Firmware v4.2.0 Upgrade Procedure

Firmware v4.2.0 Upgrade Procedure
V4.2.0 Firmware Upgrade Procedure
The procedure in this document will cover the upgrade of ECKey readers to firmware version 4.2.0. This is
applicable to the EK6 and EK7 models only.
Prior to upgrading firmware, it is recommended to create a backup of your current reader settings by using the
Export feature. Upgrading firmware will default all reader settings, but current paired users will be retained.
ECKey strongly recommends upgrading firmware on all EK6 and EK7 readers to v4.2.0. Older firmware
(v4.1.0 and lower) is NOT compatible with the ECKey Manager App for smartphones (Installer/Admin) or
PC Management Application v4.5 and prior.
1. Pre-Requisites
 US B Programming Cable (part #: MKC-04)
 Internet connection
2. PC Software Installation
a. For new software installs: Download and install the PC Management Application v4.5 from
b. For existing software installs: Follow the software upgrade procedure before proceeding with firmware
upgrade. ECKey Management Application v4.5 Upgrade Procedure:
3. Firmware Upgrade
a. Connect the red connector on the USB programming cable to the red serial connector on the circuit board
of the ECKey reader:
206A West James Street•Lancaster•PA•17603
+1 (717) 327-4244
b. Plug the other end of the cable into the USB port on your PC. Drivers for the USB cable should install
automatically, or can manually be installed using the files located here:
c. Launch the PC Management Application and connect to your reader using the COM port associated with
your reader:
d. Cancel the wizard, and browse to the ECKey tab to determine the current firmware version:
206A West James Street•Lancaster•PA•17603
+1 (717) 327-4244
e. You may be automatically prompted to upgrade firmware. If you are not, you can start the upgrade
manually by clicking the Upgrade menu and selecting Check Firmware Update (active internet connection
From the Firmware Update Window, select firmware version 4.2.0 and click Update:
g. Follow the prompts to begin the firmware update. DO NOT DISCONNECT THE READER AT THIS
h. When the process is complete, close the Management Application.
i. The reader should have a purple status light indicating the upgrade was successful. Unplug the cable from
the USB port for 5 seconds, and reconnect. Reader should now have red status light.
j. Launch Management Application and connect to reader again. Confirm firmware has been upgraded, and
reconfigure reader or Import saved settings.
206A West James Street•Lancaster•PA•17603
+1 (717) 327-4244
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