Welch Allyn Connex ProBP

Welch Allyn Connex ProBP
Accurate, reliable, connected
blood pressure readings in the palm of your hand.
Welch Allyn Connex®
ProBP™ 3400
Digital Blood Pressure Device
Take blood pressure accuracy to the next level.
In fact, take it anywhere.
The perfect blood pressure solution for just about anyone.
Office-based Practitioners
Biomedical Engineers
Small enough to fit in your hand, with the same accuracy as
Welch Allyn industry-leading vital signs devices, the ProBP ™ 3400
is a smart choice for clinicians in just about every clinical setting.
Hospital Clinicians
The Welch Allyn Connex ProBP 3400 puts consistent, accurate
blood pressure readings at everyone’s fingertips.
Small, handheld
design makes device
easy to carry and
capture readings on
rounds or in triage
SureBP™ technology enables fast,
accurate 15-second
blood pressure
readings, improving
patient comfort
Obtains accurate
readings and
minimizes error
codes, even in the
presence of many
cases of motion or
weak pulse
Bluetooth® wireless
and USB-wired
technology enables
connectivity to
select EMR/HIS
systems, improving documentation
accuracy and
 Compatible
with blood pressure cuff sizes ranging from small child (12 cm) to thigh (55 cm)
Lithium ion battery technology delivers 100 readings on a single charge with rapid recharge time
Configurable to match your workflow and specific patient needs. Upgradeable so that your initial
investment is protected as your needs change
Mercury and latex free to ensure clinician and patient safety
Office-based Practices
With AAMI/BHS-AA-certified accuracy, SureBP
blood pressure technology that captures readings
in just 15 seconds, and the ability to work with
a broad range of cuff sizes, the ProBP™ 3400 is a
reliable alternative to manual sphygmomanometers,
mercury columns, and home-grade digital blood
pressure devices.
Biomedical Engineers
Small enough to carry in your hand or pocket,
use the ProBP 3400 is a convenient alternative to
manual sphygmomanometers or bulky vital signs
devices for capturing reliable blood pressure
readings during rounds or in triage settings.
Because it uses the same technology as the Spot
Vital Signs® LXi, you can be confident that the
ProBP 3400 will stand the test of time, especially
compared with many lower-cost devices. With
remote diagnostics, calibration, and upgrades
available using Welch Allyn Partners in CareSM
services, you can have confidence your ProBP
3400 will be in service longer.
“…(SureBP technology) offers great
advantages in speed and patient
comfort…clinicians can have added
confidence in this new technology.”*
-Dr. Bruce S. Alpert
Proven Accuracy and Reliability
Using the same ground-breaking SureBP™ technology found in the Welch Allyn Spot
Vital Signs LXi, the ProBP™ 3400 can capture blood pressure readings in just 15
seconds—nearly twice as fast as other electronic blood pressure devices.
 Meets AAMI standard for blood pressure accuracy
 Achieved “AA” rating by British Hypertension Society data analysis
*Alpert, Bruce S., Clinical evaluation of the Welch Allyn SureBP algorithm for automated blood pressure measurement. Blood Pressure Monitoring,, Vol. 12 No. 4, August 2007.
Connect to your Electronic Health Record
The correct cuff means the correct reading
With both Bluetooth® wireless technology (optional) and hardwired USB
connections, the Connex® ProBP™ 3400 connects to select EMR/HIS
systems, reducing documentation errors and improving efficiency.
Unlike many digital blood pressure devices that work with only a limited
cuff range, the Connex ProBP 3400 works with a very broad range of
cuff sizes, minimizing the potential for inaccurate readings on patients
large and small. Plus you have all the advantages of unique Welch Allyn
FlexiPort® cuffs that enable quick, snap-fit connections, disposable cuffs
to reduce cross-contamination risk, and potential facility-standardization
benefits (www.welchallyn.com/flexiport).
Configured for your facility and your workflow
*Power-cord configurations:
Replace “B” in part number with
designation from chart below.
Welch Allyn Connex ProBP 3400
Wall Mount
Mobile Stand
SureBP®; Bluetooth®
Standard BP ; Bluetooth®
Standard BP
Desk Mount
Order any handheld
model, plus desk
mount accessory.
For a complete listing of local availability and more information on the Welch Allyn Connex ProBP 3400,
visit us online at www.welchallyn.com/probp.
North America
Australia (orange cord)
South Africa
Mobile stand version only. Handheld
version uses North American “B”
Protect your investment
Remote troubleshooting. Software updates and upgrades. Extended warranties. Go beyond the standard product
warranty to take service and support to another level with Welch Allyn Partners in Care™ services. Get faster turnaround times,
free shipping, software upgrades, and more—everything you need to keep your device on-site and in-service longer.*
Comprehensive Partnership Program (1 yr) / S1-3400
Biomed Partnership Program (1 yr) / S2-3400
Warranty Extension (1 yr) / S4-3400
Preventive Partnership Program (1 yr) / PRV-001
* Availability of specific features, coverage, hours, and response times may vary by location. Other limitations may apply.
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