Handle the car carefully after running,
the motor and nearby parts of the body
may be HOT.
Your package contains:
• 1 x Swann SCORPION
• 1 x Controller
• 1 x Charger
• 1 x Antenna Tube*
• 1 x Instruction Guide
• 2 x Suspension Spacers
Optional accessory
This product is NOT intended for use
by children under 14 years old, without
proper adult supervision.
4WD Off Road
Remote Control Vehicle
Instruction Guide
CHOKING HAZARD – Small parts.
Keep out of reach from small
Caution: The Scorpion uses a high performance electric motor to give it the power to do the cool things
you see when driving. Note the following warnings when operating your Scorpion RC Car:
During normal operation using high speeds the motor may get hot, do not touch the motor until
it has cooled.
If the car is operated at very high speed in a small area such as spinning around really fast or doing
“donuts”, the motor may get very hot. Let it cool before handling the car.
If you remove the body straight after running the car, take care to not touch the motor.
Ensure adequate cooling off period between battery changes (if more than one battery owned).
Do not use batteries rated at higher power than the battery supplied in the pack.
For adequate cooling it is recommended that this car is for outdoor use only.
1. Slide the battery cover from the bottom of the controller.
2. Insert 4 new “AA” batteries inside the battery compartment by following the
polarity (+/-) markings as shown inside the battery compartment.
3. Replace the battery cover by sliding it back in to place.
4 x AA
Controller battery compartment
• Controller requires 4 x
1.5V AA alkaline batteries
(not included).
• Do not mix old and new
• Do not mix different types
of batteries, i.e., alkaline,
standard or rechargeable
• Rechargeable batteries
must only be charged
under adult supervision.
• Do not recharge nonrechargeable batteries.
• Use of alkaline batteries is
• Remove batteries from
controller when it is not
used for a long period of
• Promptly remove
exhausted batteries from
the controller. Battery
leakage and corrosion can
damage the controller.
• Dispose of used batteries
• Do not short-circuit the
supply terminals.
• Do not store your vehicle
or controller under direct
sunlight or near heat.
Your vehicle is equipped with a 7.2V Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) battery. The battery is
not fully charged at shipment. For best performance of your vehicle, charge the battery for
3 hours before the first use (for the following charges, 2 hours charge is recommened).
1. Remove the body from the Scorpion by removing the three snap pins
carefully lifting the body away from the mounts. Put the snap pins aside for later.
2. Remove the two snap pins
from the battery retaining plate and lift the battery
retaining plate away from the two locating posts. Put the snap pins aside for later.
3. Remove the battery from the Scorpion then plug the battery and charger connectors
carefully, noting the sockets have one side round and one side square so they should
only connect the correct way.
4. Plug the charger into a wall outlet.
5. After charging is complete (we recommend no longer than 4 hours), unplug the
charger from the wall outlet and then press the small clip and unplug the charger
connector from the battery connector.
6. Refit the battery to the Scorpion, making sure to replace the battery retaining plate
and snap pins. Don’t plug the battery in until you are ready to drive.
✐ Don’t overcharge the battery. Always allow it to cool before using and recharging to prolong
battery life.
retaining plate
✐ If the battery gets hot during charging (more than 45° C), immediately discontinue charging
and disconnect the battery from the charger.
• Never dispose of NiMH battery in a fire or store near heat
• Only use the supplied NiMH charger to charge the NiMH
battery. Using another charger may permanently damage
the battery and surrounding components and may also
cause injury.
• Battery should only be charged on a fireproof surface, away
from flammable materials.
• Never leave the battery unattended when charging or
• Battery must be handled by adults only. Never allow children
to charge the battery. A child could be injured by the
electricity involved in charging the battery.
• Never disassemble or alter the battery contacts. Do not
damage or puncture battery cells. Doing so may result in
explosion hazard.
• Battery must be discharged or fully exhausted before
being disposed. Cover exposed poles with adhesive tape to
prevent short-circuiting.
NOTE: Photographs shown in this guide are for illustration only. Items inside your package may vary.
Steering Trim L/R buttons: If the Scorpion does
not travel straight when the steering wheel is
in neutral position, use these buttons to adjust
the wheel alignment. If the vehicle turns to the
left, give the R button a few quick presses until
the vehicle travels straight. If the vehicle turns
to the right, press the L button until the vehicle
travels straight.
LED Indicator: Blinks green when any of the
controller buttons are pressed.
Throttle Trim H/L buttons: If the Scorpion’s
wheels turn when the throttle trigger is in
neutral position, use these buttons to adjust the
throttle until the wheels come to a complete
Power Switch: Slide to turn the controller ON
or OFF.
Battery Indicator: Displays a solid red light
when the controller is turned on. Blinks when
the controller’s batteries are low on power.
Bind button: If required, press and hold this
button to reset the trim settings back to default.
7. Antenna: Communicates radio signals between
the controller and vehicle.
8. Steering Wheel: Controls the vehicle’s steering.
Rotate forward to steer right; rotate backward
to steer left.
9. Throttle Trigger: Controls the vehicle’s forward
and backward movements. Pull the throttle
trigger to move the vehicle forward; push the
throttle trigger to reverse. The amount you
move the trigger will determine how fast the
vehicle moves, i.e., the more you pull/push
the trigger, the faster it moves. While moving
forward, pushing the throttle forward quickly
also acts like a brake.
10. Battery Compartment: Slide cover back to
install or remove batteries.
regulated by an Electronic Speed Controller (ESC).
To gain access to the vehicle’s electronic components, you first need to
remove the plastic body from the vehicle by pulling out the three snap
securing the plastic body in place.
2. Locate the ESC connector and connect it to the battery connector
matching the wire
colours, red to red
and black to black.
3. (Optional) Carefully
make a hole in the
Scorpion body above
the antenna mount,
then find the antenna
wire and lead it
through the opening,
then thread the wire
through the hollow
antenna tube found in the plastic bag in the box and fit the tube into the
Antenna Mount.
Note: The powerful signal from the controller will work well enough for the
antenna wire to be left inside the body of the Scorpion in most circumstances,
if you wish to get the best signal or if other RC cars are running nearby then
fitting the antenna tube may improve the response or range of the Scorpion
Re-attach the vehicle’s plastic body and secure it to the chassis using the
three snap pins
Never drive the Scorpion on the road.
Best speed and run time results will be obtained on flat, smooth
surfaces and in clear open areas.
Avoid colliding with walls or hard obstacles to prevent damage.
Always turn off the vehicle and controller when not in use.
Switch the car off first and then turn off the controller.
Always remove the batteries when not in use for extended periods.
Do not drive near children or animals, always be aware of your
surroundings when driving.
After each use, clean the driveline and steering mechanism to ensure
smooth and accurate operation of all functions.
After each use, blow, brush or vacuum dust and dirt from the car’s
moving parts for reliable running.
Moving parts can be lubricated with a small amount of suitable light oil
or similar lubricant designed for RC cars.
Do not allow water or other liquids to come in contact with the vehicle’s
battery or other electric components.
Note: Leave the controller off for now, first we need
to prepare the Scorpion for action first!
✐ The NiMH battery is required to power the vehicle’s electric motor that is
When you are ready to drive, push the power switch to the left to turn
the car ON (you can do this while the body is in place, just put your finger
under the side of the body and push the switch to the left) then place
the car on the ground.
Turn on the controller and gently pull the throttle trigger, the Scorpion
should start moving forward.
Drive the Scorpion in a straight line and set the steering trim as shown in
the “Using the Controller” section.
Get to know the controls and once you are confident you know how
things work, put the power down and have some fun!
Vehicle Power switch,
Pairing LED and Pairing
button (arrow shows
location of switch on
Scorpion chassis)
Use caution when turning the
car on and off or disconnecting
the battery after running, the
motor nearby may be hot!
Note: The vehicle must be paired to the controller to function - the two need
to ‘agree’ on a frequency so that performance won’t be affected by nearby
wireless devices.
✐ The controller and vehicle are paired at the factory. Should you need to pair
them again to avoid interference or similar, follow the instructions below:
To pair the controller:
1. Switch on the vehicle and press the Bind button using a paperclip. The LED
will start blinking red to indicate it is in pairing mode.
2. Switch on the controller. If the controller was already on, turn it off and
then on again. The pairing process will begin automatically.
3. When the LED on the vehicle turns solid red, the pairing process is
complete and you’re ready to drive.
Note: Pairing is a one-time process. You don’t have to pair the controller to the
vehicle again once this process has completed successfully.
Problem: Vehicle is slow or does not move.
• Battery is low on power. Recharge battery.
• Battery is not connected to the ESC. Check that the battery connector is
firmly plugged into the ESC connector.
• Batteries in the controller need to be replaced if the red battery Indicator
is blinking.
• Vehicle is out of range of the controller. Move closer to the vehicle. Keep
your vehicle close and within line of sight.
• Debris is stuck in the wheels or drive shafts. Use a brush to carefully
remove the debris from the wheels or drive shafts.
Note: If you wish to make the suspension a little “stiffer” at the front or back
to change the way the Scorpion handles, you can clip the 2 small supension
spacers found in the pack on to the top of the shockers to change how hard the
shockers are. This can alter the way the Scorpion handles bumps and jumps.
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