Sprayer Details
Spray Packages for Deco Products
Complete systems to apply Deco waterproofing and dampproofing
The GMAX II 7900 is Graco’s largest gas mechanical
operated sprayer. The mechanical clutch design efficiently
transfers power from the reliable Honda engine to provide
the most bang-for-your-buck. This proven design is backed
by a lifetime drive-train warranty.
6.5 HP Honda Engine, Pull Start
Endurance Pump
Graco design increases life and allows quick access to inlet valve
ProConnect Pump System
Allows easy removal of pump in seconds without any tools
3300 psi, 2.2 gpm
CJ Spray Upgraded 55-gallon Siphon Kit
0% Financing for 12 Months
Other Specs: Tip Size: XHD631 Tip
Weight: 200 lbs Warranty: 3 years
Hose: 300 ft. Maximum
5% Cash Back¹
“These packages have been designed specifically for Deco Products, and include
everything you need to get started. The Graco 7900 has been time-tested in the
field and has proven to be a very reliable pump.”
- Aaron Raymond
Deco Products
Graco GMAX II 7900 Deco Spray Packages
Base Package
Skid Mount Package, Drum
Same as Standard Package PLUS:
t GMAX II 7900
t Upgrade 55-gallon Siphon Kit
t 30 Mesh Manifold Filter
t Hose Reel (Electric or Hand Crank)
t 200’ x 3/8” Spray Hose
t3’ x 1/4” Whip Hose
t3’ Pole Gun with XHD Tip
t Everything Installed on Metal
Powder Coated Skid Frame that
holds two 55-gallon Drums
t Fluid Pressure Gauge
t 55-gallon Drum Bung Adaptor
w/ Hand Crank Hose Reel
w/ Electric Hose Reel*
Additional Ordering Information
¹Receive 5% discount from package pricing when paid in advance or receive 0% 12 month financing
²Package includes alligator clips to attach to customer supplied battery
³Transfer pump kit includes T2 55-gallon Transfer Pump, 20ft Hose, and Dispensing Valve
651-455-0880 Local
651-450-5671 Fax
6270 Claude Way E.
St. Paul, MN 55076
Skid Mount Package, Tank
Same as Standard Package PLUS:
t Hose Reel, choose electric or
hand crank
t Fluid Pressure Gauge
t Everything Installed on Metal
Powder Coated Skid Frame that
holds 120-gallon Poly Tank
w/ Hand Crank Hose Reel
w/ Electric Hose Reel²
Optional Accessories
Graco T2 Transfer Pump Kit³
Add 2nd 120 Gallon Tank
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