Electrical calibration

Electrical calibration
Electrical calibration
Electrical calibration refers to the process of verifying the performance of,
or adjusting, any instrument that measures, sources, or tests electrical
parameters. This discipline is usually referred to as dc and low frequency
ac electrical metrology. Principal parameters include voltage, current,
resistance, inductance, capacitance, time and frequency. Other parameters,
including electrical power and phase, are also in this segment of metrology.
Ratiometric comparisons of similar parameters are often performed to
compare a known parameter to an unknown similar parameter.
Electrical calibration involves the use of precise devices that evaluate the
performance of key properties for other devices called units under test
(UUTs). Because these precise devices have thoroughly known performance
characteristics compared to the UUT, performance evaluation and/or
calibration adjustment of the UUT to identify or minimize errors is possible.
Typically, the performance of such precision devices should be four or more
times better than the UUT.
These precision devices fall into two broad categories. Electrical signal
sources are often referred to as either calibrators or standards. Precision
measurement devices are often classified as reference digital multimeters,
measurement standards, or ratio bridges.
Product highlights
5522A Multi-Product Calibrator
Robust, transportable wide workload coverage
The 5522A Multi-Product Calibrator addresses a wide calibration workload and comes with internal and external protection
features that protect it against damage and make it easier to
transport for on-site or mobile calibration. The 5522A can also
be fully automated with MET/CAL® Plus Calibration Management
Software. It is the ideal calibrator for metrology professionals who
need to calibrate many different types of electronic equipment and
want a transportable instrument that offers them a high return on
The 5522A sources direct voltage and current, alternating
voltage and current with multiple waveforms and harmonics, two
simultaneous voltage outputs or voltage and current to simulate
dc and ac power with phase control, resistance, capacitance,
thermocouples and RTDs. The 5522A can also
measure thermocouple temperature, and pressure
using one of 29 Fluke 700 Series pressure modules.
Two options add the capability to calibrate
oscilloscopes, either 600 MHz or 1.1 GHz. And the
5520A-PQ Power Quality Option enables the 5522A
to calibrate power quality instrumentation to the
standards of the IEC and other regulatory agencies.
• Calibrates a wide variety of electrical test equipment
• Robust protection circuits prevent costly damage from operator error
• Redesigned carrying handles make the 5522A easy to transport
• Rugged carrying case with built-in handles and wheels and removable
front/rear access doors for in-situ calibration in almost any environment
• Remarkably affordable
5080A Multi-Product Calibrator
Calibration solutions for your analog and digital
High compliance with reliable accuracy enables
the 5080A to calibrate even difficult-to-calibrate
analog meters, as well as a wide range of digital
multimeters, clamp meters, and wattmeters.
Options for calibrating oscilloscopes and megohm
meters extend workload coverage even more. The
5080/CAL software enables automated calibration
and is easy to learn and operate. Fluke quality
and usability are built in, with robust protection
circuitry, multiple language displays, and
much more. Best of all, the 5080A is an excellent
value that will fit your budget.
• High compliance
• Protection circuitry
• Calibrates a wide workload, including analog
meters and 3.5 and 4.5 digit DMMs
• Optional 5080/CAL software for easy-to-use,
automated calibration
Electrical calibration
DC/LF Electrical Calibrators
5700A/5720A Multifunction Calibrators
Taking accuracy
to a new level.
• The highest
calibrator, it
will support
instruments of
up to 8.5 digits in measurement performance
• Artifact Calibration permits the lowest cost of
support and highest confidence in performance
• Optional wideband output to 30 MHz
5522A Multi-Product Calibrator
wide workload
• Calibrates a
wide variety
of electrical test equipment with more than 14
functional capabilities
• Accuracies intended to support DMMs to 6.5 digits
• Robust protection circuits prevent costly damage
from operator error
• Optional oscilloscope calibration to 1100 MHz
• Easy to transport
5500A Multi-Product Calibrator
Solutions that
match your
workload and
accuracy and
• Calibrates a wide variety of electrical test equipment, more than 14 categories of instrumentation
including 3.5 and 4.5 digit DMMs
• Optional oscilloscope calibration
9100 Universal Calibration System
A high-value
• Calibrates over
15 different
categories of
general-purpose test equipment
• Options for power meter, insulation/continuity
tester and oscilloscope calibration
• Semi-automated and fully automated procedure
modes for maximum throughput
5080A High Compliance Multi-Product
Solutions for
your analog and
digital workload.
• High compliance for
difficult-tocalibrate instruments
• Robust protection circuits prevent costly damage
from operator error
• Calibrates a wide workload, including analog
meters and 3.5 and 4.5 digit DMMs
• Options for oscilloscope and megohm meter
Specialty Calibrators
6105A/6100B Electrical Power Standards
The most
and flexible
sources of
electrical power
quality and
energy signals.
• Power calibration with voltage to 1008 V and current to 21 Amps, and optionally up to 80 Amps
• Voltage and current accuracies better than
0.005 % (50 ppm)
• Programmable harmonic distortion up to 100
• Includes other power quality testing phenomena
• Complex measurements generating a wide variety
of signals
52120A Transconductance Amplifier
Test and
calibrate, at
full current
range, power
standards, power
and energy
meters, PQ analyzers, high-current clamp meters and
Rogowski coils. Delivers:
• 120 A standalone
• 240 A or 360 A with parallel operation
• 3000 A or 6000 A with accessory coils
• Industry-leading amplifier accuracy:
– 100 PPM dc – 850 Hz (used with 61XX EPS)
– 150 PPM dc (used with dc/lf calibrator)
– 1000 PPM ac (used with dc/lf calibrator)
• Frequency capability, dc to 10 kHz
Phasor Measurement Unit
Fast, automated, IEEE C37.118.1compliant calibrations.
System includes:
• PMU control unit
• GPS receiver
• PMU test and calibration software
• Fluke 6135 Electrical Power
• Configured server PC
Available early 2012
5320A Multifunction Electrical Tester
Verify and
test tools
with a single
megohm meters, earth resistance testers, ground
bond testers, hipots and many more types of electrical safety testers
• Uses less bench space than custom solutions
• Built-in graphical calibration help guide
• LAN, GPIB, RS-232 interfaces for PC based
525B Temperature/Pressure Calibrator
Superior accuracy
and functionality
in an economical
• A calibrator
to address
process industry instrumentation
• Simulates and measures all ANSI thermocouples,
as well as L and U types, and provides cold junction compensation to enable calibration of a wide
variety of thermocouple instrumentation
• Direct input for storage of ITS-90 RTD constants
• RTD source uncertainties to 0.03 °C
Electrical calibration
Oscilloscope Calibrators
Precision Multimeters
9500B Oscilloscope Calibrator
8508A Reference Multimeter
The highest
fully automated,
• Full automation provides totally hands-free
• Bandwidths of 600 MHz, 1000 MHz, 3200 MHz,
and 6400 MHz
• A fast edge of 25 ps to address bandwidths up to
14 GHz
• Connect up to five channels simultaneously
and stability,
in one
functionally versatile, easy-to-use solution.
• 8.5 digit resolution, exceptional linearity and low
noise and stability
• Optional front/rear inputs with unique ratio
measurement option
• Broad range of measurement capabilities
• 365 day stability as low as 2.7 ppm, 24-hour stability of 0.5 ppm, transfer uncertainty of 0.12 ppm
55XX Series Oscilloscope Calibration
your digital
and analog
with any of three
different options.
• Leveled sine wave generator with optional
bandwidths of 300 MHz, 600 MHz and 1100 MHz
for verifying oscilloscope bandwidth
• DC and square wave voltage generators for calibrating voltage gain
• Horizontal time base calibration functions
• Edge source including a 300 ps fast edge with
low aberrations for verifying dynamic response
• Fast edge risetime pulse generator (< 1 ns) for
checking pulse response
8845A/8846A Precision Multimeters
Precision and versatility
for bench or systems
• 6.5 digit resolution
• Basic V dc accuracy of
up to 0.0024 %
• Dual display
8808A Digital Multimeter
Versatile multimeter
for manufacturing,
development and service
• 5.5 digit resolution
• Basic V dc accuracy of
0.015 %
• Dual display
Electrical Standards
732B/734A DC Reference and
Transfer Standards
The simple way to maintain and
disseminate your volt.
• A primary standard for traceability of
dc voltage to better than 1 ppm
and electrical
independence of
each of its four
• Battery powered
for easy shipping
792A AC/DC Transfer Standard
A40B Series Precision Current Shunts
Precision, low inductance shunts
for dc and ac current metrology.
• Simplifies calibration/verification of precision calibrators
and current sources
• Shunts sized for current from
1 mA to 100 A
• Usable from dc to 100 kHz
• Ultra low phase shift to support power quality
instrument metrology
A40/A40A Current Shunts
• AC current transfer measurements from 2.5 mA to 20 A
• Frequency between 5 Hz to
100 kHz
• Compatible with 792A and 5790A
Support for your most demanding
ac traceability requirements.
• A primary standard that is accurate, fast and easy to use
• Fully traceable performance
with ac/dc difference to better
than 10 ppm
• Nine ranges from 22 mV to 1000 V (with external
range resistor)
752A Reference Divider
5790A AC Measurement Standard
720A Kelvin-Varley Divider
Automated ac
measurement with
precision that is easy to
• Direct ac measurements
to 22 ppm, or ac/dc difference measurements to
15 ppm
• Digital voltmeter style operation that features
a fully autoranging instrument that selects the
best voltage range for the measurement you are
• Robust 1200 V input protection on all voltage
• Optional 30 MHz wideband measurement
742A Resistance Standard
High accuracy working standard
for on-site resistance calibration.
• Small and rugged standard
resistors with six-month
stabilities to 2.5 ppm
• Open air use so no oil or air
baths required
• 18 °C to 28 °C operating range
• Standard values from 1 ohm to 100 Megohms
Setting the standard for ratio
accuracy and ease of use.
• 10:1 and 100:1 divider
• Output uncertainty 0.2 ppm
and 0.5 ppm
• Built-in calibration bridge
A primary standard for
ratio measurements.
• 0.1 ppm resolution,
seven decades
• 0.1 ppm of input absolute linearity
• Built-in self-calibration bridge
910/910R GPS Controlled
Frequency Standard
Cesium controlled
frequency standard that
uses GPS technology and
connectivity to provide
primary standard traceability from any location.
• Unique traceability feature means no more
• Two high-stability models to meet your application and fit your budget
• Built-in rubidium atomic clock (910R)
• Up to 13 outputs, maximizing cost efficiency
908/909 Frequency References
Stable frequency
references for test systems
and calibration labs.
• Accurate reference
“atomic clock” in automated test systems
• Affordable and very cost effective
• Designed for portability with optional carrying case
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