Download:User Manual of BT10
BT-10 Barcode Scanner
Quick Start Guide
USB wired + Bluetooth wireless communication
Built-in FLASH memory, supports breakpoint resume
Can store 2600 pieces of Code-128 codes under offline state
Supports Windows XP/7/8/CE, Mobile OS PC and Android, iOS devices
Packing list:
BT-10 -> 1 unit
USB cable -> 1 piece.
Quick Start Guide
Certificate of Approval
Warranty Card
Inventory mode setup card
Note: The device is not equipped with a charging device. Please
charge the device via USB output charging equipment.
Pairing with Windows xp
1.Start BT10 barcode scanner.
2.0pen Bluetooth panel in the PC, click ‘Add a device..."
3.Click ‘Next’ to searching for the devices.
4.The computer will search Bluetooth devices automatically, A
few seconds later, you will find BT 10 in the available devices list.
5.Double click BT10 device or click ‘Next’, select “Enter the
device's paring code’, and input the pairing code 10010, click
6.You will find a prompting at the lower right corner of your
computer desktop for adding a device. After around 5 seconds,
you will hear a beep from BT10, and the indicator from red to blue,
click ‘Finish’.
7.Pairing successfully, the indicator of BT10 becomes blue.
Pairing with Windows 7/8
(First way: data transmission speed is slower)
1.Start BT10 barcode scanner, the indicator is red.
2.In the PC with Win7 OS, click ‘Start > Devices and printers >
Add a device’, search for BT10.
3.Double click BT10 device, input the paring code 10010 in the
Bluetooth pairing request dialog.
4.Click “Next or ‘OK’ button, you will hear a beep from BT10,
the paring successfully, and the indicator becomes blue.
BT-10 Barcode Scanner Overview
BT-10 integrates high-performance processor and decoding board, it has fast decoding, high-precision reading ability, and high anti-interference ability. It can easily
read barcodes on paper, goods and other media. The DOF is a great improvement compared with similar products. It also boosts high scanning speed and powerful
reading ability with high accuracy.
USB Port
O Bluetooth Wireless mode O USB Wired mode
Functions Setup:
BT-10 Barcode Scanner can setup all
default functions through reading the setup
ЦИН Enter Setup
LL Read function barcode
yu Exit with Save
Performance Characteristics:
Light Source (Laser)
Decode Capability
Nominal Working Distance
Decode Rate
Scan width
Decode mode
Scan mode
Print Contrast Minimum
Scan angles
Cylinder Horizontal Scan
Radio Range
Interfaces Supported
Wireless Communication
Bluetooth class 2.1, Version +EDR
Laser LED 650+/-20nm
Code bar, Code 11, Code 93, MSI, Code 128,
UCC/EAN-128, Code 39, EAN-8, EAN-13,
UPC-A, ISBN, Industrial 25, Interleaved 25,
Standard 25, 2/5 Matrix
100 decodes per second
Single-Line Aiming
Auto off mode / Manual mode
Roll 30° Pitch 75° Yaw65°
Diameter 35mm
Beeper, LED
10m Visual range
ARM 7 72MHz
128K, can store thousands of barcodes
HID and SPP dual mode data transmission
under Bluetooth class 2.1 protocol
1500mAh lithium battery
1.1f you wantto setup the function of BT-10. Read 'Enter Setup' barcode, then 'Function Setup' barcode, and close with the 'Exit with Save" bar code.
2.1fthe device has been paired with a Bluetooth device and needs to be paired with another Bluetooth devices, please restore factory settings and then re-pair.
Pairing with Android devices
1.Start BT10 barcode scanner, the indicator is red.
2.Turn on the Bluetooth in Android devices, search for BT10
3.Input the paring code 10010 in the Bluetooth pairing request
4.Click ‘Next’ or ‘OK’ button, you will hear a beep from BT10,
the paring successfully. You will find BT10 in the paired devices
and is will show connected. The indicator becomes blue.
Pairing with iOS devices
1.Read ‘Enter Setup’ barcode, the
indicator become purple.
Enter Setup
indicator become red.
2.Read ‘One-clickiOS Connection’ search for BT10.
3.Read “Exit with Save’ barcode, the
Exit with Save
4 Restart BT10 barcode scanner.
5.Turn on the Bluetooth in ¡OS devices,
6.Click BT10 in available devices, it
will popup Bluetooth paring request
One-click IOS connection Setup
7.Find above mentioned numbers in
following barcodes, read them
continuously, and thenread ‘Exit
without Save’ barcode, finish the
| dialog with the PIN code
Exit without Save
pairing. The indicator becomes blue.
Pairing with Windows 7/8
(Second way: data transmission speed is faster)
1.Read ‘Enter Setup’ barcode, the indicator become purple.
2.Read ‘enable HID’ barcode.
Enter Setup
(x) Enable HID
3.Read ‘Random PIN Code’ barcode.
Random PIN Code
4 Read °‘Exitwith Save’ barcode, the indicator become red.
Exit with Save
5.Restart BT10 barcode scanner.
6.Turn on the Bluetooth in Win8, search for BT10.
7.Click BT10 in available devices, it will popup Bluetooth paring
request dialog with the PIN code
8.Find above mentioned numbers in above barcodes, read them
continuously, and then read ‘Confirm’ barcode, finish the pairing.
The indicator becomes blue.
LED Indicators
Indicator Colour
Green LED on(1s) and off quickly
Purple, Flashing (On/Off ratio 1:1)
Blue, Flashing (On/Off ratio 1:1)
Blue, Flashing (On/Off ratio 20ms:3s)
Red, Flashing (On/Off ratio 1:1)
Yellow, Flashing (On/Off ratio 1:1)
Red/Green, Flashing (Alternant 1:1)
Blue/Green, Flashing (Alternant 1:1)
Good Read, with one short beep (high tone)
Indicates the BT-10 Scanner in Setting mode
Indicates the BT is waiting for connection or BT-10 is
out of transmission range
Indicates theBT-10 Scanner establish a BT
connection successfully, oritis reconnect with BT.
Indicates the BT-10 Scanner has no address of BT
which connects with before.
Indicates the battery of BT10 is lower.
Under charging(Unpaired)
Under charging(paired)
One long beep, high tone
One short beep, high tone
One long beep, low tone
Two short beeps, high tone
Two short beeps, low-high tone
Two short beeps, high-low tone
Three short beeps, tone descending
from high to low
Three short beeps, tone ascending
from low to high
F un cti on Setu p B a rcod ES (Note: the barcode with * is default setting of BT-10)
(*) Disable Code bar
(*) Disable Industrial 25
(*) Disable Interleaved25
(*) Disable Matrix 25
Enable Code bar
Enable Industrial 25
Enable Interleaved 25
Enable Matrix 25
Enable Standard 25
Power on.
Read barcode, with green LED on (1s) and off quickly
Configuration error, with purple flashing;
Or transmit buffer full, with green LED on and off quickly
Power off.
BT connection established, with blue LED flashing
(On/Off ratio 20ms: 3s).
BT connection out of range or suspended, with blue LED
flashing (On/Off ratio 1:1).
Enter or Exit Setting mode, with purple LED flashing.
Configuration correct, with purple LED flashing;
(*) Enable Code 39
Enable Code93
(*) Enable Code128
(*) Enable EAN-8
*) Disable Standard 25
Disable EAN-13
Common Function Barcodes
Enter Setup
Factory Reset
Save Custom Settings
Do not Apply Enter for suffix
Exit Auto Power Off
Enable Auto-induction Mode
Enable SPP
(+) Enable HID
Disable Code 39
(*) Disable Code93
Disable Code128
Disable EAN-8
(*) Enable EAN-13
Exit with Save
Exit without Save
Restore Customs Settings
(x) Apply Enter for suffix
Disable Auto Upload
Bluetooth Input Method
SPP Batch Upload
(*) Enable UPC-E
Enable MSI
Enable Codell
Exit with Save
If you have connected barcode scanner BT10 with PC or mobile,
how to pair with this PC or mobile again?
1. First, select paired BT10 in Bluetooth Devices panel, click "Remove" (or cancel the paired BT10 in
Bluetooth of the mobile).
2. Setup BT10 barcode scanner (there is two ways):
(1) Power off BT10, and press Power key for around 7 seconds, the indicator becomes red.
(2) Scan "Enter Setup"-"Factory Reset", the indicator becomes red.
3. Finally, operate according to the steps for relevant OS on first page.
Bt10 can't connect with Android devices?
11 the device is android 4.0 or above version, it can connect directly.
2.l1f the device is android 2.2 or 2.3 version, it needs Bluetooth Input Method offered by supplier.
BT10 can't recognize some type of barcodes?
Some inactive type barcodes are disabled as factory default. So you should enable this type via read
the enable barcode. If you don’t know the type, please contact our technical support.
Barcodes can't upload to PC or mobile after paired?
1.Please check is the pairing successfully? The indicator of the BT10 should be blue.
2.Please check if you enable inventory mode (under inventory mode, the barcodes need upload
manually or read the Upload barcode for upload).
3.Please check if you Disable Auto Upload.
PC or mobile can't search out Bt10?
1.Confirm BT10 is power on.
2.The BT10 can pair only when the red indicator is flashing.
3.Restart the Bluetooth Adapter (or PC) or change a USB port. If pair with the mobile, please restart the
Bluetooth of the mobile.
Can BT10 connect with mobile or tablet after connecting with PC?
BT10 just can connect with one device, if you want to change device, please clear the pairing
information on the device first, and reset BT10. The method is according to front steps.
Bt10 can't connect automatically after restart the PC?
1.Confirm BT10 is power on.
2 Please check if the indicator of BT10 is blue. If you long press 7seconds when power on, the paring
information will be cleared, need to pair again.
Can BT10 auto linefeed during barcode scanning?
The user can set apply Enter for suffix of barcode data or not. Please refer to the USER MANUAL,
Chapter 4, 4.2.
It is shown paired, but not connected when connect with mobile?
That should caused from following two
1.Using Bluetooth Input Method, please refer to the connect instruction, continue the step 3 and step 4,
it will connect successfully.
2.Using SPP mode, you need install Bluetooth Chat in your mobile, and connect in Bluetooth Chat tool.
Bluetooth Application:
PIN Code:10010 PIN Code:10010
» A
T-10Barcode Collect device
Disable UPC-E
PIN Code:10010
Ш )
(*) Disable MSI
(*) Disable Codell
Data Terminal
PIN Code:10010
BT-10Barcode Collect device Data Terminal
PIN Code:10010
Data Terminal
PIN 9)
BT Adapter
BT-10Barcode Collect device
Enter Setup
1.Please remove the power and USB cable under thunderstorm weather
conditions, to avoid damage from thunder and lightning.
2.Keep away from heat sources, please ensure sufficient air circulation.
3.Pay attention that the scanner is waterproof during storage, transportation and
4.Please use a matching power supply adapter offered by the authorised producer.
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