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gETTing sTArTEd gUidE
gETTing sTArTEd gUidE
Launchpad is a unique controller for Ableton Live, designed by Ableton and Novation. This ‘Getting
Started Guide’ will help you set up your Launchpad and briefly introduce its capabilities. It should be
noted that Launchpad is not restricted to use just within Ableton Live 8. For use with Applications other
than Ableton Live, the Novation Automap Software can be used (See the end of this guide).
insTALL ABLETOn LivE sOfTwArE & drivErs
The DVD contains a folder called ‘INSTALL SOFTWARE & DRIVERS’:
Windows & Mac OS Set-up
STEP 1: Install ‘Novation USB Drivers’
STEP 2: Install Ableton Live 8 ‘Launchpad’ Edition
STEP 3: In Live’s ‘Help’ menu go to ‘Check for Updates’ and download the latest version
hArdwArE sET-Up
Connect your Launchpad to an available USB port on your Mac or PC Computer using the supplied
USB cable. Up to Six devices connected simultaneously are supported in Ableton Live 8 (NOTE: using
multiple Launchpad devices may require a powered USB Hub not supplied).
insTALL LAUnchpAd dEMO sEssiOn
STEP 1: On your DVD navigate to Content>Launchpad Demo Project and double-click ‘Launchpad Demo’
STEP 2: You will be asked to save the Live Pack to your Local Hard Drive
STEP 3: Once the Live Pack has been successfully installed, Load Ableton Live
STEP 4: Choose ‘File>Open Live set...’ and navigate to the ‘LaunchadDemo’ session on your local drive.
sETTing Up LAUnchpAd wiThin ABLETOn LivE
AMBER: Indicates the currently selected block of clips,
which will be surrounded by the ring in the software.
GREEN: There are clips playing in that block of clips
(though that may not be the block of clips selected).
RED: There are no clips playing in that range.
NO COLOUR: there are no tracks or scenes in that range.
1. Open Live’s Preferences from the Live menu in OS X, or the Options menu in Windows;
2. Go to the MIDI/Sync Tab and select the port that the Launchpad is connected to in the ‘Input’
and ‘Output’ chooser at the top of window
3. Next select the Launchpad preset from the ‘Control Surface’ chooser
4. Under MIDI Ports select both Track ‘On’ and Remote ‘On’ options as shown above.
prOdUcT OvErviEw: ABLETOn LivE
UsEr MOdEs
User1: This mode can be used to play drum racks in Lives MIDI tracks (if no assignments have been
made), or to free assign the Launchpad buttons to any MIDI assignable parameter in Live.
User2: This mode can be used as a convenient place to access Max for Live presets (if no learn
assignments have been made), or to free assign to any parameter in Live.
ThE sEssiOn MOdE
When Launchpad is chosen as an active control surface,
a ring appears on the Session View to indicate which
section is currently controlled by the pad matrix.Pressing
a Clip Launch pad triggers the clip in the corresponding
clip slot in Live. Hitting an empty clip slot in a track that
is not armed will stop the clip playing in this track. If the
track is armed to record, pressing the button records a
new clip.
Hitting the “mixer” button provides an overview of the
main controls of Live. The top four rows of pads indicate
the status of track volume, track pan, as well as sends A
and B, for each track. These buttons act as ‘reset’ buttons
for tracks in Ableton Live.
The directional arrows and the Session button increase
the scope of the eight-by-eight grid by navigating the
session view in scenes and tracks. You can also fire
horizontal lines of clips (Scenes) with the buttons on the
right hand side of Launchpad.
Red frame indicates
currently controlled section
The bottom four rows of pads provide direct access to
controls for each track including: Stop, Track activator,
Solo and Track Arm. The bottom four buttons on the right
provide additional control for each track:
The buttons in the matrix light up in different colours so you know what’s going on:
AMBER: this slot contains a clip;
GREEN: this clip is playing;
RED: this clip is recording
• the “stop” button will stop all clips currently playing
(Can be prevented by re-assigning function)
Stop, Track activator,
Solo and Track Arm controls
• the “trk on” button will turn all tracks on (un-mute)
• the “solo” button will un-solo all soloed tracks
The Launchpad’s Session Overview lets you navigate through large Live Sets quickly without looking at
your computer screen. Hold down the “session” button and the matrix zooms out to reveal an overview of
your Session View. In the Session Overview, each pad represents an eight-by-eight block of clips, giving
you a matrix of 64 scenes by 64 tracks. In the Session Overview, the colour coding is a little different:
• the “arm” button will un-arm all armed tracks
The Volume/Pan/SndA/SndB pages
Pan Page
Send A & B Pages
When mixer mode is active, press the Vol/Pan/SndA or SndB buttons to enter the volume, pan or Snd
pages where all eight pads of a column turn into a continuous track “faders” for their respective controls.
Using ABLETOn LivE 8 ‘LAUnchpAd EdiTiOn’
For instructions on using Ableton Live 8 ‘Launchpad Edition’ a full user guide can be accessed in
Ableton Live’s ‘Help’ menu.
Using LAUnchpAd in OThEr MUsic sOfTwArE
Automap is the means by which the Launchpad can talk to any music software. The
Automap software runs on your computer and has many features which allow you custom
control over sequencers, plug-ins, DAWs, and many other music software applications.
insTALLing & LOAding AUTOMAp
The DVD contains a folder called ‘INSTALL SOFTWARE & DRIVERS’. Click the ‘Download Automap’
web link which will take you to the Novation website where the software & Documentation can be
downloaded on to your computer.
Once, you have downloaded and installed the Automap software, navigate to the following location to
Load Automap.
Windows: Program files/Novation/Automap/Launch Server
Max OS: Applications > AutomapServer
For an extended Automap user experience, the PRO version can be purchased from the Focusrite/
Novation web store:
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