BCST-20 Barcode Scanner Overview

BCST-20 Barcode Scanner Overview
BCST-20 Barcode Scanner Overview
BCST-20 integrates high-performance processor and decoding board, it has fast decoding, high-precision reading ability, and high anti-interference ability. It can easily read barcodes on
paper, goods and other media. The DOF has greatly improvement with similar products, also it has highly scanning speed, powerful reading ability with high accuracy.
Functions Setup:
BCST-20 Barcode Scanner change all the default functions setup through reading the setup
► USB wired + 2.4G wireless communication
► Built-in FLASH memory, supports breakpoint resume
► Can store 2600 pieces Code-128 codes under offline state
► Supports Windows XP, Win7/8, Wince, mobile OS PC
Scan the“Enter Setup”
BCST-20 Barcode Scanner
Quick Start Guide
Packing list:
You can change your
scanner setting by scan
a certain barcode.
Scan the “Exit with Save”
barcode to finish the
USB cable*1pce
Wireless Adapter*1pce
Quick Start Guide
USB Port
Note: The device is not equipped with the charger, please charge the device
via USB output charging equipment.
2.4G Wireless mode
USB Wired mode
5. By scanning the following barcode, the device leaves the
offline mode, normal mode will be reinitialised.
Offline Mode
German Keyboard
Offline mode activation
If you are heading for a working area which lies outside the
Bluetooth signal range, you may activate the offline mode
of the scanner, following the steps described below. Under
this enhanced offline mode, all scanned data will be stored
directly into the buffer memory of the device. Furthermore,
the data entries will be permanently saved in the buffer
memory prior to the manual upload into the working
station, so that you may upload them time and again to
your liking.
Due to the fact that the data entries will be automatically
wiped from the buffer memory during upload, a data loss is
possible when malfunctions occur during upload, e.g. if the
working station suffers a unanticipated system shut down.
An operation in offline mode is strongly recommended
under the following scenarios:
1) During the scanning process, the device often leaves
the Bluetooth signal range;
2) Due to a high quantity of blocking objects, the Bluetooth
signal’s stability can’t be ensured.
2. By scanning the following barcode, all data in the buffer
memory will be deleted (only in offline mode).
Buffer data purge
3. By scanning the following barcode, all data entries in the
buffer memory can be manually uploaded after reconnecting to the working station (only in offline mode).
Quit offline mode
French Keyboard
Keyboard Language Setting
Spainish Keyboard
Read ‘Enter setup’ Barcode - ‘Select your keyboard language’
- Exit With save - Change your PC language as selected.
Exit With save
Manual data upload
Summarising of uploaded data entry quantity
Exit With save
US Keyboard
Performance Characteristics
Prefix and Suffix Setting
1. Scan the “Enter Setup” barcode
Enter setup
2. Scan the “Prefix Setting” or “Suffix Setting” scanner
Prefix Setting
Suffix Setting
3. Scan certain barcodes sequentially to generate your
own prefix/suffix. Example: If you want to add “#” as
prefix or suffix, according to the barcode list provided on
our website, you need to scan the “3” barcode first and
then scan the “5” barcode.
(Please refer to www.inateck.com for the number and
symbol barcode list.)
German Keyboard
Read ‘Enter setup’ Barcode
Italian Keyboard
1. By scanning the following barcode, the offline mode
will be activated.
Eg: Switching to German keyboard
Read ‘Enter setup’ Barcode
4. By scanning the following barcode, the gross quantity of the
uploaded data entries will be summarised (only in offline
4. Scan the “Exit with Save” barcode.
Exit With save
Light Source (Laser)
Laser LED 650+/-20nm
Decode Capability
Codabar, Code 93, MSI, Code 128, UCC/ EAN-128, Code 39, EAN-8, EAN-13, UPC-A,
UPC-E, ISBN, Industrial 25, Interleaved 25, Standard 25, 2/5 Matrix, USPS, FedEx
Nominal Working Distance
Decode Rate
100 decodes per second
Scan width
Decode mode
Single-Line Aiming
Scan mode
Manual mode
Print Contrast Minimum
Scan angles
Roll 30° Pitch 75° Yaw65°
Cylinder Horizontal Scan
Diameter 35mm
Beeper, LED
Radio Range
10m Visual range
Interfaces Supported
ARM 772MHz
256K, can store thousands of barcodes
Wireless Communication
2.4G Wireless transmission
1500mAh lithium battery
1. If you want to setup the function of BCST-20. Read ‘Enter
Setup’ barcode, then ‘Function Setup’ barcode, and read ‘Exit
with Save’ at last.
2. Please remove the power and USB cable under thunderstorm
weather, to avoid damage from thunder and lightning.
3. Away heat source, keep ventilating.
4. Pay attention to waterproof during storage, transportation and
LED lndicators
Indicator Colour
Blue LED on (1s) and off quickly
Good Read, with one short beep (high tone)
Green, Flashing (On/Off ratio 1:1)
Indicates the BCST-20 Scanner in Setting mode
Blue, Flashing (On/Off ratio 20ms:3s)
Indicates the BCST-20 Scanner establish a wireless connection successfully
Red, Charging indicator
The red indicator will light during charging, and off when full charged.
Common function Barcodes
Enter Setup
Exit with Save
Exit without Save
Factory Reset
Do not Apply Enter for suffix
(*) Apply Enter for suffix
One short beep, high tone
Read barcode, with blue LED on (1s) and off quickly
One long beep, low tone
Configuration error, with purple flashing; Or transmit buffer full, with green LED
on and off quickly
Two short beeps, high tone
Power off
Three short beeps, tone descending from high to low
Enter or Exit Setting mode, with green LED flashing
Three short beeps, tone ascending from low to high
Configuration correct, with green LED flashing
Apply Tab for suffix
Exit Auto Power Off
Function Setup Barcodes
(Note: the barcode with * is default setting of BCST-20)
(*) Enable Code bar
Disable Code bar
(*) Enable Code 39
Disable Code 39
(*) Enable UPC-E
Enable Industral 25
(*) Disable Industrial 25
(*) Enable Code 93
Disable Code 93
Enable MSI
(*) Enable Interleaved 25
Enable Matrix 25
Disable Interleaved 25
(*) Enable Code 128
Disable Code 128
(*) Disable Matrix 25
(*) Enable EAN-8
Disable EAN-8
1. Some barcodes cannot be read, why?
a. Dirty or unclear barcodes might not be read.
b. Digital barcodes displayed on phones, computers
or tablets cannot be read.
c. The possible reason is that the setting for some
barcode types are not commonly used is off by
default. You need to activate a specific barcode
type to get it to work. Please feel free to contact
our Customer Service Team for further
assistance if you don't know the exact type of
barcode that you are referring to.
2. Is there any barcodes for apply or remove Enter for
Yes, you can refer to the Common Function
Barcodes to reverse the setting.
3. The data cannot be sent to my computer or
cellphone. Why?
Please make sure if you have turned on the offline mode.
Because it will store your scans internally instead of
instantly transmitting them to the connected device. You
need to scan the "Manual data upload" barcode to send
the scanned codes to your connected device.
4. Is it compatible with MID, iPad and Android devices?
5. How to solve the messy code problem encountered while
using other foreign languages?
The default language is English. Please refer to
“Language Setting” chapter to change the setting.
(*) Disable MSI
Disable Standard 25
(*) Enable Standard 25
(*) Enable EAN-13
Exit with Save
Disable UPC-E
Disable EAN-13
Enter Setup
1. Supports a wide range of barcode types. FedEx and USPS
barcodes are all supported.
2. Anti-crash and anti-shock design.
3. Ergonomic design.Up to 3 million keystroke life expectancy.
4. Unrivalled battery life.
5. Press to scan - powered by deep sleep mode.
6. USB mode: 64 bit barcodes. 2.4G wireless mode: 57 bit
7. Prefix and suffix are allowed to be added. Reset to factory
default settings by scanning the “Factory Reset” barcode.
For any inquiries or comments concerning our products, please
send an email to support@Inateck.com, and we will respond
to you as soon as possible.
Contact Information
Tel.: +1 513-644-9712
Phone hours: Weekdays 9 AM to 5 PM (EST)
Email: support@inateck.com
Web: www.inateck.com
Addr.: F&M Technology LLC, 9852 Crescent Park Drive,
West Chester, OH 45069 USA
Tel.: +49 342-07673081
Fax.: +49 342-07673082
Phone hours: Weekdays 9 AM-5 PM (CET)
Email: support@inateck.com
Web: http://www.inateck.com/de/
Addr.: F&M TECHNOLOGY GmbH, Montgolfierstraße 6,
04509 Wiedemar
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