VX442.qxd:PCX HR.qxd
Professional stereo sound cards
and VX442e
PCI/PCI Express linear sound cards
with 2 stereo inputs and 2 stereo outputs
Digigram now offers both PCI and PCI Express versions of its VX442
linearsound card for demanding applications in broadcast such as
production, on-air, and logging.
Featuring excellent electronic design,
based on some 20 years of dedication to
audio quality, and a complete set of lowlatency drivers, these cards will meet
requirements for broadcast quality
Key features
• Analog and digital I/Os
• Up to 24-bit/192 kHz
• Comprehensive set of Windows® drivers:
Digigram np, WDM DirectSound (digitally
signed by Microsoft®), ASIO
• High-quality hardware sample rate converters
• Compact design that fits in small PCs
4-bit/66 Mhz Universal PCI, PCI
PCI Express™ X1 (compatible with X1,
and PCI-X compatible, master mode
X2, X4, X8, X12, X16, X32 slots)
175 mm X 99 mm X 20mm, requires a single
67.7 mm X 106.7 mm X 17.1 mm
PCI slot, short-length PCI slots compatible
Motorola 56311 at 150 MHz
Digital Signal Processor
Balanced analog line inputs (mono)
Maximum input level / impedance
Sampling frequencies available
A/D and D/A converter resolution
Digital inputs (stereo)
Programmable input gain
PCM recording (encoding)
Other inputs
AES11 synchronization
Analog line outputs (mono)
Maximum output level / impedance
Digital outputs (stereo)
Programmable output gain
Other outputs
External connector
Digigram accessories available
Internal connectors
Audio performance measured at Fs=48 kHz
Frequency response (record + play)
Dynamic range
THD + noise 1 kHz at –1 dBfs
Channel phase difference: 20/20kHz
Crosstalk (Analog in or out)
Development environments and on-board processing
Supported OS Management
Main on-board processing features (with np SDK)
+24 dBu / > 10 kΩ
Programmable from 8 to 192 kHz
24 bits
2 AES/EBU with hw Sample Rate Converters,
2 AES/EBU with hw Sample Rate
1:3 to 3:1, up to 96 kHz
Converters, 7.5:1 to 1:8, up to 192 kHz
analog and digital
8, 16 or 24 bits
AES/EBU Sync (up to 192 kHz), Word clock (up to 96 kHz), LTC, Video
4 servo-balanced
+24 dBu / < 100 Ω
2 AES/EBU, up to 192 kHz
analog and digital
Wordclock, interboard sync, companion board connector
62-pin SUB-D
Breakout cable
Inter-board Sync and Companion Board Link
20 Hz -20 kHz: ±0.2 dB
Analog In: >104 dB
Analog Out: >104 dB
Analog In: <–97 dB
Analog Out: <–94 dB
0.2° / 2° 1 kHz at 22 dBu: <–100 dB
15 kHz at 22 dBu: <–85 dB
Windows XP, 2003 Server, Vista, 2008 Server, Seven (32 bits and 64 bits)
np SDK, ASIO, DirectSound (all: PCM only)
PCM play, rec, direct monitoring, real-time mixing,level adjustment,
panning, cross-fade,punch-in/punch-out, crubbing, frequency conversions
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VX442HR and VX442e
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