The Prism Series, designed for corrosive process environments

The Prism Series, designed for corrosive process environments
The Prism Series, designed for
corrosive process environments,
attaches directly to Sanitary
Diaphragm and Angle Valves.
This rugged, feature-rich platform
offers a full array of communication
and switching options as well as
discrete integral pneumatic control for
single-acting valve actuator operation.
3. Visual electronic and mechanical position
indication confirm valve and switch status for
added safety.
4.Solid state proximity sensors monitor
Open/Closed discrete valve position with precision
and reliability.
5.Integral pneumatic valve is isolated from
environmental contamination, offers high tolerance
to dirty air and enables rapid valve operation.
6.Solenoid options available for 120VAC and
24VDC. Select Piezo option for bus powered
Foundation Fieldbus Applications.
7.Self Adjusting triggering system provides
consistent Open and Closed indication even with diaphragm compression. No resetting is required.
8.Manual override enables valve operation without
electrically energizing.
1. The Prism may be washed down and temporarily
submersed with no adverse affects. It is rated
NEMA 4, 4x, and 6. It may be used in Div. 2/Zone 2
areas (Nonincendive) or Div.1/Zones 0 & 1 (Intrinsically
Safe) hazardous applications.
2. Enclosure features high strength polycarbonate
with excellent corrosion resistance and exceptional
temperature stability.
9.Dual module system seals all position sensing,
communication and control electronics in a compact
vibration proof package.
10.NPT port connections are stainless steel
reinforcedfor long life sealing under high torque
stress conditions.
11.Water proof quick connectors, compression
fittings or conduit connections are available
for convenient, reliable attachment to plant
electrical systems.
12.Stainless steel adaptor system locks Prism
securely to valve actuator and provides stability
for shaft interface.
IM T E X C o n t r o l s L i m i t e d – U K – T e l : + 4 4 ( 0 ) 1 7 3 2 8 5 0 3 6 0 – E m a i l : s a l e s @ i m t e x - c o n t r o l s . c o m
valve communication and control
Sensing & Communication Module
The Prism features
StoneL’s dual module
system with field proven
reliability in all on/off
applications: Namur
(intrinsically safe), SST
(switching) and VCTs
(valve communication
terminals). Dual modules
have a 5-year warranty.
(For more detailed
information please see pages 28 through 37.)
AS-Interface VCT (97) with Extended Addressing
(2) Sensor Inputs
(2) Auxiliary Discrete Inputs
(1) Power Output (Solenoid)
Max. Current
Outputs, Max. Power 2.4 Watts
Outputs, Voltage
25 to 30 VDC
SST Switching Sensors (33)
(2) SST Switching Sensors
(2) Wire Terminations (Solenoid)
Select either NO or NC Models
Maximum Current
2.0 Amps
0.3 Amps
Min. On Current
2.0 mA
Max. Leakage Current 0.5 mA
Voltage Range
8 to 125VDC / 24 to 125VAC
Max. Voltage Drop
7.0 Volts @ 100 mA
Bus Powered Foundation Fieldbus VCT (93)
(2) Discrete Inputs, DI (Open & Closed)
(2) Discrete Outputs, DO
(Piezo Valves)
2mA @ 6.5 VDC each; Current
Limited to 2mA (Bus Powered)
Temperature Range
-40° to 82°C (40°F to 180°F)
AS-Interface VCT (96)
(2) Sensor Inputs
(2) Auxiliary Inputs
(2) Power Outputs (Solenoids)
Max. Current
160mA, Both Outputs Combined (Current Limited to 200mA)
Outputs, Max. Power
4 Watts, Both Outputs Combined
Outputs, Voltage
25 to 30 VDC
Externally Powered Foundation Fieldbus VCT (94)
(2) Discrete Inputs, DI (Open
& Closed)
(2) Power Outputs, DO (Solenoids)
4 Watts @ 24VDC Both Outputs Combined; Current Limited to 200mA (Externally Powered)
Temperature Range
-40° to 82°C (40°F to 180°F)
Modbus VCT (95)
Outputs Temperature Range
(2) Discrete Inputs (Open & Closed)
(2) Power Outputs (Solenoids)
(1) 4-20 mA Auxiliary Input
4 Watts @ 24VDC Both Outputs Combined (Current Limited 200mA)
-40° to 82° C (40°F to 180°F)
Valve Diagnostics Cut
Maintenance Costs
StoneL’s dual modules with
Foundation Fieldbus feature
valve stroke timing, cycle count
and maintenance dating. This
information is stored in the dual
module and may be retrieved by
the control system to determine
valve system repair or replacement scheduling. Other protocols feature different forms
of diagnostics depending on the protocol functionality. See
dual module protocol specifications for more details.
IM T E X C o n t r o l s L i m i t e d – U K – T e l : + 4 4 ( 0 ) 1 7 3 2 8 5 0 3 6 0 – E m a i l : s a l e s @ i m t e x - c o n t r o l s . c o m
Namur Sensors (44)
(2) NAMUR Sensors
(2) Wire Terminations (Solenoid)
Conforms to DIN 19234
Current Ratings
Target On I<1.0 mA
Target Off I>3.0 mA
Voltage Range
6 to 29 VDC
DeviceNet VCT (92)
(2) Discrete Inputs (Open & Closed)
(2) Power Outputs (Solenoids)
(1) 4-20 mA Auxiliary Input
Outputs, Max. Power 4 Watts, Both Outputs Combined
Outputs, Voltage
24 VDC
Pneumatic Control & Other Specifications
The three way, two position spring return pneumatic
valve is designed to operate single acting actuators.
Working mechanisms on the valve are completely isolated from the environment enabling pneumatic control to
be located in the field at the actuator with no threat of
contamination. A standard rebreather enables exhaust
air from the pressurized
actuator cylinder to be
channeled into the spring
side actuator chamber
preventing the ingestion
of contaminated air from
the outside environment.
Select a solenoid valve
for conventional or
device bus applications
or a piezo valve for
Foundation Fieldbus bus
powered applications.
Solenoid Valve
General Pneumatic Specifications
(Solenoid & Piezo)
The Piezo valve is ideally suited for use
with the Foundation Fieldbus (FF) bus
powered output module (93). Each
module output provides up to 2mA @ 6.5
VDC which is sufficient to drive the piezo
valve. Specifically designed for ON/OFF
discrete applications, the piezo valve may remain energized for extended periods of time with no memory effect.
Rebreather Port
Flow Ratings
Operating Life
Operating Pressure
3-Way, 2-Position, Spring Return
1/8” NPT all pressurized ports
4-40 size
Cv - 0.1 (Kv - 1.4)
Standard on all models; Diverts
air from Exhausting Cylinder into Actuator Spring Side, Excess air exhausted to atmosphere
1 Million Cycles
40psi to 120psi (2.6 to 8 bar)
A poppet style valve with exceptional
tolerance to dirty air, the solenoid valve
may be used for most conventional
AC or DC applications. The DC
(low power) version may be used on
AS-Interface, Modbus, DeviceNet bus
powered applications and on Foundation
Fieldbus (94) externally powered applications.
Solenoid Valve Specifications
Filtration Requirements
Operating Temperature
DC Power Requirements
AC Inrush Current
AC Holding Current
AC Coil
Piezo Valve
40 Micron
-18°C to 50°C (0°F to 120°F)
1.8 Watts@24VDC (0.075mA)
0.09 Amps @120VAC
0.06 Amps @120VAC
Warranted Against Burn Out
Piezo Valve Specifications
Filtration Requirements
Operating Temperature DC Power Requirements
Hazardous Ratings
30 Micron
-10°C to 60°C (14°F to 140°F)
2mA @6.5VDC
EEx ia IIC T6
Self Adjusting Triggering System
Triggering cams adjust automatically over the valve diaphragm operating life. Cams are fitted snugly to the shaft assuring
stability under high amplitude vibration at varying frequencies and temperatures.
Self Adjustment Sequence
1. Installation
Cams are manually set to
outer limits when fitted to
actuation system. (Open at
top; Closed at bottom)
2. Automatic Initial Setting
On operation, cams are automatically
positioned to proper set points by module
stops at top and bottom.
3. Operational
Self Adjustment
As diaphragm compresses
over time, closed cam is
automatically repositioned.*
*Open travel stops
recommended on
diaphragm actuators to maintain consistent travel with varying
process line pressures.
IM T E X C o n t r o l s L i m i t e d – U K – T e l : + 4 4 ( 0 ) 1 7 3 2 8 5 0 3 6 0 – E m a i l : s a l e s @ i m t e x - c o n t r o l s . c o m
valve communication and control
Nonincendive & Intrinsically Safe Model Selector
Pneumatic Valve
Sensor Modules
33 (2) SST N.O.
Switching Sensors
44 (2) Namur Sensors
(I.S.; DIN 19234)
Valve Communication
Terminals (VCT)
92 DeviceNet VCT
93 Foundation Fieldbus VCT
(Bus Powered; I.S.)
94 Foundation Fieldbus VCT
(Externally Powered)
95 Modbus VCT
96 AS-Interface VCT
97 AS-Interface VCT
(with extended addressing)
Model Number Example: PM961BS09RS
Visual Indicator
11 No Pneumatic Valve
S02 (2) 1/2” NPT
R Red Closed/Green Open
1A 3-way Piezo
(Recommended for use with
S05 (2) M20
G Green Closed/Red Open
Function option 93)
S09 (2) Cable Glands
1B 3-way 24VDC 1.8 W
S13 (1) 4-Pin Micro-Connector
1D 3-way 24VDC 0.5 W
(Recommended for use with
L* 2” to 4” (1 1/4” to
2 1/4” stroke)
S14 (2) 4-Pin Micro-Connector
Function options 33, 44, 92, 94,
95, 96 and 97)
S15 (1) 5-Pin Micro-Connector
1E 3-way 12VDC
(Recommended for use with
S* 1/4” to 2” (1/8” to
1 1/4” stroke)
*Mounting system required. Order
kit separately.
S11 (1) 5-Pin Mini-Connector
1C 3-way 120VAC 7.2 W
Valve Size
Function option 44.)
Mounting system required for all and sold separately.
Prism Mounting System
Prism adapting systems are designed specifically
for each actuator manufacturer and model.
The adaptor coupling, made of stainless steel,
also integrates a corrosion proof, ultra long-life
bushing. This system stabilizes the shaft from
lateral motion and assures reliable, low friction
movement over the actuator’s life.
• Required for all
• Order kit separately
• For kit numbers, consult factory or visit
Note: Kit numbers are specific to valve size and manufacturer.
Triggering Cams
Stainless Steel Coupling
Stainless Steel Fasteners
Stainless Steel Shaft
Materials of Construction
Housing & Cover Fasteners
Triggering Cams
Valve Manifold
Temperature Range
with solenoid
Operating Life
Dual Module
Other Mechanicals
Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel Banded
Stainless Steel
Polysulfone with Stainless Steel Reinforced NPT
-40° C to 82° C (-40° F to 180° F)
Max. Ambient 50º C (120º F)
Nonincendive Ratings
NEC/CEC Classes I and II, All Groups, Div. 2
Intrinsically Safe Ratings
NEC/CEC Enclosure Protection
NEMA Classes I and II, All Groups,
Div. 1 & 2
4, 4X and 6; IP67
1 Million Cycles
Five Years
Two Years
For approval information visit
Inches [mm]
IM T E X C o n t r o l s L i m i t e d – U K – T e l : + 4 4 ( 0 ) 1 7 3 2 8 5 0 3 6 0 – E m a i l : s a l e s @ i m t e x - c o n t r o l s . c o m
Other Specifications and Ratings
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