Media Master Series™
Media Master Series™
High-Rate Sand Filters
Rated #1 for Your Family!
Doughboy’s Media Master Filters bring modern
technology to your fingertips for exceptional filtration
and maximum convenience.
Quality Filter Features
• Uses #20 grade Silica Sand
• Huge, Blow-Molded Tank (available in 3 sizes to
meet your individual needs)
• Large Access Port with V-Band Clamp
• Six Position Rotary Valve (on most models)
• 360° Peripheral Underdrain System – no lateral
fingers to break.
• Special 10 Year Limited Warranty on Filter Tank
Doughboy’s outstanding line of filtration systems consistently deliver
purity that is unrivaled in the industry.
Doughboy’s Media Master Series High-Rate Sand Filters utilize #20 grade
Silica Sand to provide superior filtering action and excellent water clarity.
These filters feature a large, Blow-Molded Tank for maximum sand capacity.
The tank’s Single-Part Underdrain Assembly assures maximum longevity
because this unique design has no laterals which can break off. What’s
more, most models feature a Six Position Rotary Valve for maximum
convenience. The end result – reliable performance, longevity,
extraordinary clarity with very little maintenance.
MM 1600
High Density Polyethylene
16” (I.D.) Dia. Tank
MM 1900
High Density Polyethylene
19” (I.D.) Dia. Tank
6 Position Valve
2 ea. 8 ft. & 1 ea. high-pressure, PVC
pump to filter hoses
• 6 Position Valve
• 2 ea. 8 ft. & 1 ea. 1 /2” x 30” hoses
• 1.4 sq. ft. surface area
• Sand Capacity–150 lbs.
• Free-standing filter design
• Pool Power Pak II — 3/4, 1, 1 /2, 2 H.P.
Pool Power Pak I — 3/4, 1 H.P.
2 sq. ft. surface area
Sand Capacity–225 lbs.
MM 1300
One piece, injection molded, ABS
structural foam filter tank base
included. Optional Power Pak
Base (0-2380-002) sold separately
Pool Power Pak II —
3/4, 1, 11/2, 2 H.P
High Density Polyethylene
13” (I.D.) Dia. Tank
• 4 Position Valve
• 2 ea. 8 ft. & 1 ea. 30” hoses
• 1 sq. ft. surface area
• Sand Capacity–80 lbs.
• Free-standing filter design
• Pool Power Pak I — 1/3, 1/2, 3/4, 1 H.P.
Change of Design: Doughboy Recreational expressly reserves the right to change or modify the design and construction of any product in due course of our manufacturing without incurring
any obligation or liability to furnish or install such changes or modifications on products previously or subsequently sold.
Doughboy Recreational is in no way affiliated with any professional pool installer. Therefore, Doughboy can assume no responsibility for errors in installation by the homeowner or said
professional pool installer. If you have the pool installed by others, please supervise to be sure they comply with proper installation techniques as shown.
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