Brief description for starting the MOS /Alphatronic P2, KISS

Brief description for starting the MOS /Alphatronic P2, KISS
Alphatronic P2 - POWER ON check and more
Brief description for starting the MOS
/Alphatronic P2, KISS, DS2069 - Workshop
Possible errors with minimal building cards – for tests. (update 25-Apr-2016)
Hello owner;
No reactions with the turning power on of the Alphatronic P2
(or similar machines) - what
is to be checked!
1. 220 volts AC - fan should run
2. Display connect with P2 over the Koaxkabel (VIDEO), net 220 volts AC control
(red Lamp surely below on the screen obviously)
A pdf “DISPLAY_P2_Manual_elekt_Schematic_hw_scann.pdf” is to find over my Web-Site.
Dipl.-Ing. H.Wiertalla
Alphatronic P2 - POWER ON check and more
3. All fuse examine in the power supply units (PSU)
(Moduls +5V and +12V with -12 Volt),
Alphatronic P2 case open and take off net plug (220 volts AC) before. Two cross-screws out turn.
PSU Module take out.
The fine protections (FUSE) examine. In the PSU are three fine fuse (in my machine).
1.6 A protection is to be seen on top immediately. Only in the other edge are 0.1A and 6.3A fine
protections (fuse). All FUSE type - fast quickly.
4. The BUS VOLTS +5 volts, +12 volts and -12 volts must exist !
Care with measure of the DC at the back of the motherboard.
MOS xxx ..
Now by cpu it is explained – normaly the hardware is ok.
show on the Display first
Memory check (wait..a short time)
Standard more information from MOS
you must
Point is ready for MOS command (█ Cursor)
5. MOS Startsequenz:
hear a short beep (from keybordcard ! )
6. Insert a 5 ¼” Diskett in the lower Driver with a booted SOFTWARE.
Normal input keys after the
. Point
( B = Batch command, cr is RETURN –key, must typed ) !
Or you download the MOS Manual to read it.
Dipl.-Ing. H.Wiertalla
Alphatronic P2 - POWER ON check and more
Show and test the DC BUS PIN layout and see this picture
If three DC voltages are to be seen OK, however, no start sequence on the screen, the boards are other
to examine like here.
If they have problems with the Floppydisks, but the disk drives work (turn and selected), then I
recommend the HELPER – AREA – (see my WEB Site).
A COLD Formatter / and or check the floppydiscs read/write heads.
Now I enjoy spending some tests for the required initial start –
so only with the MOS.
In the MOS Manual (pdf - page 22), the flow is specified.
After switching power ON - 0000h (cold start) starts at the address.
1. Initialization stack pointer (on CPU RAM 1kb of 01800h to 1BFFh) hence the CPU must exist, is actually clear !!
Dipl.-Ing. H.Wiertalla
Alphatronic P2 - POWER ON check and more
2a. Initialize control screen (the access is made as a memory-map to controller-register) Check first
the Display connect to P2 over the Koaxkabel, power control (red LED surely below on the screen
obviously)! More possibly points with the regulators - on top on the screen - contrast or brigth adjust.
So the registers CRT from 5027 and the image memory. The range is from 3000h to 3FFFh. It is a pdf file
(website / Dropbox example BC10 SKS) with programming parameters available. I mean that the card
must be plugged in, because as controller registers are read. I test
that yet. Is the card no plugged in, the display are dark, und no reactions from the keyboard.
The MOS starting no. I have it tested!
2b. Initialization keyboard - I mean, the card has to be plugged in.
Without the card is this:
RESET display and normal values on the screen. Clear Bell
is missing.
Now running the keyboard is polled, while we continually evaluated an incorrect character as a completed
and displayed with a new line.
2c. Floppy initialization reset and selekt Drive 0 - that's down.
It must be plugged in no floppy card !!
Result: RESET and normal display. If, for example, B (cr)
keyed -> error and warm start (as the display
3. Default of MOS - RAM areas.
4. Memory End Test (only from 4000h to 0FFFFh) depending 0100h steps.
6. RAM Test at power
7. root causes / normal or more error output.
On this pdf - page 22 are more comprehensive.
Look at times your memory card. Or do you have only one memory
card. (my 2 memory cards show in DROPBOX).
There are delivered with only 48k memory Alphatronics.
In addition I have also a 48kb cp/m for 4300h TPA and actually very many programs.
(M80, L80, F80, ED, STAT, PIP, .. and my WYM43.COM – YMODEM protocol for file transfer....
later if the Alphatronic Px is ok.)
I hope that I could help.
Write me how to proceed with them.
So far a lot of success and best wishes
Dipl.-Ing. Helmut Wiertalla
Dipl.-Ing. H.Wiertalla
Alphatronic P2 - POWER ON check and more
Check if you find a newer Version of this or other pdf’s/ programs from my WEB - Site.
If you used only the 48kB dynamic memory card, then is
the ADDRESS 4000h to FFFFh. Only for 4300H TPA cp/m,
or other software for running 4000h between FFFFh !!!
if used only 48 kB dynamic card
from to
with the Adapter shift / switch
switch OFF/ON
use a extra 16kB RAM board
from to
>0h to 3FFFh <
MOS and display-memory
(switch ON/OFF)
After RESET the MOS and the display memory is aktiv =ON. Used with the Adapter the first 16 kB from
the dynamic memory is deaktiv = OFF.
Dipl.-Ing. H.Wiertalla
Alphatronic P2 - POWER ON check and more
Here is the information of the TA - ADAPTER!
Dipl.-Ing. H.Wiertalla
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