Loading Open Source Maps into a Garmin 800/810

Loading Open Source Maps into a Garmin 800/810
Loading Open Source Maps into a Garmin 800/810
Open source maps for the Garmin are available here- (you don’t need to register or anything)
1-Click the box “Enable Manual Tile Selection”
Last, enter your email address in the box
and click “Build my map”
2-pan and zoom to
the area you want,
3- click the areas you
want made into the map
You will receive 2 emails. The first tells you your job is in progress. The second tells you your job is
ready. It often only takes a few minutes. The longest it took for me was a couple hours. It depends on
how many job requests are in his queue.
When you get the confirming email, click the link and you’ll see this...
Click to download
Now, the file you downloaded needs to be unzipped. You’re on your own there. There are lots of
different programs to do it and most computers come with one. With many you just have to
double-click the file and it will pull up the unzip program.
Once you’ve saved the unzipped file to your computer, now change the name. For the example
map here you might use atlanta_metro.img.(use their file type.. img.)
Now, the Garmin part. You’ll need a micro SD card. I use a 4G. I don’t know if there’s a
maximum size card allowed, but 4 Gig has worked well for me with lots of map regions loaded
all over the world.
If you bought the map set for your Garmin, it came on a micro-sd card which is in your Garmin.
Pull it out and save it. Don’t reformat it as described below, in case you have an issue with the
one we’re creating.
Now, put the new card in your Garmin and turn it on. The Garmin will reformat it and create the
file system for it. Now, plug your Garmin into your computer with the mini-USB cable that should
have come with it.
Your file library for the Garmin should look like this...
internal memory
of your Garmin
Now drag the map file you renamed into the
Garmin directory of the micro SD card. Once
that’s complete, unplug your Garmin and restart it.
Now go to your map page and zoom in on the
area you loaded the map for. When zoomed in,
you should see local level streets. That tells you
the map is there.
the micro SD
drag and copy the
map .img file into
the Garmin directory
of the SD card
You can load multiple area maps into your SD
card at the same time. That’s why you should
rename them to represent the areas you’ve
chosen. I, for example, have maps for central
Georgia north, including Chattanooga, plus San
Diego, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, and
Santiago Chile, all areas I frequently ride. I’ve also
put area maps in temporarily, like the French Alps
when Candy and I rode there.
I prefer the open source maps over Garmin’s for several reasons. 1- they’re free. 2- they cover the
whole world. 3- they include user entered detail that’s missing from Garmin’s maps. For example, there
are many mtb trails in them, and in Peachtree City the cart paths are in them. The Silver Comet is in it
too. Lastly, they are continually updated and you can download the latest map at any time.
If you have any questions, email me- curlyculp@gmail.com
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