3ware 9750-8i Product Brief
3ware® SAS 9750-8i
Product Brief
3ware® SAS 9750-8i
Eight-Port 6Gb/s PCI Express® SATA+SAS RAID Controller Card
Data Center
Cloud Computing
Super Computing
Unprecedented power in multi-stream RAID environments delivers high-performance
and reliable data protection
Expand Your Horizon
Video Creation
Tiered Storage
Eight internal 6Gb/s SATA+SAS ports
nTwo Mini-SAS internal connectors
RAID levels 0, 1, 5, 6,10, 50 and
LSISAS2108 6Gb/s RAID-on-Chip
Single Disk
–800MHz PowerPC®
512MB 800MHz DDRII cache memory
nOptional battery backup module with
StorSave BBU
Support for up to 127 SATA or SAS
physical devices
PCI Express 2.0 provides faster
signaling for high- bandwidth
Support for 3Gb/s and 6Gb/s, SAS
and SATA, HDDs and SSDs
StreamFusion+ improves multistream read and write performance
LSI 3ware SAS 9750-8i
LSI 3ware SATA+SAS RAID controllers provide
a new level of reliability, availability, and
performance to businesses that are facing
storage challenges, particularly in sequential
I/O intensive and multi-stream environments.
This 3ware controller, great for inside-the-box
connectivity, employs the latest in LSI RAID-onChip (ROC) technology and provides a higher
standard of data protection and performance.
Offering data transfer rates of up to 6Gb/s per
port, the latest generation of 3ware SATA+SAS
controllers provide many new features while
also ensuring investment protection for existing
SATA and SAS implementations. LSI delivers
unprecedented power in multi-stream RAID
environments where performance, redundancy,
and data protection are most important.
6Gb/s SAS Advantage
6Gb/s SAS is designed for backward compatibility with 3Gb/s SAS as well as with 3Gb/s SATA
drives. In addition, 6Gb/s 3ware controllers
deliver significant performance improvements
in both read and write applications regardless
of drive speed. StorSave™ strengthens array
performance during peak usage by allowing
the controller to use both controller cache
and disk cache for RAID operations. Other
new features of the 6Gb/s 3ware SATA+SAS
controller cards include greater signal integrity
using Decision Feedback Equalization, support
for more sophisticated SAS topologies using
Expander Self-discovery/Self-configuration,
and additional safeguards to enhance
data protection.
StreamFusion™+ Performance
3ware’s advanced algorithms allow for
optimized reads and writes in multi-stream
environments. StreamFusion+ enables
higher throughput even in degraded
modes to deliver a superior standard of
data protection and to boost performance.
It is the result of countless hours of
engineering aimed at delivering breakthroughs in high-load applications and
providing enhanced features and functionality
in all environments. Focusing on the
latest technology trends and customer
requirements, StreamFusion+ firmware
reaffirms our commitment to customer
success and industry leadership.
Remote Creation, Management and
Monitoring with 3DM2™
3DM2 is powerful remote management
software that simplifies the configuration,
management and monitoring of 3ware storage
arrays. 3DM2 provides an intuitive interface
to remotely create, manage and monitor your
3ware RAID arrays and single disks in a robust,
secure array management environment
for your RAID protected data. Proven selfmonitoring technologies and automatic
notification services can maximize your
storage availability while minimizing the
pressure on system administrators.
Solution Provided
Eight-port internal SATA+SAS solution for high-density servers and workstations using up to 127 drives with the flexibility to
use both SATA and SAS hard drives and solid state drives (SSDs)
Physical Dimensions
Low profile (6.6” X 2.536”)
Two Mini-SAS SFF8087 internal connectors
Device Support
Up to 127 SATA and/or SAS hard drives and SSDs
Host Bus Type
x8 lane PCI Express 2.0 Compliant
Data Transfer Rates
Up to 6Gb/s per port
I/O Processor/SAS Controller
LSISAS2108 RAID-on-Chip (ROC)
Cache Memory
Battery Backup Unit
LSIiBBU07, an intelligent battery backup module option that directly connects to the controller
Key RAID Data Protection Features
• RAID levels 0, 1, 5, 6,10, 50 and Single Disk
• Rapid RAID Recovery
• StreamFusion+
• Online Capacity Expansion (OCE)
• Online RAID Level Migration (RLM)
• Auto resume after loss of system power during array
rebuild or reconstruction
• Single controller Multipathing (failover)
• Load Balancing
• Variable stripe size support
• Fast initialization for quick array setup
• Background Task Activity Policies
• Multiple logical unit sizes and RAID levels on one card
• Bootable array support for greater fault tolerance of
your OS
Operating Temperature
Maximum ambient: 60°C (44.5°C w/iBBU)
Operating Voltage
3 years, free advanced technical support, advanced replacement option
Regulatory Certifications
EN55022, EN55024, EN60950, EN 61000-3-2, EN 61000-3-3; FCC Class A, Class B; UL1950; UL; CSA C22.2; VCCI; RRL for MIC;
BSMI; C-tick
RAID Management
3ware® Disk Manager 2 (3DM2™)
Command Line Utility (CLI)
3ware BIOS Manager (3BM)
SNMP support
OS Support
Extensive support includes Microsoft® Windows Vista®, Windows 7®, Windows Server® 2003/2008, Red Hat Linux®, SuSE Linux®,
Fedora Core Linux®, FreeBSD®, and more.
Visit the LSI download center for the most complete list of supported operating systems: lsi.com/support
Ordering Information
3ware SAS 9750-8i Single Pack P/N: LSI00214; 3ware SAS 9750-8i Kit P/N: LSI00213
• SMTP support for email notification
• SNMP support
• Emergency Flash Recovery protects against failed
firmware upgrade
• Up to 32 active units support
• Up to 32 drives per unit support
• Support for greater than 2TB volumes
• S.M.A.R.T support
• Staggered drive spin-up support
• Drive insertion and removal notification
• Global Hot Spare
– Automatic rebuild • Enclosure management for SES 2.0 via
I2C or in-band signaling
• Optional Battery Backup with StorSave BBU
For more information and sales office locations, please visit the LSI web sites at: lsi.com lsi.com/channel
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July 2010
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