HD3000 - Best Buy

HD3000 - Best Buy
Video Processing System
Enhanced Video Processing!
The HD3000 is specifically designed to dramatically enhance the image quality of all digital Projectors and TV’s. It combines the very latest studio
grade video enhancement and colour management with state-of-the-art video switching, scaling and format conversion
At the heart of the HD3000 is Gennum Visual Excellence Processing™ (VXP) technology that provides revolutionary image quality improvement, employing the worlds most advanced image
processing algorithms
Staggering, never-seen-before colour management tools unleash the full potential of any display device giving you complete control to render the perfect image
Video switching enables 14 digital and analogue video inputs, including HDMI, Component and SCART RGB to be simultaneously connected, optimised and then converted to a single High Definition
HDMI output, simplifying the connections to your display device
Video Enhancement
Colour Management
True 10bit 4:4:4 broadcast-grade processing architecture
Content adaptive, per-pixel processing of all video signals
Video switching
User customisable gamma curve with 10-bit gamma correction
Dynamic Contrast Extension
Sophisticated Edge Enhancement
Multi-directional edge adaptive processing
Content adaptive noise reduction and detail enhancement
Robust inverse 2:2 and 3:2 processing of film-based inputs (including 1080i)
Multi-directional edge adaptive processing
Bad edit correction
6 colour (RGBCYM), 16 region saturation and tint control
14 video inputs
– 3 x HDMI
– 2 x Component (3 x RCA)
– 2 x RGBHV (4 x BNC) Component, SCART RGB
– 3 x S-video
– 3 x Composite
– 1 x VGA
Scale any input signal to match your display – up to 1080p
Visual Excellence Processing™
A single HDMI cable
delivers an interference
free digital signal from
the HD3000 to the
display device
Directional Interpolation
VXP™ eliminates jaggy artifacts with dynamic
directional interpolation.
10-Bit Real Time Processing
VXP™ performs all processing with at least 10-bits
accuracy offering superior image precision and over
1 billion colours.
Multimedia and video
sources such as DVD
players, computers,
satellite, gaming
consoles and PVRs.
Film Cadence Recovery
display device
VXP™ offers robust, rapid film cadence detection,
removing 3:2 / 2:2 film cadences and bad edits
Simple Installation
The HD3000 simplifies Home Cinema installations. Situate next to your video sources and connect to the
HD3000. The video signals are optimised and up-scaled before being transmitted, via a single HDMI cable,
to your display device
Robust Motion Processing
VXP™ performs intelligent pixel-by-pixel noise
adaptive motion detection, allowing optimal
interpolation filter selection.
Simple Operation
Demo Mode
3 features make getting the best possible image
quality easy:
1. Ease of use – Clear intuitive menu’s and logical
operation make configuration simple
3D Noise Reduction
VXP™ produces the clearest
maintaining fine image details.
Detail Enhancement
VXP™ seeks out underlying image detail bringing
unprecedented texture, sharpness and clarity to images.
2. Demo Mode – See what you’re doing! Demo mode
provides a window in the displayed image so you
can see in real time what affect the changes you are
making are having to the displayed image. With both
the processed and unprocessed images visible at the
same time you can instantly see how the HD3000 is
enhancing your image quality
3. ISF Calibration – Enables a professional to expertly
calibrate your system for perfect image quality and
then permanently save the configuration. All you need
to do is select either the ISF Day or Night setting for
perfect image quality every time.
Simulated Image
Processed signal
Original signal
Technical Specifications
RS232C & Discrete IR Remote Control
Power Supply
Universal AC 100 - 220 volts, 50/ 60Hz
Power Consumption
45w Max, <4.3w Standby
Ideal for Home Automation applications through external controllers
and advanced IR remote controls. IR expansion module increases IR
range and positioning flexibility
Dimensions (W x D x H)
433 x 285 x 50 mm
Output Resolutions
576p (1024 x 576)
1024 x 768
1280 x 768
1366 x 768
1080p (1920 x 1080)
Front Panel
Input Resolutions
480i, 576i, 1080i, 480p, 576p, 720p, 1080p
Digital DVI (Via HDMI)
VGA, SVGA, XGA,720p, 1080p
I/O Connectors
Optoma Europe Limited
42 Caxton Way,
Watford Business Park,
Watford, Hertfordshire.
WD18 8QZ
RS-232 Control
Rear Panel
Tel: +44 (0) 1923 691800
Fax: +44 (0) 1923 691888
Composite Video
12V Trigger
Outto AV
HDMI Out to
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