Impro (QT)
Product specification
The Impro (QT) Quad Transmitter
is a 4-channel, hand-held,
433.92 MHz transmitter as well as
a passive key ring Transponder
The Transmitter is designed for
use with the Impro Quad
Receiver and with the Impro
range of access control products.
Each of the four Push-buttons is
used to transmit a different
channel identification code,
together with the Transmitter's
ID, to the Receiver.
The Impro (QR) Quad Receiver
receives the data transmitted by
the Quad Transmitter. The
Receiver then outputs the RF Tag
ID and button data to for
decoding by any connected
IXP220 Controller, IXP20
Controller, Impro (iTRT)
Intelligent Twin Remote
Terminal, Impro (MfT) Multifunction Terminal or Impro (TA)
Time Attendance Terminal.
For entry-level installations, the
Quad Receiver is connected via SBus to the UniScan (1 relay
activated by any one of the four
buttons) or FlexiScan Controller
(four relays mapped to the
buttons on the Quad Transmitter).
The Quad Transmitter can also
work as a passive, read only, 125
kHz Tag for use with the Impro
range of Readers. In this
application, the Push-buttons are
not used.
An internal 3 V CR2032 lithium
coin cell Battery powers the
Key Features
Physical Specifications
Approximate Weight
Housing Material
Housing Colour
Push-button Material
Push-button Colour
Dynamic Code Transmission Technology
Small and rounded, gentle on your pockets
Operates from its own power source (an internal 3 V CR2032 lithium coin cell
Transmits its own identity and each Push-button has a code identity
The Receiver interfaces to access control systems, for example, IXP20, IXP220
or IXP300 and IXP400.
Operates four separate devices, for example, opening a gate
Button Mapping:
 When used with the Impro Quad Receiver and a single Impro (iTRT)
Intelligent Twin Remote Terminal (XRT910-0-0-GB-XX, XRT920-0-0-GBXX, IPS920-0-0-GB-XX or IPS921-0-0-GB-XX), two Push-buttons on the
Impro (QT) Quad Transmitter are mapped. Use all four of the Impro (QT)
Quad Transmitters Push-buttons, by connecting two Impro (iTRT)
Intelligent Twin Remote Terminals (XRT910-0-0-GB-XX, XRT920-0-0-GBXX, IPS920-0-0-GB-XX or IPS921-0-0-0GB-XX), to the Impro Quad
Receiver. Refer to the Installation Manual for more information on this
 With the Quad Receiver connected to FlexiScan Controller, the four
buttons are each mapped to a corresponding relay.
 With the Quad Receiver connected to a UniScan Controller, all four
buttons are mapped to a single relay.
Maximum reliable UHF transmitter range is between 20 and 50 m (22 and 55
yd), this is increased to between 50 and 100 m (55 and 109 yd) when used in
direct line of sight with the Impro Quad Receiver (HRF900-0-1-GB-XX,
RF passive range of 12mm to 50mm (0.5in to 2in)
60 mm (2.4 in)
40 mm (1.57 in)
15 mm (0.59 in)
20.6 g (0.73 oz)
Polycarbonate plastic
Black, translucent
Laripur plastic
Smokey Grey
Electrical Specifications
Power Source
Internal Battery
Battery Life
Radio Transmitter
(default settings)
Maximum Range
RF Passive Tag
Maximum Range
Impro (QT) Quad Transmitter
3.0 V, 220 mAh, CR2032 lithium coin cell
2 years or 50 000 button presses
433.92 MHz
OOK (XQT904 Only)
FSK (TRK900 and TRK901)
< 1mW
20 to 50 m (22 to 55 yd) Reliably, 50 to 100 m
(55 to 109 yd) Direct line of sight, when used
with the Impro Quad Receiver HRR900-0-1GB-XX (Built-in Antenna)
Greater ranges are possible when the Impro
Quad Receiver HRR901-0-1-GB-XX is installed
with a suitable external antenna
125 kHz
25 to 50 mm (1 to 2 in) when used with the Impro
(SCR) Scan Keypad Reader SPK920-1-0-GB-XX
Power LED
A steady Red LED. Switches ON while any
one of the Push-buttons is pressed
Four ribbed Push-buttons
Environmental Specifications
Operating Temperature
Storage Temperature
Humidity Range
CE Approval
FCC Approval
Dust & Splash Resistance
Drop Endurance
-15°C to +70°C (+5°F to +158°F)
-40°C to +80°C (-40°F to +176°F)
0 to 95% relative humidity at +40°C (+104°F)
EN 300 220-2, EN 301 489-1 and EN 301 489-3
Designed to work in an indoor or outdoor
environment similar to IP55. The Impro QT is,
therefore, sealed against water
2 m (7 ft) drop (in packaging)
User Interfaces
Related Information
For extra information relating to this product refer to:
Impro QT Instructions for Use (TQT300-0-0-GB-XX)
Ordering Information
Order the Impro (QT) Quad Transmitter using the following Part Numbers:
Warranty Details
This product conforms to our Warranty details on
XQT904-1-1-GB-XX: OOK*/FSK Modulation, RF Passive Tag
TRK900-1-1-GB-XX: FSK*/OOK Modulation, RF Passive Tag
TRK901-0-1-GB-XX: FSK*/OOK Modulation
* The DEFAULT modulation setting for each model is listed first.
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Figure 1: Impro (QR) Quad Transmitter Usage - System Overview
This Product Specification Catalogue applies to the Impro (QT) Quad Transmitter Models:
TQT900-1-1-GB-XX, TQT901-0-1-GB-XX, XQT904-1-1-GB-02
(The last two digits of the Impro stock code point to the issue status of the document or product).
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March 2013
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