, Girls: Drink one for every female player and say something nice to
Give 1: Give 1!
Give 2: Give 2!
Give 2 and Redo: Give 2 then pull again.!
Give 2, Take 2, Redo: Drink 2 then give 2 then pull another piece.!
Give 3: Give 3!
Give 4: Give 4!
Grade School: Attract a girl's attention by pulling her hair and give 2 or be too shy
and drink 3.!
Gun Show: Bare your biceps and flex for everyone. The players next to you each
drink 2 for the view.!
Hall Pass: Anyone who has to use the bathroom must ask "Host/Hostess" for
permission or drink 5.!
Hand Switch: Pick someone to play with their opposite hand for the rest of the
Hands Across America: You must keep physical contact with the person to your
right for the remainder of the game.!
HEY RED SHIRT!: Everyone wearing a red shirt must drink 2.!
Hillbilly: You must play the rest of the game wearing no shoes or socks.!
Home Run: Get up, walk around the table, and drink 1 for every person you pass
on the way home.!
I Never: Pose an "I Never" scenario. Drink 1
for everyone who drinks to it, including you. If
no one does, try again.!
Impression: Do your best impression of
someone at the table.!
Inventory: Describe everyone's shirts, then
drink 5.!
Irish Boy: "Irish Bad Boy? You look like the
Irish Sad Boy!" Drink 5.!
Kama Sutra: For one round, all players must strike a particular pose while
removing their (jenga) piece.!
Kiss Right (aka Casanova): Kiss the person to your right.!
Liar Liar: Tell a fantastic tale about one person at the table or drink 10.!
Liberal Casanova: Kiss the person to your left.!
Lurch: The tallest person at the table must take 4 drinks then give 4 drinks.!
Make or Break Rule: Make or UNDO a rule.!
Make Rule: Make a Rule!
Michael Jackson: Permanently change your race and gender or drink 2.!
Moving Violation: If you've ever had sex in a motor vehicle, give 2. If you've done
so while it was moving, drink 2.!
Muppets: Name 10 Muppets Characters or drink 3.!
Naked Time: If you've never gone skinny-dipping - drink 8. If you have, give 4.!
Name Genie: Give all players a new name. All players must use the new names, or
drink 1 every time they fail.!
No Depth Perception: For the rest of the game you must drink with your eyes
No Guts, No Glory: You may no longer pull blocks from the center of any row.!
Noise Machine: You must make a steady noise for the rest of the game.!
Not It: (Do not read this aloud: The last player to touch their finger to their nose
must drink 2.)!
N'Sync: Choose someone to move N'SYNC with you for the rest of the game.!
Oh my God, I had that same dream!: Give 2 to the dreamiest person at the table.!
Old Guy at the Bar: Drink one for every player younger than you.!
Pat Sajak [original]: Everyone drinks 1 for every word they say that has the letter
"i" in it.!
Peer Pressure: Drink 1 drink for each person playing the game.!
Psychiatrist: Describe an embarrassing personal moment and choose someone to
analyze it. Both of you drink 1.!
Puller's Choice: Select one person to exchange an article of their clothing with
someone else, OR order someone to drink a full beer.!
Radio Douche-Bag: For the rest of the game, whenever you speak you must talk
into a pretend microphone.!
Rainbow Warrior: Pick a color. Everyone must drink 1 for every article of clothing
they have on that contains that color.!
Reverse: Reverse the order in which players take their turns.!
Ripple: Drink X. People to your left and right must drink X-1, then X-2, and soon, to
Rock, Paper, Scissors: On a count of 3, everyone throws Rock, Paper, or
Scissors. You drink 1 for every person who beats you. Every person who matches
you gives 1. Every person you beat drinks 1.!
Ru Paul: Switch seats and shoes with a person of the opposite gender.!
Santa: The next person must take their turn sitting on your lap.!
Scar Story: Tell a story that led to a scar on your body - or drink 3!!
Screw the NFL Kicker: Drink 1 for every letter in your last name.!
Secret Terrorist Cell Member: Pick a Code Word. If you hear this code word, you
must destroy the tower.!
Sibling Rivalry: Give 1 for every sibling you have. Drink 1 for each of them that is
Sing a Sitcom: Sing the title song from a 90’s Television Sitcom.!
Skip: Skip the next player's turn.!
Social: Social (everyone playing must drink 1)!
Southpaw: Everyone must pull pieces with their left hand only.!
Speed Game: After this and every tile is placed, the next player has 7 seconds to
pull and place the next tile.!
Spelling B: Spell the name of the person to your left backwards (both first and
last). Make a mistake and drink 3.!
Spin the bottle: Kiss whomever it is pointing at.!
Strip 1: Remove 1 article of clothing.!
Strip 1 Other: Choose someone to remove an article of clothing!
Stuck On You: Pick a "conjoined twin" - a player to your right or left. You share a
liver: any drinks given to either of you may be distributed between you as you see
Stumper: In a sentence, use a word no one knows the meaning of or drink 3.!
Summer Vacation: For the next round, no one can make you drink... or work!!
Take 1: Take 1!
Take 2: Take 2!
Take 2 and Redo: Take 2 then pull again.!
Take 3: Take 3!
Take 4: Take 4!
Team Coco: Switch places with the person who most closely resembles Conan
Thirsty: Finish your beer, and that of the person to either your left or right.!
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