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Health Notice
Mouse use in general may be associated with serious injuries or disorders. If you experience recurring
discomfort or pain, promptly seek help from a qualified medical professional. Such symptoms may be
associated with permanently disabling injuries or disorders.
Connecting the Evoluent VerticalMouse
Computer with USB connector:
1. Computer may be on or off.
2. Insert USB connector on mouse cable
into USB socket in computer.
Computer with PS/2 connector only:
1. Turn off computer.
2. Insert USB connector on mouse cable
into USB-to-PS/2 adapter, and insert
adapter into PS/2 socket in computer.
VerticalMouse Software Driver Installation
The driver is necessary for programming the buttons. The Evoluent VerticalMouse can still function as a
2-button scroller mouse without the driver.
1. Turn on the computer.
2. If a dialog box pops up to indicate that Windows has detected new hardware, click
3. Insert the Evoluent VerticalMouse CD into the computer.
4. The installation wizard will start automatically. Follow the on-screen instructions.
5. If the wizard does not start, click the Start button, click Run, and type in
d:vertical_mouse\setup (if the CD or DVD drive in your computer is not D: drive,
substitute the correct drive letter).
Using VerticalMouse Manager
Double click the mouse icon on the right of the task bar to
open Mouse Properties.
Button Assignment tab
Button Assignments allow different functions to be
assigned to the buttons. The top button is fixed to
perform a left click. Buttons 2-5 may be customized
with the pull-down menus to perform different
functions. They are pre-programmed with default
To change the programming for a button, click on a
menu, and scroll to find the desired function.
Click Restore Default to reset all the buttons to their
original functions.
Pointers Tab
Scheme enables different pointer styles to be chosen
with the pull-down menu.
Customize shows the pointers within each scheme.
The pointers within each scheme can be changed by
clicking the Browse button to find another pointer
style for each pointer function.
Enable pointer shadow check box puts a shadow
under the pointer for a three-dimensional look.
Magic tab
Browsing Speed controls scrolling speed when
operating the scroll wheel. Clicking the top button
enables selection of the number of lines scrolled for
every incremental movement of the scroll wheel.
Clicking the bottom button enables scrolling a full
page for every incremental movement of the scroll
Cursor tab
Button find automatically moves the pointer to a
highlighted button of any dialog box which pops up.
Check the Enable box to enable button find.
Loop moves the cursor from one edge of the screen
to the opposite edge. E.g., when the cursor is at the
top edge and you continue to move the cursor up, it
will appear at the bottom edge. Check the Enable box
to enable looping.
Action tab
Mouse Speed controls the speed that the pointer
moves across the screen.
Double Click Speed controls how fast a button must
be clicked to be recognized as a double-click.
Moving the slider to Slow enables recognition of
slow clicks, and moving the slider to Fast requires
fast clicks. Slower settings allow easier double
clicking, but may cause separate single clicks to be
recognized as double clicks.
Tech Support and Driver Updates
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