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Electric dynamic storage radiators
German Technology and Engineering at its very best!
Thermotec - Who we are
With over 20 years experience in electric heat, we are the market leader for
complete, efficient and advanced heating solutions with attractive design. Our
development department will ensure that you receive efficient and sustainable
technologies. The know-how of our engineers and cooperation with scientific
institutions shall guarantee the current state of the art - a thousand times proved
and checked. In addition, suggestions from our satisfied customers find their way
into our products.
Our modern manufacturing facility combines automated assembly technology
with the skills of trained professionals. A modern powder coating plant ensures
together with high quality powder coatings for a lasting Thermotec heating
surface quality with no discoloration.
The manufacturing and final - set and constantly tested - through our quality
management guarantees a quality of workmanship which makes us possible to
give you 30 year warranty. This confirms the quality VDE certification of our
heaters. This also includes a packaging and shipping, will ensure a safe and
speedy receipt of your modern Thermotec heaters.
For your advice please contact our service team at your disposal. Get
information about your individual needs, building and renovation projects.
Whether it is the correct sizing, the correct thermostat dial or questions
regarding the operation goes - It is always a competent contact person
Aeroflow radiators provide heat exactly where you want at exactly the times you
want. No more trying to predict the weather with old fashioned night storage
heaters. Aeroflow radiators do not dry the air like night storage heaters or
convectors due to no exposed elements. Radiant and convection heat is provided
ensuring a cosy warmth.
Why Electric Heating?
Electric is the fuel of the future for heating requirements. Dwindling supplies of north
sea gas, the uncertainty of imported gas supplies, the volatility of oil prices and the
commitment to reduce the U.K. carbon footprint all point towards electricity as the
fuel of the future. The government has set a clear path towards a lower carbon
future, with electricity to be generated by nuclear power and sustainable sources e.g.
wind power, solar energy, wave power etc. Electric heating is 100% efficient and
carbon neutral at the point of use, and with electricity being generated by nuclear and
renewable sources
in the future it will become completely carbon neutral. The government also promotes
the use of microgeneration technologies e.g solar panels, photovoltaics and wind
turbines. Electric heating appliances are compatible with all these microgeneration
technologies. As more low carbon and renewable sources of electricity become
available we will increasingly see electric heating being favoured over gas.
Low capital and installation costs
Electric heating is very easy to install. There is no requirement for unsightly pipework,
and minimal disruption during installation. Because each heater can work
independently, it is easy to add to a system as necessary or as budgets permit.
The true ownership costs of a heating system should be looked at over a system
lifetime. Electric heating systems have no moving parts and can be expected to last
over 15 years. The boiler industry quotes a lifetime of 10 years for a boiler. Boiler
based systems require costly yearly maintenance whereas electric systems are
maintenance free. Electric heating is 100% efficient at the point of use meaning all
the fuel used is turned into heat unlike boiler systems where energy is wasted
through the flue. No Maintenance and no annual inspection. Yearly maintenance and
safety checks can add significant costs to the running of a system. Gas boiler
systems require yearly maintenance and if used within rental properties, both private
and social housing landlords are responsible for annual safety inspections. This can
also be a major hassle for landlords needing to gain access to properties to conduct
maintenance and safety checks. Electric heating does not require any maintenance or
safety inspections.
Significant developments in electric heating have produced systems with highly
accurate electronic thermostatic controls. The Electrorad range offer thermostats
capable of maintaining a room temperature to within +/- 0.1 C. This ensures optimum
comfort and only the use of energy that’s needed.
Dynamic storage radiators are so called because of their ability to conserve heat
generated within the core of the heater. The heat retention is achieved by a series of
heat plates in the centre of the radiator with up to 20 individual plates for a single
radiator. Each heat plate has a coiled heating element totally buried within it, forming
an integral part of the plate.
Each heat plate has a power output of just 100 watts, in a larger output heater a
number of 200 watt units may be used. When the heater is switched on, the element
gets hot instantly, transmitting the heat generated to the heat plate with a matter of
Once heated the heat plate will retain its heat for over 30 minutes. The hot heat
transmits the heat to the metal casing and flutes of the radiator which then heats
the room by radiated heat, in the same way as a normal central heating radiator with
the added advantage of powerful convection heat through the hollow flutes.
Each radiator has a digital thermostat and timing control built-in or optionally can be
operated by radio frequency control. Each of these methods measures the air
temperature of the room allowing the room temperature to be regulated to maintain
a pre-determined temperature set by the user.
As the temperature drops in a room the thermostat senses the change and switches
the heater on, perhaps for only a minute to re-heat the internal plates. This continual
dynamic re-heat process continues thereby maintaining the room temperature.
This ability to sense temperature changes and react immediately to them is one of
the great benefits of this type of heating. Because of this ability to heat up quickly
the use of electricity is limited and the cost of using the heaters can be just a few
pence per hour, recent tests in the UK (2007) have confirmed the low running cost
of these units.
Not to be confused with night storage heaters, which require an overnight charge,
these heaters can be used any part of the day or night. These radiators are designed
to run on standard electricity tariffs however special tariffs are available offering low
cost electricity overnight during the day and evening.
Manufactured in Germany to the high engineering standards for which German
engineering is renowned. The heaters are produced in the most modern factory of its
kind with the most up to date production and powder coating facilities. The radiators
have been available throughout Europe for more than 30 years.
Electrorad are the sole U.K. importer and distributor for a leading manufacturer,
recently awarded a gold medal for design and innovation. Recent tests have
that the product is manufactured to the very latest European safety standards
both CE and GS marks and VDE approval for quality of the components and
The large, rounded
flutes either side of
the heat core ensure
maximum convection
Only top quality materials are used for all our products, together
with well thought out technological advancement to give optimum
performance. The design will adapt and integrate with any décor
scheme. No matter where they are fitted, each radiator
works independently of other units in the system. Bedrooms can
be set at lower thermostatic settings while living areas can be
set at higher thermostatic settings for comfortable cosy warmth
for watching television or dining.
Each radiator can also have different operating time settings. A
wide range of radiator sizes and heat outputs ensures that each
radiator is just right for each room in the house or office.
As shown below the radiator has an integral digital thermostat
and timing system accurate to +/- 0.5°C
Why Dynamic Storage Radiators?
• No Maintenance
• No Inspections
• No fluids
• No Boiler
• No Pipes
• Easy Installation
• No Disruption
• Fully Controllable
• 100% Efficient
One very important feature of
Aeroflow radiators are the air
vents at the top and bottom of the
side panel which houses the
thermostat. Without these, the
thermostat circuit board would be
within an extremely hot enviroment
which leads to innacurate
operation and premature failure.
Other German manufactured
radiators of this type without
thermostat vents are known to
suffer problems.
Conservatory Heating
Probably the most difficult area of a home to heat with heat
loss factors usually at least twice that of any other room in
the house.
Building regulations (Part L) now require that the heating for a
conservatory should be able to be isolated from the main
home heating system. The quickest and easiest way is to use
electrical heating.
To bring heating to a conservatory with a conventional ‘wet’
central heating system, perhaps at a time when heat is not
required for other parts of the home, would mean running a
central heating boiler, just for that one room. Not very cost
effective or environmentally friendly.
Of course there are many types of electrical heating products,
some of which can prove to be extremely expensive to use.
Electrorad have a range of conservatory heaters that will
heat a conservatory successfully and heat it economically.
Aeroflow radiators are manufactured in 300mm height
specifically to fit on conservatory dwarf walls or under low
Each radiator has its own room thermostat built in. If the
conservatory becomes warm through solar gain then the
thermostat will automatically sense that no further heat is
needed. As the sun drops in the evening, the thermostat will
sense the dropping temperature and keep the conservatory
The integrated digital thermostat allows
to set the convenient control of their
heating without installation costs for
new power lines to radiators or
concealed thermostat. The clearly
visible display informs you at any time
about the operating condition of
heating, as well as existing on the
room temperature. You can set the
desired comfort temperature, adjust a
lower night temperature or freeze
Set on and off individually to your daily routine. And for the holiday
season, there is an appropriate mode available.
Bei Sanierungen oder Nachrüstungen
ist es oftmals nicht möglich, ohne
erheblichen Installationsaufwand neue
Stromleitungen für Wandthermostate
zu verlegen. Mit der Thermotec FunkTemperatursteuerung ist dies nicht
nötig. Per sicherem X2D codiertem
Funkbefehl gelangen Ihre gewünschten
Einstellungen zum Heizkörper.
Dabei haben Sie viele Möglichkeiten
die Heizung Ihren Wünschen anzupassen.
Ermöglicht wird dies durch eine Wochenprogrammierung in der Sie
stundengenau festlegen können, wann Sie welche Temperaturen
wünschen. In Verbindung mit einer Zentralsteuerung können Sie mehrere
Räume einzeln regeln und mit einem optionalen GSM-Modul sogar per
Radio Frequency control Option
Instead of having a thermostat and timing system built in to the radiator, there is an option to have a radio frequency
receiver built in. The radiator or radiators are then operated by a remote controller. The remote is a radio frequency
thermostat and timer which sends the operating signals to the radiators. Each remote can operate multiple radiators which
can be a great feature when heating a large area with many radiators.
All operating controls are done from one central point instead of having to go to each radiator when changes are
required. Within a domestic house situation, a two zone heating system can be set up by using one controller to operate
the radiators within living areas and one controller to operate bedrooms.
How It works
Independent product efficiency tests* have shown
very low running costs and average electricity
usage of only 15 minutes in each hour of heating.
Independent tests* against night storage heating
have shown electricity, and carbon emission
savings of up to 45%.
*Full reports available on request.
The Heart of the heating system is a refractory
block combining a unique storage material with
modern design and technology, creating a highly
efficient heating unit.
Within each refractory block is a low wattage
heating element, heating the block from the inside.
No exposed element to dry the air.
The fluted design provides a large surface area in
a small space. If you were to pull the fluted steel
flat it would be around 4 times the length! It is
therefore very efficient at creating radiant heat
without the need for huge radiators.
The large, rounded flutes ensure airflow through
the radiator to create strong convection..
1. Refractory fire clay heat plate
2. Steel Casing
3. Powder coating
4. Large rounded hollow flutes
5. Top grille
6. Convection heat
7. Radiant heat
Technical Specification
AEROFLOW Electric Heater
Model Ref. Output
90 mm
90 mm
90 mm
90 mm
90 mm
90 mm
90 mm
90 mm
90 mm
Model Ref. Bezeichnung
Integrierter analoger Drehthermostat
Integrierter digitaler Thermostat
Funkthermostat (Sender)
Funkempfänger (vormontiert)
LED-Betriebszustandsanzeige, stufenlos einstellbar
Beleuchtetes Display / Tages- Wochenprogramm
Beleuchtetes Display / Wandmontage u. Standfuß
Betriebszustandsanzeige, Antenne integriert
Stabiler Stahl, pulverbeschichtet, Rollen abriebfest
Stabiler Stahl, abriebfeste Kunststofffüße
Technik auf die Sie sich mit Sicherheit verlassen können. Die Thermotec-Produkte entsprechen strengsten nationalen
und europäischen Standards. Diese werden durch ständige Materialkontrollen und Prüfverfahren sichergestellt. Diese
Qualität wird zum Beispiel durch das VDE-Siegel zertifiziert und durch unsere 30 Jahre Funktionsgarantie gesichert.
Made in
- höchste Qualität
- sichere Arbeitsplätze
- faire Bezahlung
- hohe Umweltstandards
Thermotec head office
Thermotec production hall
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