camm-1 servo gx-24 - Avance y Tecnología en Plásticos.

camm-1 servo gx-24 - Avance y Tecnología en Plásticos.
Desktop Vinyl Cutter
Use CutStudio ™
software to create highquality, custom print-andcut jobs utilizing our
cutter and your printer.
Contour cut pre-printed
Shown with optional stand
Contour cut pre-printed
thermal transfers, ideal for
dark apparel.
Cut intricate vehicle
graphics with precision
and speed.
Speed. Performance. Reliability.
Precision handling. The Roland
CAMM-1 SERVO GX-24 vinyl cutter
is the ultimate companion for printand-cut jobs with its built-in optical
registration system that accurately
aligns pre-printed material for contour
cutting. The GX-24 comes fully loaded
with everything you need to create
professional-grade graphics and signs
right on your desktop. Under the
hood, the digital servomotor drives
the cutter with maximum accuracy
on anything from reflective vinyl and
paint mask, to twill, heat transfer and
sandblast material. A built-in curvesmoothing function ensures precision
cutting even at top speeds of up to
20 inches per second — 25 percent
faster than its predecessor. And when
it comes to ease-of-operation, the
CAMM-1 SERVO GX-24 wins over
even vinyl cutting rookies in seconds.
Simply connect the USB interface to
your computer, pan through features
and functions on the easy-to-read
LCD screen, and use the included
CutStudioTM drawing software to
create incredible graphics for banners,
vehicles, store displays, point-ofpurchase materials, informational
signs, backlit displays and more.
Certified ISO 9001: 2000 © 2005 Roland ASD
CAMM-1 SERVO GX-24 Desktop Vinyl Cutter
(1) According to material and cutting conditions as specified by Roland.
(2) Excluding material expansion and contraction.
Provided that media length is less than 118” (3000mm).
(3) According to Roland measurement criteria:
• Using the included software from Roland.
• Using a laser or ink-jet printer having a resolution of 720dpi or better.
• Excluding glossy or laminated material.
• Excluding effects of printing distortion due to printer precision and
effects of material expansion, contraction, or warping. Depending
on the ink (black) employed by the printer used, correct sensing may
not be possible.
Large, ergonomically angled,
backlit LCD control panel is easy
to see while loading media.
Onboard optical system locates
registration marks on previously
printed material for accurate
print-and-cut applications.
Digital servomotor technology
ensures the cutter’s maximum
accuracy and cutting speeds up
to 20-inches per second. Easy
access USB and serial ports
make connectivity a snap.
Roland reserves the right to make changes in specifications, materials or accessories without notice. Your actual output may vary. For optimum output quality, periodic maintenance to critical
components may be required. Please contact your Roland dealer for details. No guarantee or warranty is implied other than expressly stated. Roland shall not be liable for any incidental or
consequential damages, whether foreseeable or not, caused by defects in such products. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
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