I`ve decided to do this, since buying a connects2 or yatour seemed

I`ve decided to do this, since buying a connects2 or yatour seemed
I've decided to do this, since buying a connects2 or yatour seemed irrational for me. I've wired up an aux to the tape decks output
signal and did a little mod, which makes the stereo think there's a cassette inside the unit.
Ok, let's begin.
Firstly, remove the headunit from the dash, unscrew the 2 screws that are on the top of the unit and take of the lid.
This is what you'll end up with:
Now you need to remove the tape deck from the HU. You should find 4 screws holding it in place, remove them. You should be able
to lift it out without much hassle now.
Now take the tape deck you just removed and locate a little black switch on the corner:
This switch is like a sensor, which tells the headunit whether a cassette is in the headunit or not.
You need to unsolder this switch. I used some solder wick for the job:
Switch removed succesfully.
Now let's solder the aux cable. You should find the pads behind the tape deck:
As you can see they're even marked to what means what.
Just take a cable that has 3 wires (or you can even use just regular non-shielded 3 cables for the job) and solder them here. Also get
a 3.5mm plug and solder the wires to it. 3.5mm plug pinout:
Now you just run the cable through the headunit in one way or the other and voila, you have an aux port, which plays surprisingly
well. And it costs practically nothing.
I've decided to add the switch i removed in another location, since whenever I press the eject cassette button, it gets confused and
keeps ejecting the cassette tray over and over. Of course this won't happen if you just won't press that button, but you can never be
sure any passenger won't try it accidentally
I've decided to mount the switch inside, but closer to the place where you insert cassettes, so that I could reach it by inserting my
finger inside
If anyone presses the eject switch, just press this switch and hold it for a little while until the mechanism stops ejecting.
Soldered two wires on the pads where we desoldered the switch:
I used another switch, so that I could find it more easily inside. Mounted it on the front of the deck:
Finally ran the cable outside (I later changed it to a different cable, as you can see):
I am thinking of adding a USB powered bluetooth receiver that you can find tons on ebay for as little as $2, but that will be for
another time
And finally before I connected it to my phone, i tested it on a cheap mp3 player, in case i did something very wrong:
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